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We had purchased an manufactured home in a small, family park in Oregon. Greentree had taken over from our previous company who we never had any

trouble with. We fell 1 month behind due to an illness, Greentree started foreclosure proceedings against us and gave us 30 days to get out. Leaving us in a very bad situation. We would of been homeless had it not been for a coworker. We lost our home and they wrecked our credit. Not to mention this was going to be our retirement home once we bought property out at the coast. If there is going to be a class action lawsuit count us in. The little tiny $86.11 was just a slap in the face as to what they had done to people.

When I originally got my contract with Greentree my insurance was added into my loan and included in my payment amount but after a year they did tell me that I did not have any insurance and I had to pay even more money like an extra $125. But after I paid it for years without reading my original paperwork where it was included in the sale price of the home. These people are crooks and real scumbags. A lot of their service agents were rude and would threaten you when you called. They are now suing me for a place that I had them come and get back in 2012 and are trying to have me pay for something they already sold but are trying to have me pay the difference when I had paid on this place for 12 years and only $1,000 came off the original loan price. I hope something is done about this company. They take advantage of the working class people trying to provide a home for their families.

I am behind on my house payment, I am working to correct this. However, I spoke to their representative last week and was told to come up with ** amount. Today as I am trying to pay that amount, I was told they are returning my last TWO payments. One was made Feb 17 and the other was made March 21. At those times I received a letter stating my payment had been posted to my account. I now have to come up with an additional $1800 by tomorrow to avoid more fees. I attempted to explain I can pay the original amount I was given and will pay the $1600 when I receive it. Tomorrow $500 in legal fees will be added. The representative said they will not accept partial payments. I can not speak to this woman because she will not shut up long enough for me to ask questions or explain what is going on. I have requested to speak to supervisor but he is always in a meeting. I don't know what to do.

Greentree is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Because I was ignorant and let them talk me into a home equity loan of 47,000 which I paid on for 10 years at 9.65 interest that's 45,000 and principal in those 10 years was around 5,000. I called several times to try and get the loan refinanced but I never got ONE phone call back or email. I couldn't refinance and put both 1st and 2nd mortgage together because of the drop in home prices. I was stuck with these thieves. Well 1 month ago I talked with a Quicken mortgage Banker and he helped us combine our 2 loans. My payments before Quicken was 1691.00. Today my entire payment with taxes, insurance is 854.00. We got a VA loan... Quicken was the very best. I knew every day where my loan was in the process, up to paying the mortgages off. When I had a question they answered me right away or within a couple hours... JUST EXCELLENT PEOPLE!!!

Flagstar Bank had my mortgage for years. Never a problem. Modification accepted by Flagstar. Last step it was bought by Greentree. What? And problems started. Was making the payment of which I had with Flagstar. Received confirmation numbers. Even hard copies. For seven months. Then they sent me a letter of del. on my mortgage loan. I challenged this. And every time I called, I was yelled at, told I was a deadbeat. Told me that I was a liar. I told them that I have a copy showing that I made the payments. That's when they told me that the paperwork was incorrect. BS. I have it all right. Here, it states that I missed 7 payments and the money I paid was set aside in another account. Over seven grand.

"Ohhh," he said. "Well then I will give you the money back and two grand more and you can give me the house and move." I said "**" "You can't say that." Asked for his name, phone slammed down. Within a few days I received a letter stating that I am now in a excited excelled foreclose of 30 days. What!!! This forced me into a charter 13. This was the only way to stop this crazy crap. Since then, modification accepted. Six months later, the modification paperwork changed. I have had four different payments in six months. These people are lying, cheating, rotten, illegal and the worst nightmare anyone can have.

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Greentree was the lender for a home improvement loan that my husband and I took out to have windows put in our house. They not only financed the windows but also talked us into refinancing all of our debt so we would have "one payment" and it would make things "easier". Well we were in our early 20's and didn't know any better so we ended up financing $22,000 paying $396.00 a month at 16% interest! This was in 1993 when it all started. We paid $400 each month for 19 years... $91,000 for a $22,000 loan. I lost my job in 2012 so I called them to see if they could help us with trying to refinance or lower payments on the balance owed and realized that we still owed the same amount on the loan. I paid each month with auto pay so never seen the bill or worried as I thought we had signed up for a 20-year loan, so thought we were within the last year of the loan.

