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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

My mortgage was held by CitiMortgage for years until July of this year when, all of sudden, they switched me to Ditech. Ditech immediately started making phone calls to me to collect a payment before I even received a statement or record of them assuming my mortgage. Therefore, I refused to pay them until they came up with proof. They finally did provide the proof I asked for but, now I am behind in my payments (which I fully expected). I called them to tell them I would bring the account to current by paying the outstanding amount in two payments which they nicely agreed to. Well, that agreement lasted for a whole two days when they started making collection calls again and leaving hangars on my front door and threatening foreclosure.

Really? For two outstanding payments? During the next collection call, I told them about the arrangement only to have them say "they don't have a record of it, probably because it was deleted by someone." I don't whether this is incompetence or just downright underhanded on their part. I am tempted to let them foreclose but in reality, I can't. Unfortunately, I am stuck with these scumbags for a while. PS if you look at the bottom of some of their paperwork, it mentions that they are a collection company.

Ditech is the current holder of a 2nd mortgage. It has been discharged thru bankruptcy and they have charged off the debt. However, we are now trying to avoid foreclosure and have placed the residence in a short sale. Here comes Ditech demanding $20,000 to be paid to them. The 1st mortgage company agreed to pay them $13,000 but Ditech refused and wanted $20,000. Meanwhile, that offer expired and 9 months have passed by and another motion to foreclose on our property has been issued. Horrible way to conduct business and penalize people trying to short sale to avoid foreclosure. It seems the banks don't care and would rather go through the expense and humiliation of foreclosure due to their greed.

Our complaint with Greentree/Ditech started late last year. Our loan was taken over from GMAC a few years ago. From the very beginning they messed up our account saying we owed 1 payment more than we did. We foolishly paid it and when it got corrected they wouldn't give it back to us but told us they would apply it to the principal.

Our hazard insurance and taxes are not escrowed and we pay them ourselves so there is no reason for them to put insurance on our home. We have proof that we have not defaulted on our homeowners insurance and our insurance company has provided that info to Ditech. Last September they (Ditech) placed insurance on our home without our knowledge. I read that this was a practice for which they were already being sued for. We started receiving calls and notices in January that we had defaulted on our loan. Each time they called or sent notices the amounts were all over the place. We spoke with supervisor who couldn't explain what was going on with our account. Once we realized what they did we talked to them numerous times asking them to fix their mistake which they promised to do but didn't. We spent hours on the phone with them trying to get this resolved.

They continued to charge us late fees, called our home and cell phone, and threatened us. Then in June they took my mortgage payment and applied it to the insurance charges. Now they say we are a month behind in our mortgage and fees are mounting up. They are holding our payments so it looks like we are a couple of month past due.

They are determined that we are going to pay them for something we don't owe. We have made our payments each month and I even pay a little more. I have financial statements showing we made our mortgage payments. Our insurance was paid by us and did not lapse. We have done nothing wrong but are told we have to pay them what they say or they will start legal proceedings. Yesterday someone came to our home and put a notice on the door for us to call Ditech immediately. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more but I'd be writing all night if I shared the details of our dealings with them. Talking to Ditech means listening to them tell me I owe them and threatening us if we don't pay. There has to be some way to make them fix this mess. At this point I question whether our account balance is accurate. I'm at the end of my rope. At this point I need legal help to protect us from this predator.

I'm writing this because Ditech has always been a pain in my rear end. I would pay a little extra every month to help pay off principal. Instead, it went into an unapplied amount fund until there was enough to make a payment. At that time, it would be put towards a payment, which wasn't helpful because I was trying to pay off the principal. Every time I called I asked if any extra amount that I paid for the month go towards the principal. They would always ask what extra amount would be put towards principal to which my answer is "whatever the difference is in the payment due vs what I pay!" I finally got so irritated I just pay the payment amount.

NOW, I get a bill saying I owe two payments worth and I have a late fee. This does NOT make sense to me. Why? Because I'm one to pay my bill early the month before it is due. I don't care if that's not how they work, if I make a payment, put it towards the next payment due. If I pay extra, PUT IT INTO THE PRINCIPAL LIKE I HAVE CALLED TIME AND TIME AGAIN. I'm extremely irritated with this company and now I have to spend time on my Saturday to call and sit with them so they can figure out where they messed up.

