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I leased a vehicle with GMC in 2015. I ended up paying off the vehicle in its entirety in June of 2016 (one year after I leased it). I waited for my title to be mailed out and was told the title would be mailed in July. Waited for one month and come to find out that the they had mailed out my title to Navy Federal Credit Union. I questioned several of the representatives to ask why they mailed it to Navy Federal and no on one could answer my question. I was then told that the customer service lead by the name of Victoria would look into the situation for me and call me back on Monday (This was said on Saturday).

I patiently waited on Monday and never heard from her. I then called on Tuesday and once again was told Victoria was looking into it and she would call me Wednesday. Called back today (Wednesday) and spoke with latter and Elaina Id#**. They both advised that Victoria was looking into it and she would call me back. I asked to speak with another representative and was told no that Victoria was "re-searching'. I asked what they were researching and she said she was re-searching why it was sent to navy federal.

I told her that 5 different times I've been told that the cashiers check clearly shows that my husband Fares ** is the remitter and they have all admitted that it was GMC's fault so why can't they just re-issue a new title. She said it wasn't that simple and couldn't answer my questions that all she could do is send Victoria a message letting her know she should call me and that I was very upset and I would keep calling until Ii got an answer. No one at GMC will help me. They will not let me speak to a supervisor and they won't re-issue my title. I told them I was going to submit a claim with consumer affairs and they said didn't care.

Satisfaction Rating

When canceling my fully paid policy in accordance with their own written policy they first refused to acknowledge my written letter and email then trying to charge me a $50 cancellation fee. When I contacted them the first guy named Russell said they did not have it, while I was reading my cancellation to him right off their own web page! Then he hung up on me. When I called back I got Elisabeth who said she would fix it so that I only owed $42. The policy was fully paid and I canceled it one day before the expiration date. I told them I was not going to pay it and she said fine they would send it to a collections company. I told them fine, I still was not going to pay it. They charge you a phony "Acquisition fee" every renewal and can't explain why. I am a 80 year old disabled veteran of 24 years service and don't need the hassle from phonies like them.

Satisfaction Rating

I took out an Agreement with GMAC car finance in 2009. The Agreement came to an end in November 2014 but during this period GMAC failed to credit some of my payments. This has been going on now for 2 1/2 years and I've now sent 8 times proof of payments made via bank statements and financial statements. I had a debt collector who realised I'd paid and returned the case back to GMAC who later got their Solicitors involved who also realised that everything was up to date. Shoosmiths requested bank statements from 2011 to the present day when they came on board and when I told them that GMAC already had copies, I was told that under the Data Protection Act GMAC had destroyed them as they were no longer fit the purpose...WHAT. The dispute was still ongoing.

When the Debt Collector came I told him that I would be charging for my time and expenses and duly sent to GMAC a Notice of Intention to charge with interest @ 4% per month. They later de-instructed Shoosmiths and I kept receiving default letters which meant they were taking no notice of bank statements or their Solicitors. Shoosmiths admitted that they were not responding to their letters either. Got a letter at the end of November 2015 demanding payment for 4 months and fees of £350.00. Sent bank statements showing 2 payments made and pointed out that the 2 other payments they were asking for were clearly shown as received on THEIR history of payments received and I asked for a breakdown of the £350 fees as I hadn't had one. I submitted my invoice and also enclosed a copy of my Notice as I felt that if they had destroyed the bank statements they might well have destroyed that letter too.

These docs were sent by Special Delivery on the 8th December and they received it on the 9th - somebody called Dibbs signed for it. As I had been given the wrong tracking code, I re-sent them by fax thinking that Royal Mail had lost the correspondence so they have received everything twice. To date I've not heard a word back. Does this come under the Fraud Act or fraud under the Consumer Credit Act as someone has had my money. I want to write to them once more before going to my Solicitor so any advice as to what to put please would be most welcome. I've come to the end of my tether.

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I moved to south Carolina in 2005. I couldn't find a job until a year and half later. A family member said they would pay the car note until I found a job. I did not know until they did not pay 3 to 4 payments and GMAC notified me. Since I had no money to pay, I told them to come and get the car. So, I surrendered the car to them. They decided to sell a $33,000 car at auction for 9,000.00. They took me to court. Since there was no money for a lawyer. I paid one to write a rebuttal to GMAC's claim of $15,000 plus court costs. I am 71 years old, had a heart attack and had to retire because of it. Never will be able to pay them off so I cannot ever refinance my home.

