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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2017

I have purchased many homes. This is by far the worst experience I've had. I had a straightforward lien on the property that so far took these people 6 months, many calls, many emails and much too much time to complete. They have still have not completed the refinance. They lied to me about what they would do with my original note, never intending to return it to me although they said they would. They cancelled my loan without notifying me. They are the worst. Stay away from this company at all costs.

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Original review: May 19, 2017

We have lived all over the country in our 38 years of marriage and have owned 10 homes. Getting a mortgage is something we are very familiar with. In our 38 years of buying a home, we have never had such a horrible experience as the one we had with Greenlight Mortgage. Documents were constantly being lost or requested multiple times. We wasted six weeks trying to meet the criteria and requests for the most crazy documentation that we have never in the past been ask for. It felt like they were looking for ways to delay the process. Our movers were on their way with our things when we got word that our loan was not going to close. We have since found a new company and the process for the same FHA loan was a breeze. DO NOT USE GREENLIGHT unless you are prepared for constant frustration and incompetent underwriters.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2017

We were sellers in a recent home sale. Buyers were great. Greenlight was horrible. They had 45 days to get this simple loan done. Dragged their feet until the last minute and had to rush a request form from IRS resulting in a weeks delay to closing. As the new closing date approached they realized they screwed up the request to the IRS and had to resubmit which resulted in yet another delay. Then they told the title company a big fat fib the day before closing to try and force another delay. They were horrible at answering their phones and did not return calls or emails. I would rent from my mother-in-law before I would allow these jokers to work on my loan.

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Original review: Feb. 16, 2017

What started out as an inquiry for a simple deferment, turned into a smooth sale for refinancing; I didn't even want to deal with that, but Dereck said, "Don't worry, it's so easy." I was reassured that I might not have to pay for TWO months rent. Well, my husband and I are very self conscious about our timeliness on mortgage, but we were assured that we were taken care of. I only inquired because I have had 13 medical procedures in 1 1/2 years, and I wanted to pay some medical. I explained to Derick that stress increased my pain dramatically, so a few bucks was not worth dealing with additional pain. He assured me, "No way! Don't you worry about a thing!"

I was given Lyna as a processor. She was accommodating right off the bat: she would call me or email with different demands, even though they didn't make sense to me, and the answers were located in my file. I would ask for an explanation, she would repeat the demand verbatim. For instance, "what is your address?" even though she supposedly worked for the same company that has my original loan; I didn't understand, but she just repeated the question in a manner that she was appalled that I questioned it. She asked for proof of insurance, even though the proof was on file at her business. She repeated, and I had to request her office for proof, so that I could send it back to her office so she could have it. Doesn't make sense, does it? The mortgage company was confused also, as to why she could not just open my file. She just kept sending the same repetitive demands, and not answer my questions.

I placed TWO formal complaints about her, and submitted a survey because I was so perplexed by this treatment towards me. I asked her to be removed since she was so rude, and would place random demands on me, which she would ignore my requests to explain; not a single person reached out to help. Multiple times, I expressed to Derick that it was too much, "Don't worry". I also continued talking to him about my mortgage being late, "Don't worry". I even switched insurance companies, since that was a new and immediate demand; I was happy with the insurance we had through the mortgage company. I only found out the reason they wanted me to after running in circles, and my demands for an explanation. I was FINALLY told that I needed independent insurance. What did this get us?

At the end of January/beginning of February it seemed this nightmare was like running into a brick wall over and over, my pain level increasing. I told my husband I didn't trust this company, and for him to pay the mortgage. Told Derick my husband paid, he said then we might get to skip February and March... Great, maybe I will get SOMETHING pleasant out of this! Got a call today, from Derick. "Guess what? You were late on your January mortgage, so you don't qualify". What??! "Also, Lyna said you didn't contact her for 2-3 weeks". What??! UNBELIEVABLE. We were convinced to refinance, not defer, we were directed to change insurance, we did. Within the course of four weeks, Lyna mannerism had become intolerably difficult, condescending, and unassisting, so much that I complained twice about, AND took time to fill out a survey. How then, did I not respond for 2 out of four weeks.

I called to complain, spoke to Richard ** (the very same guy who sent me an email apologizing about my complaints, AND a horrible rating I gave in a survey), and he was VERY protective of Greenlight. You know how those managers try and talk you into a circle, to try and get you to trip up, so that they could blame you? He attempted to shift blame on me because I "should have known my mortgage was late", I should have known I needed private insurance (I guess changing insurances within a week was too slow) AND when I reminded him this entire thing started with a request for deferment, that I could have paid my mortgage had it not been for the encouragement of Greenlight to just refinance, he said, "I guess you should have just deferred, your credit would have been better".

