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    Last updated: Oct. 25, 2016

    171 Everhome Mortgage Company Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Original review: Oct. 25, 2016

    I have been trying to log into my Everbank mortgage account for quite sometime now. Some customer service rep (Karen) called me and tried to assist but I don't believe she knew what she was doing as it took up three or four calls and still I was not able to login. Not sure what the problem is but it seems to be that someone in the support unit can figure out why I am not able to log in. Karen can login but I cannot, go figure. Before they changed their name from Evermortgage to Everbank I use to login without any problems. Would be nice if they could figure this out as I am nervous about not being able to check the status periodically for any unknown changes that they may sneak in and not let me know about. Tried logging in using three separate computers but still no luck. The problem has to be with Everbank. I can't even go in to create a new account. Lousy service!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 30, 2016

    I'm surprised at all the bad reviews I have seen. I had originally taken out a mortgage with Countrywide. Countrywide sold our mortgage to Bank of America. That was when my nightmare began. This review isn't about them so I won't go into all the details but it got to the point with them that I was working on a refi with BoA and they were so rude and didn't process thing on time and I ended up being served foreclosure papers. We were finally able to clear the situation up but it was still horrible working with them even after that. Then I got a notice that I was sold to Everbank. I was nervous at first because of all the bad reviews but what choice did I have in the matter?

    I can say now I could not be happier over BoA selling my mortgage to Everhome. They came to ME to let me know about the HARP program that we qualified for. I was so scared every time I would see them call because of my experience with BoA but everyone who called was pleasant to work with. We did a refinance with them and are saving tens of thousands of dollars. They made the process as easy and painless as possible. I've only had to call them a couple times with questions but the staff has been pleasant and helpful. I don't know why they are getting such bad reviews from so many people but I am thrilled with them! (I will be more thrilled when my mortgage is paid off but as far as having to have a mortgage on the house to be paid Everhome is great to work with.)

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 23, 2016

    I will be very brief. I wish I had read these reviews before starting with Everbank. This is a very convincing operation when you start but as soon as you commit it all changes. The problem seems to be that they know they have you and it is near impossible to start over with someone else. They are simply cranking numbers and once you are with them communication becomes horrible and everything gets complicated. They will do their best to get you to this point quickly giving you the impression that they are very professional and communicate well but then you are passed to someone who is too busy trying to dig out and everything goes bad from there. Read the other reviews... See a pattern? Stay far away!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 23, 2016

    We took a chance on applying for the Making Home Affordable Program, which has ended up in a horrible experience and not so affordable. After 6 months of applying for the program, going through the trial period, and finalizing the documents, we were sent a notice of default and our credit score was getting hit because Everhome made a huge mistake that they admitted to but won't fix. While going through the process we were told NOT to pay our property taxes because the bank would pay it as party of the program and they would build in taxes into the loan, and spread it out over the term of the loan.

    First, they never paid the taxes on time. Second, they now tell us that since we didn't give them the money for property taxes that we were behind on payments and now owe them $8,000. The terms of the agreement say in very clear text that the unpaid amount would be rolled into our loan and now they are hitting us with fees and credit hits. I provided them with documentation and emails between us and the Everhome contact that clearly states that the bank would pay the property taxes. No one we have talked to knows what is going on. They won't correct our credit and the communication is terrible. In my opinion this is fraudulent, misleading, and borderline extortion because they want $8,000 to correct the problem when it's not even our fault. We complied with every term they asked. Everhome cannot be trusted and the SEC should audit them for malpractice.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 15, 2016

    I made my regular monthly payment on the Everbank site. My payment say was 800.00, and it was confirmed by a radio button to select. I entered my bank information and confirmed that I wanted to make the one-time payment. So I go to my checking account today - 3 days later and find that $805.00 has been taken by Everbank. So I call and spoke with Alex, who states that "Oh yes if you did not pay by the 1st of the month, then you are assess a $5.00 fee, but if you pay before the 1st you are not." So I go to the online payment site for Everbank and here is what I got for terms and agreement. I don't see anything in here on the right to take an additional $5.00? Is this not against the law?

