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Reviewed Dec. 12, 2019

I have bad credit. That's my fault. Recently we had an emergency when a family member became ill. I thought I was applying to a specific company online, but it was a short term loan clearinghouse that forwards your info to lots of potential lenders. Somehow "GE Bank" got my info. This is not the GE Capital Bank or GE Finance. GE has sold all its consumer lending to Synchrony Bank, but I didn't know that when Mike from India called me. And called me. And called me. Here's a summary.

On the day this occurred, I received a phone call from a CT area code. I don't know anyone in CT. But the caller kept calling, so I answered. It was "Mike" from GE Bank. He told me I had been approved for a $5000 loan at 12% interest, paid over 24 months. This would help us a lot, so I asked for more information. I was told to look in my email for the loan documents, and I did. The fraudsters offering me this "loan" have used the GE logo. Their email provided a link to the actual GE website, clearly an attempt to make their potential marks feel assured, and it worked in my case.

Throughout the afternoon I received phone call after phone call. The money would be in my account in 10 minutes, then an hour, then "verification money" of a small amount would appear, I was told. Mike insisted I get in my car and drive to the nearest Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, or 7-11. I'd have to repay the "verification money." I'd have to go to one of these stores to do this. I made it clear this was a 45 minute drive. Mike, of course, didn't care. To get him to stop calling me I canceled my plans and drove to home.

When I got home, I'd received 2 more calls, even though "Mike" knew I was driving. After I got home, I talked to "Mike" again, and this time I asked questions, like why wasn't this similar to PayPal, which deposits less than 10 cents in order to verify they've received the correct banking information? I was transferred to Mike's boss. Mike's boss was a very argumentative, rude, person. In the middle of all my questions he said, "Shut your mouth." Then it was on. I have faith in my bank's commitment to protecting consumers, so I wanted to give "GE Bank" another chance. Mike's boss insisted I drive to Walgreen's and call him back. It's a lot like a hostage movie.

Drive to Walgreens! Then call me from the parking lot for further instructions! The instructions were: We have deposited $500 in your account. Get 2 prepaid Ebay cards for $200 each and one for $100 then call back. No. No legitimate business of any kind, especially not a bank (!) wants payments in the form of prepaid Ebay cards! I told Mike's boss, William, that this was very unusual and very shady and asked why their method of payment is prepaid Ebay cards.

William replied that GE Bank is the "promotional partner" of Ebay and this is how GE Bank does business. William expected to be on the phone with me as I walked to the cash register and paid, but I hung up. I checked my acct balance and yes, there was an additional $500 in my account. I went to the Walgreens ATM. Via the ATM I couldn't even check my balance. I couldn't make a withdrawal. I left the store without buying the cards, and I drove to an ATM my bank owns. I withdrew the $500. I went home and called my bank. They are trying to locate who, if anyone, I need to repay.

This is two days after all this happened. My bank has enrolled me in identity theft protection. The people from "GE Bank" had taken over my checking account. They changed my passwords and PIN. They added Zelle to my phone app. The deposit to my account had been done via my bank's phone app, as if I were depositing a check into my own account. Once I was able to view the image of the check, I saw that it was drawn on a business that's supposed to be from a temporary labor company, not a bank, not even "GE Bank." It looks as if I worked for a temp company I've never heard of and used the app to deposit my paycheck of $1500. Now, if you've been paying attention, you may be thinking, "Huh? You said $500." True. After the $1500 check was deposited, someone I've never heard of withdrew $990 via Zelle. My bank is looking into this too.

I've blocked the phone number the calls came from. I'm working with my bank. I have enrolled in identity theft protection. After I stopped returning phone calls, I received texts such as "Why are you not attending to our calls?" I received an email as well threatening to "blacklist" my Social Security number and making threats about keeping me from ever getting a loan again and something about "we will sue you in the courthouse." I replied that I am certain my bank will notify all appropriate law enforcement, both state and federal, and they will make sure this is resolved appropriately. I added that these two guys need to take William The Boss's advice and shut their mouths.

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Reviewed July 2, 2019

They paid off my credit card so “it would help my credit rating” so they said, I had to return the payment by using that same card they paid off and purchase Google play cards and call them with the numbers. When I realized this was a bunch of crap, I told them I was no longer interested in the loan because they all of a sudden needed $700 from me to wire the money from a different state.. no thank you. Now I receive a letter from my credit card needing verification of where the payment came from and when I called them to explain what had happened, they inform me they reversed their payment. So now the balance is double and I’m out the $300 I paid them in Google play cards!!! UUGGHH and the fraud dept. might close my credit card! Every phone number I have on my phone that they called me from now doesn’t ring to anywhere?!?! Like WTH.. I only gave 1 star because you have to give something to post the review.

