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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

They sent me an email for my first statement saying it is online. I can't log in because they say my information is not available online. I call customer service and after fighting through the long automated system, I finally get a representative. He is not helpful at all, and in all fairness, me being rude to him probably didn't help. He never helped us, he gave me his scripted answer which didn't apply, and refused to do anything else. I still can't access my statement or my account. I am not sure how I am supposed to pay my bill. I asked for paper statements, but he gave me a vague answer that didn't mean I was going to get a paper statement. What now??? I did what he said, and just as I expected, it didn't work and I am back at square one.

I'm completely upset with Toys R Us. Not sure why TOYS R US are spoiling their reputation by providing credit cards operated by Synchrony Bank. This bank is useless.. Very very poor customer service. When I talk to customer service, I feel helpless. They don't understand anything. I made a purchase worth 46$ using the Toys R Us card, later I made the payment to Toys R Us via my BofA account but after 3 months I got message from BofA that my transaction got failed.

I have hard time telling Sychrony Bank that I made genuine attempt to repay the amount. I even got the BofA letter issued stating that i made an attempt to repay the amount but the Synchrony bank is not accepting. I don't know how to deal with them. My entire credit history which was well maintained for years got severely impacted because of this incident. I suggest everyone to avoid credit cards issued by Synchrony Bank to avoid nightmare.

I opened a Belk card with these losers and closed my account a month later. Since then I have been hit with late fees when I still see online payments pending. The funds were deducted from my bank and yet they charge me twice in one month. DO NO BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKS.

I had the misfortune of applying for credit with, walmart, amazon, and qvc. It started out, purchases were made and I started paying back immediately. I was hospitalized for 3 weeks and when I started back paying on my accounts, my bill has increased almost $200.00 and when you called or go online you dont see none of your payments and where they get you if dont pay it off in 6 months, they hit you with outrageous penalties. They can never explain what happened to your payments you've made. I tried to send my items back and wipe my account clean. They wont accept anything after 30 days, so you're stuck with them. I'm also thinking about filing bankruptcy on them as well.

I have never seen a more pathetic excuse for a financial entity. I have at one time held 7 accounts with GE but since Synchrony took over, I have closed all but 3. Closed one tonight. I will stay with reputable, consistent and "human-ran" companies such at Cap One. Synchrony I hope to see your company fall from the skies in a ball of flames. To hell with you!

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I have tried to reason with Synchrony Bank. I have asked for payment arrangements. They just will NOT accept any options. When I call, it's like speaking to a robot. I had a very unexpected, very costly car repair and they act like they can't understand. Aren't these people humans? I was given a Toys R Us account, which is weird, because less than 5 yrs ago, I declared bankruptcy.

I charged $26.00 in December of 2015. It was my first and only and last purchase. Now because of late fees, my account is up to $158.00 and if I don't pay that in full by a certain date, they will give me another late fee ($37.00). Isn't there laws about this? I told them, that if they would freeze the account and let me make payments, I can have this bill paid off in 2-3 months. If they won't allow this I will have to declare bankruptcy on this account. Don't these people want their money?? I was given a Care Credit card and just recently, I found out that Synchrony bank is financing this. I closed the account immediately.

I purchased furniture in May 2014 from American Signature Furniture in the amount of $2,166. My monthly payments were to be $61 per month for three years with no interest. At the time I financed through GE Capital Retail Bank. I made my first payment around 06/16/2014 when due. My intention was to pay this purchase off within 2 years. I was making monthly payments in advance for at least a year and never received a late notice.

Once Synchrony Bank took over and I received my first bill from them they stated I was considered late and charged me a late fee. I proceeded to call Synchrony Bank and stated to them I should not be late as I have paid my monthly payment in advance. I called customer service to complain and they agreed to remove late payment from my bill. Unfortunately I continued to get late payments.

