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This year for my personal tax H&R Block managed to not only present me with a tax bill but when I asked for explanations they simply said that was not up to them. Unclear about what they are doing and very bad written and verbal communication.

Myself and my husband have gotten our taxes done at H&R Block for many years with no problems at all. We went and saw Randy in 2013 for him to do our 2012 taxes. Everything seemed to be right. Fast forward to March 2016 when we received a letter from the IRS stating they did not include all our information in and we now owe money to the IRS. I save my taxes for 5 years so I still had all my tax information. I pull out the trusty little folder they give us and there is the form from our 401K. It showed the amount of taxes we owed.

So we did give it to him he just did not file it. So first my husband called and no answer. Then I called and set up a appointment to meet with Randy and in which he did say that he did make the mistake and he has to pass it on to his supervisor, but they will pay this because it was their error. He took my husband's # and took all of our information, the tax forms and the letter from the IRS. So we waited a couple of weeks with no call from anyone. We called again and they did not return our call. So finally I got a hold of someone in the corporate office and they said that they don't have a case set up and they are not showing any of that information was in their systems. I was furious. Here we have all our information with them and they don't have it??? So they said they can set me up with an appointment with someone in their main office here in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Thank goodness when I went in they did have the information just sitting there and no one was doing anything about it. During my appointment I spoke with Kelly ** and she said that because we did not purchase the peace of mind they can't cover the amount we owe for taxes, but they will take care of the interest and also they will pay for what we paid to get our taxes done. So we waited to get a new letter from the IRS so we could pay what was owed to them because at this point I felt that we had no choice. Well we did get a letter from the IRS in September 2016 stating that if we don't pay this they will garnish our wages. So my husband tried calling H&R Block and tried calling H&R Block and no one EVER got back to him. Then last week they did garnish his wages and we tried calling again and no one called us back.

We keep getting someone saying that they will calls us back and no one EVER calls us back. When you are in customer service you need to follow through with your promises. What a joke I have never done with a company who has messed up and not taken the initiative to fix their problems. When I did meet with Kelly I let her know that we did not want to pay for their services for the 2015 year so we did our taxes ourselves and she then tried to push a second look on us. Yeah right, they messed up. They failed to call us back and follow through with what they promised, all because we did not have the Peace of Mind. I am sorry but if I did my job wrong my company would have to take care of it because it is what professional businesses do. Now they lost a long time customer because they are unprofessional and can't do their jobs correctly.

One of the worst things about this is that when they did our 2012 income taxes even if this charge was on there we would have gotten a huge refund. But now because we made more money this year we didn't have as much coming back and so it hurt us a little bit more this year than it would have if they just did their jobs professionally. I will never go back and I will also tell everyone about the poor service and how they really operate. Wish I knew of a way to make the company responsible for their employees, and to follow through with what they promised.

I filed my 2014 taxes in March 2015 and presented documents from a lawsuit I won. I told the rep that my attorney said the award was non-taxable but the rep said she believed they were. I told the rep that I must defer to them as the subject matter experts and that I wanted them to research the tax laws and if the award was taxable, to include it in my tax return and if not to let me know. The decision was that it was non-taxable. In August 2016 I received a letter from the IRS stating I was penalized for not reporting the award on my taxes. I called the H&R Block office and spoke to a rep now available during the "off-season". I told them about the problem and sent them a copy of the documents which they then wrote a letter and forwarded everything to the IRS to dispute the claim.

I received another IRS letter restating that I owed the taxes. I spoke to the H&R Block rep in person and was told that upon further review a mistake was made and that the money awarded from the lawsuit was taxable. I was then told that because I did not purchase the $50 dollar "peace of mind warranty" H&R Block would not pay any of the costs incurred from the IRS. I then asked why I would pay a tax professional $50 dollars for them to know how to do their job when I am already paying almost $500 dollars for them to "do their job" and therefore, know how to do the job? I was then told the warranty was just that- a warranty to ensure if a mistake is made by H&R Block that all costs associated with the mistake are then paid.

