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    90 Instant Cash USA Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 1, 2013

    I have been contacted by CashUSA about a loan and I was about to send it until I thought about thwarting company name. They are threatening me and harassing me. Getting tired of them.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 12, 2012

    I got a phone call on my cell phone with a message from a Middle Eastern guy stating that I was going to be served and arrested, lose my job and credibility. He at first did not want to give me any information to as what company he was calling from or what in the world was going on. I finally talked him into paying the amount he was stating that I owed him. He said that he would talk to his manager to see if this was okay. He came back on the phone and said that I had like 40 minutes to go and get the money loaded on a prepaid Visa and call him back to give him the information of the card.

    I was so scared out of my wits because I have never been in any problems of any kind. I just wanted to pay it and get it over. So, I called him with the information and he said that I needed to fax over a letter stating what he had told me, to put it on the document with a copy of my ID. So, I did. Then, he called me to say that they would not be able to take the payment, that they were going to send me a cashier's check for the amount that was on the card, that if I wanted to take care of this, I would need to pay more money.

    I then told him that I did not have that kind of money to be sent right now. So, I asked if I could have some time. He gave me until 5 pm Mountain Time and if not that I would be arrested at my work. The time got closer and I called him back and he said that time was almost done. I then verified the claim number that I was given that was with the Supreme Court of California, Los Angeles. Then time was up. I did not have the money. I got a 911 call with a picture on it. I answered it and the guy with a Middle Eastern accent said that my case had moved forward and that I needed to go to work when they called so that I could be arrested, that I was going to be called and needed to go to my place of employment when they call me. I told them that I was at my local police department, that I would go there and turn myself in.

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    Original review: July 11, 2012

    Recently, I have been getting calls from this Asian (whatever) guy threatening me that they are going to serve me a subpoena at my job and home if I don’t pay up. He told me that I have incurred all these fees. He gets very irate. I have questions I need answers to and I told him that it is not me. And I have never asked for a loan through them. He is driving me nuts and he refuses to give me information I request.

    It’s funny because he gave me all my information and that really bothers me that someone out there has access to my private information. Also, I check with my bank and I don’t have anything showing for a deposit $300 in March 2012. I know this is a scam because I also had a deposit into my account from a Hydra Fund 1 for $200. I immediately called my bank and submitted a claim for it. Now, I have to deal with my bank to change everything. This really su!! for me and other people who are trying to make an honest living. Where can I go to deal with this issue and get it done with it?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 5, 2012

    USA Cash says I owe them money. I never had a loan with them. I got a phone call from this Indian guy telling me they have warrant for my arrest. He told me he was the lawyer for this. I did not get a loan with these people. I did apply for a loan online but I got turned down. He told me they’ll come to my job and arrest me or to my home. When I asked for the number to this company, I was told he could not give me because his client is taking me to court. The company’s name is USA Cash. They called me from 4 different numbers today. Please help.

    One more thing happened today. There was money deposited into my account today. It was $200. I have never heard of this place. It’s called Hydra Fund. I went to Google and typed in Hydra funding scams and I’m not the only person they have gotten. Please help me. I went online with Clarksville Montgomery County Sheriff's Office to see if I had a warrant out for my arrest and I don't have one. If you need help please go to, it’s the Washington State Department Financial Institution. Please go there today.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 11, 2012

    Since about January, this Indian guy keeps calling, saying sheriffs will come to arrest me, that I have fraud charges placed against my social security number and he keeps wanting to verify my personal information. He will not answer any of my questions and now he continues to harass me at work with one call back to back and has even spoken to my co-workers of which he has used profanity to.

    I did bill collections myself for many many years and it is easy to get anyone's personal information and make it sound as if it is a business calling. He may really think he is working for a company but he is badly misdirected and not trained in the field of a real recovery person. He breaks all the codes of collections in every way. I will be retaining an attorney and doing a bit skiptracing myself to locate this person and not only file harassment on the company he claims to work for but on the individual caller himself.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 4, 2012

    I received phone calls for two weeks straight. When I finally answered, I was told I owed money for a cash advance I took out, which never happened! They called my place of employment and my home phone. I am very angry and hope that anyone who gets these calls does not give them any money. They are the scum of the earth!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 4, 2012

    I was called by a man today who had a very deep accent. He asked to speak with me, and I said okay, this is me, how may I help you. He told me that I was being charged for taking out a payday loan and not paying it (which I never did). So, I proceeded to ask the man questions and he got very upset and rude with me. I asked him, "Well if I owe you money, I would like this information mailed." He refused and told me I would be arrested at my job on Monday!

