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H&R Block stated that we did not qualify to be able to deduct out sales tax on a new house that we build (a $5000) error. We filed an amended return and the IRS stated we did qualify for the deduction. H&R Block would not admit they made a error and would not help correct it. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH H&R BLOCK. They do not know what they are doing. You will lose money if you do.

I will try to be brief. I relocated to Michigan for a new job in 2012. I had my taxes filed by ** at H&R Block's 338 E Lewis, Milan, MI 48160 location. He was recommended to me by family. He successfully filed my 2012 taxes. The issue that I am contacting you about started with my 2013 taxes. I will be upfront. I did not purchase the "Peace of Mind" plan. I own a small rental in Maine where I used to live. I purchased and put 87% of the house in service as a rental in 2007. The remaining 17%, I lived in as my personal residence.

In 2010, I moved out of the house and placed the remaining 17% in service as a rental. The allocation of the percentage of the house for business use and the placed in service dates were all entered correctly in my 2012 return. In early January, while preparing my 2015 taxes, I discovered the error were the business use % from my 2014 tax return was 100% for both 83 Percent Building and 17 Percent Building.

Upon further review, I found that the same mistake had been made on my 2013 taxes as well. I initially thought that it was a software glitch. I still do not know why this change was made. This led to me receiving a much larger refund than I should have in 2013 and 2014. It cost me $366.00 in 2013 and $491.25 in 2014 to prepare my taxes, and I owe $2,633.43 in back taxes, penalties, and interest.

After finding the error, I contacted Robin ** at the Belleville office. She verified that I was right about the error and helped me file federal and state amendments for TY2013 and TY2014. H&R Block has promised to pay for the penalties, interest, and fees, and I would have liked them to pay for the amount I owe due to their error in addition to the penalties, interest and fees.

When I went to the Milan office to talk with **. He told me that he did not recall the details of my return, and that I should have looked more carefully at my return before filing. After that I decided to contact someone from the company’s national office to help me. Initially, I had difficulty getting someone from H&R Block to assist me. I contacted H&R Block multiple times to no avail. I had 3 case number's closed (**) without my knowledge requiring me to open a new case # each time. I only found out that the case had been closed after calling to check up on my case.

On 3/10/16, I called H&R Block again for the 7th or 8th time. They said that they would have to open a new case number for me again. This time I talked with a manager, Carlitos (ID Number: **), who said that they would handle the case through the Block Advisors group. On 3/14/16, I called H&R Block again to check up on last week's conversation with Carlitos. I spoke with Nicole originally. I explained that I was trying to get a hold of Carlitos. She said that it was not possible. She instead connected me with her manager Blake. I had a brief discussion with Blake outlining what had taken place up until that day's call. He said that he would send an email directly to the escalation team and that they would contact me within 24- 48 hours in order to get the issue resolved. He said that he would reference case numbers ** in his email.

There were a few other additional calls and I was told that I could have the amount paid to have my taxes done at both locations reimbursed. I received a check for $419.25 from the Belleville office to cover the cost of filing. I called again on 6/28/16. I told them that I would like to close this out once and for all. I told them that a check for $419.25 had been issued by the Belleville office for TY2014 tax prep, but I had not received $366.00 for TY2013 prep from the Milan office. I also need to be reimbursed for interest and fees from both locations.

They opened another case number **. I have called several times in order to talk with Juan since the last call on the 6/28/16. He is supposed to be the one responsible for dealing with the franchise disputes. As of July 31, 2016 I have not heard back from him. The Belleville office has been nice enough to help me with some issues with my TY2014 federal tax amendment. I did not apply the correct supporting documents with my 1040X. However, this should be resolved. This is a brief synopsis of what I have been dealing with H&R Block over the past few months. At this point I have only received the $491.25 from the Belleville office.

We purchased the "Best of Both Worlds" tax package. This allowed us to use the online software and then have our work reviewed by an H&R Block tax pro. We filed the online portion before the tax deadline. The H and R Block tax pro stated they were unable to review and complete tax return by April 15 deadline; but they would file an extension. They gave us a total amount due to the IRS. We paid the IRS by the tax deadline. The tax pro then requested documents that we had previously entered online. I sent the requested documents and asked for a confirmation that they had received them. No reply was sent.

A few weeks later, I contacted the tax pro for confirmation of receipt and to check on the status of our tax return. Still no response. I then called the corporate customer service number for H&R, they were unable to tell me the status of my federal or state return. Two days later a new tax pro was assigned to us. I asked her about the status of our return. She never gave us a status update. In one message, she did say that the previous tax pro had filed an extension. Then she notified us that we owed the IRS more money and that she needed our Drive License info. We paid the additional money and supplied our Driver License info.