Bottom line: We had the money to pay mortgage, but were curious about deferment. We were misled to go on a pony ride with people who are verbally talented in hiding the truth. Because I trusted the "sincere" words of Derrick, instead of reading all of these reviews, I was sentenced to Lyna. I jumped through hoops, and tolerated the condescending treatment to "easily refinance" my mortgage, when I didn't even need to do so in the first place. I was told that I didn't qualify because I did what I was led to do, but I was told it was my fault. I was told by upper management for Greenlight loans, in a very demeaning manner, that my credit would be fine had I followed through on my original intention of deferment, and now I have bad credit because I didn't pay my January on time. Sad thing is: WE HAD THE MONEY TO PAY OUR MORTGAGE.

Moral of the story? Look up reviews BEFORE you invest, and that includes money OR emotion. Thanks, Greenlight Loans, aka Nationstar. You have caused me both physical AND emotional pain. Sincerely, #2,435,000 (I'm assuming I'm this number, since I am not worthy of being treated as a sensitive human being).

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 11, 2016

This very credible review comes from an experienced couple who have obtained mortgages across the country with many lenders. And by the way, we have an excellent credit rating and paid almost $500K cash for our current home. Anyone wishing to use Greenlight Loans as your mortgage broker had better think twice. Beware that they make up their own rules, which far exceed Federal mortgage lending guidelines. Earlier this year (January-March 2016) my wife and I struggled with them to get a mortgage loan approved, and after endless rounds of paperwork submittal and resubmittal (of the SAME paperwork), we decided to simply pay cash for a new home in Orlando, Florida.

Please consider the following: Gross incompetence; Kept asking over and over again for the same documents; Unconscionable time-frame required to get a loan approved. It is honestly like they were looking for excuses NOT to approve our loan! Kept changing the requirements after we had done a refi with them several years ago; Required a ridiculous letter justifying our move from one state to another, stating our reasons for the move.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 30, 2016

I have read so many of these negative reviews and I sure wish I had done so prior to applying to refinance my mortgage; which by the was being serviced by Nationstar! Nationstar took over the servicing of my mortgage about 3 years ago. Since then, I too have been bombarded with offers to refinance my existing loan. My loan was 10 years old and had an interest rate of 7.25. That's a lot now and it was then but back 'in the day' you could get a Stated Income loan by paying a higher rate. Bringing my payment down about $500 would be a blessing to me because I am on a fixed income. My FICO was 720-740, LTV 68% and I have never missed a payment! Slam dunk! right? WRONG!

It sounds perfect when you speak to your loan officer and everything goes according to plan until the call for the appraisal. Because laws have changed regarding appraisals (at least in Texas) the buyer nor the lender can choose the appraiser. Guess they are just lumped into a pile and it's anybody's guess! Appraiser came out 1st week in June. Waiting... waiting and still no appraisal was submitted after 3 weeks. I requested that they hire another appraiser because time was wasting. They didn't, but they (they being Greenlight) asked if I would call him and see what was going on. After several attempts, I got a text saying "oh gosh. Sorry I never finished it. My bad." Really!!! Of course this really wasn't their fault so 7 weeks later the appraisal arrives. Bad appraisal but still fits the criteria and I was still good to go.

And of course at the beginning they say it will take 30-60 days at the most to close. So I held off making the payment in the July long enough to find out we couldn't close then of course I made the payment because I wanted to protect my credit score. All of this began in May of 2016! And I'm not going to bore you with the underwriting details and excuses because clearly all of you have first hand experience.

As I stated earlier, I am on a fixed income with some rental property income to supplement, so of course I'm holding out each month as long as I can hoping to close before I have to make another payment, looking forward to that two month respite without a payment, but I always kept the money at hand to make the payment before I became 30 days late. After all the back and forth and all the bullcrap I finally signed the closing documents at an affiliate title company for Greenlight in Giddings, Texas on Friday September 23, 2016! Thank God and Greyhound it's done! But NO!! Every day I would contact Ronney, processor with Greenlight and ask 'are we were still ok. Are we going to fund?' "No problem, you'll be funded by Wednesday September 28 and your loan will be paid off and you won't have to make a payment till November 1, 2016." Phew!! Just under the wire.