Again, being young and not realizing at the time what we were doing and that I needed to pay attention to crooks like this... we thought we had signed up for 20 years and it actually was ballooned at 20 years so we would have kept making payments to them anyway. When they wouldn't work with us to get the payments reduced, they called every day 4-5 times a day to see when payments would or could be made, and threatened that they were going to take our home and there wouldn't be anything we could do even though we had a 1st mortgage on the house with Citi... that is a whole other story. I continued to get threats daily so we decided that if we were going to lose the house anyway (Citi wouldn't work with us either) that we would stop paying them.

For 11 months we didn't make payments to them. Citi finally decided that they would work with us, so when Greentree called I finally answered, and they said that they had sent us to collection... guess who!! Ditech. And if we didn't start paying now we would go to jail and our wages would be garnished. So after arguing with them about the amount owed, which is now $27,878??? We agreed to pay $200 a month to the "collection agency" which we were told was a lawyers office that would make sure that they were being paid as agreed. It is being reported on our credit that the loan has been "charged off" with us "paying with partial payment agreement".

This company is the worst and if it had not been for my husband talking to them to get the agreements I would not have paid them at all. It has been horrible from the beginning as they put us upside down with our house right from the beginning, so we had to pay 8.6% interest on the first mortgage and 16% with them with no way to refinance to get the interest rate lowered until the government assistant loans were available. I hate anything that has to do with Greentree or Ditech and if I could, would do sue them to pay the loan in full and see them go under. Please contact us if there is anything that we can do if a lawsuit is filed.

After trying to modify my Loan with 2 different companies. My loan was sold to US bank before we able to finish... I've make 2 complaints to consumer affairs. And the 2 letters I received from Greentree they show my payment didn't post to my account until 25 or 30 of the month. But my bank statement show the payment drafting on the 2 or 5 of the month. So 25 to 28 days after my payment was drafted from my bank, it was where?? For 25 day? Before it was post to my loan? With a 9.99% interest. My other payment was late. With late fees and interest.

Greentree--a.k.a. Conseco Finance, a.k.a. Ditech. I purchased a mobile home mortgage from Conseco circa 2001. Sad to say, I could purchase this mortgage through only this company because my mobile home was situated in a mobile home park. Believe me, I tried finding another mortgage company so I could compare rates, but not a single one would reach out because I had no collateral to offer. About a year after I purchased the mortgage, the auto industry tanked. I was employed at an auto parts manufacturer. When the company I worked for cut our hours of work, I immediately called (what was then) Conseco Finance to see if I could refinance or come up with some type of agreement for lowered payments or leniency. Conseco told me 'no go', but informed me the perimeters of my mortgage agreement with them which included assumption & outright sales.

So I got on the ball right away. I found out all the information concerning departments to call and people to contact as soon as I could find someone to assume or sell my mortgage. Within a few days I found two willing and able buyers. I gave these buyers all the information I received concerning the sale of the mortgage. Both seemed very interested in purchasing the mortgage and said they would get on it instantly. I didn't hear from these potential buyers for several days so I contacted one. The buyer told me that Conseco had closed down their mortgage assumption department a day prior to their calling in to move on the assumption. So I called Conseco and they did indeed close down that department approximately 5 days after I originally called them about refinancing (the day they told me that assumption was expressly stated in my mortgage agreement with them).

Needless to say I was quite ticked that Conseco had backed out of our agreement. Good news was that I could sell the home if I could find a buyer. I got on that and within a couple weeks found a ready-willing-and-able couple who wanted the house. I gave them all the information concerning the sale. Sure enough, they found out that Conseco went Chapter!!! And just about a week after I called them--when they told me the assumption department closed down!!!

