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I paid them for a service and they never returned the phone call; kept the money and did not produce the product. Eventually, the tax situation was resolved on its own. JK Harris lies, can't believe any of their promises. There should be a special 'place' (not just referring to jail, either) for the people who work for JK Harris cheating those who are genuinely in need.

About 2-3 years ago, I enlisted the firm of J K Harris to help me with my tax situation. I had paid them close to $2,000.00 to help me. I had received a phone call from them and was asked to pay additional monies for their services. I did not send any other money as I thought something strange is happening. I learned 3 days later that J K Harris is out of business and went bankrupt. Is there any way I can recover the initial money I paid upfront for them to help me. I have since enlisted another firm to help me, 2020 tax resolution of which to this point I am satisfied. Thank you.

DO NOT USE JK HARRIS!!! THEY ARE SLOPPY AND THEY LIE! My husband and I sought their help after several failed attempts to set up a payment plan on our own. JK Harris, specifically Rick **, promised to help set up a payment plan or get the IRS to settle our debt for less. We had to pay for every little thing they did and ended up spending $3,500. I spent hours/days gathering up all the necessary paperwork JK Harris required and faxed and mailed it over.... several times! It seemed as though they would always misplace the paperwork. They asked me for things over and over again. They also switched us from rep to rep, which was part of the problem. When it was finally time to submit the paperwork to the IRS, they addressed the envelope to the Ohio office!

When we got yet another IRS letter saying they intended to levy, two months after we submitted our paperwork with JK Harris, my husband called the IRS. They said the paperwork was sent to the wrong office and we would have to resubmit everything to the correct one. When we contacted JK Harris, they wanted to charge us to do so!! It was their fault! They also wanted to release themselves from being the Power of Attorney and they suggested we deal with it ourselves. We tried contacting Rick ** who originally signed us up several times and he ignored every single one of our calls! We ended up paying the IRS $5,000 to set up our own payment plan! We could have used the $3,500 JK Harris TOOK from us to do that and avoid the headache!


I contacted a lady by the name of ** from St.Louis area who worked for JK Harris. She agreed to take the case with the IRS and she wanted 4200.00. I never heard from her again until one year later the IRS shut down my bank accts. I owed 15000.00 and ended up paying 27,500.00 that I had to pull out of my retirement fund which cost me 65000.00 because I had to pay taxes and penalties on early withdraw. I also had to take one year off work in order to withdraw the funds because my union does not let a person take early withdraw unless its twelve months after last contribution. So in all this cost me $165000.00. Is there any way to recover my lost money. Most people spend life in prison for this crime. Are there any lawsuits against this company? I have every intention of filing criminal charges and a lawsuit against this Company and **.

My father having been under constant duress for a filing error years earlier, contacted JK Harris to assist him. Having recently been granted social security, the IRS began taking about 70 percent of his check leaving him unable to maintain even a modest standard of living. Upon initial contact he was given assurances that they would work on his behalf and presumably at least try to get the deduction reduced so he would have enough money to live and having something resembling a normal life. He sent them a payment of 5000 dollars. Over the next few months he continued to send them payments until it reached about 10,000 dollars. At this point he started contacting customer service for an update of what was happening..... He never heard from them again.

No calls were returned and no work was ever done on his behalf. My father used the last of his money with the hopes that JK Harris could help him. They never did a thing. Never returned the many calls of inquiry. They simply took his money, presumably figuring he was out of money and options and would have no recourse against them, leaving him high and dry. I cannot tell you how disappointed we are with them and I would strongly advise anyone against using their "services." They are a morally bankrupt company preying upon those that are in the most need of help. Shameful. Just shameful business practices.

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In 2010 I went to JK Harris to prepare federal and state back taxes for me and at the time felt these people had my best interest at heart. As time went on, at each visit, more money was asked of me consisting of filing fees, legal fees, court fees, etc. I was well over $6000 in the hole but everything was dragging on. Though the back taxes were filed, they stalled when it came to honoring the promise of cutting the amount I owed in half. In the end I ended up going to the IRS and doing the job myself. I had no problems and was out of $6000. I wasn't aware of any legal problems until several years later. Of course now I've received notice from my state that my 2009 taxes were not filed,. I don't know how this could be since the other prior years were filed. Anyway, here I go again! I hope there's a class action suit against this man/company. I want my money back!

