Making Home Affordable Modification
Making Home Affordable Modification
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Making Home Affordable Modification

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Last updated: May 19, 2015

8 Making Home Affordable Modification Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: May 19, 2015

I was having trouble with Bank of America confirming receipt of documents. I became concerned when this went on for a year so I sought assistance from YWCA a local MHA-approved agency. The first year paperwork went through but no action was taken by my assigned counselor to address incorrect $ being accrued monthly. Going into the third year I began getting calls from Bank of America agent that paperwork provided to YWCA was not getting uploaded. I faxed info and it was acknowledged (bypassing YWCA). I called manager When I could get through. I went in office and discovered my YWCA counselor had been gone for 6 months. I also was asked if I had applied for the Delaware grant. It was for 30k and would not only save my house but relieve me from all past due. I had not been told of the grant.

I was not able to obtain any further help from that office. I began to wonder if there was an element of discrimination as I discovered that many homeowners of color had been informed of the grant. I was denied modification because Bank of America "had not received the modification paperwork they had requested". I knew I was not at fault as I had faxed all paperwork as requested to the YWCA. The YWCA stated they had no place to upload information requested I had not followed up with Bank of America. I paid the YWCA to have my chart copied and obtained my file and transferred to another agency in Wilmington DE. I was reluctant to because I was the only Caucasian person in or around the new office. It was very unsafe neighborhood. I explained I was absolutely interested In saving my home, am a licensed nurse and had temporary situation making me unable to work.

I started the process again and prepared for the waiting game with Bank of America once again. I received notice from my father that my mother would not live much longer (in hospice/cancer) so I posted on Facebook I would be visiting her for a couple if weeks If time allowed. Within that month I received a trial modification from Bank of America demanding payment the following month. I called my counselor ** who was always too busy to take calls and never seemed to call me back. I had every intention of paying the first payment but wanted her guidance. I had received notice a week after the Bank of America notice that my loan was now being sold to and/or managed by Bayview. It was still a less than favorable modification and I had not had opportunity to obtain grant. I was still willing to take the deal to keep my house. I merely called and left message for ** to clarify so I made first payment to correct place.

My mother died and I could not afford to go home and return for funeral so I stayed at my dad's putting my faith in ** at west in neighborhood in Wilmington Delaware. She had returned my calls but to my home phone and not the cell phone I provided. I mailed a payment to both Bayview and Bank of America asking for current transfer and sale data. I also wanted to find out if PMI I still included in my payment as I was told that Bank of America had collected insurance for the loss. I returned home after being gone less than a month. I played back messages on my home phone which we rarely use. There were 3 from ** returning my calls but offering no information about which company owned my Loan or which was the correct place to make payment.

I did however, receive a message that ** did not realize she left on my phone. She had mistakenly dialed my number thinking she was leaving a message for her direct contact at Bank of America named **. In the message there were nothing but derogatory things about me "playing games" and "not really interested in keeping" my home Etc... I was crushed. She knew how badly I wanted to keep my home. She validated and placated me while all along having no intention of helping me. She also went on to say that Bayview was calling her but she was not going to return their calls because there is nothing she could do to help me. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have made the first three payments on time and only needed her assistance in obtaining the paperwork I had provided to her agency (the hardship letter, the records pertaining to my finances...). I saved a copy of this message and will never dispose of this recording.

As a nurse I never discriminated against anyone. I couldn't live with myself if I felt anyone of any race was not alive because of me. It frightens me that I have my social security number, bank account records and all kinds of personal data to these suspect individuals in these questionable agencies. It also concerns me that any more money is being given to this agencies' bypassing homeowners. These individuals are very much in the dark. They do not do anything but the basics (if that) unless they personally like you. The lack of accountability concerns me and I would like to think someone is overseeing the outcomes in this process.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2015

I finished my trial payments on my first FHA Hamp with Wells Fargo in April 2014. I have a 2nd with Greentree Servicing and have called 3 times a month since April. Sent them my final contract from Wells Fargo, and jumped through all their hoops. Now they keep telling me that the treasury hasn't notified them and it is out of their hands until they do. I contacted Wells Fargo to ensure it was filed right. Hud-Hamp shows final according to them. All I want is a timeline if it actually is the treasury or is this a scam.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 21, 2015

Bank of America began the making home affordable process in 2009. I experienced all the run around and stall tactics, "We didn't receive/You didn't send/It's in the wrong format/A page is missing/You have to send the application in with each requested document/That proof is out of date/You must send a new application, newly dated with the requested document you previously sent...We need current and previous year tax forms/AGAIN with a release for the IRS... AGAIN/ That was done by bank of America then they sold the mortgage. And since the process didn't transfer with the mortgage and a new application, from scratch, was required all of this was repeated by SLS, Specialized loan servicing LLC, from Nov 2012 until this current date of 1/21/2015.