    This is absolutely awful. He told me my bank name and everything. But I went through my bank statements to see if there was some possibility that he may be being honest and there could have been money placed in the account that I didn't know about, and there have not been any type of deposits to my account from any lender. I thought, maybe somebody had stolen my identity. This is the second time this has happened to me, and I don't understand why I've never before in my life have ever stolen nor have I even taken out a loan ever! So, I don't understand what this guy is talking about. How could they arrest me for something I didn't even do?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 19, 2012

    I was called and told I owe money from a loan. When I questioned what company I took the the loan out from, or for what amount, what my address was, etc., I was told I should already know all that. I then recited, "If you are in fact a lawyer, you should know that I have rights. There is such a law that I am entitled to due process. I can't be arrested for an unpaid debt, nor have my pay attached without due process!" I was then threatened with arrest and an investigation team would be coming to my home. Since I have never received any court papers or any bills regarding such loan, I owe nothing. The man said to me, "Hey, why don't you come down here and suck my **?" I called the police, but of course, they tell me I was not threatened at all. Go figure. The first call was at 0835H. The second call was at 1145H.

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    Original review: April 12, 2012

    I woke up to a phone call. This man said I owed unpaid money and said I was going to get arrested if I didn't pay with a prepaid visa, $782.00. I had one hour to get the money. Then he got really mad when I said no. His name was David. If I didn't pay, I was going to pay $5000.00 in court. This has got to stop.

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    Original review: March 27, 2012

    I got a call from a Dexter ** today and the past few days. He leaves a voicemail telling me that I need to reach an attorney and to call the number **. I finally answered the call since he called me at work and informed him that since I got his voicemails and I tried calling back, there's a recording that is telling me phone # is no longer in service. So when I called back today and spoke with an attorney named ** , he told me I took out a loan with Cash USA but wouldn't tell me when or for how much. It was very hard to understand him. And when I tried to ask what account it was posted to, he told me that he didn't have that information. The more information that I asked, the more mad he got and so I told him that I would seek an attorney and call him back. But before I hung up, he wanted to know why I would take the money and not pay back and asked what kind of person I was for taking money like that and he hung up on me! I just hate that he would call my place of employment and threaten me like this. We need to put a stop to these people!

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    Original review: March 9, 2012

    I received a phone call that I was going to be served on Monday for internet fraud for a payday loan from 2007. After speaking to them, I decided to do a search and found out that there have been multiple people receiving this same sort of call within the past few months. I asked them to send me an email letter. They could not tell me what I owed, just that if it was not paid for $4000, then they would take me to court. The guy told me that he could settle it for $500.00. I was very upset and rattled. When I further checked, the website listed on the letter is not valid nor is the company. The phone number that I have is **.

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    Original review: March 8, 2012

    Like many of the people who have posted on this site, I had a man of what I can only distinguish as Indian descent contact me several times and leave messages saying that I had judgments against my name and social security number and that I or my attorney should contact him as soon as possible to avoid any further repercussions. Finally, he left a voicemail today while I was at work saying that if I did not contact him, that legal action would be taken against my home and workplace. I contacted him back and after speaking to two people, who sounded like exactly the same person, I was told that an affidavit was issued on me by a company called either Instacash or Instant Cash and that I had taken out a loan (of which he could and would not tell me when) with them in the amount of $900, and that it had been deposited into my account, after which the company had apparently tried to take it back out of my account and could not. Therefore, I was going to be charged with Criminal Fraud and Internet Fraud.