So, yesterday September 29, six days after I signed closing documents, and believing that surely I must have funded and I could put that September payment I had been holding toward the repair on my truck. My tires were old and slick and I was a danger to myself and others should a blowout occur. Discount tires installed my tires the morning of September 29th. Less than 3 hours after I had spent the money on those tires, I got THE CALL! The loan could not be funded because the funding agent noticed it was a 'cash out refi' and according the powers that be at Greenlight, the cash to borrower amount exceeded Government requirements for the state of Texas.

Hell! I never asked for cash out! I just wanted to refi my loan. It wasn't my mistake, it was their mistake but guess who is suffering the consequences for their mistake. ME! I insisted they pay my payment for me, or at least grant an extension while they redrew the docs. "Sorry we can't do that! And if you don't pay the payments like you are obligated to do, you will be 30 days late, it will go on your credit report, AND you will no longer be eligible for the loan!!"

After 10 years of never missing a payment, they have destroyed in less than 24 hours, the very thing I have fought to maintain since my husband was killed. I have no other resources and the little I have in the bank won't cover the mortgage and even if it did, I would have nothing to pay my other bills, or buy groceries or gas! So either way I'm screwed! They said it wasn't personal! Well, it's damn sure personal to me! And the manager had the audacity to ask me to please not curse! Guess what I said?

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Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

Worst service ever! Don't have a clue what they are doing. Requesting the same documents multiple times. Don't know the process. Act like it's their first loan. Wish I had read the other reviews and picked another company. Called 7 different people at their company after I received an email to push the close date out a week (no notice, just an email) - all voice mail - took hours to get a return call. Don't use these guys. Screwed up my closing. Had to reschedule the movers due to their incompetence.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 11, 2016

It is unfortunate to see all of the negative reviews regarding refinancing through Greenlight Loans. However, I have a positive review. Kudos for two people, Ryan and Janice and all others that may have contributed in my smooth process during my refinance. I am a current Nationstar client and I must say, my refinance process was completed less than six weeks. Awesome experience. GO GREENLIGHT!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 20, 2016

I should have read the complaints submitted here for Greenlight Loans, as my experience resonates with the negative reviews posted here. I went into a recent home finance a little naive, thinking our last refinance was a piece of cake (different lender) and all mortgage refinance companies are the same. Also, we haven't had anything negative to say about Nationstar mortgage and these guys are affiliated with them, so they have to be alright. Well, not so much.

In total I received over a dozen emails from underwriting that were proxied through our contact person, scattered over a 7 week period, asking for additional documentation in piece-meal format. The experience was comparable to working with someone who has never processed a mortgage refinance before and doesn't know in advance what to ask for. The reason why they get one star for me is because the sales associate I worked with on the front end was courteous and professional, but the underwriting department did them no favors.

At the end of the 7 weeks, I felt like I was no closer to completing the refinance process than I was winning the power-ball lottery. Also, to qualify my position on the refinance for this review, my credit score was north of 770, with a 0 balance on all of my credit cards, and I had an LTV ratio of 68% in the home I am refinancing. Dealing with Greenlight Loans was a poor experience, and I will never use them again or recommend them to anyone.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 13, 2016

My experience with Greenlight loans was absolutely positive. I was extremely impressed with Jack **, who patiently explained the process and answered all of my questions. He remained in constant contact with me throughout. I was also very pleased with Jorge **, who handled the approval and final paperwork. This was a very smooth and simple process.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 8, 2016

Financed insurance for our company equipment, paid a very large down payment as well as an escrow payment. Found insurance for a much better rate and cancelled the policy. I learned that we had to pay a 5.7 % unpaid premium short rate and all our down payment went to pay them for services we did not get... Think twice... these people are rude, rude, rude when you call. Avoid. Large money losses. Go somewhere else...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 9, 2016

They call me to offer me coverage on my car. I respectfully said "I'm not interested." They keep changing their offer. I keep saying "I don't want coverage." Then their "financial manager" who was talking to me starts arguing with me! Saying "Good luck with your car when it breaks!" They are incredibly rude and unprofessional. I do not recommend them to anyone! Avoid them at all costs!