Satisfaction Rating

I have been mis-sold a Vauxhall Mokka and GMAC are not willing to assist in resolving the issue. I have been in contact with GMAC/Vauxhall/Evans Halshaw St Albans. GMAC are only concerned about their dealer relation and has no interest in their retail clients... TOTAL DISGRACE.

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Satisfaction Rating

I financed a 2000 Nissan Frontier 8 years ago! Paid it off in 48 months and never received my title! Wanting to sell truck and they still show GMAC/ALLY as lien holder. So trying to contact someone to help with this is so irritating! It's like DUH!!!!! What to do and who to talk to is like tossing dice!

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I have a 2006 Ford F150 and was originally financed through Long Beach Acceptance which then had been bought out by Americredit. Then GMAC took over Americredit. Throughout the 6 year finance, I had done 6 payment deferments which extended my loan to 78 months. I had only asked for a one month deferment and I was advised that the only way to do a deferment is that it would be for 2 months not 1 and it would cost me $352 and some change. I said okay as I have dealt with deferments in the past with no issues.

Due to my circumstances, I had no choice and paid each time the same amount. I was advised that when my next payment was due, it would be applied to my loan as normal and I was okay with that. Okay, after all that, I financed my loan in Aug. of 2006. Here it is March 2013 and GMAC is stating I owe close to a $4,000 balloon payment because it is a daily simple interest loan in which I know the type of loan and was never advised of this information prior to to 3 months ago. I have talked to customer service requesting to speak to a manager. I was advised none were available but I could leave a voice mail which I did.

I never received a call back. I called back asking for payment research to review my payment history which I still have not received. I did about a year ago and I did receive that one from Americredit and saw the 3 payments that went to interest. I have been advised on one phone call that this balloon payment was interest. Then I was told it was principal; then I was told it was principal and interest. I asked them over 20 times to please research the account from day one and requested yet again for a complete payment history with the $352 payments included and that was 2 weeks ago.

I have emailed them numerous times without a response; besides, the automated response was, "We will get back to you." I have over 50 emails saved on my email account where some received responses such as, "Thank you for your request", "Please call after ..." I had already stated I had called on several occasions. I am not having Chase and Bank of America send me all of my account histories since Aug. 1, 2006 until present to go to a lawyer to fight this matter because it is unfair to anyone to go through this.

I deal with daily simple interest mortgages, the same type of loan, just one for a house and one for an automobile. When a customer is late, the next statement you receive reflects the higher balance due to the incurred interest for the days they were late. I never received a statement reflecting this information. The other thing I have had issues with is the website for GMAC showing my account details; it reflects totally different amounts owed along with how many payments are due. I brought this to their attention and was ignored by 5 reps who stated, "You owe what our system says you do." I asked if the website is part of their system since they receive my payments through there and they stated yes. So I asked, "Why isn't it reflecting the same information?" And I did not get an answer. This is a horrible company and I am now seeking legal action.

Satisfaction Rating

Approximately one year ago, I encountered a financial difficulty that required I get an extension on my truck payment with ALLY (GMAC) for one month.

I called and the extension was approved. I paid the amount identified as instructed by the customer relations individual and thought everything was okay. I later received paperwork in the mail that required my signature for the extension, which I signed and returned.

I have recently discovered my credit report has been reported 30 days late for this payment and ALLY(GMAC) states the payment was not late, but the paperwork I had to sign was late. So they can not remove the 30-day late from our credit reports.

Satisfaction Rating

In April of 2007, my social security number was used to obtain a $60,000+ car loan in Washington state even if I live in CA. Suspect placed a $13,000 cash down, and received a car loan from GMAC / Ally.

Suspect's application states he's self-employed and makes $45,000 a year as a tattoo artist. Hard to believe he could get a loan for a Cadillac Escalade.

I did not find out about this until 2011 when the IRS audited me asking me to claim the $13k cash used as a down payment. I investigated this and was lead to Ally.

