Freedom Home Loan Solutions, LLC

Towson, MD

Out of Business

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This company called my house, offering us help, to do a modification of my home loan, just to receive a bunch of paper. They asked my 83 year-old husband to send $900.00 using his personal check. I find out days later that I signed a paper, that said that I have to pay them $3,400.00 to do this job. I cancelled this contract immediately, after reading all these complaints about this company. I am glad I found out in time who they are! We are an old couple, and we lost this money already, but I am glad that it's just that. Loan modifications are free of charge.


I had a similar experience as relayed by Leslie in Fairfax, VA. I received a flyer in the mail about loan modifications. I had been trying to refinance my two homes since 2008, but none of the banks, including my present mortgage banks, would discuss the matter with me because I had been prompt with all of my payments. Total catch 22. I decided to give a 3rd party organization (Freedom Home Solutions) a chance. They asked as part of the deal that I pay upfront a $1500 fee. I told them that if they were as good as they proclaimed that they could do the work for $750 with an agreement for me to pay the remaining $750 once the modification or refinance had been approved. They agreed, I signed a "contract" stating as such and off we went, or so I thought.

About a month later, after faxing or emailing a zillion copies of finance docs, bank statements, etc, I asked for a status. I got the same response Leslie in Fairfax, VA received "...that they were waiting on a loan processor to be named. " Hog wash! I also asked that copies of every letter being sent to my bank/mortgage company be also sent to me so I could monitor the process. I received a letter that Freedom had sent to BOA, on my behalf, that was so full of errors. I tried calling the individual back to let him know what happened and II was told that he no longer worked for Freedom Home Solutions and that Charlene would be in touch with me.

I waited a week and received a call from Charlene. We went through the same info above and she said she would make it her goal to make sure I received a modification or refinance, that she was also thinking about going off on her own business because she was that good. I sort of thought something was up when she said that but I went along. What was I to do? They already had my $750. Two weeks later, the phones were disconnected, so I knew I was scammed. I reported it to the Better Business Bureau and MD Commissioner of Finance (formal complaints). Because I live in VA, they referred me to the Virginia government office that deals with this. I have yet to contact them, but will this week. Freedom Home Solutions should be jailed for what they did to probably many others and also made to pay back everyone in full, as well as lose their homes and all monies in their bank accounts as well.


On/about July 25, 2009, I received a flyer in the mail specifically targeted to me and my property at the above address from Freedom Home Loan Solutions which stated that they could assist me with a home loan modification. Somehow, Freedom knew that I had just been turned down by my lender, First Horizon, for a loan modification because the flyer indicated as such. The flyer indicated that Freedom had extensive experience in mortgage modification and that I should call the toll free number I have listed above to speak to a loan counselor for more information.

The next day, I contacted Freedom and spoke with Mia ** about modifying my loan with First Horizon. My mortgage payments were current and I told her that I was interested in lowering my interest rate on both my first and second mortgages as they were 6.75% and 8.75% respectively. I also told her that I wanted to move to a fixed rate loan, as I had been placed in an interest only loan without recourse when I arrived at the settlement table at the time of purchase of my home. She told me that was completely "doable" but insisted that I should skip two mortgage payments as that would make me look better for the loan modification. While that made me feel uncomfortable, she told me that the payments would be tacked on at the back end of the loan once they renegotiated.

Mia promised that Freedom could have a deal within 4 to 6 weeks of my signing a contract with them, but told me that I would have to pay $2,450 upfront. I told her that if they could perform a modification that quickly, I would pay them the money. I arranged for a bank draft so that they would begin August 10, 2009. I also sent all required documents (bank statements, hardship letter, tax info, etc.) to Mia so that they could begin working with my lenders. After 30 days, I began receiving threatening letters from my lenders, stating I was delinquent on my loans, with no mention that a modification was pending. Repeated follow-up with Freedom, now Charlene **, the alleged processor and negotiator, either met with no return call, or the standard response that she was waiting for my lender to assign a negotiator.

In mid-September 2009, I sent her a letter and asked her to provide me in writing what steps she had taken on my account to date, because I was still receiving correspondence from First Horizon (the lender on both mortgages) that my loans were delinquent. She called me and told me that the lender had lost the paperwork and assured me that she was working on my behalf. I told her she had two weeks to demonstrate she was working on my loan modification or I was firing Freedom and asking for my money back.

In early October 2009, I received a letter from First Horizon stating that a foreclosure had been filed on my property. I was shocked. I called my lender and learned that Freedom had never filed any modification paperwork on my behalf. First Horizon told me that the only document they had from Freedom was a power of attorney so that Freedom could talk to them. First Horizon said they had contacted Freedom numerous times regarding required documentation in support of my modification, and Freedom had failed to respond. First Horizon said that if Freedom had responded, they would have received over 80 documents by now. Instead, they have only one document from Freedom.

I called Freedom to speak with Charlene and told her what I had learned. She hung up on me, and has since refused to take me calls. I have sent Freedom a letter in early November 2009 to cease and desist any work on my behalf and demanded my money back. Obviously, I have not received any of the $2450 I paid. What they have done to me is unforgivable, and they have placed my home in jeopardy. I have had to hire someone else to get me out of foreclosure proceedings, thanks to them, and it has cost me over $18,000. I think they owe me that money too. They have perpetrated a fraud, in my opinion, and need to be investigated. They also need to be stopped.

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