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About EasyKnock

EasyKnock is a real estate technology company. The company offers two programs for homeowners: Sell & Stay and MoveAbility. These programs allow you to convert the value of your house into cash without having to move. In some cases, you can even buy your home back or renew your lease.

Pros & Cons

  • Quick conversion to money
  • No need to move
  • Lenient eligibility requirements
  • You no longer own the home
  • Fees if you buy back or move

What is EasyKnock?

EasyKnock differentiates itself from real estate technology companies and banks by building relationships with its sellers. The company’s programs — Sell & Stay and MoveAbility — let you convert funds based on your home’s equity without first moving out. EasyKnock acts as your landlord after purchasing your house.

EasyKnock buys single-family homes and townhomes. The company purchases homes at a fair market value determined by a local, third-party, licensed appraiser. The Sell & Stay option and MoveAbility option allow you to receive additional funds if your home appreciates by the time it sells. But you also could lose funds if your home depreciates.

EasyKnock works with a broad range of income types and credit scores. It’s important to note that the repurchase option isn’t available in all states.

How does EasyKnock work?

EasyKnock buys your house at a fair price and rents it back to you. This lets you convert the funds you need without you leaving your home. You may receive between 75% and 90% of your home’s equity, depending on the program you choose.

Sell & Stay and MoveAbility homeowners have the option of receiving the home’s remaining balance when it sells. When you're ready, you can put your house on the market with the listing price and agent of your choice.

Since you’ve already received the equity, it matters less how long the home takes to sell. EasyKnock is an option for finding or building your dream home without a bridge loan.

In the meantime, you can lease the home and continue living in it. Sell & Stay homeowners in some states have the option to repurchase the home eventually. With the MoveAbility option, you can stay in your home and pay rent for up to 12 months while finding another home, but the lease is nonrenewable.

The company’s programs help reduce your housing bills by handling expenses such as property tax, homeowners insurance and other costs while you rent.

EasyKnock programs

EasyKnock has three programs:

  • Sell & Stay is designed for homeowners wanting to convert their home’s equity now but who might desire to repurchase their home later. You can tap into as much as 75% (or 85%, in certain cases) of your home’s equity and receive the rest of the balance when your home sells. You can also potentially receive additional money if your house appreciates by the time of sale. This program lets you live as a tenant in the home for as long as you’d like.
  • MoveAbility is similar to the Sell & Stay program, except you don’t have the option to buy back your home. You can receive up to 85% of your home’s equity and rent the home for as long as 12 months. MoveAbility leases cannot be renewed.

EasyKnock fees

As the seller, you’re responsible for both buyer's and seller's closing costs, which are based on your home value and your area’s practices. These are about 1.5% of the home's value but vary by location. You also pay EasyKnock at closing for any presale repairs.

As far as your monthly rent, your purchase agreement discloses the amount, so you’ll know before you sign. EasyKnock sets this rate based on rent prices in your area. The company uses an independent third-party analytics vendor to analyze your area’s going rates.

EasyKnock’s Sell & Stay program has annual rent increases of 2.5% or the consumer price index (CPI) — whichever is greater.

EasyKnock’s processing fees depend on which solution you choose. The Sell & Stay program charges a processing fee of 4.99% of the house’s purchase price. MoveAbility charges 3.75% of the purchase price (minimum of $5,000).

Sell & Stay and MoveAbility have an additional annual option fee of about 3% if you sell your house. If you buy back your home under Sell & Stay, the annual fee is also about 3%.

EasyKnock FAQ

Is EasyKnock a reverse mortgage?

No, EasyKnock is not a reverse mortgage. EasyKnock offers residential sale-leaseback solutions. This is when you sell your house to someone or a company and then rent it. It’s a way to get cash for part of your home’s equity without having to leave it.

Where is EasyKnock available?

EasyKnock is available in most states but doesn’t serve every market. It encourages you to fill out a qualification form to find out if EasyKnock is available where you live.

What types of homes qualify for EasyKnock?

EasyKnock only buys single-family houses and townhomes. Other properties, like mobile homes, multifamily units, commercial units and certain rural parcels, are ineligible.

