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The preparer from Instant taxes stole my son, one of my dependent and I guess put him on someone else's taxes in 2009 for the tax year 2010. I would have never known it if I had not gotten my taxes records in 2013 for past years. That's how I found out. And I got charged for taxes as an over payment but never got the money again, but someone did. When I file 2011 taxes that when they had taken their money out and sent the rest of the money to a bank account that I had no idea. Never got the rest of it but someone did a bank account and was audited again. For a change I would love like to have what's mine. This has been going on since 1998 -2001, then in 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. I have tried but I can't find any honest people anymore at any business, in Los Angeles county. It is REALLY, REALLY SAD AND A LOT OF BAD EMPLOYEE THEY ARE HIRING. Thank YOU AGAIN. STUCK IN LOS ANGELES C.A. Nowhere to turn for help.

I went to instant tax service in Dallas on Lancaster rd in 2011 and had them to review my tax. After they reviewed my tax they told me I wasn't getting anything back in fact I owe the IRS. I then told the manager, "don't do anything to my tax," was coming up there the next day to pick it up. When I got there I was told they had file my tax and I was getting 5,000 back. I then said that's not correct and he said IRS had already accept my tax. So long story short they filed the wrong w-2 form and now I owe 6000 because of this mistake. I'm so piss, they are no good. Please don't end up in my situation...

I went to Instant Tax Service to file my taxes. I got a refund amount from the lady who prepared them, which was $4250 from my Federal, $222 for my Home Heating and $922 from my State. I used my last check stub, but when I took them my W2 form, the amount had differed from the amount that was on my last paystub and I was told that would get me an extra $500. About 3 weeks of waiting, I finally received my Federal and a letter stating that my home heating credit would be sent directly to my heating provider, which was cool. Prior to that, I had applied for the loan that Instant Tax had going on where you would qualify for a loan from $100 to $1000.

They called me a few days later and said that they had a check for me. When I went to go pick it up, it was for $300, which they were suppose to subtract that from my Federal check. I would call them periodically to see if my State check came and every time I would call they would tell me it hadn't came. So after almost two months of waiting I talked to someone at Instant Tax and the lady told me that they (Instant Tax) took my State check of $922! I never even received the $500 difference that I was supposed to get either! They are a RIPOFF and I would never go there to have my taxes done ever again! This place needs to be shut down. I'm filing a complaint and going to Small Claims Court! :(

We had or tax for 2013 done at Instant Tax Service in Fairfield and we would never recommend them to anyone. They tell you you can get 5 hundred dollars when you bring your w2s. That's a lie. They say as soon as the IRS approves it you will get the 5 hundred dollar loan. That's a lie. All they do is lie. They gave us a itemized statement saying we will get a certain amount. That's a lie. It was way less and when you ask for a copy of your return they won't give it to you. They say they mailed it to the main office. All they do is lie. They need to be shut down.

I filed my taxes with Instant Tax in 2011 I think. It was horrible. I went in to see if I qualify for a loan. I was told that I did not qualify for my loan. I did get my taxes in a timely manner but they charged me too much money. I was told that I would be charged a little over two hundred. When I got my refund on my tax card, I was charged over 700 dollars. I called every day and went up there to see the manager. I even called corporate. The guy that filed my taxes told me he was not aware of the hidden fees. A few days later, they put a hundred dollars back on my card and gave me a hundred dollar bill in a bank envelope. I knew then they was beating people out of their money. They had sent me another letter this year to file with them again but I am not because I do not have time for all of these hidden fees.

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I heard a radio ad for Instant Tax Service, saying you can receive a loan up to $1000.00 on your return. I went in to inquire with my last pay stub. I mentioned that I was waiting to receive my W2 and 1099 forms. I had no idea that my information was being sent to the IRS to process my taxes without my knowledge or consent. I received a check for $150.00 and I would receive the remainder of my refund in two weeks. Needless to say I did not receive a $7000.00 refund as reported on my return to the IRS. I did not sign any paperwork, nor was I given a copy of my return. I had to order a copy of my tax transcript. I immediately called the IRS to make a complaint against Instant Tax Service and was told I had to fill out a form and send it in to IRS. Instant Tax Service needs to be investigated and shut down for unscrupulous business practices. A class action suit needs to be brought on against the owner of this company.

