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My mortgage was sold to Ditech from GreenTree. I received an email offering refinancing with $0 closing cost. Contacted Ditech and had the process started. Email all relevant docs and paid for an appraisal. It's now has been over 3 weeks and after several emails and phone calls request for an update. No reply from the company. My credit is excellent with great income. Very bad treatment from Ditech. Stay away from these people. I am now filing a complain and a lawsuit against Ditech.

I submitted a home owner's insurance check to our mortgage company for endorsement. Our insurance agent made the check out to my husband, myself, and Ditech. They deposited the check into our escrow account over a month ago. I called 3 weeks ago, wondering where the check was. They said "oh, we just sent you a letter TODAY stating that we need the w9 and estimate." Well, isn't that a coincidence? Why didn't they contact me earlier and ask for that information? They obviously have my address and phone number. So I had our contractor send a w9 and estimate so they would release the check back to us to pay for the repairs. I called the day after he faxed the information in, and they said they received the fax, but were behind on processing, so asked me to call back in a few days and my check would be processed and on its way back to us.

I called a few days later, and the representative told me we had all the information in that was required, they were still running behind, and I didn't need to do or submit anything else. Just wait for the check. I called a week later, having STILL not received the check. Now they tell me that the w9 and estimate faxes were partially legible, and the representative doesn't know why the representative didn't tell me this last week, and "Could I have the contractor resend the information?" They told me they would "mark my account" and watch for the fax so they can process my check immediately.

40 hours after my contractor faxed the information, the fax department hasn't submitted it to the claims department. Everyone is sorry for my inconvenience, yet nobody can do anything: just wait. So, I receive a letter in the meantime telling me that once I send in before and after pictures of our repair they will release the other half of my check! Now I am to believe that once we get this mess settled, I am only getting half the money, then will have to wait for who knows how long to get the rest. Meanwhile, our contractor is waiting to get paid. I am so frustrated with this company. I will post updates, and hopefully be able to say soon that I received the insurance check back. As of today, it has been 40 days since the Ditech deposited my insurance check.

I had my Mortgage with Greentree. They as we all know sold to Ditech Financial LLC. I had damage from a plumbing leak cause significant Damage including Mold which needed to be mitigated quickly. I put an Insurance Claim with New Jersey Manufactures Insurance, a very reputable Insurance Company based in N.J. I say one of the best in the Nation. I went through the process of the Claim, Estimate, Adjuster and the Checks were issued within a week of the paperwork being signed off on. I then proceeded to have my Wife and I endorse the checks. I had the SBA as second position and Ditech in First. I forwarded the check to DiTech, the 7 to 10 Business rule kicked in and the Checks were returned now two weeks later, still no Mold Remediation. They sent numerous documents requesting all the information they were given and returned the checks, now the SBA had to endorse first.

I forwarded the Checks and the SBA had them endorsed and returned within a week. Ditech was now resent all the documents and Checks and as of today October 18, 2016 said the were deposited in my escrow account and the required documents would not be processed until October 25, 2016. This Company has horrible policies on this issue, Customer Service that has limited hours and days off. They should have a 24 7 operation with all the Claims being processed. I was advised that prior to Hurricane Matthew 26,000 claims were being processed, Typical Large Investor Driven Corporation that holds the Consumer Hostage. I Thank God my Contractor has worked without payment since October 7, 2016.

I will be filing a Complaint with N.J. Insurance and Banking or Consumer Affairs. Ditech has no problem holding on to Insurance Money because they have a vested Interest in the Property. I have a bigger responsibility, my Family, their Health (Mold) and a Safe environment. Will Ditech pay the Medical Bills should an illness occurs. They also mandate an Inspection prior to releasing the final funds %50. So the Money you need to pay the Contractor will not be released until the work is done, however the Contractor can refuse to finish the work until you pay them. What a bunch of Garbage. This Company needs to be hauled into Court and answer the Unfair and I believe Illegal actions on behalf of Consumers.

Stay away from this company. Any company that does not value their customers anymore than they have displayed to me does not deserve to be in business. They made a mistake and would not admit it, stated that they were innocent and my check was LOST in the mail. Strangely, the same day they received my new check (checks written and mailed 2 weeks apart), they received the old check and the new check and cashed both checks with my written requested to NOT cash the last if the first check was found and cashed. They ignored my request and cashed both checks, causing and overdraw in my bank account. I was charged close to $100.00. I want this money repaid to me!!!