I asked how do I avoid these late payments and it was explained to me I had to pay within the 30 billing cycle, they told me when It was okay to make payments. I proceeded to make payments within I thought the 30 day billing cycle and I was still charged late payments. At that time I became frustrated and started to make payments as close to 16th of the month as possible and did not make any additional payments. I paid $61 per month by the 16th of the month. By this time I had a considerate amount of late payments and my monthly payments were increased approximately double to what I agreed to pay each month of $61 per month. I am currently being charged $37 per month in late charges and approximately $10 per month in interest charges.

According to my recent bill my promotional balance is $347.68. If I continue to make $61 a month payment my furniture would be paid off approximately 6 months in advance of the original promotional Expiration Date (06/23/2017). The bill also states my new balance is $772/minimum. Payment is $112/amount past due, $226/total minimum. Payment due is $338. $323.70 in late fees and interest has been added to my balance and this is outrageous.

So, GE Capital Retail Bank - more so Synchrony Bank closed my Amazon account two months ago WITHOUT NOTICE. No letter. No email. No nothing. An account I've had since college, dated 2010. I got cancer in 2014 and kinda lost my mind and body when I went through chemo. So, naturally, I fell behind until I regained my mind. PAID EVERYONE OF MY CARDS owed. NOT ONE CANCELLED ME except Synchrony Bank, my oldest standing card. And I have cards from all kinds of banks American Express, Discover, and Chase. NEVER AGAIN will I bank with Synchrony. Once everything is paid off, I will close every single one of these suckers and eat the credit score hit. I'm only banking with major NON-RETAIL banks now. SCREW YOU Synchrony.

I opened a Synchrony Bank credit card last week with Ashley Furniture, and the process has been a complete nightmare. I went online to see if I had a payment due and noticed that my account was overdrawn. After 4 phone calls I finally learned that Ashley Furniture had charged my card twice, but that is not what I am complaining about.

One of the reps that I spoke with said she was unable to verify my phone number (the same phone number I used to open the account and the same phone number their automated system recognized me as calling from when I called in). The rep then asked me to send her a copy of my ID, my phone bill, a utility bill, and my bank statement to a P.O. Box in Ohio. Basically she asked me to send her every piece of information a person would need to commit a fraud against me. I felt really uncomfortable with this so I asked if it would be possible for me to send the information certified (so someone would have to sign for it), and she declined saying that she was unable to accept the information that way.

I then proceeded to ask if I could fax the information or scan it in and email it directly to the rep, and I was told that I could not. It seems really strange that Synchrony isn't very interested in protecting consumers information, because who would be liable if my information did become compromised? And even stranger that a large company doesn't have access to a fax or computer to receive an email? As a last ditch effort I asked the rep if it would be possible for me to go to my local police department with identification so they could authenticate that I was the account holder, and of course I got another no.

I ended up going to Ashley Furniture and they even attempted to authenticate me which was a no go. So needless to say I cancelled my order and Ashley credited the amount back to my account. As soon as the funds are credited back to my Synchrony I plan to close it. I would not recommend Synchrony to anyone as this has been more hassle than it is worth. The most bothersome issue is why would I care if the account was overdrawn unless it was my account? Seriously? The reps are unable to use any kind of discretion that requires common sense, and it's just plain sad. I hope that this review prevents someone else from falling victim to this type of dealing.

After being a loyal credit card customer with Synchrony Bank for over 5 years, they refuse to remove a negative report from the credit reporting agencies. I was delinquent with ONE payment which was simply an oversight on my end. I accepted responsibility and did NOT LIE about why the payment was late. Once I was notified, the payment was made immediately. I have made my payments on time, always pay more than the minimum, and when I'm able will actually make two payments in the same month.

When I respectfully asked to have their negative report removed in order to improve my credit score, they refused to help and told me the only process at my disposal is to file a dispute with each credit agency. The bank will then respond to each agency. She was clear that the chances of the negative report being removed are slim to none - even all of the red tape "process" is followed. Seems like a massive waste of everyone's time considering my loyalty & positive payment history which includes their ridiculous interest rate.