I went last year to have my taxes done and they first have messed them up which I did not find out about until this year when my taxes were filed. Secondly, they say you will get your refund in 14 days. Last year, it was two extra weeks and this year, so far we are on day 21. I also went back to Instant Tax Service this year (not knowing they messed up yet) and the lady that did them was new and told me I owed state almost $1,000 and in reality I got a refund. This doesn't make me feel real confident in believing the rest of my taxes have been filled out correctly.

It has also pissed me off that when I called them numerous of times about the screw up or to check on the status, all I get is "I don't know anything" or "We'll call you when it comes in." The screw up isn't their fault (even though they filled them out and sent it). I paid them over $400 to prepare them since they are supposed to know the laws, etc. I should have done them and gotten them back a lot quicker. It probably would have been right and would have saved hundreds of dollars. Don't go to Instant Tax Service ever. I know I won't ever go back again!

Last year I filed with another location. They said I had obtained a loan from them; however, I did not. I filed again with another. Location and additional funds were taken stating I owed from a loan that was obtained from last year. Still I did not obtain a loan last year. I have called numerous numbers with this tax service for over a year now trying to resolve this issue. All they say is they cannot help me.

On 12/23/11, I went to Instant Tax Service and applied for their "Holiday Loan", which I understood to be a type of (RAL), a loan based on the expected amount of my Income Tax Return. They advertised you could get "up to" $1,000, and as a single-mother of 2 small children (2 and 4) who made $20K in 2011, I figured at the least I would qualify for at least $500. Imagine my surprise when I was told I was approved for $100. The manager told me to come back with my last pay stub of the year and I may be able to get more money.

I rescheduled my appointment for 12/27. They attempted to keep my most recent pay stub. I told them "no" and told them to make a copy and I would provide the original at my next appointment. On 12/27, after waiting in their lobby for an hour or more, I was told their systems were down and they would call me when my check was ready. They pulled my file before I left and confirmed they had all the necessary documents. I heard nothing until 1/2/12, when I called to check, I was then told they did not have or had misplaced my most recent pay stub and was told to bring my pay stub and complete the process. I informed the man I was speaking with I was waiting on additional W-2s and would return when I had them.

On 1/25/12, I had a voice mail from the manager Sega, stating they had been trying to contact me in regards to a check they had for me, and she noticed I had additional wages and I needed to come back with all my W-2s. When I called back, I informed her of the previous situation and told her I was still waiting for another W-2. She then told me she had a $200 check for me for some other loan product they offered. I then asked her if I could just pay the $100 back in exchange for all my info as I was growing leery of the company in general and had seen many negative online articles about the company. She told me I had no choice because I had signed a contract with them. I ended the call and contacted H&R Block and asked if it was possible for them (Instant Tax) to tamper with my refund. I was told as long as they did not have my W-2s I had nothing to worry about.

I filed a complaint with the BBB on 1/26/12. On 2/06/12, I went to Jackson Hewitt and filed my taxes. On 2/8, Jackson Hewitt notified me my return had been rejected. On 2/9, I went to the local IRS office and found out that Instant Tax had already filed, with incorrect wages, and it had been deposited in an account. So, I filed an amended return with form 14039 (ID Theft form). I was told today, 4/2 that the ID theft department had just confirmed receipt of my documents on 3/31/12 and it could usually take up to 6 months to receive my refund. I have requested a tax advocate. Any help or information regarding how I can shut this place down or sue would be greatly appreciated.

I am a victim of the Instant Tax Service in Toledo, Ohio. On January 19th, I went initially for the loan. They told me being that my refund would be only $1388, I wouldn't be a candidate for a loan. I told them OK, I'll file my taxes when I get my W2 then I thanked them and left. Days later, I found out they filed my taxes on January 17th without my permission.

After it processed, the IRS took a deduction I owed and left me withe a $437.01 refund deposited on February 1, 2012, to I guess the tax service bank account. I called them and they told me they haven't received it and to check back in a week. Well almost two weeks later, I still haven't heard from them so I called and was connected to a call center where I explained my situation. They gave me the phone number 419-720-8323 for the Toledo (Monroe) tax branch I visited. I called and inquired about my refund and they told me that they charged $299 fee & the bank, $150. Now I owed them.

