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I've been a customer of National City Bank for about 25 years and have had a free checking account. I basically use this account for automatic withdrawal from my mortgage company. So basically, each month money goes in and the same comes out. I rarely check my account as this is all I use it for. I recently noticed my balance being lower than it should have been, so I logged in to check the status. I noticed I've been receiving a $2 "Paper Statement" fee and an "F2" fee of $7 since July. What?? This is supposed to be a free checking account. I searched online for an explanation and saw many complaints! It says "you need to maintain a balance." I opened this account knowing I would not be maintaining a balance! It's Sunday, so I can't contact the bank. I checked my statements and received no notification of this change! I will be closing this account. I've just given this bank over $50 for no reason.

This was a terrible experience! I was charged at least a $36 overdraft fee many times throughout the time I was a member, even though I had Overdraft insurance! I was going through major health problems and this stress contributed to my health issues of congestive heart failure, cancer, etc. I received a letter and was told I would be getting a refund, but have heard nothing so far! I was told I would hear something in August or September!

Went to an ATM to use debt card. Entered wrong pin number two times. ATM took my card. I went inside to get card back; they told me I couldn’t have it back because I don’t have an account. There it was, my unemployment card. Now I have to wait 5 to7 days to get another one. Thanks to them we don’t get thanksgiving diner. Now I see why nobody wants to bank with them. The manager was rude and could care less. City Bank sucks. No money, no turkey dinner for my family. Thank you, City Bank.

I opened an account with direct deposit and only used the debit card a couple of times and when I went to the bank to withdrawal my pay check to pay bills my account was -$56.00 and that made me mad cause my weekly check was gone and they said I owe them $56.00 and I finally found out that I over drafted $0.13 cents and they charged me $298.00, so I closed my account and stopped my direct deposit and never been back since.

My law firm currently represents a National City Bank customer who was charged a finance charge even though her payment was timely made on a weekend due date. If you may have suffered a similar fate at the hands of National City Bank, we would like to hear your story. We can be reached at **.

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I have had so much money stolen from me from this bank. I will cheer when they go under. First of all, their nifty trick of switching transactions around and holding larger ones is cute so they can charge you maximum amount of overdraft charges. So I got the overdraft protection linked to my savings, problem is over, wrong!

I found they started charging me $15 when my account was "low". So I called and asked what this limit was to prevent it in the future. She told me there is no set limit. So I responded that whenever you want, you can transfer money from my savings to checking and charge me $15? She said no, only if my account was getting "low". I asked what is low and who decides when to do this. She said again that there is no set limit. I laughed and had overdraft removed. Later, I had a pending charge that was a mistake that they charged me an overdraft fee for. Even after the pending charge was removed, they would not remove the charge. So I was charged a fee for a transaction that never happened!

I closed both of my accounts and had some nice words to say before I took my business elsewhere. I will never bank with them again. They are thieves and provide no service for the money they steal. From the tellers to the DM, they are all idiots. They should put a sign on the door that says no education required, just dishonesty. The consequences are to them for losing yet another customer. I hope they pay with their jobs. They are stealing from good people instead of trying to make an honest buck and provide a service.

I was trying to get the payoff information for my credit card through National City. I called and provided all the information they requested to get the amount needed to pay off the credit card. I provided my account number, address, phone number, social security number, and my mother's maiden name. The lady I spoke with said that there were security issues and she could not give me the information. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she transferred me to Jessica ** in security. I asked her what the problem was and once again provided all the information asked of me.

She said that I sounded too old to have been born in 1986! She refused to give me my payoff amount and told me to go into a local bank with an ID. I told her that I had just had a baby and did not want to get her out of the house nor was it easy for me to find a babysitter. She replied again, that I sounded older than my birthdate.

I think this is an outrageous behavior. I asked her to speak with her supervisor or how I could file a formal complaint. She said that I couldn't file a formal complaint and they couldn't send me the paperwork to file one because they were uncertain as to who I was. I am offended that I was treated like a criminal after providing all the information requested. I was told that I sounded old and I was denied my records because someone thought I sounded old on the phone. Isn't there a law against discrimination?

