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The company will not process any payments over $2000 even though the funds were in their account and guaranteed. They have withheld our funds for 2 months and I am still waiting for a transfer. They are the most uncooperative company I have ever dealt with.

We have tried multiple times to contact ICON Payment Solutions and have been unable to get anyone. We are in a contract with a company that is no longer in business. Where is our money going? We need to cancel this policy immediately!

When I signed up with this company, they promised in writing to pay my early termination fees of $250 with the other company. My agent told me that as soon as I process my first transaction, they will send me a check for $250. I called a month later to ask about the check. They told me I was on the waiting list to receive the check. Here I am two years later and have no money, I just ended up closing my account. Also the phone number they have on the statement is disconnected.

I have an existing POS system with credit card sliders on the machines. It is SoftTouch software and never had any major issues. I thought I'd give ICON a chance and change them to my credit card processing company. An ICON technician called and said he could do the changes to my POS software, but only for $1,000. After I said no, I thought the whole thing would be dropped. A month later, I found debits taken from my checking account for lease ($163.57) and a monthly charge ($37.20) from the Merchant Services company. I contacted the MS company (an ICON address listed) and they agreed to credit the amount back, which they did. They said to contact the lease company for the other amount.

After multiple messages to ICON, when I finally talked to a person, I thought the response was a little prepared and practiced (as though she said it many times before). This caused me to check the internet (finally) and I found out the severity of my mistake. You will find that they are rated F with the Better Business Bureau and have many bad blogs on multiple sites. Some with situations very similar to mine. Their website actually reads no charges on setup, but that is not true. They will not reimburse the money they took from my account even though they never did anything to earn it. There is no lease, although they contend there is and intend on taking a cancellation fee. I will have to take them to small claims court to get my money back, but it appears that they are used to that. If anyone asks me about ICON, I would tell them not to be associated with this company. It's not worth the couple of pennies in profit.

I was scammed by ICON. A sales representative kept calling me, telling me that he was able to save me over a $1500 a year if I went with him. I explained that I had a POS system with a reader card built in the system, and I did not want a stand alone because it would cost me too much to reconfigure the POS system. I had received phone calls a couple times in a day. Finally, I did a stupid thing and broke down and said okay without reading the contract. Then I received this stand alone unit for a card reader that I did not want. When I called First Data, the sender, they said that I had signed a contract with them and it could not be broken. They advise me to contact ICON, which I did, and I had spoken to a Ms. Hoffman who said that she would help but ended up with her doing nothing. Then I asked her who her boss was so I could speak with him. He refused to talk to me and I was told by his secretary that it would cost me $1230 to cancel when he has the power to cancel the whole deal. I would like this company to cancel the deal as they scammed me by pressuring me to get the product.

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This company has called several times stating that they need to review my rates because I am with their merchant company, Icon Payment Solutions. I repeatedly asked them if I have a merchant account with their company and they said 'yes'. I do not, and have never opened a merchant account with Icon Payment Solutions; and that is why I am complaining. They repeatedly have been calling me and lying to me, try to trick me into switching to their merchant service company. They called about a week or two ago; and I called them back to complain, and some man called me and said they don't use these tactics to fool customers and apologized. So I didn't file a complaint then. Now, they did it again; and called and lied to me again. This company needs to be put out of business for their bad practices of identity theft. They knew my name and business name; and said I had a merchant account with their company. As far as I know, they may have even been trying to steal my personal and private business information.

Back in Feb. of 2010, we were approached by a rep, Clinton **, from ICON to have our small business use their credit card services. Since our contract with Fifth Bank was almost completed, we were ready to shop around for a good rate. Clinton had me fax our statements to him and promised us that he could save us a great deal of money by giving us a great rate. He also said that since we still had a few more months left with Fifth Bank, they would reimburse us the $295 early termination fee.

After getting my first statement in March, I realized that they charged us at least double the amount that they promised and had not reimbursed us the $295 from Fifth Bank. After many phone calls and emails, they apologized and said that they would reimburse us for both along with an extra $20 that Fifth Bank charged us from ICON not telling them we were coming on board to them. ICON promised me that they would "take care" of all the paperwork in the transition from Fifth Bank to them. When the May statement came, they charged us even more than double and saw that there was no reimbursement. After again of many calls and emails, they used the excuse that someone was fired and the girl who handled their billing, Kristen, was off getting married.