I contacted Ditech Financial at the end of July 2016 and asked for a payoff amount. I explain that I will be paying mortgage off in full in approximately three weeks. I asked for proper address and protocol for payoff. I was told to get a cashier's check in the amount stipulated and mail to address given in which I repeated and verified several times on July 18. I called Ditech again before purchasing cashier's check to confirm amount and address. I went into my Bank and purchased cashier's check. Mailed it with tracking. It was suppose to arrive the next day at 10:30 am...

I tracked it and it said delivered and signed for at 10:02 am Tuesday July 19, 2016. I have called and called no one can explain my account has not been updated and where my funds are. They asked for my tracking number and cashier's check number of which I have provided to several representatives as well supervisors. It's in two days. It will be one month after date they signed for my payment...

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My loan was originally with CitiMortgage and was sold to Greentree which appears to now be Ditech. Ditech has a payment option that allows you to pay online. They offer to save your bank information for the next month's payment. That is the method that I always use to pay my mortgage. I received a letter in the mail at the end of July stating that my payment had been returned due to insufficient funds. I knew that wasn't accurate and contacted the company. The rep with whom I initially spoke stated that Ditech was "unable to locate" my bank account. That makes no sense. My information has been saved in their system for months. Nothing has changed with my bank account. The bank has no record of ever being contacted for a withdrawal of funds. I made another payment while I was on the phone with the rep. She said that they couldn't tell if the payment had gone through for 24 hours.

I called the next day to confirm payment. It still hadn't gone through. The second rep I spoke with admitted that it was likely due to a "glitch" in their system. I paid, again, while I was on the phone with her. This time I reentered all of my bank information. The payment went through immediately. I'm being charged a late fee and a late payment is now on my record. I'm refinancing this coming week so I don't have to deal with this horrible company again. When they initially took over my loan they weren't withholding money to pay my property taxes. I called and the rep told me that they were. I could clearly see that they weren't but the people they have working there must have almost no training.

Sure enough, I got a bill for my taxes months after they took over my loan. Incompetent and irresponsible. I've contacted an attorney and am looking for anyone else who has had the same issue with the online electronic payment. Hoping to find enough people to drum up a class action suit. I can't imagine that this "glitch" has only been experienced by me.

We recently made the last payment on our mortgage. We have lived in our current house for 20 years but refinanced in 2001 for a lower interest rate. Our original mortgage was through Countrywide Home Loans, and our mortgage has been on auto-pay through our bank ever since a payment marked late 17 years ago because our check was posted incorrectly to our account, which is a whole different story. The refinanced mortgage had been serviced by 4 (!) different companies since 2001, First Countrywide, then Bank of America, then Green Tree, and finally Ditech for the past 1 1/2 years or so. About 4 months ago, Ditech changed our account number. Back in fall 2012, a tree fell on our house, and it needed repairs. The repair was small, but, I was unable to find a company that was willing to do it for the amount the insurance company wanted to reimburse.

The roofing company also was telling us that we had hail damage, so we got a second opinion from a different roofer. The insurance company finally accepted the bid and was allowing the entire roof to be replaced, but by then it was winter, and the repairs couldn't be done. In the interim, Bank of America sold our loan to Green Tree, which is actually the same as Ditech. During the transition, the premium for our home owners insurance was due, and Green Tree/Ditech failed to make the payment, so, the insurance company cancelled our policy. So, in order to finally have our roof repaired, we had to have the policy reinstated. It took from April to September of 2013 to deal with the GreenTree/Ditech/insurance company shenanigans, partly because the insurance company still had Bank of America as the mortgage company on their records, so, had to wait for them to correct that to pay the roofer and get the work done.

This should have been an omen...During this entire time, our mortgage was on automatic payment. We get to June 2016, and on the bottom of our June statement, there is the notation that our payment would be withdrawn on July 1, 2016, as had been done for the preceding 179 payments on the account. Lo and behold, on July 25 I get a statement dated July 16 that the payment hadn't been made. There was a late fee attached. I am a physician, and I was on call that evening. Upon opening the statement, I spoke to a woman, who identified herself as "Walter", which is an odd name for a woman, but I digress. She explained that the last payment wasn't withdrawn from my account on July 1 because it was the last payment on my mortgage. Really. She put me on hold to determine what the pay off amount would be for about 15 minutes.