Since January 2011, Ally has done nothing but given me the run-around. Claiming they only deal with the dealer, not customers, they had no knowledge he was using someone else's SS#, etc. They did not do their due diligence and claim they don't work that way. To date, the IRS is holding my 2010 tax refund and Ally will not respond other then they are not liable nor responsible. They state they have tried to repose the car but cant find it. I spent my own money to locate it, although they could ask On-Star to help too. Ally overlooked this one, didn't do their job and is big enough to screw the little guy.

Ms. ** at Ally is useless and uses the same letters over and over when I make complaints. I will no longer deal with her and will email executives at Ally until this is resolved.


My vehicle was repossessed and they never notified us that GMAC is now Ally finance. No offers to redeem or reinstate loan balance, or the vehicle, so that we could recoup our personal property. According to Federal Trade Commission if a vehicle is more than half paid, they need to refinance on balance, before they repossess. They said we hadn't given a payment in more than a year. How can that be, if you skip just one payment, they are calling you. We never received any calls as to the status of the vehicle loan, nor that the insurance had not paid. If and when they stopped paying, they should have advised us, and we would have called them (the disability insurance).

Our disability Insurance, bought with the 2006 Chevy Silverado, covered in case he become disabled and/or unemployed, and both things happened. I feel they are not crediting those payments, that the insurance paid and they are not responding to the certified mail we sent, requesting and resubmitting all the payment records they have provided us with (insurance). Please hep, as I understand California has won a class action suit against GMAC for wrongful repossessions on California residents.

I am disabled and have been diagnosed with fibromyelgia and rheumatoid arthritis. I have had to go on the bus at 6AM, and my spouse, the signee on the contract with GMAC, receiving her unemployment checks since May 2006 through September of 2007. She was disabled from February 2006 through July 2009. We have lost everything, due to that fact that we had no transportation, and were not advised of anything being wrong with the account, until the vehicle was repossessed!


I have been paying a car loan for 5 years. And it is not on my credit report. Or my mortgage.


I’m getting calls 3 times a week looking for my son who has not lived here for 20 years. Today, they have called my next-door neighbor wanting information. She told them she does not give out personal information. She ask how they got her phone # and the lady hung up.


I fell a little behind in my auto payment around October 2009 due to having to pay for books for school a month prior. So I received a call from a GMAC representative named Bill the week of November 8 to discuss why the account was past due. I then told him the happenings, and he then began to tell me I could get a 60-day extension on my account. The basis of the 60-day extension was to pay the discussed amount, which was $500.00, and when that payment was made, I could then be eligible for the 60-day extension.

What the 60-day extension would do was put the October and November payments on the end months of my account. I was told to call after submitting this payment to ensure that the extension would be applied to my account. Hearing this and agreeing to take the extension, I submitted a payment of $500 on November 18 to cover for late charges for my October payment and to obtain my extension. I called during the process of wiring my money via Western Union to ensure that I'm sending it to the right place.

When I called and got connected to a representative, the representative I had spoken the week prior, Bill, wasn't at the extension he provided for me to reach him at. This time I was in contact with a lady, and we talked through the process. I made mention of the 60-day extension that Bill said I could obtain. She was very polite with handling the account and stated that she'd note on the account for my extension to take place.

Thinking everything is "Hunky-dory" (going good), I get a call from a GMAC rep named Ernest **, the week prior to December 16. He wanted to know how come I haven't submitted a payment in December. I then relayed the information to him from the conversation between me and the representative Bill. He then proceeded to say sorry for the misleading information provided by their representative, but I was ineligible for a 60-day extension, because I had received a 30-day extension in February earlier in the year.

He then said I needed to come up with $218 for late charges from October. The initial plan was for me to pay the $218, and they'd work with me for the December and January payment. And then, I'd be eligible for a 60-day extension in February.

Very bamboozled and aggravated at this point, I decided to gather the money and send it in. I sent a money order for $219 on December 16 to the mailing address provided by GMAC's automated voice, which is located in Louisville, Kentucky. As a follow-up procedure, the rep called a couple days later to see if I had sent the money, because it had yet to reach them.

Unfortunately, the money hadn't gotten to them yet, and the rep was beginning to grow impatient with me and proceeded to ask for me to send an additional $218. I told him I had no way to come up with the money and told him to check the location where GMAC's checks and/or money orders are to be sent to. He replied, "That is too long of a process." Very infuriated with me, the two of us then just get off the phone without resolving anything.