Last week, we received a letter from the IRS stating we were fined for failure to file. I contacted the IRS, they pulled my tax transcript. H&R Block NEVER filed an extension. They didn't file our taxes until JUNE 29th. This highly unprofessional. I have called H&R block 2 days in a row, and have had excessive wait times over an hour, and have not yet been able to speak to a representative.

I would urge the public to avoid using this software. When I called support about a mysterious $5370.00 made on our joint tax returns, they were unable to find out where the amount came from. I wound up spending a lot of time on the phone only to be told that H&R Block would only look for the error if I paid extra. When I took exception to that idea, the support person adopted a condescending "Well, next time, read the terms and conditions carefully!" tone and then blamed me for the error - even though they were unable to figure out what the error was! On top of that, they suggested that I had probably made adjustments to my return after filing that I just wasn't telling them about! To sum up, their message was, "Too bad there's an error, it's probably your fault, because probably you're a liar. But if you pay us money..."

I used H&R Block's online tax software through the IRS website. I followed all of the prompts and filled out the form receiving the normal return I usually get for 2013, which was $3200. I have 2 children and a homeowner, with only one income that year and both of us were full-time college students. I was sent a letter from the IRS that the mortgage interest had been added twice and I owed $2800 back. How can this even be when I usually get anywhere from $2800-3200 refund every year. I contested it and lost. I just received a letter in the mail from the IRS stating that I now owe $3200 back for 2014 tax year.

I used the same software from H&R Block that I did for the 2013 taxes. This time they are saying that I claimed the American opportunity refund for students of $2000, and with fines and interest they want to take almost all my refund back. I was a full-time student during the year of 2014 as well. How is it that with only one income under $35,000, 2 children, and a home do we for 2 years get zero refund back? Wth is going on with this software. Each time I filed and they did their "triple check" it said I had low risk of audit. We need to form a class action.

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I contacted H&R Block to prepare my tax return for year 2015. In 2015 I was in USA for 134 days so H&R tax consultant told me that I have to file 1040NR as I was not in USA for 180 days and need to file paper copy as 1040NR cannot be submitted online. H&R Block charged me $270 to prepare my tax returns and as per his guidance I sent the paper copy to IRS on 2nd March 2016 and it's been more than 4 months but still I have not received my federal tax refunds. Now I tried contacting H&R consultant couple of times but he is not available. I dropped some messages as well to call back but never heard back from him.

I also asked H&R consultant to file ITIN number for my spouse and 2-year old kid for which he told me "Since they were also not here for 180 days you cannot file the ITIN number for them." My colleagues also had the same case (they were not here for 180 days) and they contacted some other tax consultants and no one suggested them to prepare 1040NR. Also they prepared W7 form to file ITIN number for spouse and told that since dependent child was not in USA for 2015 he cannot get ITIN but spouse can get ITIN. IRS also approved the ITIN application for spouse. I don't understand why H&R Block is providing wrong information and preparing wrong tax return forms.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR TAX RETURNS!!! They did my taxes wrong and did not live up to the Peace of Mind contract at all. I now have to hire an attorney to fight this battle and I am furious! I have had several contacts with the so-called escalation department and all I get is the runaround. Go anywhere else but to this company as they do not honor their costly contracts!

I went to H&R Block in Feb, 2016 for my tax preparation in Memphis, TN at the Polo Shop. As with many taxpayers, we leave it to the professionals. LC ** was my preparer. I'd presented all W-2s and other required documents. After he quoted my refund, he hit the submit to IRS button. Immediately, I heard an "Oh, oh." Not a good sound in a tax office. He then admitted to his error that he had not taken all W-2s into consideration. That wasn't my fault, he had ALL my forms. Nothing, I repeat, nothing was withheld. He stated that I would owe the IRS. He called over the branch manager (Fatima). She assured me repeatedly that the peace of mind I'd paid for (although, I was out of my mind to entrust them with my taxes I've learned) would cover his error.

I now owe the IRS over $1,200 due to his error. I was told to reach out to Mark ** District, Mgr. Three emails and multiple calls later, he has never returned my calls or acknowledged me. I learned on 6/30, that the office fabricated on the real reason of the error, and placed it on me. No accountability! I see why there are so many complaints on them. I wouldn't recommend H&R Block to anyone. The services were horrible, and I've been subjected to a cascade of lies. They stand behind their desk, not their customers!!! The only one with a peace of mind is them. I'm out of pocket, now owing the IRS. I would like to know if anyone has considered a class action suit against this business.