Because I was on call, and on hold, and being paged by the hospital about a patient, I hung up, and intended to call the next morning. I wrote check for the amount on the bill, and mailed the next morning, before customer service for Ditech opens. When I called Ditech the next morning, I spoke to an exceptionally rude, condescending individual, male, in S. Dakota. He said that I should have sent the check to a different address than that on the bill because it was for a pay off of the mortgage. I asked him if that were the case why wasn't I informed in writing of that fact before the final payment was due, that is, in mid-June, rather than late July.

He became very irritated with my questioning, and never answered my question. He feigned ignorance about whether Ditech would contact the county about property taxes claiming that Ditech doesn't pay property taxes, although they have been paid from escrow ever since I have had a mortgage, which in total is 32 years. Then, a customer service person from Ditech began calling my phone every day, not leaving a message, because I was late because they cancelled my automatic payment without informing me in advance. The most interesting fact in this matter at this point is that the statement dated July 16 also had a notation that the amount would be taken out of the account on August 1, 2016. At this point, I called the voicemail for Ditech, and there were no fewer than 3 different amounts that they listed I owed.

One was the pay off amount, which was about $300 less than I sent in, the second was the amount printed on the bill I sent in, and the third was twice the normal monthly payment. In this time frame, they also did the escrow calculation for the year, and I owed an extra $80 for escrow. Another woman called me, and told me that they received the check I sent in on July 29, but I had to send a different check for more money because of the escrow calculation. I tried to reason with her. I explained to her that this was the last payment for my mortgage, that nothing was going to be paid from the escrow account until the property tax is due in November, and by then, if they would please cash my first check and balance the account, the mortgage would be paid off, and they wouldn't need an escrow account anymore.

I finally got her to look at the pay off amount, which was $300 less than I had already sent in, and pointed out that should cover the revised escrow amount, which they are going to have to refund to me, anyway, since no payments are due until November. I asked to speak to her supervisor, which she said was in a "meeting". I mentioned to her that I intend to file a complaint, and so her supervisor magically was no longer in a meeting. On the very same day I received the notice that finally my mortgage had been credited with my payment, I received notice that I had a personal advisor, who, once again, didn't tell me what she wanted, but, I presume she wanted to collect more money. I would be very glad to participate in a class action complaint against this company, especially if I don't get my escrow refund within the 20 days they specified in my pay off letter.

Ditech told me to file for loss mitigation in order to reduce my interest rate due to me being a couple of months behind on my second mortgage payments. I sent them what they asked for over and over and they constantly told me that I did not include every document they needed. I talked with my account rep, Wayne ** and he said it could be just a dot or something that was not checked. So I continuously kept sending documents over and over to Ditech. They would not accept any mortgage payments from me in the meantime. So finally after 6 months, they sent me a denial letter. I appealed and they denied the appeal.

Now they want me to bring my account to good standing by sending them over $7,000 dollars. Now if I had that much money; I would have never gotten behind in the first place. I received a letter in the mail yesterday that they have contacted an attorney to start foreclosure proceedings. I have got to find a way to get this institution out of my life. Is there anyone out there who has gotten away from Ditech? If so, how did you do it? I have never dealt with a more shady company as Ditech. Any help is appreciated.

My advice to anyone waiting for the refund of their escrow after their loan is paid off, is don't give up!!! Keep calling and keep asking to speak to a supervisor. Take detailed notes and ask lots of questions. Call daily and if the customer service rep doesn't give you the answers you need ask for a supervisor. Should you have to do this? No, but until Ditech gets their front line people doing their jobs correctly you have to keep on them! I closed and paid off my loan on June 1 and they issued the escrow refund check in my ex's name and mine so a new check needed to be issued. I stayed on top of this and today Aug 12 I received not just my escrow refund but also a refund check for the money I had to pay to fax them documents! So don't give up! If I can get my escrow check refunded anyone else can too!

Ditech and Greentree are the worst. My Mother had a mobile home financed thru them in 2000. She was 82 yrs old. She pd on the single wide for a 15 yrs. She passed away in April and they had no insurance to pay it off. She owed at her death 32,000. They ripped her off with finance charges at 15.75 which would take 30 yrs to pay off. Why in God's name would you even finance anyone at that age. She had no assets in her estate. One family member offered them a fair market value for this Mobile home and they keep harassing with letters and sending bills in her name. They know she is dead but they want us to pay all the back payments before they settle for lump sum. They are the sorriest people to work with. Do not get a loan thru them. Awful harassment to deceased family members and a crooked Company to begin with to do that to an elderly person...