So, time went by, and on January 5, 2010 at 12:10am, a guy was knocking at my door and said he's the repo man. He has my 2007 Impala hoisted up on the tow truck already and let me get my belongings out of the car before towing it. I told him my predicament, and he said, "Between me and you, GMAC are idiots. But don't tell them I said that!" He then said, "Things like this happen all the time, but you could call them (GMAC) in the morning, and they'll probably release the vehicle if you tell them what you just told me." Then he drove away with my vehicle on his tow truck.

I called GMAC the next morning and asked to speak with a manager and was transferred to speak with a Jacob **. I then proceeded to again regurgitate the information from previous conversations I held with Bill and Ernest **. He started getting very ignorant and rude, because I began telling him that his rep was at fault for giving me misleading information and having me thinking one thing when it's another. He then crudely stated, "Our rep isn't at fault. You just need to accept responsibility for your actions." I then told him I could have done something, if I had known from the beginning that I wouldn't be eligible for an extension.

The conversation was then ended after that. I called back to speak with another rep and was given a number to what's called their "redemption center," because they're no longer handling my account at the bank, and whatever. I then called the redemption center to complain about the situation, and they said they couldn't do anything about it, because no payment had been posted to my account. Then I finally got to thinking to find my receipt from the money order I sent. I searched frantically for the money order receipt and found it, to call the place I purchased it from.

After getting connected to someone, I gave her the money order number and the amount of the money order. She then told me the money was cashed and cleared on December 28. I then asked "where," and she said I had to come in person for that info to be relayed to me. After bumming a ride to the Currency Exchange I purchased the money order from, the lady printed out a copy of the front and back of the money order to show where it was cashed.

The lettering of the stamp that was used to stamp on the back of the money order was illegible, but the lady said, "it appeared to cashed at a bank, but I can't tell where." So there's a towed car. GMAC still denying any payment being posted to my account. But there's a cashed money order and a distraught individual without a car who has to bum a ride to and from work and has to cancel his classes for the Spring 2010 semester, because he has no one to take him to the university he's attending 35 minutes away in Hammond, IN, and he's living in Joliet, IL!


My daughter had her car repossed. GMAC has been nothing but rude to her while she was trying to negotiate prior to the repossession and truly rude after they repossed her car. She added me onto the account so that I could handle this for her. They have been rude to me, given me false information and also not given me all of the information.

I have spent over 2 hours on hold trying to work this out between yesterday and today and then the 3rd time I was on hold today, while waiting for a supervisor, the call was completely disconnected after being on hold for 45 minutes.

I had gone to Walmart and wired the money last night and today I wanted to verify that they received the funds and arrange for my daughter to get her car back. I can't believe that GMAC is so unwilling to assist me and continues to be rude and waste our time when we are trying to clear this matter up. Today I even had John comment, "well you want you car back or not".

From 1996 through 2000 I actually worked for GMAC when they had an office here, and I can't believe the lack of professionalism and rudeness as well as not assisting me in helping my daughter get her car back. The moneygram express payment for $1381.46 sent to them at 0838 with confirmation #88335126 was from 11-05-09.

Please help us get me daughter's car back. This is a hardship on my daughter who lives a few states away from me. She has a full time job, a part time job and she is working on her Master's Degree. We are trying to get her car back for her to be able to get to work since they don't have city transportation where she lives. I have submitted the money per their request but they continue to not assist us and make me just sit on hold. PLEASE HELP!!


I took a car loan from GMAC Auto Financing - for an amount financed of $9390.32 - and with finance charges the total of payments was to be $14173.56 - with 36 payments of $393.71 beginning 3-16-2006. Although I have been critically ill and in intensive care and subsequently out of work for a long time I did not default on the loan. I kept contacting GMAC whenever I was unable to come up with the payment on time or couldn't pay the full amount of the payment. I was told on the phone that it was ok to skip a month due to my illness and financial problems and that they would waive late charges.

To date I have paid a total of $14173.00, which means I have paid $401.94 more than was originally due on the loan. I understand that there would be some late charges, but now they say that I still owe $678.23 more on the principal of the loan plus $616.60 in late charges.