I then rephrased the question and rhetorically asked, "So, you're telling me that I am asked each year to make a decision as to whether I want the warranty or do not want the warranty for peace of mind to pay H&R Block $50 dollars as insurance that the rep who does my taxes and is licensed by the state as a professional actually knows the job well enough to do my taxes? And if a mistake is made my $50 dollars (and those who pay it) help H&R Block offset the expense associated with the mistake?" I further explained that it is actually we the taxpayer who are paying the costs associated with any mistake made by any tax preparer employed by H&R Block and that the company actually does not incur any burden or cost for their mistakes.

So we have the option to pay or not to pay H&R Block $50 dollars so someone who goes through specialized training, is supposed to know the tax laws and the forms needed to comply with them, are licensed professionals,and are purported to be the "subject Matter Experts" can make a mistake due to a misinterpretation of the tax code or incompetence and little if anything happens to the person who prepared the taxes. I find this practice no different than if an attorney gave us the option to pay $50 dollars up-front so they would defend us if a decision they made cost us hundred or thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expense or incarceration. Any other "professional" charges you for their service and if they make a mistake they fix it at their expense and do not charge you extra to be covered against mistakes THEY make. I stopped using H&R Block almost 20 years ago and now I see why I left.

Here it is 10 months later and still receiving bills from the IRS. First time ever using H&R block since I got married and needed advice on how to file. Their work is suppose to be 100% guaranteed or so they advertise. Long story short my taxes have been amended, fees to IRS have been paid $714. I just received a new bill for $1,644.00. Spoke to IRS. They need yet another letter stating the amount being charged does not reflect my pending amendment. When I spoke to them this morning I was told I would get a call back. Walked into their office of course who was dealing with me was gone for the day. Left a little old lady that knew nothing about my situation in charge of my situation. Never ever again will I trust them.

We have had our taxes done by H&R Block for several years. In March, when at an appointment for this year's taxes, we were notified that there was an error on our last year's taxes... to the tune of $10,000. H&R Block had knowledge of this mistake the November prior and never notified us!!! We had purchased the Peace of Mind and submitted a claim. The error was on the part of H&R Block and I had direct communication with the District manager, Michael **... who even gave me his cell phone number. We received $5500 from the Peace of Mind 8 weeks after submitting the claim.

Mr. ** explained that the State of New Jersey would be notifying me with penalties and interest on the tax error. He explained that I needed to pay the amount and then submit for reimbursement. I made an appointment at the same H&R Block to submit the invoice from the State. My consultant had no idea how to handle it. I was uncomfortable after she asked me to write our social security numbers on a piece of paper and leave them with her.

I have called Michael ** dozens of times and left messages. NO ONE RETURNS MY CALLS!!! Customer service should be number one in every company that deals with the public. I have called the corporate office... Well, I guess you know how that went, since I am now writing a review. I am hoping that someone from corporate reads this and gives Mr. Michael ** a kick in the butt to solve my problem!! Check your voice mail!!

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Last year the IRS started garnishing my husband's checks. It has taken us over a year and lots of money to finally find out why. Apparently H&R Block didn't file our returns for 2 years. Actually it was an amended one from the year before and then that year. We were led to believe they did. And when we didn't receive our refund, I called several times and was told different excuses. Finally their last excuse was since we owed the state they took it. I believed that and let it go.

Now a year goes by after all that and we file with a different company. No problems. Then a couple months later they start garnishing my husband check. All we could find out on our own, was that it had to do with us not paying enough in... which made no sense because we have always gotten money back with the exception of those 2 years. As I said its been over a whole year of money being taken and the money we had to pay out to an attorney and an accountant. Only to find out it's all because of the year we went to h and R block they never filed for either year. All I am asking for is our 375 bucks back that we paid the girl who did it. I have also been given the runaround.

Our accountant refiled for us and our lawyer said "they are next. Keep your fingers crossed." He can get thru and at least get our money back. The worse part of all this... I even managed to find out the girls cell phone number and contacted her numerous times over the next 6 or 7 months of that year. And to think all she had to do was take 5 min. to look it up on her computer and she would have seen that she never filed them. But instead it was easier to lie to us for 5 min. with b.s. that I'm so embarrassed now that I actual fell for. Im not even asking for anything from them except the money I paid her.