    I looked through my bank statements online as I was talking to the man, and assured him that I had received no funds from any loan within the past year, and he stated that, "That's impossible, sir, I have all of your personal information, how would I have this information if the loan had not been deposited?" I told him that I had no idea how he had my information and that he could've gotten it anywhere online, or someone could've stolen my identity, but that I was 100% positive that I had not received a loan. He then proceeded to ramble off my personal information, including the last four of my social security number, my address, e-mail address, driver's license number, and workplace, stating again that it was impossible that I had not received the loan, and that if I chose to go to court, I would be forced to pay $10,000 in court fees, as well as that an investigating officer would be at my home and workplace to take me for interrogation on the matter. I told him that I would be in contact with my attorney and get back to him, and he told me his name was Brandon **.

    I then proceeded to contact my cousin, a local police officer, my best friend, a bail bondsman, and my local sheriff's department, all of whom confirmed that it was a scam. Also, my friend the bail bondsman told me that even if I did owe them money, they could not file criminal charges against me, that it was the same as if I had gotten a car loan and defaulted, they could only file civil charges against me. The sheriff's deputy made a report regarding it, then told me that it was "nothing more than a scare tactic" and that they were trying to get me to pay them money. I then told the deputy that I thought this as well, but that the person on the phone never came out and told me that if I paid an amount, it would be settled. The deputy then told me, "He was waiting for you to ask the magic question, which is 'how can I get out of this?” Because "if he had come right out and said it, everyone would know it was a scam." The deputy also stated that no one can show up to my workplace and take me for interrogation on something like this. He also stated that even if I owed the company money, there was no record of a loan being placed into my account, so they "wouldn't even have a leg to stand on."

    Overall, I just want to let everyone know about this, so that no one feels pressured or scared into paying money that they do not need to. Most likely, these people got my information off of a loan application I had filled out online about a year ago, and that's most likely where they get a lot of their information from, as he couldn't tell me my bank account number, or the date that the supposed loan had been approved and deposited into my account. Be wary, everyone, as they are probably trying to get you to confirm your bank account numbers so that they can draft money out of your account. Hope this helps.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 7, 2012

    InstaCash payday advance repayment - They called me (probably over 100 times) stating I owed money and had to pay today or I would be arrested. I almost paid them. I called the actual source of the loan and he informed me to call Homeland Security. They had me file a complaint with the FTC as well as my local police force. Another lady called me from a supposed other company and tried pulling the same thing but all the amounts were different. It was a scary situation. Whatever you do, don't pay them, report them.

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    Original review: Feb. 15, 2012 I just had some guy by the name of Alex ** call me, stating I had taken out a payday loan with the company and I have never paid it back. I have never taken out any loan of any kind online. What scares me is this person has all my information down to a "T"! The only thing he has wrong is my bank account (thank goodness) and my address wrong. I do not know what to do as of now, because we can't change our SS # or our driver's license like we can in a bank account.

    They even said, I was going to have a warrant out for my arrest and I will be charged with fraud. However, when I asked for him to send me documentation and tell me how much the loan was for, he kept changing the subject. I will figure out something to do!

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    Original review: Jan. 30, 2012

    I got a phone call on my cellphone, accusing me of getting a loan and not repaying it, and threatening me that I was being sued, and I am going to jail. Never have I received any money from this company. It just isn't nice to accuse someone of something, when they aren't true.

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    Original review: Jan. 28, 2012

    I was just contacted by someone from the "State Attorney's Office", the telephone number was 214-377-5991. It sounded as if it was coming from a call center. The individual I spoke with had a very heavy accent and was difficult to understand. The person claimed I was being charged with wire fraud, banking fraud, and something else. They claimed that I had violated the law by taking 3 loans with Instant Cash, which I know I did not do. They were supposedly had to read the legal documents over the telephone.

    The person was very nasty. They had quite a bit of my personal information including my date of birth, the fact I was not working, I think part of my social security number. This information probably fell in the wrong hands as I had just in the last several days attempted to get a payday loan.

    I did not let him get much out and did not get as far as hearing how much I allegedly "owed". I know this is a scam as I am a former paralegal and know quite a bit about the law. Certainly, criminal charges do not normally stem out of a supposed civil action. This obviously was an attempt to scare me and intimidate me into paying money that I don't have to pay off a creditor for a nonexistent obligation.

    The guy was very nasty and accused me of lying because of me stating I was a paralegal, yet was disabled. I have tried to call back and now cannot get through. I was thinking of trying to milk out more information from them. Anyway, the bottom line is beware and do not pay anyone that tries to get money over the phone like that, will not provide specific information and who attempts to intimidate you. Whatever you do, do not send money. If in doubt, get a phone number and call the police if you were not sure. At the very least, they are aware of the latest fraud's out there.

