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    With roots dating back to 1938, Jersey Mortgage Company has worked with thousands of families to help them achieve their refinancing, second home, and first time homebuyer dreams. We proudly offer competitive and flexible home loan options and provide each individual with personalized service. 

    Because Jersey Mortgage is a direct lender, we are able to offer programs such as direct in-house underwriting, FHA, USDA, VA, First Time Home Buyers, and other home loan programs that other companies aren’t able to provide. With a majority of our staff having worked with our company for ten or more years we are able to ensure that we will provide you with the best service possible.

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      Rated with 4 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: April 1, 2019

      I’ve done business before with Marcus of Jersey Mortgage. He helped me get my first property. This time, I got a VA loan, and the application process was a breeze. This whole process took four months, but there were other factors that had to do with that. Although overall, Jersey Mortgage did well, there were times where I felt like I would have to send the same document to various people that I had already sent to people working in the company.

      My interaction with Marcus was good for the most part. He got the loan despite my unique situation. I already had a three-family investment, and he was able to help me get another three-family in the same town. According to Marcus, it wasn’t hard to obtain the second contract because of my good record. The rate of the mortgage could be a little lower though, but this is New Jersey.

      The underwriter told me that I could call her and tell her about anything, but the one time that I called her about the paperwork that she asked for, she almost canceled my loan because I was being upfront with her about my situation. That was kinda like being two-faced. They wanted me to produce a lease for the apartment that I was living in then, and I expressed to them that it was unrealistic because, at that point, I didn’t know whether I was going to get a closing date or not. I told Denise, another rep, about my situation and she made it like she was understanding. She told me that she was gonna tell her underwriter, but I later found out that she was about to cancel my mortgage because of that.

      Marcus told me what happened, that we almost lost the loan. He said I needed to find a tenant for my apartment, so we can keep the lease. I didn’t think that that was Marcus’ fault, but that situation was kinda messed up. The underwriter was telling me to confide in her, and then I confided in her. But then she did not even let me know that she was about to cancel my whole mortgage because of that. I didn’t like that.

      Don’t tell somebody that, “You can call me anytime and let me know what’s going on,” when all the while you’re playing two sides of this. I would rather she told me, "This could potentially affect your mortgage. I would recommend XYZ.” Don’t tell me, “Okay, you’re good,” and then the next thing I know, my mortgage guy, Marcus, is telling me, “This is what happened because you had this phone call with her. And this is what almost happened, but we were able to talk them down.” I would rather she be honest with me and say, “If you are not able to do that, this might happen.” But she was telling me, “You’re okay, and we’re gonna work it out.” She could’ve told me that I just needed to find somebody and then I would have figured it out. I did figure it out and I did find somebody. Jersey Mortgage got me the loan, but everybody can learn from the little personal stuff, moving forward. Still, I would recommend Jersey Mortgage.

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Jan. 16, 2019

      I was looking for a place that would house my mother and myself. I did a web search and found that Jersey Mortgage has a good reputation. They gave a lot of mortgages and they were interested in doing 203k which not everybody does. I got the original mortgage about three years ago but I had been going through this process with Jersey Mortgage for almost four years.

      There was a lot of paperwork during the application process but once I got used to reading them, it was easy to understand. The way that the numbers are presented was a little confusing initially but once I started reading it a little bit, I got more used to the language they were described in. Also, the reps were very helpful in explaining what was going on if I had a question.

      Then the initial mortgage process was pretty fast. We were trying to get the initial closing date that was given by the seller and we had to extend it a couple of times and rework the figures. Sometimes, we had to resubmit the paperwork at a different mortgage. We also tried both the 203k and the conventional loan. Once we decided on something, it took four to five weeks.