I have the same problem as everyone else. I stumbled on this site by accident and it made me sick to my stomach. Next day I went and closed my checking account and canceled the debit card. And because they had changed over to PNC Bank and I had an NCB account, they couldn't give me my money at their bank.

So here I sit, waiting for my money. I am really not expecting to ever see that again. People need to pull accounts and shut these crooks down. I was brought up that stealing is wrong and illegal, and there are consequences for your action why are they not. I now bank at a smaller bank in town. Fees are lower and you can actually talk to people and they treat you with respect and I breath easier. Good luck to everyone, hopefully someday they'll get theirs.

I had a certificate of deposit that matured Nov. 17, 2009. I elected to have the interest 'reinvested' at maturity as opposed to having it put into my checking or savings at the end of each month. I let the CD roll over into a new CD. It was about this time when National City changed to PNC Bank. In Dec., after it had matured, I called National City to see if I could have my interest transferred to my checking account. I was told they would make the change and in January, it would start.

Well, I had to close the account out Feb. 4, and when I did, the National City representative told me I must have made a withdrawal because my account did not show that I had that interest. I didn't take my monthly statements with me nor my 1099 tax document, but the statements clearly do not reflect any interest certificate deposit nor was there any increase in my monthly balances. However, my 1099 interest states I earned $364.86. Neither bank says they have those records.

I was told by a manager at the main headquarters of PNC that he found a $350 withdrawal in August from my savings which he would send me that record. That $350 is not connected to my certificate of deposit. I've made withdrawals from my savings and deposited into my checking, none which had any effect on my certificate of deposit. I don't understand how neither bank can have my records. Thank you very much for anything you can do to help me with this matter.

It has caused me great stress, as I have been unemployed and desperately needed the interest I earned, and then both gave me the runaround and no one seems to be able to find my records. Well, I have them, and I thought the customer was always right until proven wrong. The National City person who closed my account was not very professional when she told me that just because I said I didn't withdraw any money from the CD doesn't prove I didn't. I have no income so I was relying on that interest.

I opened this joint credit card for my son in college for expenses for school. Apparently, he charged something that took him over his limit by $50 (this happened during the time of the bill being received and paid on my end). I pay this bill off every month on time! When he went over his limit, they charged us a $39 over limit fee! I called to complain seeing that I'm a good-paying on-time customer and asked that it be reversed. I even spoke to the "supervisor" who was nasty as ** and said basically, "Oh well, it's not being reversed!" Do not bank at National City. This is not the first time I’ve had problems with them and their fees! Their fees are hidden to consumers. Their practices should be unlawful (and maybe are).

Here is the most effective method of cancelling the 24 Hour Fitness membership, whether you used debit or credit cards for the membership fees to be deducted every month. "Cancel" the card! Call your bank or credit card company and report your card "lost!" They will automatically issue you a new card with new debit or credit card numbers. 24 Hour Fitness can't deduct the monthly fees and you will not lose out on the cancellation scams.

When we join, they charge us the first and the last month membership fees. When we try to cancel, they always charge us for another month of service before they stop the service. So where is the initial fee they charged me in the beginning for the last month fee when I joined?

Sometimes after you thought you've cancelled, they still deduct the monthly charges afterwards like my scenario. When you call customer service at 24 Hour, the automated service that deducts the monthly dues is a whole different department, which even the Customer Service department has trouble getting a hold of.

Cutting the long story short, "call-and-cancel" the cards. Tell the bank or credit card company that you lost the card. Don't say it was stolen! They will honor legitimate charges to your account even after they replace your old card with a new one. A little mix-up in our financial laws to benefit the credit card companies and the banks. Remember to say, "lost" not "stolen!"

I have been a costumer at National City Bank since 2007. First of all, they always have a reason why they took a fee out. They don't tell you up front but there is always a reason. They don't listen to your proof. I had a receipt for my transaction and I was in the positive but they still charged me overdraft fees. They get a little crazy with the overdraft fees, which means that I can't pay my bills this month because I just paid enough in overdraft fees to pay someone's salary for the week.