I am a business owner and I contacted H&R Block to make an appointment to meet with an accountant. To do my taxes I set up 3 appointments and all 3 times some type of mistake happen on H&R Block side that I had to reschedule. I understand one mistake but 3 times? I even spoke to the manager of the Higley, AZ Branch H&R advisors but she still scheduled an appointment where the accountant did not showed up.

And to top it all no one even called me to apologize to me. If a new customer treated this way, I wonder how the customer gets treated later. I am a business owner and I find that horrible and a "business breaker". Too many low quality employees and they do not care about getting new business today was my last appointment and I will not go back 6/28/2016. Good luck!

I have filed my taxes using BLOCK ADVISORS 3763 AND 3767 RIDGE MILL DR, HILLIARD OH, 43026. The advisor name is **. They informed me if there is any query, ** will be first point of contact. I have moved to CA from Ohio. I got a query from the city of Columbus and contacted ** and sent here all the documents. She informed all the information has been faxed to city officials. It has been around 2 months, I have not got any feedback for the emails or calls to the voice messages I have left. When I check with Columbus city tax officials, they informed they have not received any details from here. Finally I was able to speak to ** on Wednesday. She again asked to forward the email. She will check and revert to me immediately.

Till now there is no response from here and no one in the office picks up the calls. I spoke to one call center person ** (who refused to provide his last name), refused to provide with any info and willing to provide her manager's email or contact details. All I want to know is what is the escalation mechanism? Or to address customer grievances. Is this the way Block advisors support the customers. Your service is too great. Keep the customer service.

Five weeks after arranging my son's tax return and he had not received a refund check I telephoned H&R Block as I was unable to get a status report from their website or from the IRS. The telephone call revealed that the tax return had not yet been submitted as they were still waiting for my son's signature. When I informed that a signed form had indeed been provided 5 weeks earlier the response was "oh well, don't worry he won't be penalized, he'll just have to wait another 3 or 4 weeks and he will get his refund." No apology and no explanation as to why H&R Block hadn't called us to follow up on the "missing signature."

I used the online version and electronically filed my taxes. All you have to do is answer the questions and fill in the numbers. I am now being audited because my Mortgage Interest was deducted TWICE on my tax return! How does that happen? Now I may end up owing the IRS with INTEREST from my 2013 tax return!

They messed me up last year and they are about to mess up this year's too. The only reason we stayed was because our accountant works there and he is a great accountant. However They are unprofessional, with ridiculous protocols and rules. Then when they get something wrong, they try to blame it on you!!! Even though you can prove that they messed up. Worse experience ever. Will be telling everyone I know (and I know a lot of people and have influence in my community) never to ever use these IMBECILES!!!

I found the process acceptable up until the screen where they show what I'm being charged to do my taxes. The H&R accountant flew through that screen without giving me a chance to say anything. When he finally took a breath, I asked him to go back because I had questions. He refused, claiming it's impossible to go back. When I asked him what I was being charged for, he claimed it was noted on the screen, and I'd be able to find out even later. Later, I asked again. He said it was impossible to tell me what I was being charged for by H&R Block. The fact that I was charged over $300, compared to previous years/accountant at $100, and then I wasn't allowed to find out why made the whole experience horrible. How can you not give me a printout explaining what I'm being charged for? Oh, and now they want to charge me $10 to download my return.

H&R Block is suppose to use qualified people to get you the best return. My experience is you better be well informed when you enter their doors. This year I was told I did not get a return and had to pay 166.00 dollars to IRS which I did. Only for IRS to get ahold of me and give me a refund of over 3,300.00. Really H&R Block.

I received the Emerald card from H&R Block when I had my taxes done for 2015. The preparer told me about the card and how it was to work. Since I planning a vacation I agreed to the card and had my refund transferred to the Emerald card. I tried to use the card and was told that it had expired because I had not use the card soon enough after it had been issued. I was told that funds were still in the account and all I had to do was go to H&R Block and have another card issued, which I did. I then left the H&R Block office to use the card and it was declined at the store where I was shopping. Calling Emerald services I was told that there was a zero balance in my account, and that the money had been put in my husband's name and account. My husband has been dead for 18 months.