Ditech switched to Green Tree and everything went downhill from there. I handle my father's financial affairs. He is fully disabled with a heart condition which means he can't work. His income is extremely limited to say the least. With Green Tree the monthly payment was $454. Ditech booted the payment up to $720 a month. This last month to catch up on what we were behind we made a full payment then came up with another $800, which for us was not easy. I was then contacted this month asking for another payment and then some because supposedly we were still $2000 behind. I have requested a history of payments (I have my own I just want to make sure they match up) and a list of all the fees and charges that they claim to be due.

We had no notice or choice when our note was sold. For someone who has worked all of his life to build his home and make something for his self and family, to be treated like this is a shame. He is fully disabled. I think if this company is not stopped they will continue to take advantage of the middle class people and drive people from their homes just so they can make a quick profit. These people are crooks. To make a payment over the phone costs $20. If you mail it magically gets lost or detained every single month so they can charge a late fee and they won't let you make payments online unless you are caught up on payments. This is an awful company. I can't find a single satisfied customer!

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My mortgage was sold to this abominable company... Ditech. They have refused to honor my Homestead Exemption on my taxes. I recently had York County, SC send me a copy of my taxes, showing this exemption and sent in on to Ditech Tax Dept. per instructions from Customer Service. Today a supervisor in their Tax Dept. told me that the document showing my taxes (that they requested) "maybe got lost in the mail". Furthermore, in any case... they would NOT be changing my tax collected in escrow. I am looking for the address of their corporate offices and will be filing a complaint with BBB in their area. Also in the process of refinancing with a trustworthy company, my local bank, who serviced my last mortgage. Do not willingly sign on with this company for a mortgage. And if your loan gets sold to Ditech, get away, refinance as soon as possible.

We refinanced a couple of years ago and the first several months went smoothly, then the mortgage was sold to Ditech. Of course, we had no say-so on having our mortgage moved. The first several months went smoothly with Ditech, and the escrow seemed to be calculated correctly. Early this year after receiving a new escrow evaluation from Ditech, I calculated that they were adding too much to our payments to cover the necessary escrow amount. I emailed them and asked why the amounts shown at the bottom of the escrow sheet in the account online showed payout amounts that did not agree with the amounts in the Escrow calculation form.

Ever since, I have been in contact with them several times, on the phone and via email, to ask for a review of the escrow account, and every month I receive a letter saying, basically, that the account "is in review". It's been at least five months since I initiated my request and I still have not received an adequate response. They are still withdrawing too much for our escrow payments, and, I believe, benefiting from the float. We are a retired and semi-retired couple on Social Security, and our budget is really getting pinched. After reading some of the other horror stories about this company, I am very concerned about this matter getting resolved. What kind of luck has anyone reading this had with refinancing their mortgage with another company and paying off Ditech? Has anyone contacted their Attorney General and had any satisfaction with their concerns? Has anyone reading this tried to discontinue paying escrow and received funds back?

Here is one for Ripley's Believe It or Not. It occurred right after the Ditech April 2016 change-over to a new bank and new customer account numbers. As this story goes, in June, I was checking my credit report on Credit Karma, a free service to watch your credit with TransUnion and Equifax. I noticed an abnormal increase in my credit score. Nice? No, not nice. Ditech was reporting my normal monthly payment, now including the escrow payment, under TWO reporting entries, the pre-April 2016 account number AND the new, post-April accounting number. I suddenly acquired two properties at the SAME address for only one monthly payment reported twice, thanks to Ditech's "wonderful" accounting practices. Why be concerned, since this increased my credit score. Consider if the IRS came across this information.

I am retired on fixed income, so my tax reports are quite simple. Where did I get the money to suddenly buy two properties (disregarding the government notices that their addresses are the same). This happened over June, and July 2016. And so, before the government got involved, I notified Ditech and their credit reporting agencies about the problem. After several letters of denial from Ditech and no change responses from the credit bureaus, I sent a bomb letter to Ditech threatening to report the matter to the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They have a website for that purpose, and I called CFPB to verify my complaint standing before I sent any letter. Finally, in August 2016, I got my credit report fixed to show only one mortgage payment. And it only took Ditech 3 months to acknowledge the problem and fix it. Chalk up this one for the Ditech customers!