The office staff is extremely rude. And when we called headquarters we were led to believe they would be calling us back and every time we called back we would have to start all over with it... even though we were also given case number. It's very sad to think that a company can get away with advertising. They right a wrong and yet has no intentions of it.

This is in Raleigh NC. I called and my taxes were already due in a couple of weeks. His name is Jim **. I spoke with a man on the phone who said no problem. I can have them done in 2 days. I gave him everything he needed and he said it would be done by a day before the deadline, now I call every day and no answer. So the last time I called which was yesterday he said he would call me back today. Not a callback! He will not answer my calls or email! Why and how do you sit back and do something like this and get away with it! But since I have been in Raleigh, NC the city as a whole is lackadaisical. I don't even know the meaning of the word but they are lacking care for their job and are in a daze doing their jobs! Too bad NC that is why the state is always in the top 3 for the most laziest city in the US.

My taxes are very simple so I have always filed them using a simple online software that walks me through each step, providing guidance along the way. It costs me $9.99 each year to file both my Federal and State taxes and I have never, ever had any problems. When it was time to file my 2014 taxes, I decided it was best to get help from a professional firm because for the first time in my life, I had a 1099-k for income I had received from renting my apartment (AirBnB) in addition to my annual income (W-2). I gathered all of my documents and went to my local H&R Block to meet with what I thought was a competent tax professional.

He filed my Federal and State returns and then he gave me the piece of information regarding my 1099 that I had come to H&R block for. He asked me how many nights I rented out my apartment during 2014, and when I told him 12, he replied by notifying me that because I had rented it out for less than 15 days, I was not required to include the income I received on my return. Great news, I thought! I was unaware of this IRS rule and would have totally claimed the rental income on my return had I completed it myself. The $210 I had to pay H&R block was totally worth it, right? WRONG!

So fast forward to September, 2016 when I get a notice in the mail from the IRS claiming that I owe them taxes plus interest on the AirBnB income I didn't claim on my 2014 tax return. Clearly this is something H&R Block would take care of since they were the ones that made the error, not me. So yesterday, I take all of my 2014 tax documents and the IRS notification down to a local H&R block (not the office where I originally visited). The tax advisor and I chat about why I made the appointment and she proceeds to go through my tax forms looking for a Piece of Mind Service Plan. (The Service Plan wasn't there because my agent reassured me that it wasn't necessary because my income tax return was so simple and straightforward).

The tax advisor then apologizes but tells me that there is nothing she can do for me because I didn't purchase the Piece of Mind Plan. Unfortunately, I would have to pay the back taxes, along with interest that I owed to the IRS. I explained to her that the only reason I came to H&R Block in the first place was because I needed assistance with filing my rental income from 2014 and was now being told that I owed money on it when H&R Block assured me that I didn't. She threw her hands up in the air and told me there was nothing she could do to help me.

So basically, I paid H&R block $210 for a service that I always do on my own for $9.99. I was given false information, my taxes were filed incorrectly and now I'm being told that I owe the IRS additional taxes on the income H&R block told me not to include on my return. Makes perfect sense. I advise you to NEVER use their services.

My wife and I file our taxes with H&R block every year. We will no longer be going to them, EVER! I just recently, got a letter from the IRS stating that my 2014 taxes were done incorrectly and I had missing income from a State Return the prior year that needed to be declared. So I looked through my folder for the tax year in question and the form the state sent me with the income in question was in there, with a check mark from the H&R tax associate like it was entered. So she put a check mark on the document but it was not included on line 10 of the filing form sent to the IRS like it should have been. This is entirely H&R Block's fault. We provided the right documents and the H&R tax associate neglected to put in the value it showed.

