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I had sent my deposit of $60.00 to receive my $600.00 loan that I was approve of and that was 02/23/11. And I suppose to have talked to his supervisor 45 minutes later but no one reached me, wired me my money or tried to contact me. I have called numerous times and the representatives hang the phone up in my face. I checked my tracking status at Western Union. It was priced up by their company but they haven't sent my money.

According to this collection agency, which they would not provide the name of, claims I took out a payday loan in 2005.

I did take one out in 2006, with US payday loans, and I paid it off, they are not harassing me, but a collection agency from Global payday loans is, I never took out a payday loan from them at all, nor did I take one out in 2005. This payday loan is on my credit report, so I had them investigate it, just this year. They call me ten times a day, claiming to be lawyers, hurling vile insults, claiming I am going to be arrested.

They claim I took the money and than closed my bank account. I did close my bank account in 2005 because my purse was stolen. They keep saying that the police are coming to get me and take me to jail, well they have been saying that for 8 months now. Besides if this thing was legit, and I wrote a fraudulent check in 2005, then I would have been picked up already don't you think? They have called my real estate agent, my landlord, my work.

How can they get away with this. I do not understand. Is there a statue of limitations on this? It has been 4 years. How could this be on my credit report, it is not even mine. They have called friends, family, my supervisor's.

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