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Original review: Feb. 3, 2016

I am real estate agent located in the Summit County area of Ohio. Greenlight listed a property for $274,000 when the original owner bought it for over $500,000 five years ago. You could imagine the traffic this property had when it went up on the market. Within 4 days on the market the property had over 11 offers well above asking price. Greenlight then tells the listing agent to inform all agents with offers that they would be sending to Auction. In the future Greenlight let's not waste our time and your selling commission sucked (1%).

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2015

To set the stage... I have great credit and have owned my home for 10 years. In order to avoid an appraisal I wanted to take advantage of an offer from my current mortgage company to refi at a lower rate with no appraisal needed and little to no closing costs. According to them it would be a simple process since I met all of the requirements. I also wanted to update my last name to my married name. The name change should have been a piece of cake since I was the only one on the original loan and I was not adding my husband to the new loan. After speaking with a local Real Estate Attorney, it would just require a simple name change affidavit with my marriage license.

Come to find out, the refi would be processed through a "partnered company", called Greenlight Loans. Long story short, I should have quit after the first attempt to close. However, I thought it was best to just power through with them since it was still a " Nationstar" company and it would allow me to avoid having to provide an appraisal. My experience led me to deal with uneducated representatives, when it comes to real estate practices and proper protocol, that would have ended up with me having to pay a large amount in "gift" taxes due to something they told was required to change my name.

They were unreliable and I felt communication was inadequate. Fees were not justified clearly and overall, it was a lengthy waste of my time that got me nowhere. After almost 3 attempts to close and 3 and 1/2 months of their unorganized and uneducated protocol, I have still not refinanced and will have to go to another company. I know, I should have pulled the plug after the first attempt. I know now! NEVER USE GREENLIGHT! They do not know what they are doing. Use someone you trust and go local!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 19, 2015

Started refinance 9/1. They already owned the mortgage. Continuous resubmission of various paperwork. Asked question from a previous marriage that happened 25 years ago but my mortgage was only 15 years old. We had a drop ceiling that I took partially down for added zones for a new furnace. We replaced the appraiser took picture and saw the ceiling tiles hanging down and wanted them completely removed. Once done they had to take pictures again. I had to pay for another appraisal. Took forever to schedule. Canceled refinance 12/18, went to Quicken Loans 10/1 closed 12/18. You do the math.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 5, 2015

These guys need to change their name to REDlight loans. 3 months later, loss of my earnest money (3 grand), plus... associated fees with surveys, inspections, etc, closer to 4 grand, primarily for dragging their feet, sellers got fed up with waiting and giving extensions and pulled the plug on the contract. These people are just plain extremely bad news. How many closings have you been to where it took 3 months to get an answer... and then lose everything?

In the time that all this took place, 2 1/2 months later I retired from work and my income changed. I did, I did, I did suggest that I would put in more cash as a down payment in order to compensate for the income difference. Their rep. told me it was not needed. Three months on then it all came crashing in... I have since got re-qualified and my banker doesn't seem to have a problem with my finances. In any event, lost money and precious time not to mention the house that I needed... REDLIGHT... never again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 24, 2015

We had nothing but hassles and problems with Greenlight. They had almost 7 weeks to process our loan to meet the close date they knew about. They were late meeting our closing date that then created mess for us. Now, Karen ** who is the Purchase Processing Manager (**) has gone back on her original offer to compensate us $100 for our troubles. Of course she did - the loan has since closed and they have their money so why worry about an unhappy client?? They are unprofessional, incompetent, and liars! Stay away from Greenlight Loans!

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2015

As a real estate agent, we try and help and direct customers to the best possible resources. Unfortunately this customer chose to use Greenlight mortgage. After over a month the customer was finally fed up. The contract had actually expired and we did get it extended. Of course the seller was extremely agitated and this did help spur on the buyer. I even had emails and conversations with this loan contact person. That is what we call, in our office.. " bobblehead". I always try to encourage my customers to use someone locally. That way if a problem does arise you can make a personal trip to their office Plus you may already have a working relationship with this company / person. As far as green light goes, I think of the old song Grandpa Jones sang on Hee Haw... Agony and despair!! And they didn't deserve the 1 I had to give to submit this review. They had a real problem with telling the truth. About anything.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2015

I have been working on this refi for months. They wanted me to pull the mortgage out of my trust, which I did and did a quick claim deed. This was notarized, prepared by my Attorney and sent to the recorder along with my preliminary change of ownership, doc transfer tax affidavit sent to assessor - county clerk recorder. Greenlight loan wouldn't accept because the date was not written in box but under it. Even though the date was by my name, signed and dated by notary. Also CA does not require marital status for quick claim deed. Greenlight then wanted marital status resend with my name on quick claim deed. Still wouldn't accept and now want the entire copy of my trust. So they can prepare the deed themselves.