Now I owe the IRS 1000$, due immediately. I would have rather got no refund. I contacted H&R block and they want my wife and I to come in and waste our time so they can review what they did wrong. When I know exactly what they did wrong. They offered to pay the IRS interest and fees if we come in and let them review, but that is far from good enough. What about my time? What about the money I paid to have H&R prepare them in the first place? As far as I'm concerned the 40$ they are offering to cover is not satisfactory. We are not the Clinton's, but an hour of our time cost more than 40$. I paid 300$ in preparation fees alone. They need to at least refund the prep fees + the penalties and interest. Minimally, 350$, but they refused.

So I'm here letting folks know to stay away from this company and what we can do to fight back because their arbitration clause stops the justice system from enforcing any laws against them. I'm filing form 14157 with the IRS and making a complaint against the company and the preparing associate. I recommend others that this happened to, do the same. I feel like the tax associate was pressured by the H&R block tax service company management to not put in the additional income from the prior years state refund because it would have lowered my return to nothing.

If my return is too low, they can't advertise that H & R block gets back more money for their customers than anyone else. So they offer their associates rewards for getting higher refunds, so the associates cheat on peoples taxes and the people don't know it until they get a letter from the IRS years later. So she got more company points for getting me a larger return that was not justified. I didn't even know she cheated and that I actually owed money. While she hit her company goal and got her bonus. I got screwed. Really bad idea to give incentive for cheating the IRS H&R Block execs, I'm turning you into the IRS. I hope they stick Sen Warren on your company!

I have called several times trying to resolve my issue. However every time I get a human on the phone they hang up or just start pressing numbers, which then sends me to the survey. I had an issue what three years of tax returns which was their mistake. They did the Amended return only for that to be sent back by the IRS saying it was incorrectly done. I called the 1-800 number. They set me up with an appointment. I went to that appointment today, only to be told that their systems are down. The lady couldn't help me.

Since that happen I tried to call the 1-800 number again. Even asked for a manager this time. Only to once again be hung up on. So I guess they can't help you once you have a problem. P.S. Do not waste your money buying their peace of mind. I bought it and still get no help. I am so frustrated. Next year I will be doing my own taxes. At least if I make a mistake I will know what I did. NEVER AGAIN will I pay 262.00 TO get my taxes done incorrectly.

My husband and I went to H&R Block to file our taxes this March. We have a VERY basic file (one income, one maternity leave, and one charitable donations form). Our appointment took almost three hours and we were able to pick up our return that week. We got $2200 back from the government. As a fairly low-income, young family, that money was spent pretty quickly on some car repairs and other necessities.

THREE months later, we received a call from H&R Block telling us that they reviewed our file again and discovered that they gave us too much money back and we now owe the CRA $1400. That is over half of our return and we did not have the money just sitting there. The only thing they offered to do to make the situation right is pay for our fee next year, which doesn't help at all considering that we will never be using their services again. It took multiple phone calls to even hear back from anyone in a position of seniority and the communication with the organization was terrible.

After investigating a little bit, we discovered that the employees at H&R Block are not accountants and are only trained to deal with a few things. Even so, the mistake they made was so basic and we had one of the easiest tax files you can get. We are so disappointed and frustrated to have to pay such a large amount to the CRA because of a very simple mistake made by an H&R Block employee. Please pay the extra costs and go to a certified accountant for your tax needs because these "tax experts" will make a mess of your taxes and cause you a lot of grief.

I have never dealt with a company this hideous. They did my taxes wrong and now I owe the irs. My first claim was submitted April, 2016. At first I was told the claim was approved and I would be receiving a check. When the check didn't arrive I called back and was told it is now under review. From a series of 25 conversations with the claims department I still do not have any answers. They asked that I contact the IRS for more documentation, which I have done twice now. I have had over 6 new claims, and promised a supervisor would call me back 5 times. I have yet to receive any phone call regarding this issue. This company lies to me each time I call, and I cannot believe they are still in business. They are crooks, and I highly recommend NOONE goes to them to get their taxes done.

I filed my tax return for 2016 from H&R Block. The file was completed on February 10th 2016 by **. Along with filing my tax return, I had applied for ITIN for my wife as well. Office address – 735 SW 185TH, ALOHA, OR, 97006. In May, I received a letter from IRS stating that there were some mistakes in the ITIN application form for my wife and they have rejected the application. Also, since the ITIN got rejected, I received $600 less refund from IRS.