Well, I had to pay them back taxes I did not know about because I was on disability. JK Harris and for almost 2 years I kept calling and calling him. I couldn't get anywhere. Finally IRS came after me because they did not do what they said they were going to do. Well by this time I was off disability and I had regained my old job back and since I hadn't encountered and the IRS said I had to pay my taxes, well I got honors class action lawsuit against JK Harris. I got $25 back and I had to pay all my back taxes and all my fines and everything. I was on a disability policy. Was there not supposed to have to pay taxes on but the way they wrote it up is I had to pay taxes on it but it took three years later after I was on disability before I got the newsletter from the IRS saying I owe them taxes which I did not know or I would have paid him.

JK Harris robbed me. You stole my money. Can call whenever you want. They took my money and did not perform a service. I guess that's wassup the service and I got $25 back of the class action lawsuit. I got a check from the lawyers that represented the lawsuit. I never even bothered cashing a check. I just put it in a frame and put it up on my desk to remind me that you can contact the IRS for $175 filing fee and do this on your own.

We went to JK Harris back in 2003. We were in tax trouble. At that time, we had to pay $500.00 and they would help us with the IRS so they could not take anything from us. They did, indeed, do what they said and once JK Harris did what they do - I never heard another word from the IRS - not one letter and not one word. I have long since paid off the balance owed to the IRS but with absolutely no problems. I never had a problem with JK Harris and was able to reach them. I don't know what has happened over the years because back then - they were very good.

In 2006, I contacted JK Harris. After submitting all the paperwork and docs, along with $4000.00, several months later with nothing more than promises, the case was dismissed. They did nothing at all. All the money was lost, without much of explanation. Contacting them was a joke.

Me and my husband are hard workers and we paid jk harris over 6 thousand dollars to get my taxes cleared. Then after no responses we found out about the bankruptcy. We would like to get some of our hard earned money back. It would be a blessing to us as we work and live from payday to payday and it wiped out his 401 at the time. Please help.

This person preyed on my family, my hard work and my weakness against the IRS. After Tony ** promised to help us with a fee of $1400 that was paid over three months, I could not get in touch with him or his secretary by any means or a representative of this company who might be responsible. I wish I could pursue legal actions on this individual and this company. Pure fraud at the highest level. Anyone who can help in a class action lawsuit I will happily respond.

I contacted JK Harris around 2008 to help me with my back taxes issue here in Michigan. I paid them large sum of money (more than $5,000.00) and submitted all the documents they asked me to. They didn't help me nor explain why up till this moment. Nowhere to reach them and I still have the same tax issue compounding with interest.

They would send us paperwork, we filled it out and sent it back - and this went on and on. They always gave us the excuse that they wanted the same information over and over again. It was endless. In the end, we invested money into believing they could help us with back taxes owed and they did nothing for us. I would never recommend this company to anyone. They are also very rude on the phone when you finally do get to speak with a representative. Oh, and they hand off your case to a new specialist every other month, which you have to start over the entire process again.

I just found out today, Jan 7th, 2013, that I was scammed by this crook and scum, JK Harris. I am a disabled person who, like others, was subject to the barrage of TV commercials touting the tax services they offered. Heck, they even had a local office I could go to. It was in that face to face office meeting that I was scammed out of $1,000 and never got a single service for that. I had called my JK Harris rep and got nothing but lies. "Oh, you didn't send this form or that form." But I had.

When at last I went one on one with the IRS, I informed them that JK Harris was working on my behalf. "Ah, no they are not" was the IRS reply. "They have never contacted us on your behalf." The state I live in has sued JK Harris. Why as a customer of JK Harris was I never contacted about any of this? Why didn't the state of Tennessee contact me in regards to the local office I was scammed by? The state included that local office in their lawsuit. Angry? You could say that! I remember the face of that man on TV, JK Harris. I hope I never run into that guy. He must be living under a rock at this point as there are many who would love to have a go at him. Scamming anyone is beyond shameful. Scamming a disabled person, hey, JK, it's called hell and you are going there.

Several years ago, my husband went to JK Harris about helping us resolve tax issues. My husband was led to believe he was speaking with an attorney from the firm. Later, he found out he was not. This young man promised he could remove liens and assured us that they would go to battle for us. This did not happen after paying them over $5000. The girl who would call who was responsible for our case became very rude and acting 20 times worse than any IRS agent would ever do. My husband informed them that he is and has S Corp. papers, being a complete independent contractor. They did nothing, gave us no information that S. Corp would have kept us from overpaying taxes, which resulted in a trickle down effect.