My mortgage was also bought by Ditech. They didn't contact or transfer my payments for 2 years. Then all of a sudden I get a bill in the mail for the total mortgage. I made payment arrangements w/ them and have been making monthly payments for 2 years! But the acct is showing as charged off and no payments made at all monthly for 2 years!! I can't refinance or get a new home bec this is destroying my credit. What am I supposed to do?!

I've been trying to make my home mortgage payment since 9/30 and gotten nowhere. I've called multiple times, only to get a recording of a person called Devon **. It states that he is unavailable. I've left messages and now the mail box is full. When I hit another extension, it says "There is no one available to help you at this time." The online system won't allow to make a payment as well. I'm at a lost on what to do.

Whenever you try to make a payment using any of their services - they find a way to charge you at least 20$, mail a payment they charge you a late fee - can't win with these crooks! I HATE DITECH WITH A PASSION!! WISH I COULD PUT MR ROBOT ON THEM!!! DITECH AKA EVIL CORP.

After I paid off my loan and cancelled the automatic payment Ditech sent a request for payment to my bank anyway and they received an extra-payment. When I found out I called the company at least five times, got different answers, and finally I was told that I will get my money back after 30 days. It is like a double punishment. Not enough that they took my money abusively, but they get to hold it and probably use it for a month. Why? It was so easy, after I brought that up, to send it back to my bank.

My mortgage was formerly with Green tree and now Ditech owns it. On April 1 I was permanently modified. The contract states I was to make payments for $850.31. My payments were submitted through my bank account before the due date but in August I logged in to Ditech and and it shows that I was really behind on my mortgage. My mortgage had gone up sometime but they fail to notified me. I investigated further and the payment history was also showing one less payment. They didn't credit my account accordingly for the month on July 1, 2016. I contact them by phone number 1800-643-0202, submitted copies of the check and bank statement for the month of June and July. On the back of the check it had the account number that was credited which ended up to be my old account number.

I called again and again they will respond that they can't see the payment. After several attempts one person finally saw what I was trying to explain to the rest of them. He said he will send an email to have the funds, reallocate them to the correct account that it would take several days. After several calls they still haven't allocated the funds. I talked to Robert, David, Logan, Kim and Gary. They all gave me the same answer that the fund haven't been reallocated and that they will send an email to their supervisor and research department and to have the fund reallocated. Now after more than 30 days I still haven't found not even one person to help me with this situation. I don't have an extra money to send them and that is why I had my mortgage modified.

I am wondering if anybody had a similar problems happen to them. I also wonder if they are just trying to keep my money because obviously they don't care about the customer. I have been giving the runaround, put on hold forever, never get calls back by anybody. What kind of business runs like this. They have the worst customer services. If they would do their job correctly I wouldn't have been calling them from the first place. I never received letter from the Ditech stating what my new mortgage amount will be and the July payment check that was sent directly for my bank account clearly had the account number on it. The rest of the payment were posted correct but the July payment. Hope this company have a complaint department or corporate office information so I can submit my complaint as well.

My loan, like many others on here, was once owned by Countrywide to Bank of America then sold my mortgage to GMAC, who in turn (with no late payments) sold it to Green Tree, which then became, Ditech. I cannot even begin to list all the problems with this company. Every month, and I mean EVERY MONTH since March of this year (2016) they have misapplied my payment.

When I received my statement in March, they had no record of previous payment, which had $140 extra to principal. When I called, they finally said, 'Oh we applied that to someone else's account'. The next month comes, and again, it shows I have not made the payment for March, or April, but both were mailed/paid on time. I call, "Oh, we applied the whole payment to your principal"... what? Who the heck would mail a payment to principal, and not make their monthly payment? Thought that was taken care of until the next month, whereupon I was told, they were 'fixing their system' and that it was in review, now still showing incorrect payment applications.

I was sent a letter on May 11th, showing my PMI was no longer necessary... and then when I call in subsequent months, because each and every month, they misapply my payments somehow, that it does not show up, and I need to pay ADDITIONAL EXTRA funds to bring my escrow up to date! But they are taking the money out every month! I pay the extra money, and get the letter, and THEY STILL HAVE IT WRONG.