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 14, 2015

    Everhome bought our mortgage and then they called us and told us we could refinance and get a lower monthly payment and we were qualified. It would only take 30 days or so. After paying $750 for an appraisal, 45 days later they said we didn't qualify unless we made a down payment of 10,000 or more, even though the current payments had been paid for years without an issue. A bait and switch tactic at its worst, and we were out $750. We feel they mislead us from the beginning and should repay us the $750, and grant us the lower rate.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 27, 2015

    I am disabled since 2006 and my mortgage was sold from B of A to this company. I used to pay my taxes on my own but because I paid about 300.00 late once over the life of the mortgage, Everhome won't let me pay it myself or give me a trial. They say it's not in their best interests. I have requested this 5+ times and I still get the same response. They currently also are holding a 1700.00+ escrow overage and still charging me a 50.00 shortage amount each month.

    I have tried to get this corrected but they also refuse. They love to prey on the disabled or people that have hardships. Forget about a loan modification. Tried that 3 times. Personally, with property values down and foreclosure values high in my county I personally would strongly consider walking on them rather than be stuck there trying to sell the property at a loss. They are crooks, just like the other lowlife banks and insurance companies.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 24, 2015

    After going through a divorce and having my hours and wages cut (2009), I applied (through an outside company) for a modification and had my payments reduced about $100. Not a big help but at least something. Within a few months, my monthly payments were back up and eventually higher, using an underpaid escrow as an excuse. As I fell behind again with impossible payment demands (2011), I got assistance from HEMAP, which Everhome said I owed over $1100.00 to be current! I knew that was an extremely over-inflated number but wanted to keep my home and could not afford to have it investigated. I stayed afloat a little while longer, but my jobs (I had 2 part-time) both reduced my hours and I was floundering again. The day before a Sheriff's Sale in 2012, I filed Chapter 13 but when I was promoted to a better job position and dropped the bankruptcy in 2013, Everhome immediately set up another Sheriff's Sale.

    I worked with a modification "team" where I could never talk to the woman assigned to my case. They were always missing something and I would refax everything again. At the start of this foreclosure (July 2013) I thought I was caught up so only owed through December 2013. Everhome went through with Sheriff's Sale, stating I owed $32,000.00, when they were supposed to be working out a modification. The VA bought my house, and I took the $15,000.00 I had put aside for my mortgage to pay for lawyers. Now I've been told Everhome bought my house back when I was working a deal with the VA and are trying to evict me! I've now filed a complaint with the federal banking regulator. Maybe enough complaints filed and the tables will turn on Everhome.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 14, 2015

    I also had a bad experience with this company. I had lost my job and had a hard time trying to pay my bills and wanted to modify my mortgage. Long story short they sent me out forms time and time again, I'll fill them out, a month will go by, I won't hear from them. I'll call and couldn't get a hold of person working on my modification. When I did they would say I didn't send them something and I needed to start over. I may have done this for about 6 months. I was also told not to make a payment till the modification was done. This went on for a while. I started to think these people want me to lose my house. I called and talked to a very nice lady from Fannie Mae. She took my information and sent me out some paperwork overnight, signed it and sent it back to her. 2 days later Everhome called me and said I qualify for home modification and sent me out the modification papers... after that they sold my loan to Greentree.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 12, 2015

    I closed with a Dallas lender who sold my loan to Regions who sold it to Everhome who sold it to Green Tree Servicing. I was notified in November 2012, I believe, by a phone call from Everhome that they were going to foreclose my home if I didn't make a double payment that month and submit a loan modification all because they failed to pay my property taxes for 3 consecutive years even though I have a FHA loan and my payment is all escrowed. I never to date received any detailed explanation as to why they failed to pay my taxes for 3 straight years, no apologies, no provisions to make amends for their mistake only that I had to pay an increased new mortgage amount that was quoted as high as over $1900 a month compared to the $1200+ I initially signed for at closing. They offered to either foreclose or do the loan modification with the additional payment.

    I submitted the loan modification with all documents on several occasions 3 or more and they were all held until they expired and I was told to resubmit. I wasn't even told there was an expiration date on the documents but after submitting over 3x I asked why and was told that by the time they processed the info documents had expired according to them and they needed new statements, etc... When it was all said and done I had submitted a year or more of bank statements, VA letters, taxes, letters, etc and then I was told to either pay the entire balance of the house or foreclose. The attorney ** who disappeared for months eventually after months of me trying to track him down called me on a Saturday morning and told me to hire a bankruptcy attorney on Monday morning and file a chapter 13 before Tuesday or I would foreclose on Tuesday.