I asked why that had been done and how could I get my money back? I was told that I was not entitled to that money because he was the primary on the taxes. Emerald Services told me that I would have send them a copy of his certificate of death and a copy of his will. We went round about this request. I called H&R Block and they could or would not help me with this problem. It took 2 weeks for H&R Block to resolve the problem. But today when I tried to use the Emerald card the debit card scanner would not accept the card, so the sales person had to enter the card number and my name into the computer to complete the sale. I had been told by H&R Block that all I needed to do was swipe the card and that there would be no problems. Well I will be emptying that account as soon as possible. This has been a very bad experience for me, I doubt that I will be using H&R Block ever again.

My tax return has been assigned to a 'tax professionals' since 04/18/2016. The first 'tax professional' was not qualified to complete a business return and did not use or request the correct documents to calculate the gain from the sale of a investment property. I made a $92k profit on the sale and she insisted that I claim a $50k loss. I know better since I am an Enrolled Agent for taxes and worked for the IRS for 11 years in their business compliance department. The only reason I had it reviewed was because after completing all of my return but reporting the gain I was informed that the forms I needed were not available and a tax professional would have to review it.

My return was assigned to a new 'tax professional' on 05/04/2016 and she has never contacted me nor replied to my emails. I have used the 'report a problem' link twice to report the problem and each time it says someone will contact me within 24 hours but no one has contacted me. It has been so frustrating and I am considering completing the return by hand just to get some relief from this nightmare but I already put so much time into the original preparation of the tax return online.

After using H&R Block for many years I trusted them... Not anymore. This company prepared my taxes with the wrong filing status, omitted a dependent resulting in a very low return - 1/2 of what I would normally get back each year. Then he tried to fix it with a amended tax form. I filed in Feb 2016, up until now... no information about my return. I did not even receive the correct documents when I left the office on S 4th Street Allentown PA. Beware of Jose ** at this office. I am wondering if I should sue them for my processing fee. I hate I used them. There should be a class action suit against them...

I went in to file 2015 taxes along with an older one from 2012. The "tax professional" that helped me claimed she filed everything right. Turns out she didn't, after charging me $500 and 8 weeks later I didn't receive my check. I called the irs and they tell me I have to refile cause I filed wrong. So I went to hr and told them they said they were going to charge me again to correct something they messed up. I have been back & forth on the phone with customer service and they say is "I will call you back." Then they want to tell me I'm in the wrong for wanting my money back in fees they charged me to file when they clearly messed up. I am still fighting this and will continue till I receive my money back.

On March 3 I filed my 2015 taxes jointly with my husband. I also filed for abandoned spouse. All is well to this point however the tax consultant from Millerton, NY 12546 released incorrect information from this point out on when we will receive our income return. The day we filed we were told 3-5 HOURS and that didn't happen so I called back and she couldn't remember what she had told us so she said three weeks. This timeframe goes and still no income refund. I call the office back and she takes a week to get back to me to tell me "I forgot you filed injured spouse so it takes 6 weeks". So I give her the benefit of the doubt and wait the time out and still nothing.

So this office closes April 15th and no later. I call the whole week before to this office and the answer I get from Loraine (the tax consultant) is "I'm out of here by six today and if I find out I'll let you know but I leave at six and the office is closed for the season and this so my last day working for H&R Block and I will do my own stuff on the side but I think it's ridiculous to charge people the amount they are charged!" So needless to say she was more worried about getting out of the office than finishing her unfinished business. So I'm left here with no answers! I call the number again and it redirects me to the Hudson office to a man named Brian. I explain my situation to him and he automatically says "well first off injured spouse takes up to 11 weeks" and I begin to tell him of my experience and he said "yeah I don't know where she got that from because injured spouse takes 11 weeks."

So I I've him the benefit of the doubt and now it's been 12 weeks and still no money... I call the office back and now I'm speaking to someone else who tells me they have no idea about my situation and I should call back Monday and talk to Brian without even trying to help me!!! I'm so done with H&R Block... and by the way I forgot to mention I never received my 2014 state return from when I filed with her the year before! And I still have no answers where that is. Only thing I can think of is that my return was wrong from her end and the IRS corrected the mistake and she didn't want to own up to it. When all is said and done I can say do not go to H&R Block especially in Millerton, NY 12546 if you would like to actually get your return back!!! I count on my return as part of my living and now I'm getting cancellation notices and repo notices for my vehicle. Thank you for nothing H&R Block!!!