I called H&R Block office immediately and they gave an appointment to fix the issue and reapply for the ITIN. Next day I visited their office (10477 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, OR 97005 (503) 643-9723) but the tax preparer told me that she would not be able to sign the ITIN application since she does not have the authority. I will have to go another day when proper authorized person will be present who can sign the ITIN form.

So far I have visited their office four times and no progress made till date. Neither the ITIN application has been sent nor has the amendment for $600 been filed. Also, I am not being able to send my state tax file since I have not received my wife's ITIN yet. Whenever I am calling their office, every time they are saying that they will call me back but I never received a call. These people say that they will guarantee of the maximum refund and accurate filing but I see that they do not have that much expertise. Also, they are very unprofessional. Worst experience!!!

Due to an error in H&R Block's web application, and management's unfamiliarity with the tax code, I lost out on a $2200 tax rebate last year. The State of Vermont requires that all residents file a Homestead Declaration (HS-122) every year for a credit on their property tax. Last year, H&R Block did not include this form in my return. When I questioned them about it, they said it was because I had not requested a property tax adjustment. This has absolutely nothing to do with the form, and is not a requirement of filing. The State's own website asks if you're requesting an adjustment first, and if not you still have to complete the application. If you don't, your property tax is not calculated correctly by your town, as they need that data (business use of home, income, etc.). In short, H&R Block "fixed" something that was not broken, and has no clue what they're doing. They do not deserve to remain in business.

Filed tax returns with H&R Block. There were errors with the 2014 return and received a letter from the IRS requested omitted forms. Instead of a refund I ended up owing money. I made a follow up appointment with H&R Block, the representative informed me that there was an error made, faxed the requested forms. Per the representative, fees paid for tax preparation would be refunded and costs billed from the IRS would also be reimbursed.

The 2015 returned was amended due to late notification of a trustee account and was also erroneous per the IRS, so ended up owing additional money for this as well. My name was spelled wrong on the returns. When I met with a manager at H&R Block to discuss this, I was informed that I would not be reimbursed for the errors. In addition to this there was no record of a refund and no explanation for why this had not been entered.

The manager reported she would have to send the refund request to "corporate," to process. She also had the nerve to ask me if I had a copy of the receipt and when I did not asked her to look this up on her computer. This took several hours of time over the phone with the IRS and resulted in an in person visit with the IRS to straighten out. I will not be using H&R Block in the future and am not able to recommend this business.

This was our third year of the glorious H&R Block experience. Filed taxes in 2015. No return. Found out that preparer entered account information for someone else (different bank, acct. number, routing number). Inexplicably, this bank DEPOSITED the funds even though none of the credentials matched. I called help number about 12 times. I was always given the runaround. I went to local office and was told they couldn't help me. They didn't even offer a refund of the fees. I found out they closed my claim for no reason and the information in the file was completely inaccurate.

I reopened the claim and didn't hear back for another month (until I faxed them a nasty letter and filed a claim with BBB). Same crap, different day. No help, refused to offer support of any kind to resolve the issue with the bank or IRS. Refused to even ask their insurance to cover the return amount so they can deal with the bank seeing as it is their fault. Then the woman who was "helping" us left for vacation and sent us to another lemming. She did nothing. She even told us it was our job to call H&R Block Corporate to resolve the issue. What are these people being paid for? Anyways, now I'll be suing a bunch of people I guess, all thanks to the wonderful world of H&R Block. On the plus side, they gave me back my preparation fees (yippie!)

H&R Block stated that we did not qualify to be able to deduct out sales tax on a new house that we build (a $5000) error. We filed an amended return and the IRS stated we did qualify for the deduction. H&R Block would not admit they made a error and would not help correct it. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH H&R BLOCK. They do not know what they are doing. You will lose money if you do.