JK Harris caused our family undue stress and made matters so much worse for us. There is no excuse for this behavior and it's a total ripoff of money, plus me doing a lot of their job. They were paid to do it, not me. I feel like JK Harris law firm needs to be investigated and license removal is appropriate due to lies, not representing clients correctly and no regard at all to acting on behalf of us and many more of their clients. It's inexcusable knowing what I know now.

I feel a total refund is due to my family, plus interest, plus mental emotional distress due to scheming, lies, and unprofessional to say the very least. I am on medication because of them, and I am still having to take it. They owe my family and many countless others.

I went to JK Harris some years ago and they promised me that they would take care of my IRS if I would pay them $25,000 to get started. The man in the office showed me letters from customers that they had helped. My thing is this, if you are not going to help people with their tax problems, then let them know and don't take their hard earned money. Because of the pressure IRS put me under, I am now unable to work due to disability. Thanks JK Harris for giving me total hell.

I paid $3,900 with no service. I contact IRS myself and arrange payment plan with no help from JK Harris. Consequence was they just took my money with a smile. I went to all the meeting, and they were smiling all the time, knowing the company was in bankrupt.

I went to JK Harris for help with taxes owed from a business I owned with my ex-husband. I was left with the taxes, 3 children and unable to pay. I allowed JK Harris to do a biweekly deduction from my bank account for help on my situation, $2,500.00 that I could not afford, but wanted to resolve the tax issue. They did nothing! They made sure they took my money! I tried emailing and calling and just got the runaround for months, only to find out they went bankrupt! I want my money back. I worked hard for what I paid them. If I had money to throw around like that, I would have just given it to the IRS!

I contacted JK Harris about my federal taxes. I paid them $1,500 to later find them in bankruptcy court. This happened shortly after making final payment. I only heard about that on a phone prompt. There is no way to contact them and have heard from these people since Nov. 2011.

I gave JK Harris $5,000 and they didn't do a thing to help me. This guy needs to be in prison so he can reflect on cheating people out of their hard-earned money.

I paid JK Harris $1,500 to help me with tax issue; instead, I was bilked out of my money and no one helped me with anything. I actually ended up paying more than I owed initially to the IRS due to the rep assigned to help me going out on maternity leave (without notice) and leaving my file there to just sit and rack up more fees, interests, penalties and more debt to the IRS. I really need to know what I need to do to get my money back.

I paid JK Harris $1,200.00 a year ago. They told me they could help me with my tax problems and never did anything. No one ever returned phone calls. Now, I am out $1,200.00 and still have tax problems.

I have paid over $3,000 to JK Harris to help my husband get over his tax debt. He cannot read, and Jeanine sympathized with me by telling me her father was the same way. What a joke. They reeled me in and then cast me aside when the money went through. I am a disabled woman. I have been disabled since May 2003. My life sucks, anyway. I married my husband unaware of the tax debt he had. I still love him and have tried every avenue to get it reduced to something he can pay. I believe JK Harris is a farce. They cheat people out of their money, Social Security disability money; and they tell them lies and that everything will be alright. Well, they are crooks. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and the law, as well as getting a lawyer, for all the pain and suffering it is causing me. In my condition, the stress is not good. My physician can tell you.

In 2011, I paid JK Harris $4,900 to file an OIC for my wife and me, for taxes owed in 2006, 2007 and 2008. I trusted them, after several months of trying to know any update about my case, in mid-October I found out they were in bankruptcy. They didn't do anything for us. Now I still have the debt with more interest, thanks to them. What can I do to get my money back?

I paid JK Harris for them to file an OIC for my husband and I in 2011 for back taxes owed since 2001. I gave them $6,000.00 and I should have just set it on fire because they did absolutely nothing to help me. The only thing they did do is put me in more debt. I will have to move out of my house into an apartment to try and cut back on expenses. I hope that someone sees this and offers some kind of guidance because I am at my wit's end with this. I want my money back. I don’t care if it takes 5 years. They should have to pay every penny back to the consumers for false hope, very depressing. You think you are paying these people to get the IRS off your back and they have done absolutely nothing.