    All Sat, Sun and Monday I called attorneys all over and eventually got one to accept my case at the 11th hour. I had to pay him also another $1000 because of the last minute filing. I spoke with him in detail about ** and him going Missing In Action for months and he said he wasn't doing the modification because they don't take a year to get approved/disapproved. I asked the two attorneys to talk to one another but they never called each other because I asked several times to both of them. I forget this attorney's name at the moment but have all his documents. He did file the bankruptcy but later denied receiving documents I faxed to him from **'s office and that I had sent to him from a Mail Boxes Etc with receipts and my bankruptcy was thrown out and he then had no time to talk to me and offered no refund no detailed breakdown of services rendered.

    After these events I had to retain a 3rd attorney, The Lee Law Firm to actually do the bankruptcy which charged me $600 upfront and the rest they added their additional fees to my bankruptcy. They did do the bankruptcy but the male attorney told me repeatedly that they would tell me when and how much to start paying once all the proceedings were over. That never happened so I had to call the attorney's office after my last court case to inquire when was I to start my 1st mortgage payments after filing bankruptcy and a receptionist by phone told me in September to start paying now.

    When I contacting Green Tree Servicing they told me I was already 5 months behind on the 1st payment. My contact at Lee Law Firm, **, has avoided all calls and emails from me since Nov and just today she finally returned my call and said she never got my email and says she doesn't know why the attorney told me that and she won't confirm or deny that they are responsible for having me sign a statement which would have told me a schedule of payments after bankruptcy even though in a previous call she said I should have received it and that she couldn't find it in my file. Now today she has amnesia and only refers to a document signed in March before I even began bankruptcy procedures that only states I'm responsible for mortgage payments. She will not address why I was repeatedly told NOT TO PAY UNTIL I WAS INSTRUCTED TO.

    At this point, I'm told I need to hire a 4th attorney to do a mortgage audit to see where this all began to recoup any and all monies I've paid out but I want to sue these attorneys for not following through, taking my money and then just avoiding my calls.

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    Original review: Feb. 17, 2015

    I bought my house with a bank loan in 2005. Refinanced with an FHA loan through Everhome in 2006 with an escrow account for taxes & insurance. I was paying 7% or higher interest. Went through modification with Everhome in 2008-2009. They will NOT ACCEPT PAYMENTS during the modification procedure or the modification is cancelled. My homeowner's insurance premium was due in March. Even though I had been paying into an escrow account they decided NOT TO PAY. I did not know that it had not been paid until I received a notice in June or July (after the modification) that I did not have insurance and that they were going to force insurance unless I provided insurance.

    My insurance had been with Alfa since I bought the house in 2005 but Alfa refused to write my insurance again because the policy had lapsed and I now had 6 consecutive late payments on my mortgage that were impacting my credit score. I was "lucky" enough to find a company through my Alfa agent that would write my insurance. BUT, my deductible went from $500.00 to $1000.00 and my premium went from less than $700.00 per year to over $1500.00 per year. Of course my payments increased dramatically. And Everhome continued to collect monthly FHA mortgage insurance premiums in my payment months after they should have been cancelled. They did not stop collecting monthly mortgage insurance until after I made a formal request.

    During the modification they kept adding late charges to my account every month and they would send people to my house to make sure I was living there. I had 2 different people show up within less than 7 days. They kept adding the fees they paid to these people to my late charges. They sold my loan to Green Tree within the last year with almost $1000.00 late charges and fees outstanding. Now my house was robbed TWICE within 2 weeks and I have been told that my current insurance company will probably CANCEL MY POLICY because of the claim! And this all goes back to Everhome deciding that they would not pay my insurance premium in 2009. There is recourse for victims of predatory lending. Where is the justice for people who are victims of PREDATORY SERVICING?!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 13, 2015

    We started the process to refinance our home in Nov 2014. We currently have a mortgage with Everhome with a monthly payment of $1995.00/ month. We have approx 5 years left on this mortgage and we wanted to go to a 15 year mortgage, reduce our interest rates and get some cash for remodeling. Total loan would have been approx $140,000 with a value of our home at $257,000. We were told by the loan officer there would be no problem because our credit rating was great and this would reduce our current payment to them in half. In essence we combined their mortgage, payment of $1995.00 plus a second mortgage, payment 811.18, total of $2806.18 and our new mortgage payment for 15 years would be approx. $1300.00 savings of $1506.00 per month. Our income could support this and our credit was good.