My contract clearly states that the late charge (and I was not late every month) would be 5% of the monthly payment, which would be no more than $20. It also says that any change in the contract would have to be in writing and signed. I have never signed any amendment to the contract, and GMAC has no right to add 3 extra payments to my balance. I feel they have used mafia-like tactics in dealing with me, constant harrassment, and usury rates on the interest. I agreed to the 29.04% APR, but I have paid all this and an extra $401.94 to them.

We had asked several people at GMAC for a reason for these extra charges and got a different answer from each one. We were told that they sent a paper out explaining the extra charges but never got it and we spoke to a Mr Shiver almost 3 weeks ago who said he would send out a copy of the payment history and extra charges, but to date we have received nothing.

I have a copy of my original contract and payment history that I printed from the website, and I would like help in getting these erroneous charges removed and my paid off title sent to me, as I have paid much more than is due on this loan. Thank you for your help. GMAC is threatening to "charge off" this loan and ruin my credit if I do not pay them the $678.23 plus $616.60 and are refusing to send me my title to the car. I have housing, utilities, and food to provide for my family and need your help in resolving this issue.

I have an automotive account with GMAC auto financial services. I've been a stay at home mother of two for the past two years. Me and my kids were evicted by my ex fiance on July 3rd 2009. My ex fiance had taken care of the finances over the last two years. I'm currently unemployed and having a hard time finding a job. I called GMAC after they had sent me letter's offering me payment extentions. I called GMAC to arrange a payment extention to give me more time to find a job.

On September 18th I talked to Paul D. at GMAC. He said " He will give me a two month payment extention if I pay July 2009's payment of $134 and a full payment for August 2009 $560 by September 25 2009. I didn't know how I could get that money but I managed to get the total payment of $694.56 together by the following friday September 25th 2009. Paul D. said if I paid July and August 2009's payment he would put September and October's payments at the end of my contract and my next payment would be due on November 7th 2009. I used money gram express on September 25th 2009 and got the $694.56 to GMAC.

I thought it was set. Then the following week I get a contract from GMAC about a payment extention. However it did not consist of anything I was told by Paul D. of GMAC. The contract stated if I mailed them $400 then they would give me an extention on August and September 2009's payment and my next payment would be due on October 7th 2009. This was not correct at all.

I immediately called GMAC on the direct number Paul Durham had given me and it was a recording telling you about the hours of operations. There was no way to reach a live person from the number Paul Durham had given me. I called just about everyone at GMAC and explained the situation. They had never heard of Paul D.. They then one woman told me if I sent them a payment of $336 they would give me an extention for August and September 2009.

I made a payment for August and July 2009 and was promised an extention for September and October 2009 by Paul D. I then talked to a man and he said if I sent a payment of $500 he would give me an extention of August and September 2009. I finally talked to a supervisor and explained the whole situation to him and he said he understood and was going to look into it. I told him that GMAC needs to honor the agreement that was made with me. Why would I be insisting on getting an extention for August 2009 when I paid it. I think what their doing is completely wrong.

I was promised a payment extention for September 2009 and October 2009 if I paid their company $694.56 by September 25th 2009. That was it, I was not told anything about a payment extention fee or anything by Paul D. I'm a single mother of two kids having a very hard time finding a job and I thought I have been given a slight break by Paul D. at GMAC. However, I was flat out lied to by Paul D. in regards to his promise of a payment extention on my 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer and their now threatening repossession of my vehicle.

I know they record their conversations and on September 18th 2009 I talked to Paul D. and he promised me a two month payment extention for September and October 2009's payment as long as I paid $694.56 for my July and August 2009's payments. Now the company refuses to honor the agreement that I had made with Paul D.


After repeated attempts by myself and my insurance company, GMAC refuses to provide any form of written loan satisfaction. My insurance company, Auto One, is withholding approximately $1,900, additional funds, due to me since GMAC is preventing Auto One from obtaining clear title to the vehicle. Auto One 'totaled' my vehicle and is holding it in storage.


I have been paying GMAC for the past five years on an account for over mileage on a car I had that long ago. Never missed a payment, yet in November they called and wanted ALL of the balance ($513.00). The woman that phoned me denied knowing of any payment arrangements. After telling her that I've been paying for five years, she called me a liar saying that "no one in that office would make those arrangements." They then sent notice to the credit bureau saying they charged off the account as bad...yet I'm STILL PAYING!