Now I was stuck with a junk mortgage! I couldn't even sell the place! Luckily I was in a park where the staff was understanding. I explained the problem to them and they said there were a lot of other people in the park having the same problem because of Conseco financial problems. They told me that they would allow me to sublet until Conseco gets its act together.

The people who wanted to buy were willing to sublet. Things were going great. UNTIL, I learned the account had went in default one day when Greentree called me wanting the balance. I immediately called the mobile home park staff and this is what I learned: The homeowners died. I don't know the details of the wife's medical (and I don't want to know as that is very personal), but she died and her husband committed died in the house shortly after her death. [I have my own theories about this, but they are irrelevant to this complaint]. They had lived in this house for many years and the whole time Conseco--who by this time 'renamed' itself Greentree during reorganization--gave me the runaround about the sale of this place.

Immediately I started receiving phone calls from Greentree. And some were very intrusive. One rep even told me to 'borrow money from my boyfriend to pay off the debt'!!! They also asked me if I could borrow money from my own mother to pay this off!!! One male rep told me 'don't tell me there aren't easy ways for a woman to make money under the table, so to speak'--and yes, he said the words 'so to speak'!!! What little respect I had left for this mortgage company was lost--but that's not saying much as I lost almost all respect for them when they bailed on our agreement. I just got a notice of garnishment from a company named Ditech with the same amount that I owed Conseco, so I assumed this was another reorganization of the defunct Greentree.

The company has bankrupted, like, 3 times since I subletted my mobile home. How can a company like that demand payment from its clients? Heck, they can't keep their finances upright, how can they demand that their clients do the same? BQ: How can a company renege on their end of a written contract but demand the person they are in agreement with to keep their end of the bargain? I will not pay them their money even if I ever come into some money to pay them off--think Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes (fingers crossed). I wish Michigan had one of them debt courts because I know I'd win and this company would be made to void the debt. Problem is I don't have the money to hire an attorney to fight this. The economy hasn't recovered from the recession and neither have I.

Loan was transferred from BOA to greentree... nightmare from hell. Did not honor existing payment plan already setup from BOA. Received threatening calls, post it notes on my front door, car window, and garage door. Filed bankruptcy in August 2013. Greentree Constantly did not receive payments on time, posted to wrong acct, ultimately the stay was lifted on my home even though payments were made. Was told if I pay 2200 stay lifted would be reversed. Paid it and they refused to reverse the orders. They have found all payments now that they claimed I didn't pay and was applied to unapplied funds. Applied for modification and was denied because did not turn in documents in timely manner and I know I turned in every document. I appealed it and was denied again without any explanation. My modification docs were lost.

Now my loan has been transferred to Ditech and my file is missing but only the amount owed is available in the amount of 20,000 now. Was told to reapply for modification and has been in process for over 2 months but I have received a foreclosure sale date February 2nd even though still in modification review. I hate them. They are lie... cheat... and they should be sued. If anyone has a class action lawsuit please contact me. They have ruined my credit and my life.

I bought a mobile home in 2008. Everything was done by an attorney and he sent Greentree a payoff check which I have copies of. I was told at the time that the title had been lost and since it didn't matter to me I did not pursue it. Now I want to sell it and cannot get anyone to answer my emails, registered letters, faxes or phone calls. This has gone on now for over 12 months. I actually talked with a live person and was told to fax all the papers (a small book) and he would handle it. Still waiting. Very funny for him I'm sure! I have to have the title and it still has a lien showing according to SCDMV. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

Citi Mortgage gave my modified loan to Greentree. They changed the terms of my loan and charge a late fee of $7+ per day. I send the payment by certified mail and it takes two days but up to 2 weeks to post. The government has done to punish them.

Tried to get a loan modification after 20 years of paying on my home and got the runaround, was denying my payments. Wouldn't answer calls, lost faxes and sold house behind my back. Now telling me to get out 2 days before Christmas with my disabled grandson. Please help.

Greentree tried to steal my land by taking one of my payments but not applying it. Then they applied every month to the one behind and 6 months later jacked in a bunch of fees and suddenly put me 2,000 in arrears. Well, thanks to this site and others I knew that when I called and they "apologized" and said "the supervisor will work on it" that was just a lie to delay me until they could foreclose. So here's how I defeated them.