I am disabled and on a fixed income. I went to JKH because I owed back taxes. The woman (Michelle) told me she can take care of my problems without a worry from me. All I had to do was pay $3,000, which I made payments because I didn’t have the money at once. They never did anything they said. I got robbed by JK Harris. After I have read all about the suits against them in the Carolinas and Texas, how come they were allowed to keep screwing Americans?

One year, my friend did taxes for me and filed under small business. It was wrong. I let a couple of years go by until I went to file through JK Harris and let them know I needed to have taxes from that year corrected before I could file other taxes. Later, I found out (within cancellation time) that I was having someone else do my taxes due to the fact JK Harris said they couldn't go back that far to do that year. The person I hired could and did and I got all my taxes straightened out by him.

Meanwhile, the struggle to get my $575.00 back that I put down was a joke! The finance portion of the company said they had to wait and investigate what cost was incurred before they could refund my money. I said there should be no cost. They didn't even get any of my information yet since I cancelled so quickly after finding out they couldn't even do the job. After a few months, they sent me a paper to sign to not proceed with any other action and accept $250.00 of my $575.00! I wrote back telling them I wouldn't sign anything of any sort since they never received any of my paperwork to even start anything concerning my taxes. I sued them in court and won due to no acknowledgement from them and I still never got my money. I'm on disability and a limited income from only that source and JK Harris and their people must be living like fat cats off everyone’s money they stole.

I found JK Harris in Wilmington, NC and the person that was supposed to help me was Ken **. I gave him over $1500 and then he moved about 2 hours away. I did go to see him once and then I would never get a return email back. JK Harris said that they wouldn't do anything until I paid another $3000. They were supposed to have me on a payment plan and they did nothing except kept all my original files and rip me off.

I found the son of the owner of JK Harris in an office in South Park and I met with him and explained my situation. He told me a bunch of **, that Ken ** was no longer with them and that they cleaned house from the people that were making their company look bad. I asked him what about my money and how could they help me. He said that their policy since it was with Ken **, there was really nothing that they could do. I asked him about my tax issue and he told me that just don't answer any phone calls and it would go away.

Yeah, right. JK Harris is the biggest crook out there, ** to the max. The son can go ** himself. JK Harris should be in jail since they are crooks. I have nothing good to say about them and they should be ashamed of themselves ripping off people that need some type of assistance. I cleared up my issue by calling the IRS directly and working things out with them. If anybody needs any type of IRS or credit help, do not use JK Harris. They will rip you off and lie to you.

Misrepresentation caused financial distress: We were also dealing with JK Harris after my husband had problems with the IRS changing his tax status and my becoming ill. They promised immediate help in order to keep a lien off our property and wages from being garnished, and they said they could remove the penalties. After paying them our $5,000, we went through constant lost paperwork, talking to the IRS ourselves, because they didn't. And finally, there's no contact. We are now in bankruptcy, because finances spiraled out of control and the money we paid to them was coming from our already minus one-strapped income being that I couldn't work. I wish my husband had never called them.

We met with JK Harris almost four years ago. We signed a contract and paid over $2,500.00. JK Harris' workers are incompetent, to say it nicely. They did our paper work three times and had everything so messed up. I don’t know where they got their info from but it wasn't the info we gave them! In January of 2012, we then talked with a lady at JK Harris who said it was almost done and here we are four years later and $2,500.00 broker.

Prior to JK Harris, we went through tax resolution out of California and they were $4,500.00 and did nothing. Then we get a letter about fraudulent activity from the government, concerning doing business with that company. I am not sure if the tax resolution company here on this site that is advertising for customers is the same one or not. As of now, I am pissed off at JK Harris and all tax companies. Resolute Tax Service is saying they can help you if you’re a former JK Harris customer. Yes, I checked it out and they want money too.

There has to be an honest company who deals with IRS issues who are not out just for the buck! This is **, and yes, I am freaking pissed off. Suck us all dry then file bankruptcy, what the hell is this crap anyways? This should not be legal. I will be contacting the court where JK Harris filed bankruptcy, I will also find out who bought out JK Harris' clients, someone had to have had it for cheap.

Anyone have any ideas or who is honest to do taxes besides Tax R Us, Tax Fix, fake names but anyone with tax in it, I don’t trust. I’ve been there, done that and running a second one with the company at Resolute Tax, former JK Harris clients attention. Yeah, suck us dry some more! I feel all tax people are scammers, give us your money, we'll help you, yeah, go broke faster!

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