My loan was originally with GMAC. Then it was sold to GreenTree which is now Ditech. It has been a nightmare with this mortgage company. They have violated the laws, lied to us, said they would fix my husbands credit report, make sure that they credited our account for overpayments, contacted family members, contacted me while I was hospitalized, threatened to take our home, lied about our gross income to modify our loan which more than we originally paid. I have documentation of the many months and past few years of my calls and complaints to this company. They have done nothing more than cause us stress for the past few years.

Have made all payments on time since our modification only to be charged more than our notarized modification paperwork says. Being charged late fees and attorney fees for our modification which is incorrect. To modify your loan there is never to be charged a fee. Consumers need to put this company out of business by filing a Class Action Lawsuit. Anyone who wants to help out with filing a Class Action Lawsuit against Ditech please respond to my review. So we can get started and hopefully they can repay back all monies due to the consumers. Let's all work together in filing a suit ASAP to get one going. I myself am writing to KCRA 3, Department of banking industry, Consumer financial protection Bureau, Federal government, Federal Communications commission, Federal trade commission and contacting an attorney.

Anyone willing to move forward with their complaints and getting legal representation feel free to respond to my review. The longer we wait the more damages and stress they will cause each and everyone of us. There is not one positive review about Ditech. What's that tells us that they are corrupt company that are affecting our everyday lives. We all deserve justice. So instead of just ignoring the problem it will never get resolved and we will continue to be the victims of one of the most horrible mortgage companies in business. Thank you and I wish you all the best!!

All of these other reviews help me know that I'm not crazy. Since a refi last year, my mortgage was eventually sold to Ditech. We would pay our mortgage through Wells Fargo Bill Pay, which doesn't reflect the payment in our online banking until the funds are actually in the possession of the payee. I've had a number of on-time payments be reflected as late (and been assessed a late fee) when the funds were absolutely in their possession well before the 15th of the month. The fact that I'm left holding the bill for the inefficiency of their internal operation is maddening...and unethical, if not illegal. If there's ever a class action lawsuit, sign me up.

Seized the funds to fix my home from the insurance company after a storm blew a tree onto my house. Said they were going to make sure the contractor did a good job. BS. What a joke, just money grubbing. They only use USPS snail mail for communications so "yes" or "no" is a 30 day process. Go back to the stone age. I've dealt with these slugs on more than one occasion for numerous problems, from bad tax payment management to wrong allocation of funds, but this is just the worst.

Anyway, after paying all the contractors cash out of my own pocket for tens of thousands of dollars in repairs to keep them from filing liens on my home, you guessed it Ditech still has my insurance money. I paid the premiums, I paid the contractors, I paid the mortgage God forbid that ever be late, and still after stacks of paperwork from the contractors and myself along with 10-12 phone complaints to Ditech they still shuffle around with noses up in the air, blurting out excuses.

NEVER ever under any circumstances deal with Ditech ever. Don't get a mortgage from Ditech. Don't refinance with Ditech. If your mortgage is sold to Ditech, refinance with a different big bank and write into your mortgage, "Shall not under pain of complete loan forgiveness be sold to Ditech Financial, LLC or its affiliates." Ditech went out of business before because it was part of the meltdown. It should have stayed down. Should you ever hear even a whisper of "Ditech" on the winds, RUN! Run away as fast as you can!

P.S. People - Ditech responds to resolve BBB claims within 30 days because they have to. Don't wait, file a separate BBB claim for any and every single issue and every occasion and concern you have with Ditech immediately. It works. That's the only way to deal with them. Don't bother calling Ditech. Just file a complaint right away with BBB so you are not stuck waiting months for a call or letter or check!

I received your letter a few days ago regarding the modification on the account listed above. I could not believe it! I spent the last 4-5 months re-sending papers over and over again and Ditech Financial kept sending letter saying they needed the same paperwork again and again! The last papers that I sent them was the profit and loss statement. I got on the phone with the representative and told him he needed to stay on the phone with me because I was going to make sure he didn't say, "We didn't get it" again! While he waited, I faxed a copy, he put me on hold came back about 10 minutes later apology for taking so long, explained he had to retrieve it from the computer and said he had it!