Last month, I am told that the letter was sent out in error, and now owe additional money. They also, misapplied my payment again, and tell me they once again, put it all towards the principal. I feel like I am being harassed and wonder if they are not scamming something? If you don't follow up with them, then what? They send you erroneously to collection and then make you jump through hoops to prove you are correct, a good paying customer and they are completely incompetent? I am sending a letter through my attorney, to the attorney general's office, this is WRONG.

Recently my mortgage account was sold to Ditech Financial from Citi-Mortgage. I have been trying to pay my mortgage by phone 1-800-643-0202 or online ditech.com, for months but it won't let me and I am getting further and further behind. The phone payment system prompts me through account numbers, SS#, until it ask me to press # to access my mailbox or enter the number of the person I am calling. Since I don't have these numbers, it says goodbye and hangs up. When I go online it wants me to pay my entire amount (which is growing), all at once or it won't let me make a payment. I believe they are making it difficult to pay your mortgage to rack up late fees or possibly to make a case to take your home away from you. Maybe their president can get something done. Pray your mortgage doesn't get bought by Ditech!

After having our floors replaced after a sewer backup, Ditech will still not release the money from State Farm back to us and as a result we are now being sued by both the flooring company and our contractor. State Farm sends the money in both our and Ditech's name. We had to endorse the check, send to Ditech and wait for all the work to be completed and inspected. In spite of our inspection being complete 6 weeks ago and calling Ditech almost every day, they come up with one excuse after another of why they won't release our money back to us.

Every lame excuse in the book has been used by this company. No one will give a straight answer to anything and we are always either put on hold and left there or transferred to a supervisor's voice mail who never calls us back. We were not treated this way the last time we had an insurance claim by our old mortgage company. THIS IS THE WORST MORTGAGE COMPANY EVER. IF YOUR MORTGAGE GETS BOUGHT BY THESE FOLKS, PAY OFF YOUR MORTGAGE AND RUN!!!

Ditech sent me an e-mail with a wrong FAX number. If you try to call them, the wait times can easily reach 2 hours. They do not want you to reach them. The fax number they hand out is 866-870-9199. Try it if you do not believe me. I complained to The Attorney General, and Ditech responded by avoiding the issue and explaining how my payments have been applied. That had nothing to do with my complaint against them.

In March of this year, I received a letter stating I was late on my mortgage payment and had accrued late fees. I called to inquire of the charges, only to learn I was a full month ahead on my payments and my next payment would be applied to the month thereafter. Keep in mind I make partial payments on a bi-weekly basis due to the way I get paid. At that time, Fannie Mae made some changes and my money was being sent somewhere other than towards my payment. The late fees and the balance was taken care of by the representative, whose name I cannot remember. However, she further instructed me to skip my next bi-weekly payment and make the one following. This still would put me 2 weeks ahead on my mortgage every single time. I would never accrue late fees after she resolved the allocation issues.

Lo and behold, TODAY I receive the same exact letter I received in March. I called to speak with a representative, by the name of Brianna, who was very helpful; I have no complaints about her. She then told me I actually have accrued 3 late charges on my account and the extra money I send in to go towards my principal has gone towards late fees. At this point, I am livid. First of all, I had no idea these charges had been applied because I am just now receiving a letter concerning late fees. Second of all, how the HECK is it ever late when it is ALWAYS two weeks ahead? I expressed my concern over this company possibly damaging my credit, something I worked hard to build.

This mortgage company sucks. I never had an issue with Green Tree Lending before Ditech took over. I would not recommend this company to anyone. I would recommend you spend your money on a rental property and make them money, than to own something for yourself if you have to deal with sorry mortgage lender. I am super disappointed in how they handle things. I spent a full hour on the phone trying to get this matter resolved, and due to high call volumes I could not speak with a supervisor. The best information Brianna could give me was to allow her to submit a waiver for the late charges to be removed. She applied all my information to my account, but I should call back Oct 4 to see what the status of my issue is.