Who owns EasyKnock?

Jarred Kessler is EasyKnock's founder and CEO.

Is EasyKnock legit?

EasyKnock is a legit company that can help homeowners who need to convert their home equity. Whether you’ve hit a rough patch financially or need your home’s value to purchase or build your new dream home, EasyKnock can help.

EasyKnock's credit score requirements aren’t set in stone, so it’s also helpful for those who don’t otherwise qualify for a loan. The purchase process is straightforward, and you receive money quickly. From there, you can continue living in the home as a tenant, move to a new home when you’re ready or repurchase the house when you’re able.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about EasyKnock?
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    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed July 9, 2024

    Worst decision I have ever made doing business with Easyknock, They will answer all questions with lies to lure you in. Once you do business with them seem like you are stuck. Can't afford to buy the house back but they say you can move and sell. You have to live there and sell and you can't give any notice to move until after the house sells or they will tell future landlords you did not meet your contractual agreement by giving notice. None of this makes any sense and sadly after my husband passed I fell for the scam.

    Reviewed May 15, 2024

    Let us Start from Home Equity Loan. When you get Home Equity Loan or line of credit, No bank transfers the homeowners deed and a title. The bank holds your Home as a collateral, lend you money and attach a Lien until you pay off the Loan. Can anyone make me understand how Easy knock Operates under Home Equity Loan.? If this is a loan, where is the terms, condition and the annual percentage rate? I have seen deception but not like Easyknock. Biggest mistakes of a lifetime. Unethical and incompetent, this is not just Deception, it's violation of human rights and domestic violence, UNSEEN!

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      Reviewed May 2, 2024

      This company is a joke. Where in your commercial on the radio do you mention you have to have less than 60% loan to equity value? Nowhere but that's what you deny inquiries based on so your marketing is very deceptive.


      This is beyond deception, This is unseen!

      Reviewed April 16, 2024

      I only wanted 120,000, said it's not a loan and made me take out all my equity of the home. Now they want to go to arbitration, it's dangerous in Texas because it's illegal but barely any case law in 40 years. I would stay far away from the company. The lady gave me the false promise of rent relief and said I didn't recall until I provided a recording and said something else with another recording I could prove was a lie also. Long story short, never trust your deed unto random people. They're suing their own lawyers, they're suing lawyers for defamation for defamation, they lied to me, they're suing a bankruptcy agent and claiming the government is lying in Connecticut. This is insane, stay away from these people. Run far far away.

      Reviewed April 9, 2024

      I sold my home to Easy Knock choosing the option value. Agreeing to lease the house for 1 year while we found another house. We found another house fulfilling the 1 year lease agreement. Have our notice per the lease agreement and contract of sale. And we’re supposed to get our balance paid out within 3-8 from the move out date. It’s been almost 2 years and nothing. And if you try to talk to anyone you are passed from 1 person to another and get nowhere. Be very cautious with if you want to consider doing anything with Easy Knock.

      Reviewed Jan. 16, 2024

      Easy Knock has recently been banned from doing business in MA for fraudulent practices and there are over 30 lawsuits in the Southern District court of Texas for fraud, truth in lending, racketeering and many more. I got a loan from them in 2018 of which they loaned me 1/2 the value of my home with the promise that I maintained 1/2 the equity in the house. Everything they said has been a lie. In 2021 they raised the monthly payment 3 times in 13 months and refused to correct their books or the amount I owed them. A Judge in November ruled they had overcharged me $17,000+ dollars. They took me to eviction court because I refused to pay anymore till they corrected their books. When the Judge asked them if I could stay in the house if I paid what was truly owed they said no and had us thrown out of our home by a constable just before Christmas.

      I came up with 2 different cash buyers for the amount they said I owed (which is less than 1/2 the value of my home) and they refused to do the sales and now they are saying they owe me nothing else. They owe me over $150,000.00. They will steal your home. They know the loopholes in the laws. They will tell you any lie to get you to sign a contract. Stay away from them. If you do sign a contract then also Opt out of Arbitration so you can sue them directly. I contacted Jarred ** directly and he refused to talk with me to resolve this situation. A lot of the good reviews of the company are paid reviews or done by their financial partners. This company does not know how to spell the word honest at all. Google lawsuits against EasyKnock, aka, EK Real Estate Services of NY and you will find out just how bad this company is.