      The lending process also went fine but they could be a little bit clearer about what the actual numbers were because there were so many different figures in terms of the down payment and the actual interest rate which changed a couple of times depending on what the mortgage was. But when I asked the question, the explanation was given. The 5.75 interest rate was a little high but I understand why. Part of the reason was my credit history and I had to get it with a 203k because the seller did not want to sell the house if it wasn't 203k. Also, the sellers, the banks and the property owners were a little difficult to deal with and they didn't make an easy process.

      But I felt very comfortable with the people I dealt with at Jersey Mortgage. Even though there was a lull, I stayed in touch with the reps and I told them my progress. Gina, the initial person that helped me, has been there with me since the beginning. When I wasn't quite as active, she would call me and see how things were going. Kristen, the other rep who worked with me a lot, was the same when she got involved a little later. She was always good about calling, checking and looking into things for me. They were good about helping me find somebody who might be helpful in the process in terms of contractors.

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      Jersey Mortgage Co. response

      Thank you, Anthony for the kind review!! We agree the process can be a bit overwhelming at times and we work every day to make it easier so we appreciate the candor on that as well. We're so pleased tbat you were happy with our services and wish you the very best in your new home!

      Pete Kenny

      Jersey Mortgage Company

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Dec. 31, 2018

      I was purchasing a home and one of my friends is a loan officer at Jersey Mortgage. I decided to give her a call and her team just fired off the checklist of everything that was needed, so I was able to provide the data. I'm more of an online type of person and I loved the online application process. It took me just a few minutes to do. Anything else that needed my signature was the same process, just a quick email to me and whenever I open the document, they would prompt me to exactly what I need to focus on and what I needed to sign. It was easy for me to fill out and I like that.

      The underwriting process took a while because based off of everything I provided, it seemed like they were always coming back with something else I needed to provide. I was dealing with the underwriters until the very end. However, there was always constant communication as to what I needed to provide and the length of process was very quick. It felt like only a month from start to finish and whenever there was something critical, I would get a call, but most of my interactions with Jersey Mortgage were done through email and that's how smooth the process went with them.

      Another thing is that the rep, Tanya, was able to call me anytime on what was required. There was a situation where the attorney I was using recommended getting my properties paid and she called me on a personal basis telling me it's not required for the loan and it would cost me an extra $500 if I go forward with it. I liked that personal touch when I was dealing with her.

      Jersey Mortgage also knew that interest rates were gonna go up and one of the things they were trying to do to speed up the process was to make sure we got something closer to the lower rate. When I looked online as to what other companies were offering, it seemed to be in line with what I got. The process took a little more than a month, which was a lot faster than I expected. It was such a great process and if a friend asked me, I'd tell them that this is who I use and I would highly recommend them.

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Sept. 2, 2018

      We purchased a home and the realtor we were using recommended Jersey Mortgage. I looked at other places as well but I was in a time crunch and Jersey Mortgage told me they could get it done within a certain period of time and they were on time. I went with an FHA and the application process with Jersey Mortgage was fairly easy. The process took seven weeks and they did what they said they were gonna do. However, there was a lot of paperwork and documentation from the past two years I had to get for them. They wanted more information as to where the downpayment was coming from.

      But the mortgage person, Cathy, was great and took care of everything for me. She was on top of everything. She didn’t let anything sit and followed up every day. If she needed something from me and I didn’t send it right away, she followed up. She was doing things that all the other banks told me they couldn’t do. They said I wasn't gonna get a loan because of this or that. They didn’t even really try. Cathy said they'd get it done. I just needed to do whatever she tells me to do. She said what she was gonna do and she did it.

      Everything was email-driven and the only drawback was when I called, I didn’t always get Cathy on the phone. She should be more accessible via phone. A lot of times, I would call and I would have to speak to someone else who wasn’t always privy to what was going on in my mortgage. But then, I would email her and she would respond to me 15 minutes later so I knew she was getting my messages, but it was a little difficult to get a hold of her sometimes.