I tried to explain that they were cold-hearted and didn't care. I know that they were bought out by PNC and they are messing up so many accounts--it's not funny. I had a lady who was talking to me in a clothing store who was telling me that for a $0.15 charge, she had to pay $200.00 in fees. That's ridiculous and that's what I'm am dealing with right now. But mine isn't $200.00; it's more like $500.00. How am I supposed to pay my rent, car insurance and cell phone bill? It's impossible.

They charged me overdraft charges on my savings and checking 3x for a $59 debit they put through twice. It was not even a check! I hope they go out of business. Now I'm out $75 for something they didn't even pay with overdraft protection that does not exist. When I noticed the charge, I immediately called them, as most banks will let one slide if you go in and make good. They did not.

I would stay away from these snakes if you can. There are many community banks that won't do this. Wish I would have read the reviews. I have since moved my money to a local bank. I incurred $75 in damages; no bill was paid. The other bill almost had a fee but agreed to waive if I paid out of the working account.

Wow, I read all of these complaints about the way NCB charges fees and have been through pretty much all of this myself, i.e., the largest checks were paid then all small transactions were assessed fees if OTL.

Here is a new one with NCB Visa account. After interest was assessed, they put me $1.34 over my limit. Of course they assessed a $39 fee for that. It gets better though. I found that I was over and immediately transferred $50 from my checking account to cover everything and ensure that I did not go over again. It didn't matter. They assessed the fees at statement close and because the next day I was still over the limit, they charged me another $39 for over the limit fees. I was $1.34 over the limit for 3 business days and they charged me $78 in over the limit fees. This bank was not great before but now that PNC has taken over, they have gone downhill really fast.

I cancelled the Visa and have just opened a new account at another bank. I also have just filed a complaint with the FDIC. We'll see what comes of that if anything at all. NCB exceeds at ripping off the consumer. I hope they go out of business soon!

I've been getting frequent overdraft fees when I have money to cover overcharge. I complained and was told there's no one to figure it out today or no one who can reimburse me today. Last Friday I deposited $400 after 4PM. I knew it would not be credited until Monday midnight. So the money sat there and almost every charge that came in before Monday midnight. I got 5 overdraft charges. $194! And my money was there. I complained Tuesday morning and was told the Marion, Ohio office would have to decide as that is where I started my account 7 years ago. I received a call that they would rescind 2 charges only. But they didn't do that. There were still 5 overdraft charges. This will be my last experience with them. I once deposited a money order to cover a debit card charge and got an OD charge because they said it took 2-3 days for a money order to clear. That's the first I'd heard that. I've been paying someone's mortgage too long.

For approximately four weeks now, we have been receiving harassing phone calls from National City Bank/PNC Bank. They are calling for our son, Joshua **. We assume they are trying to collect a payment from him. We have repeatedly told them he no longer lives with us, however, they still keep calling, sometimes every 15 minutes all day and all evening long. Our son is 22 years old and we no longer have anything to do with his financial affairs. These phone calls have now become a serious form of harassment and we want it stopped.

I have a business account with this bank. It has been a smooth ride till the last 2 years from when they have started adding fees left and right. It's becoming more and more difficult to survive when we are trying very hard to make ends meet here.

First, I was told about over draft protection through Visa account by their rep. I thought it was a good idea to not let any checks bounce and have a good reputation. But from last month, i.e., Oct. 09, they have started charging us 4% for every transaction from this account. For e.g. I transferred 5000.00 from this account and I was charged $200. I was surprised to see this type of fees 4 times since Oct. I called them and they told they had sent us a letter stating this change, I don't recall this letter. And they have refused to pay me back this money, I told them it would cost me less to have a check bounce than have this overdraft account. Thought you must know.

Second, They have another very creative way to force fees on us. This case is of NSF funds. For example, if I have $3000 left in the bank and I had 4 checks to come out in the order of $10, $20, $30 and $3000, what they do is they first apply the $3000 check and then charge an NSF of $34 for each of the remaining 3 checks. If they followed the order I would only have 1 NSF for the $3000 check. We had to go through this a number of times in the last 2-3 years. This is not fair.