About a week later I was getting another letter from Ditech Financial LLC stating my file was incomplete and I needed to send a copy of my profit and loss statement! I could not believe it! I became so frustrated like I am now, finally after writing letter to the Attorney General and the Department of banking industry and the Bank Manager I finally I received a letter stating they had everything they need and my file was being sent to the processor. I have been waiting for month to hear whether or not the modification was granted. I was getting a little worried because the letter said it could take up to 30 day and it had already been 60 plus days. In the mean time I was receiving letter and phone calls assuring me that my file was in review and it could take some time, which made me feel a lot better about the situation!

Then a few days ago I received this attached letter saying, unfortunately Ditech has determined my application is incomplete because they were missing documentations necessary to complete the evaluation. As of 08/04/2016 Ditech has not received my Profit/Loss Statement!!! This is unbelievable! I feel that there is some kind of prejudice going on and I am asking someone to please take the wheel and look into this matter. I have complied and given everything that was asked of me, more than one time.

My situation is already stressful because of my hour being shorted at my job. This is the reason I got into this situation of needing a modification. I want to be able to pay an affordable mortgage. I want to be able to keep my home and my family together and I am doing everything that is being asked of me. I need my arms and legs in order to work! I am just asking for a modification and an affordable payment like one million other American that fell on hard ground because of the economy. I am trying to get up and recovery from the Hurricane storm damage and the loss of my dear mother, please work with me to achieve this.

I am a consignor on my sons loan with Ditech. This is by far the worst customer service we have had to deal with. My sons loan was current until he lost his job and wife wasn't working at the time due to illness. He got behind but when he tries to pay them 2500 to catch up they refused and said "let's do a modification." So for over a year we have been dealing with them to do a modification. Every time I called and asked how long will this take and they said 30 days. Never got to talk to attorney in litigation dept or anyone in authority. The story was we didn't have all the paperwork in. We would fax more information to them and this has gone on for months.

Now they have put us in foreclosure and the date is Oct 7. Now they have told us they can't do the modification. We have been jacked around with this so called modification so now they are going to take this home. Never deal with this company. They have tons of complaints against them. We are filing with the attorney generals of here in Phoenix and I will continue to fight them. Any suggestions from other people who have dealt with them would be helpful.

I was also a Bank of America mortgage owner originally. Mortgage was sold to Green Tree which was ok and then to Ditech. Since then, it's been like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride! I will admit to being late for a few months, so when I was finally able to catch up and get current, I figured I needed to pay the amount on the bill, as always. Surprise! Today I got a new bill for September which showed my payment for August 1 with a "funds in suspense" amount. I called and was told by customer service it was for a late payment. Since the bill was due on 1 August and paid on 3 August, I questioned that answer. She checked and told me no, that was wrong. She would send this over to her supervisor to update.

Meanwhile, my new payment amount was exactly what I had paid the previous month. She told me to just pay the lower amount, eliminating the suspended amount. It's odd that this was not caught, but now that I have read all these complaints, I am getting it. Where do the suspended funds go? Not onto my account, obviously. Can't wait to talk to a real person about this whole mess!

If I could leave no stars, I would. Was sold to Green Tree / Ditech almost 2 years ago. It has been a cluster ever since. They consistently misapply my payment and make it appear that it's my fault. I get conflicting information about when I can make a payment. I always pay before the 1st of the month, and erroneous information about my escrow. They've paid my homeowner's insurance late and tried blaming the insurance company who had provided all the proof that they billed in plenty of time. Recently requested that my escrow collection be dropped, especially since my mortgage is paid off in a couple of months (yay on so many levels!), and was told I could not. Why? "Your mortgage rules do not allow for that." That's baloney. I have all my paperwork from 2003.

Call back and get someone else who says "Send us a request in writing that you wish to drop your escrow payment." I do that and get nothing in response and there is no notation in my account of them receiving it. Call again and I'm told "You have to specify which part of your escrow you want dropped." All of it???!!! Send another letter specifying taxes and insurance and another week goes by with no update. Call back AGAIN and I'm told they never received it. Ah, yes, you did, I have the signed receipt. They send me an email upload link and I send it again via that method and it's finally approved. Now trying to fight to get them to apply my July payment (received on the 21st by them) towards my August 1 payment. Again told it was my fault for sending it early. It will take 10 to 14 days for it to be applied correctly. Hurry up, October. I need to be done with these monkeys (no offense to monkeys) asap.

