Kern Schools Federal Credit Union

Bakersfield, CA

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I purchased my vehicle in March of 2007 with a loan from Kern Schools. My terms were 6 years @17.5% interest rate. I financed $47,000. The loan origination date was March 2007. The payoff date was March 2013. Thus far, I have paid over $60,000. Even though my payoff date was March 2013, according to Kern Schools, I still have a balance of $27,000. I spoke with a rep from Kern Schools and her answer for the outstanding balance were late fees. Even if I was late every month for 72 months, it still would not add up. I have had auto insurance during the life of the loan, so there should not be any forced place insurance. I am trying to get to the bottom of this with Kern Schools, to no avail. I cannot get any personal attention regarding my situation. Instead, I get several phone calls a day to my cell and at work, demanding more payments. My grievance is the fraudulent loan balance Kern Schools has and still is trying to extort from me. Last but not least, the Kern Schools employees that I come in contact with are less than customer friendly. My experience with Kern Schools has been awful. I am stressed out and sick with high blood pressure and digestive problems because of this horrifying situation.

I recently went to my bank (Kern Schools Federal Credit Union, Bakersfield, CA) and was told that I owed them money because they sent me letters, asking me to update my account, and since I didn't respond to the letters sent, I was being charged 5 dollars for each letter. I told them, "Your CEO doesn't have a big enough bonus already? You are crazy as all get out, if you think I'm paying for you to send me a letter." What a scam and a ripoff!

I transferred $500 from savings to my checking account on the 19th of Jan, which brought my balance to little over $506. KSFCU, without my authorization, transferred the $500 back to my savings after this. There were several transactions that came through and I was charged $30 each occurrence totaling $150! I spoke with Jasmine on Jan 26th and all I got was an "I don't care" attitude. She kept trying to get me off the phone.

I sent an email inquiry the evening of the 25th and got a response from a Jhonetta that refused to refund my overdraft fees that it wasn't their error as well as Jasmine stating that, "We can't transfer funds on data net." I've been with them for almost 20 years! I've made multiple transfers over those years and never had a problem now your saying you can't? Then why do you have this as an option online for three weeks now? I've had to call every week because we are not able to use our debit card and being stranded with no gas. This is extortion! I feel victimized by this credit union. What happened to true customer service?

I would like to file a complaint on Kern Schools Federal Credit Union for a breach of confidentiality of my personal account. I had a suspicion that a teller that has worked for Kern schools Federal Credit Union for an extensive amount of time had been giving my personal account information out to a third party for their own individual use. So I called Kern Schools just to verify if this particular person had not been accessing my account without my authorization and so the assistant manager assured me that they would investigate the matter. Approximately two weeks later I called the branch again and the same assistant manager had said they reviewed some videos.

The videos showed me being waited on by a teller and that the particular teller I had the suspicion of just walked behind the teller waiting on me, but never looked over at my account and then began giving me her opinion on how she thinks she would never do something like that because she is a great employee. Unfortunately in a situation like this my bank account is very important and confidential information for someone not to take it seriously. I then spoke to the branch manager and began to tell me the exact same thing on her opinion of this teller, it was above reproach.

Again unfortunately I believe that no one is above reproach when it comes to my account and confidentiality information. The next day my girlfriend and I were on our way to pick up her kids from their father. When this took place the father of the children confronted me in an aggressive manner about me calling his girlfriend's work and stating that I was trying to get her fired when this is not the case.

Since my girlfriend is currently in a divorce, her ex-husband believes that he could use my income for court so that he does not have to pay her child support which is ridiculous. I have nothing to do with their divorce but what raised a red flag is the information he had such as what my current income is, which no one knows about. So when he approached me I knew his girlfriend told him confidential information about my account. Later on that night I began to receive harassing phone calls to my home phone number from her and her boyfriend about again my account. I have recorded conversations that took place with the teller telling my girlfriend why are we calling her work and that Kern schools sat her down and told her that we called telling them she was sharing my information.

The problem I see here is that when this conversation about my account was taking place I was nowhere near these people and why is a Kern Schools employee talking about my account if I did not give her authorization to do so? Also that when this conversations took place it was after working hours and what is this teller doing calling my house harassing me about what had happened at work late at night then telling her boyfriend about my account details? This has almost caused a physical confrontation because this teller is telling her boyfriend I am trying to get her fired, which I am not.

All I am trying to do is ensure that my information remains confidential and is not released to other people other than authorized people. So after that situation happened I became more concerned and moved forward to speak with the VP of Kern Schools. What he told me was that if I feel that strongly about the confidentiality of my information that the only solution was to close my account at Kern Schools. I told the VP that I had debts such as credit cards and overdraft protection plans that have not yet been paid off so if I decide to close the account I would then have to completely pay off those debts before I am allowed to close the account. The VP responded yes that I would first have to bring my account balance to a zero before I could close this account.

I told him that it would put a financial burden on me to do so, but why did I have to go through this if it's not my fault. He then said he could no longer help me and I requested the CEO of Kern Schools to meet with me, but the secretary said he would call me and I have not yet received any call or feedback. This is the reason I would like to file a complaint on Kern Schools for their unprofessionalism and their clear violation of their member's confidentiality. It is clear that Kern School Federal Credit Union is unwilling to cooperate with me to further research this and its importance. I would like to see something done about this because I do not want bank tellers thinking that they are able to get away with this anytime they want. I would like the employee to stay out of my account and abide by their policies and not share my information with anyone but myself. I would like for this not to happen to any other members and because they have broken a very important policy that put my confidential information in danger for fraud and or misuse.

I am unable to use this account making everything difficult because I cannot have the convenience of using my own account. I should not have to fear my account being accessed by a employee for their own personal use. This is not morally or ethically correct and if there is something that could be done about this I would appreciate it. I have contacted the branch numerous times and have been given an ultimatum by their VP. He stated you should just close your account if you feel your confidentiality is at risk but you must bring your accounts current in order to do so. I have banked with Kern schools for a long time and find it offensive that they will do nothing about the situation. It puts me in a financial burden in having to bring my account current because one of their employees is breaking their policies by using my account information for a third party. I find it unfair and unreasonable for a credit union to put me in this situation.

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