    I sent in all the documents and based on what was sent I was told to get the appraisal, a cost to us of $550.00. After the appraisal the underwriters came back and did not like the loss on our Income tax for our house operation. The underwriters decide at this bank if you get the loan. We could continue paying them $1995.00 but would be a risk at $1300.00, GOOD BANKING LOGIC!!!!

    Then they had a different plan - they could take our present mortgage balance. And give us a 15 year loan just with the present balance we owed them. We agreed we received papers on Dec 19th with our balance at that time plus closing costs. My husband signed the documents and returned them. Then we waited and waited to hear from someone. Everhome was waiting for a subordination letter from our second mortgage lender.

    By Dec 28th we had not heard back from Everhome and our Dec 2014 payment need to be made. I called 3 times to inquire if our Dec payment needed to be made or if the papers we signed was the amount the loan was going to be. I finally got a hold of the original loan officer and he stated that document we both signed was only an estimate and we had to make Dec payment which was now past 30 days because they did not proceed on the loan timely. I made the payment that day. Now we get a call because Dec payment was greater than 30 days, the underwriters will not approve this loan.

    We have been working with this mortgage company since Nov 2014. We have had four different loan officers or bank employees contact us for documents and none of them knows what the other one has requested or sent us. When you call anyone of them. They don't handle that part of the loan. They also do not call you back. Employees were: Ben ** -left the bank in the middle of our loan process; Kopecky- asked for paperwork, no reply to e-mails; Danielle ** - sent paperwork on second mortgage stating what the loan total would be but when I called regarding Dec payment- told me she did not handle this; Hatfield -now took over because Ben ** left and said Dec payment late- too bad. DO NOT USE THIS BANK. THEY HAVE UNETHICAL PRACTICES, DO NOT RESPOND TIMELY AND THE UNDERWRITERS RUN THIS BANK. THEY SEND OUT DOCUMENTS THAT ARE NOT ACCURATE.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 15, 2014

    I have read many of the other reviews and find I must have been extremely lucky. My account was always handled professionally. Payments were processed promptly, I was emailed a receipt, taxes and insurance paid in a more than timely manner. When I was available to refi under the HARP program Everhome even contacted me and in less than a month I was set with a new mortgage that saved me over $200 a year. Any questions I had were promptly and accurately answered. Life was good... And then I was sold to Greentree Servicing. Who will not be getting the same stellar review. In fact I wish Everhome would buy me back.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 6, 2014

    Increased payment $200 after doing a friendly "escrow audit" - I dispute EVERYTHING about my loan originated by Countrywide - over charges - knowing we were in trouble, the equity strip the loan for small amount but extended the mortgage 30 more years. BofA had servicers/collectors named loan officer - taping fraudclosure documents to our door. I am sick of this treatment - I don't want a free home, I've paid my mortgage and taxes for 18 years and now these criminal banks, servicers and bottom feeders want a FREE HOME! ANGRY as HELL!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 18, 2014

    I purchased a home (I thought) through Flagstar as a conventional loan at 6% in 2005. They sold my mortgage to Everhome Mortgage a few years later. I wanted to refinance the loan, as the property was not worth what I took the mortgage out for, when I heard about the new avenues available through the US government. I found out at that time that I was sold a bad mortgage, as it looked like a home, but it had two roofs on it and two foundations encased as one... deceived! Everhome dropped me and would not work with me in modifying or refinancing. Was not my fault they purchased a bad mortgage, and I was not able to work with Flagstar, the originator. Neither companies loan on a mobile home with addition. I was foreclosed upon. I tried to short sell and they would not accept it. Now I just want to clear it off my record.

    Original review: Oct. 22, 2014

    My account was sent to Green Tree Mortgage and now Everhome is having Green Tree collect nsf, late and appraisal fees that were paid for. I have all the payment records. Green Tree is not complying with helping straightening out this mess; in fact, they making it just as bad as Everhome. They never tell me what the extra monies they are collecting are for until I call and then they tell me it's for Everhome and it's always a different amount. I'm really not feeling like Green Tree is any better than Everhome was.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 20, 2014

    Numerous times lost payments. Charge late fees. Stop payments. Sometimes I would wait it out and the payments would show up. One time a moneygram was used, bought from Walmart. Had to get 2 moneygrams, mailed in same envelope.... They called me, said they only received one???? Go figure. And after 24 yrs in the home, I still owe 86,000.00?????? I have got to find a mortgage co to refinance!!! This is a ongoing issue.. I am on a fixed income, raising 2 grands which one is autistic.. I do not have $$ for a lawyer nor can I copy and attach any documents. As God is my witness this is truthful info..

