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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

This company shouldn't exist. I made a payment in April and they only credited my account with less than half of my payment. I called them and they told me they only received the amount credited to my account. I sent them a prove of them receiving the full amount. Since then, my account has been on review. It's been 3 months, the issue hasn't been resolved. Due to their error, my account looks like I'm a month behind on my mortgage. Oh, and they hang up on me when they have nothing else to say. They charge me late fees for their own mistake and sent me foreclosure letters.

I am having fits with Ditech. We refinanced our home and it was paid off May 31, 2016 and moved to a new mortgage company. Ditech continues to bill us for house payments and to call saying we are late on our loan payments. I have made at least 15 phone calls trying to get them to figure out what the problem is. The loan payoff was first put in our escrow account instead of paying it off. Then they said we owed money because they had made our tax payment on June 1 which is a lie because our taxes were figured into the new loan with the new mortgage company. Ditech owes us money and refuses to do their proper accounting to clear up this mess. I am in with others who might want to bring a class action lawsuit.

Proof of insurance EVERY YEAR. This company early year asks for proof of coverage and now they are claiming that if I don't provide they will buy it FOR me. The HOA has part of the insurance coverage and it costs $80 to get a proof of coverage document. Plus it has to be in their name as well. Might be time to refinance. I HATE these people.

Working with Ditech has been absolutely horrible. In the last 6 months they have inexplicably changed my mortgage account number, dropped the condo unit number from my address on my monthly statements, increased my required monthly payment on a fixed interest rate mortgage without telling me, and then added late fees.

To add insult to injury, they don't answer the phone when you call the 800 number. In trying to get my problems addressed I did leave detailed voicemails with two different "personal account representatives". They were Natashia ** at extension ** and Eric ** at extension **. After more than a month neither has returned my calls.

I sent a letter to their customer service PO box, which you have to look up the address for online, they won't tell you in normal mailings. Yesterday I received a response from Shea **, who is listed as the Customer Service Correspondence Supervisor. Ms. ** response to why my mortgage payment was increased was that they didn't have enough of a "cushion" (her exact wording) in my escrow fund.

There's more than enough money in there to cover all tax payments, but now she inexplicably wants more of a cushion. She also glossed over the part about how I should have been informed of an increased payment amount so that (if legitimate, I'm somewhat skeptical) I could increase the amount sent from my bank for my monthly payments, and she refused to refund the late fees. Ms. ** also ignored my other concerns about the inexplicably changing account numbers, incorrect/incomplete property address, and the unexplained unauthorized account activity which shows up on my statements.

If I didn't have the ability to log into the Ditech website to check on what's actually happening to my account, and the extra cash on hand to make extra payments (over $1,000 worth this year so far) I can only imagine how many shady fees they would be racking up. I've taken over this mortgage from my father and I just have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that they're trying to run some shady fees-&-foreclosure scheme targeting senior citizens.

This new Ditech company (formerly the corrupt "GreenTree") has got to have all sorts of criminal activity all over it. I'm currently looking at options to refinance the mortgage with a reputable (or at least not-criminal) mortgage company or bank. If you have an option for getting a mortgage at Ditech... run away! And I mean RUN AWAY! Even if they offer you a better interest rate than the next bank, it's so not worth it.

Ditech bought out our mortgage in August, 2015. From the beginning, they were incompetent. They did not bother to see if we had our monthly mortgage payment electronically drafted from our checking account, and after a threatening letter, I realized they had not drafted my account for the mortgage. Had to correct this problem. Then we had roofing claim in March. Our homeowners adjuster okayed roof replacement and sent an initial check. Of course Ditech's name was also on the check and they would only send a partial amount.

When job was completed, the cost was more than initially planned, but the insurance company paid it right away. However, Ditech wanted to send an appraiser. He came on Sunday afternoon - Mother's Day - but said best roof job he'd seen in awhile. But do you think for one minute that Ditech went ahead and paid us? No, they sat on the 2nd insurance check and the rest of the 1st insurance check for 3 MONTHS! I called once a week to get status and kept getting same old run around - 7 to 10 business days! They wanted all kinds of extra little stuff that even our insurance adjuster thought was ridiculous! The more I called, the more rude, stubborn, and belligerent they became to me! I even asked to speak to the manager of the claims department. This person never even called me back! In fact, this 7 to 10 day policy didn't matter if you were calling them for status.