      The rates were a little high, but they were somewhat comparable to the other banks and the fact that the other banks weren’t giving me the mortgage, I had no choice. But I was very happy. Jersey worked hard on my mortgage. Whenever there was a hurdle, they figured out a way around it. They are a great company and honest too. They never told me something just to make me think they could do it. They were truthful with me and that was all I wanted.

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Aug. 30, 2018

      We had sold our home in Alabama and we were trying to purchase a home in New Jersey. I was referred to Bruce who is a loan officer over at Jersey Mortgage. After my first conversation with him, while I was still in Alabama, he made me feel comfortable about everything. He would basically hold our hand through the whole process, trying to get a mortgage for a home that we did not have yet in Jersey. Through the whole process of looking at homes and going through the whole procedure, he gave me the insight on pros and cons from a third party, not just as the mortgage guy. I could also call him at 4 o’clock in the morning and tell what I'm thinking. When he didn't know the answer, he would straight up tell me about it, and within an hour, he had the answer with different options. Bruce walked me through everything and I felt like he was in the living room every time we were on the phone. It wasn't generic, it was very personalized.

      We went with an FHA, 30-year, fixed loan program. Bruce requested a bunch of paperwork and documents. I would forward them over and they would go through them. They would then tell me they needed more information, like updated pay stubs, and whatever it was, I just scanned it and send it over to them. The process was that easy. On the underwriting side though, they had a woman that was an underwriter and she left in the middle of our process. When the next woman took over, there was a bit of hiccup on what documentation she had and did not already have. But then, Bruce said he already has the documentation and so he sent it over to her. It was re-explaining what was going on to someone else ‘cause there was a change.

      All in all, I had been working with Bruce for almost 10 months. We had gone through multiple processes with homes. We were under contract and we were almost about to close. And then the survey came back and we found out that the property we were buying with the house on it was protected wetlands. We only found that out from the survey. So, that process had to stop. But once we found the house that we purchased, the entire process from that house to the end was only 50 days. And a lot of that was due to the fact that we had had stuff previously on another home. Given my experience, if someone would ask about Jersey Mortgage, I’d tell them they're idiots if they go anywhere else. Their rates were fair and on point too.

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      Rated with 4 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: June 1, 2019

      I was a first-time homeowner and I didn’t know anything prior to going into this so, it was a new experience. This would be the best way for me getting my first home. There’s a lot going into purchasing a house but with Jersey Mortgage, there was no major issues at all and everything worked out fine. Sharon and Chris, the people I worked with, were helpful. They did a great job and they were very professional the whole time in the process. Overall, it was pleasant although the application and underwriting process took three months. It’s not that the people in Jersey Mortgage didn’t do their job but as the buyer, you're like that middleman, and you're trying to relay certain messages from that person to that person to this person. There should be a better communication between the Realtor, lawyer and Jersey Mortgage.

      Moving forward, if I were to buy a home again, I would like to be more fluent in terms of having chain emails and to make sure I have more direction as the Jersey Mortgage and their loan officer, the real estate and the lawyer. So that when I'm not there, it would be easier for them to get in touch with each other and vice versa. Even the lawyer from the selling point of view has to maintain constant communication with the seller. Everybody should have that constant communication across the board so that there's no confusion for certain things but overall, they were informative. They told me what I needed to know, so I was able to get documents, and they were timely. Also, my interest rate wasn't too bad, but I understand I got a 203k loan which incurred a slightly higher interest rate than normal.

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      Rated with 3 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: May 30, 2019

      The process with Jersey Mortgage was very convoluted. Being a first-time homebuyer, I expected a little more hand-holding and to be walked through it. It was not that they didn’t walk us through it but I felt like I was constantly following up. It was nearly everyday. I was making sure things were getting done and that my questions were getting answered. I felt like I was facilitating it myself and it was a little irritating. They also asked me for documents that I provided more than once, which was a little annoying.