Synchrony Bank itself takes no accountability for lower my account limits and denying a minor limit increase, although my account has been in a perfect outstanding status for almost 7 years... Since 2010!!! Agent and supervisor (Laura) unable to address and answer questions thoroughly re: account issues. But was extremely good in the "sarcasm" dept. Terrible customer relations... Will soon be a happy, loyal customer elsewhere!

My husband and I purchased furniture from Rooms To Go on 3 different occasions and they stated to us each time that it was zero interest for one year since we were going through Synchrony Bank. Our bill is $153 and we owe $1,116.00. We have paid our bill on time and it didn't seem like our bill was changing so we called Synchrony Bank to find out what was going on with our bill. We should have our things paid off in less than 7 months. When we talked with a representative from Synchrony Bank he didn't want to listen to mathematics. He told us it should be paid off in 20 months. So, you tell me if that's how much we are paying each month why would it take 20 months? Where is ALL of our money going? Bottom line is don't trust them! They lied to us not once but several times.

In 20+ years of having credit cards, I have never seen a bank that is so screwed up, with worse reviews and with such terrible third world country outsourced non-existent customer service. I have never had a credit card report my credit card balance until the monthly statement date has passed. That's credit card 101. Synchrony Bank in the last 60 days on multiple credit cards (Lowe's and Walmart MasterCard) is reporting BALANCES wrongly to all three CB, but my credit card monthly statements that just cut are all at ZERO balance and my next statements aren't for 2 1/2-3 weeks. They already cost me a hard inquiry with a refi because of this major screw up. It's happening to others now as well all over the country.

Your credit scores can and will be negatively affected by this. Say you're like me and run $3,000 a month on a credit card for business and it's no big deal because before the statement date every month you pay off the entire balance so when a credit card company report to the CB's each month it's shows a $0 balance on your credit card. We all know that's how it's suppose to work. But what Synchrony Bank is doing to some credit card holders (not all since it's a glitch in their five cent system) is reporting the $3,000 charged on that credit card BEFORE the due date or statement date each month to all three credit bureaus and even within a couple days of me using their cards is showing up as a balance on all three credit bureaus.

I have submitted various letters and emails of complaint to GE in relation to the sale of PPI linked to a loan provided by them. They have continued to be evasive and blame the matter on a 3rd party, when to all intents and purposes I was under the belief that the people I dealt with were representatives of their company and indeed the literature/form I signed would also suggest this. Has anyone else had similar problems? I now intend to raise my grievance to the highest level of the company and to pursue my grievance on whatever sites may help me obtain what I believe is my rightful compensation. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Walmart had raised my credit limit, then sent a new MasterCard issued by Synchrony Bank under Walmart's banner without my requesting it, then, as I tried to make hefty sums of payments on time, Synchrony rejected my banking information online, refused to accept my payments online several times, payments of $500.00, then $100.00, probably due to some computer glitch on their end though my bank says everything is fine and even went to Walmart to physically make a payment before the due date. And then afterward, without warning or correction on their part, closed my account without notice whatsoever. I don't need Synchrony, nor their rude foul treatment and lack of human contact to speak with.

I cannot solve this issue so far for over a month because they fail to route my payments due to some system error, not mine! I have high limits on 6 other high-end cards and don't need their headaches! I choose to settle this issue by paying in full, then never using their services ever again, however, they won't allow me to speak with a human without ungodly waiting times on hold! I have good credit, worked hard to get it too, and Synchrony Bank's ridiculous computerized customer service is quite off-putting, rude, and almost impossible without spending my entire day waiting for a human being! I've never had such an issue with any other creditor! Will never allow them to have any say in my life or financial affairs again! Beware!

You know its bad when these slimy POS credit bank companies prey on the people who need dental work or your pets need vet service and they charge outrageous rates and if you don't get the account paid off in a year they latterly double charge you. I had like $300 left to pay on my bill and next thing you know boom I am looking at over 1000 dollars when I only borrowed $800. WTH, don't get a card or loan or bank with these blood suck jackwipes. I have tried to contact them online and tried to make a payment but I can no longer log into their system so I am sure they gave me a huge ding on my credit.

