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In January of 2010, I had a house fire. My insurance company, Guidance Lawsuit Funding, refused to pay for damages and thus forced me into a lawsuit for breach of contract and bad faith. I ran out of funds for living expenses when the insurance company refused to continue to pay for my living expenses. I received the same treatment with delayed phone calls, denial of received required documents, unable to reach Vanessa or anyone in underwriting. I am on the verge of being evicted from the home that I have rented due to lack of funds. I suffered from an auto immune disorder that can flare up under stress.

I have continued to deal with this company under the belief that they were really trying to help people like me that are between a rock and a hard spot that has not been the case. I too have had run in with Carlos and was treated as if I should be happy that they were willing to help. I have sent emails, called at all time of the day and night, researched for several different numbers and each time, I receive no response. I have informed creditors of being able to resolve certain financial issue based on the info that is provided to me by them and it would turn out to be false.

In the meantime, I am forced to sit here waiting for a call that is not going to come. In the past, I have told continuously that I have been approved and weeks, and in one case months, went by before receiving funding. They have accused my attorney of not sending documents. I have faxed info at three o'clock in the morning and they will still say that they received nothing. I even faxed from my home and had them on the phone as it was being faxed and they found some way to say that it was my fault that they did not receive the required information.

When this type of behavior is allowed to go unchecked, it makes my creditors believe that I am not trying to resolve this problem and when valuable time is wasted trying to track someone down like Bob to get answer to disbursement of funds, it leads you to believe that something is coming, when in fact it is not and if they can't fund you, who else will? This practice is wrong because it makes consumers believe that they can hold out on their lawsuits when in fact this company can force you to settle prematurely due to the fact that you are tired, stressed out, and in need of funding because you are on the brink of losing everything.

Since reading a number of complaints against this company, I am moving on so that I can find real funding to pay my bills. I strongly encourage anyone that is dealing with Guidance to move on to another company because they will lie to you and waste precious time. Don't do business with them, period.

I contacted Guidance lawsuit funding to get a loan on a settled lawsuit discrimination case I had. The date was November 18, 2010. I had my attorney fax to the company the necessary documents the company requested. I wasn't contacted for two weeks. Mr. ** stated to me my attorney would be contacted for any other necessary information. My attorney was never contacted. I called everyday for 2 weeks. I kept being told everything on my paperwork was completed and looked favorable. However, this company didn't have the decency to call me back. They put me on hold, never came back to the phone. Mr. ** kept telling me your application is under review and I would be getting a call for approval.

Well, that wasn't the case. I called and talked directly to Mr. **. He put me on hold and never returned to the phone. I was on hold for 30 minutes. However, when I dealt with the total unprofessionalism of this company, I contacted another lawsuit funding company. Everything was handled in one day and my application was approved. I read the previous complaint against this company from August and this was uncalled for the way the woman was treated. My situation was resolved, however, I am taking the time to let consumers know this company is not to be dealt with. I will never recommend them to anyone in need of lawsuit funding.

I was contacted by Guidance Finance in the beginning of October this year, 2010. I was called by Carlos who asked me if I was interested in pursuing a loan from my lawsuit case which is still pending. I stated yes and that I needed the advancement for bills that keep piling up. Since that day, I've regretted getting involved with that company. So far, they have wasted my time, have lied to me, and have been very rude as well. When I researched their website, it states that you can get approved in 24 to 48 hours. I had waited for almost 2 months before I decided to take my business elsewhere. I had spoken to Carlos a number of times after he had stated that all the necessary documents were received. I was told that my files were being reviewed by Bob, their underwriter.

After waiting 3 weeks, I decided to contact Bob personally. In that process, I was told that it would take a few more days until I was approved. I then waited another 3 weeks to speak with Bob who just gave me the run around. I would rather have them tell me I wasn't approved instead of telling me to wait for underwriter Bob to call which he never did! In my opinion, it's a shame when companies like that use false advertisements to gain traffic and clientele and that is why I feel this complaint is so important. I hope when consumers like me read this, they become more aware for companies that take us for granted!

In the of March, I received an advance loan against my City Lawsuit. I received $1500.00; I was told in 30 days if not settled, I can get another loan. As a result of being told that I asked for another loan to purchase products for my business: Tissues & Toilettes Way, Inc. I was told by one of the representatives and Mr. Bob that I needed to have my attorney to fax over more documentations in reference to a demand letter; which was done. In addition, I was told to have my attorney to call.

Moreover, it was a process of maybe 3 to 4 days; eventually, I was told that they could not lend me anymore money at this time. Approximately, 4 months later I received a phone call from a Mr. Carlos, in the corporate office. He quoted, "I was looking at our records and see that you have not asked for another advanced loan and was wondering why?" I explained to him that I had tried in the month of March and was denied so he stated that he would called me back within the next 48 hrs. I never heard back so I called and after several attempts I was referred to Mr. Bob and this is when it was amplified; for this purpose I am making my complaint.

I felt that I was discriminated against, and blacked balled. I was minding my our business after the fact that Guidance Lawsuit Funding took me on the second roller coaster. There was documentations faxed from my attorney's office of which I believed they already had. This high expectation of waiting went on for approximately 2 weeks. They emotionally insulted me and knowing that I needed the funds. I was bounced back and forth on the phone by Mr. Bob and in one instance he put me on hold and left me for over 60 minutes, lending me to believe that he was handling my business. The emotional roller coaster and the violation of my rights to be treated equally is what really got me.

Economically, I had another entity on hold thinking that I would pay them in full when and if I get loan completed. Now I stand a choice of loosing my vehicle, any day I'm looking for them to send a tow truck. I am disabled as a result of this pending lawsuit and receiving SSI. The electric bill takes that check, so I really was in expectation of guidance releasing another advance of which I was told I was entitled too. Thank you for your prompt response to this matter.

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