      I didn’t even have to go with them. I didn’t need a mortgage broker. We got really good credit. I could’ve gone through my bank. But my realtor recommended them and I was trying to honor the referral. I chose to go with them so I expected a higher level of service. They could’ve been better with the way that they handled it and responded. For them, maybe it’s an everyday thing but it wasn’t for us. So I was a lot annoyed by the end. They weren’t bad people. It’s just that the process didn’t go the way that I would have preferred. It was a big headache and I wasn’t satisfied at all.

      I also don’t think it was just the company. I don’t know if it was just the nature of things but the process felt very fractured. It didn’t feel very seamless. In terms of the whole signing of the documents, from end to end in getting the final approval, it was probably 45 days, maybe a little more. I also could’ve gotten a slightly lower rate with my bank but it was reasonable and I’m fine with it.

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: May 19, 2019

      Everything was super smooth with Jersey Mortgage and we had a good experience. The lending agent, Gina, was fantastic. She communicated well. If we had an issue, we emailed her and she got right back to us. I thought getting any mortgage was a pain but everything was simple. We were able to do everything online and sign. There were a million things we had to fill out and every time we thought we were done, they had other stuff for us. But I think that’s any lender and I don’t think it was a horrible experience.

      The rate was good but we could’ve done better. I had gone to my bank to get paperwork for the mortgage, and they had a much lower rate for us. But at the end of the day, we felt like we were already done, like we were at the end of the process, and we wouldn’t have wanted to start over for a cheaper rate. We could’ve gotten a better rate, but this was convenient. Gina worked well with our Realtor and made life easy. It was worth whatever we paid.

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: May 15, 2019

      Jersey Mortgage's reps were upfront with all the costs. They were sincere in terms of what the process was and what they can do for me. I went with them and got a regular fixed rate, 30-year loan program. They had a list of all the paperwork that they needed upfront. Once those were provided, if any additional information was necessary, they came back to me with what additional information they might need. The whole process took two months and during that time, there some doubts in terms of the process and if the loan was gonna go through. My rep Garth communicated up front that everything was okay and told me to forward the additional paperwork I needed. I was really impressed with the communication. Jersey did the best they could for me given the circumstances.

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: May 11, 2019

      I was purchasing a new home and Jersey Mortgage Co. was recommended to me. They were able to help somebody who was getting affordable housing, whereas other lenders don’t. I gave the initial numbers that they needed to know to see if I would qualify over the phone but a lot of the application was online. I've been down this road a whole bunch of times but this was my best experience. Randolph, the rep, was wonderful and great. I would give him a big thumbs-up.

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      Jersey Mortgage Company expert review by Michele Lerner

      This mortgage loan company services New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida and Connecticut. The company provides a variety of mortgage products, including VA and FHA loans as well as customized loans to meet most borrowers needs.

      • In-house processing: This company processes its loans in one of its three New Jersey offices instead of outsourcing the work. This gives them greater control over their rates and fees charged than online brokers.

      • Informational resources: The company's website features guides and calculators for homebuyers and people who are refinancing. These help consumers learn how much they can afford or find out how much they can save by buying instead of renting.

      • Simple to start: Consumers fill out a short form online to have a loan officer contact them or set up a meeting at one of several branch locations.

      • LendRIGHT Seal of Excellence: They have earned the LendRIGHT™ seal of excellence, a designation that shows they value relationships, information, guidance, honesty and trust. Only lenders who meet specific criteria can use the LendRIGHT seal.

      • Assistance for first-time homebuyers: The company helps people get assistance from the state of New Jersey through the First Time Home Buyer Program.

      • Best for: people who need loan customization, those who want in-person attention and first-time homebuyers.

      Profile picture of Michele Lerner
      Michele Lerner Mortgage & Real Estate Contributing Editor

      Michele Lerner, author of “HOMEBUYING: Tough Times, First Time, Any Time”, has been writing about personal finance and real estate for more than two decades. Michele writes for regional, national and international publications in print and online for a variety of audiences including consumers, real estate investors, business owners and real estate professionals.

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