They added in... need verification of public assistance, then verification of that verification, then a statement from the county rep that this assistance would continue which of course is not something they will give you. And we can't forget the actual deposit slip to match every deposit made noted on the bank statement for the last 2 consecutive months.

You see there is a Minnesota law that is meant to prevent dual tracking. It forbids loan companies, loan servicing co, any mortgage handler from actively preparing for foreclosure at the same time as they are working on a loan modification. They have to give you a denial and time to respond to that denial before they can set a sheriff sale date. The loop hole is that they can't dual track if your modification file is complete. So as long as they keep asking for random proofs or stall by making you repeatedly provide another document, they can still keep the foreclosure in process hence serving you the moment you are denied. Why don't they do it right away?

If they can get the chance to send you a denial every few months and blame it on you, then they can say you are at fault for the denial. That document doesn't need proof that what they state is correct. Also dragged out long enough gives them a bigger Insurance claim to file on their lost mortgage funds. You can't possibly turn it around because with all the built up escrow of homeowners insurance and taxes, which they require escrowed making it impossible to pay on your own and the fees push you possible monthly payment above affordability. This gives them your house, which they can sell, buy back and Insurance money.

I was able to stop a few sheriff sales but am looking at another one in 2 weeks. To stop your sheriff date, try calling the attorney general’s office, making home affordable main office to file a complaint. That's what I did last time. It only buys you about a month. You can file bankruptcy for another stall of 1-2 months. Now I will contact the OCC/ MN dept of Commerce/Congresswoman, Amy **.

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Original review: Oct. 20, 2012

I have been in the application process with Bank of America for nearly a year now. The communication from their account managers has been nonexistent to the point that one chastised me for leaving more than one message asking for an update (after not having heard a word in six weeks from them)! When I do get someone on the phone, I am inevitably told that they need some new, previously unrequested, documentation or that some previously submitted document is either lost or out of date. For the past three months I have been repeatedly assured that everything has been received and that my application has been forwarded to underwriters. Really?! How long is this supposed to take?

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Original review: Oct. 7, 2012

This whole ordeal has been very frustrating and sad! I lost my job in November of 2010 and it became apparent that I would not be able to keep up my mortgage payments. I filed with MHA in October of 2011. We are still waiting for a decision! We have turned in the same paperwork 4 times because they tell us we never sent them in! Now I found out that CitiMortgage sold my loan to a different company! This is an outrage! I am on the verge of losing my home because of their incompetence!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 4, 2012

I already have my first mortgage modified with Chase completed 7/11. CitiMortgage has denied and stalled my 2MP that I filed with them since 9/1/11. I have submitted signed documentation proving that I qualify and that I am current. Chase has verified that information yet due to having multiple matches because Chase reported it incorrectly the first time, I have been waiting and waiting while my payments continue to be a struggle. My house is not worth what I owe and now when I actually do qualify for assistance, I am getting the runaround. I can't hold on forever and I am tired of being patient. I already reported an escalated case to MHAP and they have not been able to resolve my issue. Help!

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Original review: Feb. 13, 2012

We have been trying to get a home modification from Indymac Bank. They have taken months, and are constantly requesting more information. We have submitted taxes, pay stubs, etc. It is impossible to get anything from this company. This is our 4th time applying for this loan. We have been rejected 3 times for missing information.

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Original review: Oct. 28, 2009 We are participating in the Making Homes Affordable Mortgage Modification Program that has been funded by the government and is being facilitated by Bank of America.
The program requires a 3 month trial period of a "modified" payment. It was not stated anywhere in the contract that this payment (made per that contract) would be considered late or delinquent. The Home Affordable Modification Program Guidelines March 4, 2009 state under Consumer Protection Disclosure, that "Servicers must also provide clear and understandable written information about the material terms, costs and risks of modified mortgage loan in a timely manner to enable borrowers to make informed decisions." Our payments were always on time and the payments under the trial period have always been on time.
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