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    Reviewed Oct. 25, 2018

    I had Jack contact me regarding alone. When I ask him questions he got mad. He sent me a terms and conditions sheet that said GE on it, that looked legit. At the end of our conversation he told me to ** off.

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    Reviewed Sept. 30, 2018

    I would like to report an online fraud. On Tuesday, 9/25/18, I went online to apply for a loan. These online financial services will send out your application info regarding the loan request, to match you with a lender. Then you get a flood of emails from lenders offering some low amount/high interest rate loan. Out of the flood of emails, I'm informed that my request for a loan was approved. This came from Jack **, Funding Officer, GE Capital Finance, CA Branch. So, I contact this individual to start the information process and he tells me that I've been approved for $5000. But before my funds will be deposited, they are going to do a "Test run" to see if my account is valid.

    Wednesday, 9/26/18, They deposited $1000 into my bank account, and then tell me that I needed to go to my bank, withdraw the funds and then send it to them via Western Union, (which I did the following day, Thursday 9/27/18), and then they would deposit the full amount of my loan request. Right about now is where I start becoming skeptical. Thursday, He tells me that they received it but something didn't process correctly and would have to do this again. This time a larger amount was deposited into my account ($1267.26) and I would need to withdraw this amount and load this money onto a series of "Google Play" cards and send him the information. Right about now, I have a really bad feeling about this and told him that I didn't want to go through with this offer and that I would have my bank reverse the deposit to its origin, and he gets mad saying that this was not possible.

    After this exchange, I googled this company and their offer, and I was horrified to read all of the negative reviews telling of the exact same situation, and what a scam this was. It made me sad to see financially desperate people (like myself) getting screwed by this company. Friday, 9/27/18, He tells me to go to Western Union and return these funds immediately or I was going to be prosecuted. I told him I would but I wasn't sure when I could do it (I was trying to stall for time).

    I contacted my bank, told them the situation, they told me to come in and close the account and open a new one. I left work early on Friday and went straight to my bank. After explaining the situation, we closed my account and opened a new one. In the process, we discovered where the money came from, and why this man said it couldn't be sent back. He somehow was able to get into my account and reverse payments I had made with auto-pay, making my account look like I had these funds available to be withdrawn. My bank is investigating the matter, and working on getting those funds reversed back to where they came.

    Now, I'm in the middle of damage control, I'm out a $1000 due to sending that to him from Western Union, and now I'm afraid of "Identity Theft" (since he has all of my personal info- SS#, DL#, etc... Plus, I'm also afraid that he can try to sue me because I did agree to send those funds to Western Union, as well as participating in the first Western Union transaction. What can I do now? I have this guy's name, phone, email, company address, our email correspondence back and forth. At this point in all of this, I'm sure all of his info is bogus (but it's worth a try). Any kind of help or advice would be appreciated. Besides me trying to repair the damage, I want to make sure that this doesn't happen to other people. Thank you for reading this.

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    Reviewed Oct. 25, 2017

    Have card thru Amazon with Synchrony and isn't it coincidental that EVERY TIME when a due date to pay my bill is coming near, their system blocks me from signing on. I get the SAME ERROR message from them that says nothing but 'we are having difficulties try back later'... Well I have been trying to pay my bill now for 2 days, and I've only got 2 days left before it becomes late... SCAM set up by Synchrony to BLOCK customers from paying their bill ONLY as it's due, so that they can collect late fees and interest!? What else can one think, if these ERROR blocks ONLY HAPPEN when one's due date is coming up!... and of course NO ONE EVER addresses the issue, when you report it. It just KEEPS HAPPENING whenever one's due date approaches. WHAT A SCAM OF A CO! AVOID THEM AT ALL COST!!!

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    Reviewed Sept. 2, 2017

    I would like to have this emails from foreign countries caught so they stop making people happy when they promise a long term loan and also they demand your login and password internet logging with the promise that they need it to get paid once a month.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Aug. 5, 2017

    I was contacted via voicemail explaining that I was eligible for a loan, I called (**) back and was speaking with a gentleman named Malcolm. He was starting up the process and then I was handed now to his loan processing manager by the name of Sean **. Malcolm was great, Sean on the other hand, not so much. He would rush me off the phone, over talk me which entailed me not being able to get what I needed answered before rushing me off of the phone. He hounded my phone, meaning I would get call after call and text after text **. There was a deposit of 940$ into my account processed and done by Sean. He asked me what time would I be able to get to a Walmart to be able to transfer back the money to him. Why? I have not the slightest clue, due to him talking way too fast and again rushing me off of the phone.