Our business is in a better position now and hence I have got the time to write about this, but banks should be fined for this practice. It hurts small business like us and we don't have the time to call customer service to sort these problems out.

Gym membership was charged even after I sent a formal cancellation letter. This pending charge caused me to go negative even though it wasn't cleared to the account. This was on Monday, 12/07/09. Well, all my other bill payments & charges came in so for each one they cleared, I was charged an overdraft of $36 for a total of eight times. After hours of phone calls trying to straighten this out, I was told if the merchant reversed their charge, every one of my fees would be removed. On Thursday, the 10th, once the merchant charge actually cleared & posted, I was able to dispute the charge.

I checked Saturday morning & the merchant credited me back, so I called the bank to see about those fees coming off. This was where I was told by every person that no, it's not the bank's fault so they won't remove the charges. What?! Every person I spoke to prior told me yes. The bank told me to go into my local branch, I did. They didn't even want to listen to what happened, they wrote my name, account # & cell on a Post It to give to the branch manager. It was the manager's discretion to credit me back.

How are they going to make an informed decision if you don't hear what happened? I was told if it makes me feel better, I can write out the situation & she will give that along w/ the Post It to the manager. I let the personal banker know that once this was all cleared, I would be closing my account. I called the bank's customer service line again & was told again to go into the branch. I explained how rude they were & was told as a courtesy, they would remove 2 out of 8 fees but to seek reimbursement from the merchant who was at fault.

I fired off an email to the merchant saying if they didn't refund the fees, I would take them to small claims court. I received a phone call almost immediately from them saying they'd call me on Monday, the 14th, to straighten this out & they would credit me if they did see they were at fault.

So here we are Monday, the 14th, & I just called my dispute follow up line where, oddly enough, I was told they would refund all the overdraft fees. She told me she did it just then w/ me on the line. She checked to make sure it worked & said, oops, she refunded them all twice so she fixed it. Well, all the fees are still showing on my online banking so I don't know when they will go away exactly. I will check once an hour all day & probably call at lunch asking exactly when they will be taken off my online banking.

I've already submitted for my direct deposit to be changed so when this is cleared, I will be going back to my old bank. I'm nervous that even though I was told they would remove the fees that it will be a runaround again.

On 11-16-09 I received a letter in the mail and an email offering me a credit card. The offer said I was pre-approved and included an authorization no. I filled out the pre-approved certificate and returned it. On 11-23-09 I received a letter telling me that my request was not approved. Three reasons were given for the denial none of which occurred after the pre-approved offer. If I was not eligible for the card I should not have been pre-approved. There were no conditions stated in the letter or email, it only said I was approved.

I was charged continous insufficient funds fees, contin. overdraft fees every few hours everyday by National city, and there was fraud on my account that helped result in this mess. I have been taken advantage of in excees of 600.00 by them in less than a two week time frame.

Same thing as I've read many times on this website..only we've been a National City customer for 30 years...and in the last week we deposited a check that apparently didn't "clear" before their dealine..although on my STATEMENT it showed up before any "withdrawal transactions"... left us in the red of $102.00....called and talked to Tonya who was definitely reading from their script...."felt my frustration..blah blah blah...CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN!!!!" ws her advice....unbelievable! They did refund 1 overdraft charge,after I brought it up and she said "well if that's what you're asking"! after 1/2 what I was asking was WTF are you trying to pull off.... but they should have refunded all 3!!!! Yes 3!!!! Granted....I may be going through a spell when my finances are not the best..but I always cover my expenses and pay my bills on time...they will wish they had done business differently in the future....

Wow....every posting here reflects what happened to me so well that it is uncanny. With a banking holiday on Columbus Day, my regular posting of deposited items was delayed by a day causing a regular payment against the account to create a negative of $2.65. After the negative and their $34, two more items were presented, paid and charged. I phoned the bank manager. She said, "Oh, no problem, we will refund these overdraft fees for you. That comes to $112 dollars. I'll do that right away". "Right away" came and went. I checked every hour for three hours then called again. "Oh, we are not going to refund the overdraft fees to you. It was a misunderstanding"....WHAT?