About 3 weeks passed and when I called for the status of the claims check, they told me a bunch of bull they still needed - which had been faxed to them weeks ago. I just started crying in frustration, letting them know that my mother was in Hospice, the roofer wanted his money, and I just couldn't take this stress any longer. At that point, the customer representative told me she was ordering the check cut that day. It was obvious they wanted to make money off of the insurance company's money! They were terrible to deal with - from the standpoint of service as well as customer care! I will definitely be refinancing to get rid of them! They are the all time worse! No office nearby - only in South Dakota! They are an online mortgage company!

If you are stuck with his mortgage company, dash quickly to the nearest mortgage company and remedy future problems with the worst mortgage company in the US. I've had many mortgage companies - but none have equaled the lack of ethics, lack of customer service, and mismanagement that this crowd represents! I have a folder full of detailed papers should anyone want more information.

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On May 05, 2016 Ditech reported a Conventional Real Estate Mortgage in the amount of $142,029 showing opened and past due on both mine and my husbands credit reports. We have never had a mortgage with Ditech. When I called their customer service department I was told that Ditech had purchased Green Tree and this was the loan on a short sale that we had in 2012. I spoke to Erica with Ditech customer service and was told that an audit was performed and it was found that this account was closed and no monies were owed. I was also told that they would correct the error on our credit report. Nothing has been corrected and both of our credit scores have dropped considerably because of the incorrect reporting.

I had trouble making payments online for 3 months in a row and they would waive the $19 fee they charge to pay by phone because of it. The last time I finally got in to pay it online and had a typo so ran for too much. I received an overdraft fee from my bank. I called to clarify what happened and asked to pay by phone to keep my mortgage current. They said that I would still be charged because it was my fault even though I was unfamiliar with the online system.

I spoke with a lead and then the supervisor and both echoed that they would not waive the fee because they waived it before. I explained that it was their website that had the issue not me. That didn't matter, there was "nothing they could do". I let them know I would join the hundreds of other people that have already said how horrible they are online and the supervisor couldn't care less. They even call me at work to confirm I am going to pay online before the payment is ever late. Loan sharks are more laid back than these guys! If you have a choice in mortgage companies choose DITECH LAST!!!

HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE company. Does not know how to apply payments. I have to call them 2 times EVERY month & tell how to apply my monthly payment & when I send in extra principal payments. I had to quit sending in a payment every 2 weeks (I was trying to pay my mortgage early as I has been doing with the previous owner of the loan) because they really did not know how to handle this way of making payments. They even told me that I couldn't be more than 1 payment ahead. I see many people are having the same problem. If anyone files a class action lawsuit, please count me in.

I bought property from Walter mortgage in 2003 and after years of service the loan was sold to Green tree. Now I'm with Ditech. I tried to pay loan off to find out that I could not get a clear title to the property. I signed a contract for .5 acre, but after having to get a survey done because any of the mortgage companies would furnish me with a survey. After spending $1500.00. It was revealed that I only have a 1/4 of an acre, and it is land locked because being a corner lot the land in front and side belong to someone else and there is no legal entrance to property.

I've been dealing with this since July 2015. None of the reps. would even talk to me about. They said all they wanted was their money. It took me 8 months to talk to someone and that was after I let the note be late. Then they call and ask what the reason was for being late. Then a guy name Jonathan ask me to send paperwork and I did, but now I always have to leave him a message and he never call back. They tell me that a guy by the name of David Schneider is president. Guess I will look him up.

It's bad when your mortgage has been sold 4 times but now to be stuck with the worst mortgage company??? WTH. This company is extremely bad, predators and only like to hold money and leave you hanging. Insurance claim money is required to be sent to them, they want you to endorse the check over to them, then they only issue you a partial check and hold on to the rest. So you are left with footing the rest of the bill for repairs until they get off their fat A*Ses and supposedly come and inspect the house for repairs. Good luck on time, they take a long time. Best thing to do, refinance your home to get out from them. THEY SUCK.