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 9, 2014

    After the Independent Foreclosure Review, I would have thought I would see less negative reviews of Everhome Mortgage. NOT!! My home has gone through the IFR - errors found - compensated a meager $2700. Court records state the bank would provide customers a way to correct the credit reports. EverBank says they're not going to do it. I contacted my Attorney General and the US Dept. of Justice (may not do any good, but it's worth a shot). I'm kinda getting a second wind... still looking for an attorney with some guts!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 5, 2014

    I received my mortgage book stating I owed for the month of February $651.76. I called and talked to Star at 12:20pm on 12-31-13 that I couldn't afford to pay all of this in one month. She said she would put in a request stating I could spread it out in 3 months. You should receive a letter in 7 to 10 days to say if you could or not. I received the letter when Star said I would. It stated (which I still have the paper) that for the months of February 2014, March 2014, and April 2014 my monthly payments would be $569.93 and my new monthly payment in May 2014 would be $529.02.

    Everhome mortgage transferred my mortgage over to Greentree in May. I was told after I wrote a feedback on their website that my mortgage was transferred. Now Greentree is stating I owe $569.93 per month instead of $529.02. This was after I was called by Lisa ** stating I was $80.00 in the rear for May and June payments. She told me the payments will be $569.93 for a entire year. I sent out a payment of $651.75 which will go out on 7-7-2014. This is for the $80.00 I didn't pay for May and June and for a payment for 9-1-2012 that they didn't receive and I found out was never cashed by the bank but I sent out the payment on 9-1-2012 Check number **.

    I receive a letter today about notice of default. Please contact this number. It's for over $1500.00. I called and left a message on Lisa's answering machine stating this. They're not open on the weekends. I left message at 12:27pm. Lisa said she was sending out a packet for me to fill out to help my situation out but I haven't received it. I talked to her on the phone on June 30th. She even said after I mention to her that Everhome mortgage screwed me, she agreed.

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    Original review: June 5, 2014

    I am now having problem regarding Everhome. My loan too was sold by Chase Bank to them. I have just received notice that they miscalculated (after 15 years?) my escrow and I now owe $796.64, plus my payments are going up by $107.00 dollars more per month. My taxes have not gone up, I'm not sure how they figure my payments need to be $107.00 dollars more to cover escrow. Seems clear to me they are paying the Escrow Agent - Transfer Fees on Deals gone South. Greentree was suppose to buy my Mortgage but declined, so the paper reverted back to EverHome. Obvious, the Transfer Agents fee is in this.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 30, 2014

    For the record, although this site claims to have "resolved my issue"..... Not sure where they get their information, but my issue is not resolved with Everhome/Everbank. The only time it will ever be resolved is when Everhome/Everbank and their employees get put out on the streets like they've done to all their customers!!!!!! Issue not resolved!!!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 9, 2014

    I bought my home in 2001. Since then, everything went well until 2009 when my mortgage was sold to Everhome bank. My credit score was in the mid 800's, life was good. Until about 4 months into dealing with Everhome. I was sent a letter stating that my mortgage was bought from my other mortgage firm by Everhome Mortgage. That all payments must be sent to Everhome and that a new payment book would soon arrive. "Please sign and agree that you understand Everhome is your new mortgage holder and payments will be made to Everhome and return mail this letter back to Everhome." I signed and thought nothing about it. (Then all hell broke loose)

    My payments went from $680.00 to $1100.00 a month. I called and asked how could they change my payment amount on a 30-year fixed mortgage. I was told my loan was modified, that I now have an escrow account and had to pay flood insurance? (I paid at the start of my home loan for an inspector to prove my house was not in a flood zone). After getting Nowhere, I just started paying the new amount and praying my loan would get bought out by another mortgage company. Now 8 months into the loan, Everhome started sending my checks back. I called and asked why? They told me that my due date is on the 1st, the check arrived on the 2nd and now the current month and the next month will have to be paid before they can accept my payment. I get paid biweekly so I waited the 2 weeks and sent in the payment for both months only to have this check returned. Again i called and found they now wanted 3 months advance because it was 3 days until the end of the current month. Again two weeks passed, I tried again only now to be denied because I was now in foreclosure. In short, I had to file bankruptcy in order to save my home.