My home loan was with Cities who sold it to Greentree and is now Ditech. This happened about a year ago. I have always paid electronically (on time) and added extra funds towards the principal. About 3 months ago when receiving my monthly statement, I saw that my note had gone from $791 to $848. I contacted them to ask why. First, they said they had no record of my acct. Then I received a letter telling me they were unable to answer as they were "investigating" the increase.

After another month, I received another letter saying the same thing. I recently received a letter saying the increase was due to an insurance escrow shortage that over the course of the year amounted to $29 a month. But, they increased my note by $57 dollars a month, leaving me wondering what they are doing with the remains $28. Are there no laws protecting consumers from companies like this? Things were so straightforward with Cities Mortgage, never an issue. I question the integrity of Ditech, and am not sure how to proceed from here.

I would like someone to tell me how this company stays in business! I sent them an insurance check for them to endorse for a new roof. Well that was 5/15/16 and still have not heard from them. Have called and no answer, have called many many time and nothing. Some guy answers the phone and puts me on hold and that is where I am on hold. I am suppose to talk to a Randell ** extension ** and this mail box is always full. Well I called the insurance company and they put a stop payment on the check which is fine and good. But now, how am I going to get a new roof? How can a company this big have two phone #s? I am looking for a new company to handle my loan.

This company has failed to pay our real estate taxes out of our escrow. Taxes are 1100 (we now owe almost 200$ in interest which this company will reimburse us!!!). Our escrow has 3300$. We are now being threatened by the city for delinquency. I have called this company almost every day for the past 6 MONTHS and get nothing but excuses! This company SUCKS! We will be taking legal action and refinancing as well... NOT WORTH IT. Do not get your mortgage through them. I am so pissed that our broker selected this company and we have had to endure this constant stress.

My mortgage was sold to Greentree/Ditech about a year ago. My payments are made electronically every month with extra funds towards principal. In June, I received a notice stating that my payment was late and that a late fee was assessed. Discovered that my payments were being placed into an unapplied funds account. Have made contact several times. Late fee was finally fixed, but somehow their "correction" resulted in my principal balance increasing significantly. I work in the financial industry and have worked in loan department, but still cannot make heads or tails of their detailed payment history statement. With all of the reviews I'm seeing addressing payment allocation errors, I agree that a class action lawsuit is in order. This is so frustrating. With all of the consumer protection laws in place for home loans, I do not understand how they can get away with mishandling loans the way that they are whether it is intentional or not.

Horrible customer service! Their website is horrible. Ditech formerly Green Tree screwed up my elderly parent's loan. Unfortunately their home loan was transferred from Countrywide to Bank of America to this horrible servicer. They charged them late fees claiming they were not receiving their payments on time when the payments were being forwarded from Green Tree to Ditech.

They promised to process an insurance check in 7-10 business days. It is no promised for the 15th day or so. The process should have taken ten minutes. In earlier communications with Ditech, their staff gave out faulty information; waits were long.

Not the first time I have been having issues with Ditech. This is the worst financial institution. I sent in my mortgage payment that was due on August 1, 2016 with an additional $1184.00 to be applied to my principal. It was never applied. They put it in my escrow account. I called Ditech and was told that it take a couple of weeks for them to apply the money to my principal. (I was told quote "They are backed up in that department.") Really... I don't know how this company is allowed to be in business. First they were Greentree now known as Ditech - changing names only not their horrible practice of tormenting people.

I am a co-signer on loan which they have wrong. Their records show I am primary and the kids are current and pay within 30 days and never late. They get the calls and so do I saying they are late. I never had a person speak to me the way the collection person did. I advised them they were not late which made them mad. I got 10 plus calls a day even after they paid that month saying they were late. I blocked the # and they call from a different # so I blocked it. No more calls. This has gone on since 2007.

Just like all the other poor people here, I have had continuing problems with Ditech since both our house loans got sold to them in December. They have misallocated payments, charged us late fees even though payments were received early, apply regular payments to principal, etc. The problems are unrelenting!!