I had fallen behind in payments as I had received a paycut in September ,2009. Michael contacted me first in December 08 and then in January told me that either I pay 1000.00 immediately or they wanted to know where the truck was, they were coming to get it. He said I had 2 options, repossession or voluntary surrender at the car dealer. He advised me that if I voluntarily surrendered the truck I would not owe anything. He said they would just resale at the dealership.

When I turned the truck in, the dealership said the paperwork would come from the corporate office. I called Mike in collections back and asked why I did not receive the paperwork and he told me the dealer was incorrect, go back and get the paperwork. I went back and the person at the dealer called GMAC to see who was telling me this stuff. She said my truck was on the way to the Auction and I would be responsible for remaining money. I called collections again today 1-21-09 and Mike and a female he said was his supervisor advise me that again the dealer is wrong, I will not owe anything. They told me to call repossessions and have them fax me a letter of clearance showing me free and clear of the truck. Repossession and the litigation department later tells me that the collection department lied to me.

I am going to be responsible for the remaining amount after being auctioned and that the truck did not have to be repossessed. The gentleman in litigation could not believe they did not try to work with me. The only reason I surrendered the truck was because they said I would be free of the payment and responsibility. I would never have turned it over knowing that I would still be making payments and no vehicle. I had previously talked to Mike about trying to get my payments refinanced, lowered or trade down to lower my payments, I was told NO.


I recently paid off my auto loan using the amount shown in my account on the GMAC website, and soon after received a check from GMAC for one cent as a refund for overpaying the loan.

November of 2007 my wife requested that our automated draft for our 2004 Yukon XL be moved from the first of the month to the 15th of the month.

January of 2008 we are notified that we are two months past due and when we asked how that could be since we had automatic draft we were told that we had cancelled the automatic draft. No one could tell us who authorized this to have happened and we were told that it is in their records that the "borrower" called and cancelled the automatic draft.

We called customer service to find out how this could have happened and were brushed off and told that we needed to make the proper amount of payments to catch the loan up or face default. We have since continued to argue with GMAC and in March were told that they could atleast put one of the payments to the end of the note. In June of 2008 my next door neighbor comes to my backdoor and gives me a message that "a man" called them and told them that he was looking for me and that I needed to contact him to avoid serious trouble. There is no name but when I called the number it was GMAC.

I spoke w/ a lady named Stacy W with GMAC, told our story from the beginning, learned that we were still in default, was told that we authorized the automatic draft to be cancelled even though she still cant tell us who authorized it or who in GMAC did the notation in the their system. We were also told that they could not reinstate the draft until the account was brought current. She emailed me some paperwork to put the missing payments to the end of the note and I emailed her back w/ some questions and never heard from her again. July comes around and my father called me to say that GMAC called him looking for me and told him that I was in serious trouble and that if he (my father) didn't contact me about this matter that I would face serious consequences. (please note that I have struggled to build a good relationship w/ my father my whole life and this incident did not help matters, at all) to say the least I was very upset that GMAC was spreading my personal business to my family and neighbors.

I get a call from a Patrick T who admits he was the one that called my father, says that no payments were put to the end of the note, says that they have been attempting to contact me and that I would not respond. I told him that I have the emails from Stacy W and that I told her email was the way to communicate w/ me. He said he could not email me because it was not GMAC's policy and he didn't have time to read all of the emails from customers, he could not tell us who authorized our account draft to be stopped he did say that he would roll the payments to the end of the note, faxed me the paper work and I faxed it back to him.

End of September we get a letter from GMAC that we owe 209.00 in late fees. October 18th 9PM my son comes into our bedroom and askes what is wrong with the Yukon because it is being pulled out of our garage by a tow-truck. GMAC sent two people to our home to do a contact reposession of our vehicle, never knocked on our door, stepped inside our garage to hook up to our car, the primary repo man has major arrests in four other states with drug charges, attempted an assault on my wife by slamming the vehicle door and almost stricking her hand, the paperwork that he showed to the two sheriff's officers showed the request for repo by GMAC and also showed a zero balance owed and zero days late. We did get our vehicle back that same night and we did press charges for burglary of a building.