Hello there. I'm not sure where to go for help with a matter that I am having with recently changed home lender. We were once with Green Tree mortgage and as of the summer of 2015 the new lender of our home became Ditech. Prior to this change I would pay my insurance with the mortgage and had a term life policy recently purchased. My monthly payments would cover each expense. Once Ditech became the lender my homeowner insurance within first 2 months would not receive payment and this policy lapsed due to non payment. I was notified by the 2nd missed payment from the insurance carrier and I was caught in a situation of needing to gather funds to reinstate the policy.

Once reinstated I placed a request to have the policies removed from the mortgage statement and account. Ditech seemed unsure of their policy for cancellations as we were ask several methods in which to expedite. We requested cancellation by way of verbal communication and was advised that to cancel the home insurance we would need to email the request. We did. Then we were advised that we sent the request to the wrong email address. We were provided another address and re sent via email.

At this point we sent via all communication methods. In addition I requested a refund of the funds taken and never applied to my homeowners policy. And that all marks removed from my credit history. My initial call to Ditech regarding this matter is shocking as no staff or management staff illustrated concern or disbelief of the matter. I may be wrong but there wasn't any haste to rectify the issue from any staff member at Ditech. As I needed to close the matter, an explanation and by all means a refund of monies that was never applied to my account.

I would call Ditech for several months attempting to remedy the matter due to being billed for cancelled policies that remained on my account. To date Ditech refuses to respond to my concerns but are adamant that I pay the outstanding balance of accounts I cancelled last year. I have kept all written documents and emails of this cancellation. I am unsure however where to go for help. I have checked the BBB and noticed that this company have similar complaints. I am very frustrated and need help but don't know where to go.

To date the company remains billing me for a cancelled life insurance policy attached to my mortgage bill. In addition I have just learned that I have a judgement on my credit report and since disabled and on a fixed income I am have been very careful of my finances. I'm so sure this probably have to do with Ditech. Please help or if you know of anyone that can, please share. I thank you. I have requested a current copy of my credit history to further review the rent judgement. I have never heard of a company forcing a life policy on a client who has cancelled or keeping a policy open when unpaid, the policy is often lapsed especially after no payment in a year and a half... Right.

I have lost total trust with this company and frustrated that I am unable to communicate with this company. As each conversation doesn't make sense, I can't find logic of paying for a cancelled policy or a home insurance policy that I have already paid directly to carrier. I'm baffled as to why Ditech doesn't understand. I hope to remedy this matter haste.

I will give this company zero or fewer stars. My original mortgage company, Bank of America, sold my mortgage to Greentree, which then sold it to Ditech in January. I am getting a sinking feeling this company is not reputable at all. For the first two months, I had no problems but for the past four months, they have misapplied all extra payments on my mortgage towards my escrow account. For the past year, I have been paying between 50-120 dollars extra towards my principal each month without incident. However, in the past four months, all extra payments are being siphoned off into my escrow account.

I called Ditech two months ago for an explanation, and they said I had not "specified" that this money should go to my principal. However, their website clearly states that as long as a customer does not have outstanding debts to the company, all extra payments will be applied towards the principal. As of today, I have not received a statement saying that I owe extra funds towards my escrow account.

Two months ago, a "supervisor" stated the problem would be fixed. It is now two months later, it continues to happen. I called today, and I was told that my request to apply the now extra escrow funds to my principal was denied two months ago, even though over the phone, I was told it would be fixed. I asked for an explanation as to why the request was denied, and had to wait about 35 minutes for a supervisor to get on the phone. The supervisor gave me contradictory information.

First she said the request was denied because I owed money into my escrow account, when I pointed out that the escrow was reviewed in January and my escrow payment had already gone up to account for this, she said nothing. She said they would fix the problem. Then I told her I needed a written email stating that Ditech had agreed to fix the problem. She said they won't issue written statements or emails without a formal written request. Then I said that I was recording the conversation and asked her to please state clearly why my request to allocate extra funds towards my principal was denied, and she backed down and said that it was their fault, and that the first customer representative had failed to follow up with my request. All of this sounds like double talk to me. This company needs to be investigated. Who will help us file a class action lawsuit against them? There seem to be enough of us having problems.