This month alone we have 3 separate errors that we have to clean up after and now it looks like Ditech has not paid our property taxes even though everything should be in escrow. This company must be stopped!! People will lose their houses because of their corrupted customer service!! It is clear that their objective is to take our money and run no matter what. Time for the federal government to intervene NOW!!!

I sold the property that this loan was on in Mid May and have yet to receive my escrow refund. I have done a lot of property purchases, sales and refinances and have always received escrow refunds within 2 weeks of closing. Not this time. On June 4 I contacted them about the expected refund and was told it would take "30 days." Per the internet HARP escrow refunds are suppose to be returned within 20 days. This started a run of being told different information from each rep but always repeating the same script of 30 days. Granted there was an issue with overpaid taxes but the issue was Ditech's mistake.

After 7 calls it was 30 days from closing, 30 days from last call, 30 days from notice of tax assessor that check was being returned, 30 days from whatever! So we are now into August. I have received a partial refund (44 days) after closing but am still waiting for the tax refund. On 7/23/16 I was told a check had been issued. As of today I haven't received and called again with this information. Today I was again given conflicting information with 1 person saying check had been sent on 7/21/16 and I should receive in 7-10 days. When I pointed out that today was day 9 of that 7-10 business days I was told to call the Post Office!

When I asked for a supervisor I was told it would be "30 days" from the authorization of release of funds which was again the 7/21/16 date. Once again the canned speech of 30 days! There is enough money involved that I will keep fighting until I receive it but this is absolutely unacceptable. I even sent a written complaint to the VP that sent me the release of the deed and loan payoff statement but after 10 days she has chosen not to respond or take any action. This feels like an attempt to hope that consumers get tired of fighting and just go away leaving the money to the Ditech.

Since my loan was sold to Green Tree and then it became Ditech, I've had NOTHING but terrible experiences. They have The Poorest Customer service. On phone with them for 3.5 hours, with 5 different people and NONE could explain to me what is going on with my payments. They overestimated my escrow which increased my payments 2-fold, posting payments late- THAT ARE NOT- then charging late fees. Revised house insurance with State Farm, sent them a check for the difference and claim it's not posted to escrow. Inundated with conflicting mail with different information. Wanted to refi under HARP Program and was told interest rate was higher than "going rate", which they had no explanation for.

Most, if not all, of their customer reps have NO idea what they are doing. When I ask for supervisor, all they do is transfer me to another regular customer service rep who again is NEVER any help and NEVER can explain what in the hell THEY are doing to my account!!! YES- THEY SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED AND SHUT DOWN!

Horrible customer service. I overpaid on my mortgage payment last December and it has been a nightmare ever since. They refuse to apply towards my principal and have difficulty in returning the money to me. I stopped sending emails as all that does is trigger a letter to come to your home address that states we will review and respond in 30 days. Well it has now been over 8 months of waiting for the 30 day response. After 20 plus emails and 20 letters sent to me, they never responded. I have called them so many times that I have lost track.

I have been told "oh the last operator didn't put in your check number", "oh the last operator didn't do this or didn't do that". Then recently I was told the check was in the mail and when I said "I need to speak to a supervisor because I don't believe you", how could I trust them at that point. She got mad and said she was a lead agent and she could handle me. Handle me, excuse me. You have my money that you wont return, now I can't speak to a supervisor and guess what - 10 days later still no check!!! Horrible customer service. It is painful to deal with them!!!

I will not make this long - but we had major problems with our mortgage with Green Tree Servicing. Unfortunately, a company with problems and numerous complaints can remain intact, and simply change their name. Now that they are Ditech, we are even more upset. I AM CONVINCED THEY ARE SCREWING US over. We filed a chapter 13 in 2012 (we did not include our home/mortgage) and have continued to pay that on time every month. Green Tree AND Ditech will not put our loan balance or account summary on our statements nor online. We have NO CLUE where our money is going. I make my $2177 payment every month.

I called to obtain the info and the recording indicated they received $2160.00. UMM, I paid $2177. It appears our loan balance hasn't gone down either, yet I am unable to verify it. NO ONE ANSWERS THEIR PHONES, OR RETURNS messages via their website under "contact us." The Federal consumer regulation dept. needs to investigate them asap!!!