I had an Amazon credit account. I closed my account 2 years ago in order to pay it off and have no further purchases made via credit card. My balance was around $2,500. Despite on time payments and paying more than the minimum my balance is currently 2,373.72. Bank records indicate I have paid them over $2,500. In fact my balance has gone up the past couple months. I have filed with the BBB and am not done filing complaints. CSR said I was paying a security fee... Um no, never authorized that, and my account has been closed to purchases for 25 months.

This bank, which is infamous for high interest rates and constantly changing terms, took over CareCredit about 18 months ago. Beware, they are less than a stellar bank. They do not offer insurance on their cards, charge high interest rates and if you fall on hard times as I have, will harass you to death, and play every game in the book to get money out of you. A little hard when you are unemployed and receive no benefits. First they will call all hours of day and night every few days, then send threatening letters, and then the newest game is sending you a phony civil suit in order to get you to call. When you do, it is a collection agency.

A lawsuit would have a docket number which theirs doesn't. I am checking as to the legality of this, as I feel what they are doing is not legal, and if so, will file a complaint with the state attorney general's office. Avoid this bank and CareCredit at all costs. They are not worth your time of day. What they fail to want to understand, is you can't print money when you are unemployed. Do the right thing and offer your customers insurance. But that would cut into this bank's bottom line, since they thrive on fees, aprs and other nonsense. More of a second chance Bank like First Premier.

Was approved for a 4,000.00 loan with a 4.6 rate and to be honest the guy I talk to I could not understand a word he was saying and he was rude. And what I'm reading is that I'm glad I didn't... This company must be really bad. Glad I didn't get a loan. Playing it safe!!!

Synchrony Bank is the biggest POS I have ever seen. I made payments on the Walmart and Old Navy cards early in the day on Friday (the 15th). I made sure they got made ASAP because my mortgage payment was gonna post to my bank account on the following Tuesday and would suck up any funds left in there. These idiots didn't process my payments until Tuesday and they posted on Wednesday (the 20th) even though I scheduled them for Friday. This caused me to incur two overdraft fees. What's the point of allowing me to schedule the payment for a certain date if they're not gonna process it till five days later???

When I called to complain, the supervisor I talked to (after I got "escalated") said it was my fault because I didn't manage my money well enough and proceeded to lecture me like a freaking school kid about being responsible and making sure I have the money in my account and not spending it until I'm sure all my payments have posted! When I said that I believe they also have a responsibility to process the payments when they're scheduled to and at least in a timely manner (FIVE DAYS IS NOT TIMELY) he just blew me off.

I have been a JCPenney card holder since 1985, never, ever late, excellent standing with this company. Then in May 2014, I opened up a second account due to pressure from the sales clerk at jewelry counter. I did not realize that the promo was short lived and then suddenly a few months later I was slapped with finance fees. So I said OK, I was overwhelmed with grief since I'd just lost my Mom in May 2014. I just paid the bill then sometime this year 2015 JCPenney was taken over by Synchrony Bank DBA JCPenney. I had my account set on autopay from my bank to pay $40/month. NO issues, then in October 2015, I saw that they had charged me a late fee for not paying on time.

I called them asking why was I being charged a late fee, I paid bill on 10/16/15, why late fee? Agent checked and said well it was due on 10/15/15 so they charged fee for being late. I said "Well you cannot just change my due date each month, it's always been the 20th." Agent said there s been a lot of problems with new bank taking over, must have been error and took off the late fee. I then verified the due date and amount due each month which was $40.00. I thought all was well until I received a call on 12/3/2015 from the bank saying to call them to discuss my account. So I called and was told I did not pay the full amount due which was $43.00 therefore I was assessed late fee for incomplete payment. The late fee was $35.00, almost as much as my set payment.