My home was foreclosed while under modification review. This company has more incompetent employees than most. I am a female, senior citizen and recently widowed veteran's spouse. May home was allegedly sold at auction on April 5, 2016. On April 1, 2016 I responded to loss mitigation with new financial documents due to the passing of my spouse on March 21, 2016. I provided Ditech with 22 pages of information requested to complete my modification on April 2016. To my surprise on April 7, 2016 there was a notification taped to my front door that my residence had been sold. So, now I'm a disabled widow homeless because Ditech asked me to consider modification, then proceeded to foreclose on my home while giving me information and guaranteeing me that the modification was being considered.

To add insult to injury on May 16, 2016 after being foreclosed on I received a letter dated May 12, 2016 from Ditech that all of the requested documents to complete modification had been received and I would be informed of their decision within 30 days whether I was approve or not. Mind you this is 5 weeks after my home was sold. I see there are many other similar stories, I will be posting contact information on social media for others who wish to share their horror stories pertaining to this lying deceitful group of thieves.

I have been fighting with this company now for 3 months. I split my payment in April. I paid 500.00 on the 1st and then 176.25 on the 14th. Then I did the same thing with May. I paid 550.00 then 126.25. Then in June my normal payment then in July my normal payment. Every time they tell me I am behind in my mortgage. Then when I go to make the normal payment they tell me I am behind because in April they put 500.00 in then back it out then put it in unallocated funds. Then they put the 176.25 in somewhere else. Then when I made my May payment they put it to April and so on and so forth. So I call and tell them what is going on. I show them what is going on and then they say they will request to reallocate the funds. That was in May that I started this process when the letters and threats of delinquency. Threats of foreclosure.

Every time they "reallocate" the funds the person I am working with Account advocate is changed and I have to start the process all over again. They keep telling me that it takes 7-10 days to fix. I STARTED this in MAY!! I just want to know if they can mess a persons account up by a click of a mouse - why the hell they cannot fix it by a click of a mouse!!! This should not take more than 72 hours to fix, I do not care how many loans came in. I do not care about how overworked and underpaid they are. All I want is my account fixed in a timely manner. Should not be messed up in the first place. This is 2ND GRADE MATH for GOD SAKES!!! My husband and I did not seek this company out. The loan company has been changed 4 times in a short period since we signed our loan. Never USE this company. The POLICIES of this company are all lies!!

Absolutely do not choose this mortgage company if you have a choice. They are a predatory loan company who is also a debt collection company. The have a policy to ban customers from making payments online, forcing you to mail a check or pay an extra fee by phone. Their website often has "technical" problems which keep you from accessing your account. Their customer service is the worst. The representatives are rude and will hang up on you multiple times while you are trying to get something accomplished with them. I will be refinancing my loan to get it away from them!!!

They have no idea what they are doing with your money. They cannot figure out how to apply a bimonthly payment to a mortgage. I have had a nasty phone call trying to collect money, and a letter sent saying "this is an attempt to collect money". I pay every 2 weeks, been doing for 3 years before Ditech bought out my mortgage (previously with BOA which were great BTW), now Ditech can't figure out how to process my on-time, auto drafted payment. Don't ever deal with them, use BOA, I know they are big but man they have the best customer service and know how to process mortgage payments.

Just like everyone else I'm having the same issue with this company. I received a statement that stated they never received my mortgage payment. I called them and the representative advised me there was a "glitch" in their system and the entire payment was applied towards escrow. She advised me that the issue should be fixed in a few days.

A week goes by and I check my online account only to see that NOTHING has been done. I call again and spoke with Julie. She said "you're not the only one having this issue." I then asked her what they were going to do about that late payment notice because I don't want that on my credit history. She said she would email her supervisor Jerry to let him know about my situation.