I will try to be brief. I relocated to Michigan for a new job in 2012. I had my taxes filed by ** at H&R Block's 338 E Lewis, Milan, MI 48160 location. He was recommended to me by family. He successfully filed my 2012 taxes. The issue that I am contacting you about started with my 2013 taxes. I will be upfront. I did not purchase the "Peace of Mind" plan. I own a small rental in Maine where I used to live. I purchased and put 87% of the house in service as a rental in 2007. The remaining 17%, I lived in as my personal residence.

In 2010, I moved out of the house and placed the remaining 17% in service as a rental. The allocation of the percentage of the house for business use and the placed in service dates were all entered correctly in my 2012 return. In early January, while preparing my 2015 taxes, I discovered the error were the business use % from my 2014 tax return was 100% for both 83 Percent Building and 17 Percent Building.

Upon further review, I found that the same mistake had been made on my 2013 taxes as well. I initially thought that it was a software glitch. I still do not know why this change was made. This led to me receiving a much larger refund than I should have in 2013 and 2014. It cost me $366.00 in 2013 and $491.25 in 2014 to prepare my taxes, and I owe $2,633.43 in back taxes, penalties, and interest.

After finding the error, I contacted Robin ** at the Belleville office. She verified that I was right about the error and helped me file federal and state amendments for TY2013 and TY2014. H&R Block has promised to pay for the penalties, interest, and fees, and I would have liked them to pay for the amount I owe due to their error in addition to the penalties, interest and fees.

When I went to the Milan office to talk with **. He told me that he did not recall the details of my return, and that I should have looked more carefully at my return before filing. After that I decided to contact someone from the company’s national office to help me. Initially, I had difficulty getting someone from H&R Block to assist me. I contacted H&R Block multiple times to no avail. I had 3 case number's closed (**) without my knowledge requiring me to open a new case # each time. I only found out that the case had been closed after calling to check up on my case.

On 3/10/16, I called H&R Block again for the 7th or 8th time. They said that they would have to open a new case number for me again. This time I talked with a manager, Carlitos (ID Number: **), who said that they would handle the case through the Block Advisors group. On 3/14/16, I called H&R Block again to check up on last week's conversation with Carlitos. I spoke with Nicole originally. I explained that I was trying to get a hold of Carlitos. She said that it was not possible. She instead connected me with her manager Blake. I had a brief discussion with Blake outlining what had taken place up until that day's call. He said that he would send an email directly to the escalation team and that they would contact me within 24- 48 hours in order to get the issue resolved. He said that he would reference case numbers ** in his email.

There were a few other additional calls and I was told that I could have the amount paid to have my taxes done at both locations reimbursed. I received a check for $419.25 from the Belleville office to cover the cost of filing. I called again on 6/28/16. I told them that I would like to close this out once and for all. I told them that a check for $419.25 had been issued by the Belleville office for TY2014 tax prep, but I had not received $366.00 for TY2013 prep from the Milan office. I also need to be reimbursed for interest and fees from both locations.

They opened another case number **. I have called several times in order to talk with Juan since the last call on the 6/28/16. He is supposed to be the one responsible for dealing with the franchise disputes. As of July 31, 2016 I have not heard back from him. The Belleville office has been nice enough to help me with some issues with my TY2014 federal tax amendment. I did not apply the correct supporting documents with my 1040X. However, this should be resolved. This is a brief synopsis of what I have been dealing with H&R Block over the past few months. At this point I have only received the $491.25 from the Belleville office.

We purchased the "Best of Both Worlds" tax package. This allowed us to use the online software and then have our work reviewed by an H&R Block tax pro. We filed the online portion before the tax deadline. The H and R Block tax pro stated they were unable to review and complete tax return by April 15 deadline; but they would file an extension. They gave us a total amount due to the IRS. We paid the IRS by the tax deadline. The tax pro then requested documents that we had previously entered online. I sent the requested documents and asked for a confirmation that they had received them. No reply was sent.