I said "You are charging 35 for $3 that I did not know I owed." They said "Yes, this is policy." I replied "What made amount due go up?" They could not answer me. I told them that I want this incident investigated and that all fees removed as I did not have knowledge of a increase in amount due. Agent claimed that bill had been sent out, I did not receive a bill showing this increase and amount due is always $40./month which is more that 2% of total amount owed. There was no resolution on the part of this bank as they maintain I did not pay full amount due. As a result of this unfair credit practice I am asking your organization to intervene on my behalf. I will be including more documentation next week.

I just received a 1200 finance charge on a 2000 bill. OMG. I was told the promotion was 2 years when in fact it was 1 year. They would not remove any finance charges. I am closing all my accounts with them and will never, ever use them again. Fraud. Usury.

They have closed some of my accounts or lowered my credit which makes my ratio to credit higher which makes my credit score go down and down. I have always paid and have only been late once. How can they give you credit only to hurt you more in the long run by lowering it and hurting your Debt Ratio. Not something they should be able to do without many late pays or no pays. Something needs to be done to stop companies from making life harder on people!

The same unfair, no reason for closing one account (care credit). Never late, paid in full. Applies to Walmart credit card. Never late lowered my credit without merit. Impacted my credit score by 40 points then 6 months later lowered my credit again impacting my credit score again. How can a business be allowed to ruin consumers' credit without any consequences.

I have a Walmart credit card and my credit was reduced without warning. It had a 3100.00 credit limit, they reduced it to 200.00. Now I have no credit left on the card. I sent my boyfriend to Walmart a week ago to get something that he needed. He called me in minutes to tell me that my card was rejected. I was like "What?" because I knew that it had plenty of credit left on it. I got a letter today that said my credit was reduced. I always pay my bill on time, never late. This is unfair. A lawsuit should be filed against this company. They really hurt my credit score with their unfair credit act. They got one credit score from Transunion. I have another one, something is not right.

I filed chapter 7 the last 2 years, opened some credit card accounts and purchase a car. Now I'm paying off all of my cards (I have about 10 cards with Synchrony). I paid off Gap 2 months ago. I check my credit report everyday and I cleaning up my credit to get the bankruptcy accounts off. I was looking to purchase today with Gap - noticed on my report it's closed. I called Gap asked why my account was closed. The rep says account was closed 2 days ago and I should receive a letter. Now I'm wondering is Synchrony going close all of my accounts after I pay them off. I have not missed a payment on any of my accounts after my bankruptcy.

The account was never completely closed!! Unnerving results from their customer service! Thankfully, for the email statement, I learned that $0.01 was left on my balance of an account. I had seat through annoying automated systems and then seat on hold to finally speak with a human to learn that when I stated "I would like to pay my REMAINING balance of up to $3,000! $0.01 was left on my "closed" account." This is not right. I had trust in their service that my account would not have any remaining balance. But here a month later, I have a penny on a closed account. This does not make any sense is extremely unsettling.

I have a few cards that were formally GE, now Synchrony, and since they have taken over they decrease my credit limit to the balance with no warning and closed a card for not using. I pay on time every month. When they do this it affects my credit score. I just wish I knew why they keep doing this. I'll just pay them off and never use them. I have other cards and they don't do this.

I've had this account since Feb of 2015 and every month since then I've had to call at least twice. I'm either disconnected, placed on hold then disconnected or just upset with the rep I get and try calling back for someone who can help me. I've already filed a complaint with the BBB. I'm so disgusted with this company! I'LL never do business with them AGAIN.

My card was declined by Sam's Club even though there was no balance on it. I called customer service and was hung up twice before I got the card cancelled. They could not tell me why my card was declined either. I did manage to get the fraud department after another 15 min and they hang up too. The system said I would be able to review the service after the call but that was incorrect (no surprise). I was not impolite to them but they were really horrible. They were so bad that I'll never go back to Sam's! I should have read these reviews before opening the account.