I was shocked, I then asked why would you file my taxes without my permission and why would you file them knowing I wasn't getting much back and then charge excessive fees. Afterwards, I demanded to have a list of these itemized fees and she promptly hung up on me. I immediately called back only to get a busy signal. After repeated calls, I finally got through and told them they deliberately hung up on me. Then the tax preparer or manager on phone said I wasn't going to get the fees back, that if I wanted to see their fees, I will have to come in the office myself, and then if I do, I most likely wouldn't be seen because their busy handling tax customers and don't really have time to handle my matter.

In other words they were saying, “Yes, we scammed you! Sorry for your luck!”. This company needs to be thoroughly investigated. What they're doing is wrong to so many people all around the USA. To make it so bad, they're not even natural Americans who own and started this company. The owner is Somali. This makes you think of those Nigerian email scams that wiped out so many bank accounts years ago. They come over to this country courtesy of tax breaks to rip us off, then laugh their butts at us.

I used this company to apply for a RAL on January 18 using my last pay stub. I was told on the 19th I was approved for a RAL for $1000 with 48 hours. 5 days and still no check I receive this email:

"Ok, Kellee, I received the following message from the bank: ‘RAL denied due to failing loan criteria.’ The problem is that the minimum is $1000; in your case, your refund is $1200, but RAL is expensive as I explained before and makes your refund less than $1000. I mean, they passed it when we made the application for $1000 but today when they went to enable the check they realized the situation. Your refund check will be available in 2 to 3 weeks. OK; otherwise, the direct deposit will not be possible because we had to give the information at the time of application but as I received the next day the system will not accept, that means that the check came here to the office. I'm sorry I've done all I can, I call to find out what happened and that's the explanation I got. When your refund check arrives I'll call you. Juan"

He said my refund was only going to end up being $800 with the RAL when I called his office after seeing this. And that amount does not meet the minimum requirement resulting in my denial of the loan, he stated. I never requested my refund be sent to his office also and had already submitted my direct deposit info to him. After seeing a copy of my return a week later, I saw my direct deposit info was not there and that he filled out the section putting his own company’s bank info instead. I called corporate to have it changed after voicing my concerns. After requesting a copy of my loan application, all the charges for the RAL and preparer fees totaled $455.95. When I finally received my check the amount was for $750.05, which is exactly $455.95 less than my expected return of $1,206.00. And I was denied for the RAL. I never received any kind of loan and yet they still deducted all the fees for it as if I did.

I went in 1/11/2012 in order to do a refund anticipation loan using my last paycheck stub of 2011. They advertised that they issue loans up to $1500.00 and before I filled out the initial application they advised me that their fees range between $200 to $400.00. Once I completed the application, I asked them were they filing my return or just using the information provided for the purposes of the loan and they told me that they will not complete my taxes without my W-2 forms and that I was only applying for the loan. I signed a statement saying that I agree to file my tax returns with them upon receiving the loan. The loan I received was for $100.00 which is a big difference from the $1500.00 loan which they advertised.

I took the loan and agreed to comeback once I received all of my W-2s ( a total of three). I received my final W-2 on 1/20/2012 and I called to make sure they did next day refund anticipation loans in which the person I spoke to over the phone ensured that they did. After work I returned with my W-2s just to find out that they had already filed my return on 1/17/2012 using my primary job's W-2 (which they pulled off line). I was very upset because I was told that I had to wait on my W-2s in order to file. I will have to file an amendment for the other W-2s and they lied about doing next day RAL.

The tax preparer advised me that I didn’t need to worry about the other W-2s because I only made $280.00 on one and $1200.00 on the other. I asked them when will my refund be available and they told me everyone's information that was completed on the 17th would be available on 1/23/2012. When I asked how much the fees were they told me that they range between $400-$500.00, which is also a big jump from the fee amount they told me initially (10% of my return). I followed up with them on the 23rd and was told that "no one could have possibly told me that my refund would be available then." I am not the type to complain this business needs to be reported for false advertisement. I was charged fees such as "technology fees" that amounted to $635.00.