When I contacted GMAC the next day they were somewhat surprized to find out that we still had our vehicle, continued to say that we were now two and 1/2 months past due and here we go again! It took me 3 hours of contacting this person and that person because everyone had some reason as to why they had no answers for me, several of them would only give me first names w/ no referrence numbers, one hung the phone up on me (Edward C), I was finally directed back to Patrick T who said that he never got any fax from me, that there was never any agreement to put payments back to the end of the note and that I could pay all of the fees to keep the vehicle out of repo. I spoke w/ his supervior and then his supervisor's supervisor ( Debbie A. I told her our story from the beginning, told her about the frightening repo attemt (only an I'm sorry if that's what really happened was offered) and when I told her that if the game playing didn't stop that they could tell me where to take the vehicle.

At this time and after having been told by Dedrick F (Mr. T's Supervisor) that there was nothing he could do but take two months worth of payments, today, she offered to back the two missing payments to the end of the note if I would agree to pay the 1/2 month owed and to reinstate the automatic draft to be effective in November. She faxed me the paperwork, I signed and faxed it back. The very next day (Saturday) we received a payment book in the mail that was obviously sent after the repo was ordered because the first payment was for December of this year and then this week we received another bill from them that states we still owe the 1/2 payment and the 209 dollars in late fees. As of now, we still have the vehicle and I am still under the impression that the two "late payments" are now backed to the end of the note and that as Ms. A had stated, that we are "caught up". That's it in a nutshell.


After going through a divorce I was awarded a 2006 Chevrolet Equinox LT. The only problem was that the loan through GMAC was in my ex-wife's name, so I had to refinance it in my own name. Being a service member I decided to use USAA with whom I have always experienced fantastic service. The loan was refinanced and GMAC received full payment on 8/4/08. Unfortunately I had signed up for automatic payment which had a scheduled withdrawal date of 8/5/08. $544.84 was withdrawn from my account on 8/5/08, 1 day after the acount had already been paid in full.

I contact GMAC immediately upon discovering this and was told that there was no record of this payment being received, but that an investigation would be opened, this was on 8/8/08. I called back on 8/14/08 and was informed that nothing had been done so I faxed a copy of my bank statement showing the amount that had been withdrawn.

I called back on 8/15/08 and nothing had been done. Meanwhile I have a payment due to USAA on 8/15. Serving one's country does not pay well financially, only well in personal satisfaction of knowing I am doing my duty, so now I am out 2 car payments instead of 1 and all they can tell me to do is call them again next week.

I am out $544.82 with very little confidence that GMAC will reimburse me. It seems very cruel for a corporation to deny a man who is serving his country an amount which is probably less than their big wig corporate execs spend on lunch. This has taken time away from my duties to sit on hold on the phone and caused me a considerable amount of stress.


I cosigned for my son to buy a 2001 GMAC truck, he was late 31 times but nobody from GMAC contacted me, they had all my info,they could have even contacted me at work but did not, I had no idea my son was ever late, If I did I would have paid myself. when I finally found out, I paid the truck off. Also GMAC had me down as a Co-buyer (which I had no idea that I was) I was only supposed to be the co-signer. I have contacted GMAC they had no records of trying to contact me.

this is a reflection on my credit report which at one time was perfect. Is there anyting I can do to have this taken off my credit report?


I purchased a 1996 BMC Sonoma pickup truck (1GTCS1944T8529489) on Dec. 28, 1996 from GMAC. I paid the vehicle off in full in April 17, 2000. I would like to sell it but I cannot get a lien release. I have called GMAC every other day for the past two months and they take the information, and do nothing. What do I need to do. I even told them I would pay. They are just giving me lip service. What can I do? I am trying to finalize the sale of this truck for $800.00. This document is preventing the sale.

I was looking around for a new car and picked out a car I felt might be a good match. Looking at the pricetag and credit history, I was not certain if I could pay the amount in full at the dealership. I talk to the car dealership and they suggested a car loan and applied to multiple financial lenders.

My poor credit history was did get an approval wtih GMAC with an interest rate of 10%. I was like NO WAY but since I was concerned with the economic, I went on the getting the loan for 1 reason: I had the money more or less and I wanted to have the money to account and make more in case of emergencies.

Before signing the dotted line of the loan, I asked the car dealership if I could the balance in May (because the first due date was 6/4/08) and pay the balance off since I could. They stated that contacting GMAC financial would not be an issue on that. So on 4/24/08, I signed the dotted line.