    My lawyer told me the letter I signed gave Everhome the permission to alter my original mortgage loan. That there is Nothing I can do except file bankruptcy. Now after 3 years, I am done with bankruptcy courtwise and I received a letter from Everhome stating my payment is now $998.15. I made (1) payment and now have a letter that I have a new mortgage company named Green Tree. I checked my credit score and now I have just an awesome high 400. I can not even get a secured credit card (i tried and was denied). Everhome has placed on my credit report I have missed 24 payments. Now today, I get a check in the mail from Everhome stating that independent review of my foreclosure case finds there may have been errors. I Pray that Green Tree is a trustworthy mortgage company. But if they're not, me and my lawyer are ready for them.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 5, 2014

    Everhome Mortgage is one of the most heartless and cruel mortgage lenders ever! Back in 2010, in the midst of making on time mortgage payments, I received a letter in the mail stating I owed thousands of dollars from the previous year that I was delinquent and was threatened Foreclosure! WTF! What was the purpose of the loan modification????? After making several daily attempts to get clarity, work a deal, I was given the runaround... I was like a deer in headlights... I was told, to apply for another "modification." The process took soooo long, my so-called delinquency grew! Not to mention, I was paying my mortgage on time in the mean time! Apparently, my loan was sold???

    After months of stringing me along, I was hit with a foreclosure notice! The agents/reps seemed very cold and nonchalant... And they kept telling me to wait... Don't make any more payments on my mortgage until new modification is approved!!! In the end, I had to come up with $6,000 in less a couple weeks!!! In the end, after agony at this confusion, I lost my home to fraud, botched up "modification loan." I am convinced I was sold a shady deal. Shame on Everhome!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 24, 2014

    I have had two mortgages with Everhome (EverBank) for 30 years. I just paid them off. The loans were in my now deceased wife's name. After 4 and one half years of sending the death certificate to Everhome, they still will not discuss the loan with me. Talk about stupidity and frustration. This bank is so out of touch I sent the final payment (guessing at the amount because they won't tell me) and it was $55 short for the satisfaction filing fee. Instead of cashing the check and asking for the rest, they sent the check back to me and started threatening foreclosure.

    Meanwhile they still won't talk to me. I was successful finally because one person took pity on me and pretended they were talking to my dead wife and sent the final forms out. If you are wondering how the banking industry has screwed up our economy - look no further the EverBank. I fondly refer to them as EverIdiots after sending the death certificate for the fourth time.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 17, 2014

    My loan was sold to Everhome Mortgage after the dissolution of New South Federal Loan. My dealings were okay until I decided I would apply for a modification in August 2013. At that time my payments were up-to-date. It took me 90 days to find out they were screwing me over. Because of other obligations, I began to fall behind on my mortgage as well as bills such as student loan payments. They strung me along asking for the same information for 3 months. When I would call for updates, no one seem to know anything. It was just a horrible experience dealing with these people.

    Finally, I got a call from a person stating I was approved. I was told my payments would now be $1282 instead $1446, a second loan for nearly $6000 for the back payments. Some help I received! My interest rate was lowered from 4.75% to 4.375%. When I made my April 2014 payment, I asked while couldn't I access my payments online and I was told they were waiting on FHA to process some papers. Yesterday, I received a notification from Green Tree that they are now my new servicer. My payments are now $1399.84 which is going to be difficult to pay. I just retired and this additional cost is really going to hurt my budget. I don't understand this process but I do know I have been taken advantage of. I do know Everhome Mortgage is not a truthful company to deal with. I am angry and don't know what to do at this point short of letting my house go into foreclosure.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 1, 2014

    My account was handled by two other lenders before it was sold to Everhome. Everhome decided to make their own T's & C's,. This is what they changed and not agreed upon: No more detailed statements sent in the mail, now you have to look it up. No payments stubs, they will send you a coupon book. To pay by phone was never a fee, if I pay before the 1st, it's free otherwise its a $10 fee, never had this from the other lenders. I can only speak to them on Eastern time yet they have an office in CA.