    I told him I can get there as early as 615/630 am (central time). Sean decided to call me at 5 am, waking me up. That is unprofessional and not ok. I received call after call. I bought 850$ (because 940 was deposited into my account 8/2) worth of iTunes cards and scratched the back and sent the codes requested per Sean. After doing so he said that my loan would then be deposited into my account. Well it wasn't. He contacted me later that same day after getting those iTunes cards to say that I had to do it again the next morning because of an insurance in case I happen to not make a payment due to whatever reason: losing a job. I explained my frustration due to me asking him earlier in the morning if the first time was it and did not have to do anything else.

    Clearly he does not know or it was a scam. Despite my frustration with having to do this again - which is such a hassle and too much of an inconvenience at the cost of the the consumer - I did it again. He then deposited 1953$ into my account and texted and called again the next morning around 5 am central time - I go to get the cards yet again because HE requested it. I was only able to get 1500 worth of cards due to a spending limit with my bank. My account became frozen, I explained to Sean what was going on, he said I did not have to worry about getting the 400, 10/15 minutes later no I need to get the 400. I was able to get my account unfrozen so I can do what he requested. After doing so I go and get the last 4 cards and email pictures of the codes on the back so he can verify them.

    He tells me that the loan would be deposited into my account by 11 am. At the point when he mentioned that, it was roughly 8 am, so 3 hours was not a big deal. I didn't check around 11, I checked around 230 pm and nothing. I got ahold of him, said he would call me back, never did. I texted that same number and no responses, I called and was quickly rushed off the phone, he texted saying I have nothing to worry about and that he would call me soon. It is currently 940 pm and I have not heard a single word. He was hounding me to get things done when he needed/wanted so that I was able to get my loan - which obviously if I'm applying for a loan it means I desperately need it - he went from hounding my phone calling and texting at inappropriate times to ghost.

    I feel this is a scam and I (excuse my language) am beyond pissed, that was too much of a hassle for it to be this way. I sincerely hope this is not a scam and that he is just horrible at his job, I spend too much time doing what he demanded. I have two numbers which I already listed above- ** and **, emails used: **. I have receipts along with the iTunes gift cards I've bought, I have emails and texts as well. I again, am highly upset, I counted on that loan, I started making plans to get what I needed done and now I have to undo the plans because of this unnecessary and horrible experience.

    This may have been a scam, the more I play it in my head the more it sounds like one, but I'm hoping he's just absolutely horrible at his job and should be dealt with accordingly and this be handled appropriately. Loan application number (GE Money Inc): **. If pictures or screenshots are needed I am MORE than happy to do so. This has been the absolute worst experience and my friends and family will not be lending through them - if this is not a scam. This is the worst customer experience I have ever had and I deal with customers on a daily basis myself and would get fired if I treated customers the way he has done.

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    Reviewed May 29, 2017

    I have several accounts with this company and have an overall good experience with them. I see people complaining about accounts being closed for non-use. Well all credit card companies do the same and about the payment due date. If it is not on the day that is good for you can call them and they will change it for you. And I use paperless statements and get every month and the same day. Well before the due date.

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    Reviewed Feb. 15, 2017

    I have had several (5) that are carried by Synchrony Bank. I was NEVER late on any of them. I am on Social Security & pay bills when I get those funds, usually by 3rd of the month. Prob here is with a WalMart Card. I paid on the 3rd., it was due on the 25th. I soon find out that payment due is $59, not the regular minimum $25. I was told it was a late charge. One word led to the other & they told me I could not pay before the bill dropped for that month. WHAT??? I'd always paid the same each month. Never late! They would NOT take the fee off or change the prob. to reflect my payment for Feb. '17. They said it would be applied back to the Jan. '17 amount. Well, they took the $$$ from my bank & I've NOT seen it show up anywhere. So, what did they do with the $25 they took & would not apply it like I intended? I paid in good faith for Feb. '17.

    Heated phone conversation & heated letters. I could get into my WalMart account page, but it would not let me into the part to make a payment. So, in my comments via mail, I have told them I would NEVER pay that $59 payment they falsely say I owe. And furthermore, I will NEVER pay another payment on the account. It's less than $300. They have damaged my credit already badly & I just no longer care. I am 76 yrs. old & I just cannot let these people do me in like this. I have other things to worry about than this sorry bunch at Synchrony. If you have cards handled by them, get away while you can! Read all the other complaints!

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    Reviewed Feb. 4, 2017

    Terrible company -- They closed my account and didn't even know it. We spent a lot of money with GE, paid off the note, and didn't use it for a while. Called and said account was closed. Hurt our credit rating. Not a good way to do business.

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