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    Original review: Jan. 26, 2012

    I received a call today from a Dan **. I didn't recognize the number calling so I let it go to voice mail. The recording was so bad I could only make out some of what he was saying. He had an accent (sounded more like Punjab than "Jake from State Farm") and his voice was muffled. He said there was a law suit filed against my name and Social Security Number and he wanted either me or my lawyer to call him back. I called him back and he had me verify the last four digits of my SSN.

    He told me I was being sued for non payment of a loan with Advanced Cash USA. I told him I never heard of that organization. I asked him several times for the loan amount and when the loan was initiated but he kept telling me "I don't have that information.” So I got firm with him and said you want me to respond to something you can't even tell me what the details are? He got a little hot under the collar and said something then hung up on me. The internet saved the day again. I googled "Advanced Cash USA" and found this website exposing this scam. If I continue to get these calls, I will pursue it further.

    Note: I don't know if there is a connection but several weeks ago my checking account was low and for the first time in my life I took out one of those high interest two week loans for a couple of hundred dollars to avoid any overdrafts on the account. The loan company's name was United Cash Loans and now I'm wondering if that's where they got my personal information.

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    Original review: Jan. 25, 2012

    I received a call at my place of employment, about a cash advance that I didn't pay from Cash USA. The gentleman began to tell me that I received it back in the summer, and when they went to get their money, the account was closed. I've never received an advance from this company. He tells me the charges has been brought against me, that I'm not aware of. I'm very upset with him, for calling my place of employment.

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    Original review: Jan. 20, 2012

    Last week this guy called me at work and asked, “Has anybody discussed your case with you?” I said, “What case?” I wasn’t aware I had a case. He started talking and I said, “I’m at work, you’re going to have to call me after one on my cell.” After I got home, I received a phone call from a so-called ** law office from a legal assistant claiming I had taken out various loans and given false account information so the payments were rejected and never paid them back. This guy had an Indian accent and he said I was going to be subpoenaed to court and picked up the following day by the police and arrested on federal fraud charges. He was saying I took out loans in October. Initially I got scared thinking someone had been using my information to take out loans.

    This guy had my address, bank account number, employer, last four of my Social Security Number ,etc. He said I owed over $5000.00 and if I didn’t settle it today they were going to submit the case and the police were going to show up at my work. The caller Mike ** (yes, very Indian sounding) became very intimidating and threatening with me when I tried to get more information. He eventually hung up on me because I kept asking more questions. I called back and tried to get a supervisor’s name and he hung up again. I called my lawyer right away and he told me how it was a scam and that I should call back and try to get a mailing address. So I did so, and he put the phone down and finally gave me an address.

    Upon further investigation I found out the law firm does exist, so I called the real law firm and they knew immediately what I was talking about. It is a scam these people use their law firm as a front. He told me to call the authorities and the fraud department of my bank. Once I knew it was a scam I started calling the guy back and ** with him. Since I knew the address he gave me was fake I said, “How much I owe you? Because I’m going to send you a check for the amount to the address.”

    He got so mad and was like, “Stacey, this is not a collection agency, what are you thinking?” I said, “Well, you told me I had to settle with money today or be charged.” Then I snapped and said, “You know what buddy, I called ** law firm and they have never heard of a Mike **, Stacey ** or my so-called case. I know this is a scam and if you don’t leave me alone, there will be problems.” He said, “You think this is a joke? We’ll see who’s laughing when the US Marshals pick you up at work tomorrow morning.”

    So the next day I had off of work and he actually called asking to talk to my manager. He told my co-worker all the details of how I owed money and would be arrested. My co-worker got all freaked out and told my manager right away and she’s like, “You didn’t give any information, did you?” She googled the number and saw it was a scam.

    I’ve called the number back a few times just to ** with the guy pretending to be looking for the real Joseph **. “Oh, he’s on lunch.” I said, “Okay, please just transfer me to his voicemail.” The guy like put the phone down for a minute and picked it back up and was like, “I’m having trouble reaching his extension.” What a joke. Scary, though--he had all that information about me! The person stating to be from this law firm called my employer and divulged personal information about me, threatening my co-worker. This person also threatened me and scared me initially.