I now come home today and check my online account and see that they're now saying my payment for July was never received. They sent me threatening letters saying my house is in danger of going to foreclosure. I'm seeking the advice of an attorney tomorrow. This is absolutely ridiculous to have to go through. I will go to the extent of reporting these people to news stations. I refuse to let them get away with this.

Do not use this company if you have a choice. When you make bimonthly payments they do not apply your payments to your account. They place it in an unapplied account and send you threatening letters and threaten you with default if you call about the unapplied amount. I cannot wait to be done with this company!

Originally my mortgage was with GMAC then sold to Green Tree and now Ditech... this shouldn't even be legal--selling mortgages for a profit to then leave the poor customers at their mercy without knowing the fine print. After reading the majority of the reviews on this website I tend to believe every single review ONLY because I experienced rudeness and unreasonable attitude as they don't really care about the customer. I don't get it, they survive off of our business and they talk to us like we are low lives. I will refinance first chance I get.

I recently suffered a major water damage loss to my home. After fighting with the insurance company to collect partial payment I now learn from Ditech that I need to endorse the check over to them and after receiving the check with a mile-long list of documents they will issue 50% of the funds for me to get started on the repairs. They do nothing to help with the dispute between the insurance company and the insured. All they want is the check. So I'm told they will not release the balance until after the repairs are completed and inspected by them. I owe them about 1/3 of the value of the home. Why should they be in control of my funds? I'll tell you why... because they want to keep this money for as long as they can.

There should be laws against this. I can see a mortgage company protect their interest however they have nothing to lose in this case because the house has more value in it than the balance AND the size of the claim is not even $20,000. I tried reasoning with them but they didn't want to hear it. I asked to speak to a supervisor to be told that I'd be told the same thing. When I insisted they told me they couldn't transfer me. I contacted their regular CSD and filed a complaint against their Claims Customer Service Dept. What the heck?? How can anyone deny a customer their right to speak to a supervisor.

I plan to escalate my concerns to the State Dept of Finance in Florida and have these people investigated. After reading about an escrow check that "got lost in the mail" I am falling apart just thinking about the nightmare I will have to brace myself for. How can we control mortgage companies from selling our mortgage to shady mortgage companies?? I think this is an excellent venue to air our concerns but we the people NEED to escalate this to the State Dept of Finance and/or Attorney General's Office. I will NOT let these people be in control.

We had a settlement check from our insurance company for damage to our roof by a lightning strike. We have been trying to request the settlement check to pay for the roof damage since February 2016 and up to now, July 2016, the roof is completed and Ditech has not yet ordered an inspection of the property. Over the course of these months, I must have spoken to over 15 different people and each one tells me I need something else, so each time when I think I have given them everything it only lasts until I call to check on the status of my claim for the next rep to tell me something else.

This experience is the worst nightmare that I have ever experienced. I can't believe that these people are professionals and can treat customers like this. I am so fed up that I don't want to call them again and don't care if they keep the funds or not because I think that is their ultimate intention. This company does not even deserve 'one' star because being 'very dissatisfied with the experience' is an understatement. I am truly horrified and traumatized by this experience and would not wish this on my worst enemy.

Everhome/Everbank (also a nightmare company) sold our loan to Greentree/Ditech in April 2014. Greentree/Ditech claimed that they did not receive our last payment to Everhome. After several useless phone calls with customer service I sent bank statements to Everhome and Ditech to prove that the payment WAS made and they disabled my ability to pay by Western Union unless I made double my payment. (If you have ever dealt with either of these companies you know to NEVER send them a check and also don't trust them to make automatic withdrawals from your account.) We sold our home and closed on January 29, 2016. By law, the mortgage company has 90 days in which to return the amount in Escrow. After weekly phone calls, they finally sent a check 150 days after closing. If your mortgage is bought by Ditech, RUN to a reputable mortgage company as soon as you can.

Purchased my home in 2008 and paid 20% down. I refinanced with a company 3 years ago and they explained that value of the home went down and I would now have to pay PMI to refinance. However once the value of the home goes back up I can get rid of the PMI. In the beginning of the year I just added a $200,000 addition to my house assuming that will help increase the value, so that I can get rid of the PMI. However Ditech bought my loan from the other bank and now they are telling me that no matter how many additions I add to my home I can't get rid of the PMI for 2 years.