My reply to her was, "You all have my money and whatever the issue is, it is on your end. You want ME to call YOU back to discuss an issue YOU caused? This does not speak well for this company and the fact I have had the same issue in 6 months and with greater fee accruals this time surely has me thinking I should move my business elsewhere." I also informed her I would be writing a review to let it be known how awful they are with handling accounts. So, tell EVERYONE you know NOT to deal with Ditech, especially for a residential mortgage loan. There is too much time wasted trying to fix issues they cause or cannot keep under control.

I am going to contact the Attorney General's office in Mass. due to the fact I had missed two payments on my mortgage with Ditech the only solution was for me to go on a payment plan of almost 2,420.00 per month. I sent in all paperwork stating my income decreased and one lady I spoke to in Customer Service told me, "If your income decreases, it doesn't mean you can't pay for your mortgage." This is BS. Someone needs to investigate this company and put them out of business. Also another customer service person told me why would I want a loan modification since my loan would be paid off in seven years? I am on disability and receive a disability pension from where I used to work.

I have spent countless hours on the phone with Ditech since they took over my mortgage after buying Green Tree, trying to be treated fairly. There are 2 major issues:

1. They paid my property tax to the wrong county. This resulted in my actual property being delinquent with fees and penalties applied and has gone on for months. It still isn't fixed.

2. I wired a six figure sum to them to apply to my principal balance. They received the wire immediately but 10 days later still have not applied the amount to my balance. In the meantime, they have been earning interest on my money, and charging me interest on it as well.

Just add me to the thousands that are being mistreated and my account mishandled and the employees laugh about it and hang up on you. I am telling everybody I know not to buy stocks with this company and sell whatever stocks they have and get away from these companies as soon as they can.The residential mortgages they bought are from banks that we the people bailed out. These companies are worth millions and are probably untouchable, but I urge everyone that has a residential mortgage with these companies report them to every agency they can think of. Contact their state representatives, their state attorney general, NYSE, state banking authorities, their state licensing boards, etc. If you pull up Ditech licensing, it gives you a complete list of licenses ad with what states they're licensed in.

The company took out of my bank account twice for a huge house payment in one month a year ago. I have been dealing with them non stop in regards to this issue and still not resolved. They just say, "Send us the paperwork" and then they will determine if they pay us back or not! It's ridiculous that I can not get a few thousand back with proof! Lawyers will cost more in fees but at this point I may do this!

The issue with the amount on the latest check I received has been resolved:

I received 95% of the total amount, and the remaining 5% will be sent to me after I pay 100% of what I owe to the contractor, and the contractor sends a lien waiver (confirmation that they have been fully paid and will not place a lien on my property) to Ditech.

Original Review

Here is a summary of my ordeal with Ditech. I had home repair expenses reimbursed by my home insurance (Travelers) and because the amount of the final check was above $10,000, the check had to be endorsed by Chase (second lien holder) and Ditech (first lien holder). That's where my ordeal begun. I called Ditech's customer service a few times (they don't have an office in Texas) and eventually figure out that I had to first send some documents by mail, which I did. A month later, after no response, I called Ditech's customer service to inquire; I was told that there was a document missing. I faxed that document. Then I had to wait for 5-7 business days to hear back, per Ditech's policy every single step in a process takes 5-7 business days.

So, 5-7 business days later they needed another document. I faxed it, and 5-7 business days later I called to inquire again. They put me in contact with a property inspector, whom I contacted, and had the inspection of my property (home) completed 4 days later. Then I took my check to Chase along with the inspection document, and had the check endorsed in less than an hour; most of which was spent on the phone between the manager at Chase and Ditech Customer Service, to make sure that the check would be endorsed exactly to Ditech's satisfaction.

5-7 days later, I call again to inquire, only to be told that Ditech needs "authorization to add the title of the Chase manager on the back of the check and what that title is!" 4 days later Ditech had all that. 5-7 days later I call Ditech to inquire. They tell me that my check will be deposited in their claims account and a check made out to me will be drawn and mailed to me in a couple of days. 5 days later (Sept. 19, 2016) I receive that check, and it has the WRONG AMOUNT (less than it should). So, now I have to call Ditech's customer service again, and... I am stopping here because it's inappropriate to use expletives... I received the check from Travelers in late June, 2016.