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    Original review: Dec. 21, 2011

    I received a call today from an alleged place of business calling themselves the State Attorney's Office in New York. They stated that I took out an internet loan from the InstaCash company and never paid it back. They stated that it was a lawsuit against me for over $8000 and that I will be arrested come Monday if I don't go to court and pay the money. They have my name, email address, home phone number, and bank name. They could not give me any real information as to what the alleged loan amount is for, when I received the amount, and what account the money was supposedly deposited in. They said that they had contacted me over 30 times via email. Who handles legal matters through email?! I went to my bank to try to get documentation to disprove the fraudulent claim. I called the "law firm" back while I was at the bank.

    Each person that I was forwarded to had foreign accents that were very distinct, but had American names (Shawn ** and Adam **). I was on the phone with Mr. Shawn ** first. When I asked him several questions to verify the claim, he could not answer so he forwarded me to Mr. Adam **. When Adam got on the phone I told him that he sounds just like Shawn. He then told me that I can not prove that over the phone. I then told him that I was recording the call and could use voice recognition to verify. He then said that if I did not trust him, then he did not want to talk to me. He then hung up in my face. I am now researching this "business" and contacting BBB to report them. I am also filing a police report for a possible scam and identity theft. They called the wrong woman today!

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    Original review: Dec. 7, 2011

    I started being harassed by several different people with accents. They call me daily at work, and on my cellphone, telling me I am going to jail. I did take out a loan online, and paid it back, but these people say I owe them money, and they call from different phone numbers, each time from the same company. Cashnet USA? I got scared and paid them. I was worried, since I did have a loan out that I got online. Then I got a call from another person from the same company with the same accent, but with an American sounding name, stating I never paid them, and I need to pay them immediately, although the money had already been taken out of my bank! I had to call my bank, and close my account, and try to get this money back.

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    Original review: Dec. 5, 2011

    Last week I received a call from a guy claiming that I took out a payday advance and that I was going to jail if I did not pay by Friday 12/2. They also said that even though I supposedly borrowed $1500 they would take a settlement of $200. I explained that I never got a payday loan and have yet to receive anything concerning this matter. I told him to email me this info, which he did,. When I asked him how he got my info, he said he got it when he raped me in his truck Sunday. He then proceeded to cuss me out and continue with the rape story. Since that call, he has called almost everyday. When my husband answers the phone, he cusses him out and hangs up. I still have the email he sent me.

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    Original review: Nov. 26, 2011

    I am dealing with threatening phone calls from gentlemen with foreign accents. They seem to think that I owe them for a loan. I never signed or received any funds from them, but they continue to repeatedly call every day for about 2 weeks now. The phone calls are originating from several numbers including California and Texas. Something needs to be done about this! What should I do in the meantime? Absolutely nothing resolved. I am still receiving the threatening calls.

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    Original review: Nov. 26, 2011

    I am experiencing harassing phone calls from American English challenged men, "stating that they will be suing Darrell ** and me for a payday loan" that we never signed or confirmed. It is so amazing how these people are so nasty and continue to call despite the fact that we have told them several times to stop calling. We are fed up and need investigation of this company as soon as possible. This company started calling us November 19, 2011 several times a day every day. The calls are coming in from California. But when we call back, no one answers and then we receive another call with different area codes: 303-371-0470, 373-957-4875, 210-280-8488, and 413-566-6013 come up on my caller I.D.

    4 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Nov. 23, 2011

    A man called my job 7 seven times this morning, 11/23/11, claiming to be from Self State Attorney Services, using an area code of 818. I explained to him I do not have a loan from Instant Cash USA, and asked him not to call me again. He told me he would continue to call a million times, as he did not believe I work at a Federal Faculty. I have even had the federal police where I work, call them back, and tell them they need to stop calling. They of course do not believe that these are real police officers calling, and so they continue to harass me on the job.