One less than a week, I checked my account information and confirmed that I had enough money (my gf helped me out and more or less hers). I called in the first week of May (Monday). And they stated that they do not have my information and the car dealership has not processed it. I called the dealership and stated that they already have. So I call back and the representative stated that it would take between 30-45days for processing.

I was like what? I asked why does it take so long because I wanted to pay the balance off. I even asked if I could just send out a check with my information on so that they do not CHARGE ME FINANCE CHARGES. They said that it should not be an issue and call back again.

2nd week and 3rd week, I called and no account information. I stated then how would you know if I called and wanted to pay the balance in full and not charge me interest. They stated that it would be fine.

After my 4th week, I called and still no account information (talk about helpless nor do they even send any information about my account all this time). Finally on Thursday, the 1st bill for the car loan shows up. I saw the balance and my fd wrote out a check (which was posted on 5/30). I was like ok, I should be done since the balance is the amount I wrote.

On June 6, 2008, I get a letter from GMAC financing telling me that there is a remaining balance of $286.38 written on June 2) that I ave to pay that balance in full before or on June 12, 2008 (which gives me less than 6 including weekend). I was like eh? And I called GMAC. What was even funny was my account has a balance of $300.86 now. I talked to customer representative and asked how could the finance charge be that high? They stated it was the interest rate from Apr 28 to time of posting of May 30. I was like ok but then why should I be penalized when I called to pay the balance in full 4 weeks ago and no one could pull my account?

They stated that it takes 30-45 days to process. I was like one sec. If I had the money to pay and wanted to pay the balance all this time. Who is at fault for the balance when:
1) I called and asked about this scenario when I wanted to pay in full last month
2) I have no control on your processing but expedited because I call the dealership and everything to confirm it is in your hand
3) Gain interest when you would not take my money to post into an account because YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT NUMBER.

I was directed quality assurance who basically told me that it is in the contract. I was like NO nor did I read anything like that (again, I can't be certain because buying a car is a long and painful process) but CLEARLY, I told the car dealership of early payoff for the balance. I even acknowledged the QA personnel that I could agree with even 2 weeks of finance charge but the WHOLE TIME when I wanted to pay?

So now, I am going to pay it off so my credit score do not get scarred but this charging me something that I wanted earlier because they could not take care of it. So I am penalized for this slow processing and charge me while I am waiting?

This is ridiculous with my lost time to try to pay the amount in full. Isn't this what GMAC wants.. Someone to pay the bill ontime?


I was late in sending in a payment, and was notified via letter that I have a late charge in the amount of $200+. The last time I tried paying this over the phone, via Trupay, they did not apply the payment I made towards my late fees and instead applied it towards my principal. I found out later I needed to call GMAC and have a Truepay Rep apply the payment to my late fees. GMAC has continually called me in reference to this payment during my hours of work, when I am unable to answer the phone due to the fact that I am an Emergency Medical Technician and engaged in continious patient care. They have continued to call me to the point of harrassment even though I have told them NOT to call me during these certain hours.

When attempting to call their main number to speak with a Customer Rep, all lines have been busy for the past 2 weeks. Each time I am on hold, their phone system will automatically Disconnect after 45 minutes on hold. Due to this, I have been unable to make a payment towards these late charges. I have also sent an EMail to them via their homepage over a week ago and have not recieved a response to that either. Ultimately, I called their Assistance phone number to request a new payment book in hopes I could pay the late charges via it, and was told by the computer system that they now have no records of my account number or Social Security number in their systems. I will continue to try to contact them on a daily basis.


Purchased a new car and it was financed throurch GMAC. We never received any paperwork from GMAC with a contract number or payment address. (I do have the paperwork from the day we purchased the car). After returning from vacation, I contacted our dealer. They gave me the 800 number for GMAC. Once I called them, I was told that I had two payments due and that they had been sending the payment information to the wrong address. I informed them that I could not make two payments in one month and asked to have the payment deffered. I was told no.

I asked if I could break the extra payment out over the next four months in addition to making the monthly regular payment. I was told no - rather rudely. The best they offered was to reverse the late charge on the June payment and remove the "derogatory remarks". I do not feel that I should be penalized because they used a wrong address. I contacted them to fix the problem and they are being unreasonable. I have no problem making a monthly payment but I cannot make two payments at one time. I am only asking them to be reasonable. They seem to not want to be understanding or helpful in any way.

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