Do NOT do business with this company! Our mortgage company (GreenTree) was recently sold to Ditech. We have had a loan with Ditech for nearly 9 months and with GreenTree for 2 years. They just recently starting removing escrow for taxes on our mortgage payment. We have always paid our own taxes on all of the 5 properties we have owned over the past 22+ years. Over the past 30 days we call Ditech, we spend hours talking with them and getting passed to other departments and receive a different story of why this is occurring.

Although EVERY TIME we do talk with them they all say, "We do not know why we are taking this from you, you are setup as a non-escrow account". They are a mortgage company that does not seem to have tight control of processes and procedures. They started taking more money from our bank account and told us they are going to take more to fill a shortage of the escrow account we do not have! They told us they have no understanding of what they are sending our money to our town as they do not have an escrow account setup for us. As of the time of this writing our local town has received no payments from Ditech, which we pay on our own anyway! I would utilize another company that is capable of handling a mortgage and we are currently research refinancing with another mortgage company.

I am writing this scathing review of Ditech just not to vent. Instead, it is my intention for Consumer Affairs to take all the numerous complaints about Ditech and investigate their unethical practices. In my case, I am one of many clients whose mortgage was bought out from Ditech. My first mortgage payment was in March 2016. I called customer service to set up an automatic withdrawal the 5th of each month. In the both the month of March and April, the payment wasn't withdrawn until the last week of the month. I received calls saying my "check was returned", due to insufficient funds. Also in the month of April, a payment was applied solely to the principal, when I didn't even authorize it.

How does that jive with their claim of a "returned check"? I gave up with automatic withdrawals, and made the May payment as an electronic payment online. They claim they never received the payment, and withdrew the capability for me to pay electronically online. So that left me to make my June and July payments via personal check. I wouldn't trust them any other method. I filed a dispute with Ditech on June 1, and also attached my checking account statement for May, indicating the withdrawal from Ditech was indeed made. It is past the 30 days Ditech claimed it would settle the dispute. In the meantime, I await their reply. As soon as I can find a reliable mortgage company, I am willing to refinance at a higher interest rate, just to get these sharks off my back.

Please, if you have a choice do NOT use this company. I decided to make my mortgage payment every other week starting back in January 2016. These people took it upon themselves to allocate two of my payments (One is January and one in March) toward my principal balance and not my monthly payment. I called them on May 3rd which started this whole nightmare. I literally spoke to 10 different people and two supervisors over the course of two months. Each had a lame excuse: "The system is new and is behind." "It will be fixed this week." "Try again next week." I finally speak to a supervisor TODAY who now states that it is too late, that it cannot be resolved since they already "reported their revenue to shareholders!!!" This is unacceptable. This company is an embarrassment and I will be refinancing just to get away from them.

I have the same issue with payment as many others. I was thinking that just my payments are mess up. I never had late payment. I can calculate what I have to pay and what I did paid. But according Ditech I am late. I cannot understand what kind of specialists work there, what kind of system they have. I did made refinance my house to fixed rate, and first payment had to start on May first. I had an extra money and sent a $500 check, which I was expected will go to principal. As I could not pay wireless through my bank, they do not have an agreement with Chase Bank, my bank had to send a check, which had to be deposited in 7 days. As 7 days pass I call to Ditech. They told me that they did not received the check. It was 04/29/16. By conversation customer service representative, explained that I had sent the check to wrong place. I did not wanted to lose money and call to my bank and did explained the issue.

The bank representative told that they will wait for 3 days more, if check is not deposited they will cancel it. After 3 days, by checking my account I see that my check is posted. I right away did call to Ditech and explained what happen. The customer representative answered that everything is OK, "do not worry." After time I saw that my check was canceled and my money was posted to my account. I made call again to Ditech and explained what was happen again. I do not pay for bounced check. Nobody paid attention to it. When Ditech advertised free payment online, I say myself cool, at least will not be any more mistakes. I did scheduled payment online from my checking account. Payment went through. After 3 days when I did checked my bank account I did not see any money were taken out of my account.