    I wanted to pay off my account and they would not tell me the balance unless: a) I pay a fax service of $20; b) Wait for it in the mail that will take 10 days (close to due date). They want to earn more interest in delaying the payment. They wouldn't take payment on the phone and said it needs to be certified. Why now? Do they not know laws about bouncing check?. If I get another loan again, I will make sure on the clause that states we reserve the right to sell to other lenders. I will modify it to say except to Everhome. I will be glad to be done with you ASAP.

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    Original review: March 23, 2014

    My mortgage was sold to Everhome by Chase bank shortly after I got my home loan in 2006.... and the nightmare began in 2009 with them. I received a default letter in the mail stating that my payment had not been received... which it crossed in the mail, so they had received it... and received two more of these letters even though I had made the payments and the payments cleared my account! About a year later, I had medical issues and was not able to pay for 2 months, and when I called for assistance, they completed a loan modification for me.... and had another company contact me to "catch up" with a another loan... What a mess.... and still was behind on my loan per their records....

    This continued with numerous phone calls, letters, and me mailing proof of payments for almost a year! I then received foreclosure papers in the mail and NO ONE at EVERHOME would help me, tell me why, etc. They returned my payments to me and would not accept them. I got no where with them via phone or letters. There is no help for people that can not afford lawyers to fight these companies......

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    Original review: March 10, 2014

    Where do I start? I went to a local foreclosure specialist to get help with my loan modification. She told me to miss a payment because that would help get our loan modification pushed through. So I missed a payment.... not by choice. Missing a payment was a very hard thing to do. I have never missed a mortgage payment in the 22 years I have lived in my house. My loan modification was denied twice. Each time I called Everhome (to see what the denial meant that they had given) I would get different people and they would tell me that we did not make enough money to stay in the house. I had told them that the really funny thing was they bought our loan when we only had one income. Funny how now that we have two incomes meaning more money than when they bought the loan. Seriously what right do they have to say that to me and then ask if I would rather do a short sale after I said I wanted to stay in my home. I asked both of them if it was Everhome's policy to put four children out on the street with their parents.

    Everhome does nothing to help the consumer....nothing at all. Their website is an outright lie. Don't say you will help when you won't. I called them today to pay back the payment we were behind and see if they would work with me somehow on the late fees. What I got was this 1) the girl was snotty and read me my options so fast I could not understand her and 2) they once again refused to help. I want people to know not to go with this company by choice. Knowing what I know now I want consumers to be aware. I had no choice in going with these people and as soon as I get the payment and late fees taken care of I am refinancing with a REPUTABLE company... Everhome Mortgage is NOT a reputable company.

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    Original review: March 2, 2014

    My story with Everhome is no different than any of the others I have read. We fell behind in our mortgage, contacted Everhome, was assured all would work out because of the MANY programs to aid people in the same situation. I completed all the forms, kept in contact with them, was assigned a "relationship manager" (what a crock--never spoken to Carlos and doubt if he exists), FOLLOWED ALL THEIR INSTRUCTIONS.

    So, our my husband and I are both working full time jobs that pay well enough to pay our bills and put us back right side up. Everhome decides to give us a Modification, but with the caveat that we will have a trial period of three months to prove that we can pay them. THEN, they will modify our mortgage. Well, we pay the first month and the modification papers arrive. THEY WANT MORE MONEY THAN WHAT WE ORIGINALLY PAID--THE AMOUNT WE COULDN'T PAY TO START WITH. In fact, it is about $500 more. How the hell is that a modification? It sure feels like their purpose was to recoup something and then screw us out of our home that we've been in for over 10 years. We have nowhere to go; I don't know what to say to my child about being homeless.

    I'm a teacher and my husband works with special needs children so our days are stressful and long. This situation has truly left me hanging at the end of my rope. I am amazed that sleazebag businesses such as this are allowed to operate raping the American public with everyone watching and NO ONE STOPPING them.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 20, 2014

    To file a complaint with the government against Everhome Mortgage go to please. This is the best way for the government to know the issues with Everhome. Please make sure you have all document ready to upload in your complaint. Documents cannot be added after the complaint is sent. For 2 years I have been trying to get Everhome Mortgage to remove my Mortgage Insurance. I met all the requirements 2 years ago. I have made the request 6 times and given every ignorant reason (now which are legal). Now when I call I simply get the run around. After doing some research complaints need to be filed with in order to show the depth of the problem with Everhome

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