My notary, Attorney and recorder's office says they are off the wall. They also would give me no price for fees title search or closing costs. Now they have all my records, bank statements, tax and on and on. I have a fico score of over 800. They want me to close my credit cards to get any money for cash out. I have had theses excellent credit cards for 20 years. This is ridiculous. Not even a great rate or lower monthly 98 dollars reduction and 4.5 to a 4.1. I think I can do better and one that follows California state law. Watch out from this company. Think I will be using another company that offers a 3.5 with my fico no problem with cash out. Will send the check to me and can pay whatever I want and keep my credit cards. I sent them so much don't feel about sending my entire trust. Even after pulled out and notarized, Attorney and recorder still not satisfied. Gosh after reading these other reviews I think this is a company not to be trusted or work with.

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Original review: Oct. 14, 2015

This is the third time I have refinanced a house and is the worst experience ever. They solicited me through one of their junk mailings and I regret calling them. The underwriter asks for documentation I've already sent plus documents that are on my credit report. Can't they just take that from my credit report instead of bugging me? The time lapsed on the application and they sent out another e-sign form. Guess what... the fees increased $1500. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2015

I've just emerged from five months of hell dealing with Greenlight Loans. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH GREENLIGHT LOANS -- you will regret it. It started when I responded to one of the pieces of junk mail I received from them each month about how I could reduce the interest rate on our condo mortgage. It is now about 6.75%; they promised to bring it under 4%. This was in late May. First call was promising. Joseph was helpful, sharp, took my information efficiently, and assured me that given my income and credit score a refi should go smoothly, with minimal documentation and hassle. Boy was that inaccurate.

From that point forward, dealing with Greenlight was a nightmare. The demands for more documentation were constant. The lack of communication from them was exasperating. One roadblock after another presented itself. We had to nag them via email at least once a week to find out where our loan was. Each time, we got a response (two days later) that the "underwriter needs more documentation." We wanted to take some cash out. They asked us how we intended to spend the money (I was tempted to tell them to sod off, but I didn't). The underwriter then insisted that we use the cashout to pay down some existing credit debt. We said, "Fine." That's mostly why we wanted it anyway. They said they would send our cashout as a series of checks made out to our various creditors. We said, "OK fine." That was in July.

Weeks go by. I contact Greenlight again. Now I discover that the underwriter is waiting on a report from our HOA. Has been waiting for it for two months. "WHY DID NO ONE TELL US?" I asked. No answer. We said, "Fine." We paid our HOA $200 to rush out this report. Weeks go by. We contact Greenlight again. Now the underwriter wants to see copies of our business licenses. Because having all our tax records, pay stubs, W2s, bank records, and credit reports just isn't enough for them. Find out our loan is "with the underwriter" who is still trying to decide whether to approve it. Just sitting on her desk, apparently. Every week we inquire. Same answer. Then Greenlight says "the underwriter turned it down, so we are trying to restructure your debt." "OK," we say. What the hell does that mean?

Two weeks later I contact them again. Now it's September. And they say "No," they can't do our loan because our condo "is in a commercially zoned district." Something they apparently just discovered NOW, four months after my initial contact? Like it just occurred to them to check? Personally, I think this answer is **. They turned us down because their underwriter is pathologically insane, and they got tired of hearing from us. I feel like I've been scammed out of all my personal information -- not to mention the $500 appraisal fee and the money we had to pay our HOA. A poster above had it right: These guys are pathological. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH GREENLIGHT LOANS.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2015

Very bad experience with this company. My loan took months to get finalized, communication with this company was horrible. Had to submit and re-submit documents because their process took so long the first set of docs became obsolete. A week before the closing I was told that the lock-in period had expired (because they took so long) and rates had gone up. I was forced to pay another 1/2 percent on my loan amount.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2015

On my fourth acct rep, so far. I'm not sure why I keep putting up with their **! They keep saying the underwriter needs one more little bit of info. We started this loan in February? March? It's September! I have never felt more contempt for anything - not even my ex-wife was this bad. There is so much underlying fear on every level at this place and not a shred of even the simplest level of common sense. Except for Elaine, bless her heart. She actually has been thoughtful and creative, but even she is being unhinged by the "underwriter" and their insatiable need for minutiae.