Another call to the Ditech customer service, and stated that something wrong in their system, but answer was that everything is OK, May I did made mistake in my account. I was wonder how can be that done. If I made mistake then no way I should see in Ditech account that I made a payment. I knew that that was wrong and anyway I had to do my payment for May, and did scheduled through my bank to pay by check. Check was posted. After than I had payment the same way for June and July. Now I had received 3 letters that I am late in payment. I did fax all confirmations that the Ditech took my money and posted. It is stamp on checks. They told me that it will be investigation, and it will take almost 30 days. I think they have big problem in their system, and nobody pay attention seriously. Big mess. If I had any idea before will never refinanced with them.

For 12 years I paid my mortgage with bi-monthly auto pay. Then Greentree was sold to Ditech this past year. For several months I was getting past due notices with late fees. Each time I called, the rep would fix it. Today I called again, asking why do I keep getting these notices when the bill is paid. The rep said there was a system upgrade on April 1, 2016 that made it so that any second payment made in the month goes directly to principal, not your payment. This makes bi-monthly payments impossible. She said I would have to pay a single payment from now on. Is that even legal?

Sometime between January 2016 and February 2016, Ditech made some changes to their computer records wherein they started using a Loan Number instead of Account Numbers. However, they did not notify their customers of their change. I was paying my mortgage payment through direct payments from my bank. I did not receive any statement for the month of March 2016, so I took an old statement that showed my Account Number and made my payment in the amount of $651.92 and enclosed a personal check. With that action on my part I thought my bill had been paid for the month of March 2016.

Then on April 22, 2016, I received a Billing Statement from Ditech telling me that I owed $1,0303.84 - twice the monthly payment due. I called Ditech on April 23, 2016 and spoke to a company representative who reviewed the records while I was on hold with her and she told me that they had received my payment in the amount of $651.92 for the due date of 04/01/2016 had been received and that she would correct the error.

Obviously the error was NOT corrected as the company representative told me it had because I started receiving three statements in the mail during the month of May 2016 with amount due of $1,303.84. I again spoke with a Ditech company representative and was again told that they had received my payment. This went on for another month. On May 13, 2016, I sold the house and my payment statements should have stopped at that time. NO, I received another statement with a due date of 06/01/2016. This is AFTER the house was sold.

Here it is - June 27, 2016, and I still have not received any monies due from the escrow and paid statements from the sale of my house. Yet, I still receive letters from Ditech telling me that they "are in the process of retrieving and reviewing the account and servicing files and other information on the subject matter to fully investigate your inquiry." WHAT?? I am looking for a check from them. Their service is irresponsible and needs review by a higher authority.

This has been the worst experience ever. I just got off the phone again with another Ditech rep... confirmed again that the check was cut on June 6th... and she stated that if it's lost in the mail, she knows the escrow dept won't issue a replacement check for another 30 days because she's had to explain that to other customers! Sounds like my issue is more of a normal Ditech procedure rather than the exception. Funny how we've received 5-6 other mail correspondence from Ditech in the past 30-60 days but only the check gets lost?!?

Even received a statement from the escrow department that was dated on the very same day - June 6th! We recently refinanced with American Financing... thinking we'd be rid of Ditech. But they then turned our new loan right back to them -- Frustrating! This is beyond ridiculous. Is there any recourse for Ditech?!? By the way, the escrow dept does NOT take phone calls. Really?!? I have faxed, messaged my account, called nearly everyday.... nothing. They are getting by the law of 30 days to issue a refund, by cutting a check that doesn't go anywhere! Blaming the US Mail isn't the answer for Ditech and makes their customer service reps look that much worse. This is all just wrong.

I had fallen behind several years ago and am still carrying late fees on my loan. When my loan was obtained by them, I was behind, of course. The lady that calls uses an alias of Tosha. This woman screams the whole time while trying to hold a conversation with her. I did finally get caught up, but if I am one day late the phone starts ringing off the hook. I had sent extra money for months toward late charges but it was never applied to late fees.