I immediately got my proof of payment from the bank and wrote a letter detailing what Greentree was doing and openly accusing them of attempting to steal my land. I sent the proof of payment return receipt requested to Greentree's postal address and they signed for it. I filed complaints with the State Attorney General's office and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I also wrote my Congressman and they leaped in to help.

In all three cases, I included my proof of payment, return receipt that they signed for showing they had received it too and the DETAILED complaint accusing them of stealing my land. All three organizations could see my proof and asked Greentree why they were trying to steal my land. I followed up with each organization every week. I never answered a call from Greentree since it was only their collection agency calling. I knew he didn't care that I had proof of payment.

Never listen to Greentree. Any promise they make is just a delaying tactic. Get your proof, file your complaints, follow up and pray a lot. In my case I defeated Greentree and they were forced to make it right by my Congressman, State Attorney General, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I just sold my house and will not buy another until the government shuts down these criminal mortgage servicers.

Bank of America sold my mortgage loan to Greentree and my life was turned upside down. I had made all of my payments to BofA on time, and I paid my property taxes and my homeowners insurance on time. When Greentree took over my loan, they paid my homeowners insurance three months before it was due and then attached it to my monthly payment, and when I sent in my regular monthly payment they refused to accept it because my check did not include the homeowner's insurance, their fees and a late payment charge.

They starting paying my property tax, they set up an escrow account, they started calling my cell phone even before I got out of the bed to go to work. They called me all day, and even called my job threaten to foreclose. They located my sister's work number and they began to call her work, telling her that she better prepare herself to take care of me, because I would be homeless soon. I filed Chapter 13 after they posted 20 for sale and foreclosure signs in various languages on my house and fence in one day.

My loan was b of a and sold to Greentree. Worst co. And reps. Ever. Very rude and threatening. Post payments late and not crediting acct. So we started paying more in 2 payments. Paying 1000 a month. When payment was 824 never showed a credit for over payment. They would just post it later to charge more fees. Then my husband became ill and we got a payment behind. And I told them about our situation, they had no sympathy. Then they started sending us modification forms and kept telling us there is help for us. So we started modification process. Then they quit accepting payments and the last payment we made was put in a different acct. until they decide if they're going to help us. So for 6 months I got no statement. And was getting rude phone calls constantly day and night. Till we requested info on our acct.

Then they said they were now Ditect. WHAT? And they said they didn't know anything cuz Greentree was in modification process and they denied it. WHAT! NOW WHAT? We would have to appeal it. So now we're several months behind and having some more health issues and are now both disabled. We are waiting for the decision...And am afraid we're so far behind and now a new co. servicing our loan. That they may not wanna work with us. And we have Greentree to thank for that. We are good people and can't afford to move. And want to stay in our home. We just need Ditect to step up and let us make it right. And give us a chance to move forward. If we lose our home its because of Greentree practices. Hopefully Ditect even though they merged will implicate their own set of rules and regulations. Of a good co. If we can get some sort of restitution please let us in on lawsuit.

Wow. This company is so bad, I don't think I want to waste my time. Let me just say... they call 15-20 times a day... even when my payment is not due till next day. I just don't pick it up anymore.... block their phone number.. lol.

My home loan bounced from Countrywide to BofA during that massive cluster ** that passed for our economy around 2010. Then my totally up-to-date mortgage was bundled to Greentree, which immediately assumed I was behind in my payments (they did not process my last payments to BofA), required I double pay on my mortgage (which I did). I endured multiple threatening calls from these ** for months. I only got out of this by selling my home; at which point Greentree was forced to admit my payments were current. This is not a mortgage company. This is a collection agency. Run.

I bought my house with Countrywide. They sold to BOA. While I was obtaining a home modification loan, my mortgage went to a "debt collector" Green Tree. Now the debt collector is Ditech. They have the same aggressive employees, who call your work 2-3 times a day, then call cell, send nasty letters. I hope some authority makes this right.