A few weeks later, I contacted the tax pro for confirmation of receipt and to check on the status of our tax return. Still no response. I then called the corporate customer service number for H&R, they were unable to tell me the status of my federal or state return. Two days later a new tax pro was assigned to us. I asked her about the status of our return. She never gave us a status update. In one message, she did say that the previous tax pro had filed an extension. Then she notified us that we owed the IRS more money and that she needed our Drive License info. We paid the additional money and supplied our Driver License info.

Last week, we received a letter from the IRS stating we were fined for failure to file. I contacted the IRS, they pulled my tax transcript. H&R Block NEVER filed an extension. They didn't file our taxes until JUNE 29th. This highly unprofessional. I have called H&R block 2 days in a row, and have had excessive wait times over an hour, and have not yet been able to speak to a representative.

I would urge the public to avoid using this software. When I called support about a mysterious $5370.00 made on our joint tax returns, they were unable to find out where the amount came from. I wound up spending a lot of time on the phone only to be told that H&R Block would only look for the error if I paid extra. When I took exception to that idea, the support person adopted a condescending "Well, next time, read the terms and conditions carefully!" tone and then blamed me for the error - even though they were unable to figure out what the error was! On top of that, they suggested that I had probably made adjustments to my return after filing that I just wasn't telling them about! To sum up, their message was, "Too bad there's an error, it's probably your fault, because probably you're a liar. But if you pay us money..."

I used H&R Block's online tax software through the IRS website. I followed all of the prompts and filled out the form receiving the normal return I usually get for 2013, which was $3200. I have 2 children and a homeowner, with only one income that year and both of us were full-time college students. I was sent a letter from the IRS that the mortgage interest had been added twice and I owed $2800 back. How can this even be when I usually get anywhere from $2800-3200 refund every year. I contested it and lost. I just received a letter in the mail from the IRS stating that I now owe $3200 back for 2014 tax year.

I used the same software from H&R Block that I did for the 2013 taxes. This time they are saying that I claimed the American opportunity refund for students of $2000, and with fines and interest they want to take almost all my refund back. I was a full-time student during the year of 2014 as well. How is it that with only one income under $35,000, 2 children, and a home do we for 2 years get zero refund back? Wth is going on with this software. Each time I filed and they did their "triple check" it said I had low risk of audit. We need to form a class action.

I contacted H&R Block to prepare my tax return for year 2015. In 2015 I was in USA for 134 days so H&R tax consultant told me that I have to file 1040NR as I was not in USA for 180 days and need to file paper copy as 1040NR cannot be submitted online. H&R Block charged me $270 to prepare my tax returns and as per his guidance I sent the paper copy to IRS on 2nd March 2016 and it's been more than 4 months but still I have not received my federal tax refunds. Now I tried contacting H&R consultant couple of times but he is not available. I dropped some messages as well to call back but never heard back from him.

I also asked H&R consultant to file ITIN number for my spouse and 2-year old kid for which he told me "Since they were also not here for 180 days you cannot file the ITIN number for them." My colleagues also had the same case (they were not here for 180 days) and they contacted some other tax consultants and no one suggested them to prepare 1040NR. Also they prepared W7 form to file ITIN number for spouse and told that since dependent child was not in USA for 2015 he cannot get ITIN but spouse can get ITIN. IRS also approved the ITIN application for spouse. I don't understand why H&R Block is providing wrong information and preparing wrong tax return forms.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR TAX RETURNS!!! They did my taxes wrong and did not live up to the Peace of Mind contract at all. I now have to hire an attorney to fight this battle and I am furious! I have had several contacts with the so-called escalation department and all I get is the runaround. Go anywhere else but to this company as they do not honor their costly contracts!

I went to H&R Block in Feb, 2016 for my tax preparation in Memphis, TN at the Polo Shop. As with many taxpayers, we leave it to the professionals. LC ** was my preparer. I'd presented all W-2s and other required documents. After he quoted my refund, he hit the submit to IRS button. Immediately, I heard an "Oh, oh." Not a good sound in a tax office. He then admitted to his error that he had not taken all W-2s into consideration. That wasn't my fault, he had ALL my forms. Nothing, I repeat, nothing was withheld. He stated that I would owe the IRS. He called over the branch manager (Fatima). She assured me repeatedly that the peace of mind I'd paid for (although, I was out of my mind to entrust them with my taxes I've learned) would cover his error.