I was apalled and stunned. I said as much. Then this manger said she would refund one of the fees. Then put me on hold. Then came back and said she would refund two of them "very soon". Another two hours passed. I phoned again. "Well, I will make the refunds to your account by the end of the business day". Knowing now that I could not believe a word this person said I told her that I would be calling every 30 minutes to check. Five minutes later, the refund of two of the fees had been made.

I was lied to and humiliated by this bank in this situation. I had had an account with them for 7 years. My mother was a teller with their predecessor, BancOhio. I even knew the family that founded the blasted bank, the Wrights. I waited for every item out to clear. I took my cards and went to that branch to close the account. Here's what I told them when they asked if there was a reason why I was closing my account.

"Having an account with your bank means that I am in business with your bank. I was lied to by your bank and I do not do business with dishonest people. I am a business person and when I give my word, I keep my word. Even if that means cost to me. My word is very important to me and it is important that I be able to rely upon the word of those with whom I do business. Now your profit and loss department for this branch had gained and extra $34 this month by doing this to me and with that perhaps you can have a few extra pizzas at your next meeting, but you will never have the opportunity to do business with me again nor earn any benefits from my money.

Keeping an account with you after what your bank put me through would constitute tacit approval of lying, which I absolutely will not do." Suddenly, I had their attention. "Let me look at the account. Oh, I can refund that remaining overdraft charge for you. Will you stay with us as a customer". "No, I replied. I would like for you to refund the overdraft fee and to close my account immediately." Which I did.

I will never do business with whatever sort of new world order lying monster this place has become. She kept trying to sweet talk me and refer to the "misunderstanding" to which I retorted "I wish that I could say that what happened to me was a misunderstanding. That's a much nicer word and I would feel better about what happened to me if that were the case. Unfortunately what happened to me is that I was LIED to".

I got all of my overdrafts back and they'll never have the chance to fleece me again.

Yet another overdraft charge horror story. I should mention I moved to a town where there are no National City branches, but kept the account open because my insurance payment was automatically deducted from there.

So, knowing there was a $133.10 charge coming up, on the evening of September 30th, I deposited $140 into my checking account bringing the balance up to $147.27.

I logged in to my account online this morning (10/16) for the first time since then and discovered I apparently owe them over a $109.

The account on 10/01 shows first a deposit of $140 bringing the balance up as expected.

Then its the charge of $133.10 bringing the balance down to $14.17.

And the charge after that is an Overdraft charge. Then a few days later, it's the "continuous overdraft" charge where they take $8 every day from your balance.

You'd think they'd email you or call you if your account is overdrawn. But that's not bank policy. They mail you a statement. A statement I've yet to receive. Considering the amount of junk mail I receive, I may have tossed it out with all the other flyers and ads. Though considering their customer service and bank policy, I can't help but wonder if they really did send something out.

The only thing overdrawn was the overdraft charge. After discussing the situation with an online specialist, I found out that when you deposit at an ATM, you only have $100 of that deposit available the first day. The rest is available the next. So even though my account balance was in the positive, apparently $40 of the deposit on the 30th was not available.

This is not the policy of an institution with any concern for customers or service. This is cold-hearted business practice leeching and sucking anywhere they can. And since I didn't think to check my account until today they legally stole $124 from me.

I've closed my accounts and know that there's nothing I can do. Other than warn people about the kind of bank National City is.

I went negative in our account $4.00 on Monday (due to $4 ATM fee I was not expecting) and was told if I made a deposit same day, I would not get charged NSF fees. So I had my husband rush to bank after I got some money to deposit $157. He got there 10 minutes late and I told him to deposit through ATM (cash) so it was the same day. Woke up in the morning to find they took out $68 in fees. Called and was told ATM doesn't count as same day.

So, National City went on to charge $34 seven times and keep me negative. I called branch and manager removed one fee. Called headquarters and after arguing about the fact that it is Same Day and I have receipt to prove it...even if they have loop-holes- they wouldn't refund even the original $70.

my son's checking acct was neg $17 on Tuesday(10/13/09) when I checked online banking that evening so I immediately t/f $22 into his account. Thursday morning I checked online and his acct was charged $36 x7= $252 in overdraft fees. He is an 18 yr old full time student at EKU and works PT and this was the first time he's ever been in the negative. We went to the branch to rectify the situation and I got nowhere except that they'd take off 2 of the charges as a courtesy.