Ditech called repeatedly. I had stopped breathing and bleeding internally and just came home. He demanded post dated checks. We told we mailed one the day before, but like western union and post dated for months ahead. One week later a man came to our home sent out by the man whom harassed me repeatedly. I told the man the check was cleared and would call my bank to prove they had been paid. He then handed the phone to the man whom continued to demand more, or he would not stop calling and it was his right. I told him to stop the calls demands threats. I was forced to write a large check Post dated to them. Before he would leave the property, he blocked my husband in and he had to get to work. This was prior to me demanding to move his car and come around and speak with me. All else I already stated. I believe they charge a western union fee of 12.00 but we never get a receipt proving WU service was used.

I believe they are collecting, and that is why they do not to wait for a check. At other times they claim they never received checks. They are lying, harassing at all hours, degrade you, demand, yell and make threats on your home. They need investigated for their ethics and they said we could refinance to lower or payment. Then said the process would take too long and lied about that also. They entrap you and their insurance won't pay out on damage to our home. Seeming for no reason or damage, they just want more and more $ and go to any practice legal or illegal to get what they want. We are ready to abandoned the home if need be. Our phone number is **.

Several years back me and my wife hit some hard times and got behind on our payments and my wife just had our 2nd child and was out of work due to her pregnancy. The man from Greentree called and threatened to throw us out on the streets if we didn't make the payment in full. I called back later and talked to the same man and he made a threat to me. Very rude. Well now that the economy has fell apart, I have gotten behind a time or two only to catch it back up. But it seems like when we schedule extra money to come out for 3 months to catch it up, my bill comes in the mail. It shows I made my payment, but my balance is more than before. Please help with this because I cannot afford to keep making extra payments.

I have posted previously, & am reading that the GT complaints are still the same. If you pay by cheque via, send your payment certified, return receipt. This way they sign for it & you have a record of when your payment was received. This is because GT will sit on your payment until the last grace day or longer, to charge a late fee. I must telephone almost monthly to inform them I have proof they sat on my payment, sometimes for over two weeks.

They immediately "correct" their "mistake". This is your safest way to pay. GT has, in the past, accessed my chequing account to deduct their "late" payment. I would avoid paying by phone. Accessing your account for withdrawals w/o permission is not legal. GT is now called DiTech. I suspect the same shady unethical business practices under a new name. When B of A sold our loan to GT, I discovered GT was a sister company owned by B of A. This all happened during the banking issues of 2011. Beware, be vigilant. I've heard of GT locking people out of their homes for non existing late payments or "no payments ". Make sure EVERY MONTH your statement is correct!

Greentree mishandled my account from the very beginning. BoA sold my mortgage after three months. I had no late payments. At that point, I was not notified of the sale until I tried to pay BoA and could not log in. Greentree did not process payments, repeatedly. They then sent late payment statements and added late fees. This happened so many times, I lost track of my account and could not tell when payments were made or if/when they were applied. There was no online account info so I could not look up my payments. I received statements that were incorrect but could not get anyone to print an account overview.

The service staff was incredibly rude and not helpful at all. They caused so much stress, I eventually lost my job... and subsequently, my house. I would sue them, if given any opportunity. I believe they are the sole reason my house foreclosed and I believe my loan was set up to fail from the start. I posted about this at the time (April 2011) and lost my home later that year. I would be interested in a class action law suit against Greentree.

Greentree would let my payment go late and then hit me with a $65.00 late charge. I would call them, and they would tell me it was received late even when I sent it early. This happened to a lot of people. I ended up refinancing with another company. These people suck. Please stay away from this company or you will feel my pain!!!

This is a consumer beware. My mortgage was first with CounrtyWide then sold to Bank Of America and now Greentree. I have found out that when paying your escrow, mortgage companies can ask for a cushion. Beware - this cushion is extra money to cover up to 3 MONTHS of your escrow payments and shouldn't be more. Greentree last year started asking for this cushion and demanded $800 in addition to my regular payment. FYI this is 800 of my money they are collecting interest on, them not me, and my 3 month amount only should have been about 500.