I went to instant tax service December 11 for the loan. I got three hundred dollars. I was told to come back when I get my w-2 so I got them called to make an appointment to bring them in so we could finish everything and they already had filed them. They didn't tell me nor ask me. They just did them so then I called IRS about this. There was no company office for them so then I went back up there. They told me how much I was getting. Charged me almost 6 hundred dollars and really it wasn't much I could to so now, today. I was suppose to get my taxes back and I called and called. No answer. So I went up there. They have a note on the door saying that they are closed until January 31. I think this is the most horrible thing I every had to deal with from a company. These people shouldn't b allowed to scam people. The way that they do this is very unfair.

After being bombarded by commercials via television, I chose to apply for the advertised loan of up to $1,000, as I, like many others, am in a major financial crunch. I received $50. I accepted the loan, because I was in a major bind. The manager stated he would file my taxes using my final paycheck stub, and I would receive a RAL check between 1/18 and 1/20/2012.

On 1/18/2012, I called ITS to inquire about my loan. I was told that the checks come to the office once a day, first thing in the morning and I had not received one. On 1/19/2012, I called. Still, there was no check, but the manager assured me that he would call me first thing on Saturday, 1/21/12, to let me know what was going on.

By Saturday at 11:53 AM, I hadn't heard from him, so I called. I was informed that I was not approved for RAL, and that I should receive my check for certain on January 27, 2012. On January 26, 2012 I drove to the store to speak with the manager in person. I wanted to be sure I was to receive payment on Friday the 27th. I was then told that my return was "kicked back", when filed on January 17, 2012 and resubmitted on 1/19/2012. Therefore, I should receive my check on Wednesday, 2/1/12. I asked him for a copy of what was filed. I reviewed it, and found typos, even in the company name.

I reviewed on the IRS site, that my taxes where not expected to be paid out, until February 7, 2012. I am a single mother. I live from paycheck to paycheck, as most do. I need this money to not only become current with my bills, but try to get ahead as well. This company's product line is a sham. Do not use them!

I was given a discount card. My taxes were filed electronically, and it being rejected, I had to pay cash. I forgot because doing electronic filing they deducted the $25.00, but when I came back to pay cash, the $25.00 was not deducted and the company states that the discount is only for electronic filing when the card does not specify electronic or cash get discounts. I believe they owe me the $25.00, or they are false advertising. They have a grade of “F” with BBB and this is not the first complaint they have against bad business practices. Brian ** gave me his number because he is the one who took the cash and stated he would return my $25.00. Then he did not show up for work the following day and now I am filing this complaint because they now say you only get discount if you do electronic filing. False advertising.

I had Mr. S do my taxes and there was a paper that I was missing and I would be back in a few days to bring him the other paper, so he could finish doing my taxes, what he did was send the I.R.S the first information without my signature and when I ask him why did he do that, he said he doesn't know or that he doesn't remember, then I ask him does anybody have access to his computer he said, "No." So, I continue to ask him why did you send this information to the I.R.S without my signature and why my checks are coming to you instead for going into my account. He said, I don't know. He owe me money because his company over charge me too much and I call everyday and he said it is not there and that it is the second time this had happened to him.

I have been getting my checks little by little instead of one lump some. He also did an amended return when he didn't have to if he had did it all at once. Also the information that I had was not the same Information that the I.R.S had and he told me that he had sent the amended return to the I.R.S and when I went up there to ask them and to take care of other business, I found out that they have not receive the amended return like he said was sent. I keep asking what did he do wrong and he said nothing he did everything right and I told him he couldn't have because my money is not going directly into my savings account at all.

Right now, it cause me to not have my bills paid on time, causing me to go into default and my TV being cut off because I don't have all of my money to pay my bills. He caused a lot of heart ache because of it. I plan to do a lot with the money like start my business and I couldn't because I need a certain amount to get started and I can't because it is tie up with him.

I used Instant Tax Services in the beginning of January of 2010. I was told my return would be processed within a week. My federal return was to be sent to the Tax Service first, then a check would be issued to me. My state return was supposed to be mailed to me directly from Massachusetts DOR. By the end of January, I received a letter from MA. Audit Division. They wanted additional information in order to complete my return. I mailed the information to them in February and was told it would take about 6-8 weeks for processing.