My taxes were prepared incorrectly. The taxes preparer at the office located in 3301 west 80 st zip code 33018 totally prepared my taxes incorrectly. They like to sell the peace of mind package and their office is close after APRIL 15 and they do not open the office to correct their mistakes. The other office give a hard time in correcting the mistakes done at that office and they want to charge when they are not suppose to because the mistake was a mistake of the senior tax advisor and I paid to have my taxes done right.

I have been going to H&R Block for years with no problems. In February 2016 I went into the H&R Block Office on 75th Avenue and Cactus. I sat down with a representative who I could not understand and she constantly got up to ask the manager questions about my return. She then advised me I needed my original SS Award Letter.

The following day I went back into the office with my SS Award Letter and told the receptionist that I wasn't comfortable with the representative and I wanted the manager to do my taxes. I also told her that I was not in a rush because the representative stated I would have to pay the state $52.00 and would receive a refund in the amount of $145.00 on my federal return. On March 19, 2016 apparently I had an appointment to meet with the manager and return/sign my returns. No one called me and I forgot the appointment.

In April I called the office and asked if my return was complete. They said yes. On April 15, 2016 I went into the office and was escorted to a young man who reviewed my paperwork and said I needed to pay $178.25. I signed all the paperwork and went up to the receptionist, gave her my debit card and she gave me a receipt and my completed paperwork back. They informed me I should be getting my refund in 8-10 days.

I called my bank shortly thereafter and still no payment was added to my checking account. I called H&R Block and the manager said they did not process my paperwork because I still owed them $178.25. I assured the manager that I had the receipt and paid them in full. The Cactus office closed for the season and the manager said I had to go to the Union Hills office and bring a copy of my receipt. I felt like I was a liar. I take care of my 87 year old mother and this was an inconvenience to leave her alone to take care of this matter.

When I got to the Union Hills office the Cactus manager approached me and asked me for the receipt. He made a copy, went on the computer once again and stated that my refund would now be $240.00. I told him that I thought my refund would only be $92.00, apparently I was shocked. He told me he would now process the paperwork. I told him that I wasn't going to pay a late fee and he said he would take care of everything.

I kept calling and calling the manager asking where my refund was. He had no answer. I then put in a complaint with H&R Block, they even gave me a case no. and still to-date no one has contacted me. They keep saying they are looking into it. I asked to speak with the manager of the Union Hills office, but she has not contacted me!

I am retired and want my refund, plus my deposited refunded. I still do not have the proper paperwork in my H&R folder. If this is the way H&R Block treats their customers... it's very very said. I want my money! They have terrible customer service skills. Are they trying to keep my refund money. I will never use this company again!!!

H&R Block makes HUGE errors on your taxes. Their system and their agents is horrible. They never return emails or phone calls and the tax burden in on your head when THEY made an error and you went to them to actually make sure this does not happen. Long story short, we have to pay $13000 in taxes from last year error H&R Block made. I have been stressed out, don't sleep, don't eat since. Please do me a favor, do yourself a favor and NEVER use H&R ever. They are horrible and mess up your life with their HUGE errors and incompetence.

It is time we all do something about these troubles. We just found out we owe about $1,500 including penalties and interest because H&R Block had a software error when they did our taxes for 2014. It somehow gave us a credit at the time we did not deserve. Here it is over a year later. Local preparer for H&R Block says they are lobbying against H&R Block on disputes, but the most they can do for us now is give us back the taxes and penalties. Oh and do our taxes for free next year. WHAT? I do not trust them to do it again. Because we opt out of the Peace of Mind, they will not cover it. But from what I see, their "Peace of Mind" does not cover anything with all these "clauses" they have that they are not responsible for this or that. I will NOT be going back to H&R Block and I will be taking this further.

Due to the fact that H&R Block screwed up my taxes sooo bad they reimbursed my fee of 292$ in a check from H&R corporate office. Went to Wells Fargo to deposit the check in my account "note check was written on a Wells Fargo acct" and Wells Fargo would not take the check!!! They informed me that it was not a good check. Wtf!!! So now I'm trying to get someone from H&R block to call me back and of course I'm not getting anywhere. Taking the check to the county fraud department maybe then I will get a call back.

Do NOT rely on their guarantee... they don't deliver on it. H&R Block made an error in filing my taxes last year and I was assessed almost $6,000 in additional taxes, penalties and interest. It took them months to even get back to me about their guarantee (the one where they claim they'll cover any penalties and interest you're assessed because of their error). They admitted they made a mistake and would send me a cheque/check. It has been over half a year and they still haven't reimbursed me. I keep getting the runaround and I'm thinking they're just waiting for me to go away.