Well his atoumatic deposit from work went in his acct Thur. as well, a total of $157 and that left him in the neg still $90. She refused to do any more but refered me to the call center instead, I called from the parking lot and was told I shouldn't have even called them at's the branches decision to rectify the situation. At this point I continued to try to get somewhere with them by asking a slew of questions on what we could do & he could not come up with that kind of money..I was told the same thing over and over and she wouldn't let me speak to anyone else at all and after 30 minutes of going in circles, she hung up on me! WOW! What else can I say or do?

I keep getting hit with $34.00 overdraft charges.
Just this week I was charged 12 Overdraft charges totaling $408.oo
Even after my girlfriend deposited 620.00 Tuesday Oct.13th.2009, my current balance is -$695.00 (minus)

The bank automatically just takes the money out.

I made a deposit at National City bank. The following Monday was a holiday, so my check should have posted Tuesday. Conveniently, it didn't. BUT, all of my debits came out. So instead of having a balance left over after everything came out, I was charge 9 overdraft fees and am almost $300 in the negative. This is not ok.

I made phone calls and even went in to rectify the situation, and was told, "Well, you did overdraft your account" THE ONLY REASON MY ACCOUNT OVERDRAFTED WAS BECAUSE YOU IDIOTS CHARGED ME 9 FEES FOR NO REASON!!!

This bank has horrible customer service, rude employees, and defunct website that is of no help, and worthless managers.

October 2 deposited paycheck to local branch and received money back. Receive message from fellow employee 1 week later about problems with their check stating National City Return Check. come to find out all other checks for payroll ok except 4 ( interesting) all 4 were deposited at National City Bank so all have been changed fees and have to wait to receive check in the mail with reason why not deposited.

Seems like national City must really be hard up for money to screwing people like this. Note spoke with employer no issues with their account and nothing has changed with the process of how they do their checks. no access to money, over 250 in fees, time spent inconvience, embarassment,

On Oct.1st I deposited a check into the ATM on my lunch break for $460. This was a personal check written to myself and my wife from my mother in law. The problem or at so I am told so far is that only my name was signed on the check. We used the card for gas and diner a few times never had any problem until five days later my wife went to use the card and it was denied.

I contacted the National City bank who told me that the check was returned because there was only one signature on it and that my balance was now -$600. This has been 7 days now and I still have not seen the returned check . I never recieved any notification that the check was returned via mail , email , phone call or anything. I even cashed my paycheck at the bank two days later and nother was said. However this hole time I was getting miltiple overdraft charges adding up tp -$600.

I finaly talked to someone who said that they would make sure no more overdraft charges were added but they would not refund the ones that had already occured. Their response was that it's not their fault that we forgot one of the signatures on this and when I said we had no idea this happened and that there was no notification, plus they let charges build up on it for several days even though there was no money in the account

National City Banks response was that we should have checked online after we made the deposit. This is a rip off and I fell that i have been taken advantage of. They seen the error and abused it to their bennefit. the bank took all of that money plus more because they knew thye could take advantage of the situation. Plus I have had no money for seven days now to feed my children and still have not seen the returned check.

I was having some theft from my checking account, close to $3,000.00. National City closed that account and opened up a new one. I asked if my account would have the same $2,500.00 overdraft protection and was told yes. If I would go into the overdraft, when my husband's automatic deposit went in, it would take care of the amount that went into the overdraft. The new account did not do that, I was supposed to make a separate payment of the amount that went into the overdraft. This got my account so off balanced that every transaction we made for 3 days, we were charged $34.00 for each transaction. They charged us $34.00, 20 times.

I received a notice in the mail 2 days after this happened. We told the bank that we had no idea it had changed, our account was supposed to be like the old one. They said there was nothing they could do. We are also being charged $8.00 a day until we got our balance back up to 0. We have been a customer for about 15 years and treated horribly.

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