      Reviewed Nov. 27, 2023

      Updated on 12/23/2023: I walked away with 7k yo, I bought my house for 110k and I paid repairs for 40k, I only got 30k plus the 7k I'm walking away with, these people play me so bad, somebody needs to put those company out of business, is not fair what they did to Me and my family, 7k. That's so sad. They enjoy every part of this, they enjoy every part of taking my whole life, I want a lawyer so bad. Someone please reach put to me **, I wanna sue so bad.

      Original: The worst, I got my home for 110k, they told me I'd get 80k in repair and 45k of that was to repair home, got behind on rent due to deaths, occurring and these people have not showed one bit compassion, me and my children are gonna be homeless in 2 weeks, and my 18 just had a baby 11/24. People have enjoyed watching me packing my 20 year life. Have enjoy watching my traumatized self experience intentionally tortured me this whole year, enjoy me being transparent just to sound like robots. Tell me get a lawyer but they know I'm unemployed, newborn and it's Xmas, I mean bitter woman who are ridiculously ugly at the soul, I've co-operate so much. I'm only walking away with less than 50k after my 20 year life is sold dec15, someone needs to sue this company.

      They have torched me. I have evidence and I'll tell y'all what happens in court on Dec 1st, stay away from this disgusting business. They sound so nice at first but I swear once they got you they will enjoy torching your life. You will regret what you did, please let this business die so all those employees can remember all the cases they destroy all the families. They destroy you. Evil people.

      Reviewed Nov. 16, 2023

      I am a real estate broker. EasyKnock is a predatory lending company that has no shame. Google "EasyKnock predatory" for a list of the growing number of lawsuits. As a real estate agent, you would be crazy to recommend this company to your clients. Don't do it. This company should be shut down by the Department of Justice. It's a total scam.

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed Sept. 6, 2023

      I will update my review when EasyKnock pays me the tens of thousands of dollars they owe me. I sold them my home in April '23 and they were so quick to close. Once I was a tenant, everything took AT LEAST 2 business days minimum, however, I cannot tell you how many different people were my dedicated contact until they stopped answering my texts, emails, and calls regarding repairs only for me to find out they no longer worked for the company. Selling was arduous. I am glad I had a patient realtor, contractor, and buyer.

      Most people don't have to wait 2 business days to find out if their offer was accepted or not. They told my realtor to list the seller as ___ in the paperwork, then later said, no, it needs to say ___. Now, we closed the sale on the 28th, I was told I'd receive the final paperwork from the sale within 5 business days so I can be paid my proceeds, and yet, I'm waiting. Calling just gets you their answering service and emailing takes business days for them to respond. If you like bureaucracy, you'll love EasyKnock.

      Profile pic of the author.

      Reviewed June 15, 2023

      I have to agree with the most recent reviewer as well. They sold the home out without our approval and for over $50k less than had been told. What they don't tell you is is that if the so called real estate agent they appoint to each account doesn't sell your home in a certain amount of time they can and will sell it for whatever they want to just to recoup whatever they've got invested. Antwon ** the agent that they assigned to sell our house literally did not show it to one possible buyer.

      They simply sold it and marketed it to those companies that advertised we will buy your house type businesses and not once did they even list our house at the agreed on value they had said they were going to which was supposed to be starting at $249k and I have emails stating that and it never was anywhere near that much. Even after more than one appraisal they continue to come up with things to justify why your house isn't selling or why your house isn't worth what they said it was to begin with.

      All I know is this is my father and I worked ourselves to the bone our whole lives especially my father and he died this year and he died missing that house and without a home. Because this company who was supposed to help him tap into equity that he had already built up in this house didn't do one thing they had discussed and agreed on ended up costing him everything. And put me and him out on the streets. They served us with a seasoned assistant letter and still to this day refuses to let us speak to their legal department because I really don't think it exist. And I just recently discovered a transcript of all the correspondents between EasyKnock and their partners in this and can prove everything I said here.

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