Well, Greentree pulled this stunt again this year and I refused. The next mortgage payment that I sent in they took it and applied it to my escrow. This is unlawful. I have to call and get this corrected with little effort. Then to be called 10 times in one day from a manager threatening me because now I am behind in my payments, that they caused. I have never been behind in a payment to Greentree at all. TOTAL SCAM mortgage companies!

I financed my home November 1999 with Conseco Finance for 240 months. Well I had this loan with them for quite some time then I got notice that Conseco had sold my loan to Greentree. I've had some negative dealings with them, this last one took the cake. I authorized $600 to be pulled from my account but then they pulled some more which put my account $400 in the neg so every payment I made by check bounced. These people are rude. They threaten to garnish your wages or put a lien on your property. I want to join in and put these crooks out of business. I have already paid 3x more than this Taylor is worth.

This is absolutely the worst mortgage company active in the United States today. Beware of bogus late charges and then "losing" automatic debit paperwork/confirmations and it affecting your credit. When you need a representative to assist you - no one is available (conveniently) until after the situation has gotten so out of control that your stellar credit has been affected. This company is keeping their doors open by scamming consumers. The Fed Gov't should get involved. They shouldn't be allowed to be in business.

My wife and I bought a modular home from Greentree for 59,0000 fifty nine thousand dollars in Hutchinson Ks back in 2000. Around 2006 we had some marital problems. I am not sure of the exact dates - it has been so long. Anyway my wife and I decided to separate. We fell a couple months behind on our mortgage payments. We tried calling Greentree everyday to try to set up some kind of payments. We got a different answer everyday - it was causing even more problems. She decided to move out for a while. I still continued to try to get caught up to keep our home. With a different story from them every week finally Greentree told me there was no way I could keep my home - that they were going to start foreclosure. They told me if I moved right then and gave them back the home they would call it good but if I stayed I would be in court and I would have to pay for it and still have to move.

Not being educated about any of my rights, I agreed and we moved out. We loved our home and we had equity in it. We think the reason is because when we bought the home it was supposed to be an acre. Later found out the home sits on seven acres. Go figure. Well after all that, I recently checked my credit report - Greentree has put a 27,000 thousand dollar debt on my report, saying I owe them that for leaving. I never wanted to lose our home. Now I want my home back or I want it taken off my report. Your credit report is your life and so far they have controlled mine. Please help.

We lost our business in 2013 and never was behind on house payments until we lost business. I talk to Greentree and they made me send a payment 2700 dollars before they could start modification aeit cost 12 dollar speed payment, and since then had to file bankruptcy and they keep turning me away and ask, "What are you doing with your money?" I have filed several modification and they finally sent a payment amount of 2007 a month for 460 months. This like 936 thousand. I start out with 232 thousand and have never borrowed on house and they say have pay this.

I have paid over 200 thousand dollars already on this property and they saying I have pay 2007 a month. Told them can't afford payment like that and who in their right mind going pay 936 thousand on property you first got was 232 thousand and was paying 2700 a month for 7 yrs. I have paid over 200 thousand already and they say I need pay 2007 dollars a month. Please help me to keep my home. I have been treated bad with Greentree. Service company I had was SunTrust then they sold to Litton loan then they sold to Greentree servicing. Please help.

I had called Greentree to let them know we were refinancing and that our new finance company was charging us to pay our taxes again because Greentree has not issued the current taxes yet to the county and I was asked to call them to stop the escrow payment. Upon doing so the lady I spoke with was extremely rude and after several minutes of arguing she said she would send out a note stating to not pay as we were refinancing and it was figured into new loan. After a week or so I was to call back so I did this. When I called back there was no note sent and taxes were sent out. I expect when you ask them to hold them and it was me that paid the money they would do so but clearly I was wrong and have now double paid my taxes and insurance and will now wait for 6 mos for the return payment. Very very disappointed.

2nd mortgage was sold to Greentree 5 years after original loan. Have been paying for 11 years. Original loan amount was 15,000. We still owe 13,000.00. Serious phone harassment and unkind customer service representatives.