The district manager Yohann ** has been unresponsive to say the least and keeps brushing me off by misrepresenting what they're going to do for me. They use their guarantee and their brand name to lure customers in... seems like it's on the hope that nothing will go wrong. When it does, they don't stand behind their guarantee. You might as well go somewhere else if you think their brand name and guarantee are worth anything.

Person preparing tax return made a glaring error. When two agents reviewed return, they saw immediately on the front page there was an error of omission. H&R accepts no responsibility for their error and only maintain that they "are only human" leaving the taxpayer to deal with the IRS. H&R will refund the interest/penalty, however it takes about 3 weeks to get the refund from them. Very poor customer service with no returned calls as promised. Very slow to respond. Won't use them again.

I will return to previous method of TurboTax. This year tried something different and used the H&R Block online site. In the end this cost me $349. Also spent 4 days on the phone, over an hour each time. The final time yesterday I was treated by yet another rude H&R BLOCK customer service person that had me in tears. I filed my return with the confirmation of cost at $85.85 to file my federal and state taxes. On May 4th the IRS released my refund to the Emerald Card however H&R BLOCK held back $349? I called for 4 days with 3 case ID's and transferred to 5 different numbers. No reason could be identified until yesterday when I was told that I owed them money from 2010??? How is this even possible. I am sorry but it doesn't work that way and the man was so rude to me that I just told him to keep the $227.75 and enjoy it. I will never use this service again and recommend to anyone filing taxes, please find another method and save yourself the pain.

I had a very nice older gentleman do my taxes. Unfortunately, he spent most of my time asking for my professional opinion for some personal matters of his own. At the end of my appointment, he told me another person was waiting and that I would be barely breaking even. I had paid $240 and felt as if I could have done better with Turbotax!

I wanted someone to work with me in finding write-offs and if necessary, allow me to look up necessary data. I was offered a free amendment, however the gentleman showed up at the other preparers desk and took a pretty hostile position with me. He grabbed my student loan papers and said, "You never gave these to me!" But, had he been listening, I did ask about this and I could have pulled up the acct on my phone. However, he was not invested in my issues. He was invested in his own.

I called the corporate office and Mr. ** reached out to me right away. After, carefully reviewing my case, he informed me that I would be receiving a full refund in addition to the free amended tax prep! The check must have been mailed out immediately as I received it within 10 days! I completely trust H&R Block to do the right thing! The amendment found me a nice fat refund and I am a very happy camper.

A major error was made by a Block preparer which caused an audit. When I met with a office manager to work on the problem she stated that the mistake was totals on them And the peace of mind guarantee would be applied for. So we paid the 2100 + the 300 interest and penalty to the IRS. We were told to expect Refund in Two to four weeks. It's been 12 weeks now and I just found out after over 25 calls to Block over the last month that more info was necessary to process the claim. The letter they want was lost by the manager working in the audit. And was notified a month ago to furnish it. She ignored the request and only after my repeated calls did I find out this.

Now I find I have to get this document from IRS and then when they receive it the claim will start over. Another 4 to 6 weeks plus 2 more to process. This claim started in December 2015. It is now May 2016. I have talk to Over 20 different people and not one able to answer any question. They don't know who their managers are, where to reach them or how to proceed. The runaround the company gives is never ending. The peace of mind guarantee is worthless. Block is incompetent, their employees are taught to cover up and protect the core group at any cost. Never use H&R Block, they are crooks.

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H&R Block has prepared and filed more than 600 million tax returns since 1955 and although the online version is a more modern incarnation of this service, taxpayers can have peace of mind knowing that they are working with one of the most experienced tax service providers in the nation. In 2012, the company processed more than 25.6 million tax returns including 20 percent of the returns filed by low-income taxpayers that claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit.

  • Variety: H&R Block offers several different packages that meet the needs of a wide variety of taxpayers - from a basic free file to a more complex return for a sole proprietor. H&R Block At Home customers can also grant access to a local H&R Block professional, which allows for more personalized support and assistance.
  • Audit support: All packages, including the Free File option, come with free audit support and representation from an enrolled agent.
  • Multiple refund options: Multiple refund options are available including direct deposit, refund anticipation checks and a prepaid MasterCard.
  • Upsells: H&R Block uses refund anticipation checks. Refund anticipation checks come with higher fees and there are only certain instances in which this option is used.
  • Basic package : The basic package is priced at $34.95.
  • Best for Individual and Basic Filers, Families and High Income Individuals, Sole Proprietors, Taxpayers with

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