I now owe the IRS over $1,200 due to his error. I was told to reach out to Mark ** District, Mgr. Three emails and multiple calls later, he has never returned my calls or acknowledged me. I learned on 6/30, that the office fabricated on the real reason of the error, and placed it on me. No accountability! I see why there are so many complaints on them. I wouldn't recommend H&R Block to anyone. The services were horrible, and I've been subjected to a cascade of lies. They stand behind their desk, not their customers!!! The only one with a peace of mind is them. I'm out of pocket, now owing the IRS. I would like to know if anyone has considered a class action suit against this business.

I am a business owner and I contacted H&R Block to make an appointment to meet with an accountant. To do my taxes I set up 3 appointments and all 3 times some type of mistake happen on H&R Block side that I had to reschedule. I understand one mistake but 3 times? I even spoke to the manager of the Higley, AZ Branch H&R advisors but she still scheduled an appointment where the accountant did not showed up.

And to top it all no one even called me to apologize to me. If a new customer treated this way, I wonder how the customer gets treated later. I am a business owner and I find that horrible and a "business breaker". Too many low quality employees and they do not care about getting new business today was my last appointment and I will not go back 6/28/2016. Good luck!

I have filed my taxes using BLOCK ADVISORS 3763 AND 3767 RIDGE MILL DR, HILLIARD OH, 43026. The advisor name is **. They informed me if there is any query, ** will be first point of contact. I have moved to CA from Ohio. I got a query from the city of Columbus and contacted ** and sent here all the documents. She informed all the information has been faxed to city officials. It has been around 2 months, I have not got any feedback for the emails or calls to the voice messages I have left. When I check with Columbus city tax officials, they informed they have not received any details from here. Finally I was able to speak to ** on Wednesday. She again asked to forward the email. She will check and revert to me immediately.

Till now there is no response from here and no one in the office picks up the calls. I spoke to one call center person ** (who refused to provide his last name), refused to provide with any info and willing to provide her manager's email or contact details. All I want to know is what is the escalation mechanism? Or to address customer grievances. Is this the way Block advisors support the customers. Your service is too great. Keep the customer service.

Five weeks after arranging my son's tax return and he had not received a refund check I telephoned H&R Block as I was unable to get a status report from their website or from the IRS. The telephone call revealed that the tax return had not yet been submitted as they were still waiting for my son's signature. When I informed that a signed form had indeed been provided 5 weeks earlier the response was "oh well, don't worry he won't be penalized, he'll just have to wait another 3 or 4 weeks and he will get his refund." No apology and no explanation as to why H&R Block hadn't called us to follow up on the "missing signature."

I used the online version and electronically filed my taxes. All you have to do is answer the questions and fill in the numbers. I am now being audited because my Mortgage Interest was deducted TWICE on my tax return! How does that happen? Now I may end up owing the IRS with INTEREST from my 2013 tax return!

They messed me up last year and they are about to mess up this year's too. The only reason we stayed was because our accountant works there and he is a great accountant. However They are unprofessional, with ridiculous protocols and rules. Then when they get something wrong, they try to blame it on you!!! Even though you can prove that they messed up. Worse experience ever. Will be telling everyone I know (and I know a lot of people and have influence in my community) never to ever use these IMBECILES!!!

I found the process acceptable up until the screen where they show what I'm being charged to do my taxes. The H&R accountant flew through that screen without giving me a chance to say anything. When he finally took a breath, I asked him to go back because I had questions. He refused, claiming it's impossible to go back. When I asked him what I was being charged for, he claimed it was noted on the screen, and I'd be able to find out even later. Later, I asked again. He said it was impossible to tell me what I was being charged for by H&R Block. The fact that I was charged over $300, compared to previous years/accountant at $100, and then I wasn't allowed to find out why made the whole experience horrible. How can you not give me a printout explaining what I'm being charged for? Oh, and now they want to charge me $10 to download my return.

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