    It is very embarrassing, as I am away on Thanksgiving vacation with my family, and people from work are calling me to take care of my business. There seems nothing to do in the fact that these people calling are using fake names, and calling from many different area codes, when they don't get what they want. After I spoke with the man calling my job, I am now being called by a woman claiming to be Angela ** from a 718 area code threatening me, if they don't hear back from me or my attorney then she can only wish me good luck. They threaten to send the police to my job, and have me arrested, and make me lose my job.

    I know they can not do this, as it is a civil matter, but that is how they get people to pay them money. They are not even calling from the United States. They are trunking numbers from overseas, trying to scare people into paying, and if you stand up to them, they start cussing at you, and hang up on you. This is my second go around with these people, as they started doing this in September, and we finally got them to stop calling for about 2 months, and now they have started again. If anyone has not called the Federal Trade Commission and make a complaint, then do so. It may not help in the long run, but you have made the complaint.

    These people will use an attorney's name and address in one state, saying they are calling from a different state, claiming to be an associate office, make them give you the name of the lawyer, and the lawyer office address. Look it up online and call them. 99% of the time the real lawyer will know what is being done, and ask you to make a complaint with the FTC also.

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    Original review: Oct. 19, 2011

    I receive multiple threatening calls to both home and work numbers before 8 am. Threats are made regarding a non-existent pay loan from various phone numbers and area codes (909, 718, 949, 818) with various names (Mike **, Alex **, Mike **, Justin **). They claim to be attorneys and collection people. When they are all asked for the dates, times, and amounts of these so called "loans", they hang up or place you on hold and then hang up. They are unable to provide specific information. And they all speak with very heavy middle eastern accents that are difficult to understand. Zero or minus needs to be an available choice in this case.

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    Original review: Oct. 19, 2011

    I received a call today (10/19/11) at work from a lady that said her name was Jennifer **. She had a middle eastern accent. I told her that I couldn't understand her. So, she put me on with a supervisor which I really couldn't understand either. They said that I took a loan out for $700 and they wanted my attorney's name and number. I told him that I was not going to verify anything until he sends me documentation that I am responsible for this loan. Of course, he said that he couldn't do that until I paid them something first. He also said that he couldn't send me any documentation because it was still in pending status. I never took a loan out with these people and I have the bank statements to prove it.

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    Original review: Oct. 11, 2011

    They made a call threatening me with an issued lawsuit for ignoring notices sent by the company that I was late on my (non-existent) loan payment. The call was made by a so called attorney representing the claim for the Cash USA which I never received any money from. I was harassed and I will make my lawsuit against them.

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    Original review: Sept. 30, 2011

    I have been receiving phone calls from someone saying that they are from the state attorney office and that they are sending police to my job for a loan that I did not make good on. The accent is so heavy that I can barely understand them. Because I heard about this scam, I did not give them any information. I spoke to the company I have the loans with and they said that they have not taken any such action nor do they use outside companies to collect on a debt. I ran a search on the number; however, it is not listed. And although the same person calls, they call from different area codes and claim to be in California.

    3 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Sept. 28, 2011

    These people get hold of information submitted online; use your personal information to harass you, and try to scam you for varying amounts of money. Their first attempt was to convince me to pay them $500 for a pay day loan they said I had neglected to pay. They threatened legal action and called over and over to my phone and my wife’s. After three months of refusing to pay and ignoring most of their calls, they left me alone for a few months.

    Out of the blue they started again, saying I had defaulted on a student loan, and I owed $900. Again, they had a law suit; they were officers, and someone would be at my door. This time I got irate; I told them to come over personally to get the money, if they wanted it. They called my wife and tried to get her worked up, but she is nice and just told them that they would have to talk to me. The guy actually had the nerve to call her back, and hit on her. We called the local police, and they traced the number to Canada.

    They also called two of my friends, who I had used as references a couple of times in the past, telling them that I didn't pay my bills. Then they left me a message saying they were going to call my work next. I called them up being very rude, and when they hung up, I called back immediately, and started in again. They quit calling again for a few months. Today they called again with the pay day loan scam and tried once more. I lost it at work; I yelled at them over the phone, telling them to do whatever they wanted, as long as they didn't call me anymore. I won't go into the names I yelled or anything, but I wanted them to know that I am fed up, and I know they are scamming. It has been a full year now, off and on with them, and I don't know how to stop it for good. Do you have any ideas?

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