They asked for mortgage payment statements for the past two months to prove we’re current on our payments for two other rental properties not even associated with the property we are applying for refinancing. They have two years of statements already. They wanted copies of signed rental agreements. Now they want new ones signed reflecting the rental increases since the originals were signed. Never mind we have never missed payments on any of our rentals. I am owner and occupant in the other apt duplex. I had to provide not just two months of gas and electric bills like they first asked for. They wanted cable, tax records, and health insurance statements as well.

Convinced I had a friend collecting my mail. I even sent a wedding invitation addresses to me at the address. So ridiculous! Proves nothing. If I wanted, I could Photoshop everything they asked me for and totally make it all up. As if more somehow proves it true. I've signed the same digital documents a dozen times - apparently they've never read them or saved any of the copies they have sent me to sign and send back, as it states very clearly that any false or misleading info is a felony offense punishable by prison and fines. Yet they still require a ridiculous amount of proof I'm not lying. NEVER USE THESE PEOPLE FOR A LOAN. SERIOUSLY PATHOLOGICAL!!!

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Original review: Sept. 8, 2015

Four months in, I have gone through almost exactly the same issues everyone else here has been dealing with. E-mail, paperwork lost, another rep, lost, same same same. Do not use! I do not have to go through all the details; just rest assured, you are better off not dealing with them. They will give you the runaround, JJ, Kim, all of them and finally tell you that you may not get approved. While all along, they could have told me this, and I would have avoided the two HARD inquiries on my credit. Do yourself a favor and go with a reputable company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2015

I was informed by mail that my W2 was "inadvertently sent to an employee of Greenlight" who then forwarded it to their personal email account. When I called, I had to deal with an overseas customer service rep and got considerable runaround. Their letter offers a miserly one year of credit monitoring but the second I see identity I will personally lead the class-action lawsuit against these incompetents. It is beyond unfortunate that a subprime portfolio servicer now carries my A-paper loan in their portfolio and cannot safeguard my personal information. Be warned, if you do a loan with Greenlight Loans, you will be serviced by Nationstar and the last person you will ever speak to on the mainland will be your loan agent. Their internal consumer affairs department is a total waste and it is shameful that they outsource good American jobs to India.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 13, 2015

I applied for a refinance, submitted all the requests from the underwriting team. About a month goes by they came back and stated there was a late payment and could not approve. So I canceled the process. Then a few days later the loan officer contacted me. Said if I show $10,000.00 in liquid assets savings, 401k, etc. the loan can be approved. I showed bank statements and a 401k that met the requirements requested. A week later they said we tried diligently to get underwriting to approve but could not because of a late payment, which I presumed was waived after my initial cancellation. "Deception" at its best.

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Original review: Aug. 12, 2015

Started off very excited to refinance my home at a better rate. About 1/2 way through the process the customer service started going downhill and they stopped calling and emailing me back. I thought I was the customer? Aren't I paying them for a new rate? Anyways, I will never do business with Greenlight Loans or an affiliate of theirs. There are plenty of mortgage institutions that will treat you better.

11 people found this review helpful
Original review: Aug. 4, 2015

After a pre-approval, there was a two week delay before an appraisal took place. The appraiser they sent was unfamiliar with the area, and gave our home a low value. After another three weeks of asking for additional forms, copies and letters, the loan was denied due to the appraisal. Their slow moving processes and lack of integration wasted not only their time and mine.

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Original review: Aug. 1, 2015

I was alerted by Credit Karma that my credit score had changed. Apparently Greenlight Loans made a HARD check of my credit score which caused my score to go down. I did NOT apply to them or anyone recently for a loan or a credit card. I am trying very hard to bring my score up and now they have cause it to go down because of this HARD check. I want them to fix this asap. If you could help me to make them pull that HARD check off my record I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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Resolution response: Aug. 1, 2015

They are working with us now on what needs to get done to go to closing. I know they work hard. People just need a little patience.

Original review: July 31, 2015

Lenny was great. My brother was approved for a loan. Well, that was the only good person there. We've been through 3 closing coordinators. Put $1000 down on a house. Got homeowners insurance. The problem? We were constantly faxing the same documents over and over again. We actually were suppose to have closing today. Greenlight was suppose to fax their paperwork - that's what the closer told our agent. They never did. We packed. We had a truck ready to go. We had our friends ready to go. What a joke. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't use this company and go through what we went through.

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