We paid our shortfall on escrow along with monthly payment 3 months ago and now every month they call several times a month and say we are late on our payments. 3 times now they said they would straighten it out but would take 19 days/don't know how they count cause that was 90 days ago. Had Citi mtg. then Green Tree (no problems). Now sold to Ditech and nothing but problems. Keep track of your payments because sure enough they don't. Would never recommend even to enemies. Would not really even give them 1 star. Stay away from them. Going to pay off mtg. and get away from them.

16 years ago we purchased our double-wide home. It is currently in his name only with a high interest rate because he did not have a lot of credit back then. I was in an ongoing dispute with Equifax over my ex husband's bankruptcy (3 years after our divorce) that showed up on my credit. We finally made the decision to refinance only the balance owed for a lower interest rate. We have gone through the entire process and even got an email saying "Congratulations you are approved." Both our credit scores are over 740, he has been employed at the same job 16 years - me for 19 years. The appraisal came back $16,000 more than required. The next thing we know we get a letter in the mail denying our loan. When I call I am told it is because we have another home on the property. We have a single-wide trailer that is used as a pool house/storage. It has no running water (noted by the appraiser), no heat, not even a kitchen.

After we were able to show that the tongue and axles were still attached and that is was not another livable home they started giving us the runaround about "we need this and that." In fact this is one of the questions they asked "The appraiser stated on page #6 that "Towing hitch and axles are attached to structure."

Please clarify; does the subject house have a towing hitch and axles?" They answered their own question. I took all of my paperwork to my local bank just for review and they cannot understand why this loan has not closed. I wish we never even applied with these people. If I can find any way to get our loan financed elsewhere I will. I have no desire to continue giving these people (crooks) my hard earned money and we will not allow our credit score to be abused.

Wow, I went to work for this company since it took over Green Tree servicing and it opened a new mortgage dept. After 2 months and no systems were right, employees coming and going without checking in, customers being yelled at, no management help, and the quality of worker, I called my family and advised refinance somewhere else! Ditech fell apart in 1992 "remember: Lost another loan to Ditech?" - well if you try to refi with them now, or are with them think twice. They treat their employees so bad that it ends up with the customer being treated horribly. Wrong figures will be sent, treated like a piece of trash, it is just not worth the trouble, the arguments or the stress. I like my mortgage to be in a safe reputable company. Ditech is far from that.

Where to begin... Waiting for a closing statement for a week now. Had to close in escrow. When they finally sent the closing statement to my attorney today, it was someone else's account, in a different state, and to top that, they still didn't have mine ready. They won't have it until next week, maybe, and each day there is a per diem charge for interest while their payoff money sits in an account waiting for them to want to be paid off. Terrible service.

Had Citimortgage for years with not one problem. They sold to Greentree again not one issue. They sold to Ditech and it has been A NIGHTMARE to put it lightly. I was selling my house on land contract and the current tenant had a family renting that property. The mortgage at the time was current. Out of nowhere Ditech had a physical representative show up and tell the renters that they were being foreclosed on and that they must vacate to avoid being arrested. Ditech STILL claims that they sent no one out there. Needless to see the renters broke their lease and moved anyway in fear of dealing with it. With loss of rent money the current tenant asked for a loan modification. I was personally involved with all of the conversations.

For almost a year now they will NEVER ONCE return a phone call or 80% of the time not have an accurate record of any previous phone calls. We have been lied to, given the run around and flat out ignored at times. The whole time my credit has taken an OUTSTANDING HIT!!! I had excellent credit before all this went down. We have contacted a real estate lawyer and they say we have very strong grounds for a solid case.

I have been making "trial payments" for this mortgage. I have been getting the runaround since April 2016. I call in every few weeks regarding the modification paperwork. Each time I am told the investor is reviewing the application. Well, today I called and was told that the calculations were wrong, and needed to be redone. I spoke to another agent and was told that there has been changes in numerous departments and that they now have Relationship Managers. It doesn't matter what they are called, stop with the runaround.

Looks like a lot of the same problems. Green Tree sold to Ditech, and now Ditech has no idea what the hell they are doing. Something smells rotten in Denmark here. We had a fixed rate, now they are saying they are paying our land taxes, and charging us. Well, they aren't. I still get the bill in the mail every year. They pay our ins. company, and then charge us twice what they paid them. It's insane. We are going to lose our house over their shady dealings. This company needs to be held accountable. CLASS ACTION SUIT!!!

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