On April 28, 2010 I called MA DOR and was told that my return was direct deposited to Instant Tax Services on April 16, 2010. This company (Instant Tax Service) failed to notify me that they've received my return. I called Mr. Michael ** on the same day (Apr. 28), and told him what was said to me. Mr. ** stated that he would check into it and call me back in a few days. On Friday afternoon, April 30, I called Mr. ** again because I had not heard from him. He stated to me that he saw the return in his records and would issue a check to me. I asked him if the money could be EFT to my bank account and he stated no. I then asked him if he could overnight the check, and he again said no. He stated the best he could do was drop it in the mail that day and I would receive it on Monday, no later than Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the check had not come. I contacted Mr. ** as well as the Corporate office in Ohio. Mr. ** now stated that he mailed the check on Saturday, May 1, and that he has no control over the mail. I stated I am well aware of this fact and will wait until Thursday to see if it arrives. The check did not arrive on Thurs. I contacted Mr. **, and he stated he doesn't know why I haven't received it. I asked him if he had indeed mailed it on Saturday as he stated. His reply was yes. He then began to discuss how the return was initially withheld by MA DOR. I stated to him that I was well aware of this issue and reiterated to him the last conversation I had with DOR. I also stated to him that this was irrelevant if he mailed the check on the date he stated.

Today is now Friday, May 7th, and the check has still not arrived. I was advised by the Instant Tax Service Corporate representative to seek legal action. My rent hasn't been fully paid, groceries are needed for my children, bills are being held up. This is a $584 hole I can't get out of. I am unemployed, and at this time this check is needed.

I filed my taxes with Instant Tax Service and was supposed to receive my tax refund on 1/29/2010, the day IRS deposited in to Chase Bank that they are dealing with. They were supposed to print my check. However, I have not received anything. They told me that my case is under investigation, because one of their employees reprinted a check under my social and deposited it, and they are trying to figure out the situation. Supposedly, I am not supposed to know this much information, but my tax preparer told me that this is what’s going on. All I know is that the IRS deposited the funds into their account and I should have received my funds. They have promised to keep me posted on what is going on and I just keep talking to a call center, which can tell me nothing. I need help!

Instant Tax Service prepared my taxes on January 3,2009 and they were offering a instant loan on your taxes and I accepted. I was then informed that I would have to pick it up from ACE check cashing and I did. On January 19, 2009, I went to pick up my refund fron Instant Tax Service and was informed my check was at ACE check cashing and that Ace would subtract my Instant loan from my refund and cut another check so I could take my check elsewhere to be deposited or check.

Well when I got to ACE that wasnt the case, part of the deal Instant tax service had with ACE was that the tax payers would have to cash thier check with ACE and it would cost them 5% of thier return, I was furious. I complained to the corporate manager (kevin) and Vanesha and they have both gave me the run around. They told customers they would refund up to $50.00 of thier cost of cashing the check at ACE and I havn't seen that yet and its been almost a month later. This company/franchise misrepresented the INSTANT LOAN to thiers customers and its a scam to get extra money.

I gave ACE over $100.00 of my refund by force and not by choice. I could have deposited it for free in my bank account

My wife and i went into instant tax service and gave my last yr stub 2 daniel the preparer so that we may get the loan they were advertising @ the time was $1000.00. We ended up getting 250.00 instead. A wk later daniel cld me and askd me 2 obtain my employers EIN numbers . I had my wife gather that info so we could submit it 2 the irs for a RAL. WE DIDNT GET APPROVED FOR THE RAL. So i cld the bank and they sd they were mailing me a check in the amount of $2398.00. Bt thats when they sd the check being cut to us would b in the amount of 1870.05 due to the fees taken out by the tax preparer.

So i had my wife cl them and ask them why our fee was so high -almost $500.00 especially when it was her doing all the work for them. Daniel gave me a number 2 the franchise supervisor. My wife cld and got a voicemail and left a msg informing them that if the problem was not handled properly that we were going 2 seek legal action. They hv nt returned my cl. The reason im mad is our refund was going 2 buy the family car .

Adveritised money in 10min up to 1000.00 witht your check stub and when I got there I was only approved for 300.00 and refered to a Ace Check Cashing to get a Payday Loan which would have to be paid out By Feb.15th and when I came back to fike taxes I would have to cash the check there so they could get their money loaned to me. The fees were not explained and paperwork was not explained clearly and the over all service sucks. The total refund expected was 2620.00 after all was said and done I received 1796.00

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