Again, they promised to reimburse me for March and April and would fix the rate for the upcoming months. When I got the May statement in June, guess what? Not only did the rate not change and I didn't get any reimbursements, now they had set us up into two accounts which meant double statement fees, batch fees, card fees and access fees. This time, we took no for an answer when we asked to speak to the president, Sean or Brian. One of them got on the phone but were very abrupt and said there was nothing they could do since they were a result of high rates of the Visa and MasterCard people themselves.

This of course was not true since we've been using credit card services since we've been in business for 19 years and never had charges like these. Plus, the fact that they promised us that our charges would be lower, not higher if we joined their company. After much arguing with Sean, Peter, Will (could have been the same person for all we know), they again promised us reimbursements. This time, we did not wait for a full month. After 2 weeks of seeing nothing changing, with the advice of our bank, we had to close our checking account and open a new one and cut our losses. We have lost a total of $3915.00, which is about half of what our normal visa charges have been on average. This, of course, doesn't include the hassle and mental anguish they have caused our company.

We told them if we didn't get reimburse by check from them, we would seek legal means. We haven't had a chance to do so until now but will certainly put all efforts into this project to not only get our money back, but to try to stop them from running such an unethical business and have other small businesses like ourselves, get suckered into their bad, evil practices. I had chills when I went online and googled their name, and read all the horrible things they have done to other businesses. I just wish I had done this before signing with them! Live and learn!

When we signed up with them, they promised to cover the cancellation fees with our old CC processor. We faxed everything over to them but they never paid. Each time we contact them, its a different excuse. They say they'll call back and they never do. It's taken a great deal of time faxing and being on hold and calling back over and over. Also we are out $450.

This is a credit card merchant service. The salesman named Skyler, visited my store on June 16, 2010 to try to sell me their service. He said that they guaranteed for the service and they guaranteed for the rates. He took the statement of my current credit card merchant service provider and started calculating the rates they give me. He said the rates he gave me will be lower and he can guarantee that he will save me at least $147.43 a month. I asked him if there is a contract, he said yes.

I told him that I don't have a contract with my current service provider. Then he said he could call and get the approval for no contract. Then he said the machine cost $99.00. I told him that my current service provider don't charge me for the machine. So he said he can give me the machine for $89.00 and I can also pay that monthly with no interest. I told him that I actually have a machine and I can use my own machine instead of purchasing a new one. Then he said if I buy the machine from them, they will always update the machine with no additional charge. He also told me I can try to use their machine for 30 days and if I don't like it, I can return it within 30 days.

Finally, I signed all the paper work with him. I received the machine after a few days later and tried it out with my own card. I called the customer service to ask how to use the pin pad on the same day at around 10pm at night, but no one picked up. Finally, the technical support picked up. I felt that I was not as convenient as the service provider I have now because the customer service is not 24 hours. So, I decided to cancel it and return the machine. I called the customer service on 6/29/2010 and I believe I spoke with "Danny" (not sure). He asked me the reason of canceling and I told him that I don't get used to the service. Then he said he can be able to help me to cancel the service and return the machine.

He asked me if I still have the box of the machine, I said no, then he said it's OK, and to call back tomorrow at the regular hours and ask the customer representative to give me the send back address. Then we hang up. I called them back again at 3:30pm. I spoke with Peter. When he first picked up the phone, he said you sound familiar. Then I told him that I have sent a cancellation notice by fax so he went to check. I asked him for the send back address, he said I cannot return the machine. Then I asked him why?

He said I can cancel the service, but I cannot return the machine. I told him what the salesman told me and I also told him that I called the other day and the gentleman even told me that I didn't use the machine for 30 days, I can absolutely return. And at the same time, I found out that the machine actually cost me $89.00 a month plus tax for 48 months. So, the machine actually cost me almost $5,000.00 and is only leasing, is not even mine. He started talking nasty to me. He said I have signed all the paperwork and it said that I cannot cancel it.

I told him to email me all the paperwork, that I will file to the consumer if this is the case. Then he starts calling me every second for at least 3 times to ask me what I wanted to do. I told him "don't worry, I will find my way out". Then he says "have fun". I called them back after an hour trying to ask for the supervisor. Peter picked up the call again and said no one is available except him. I felt cheated. The machine is new, I never used it and I actually have $5,000.00 for a credit card machine which only cost a maximum of $300-$400 in the market. Please help me.

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