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We are in the business of helping Americans realize the dream of home ownership. The irony is that while buying a home can be a joyful and uplifting experience, getting a mortgage can be anything but. We aim to change that.

Our purpose: securing the American Dream
Our approach: helpful, responsive, efficient and fair
Our values: honesty, responsibility, transparency and creativity

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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I have spent countless hours on the phone with Ditech since they took over my mortgage after buying Green Tree, trying to be treated fairly. There are 2 major issues:

1. They paid my property tax to the wrong county. This resulted in my actual property being delinquent with fees and penalties applied and has gone on for months. It still isn't fixed.

2. I wired a six figure sum to them to apply to my principal balance. They received the wire immediately but 10 days later still have not applied the amount to my balance. In the meantime, they have been earning interest on my money, and charging me interest on it as well.

Just add me to the thousands that are being mistreated and my account mishandled and the employees laugh about it and hang up on you. I am telling everybody I know not to buy stocks with this company and sell whatever stocks they have and get away from these companies as soon as they can.The residential mortgages they bought are from banks that we the people bailed out. These companies are worth millions and are probably untouchable, but I urge everyone that has a residential mortgage with these companies report them to every agency they can think of. Contact their state representatives, their state attorney general, NYSE, state banking authorities, their state licensing boards, etc. If you pull up Ditech licensing, it gives you a complete list of licenses ad with what states they're licensed in.

The company took out of my bank account twice for a huge house payment in one month a year ago. I have been dealing with them non stop in regards to this issue and still not resolved. They just say, "Send us the paperwork" and then they will determine if they pay us back or not! It's ridiculous that I can not get a few thousand back with proof! Lawyers will cost more in fees but at this point I may do this!

The issue with the amount on the latest check I received has been resolved:

I received 95% of the total amount, and the remaining 5% will be sent to me after I pay 100% of what I owe to the contractor, and the contractor sends a lien waiver (confirmation that they have been fully paid and will not place a lien on my property) to Ditech.

Original Review

Here is a summary of my ordeal with Ditech. I had home repair expenses reimbursed by my home insurance (Travelers) and because the amount of the final check was above $10,000, the check had to be endorsed by Chase (second lien holder) and Ditech (first lien holder). That's where my ordeal begun. I called Ditech's customer service a few times (they don't have an office in Texas) and eventually figure out that I had to first send some documents by mail, which I did. A month later, after no response, I called Ditech's customer service to inquire; I was told that there was a document missing. I faxed that document. Then I had to wait for 5-7 business days to hear back, per Ditech's policy every single step in a process takes 5-7 business days.

So, 5-7 business days later they needed another document. I faxed it, and 5-7 business days later I called to inquire again. They put me in contact with a property inspector, whom I contacted, and had the inspection of my property (home) completed 4 days later. Then I took my check to Chase along with the inspection document, and had the check endorsed in less than an hour; most of which was spent on the phone between the manager at Chase and Ditech Customer Service, to make sure that the check would be endorsed exactly to Ditech's satisfaction.

5-7 days later, I call again to inquire, only to be told that Ditech needs "authorization to add the title of the Chase manager on the back of the check and what that title is!" 4 days later Ditech had all that. 5-7 days later I call Ditech to inquire. They tell me that my check will be deposited in their claims account and a check made out to me will be drawn and mailed to me in a couple of days. 5 days later (Sept. 19, 2016) I receive that check, and it has the WRONG AMOUNT (less than it should). So, now I have to call Ditech's customer service again, and... I am stopping here because it's inappropriate to use expletives... I received the check from Travelers in late June, 2016.

We paid our shortfall on escrow along with monthly payment 3 months ago and now every month they call several times a month and say we are late on our payments. 3 times now they said they would straighten it out but would take 19 days/don't know how they count cause that was 90 days ago. Had Citi mtg. then Green Tree (no problems). Now sold to Ditech and nothing but problems. Keep track of your payments because sure enough they don't. Would never recommend even to enemies. Would not really even give them 1 star. Stay away from them. Going to pay off mtg. and get away from them.

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16 years ago we purchased our double-wide home. It is currently in his name only with a high interest rate because he did not have a lot of credit back then. I was in an ongoing dispute with Equifax over my ex husband's bankruptcy (3 years after our divorce) that showed up on my credit. We finally made the decision to refinance only the balance owed for a lower interest rate. We have gone through the entire process and even got an email saying "Congratulations you are approved." Both our credit scores are over 740, he has been employed at the same job 16 years - me for 19 years. The appraisal came back $16,000 more than required. The next thing we know we get a letter in the mail denying our loan. When I call I am told it is because we have another home on the property. We have a single-wide trailer that is used as a pool house/storage. It has no running water (noted by the appraiser), no heat, not even a kitchen.

After we were able to show that the tongue and axles were still attached and that is was not another livable home they started giving us the runaround about "we need this and that." In fact this is one of the questions they asked "The appraiser stated on page #6 that "Towing hitch and axles are attached to structure."

Please clarify; does the subject house have a towing hitch and axles?" They answered their own question. I took all of my paperwork to my local bank just for review and they cannot understand why this loan has not closed. I wish we never even applied with these people. If I can find any way to get our loan financed elsewhere I will. I have no desire to continue giving these people (crooks) my hard earned money and we will not allow our credit score to be abused.

Wow, I went to work for this company since it took over Green Tree servicing and it opened a new mortgage dept. After 2 months and no systems were right, employees coming and going without checking in, customers being yelled at, no management help, and the quality of worker, I called my family and advised refinance somewhere else! Ditech fell apart in 1992 "remember: Lost another loan to Ditech?" - well if you try to refi with them now, or are with them think twice. They treat their employees so bad that it ends up with the customer being treated horribly. Wrong figures will be sent, treated like a piece of trash, it is just not worth the trouble, the arguments or the stress. I like my mortgage to be in a safe reputable company. Ditech is far from that.

Where to begin... Waiting for a closing statement for a week now. Had to close in escrow. When they finally sent the closing statement to my attorney today, it was someone else's account, in a different state, and to top that, they still didn't have mine ready. They won't have it until next week, maybe, and each day there is a per diem charge for interest while their payoff money sits in an account waiting for them to want to be paid off. Terrible service.

Had Citimortgage for years with not one problem. They sold to Greentree again not one issue. They sold to Ditech and it has been A NIGHTMARE to put it lightly. I was selling my house on land contract and the current tenant had a family renting that property. The mortgage at the time was current. Out of nowhere Ditech had a physical representative show up and tell the renters that they were being foreclosed on and that they must vacate to avoid being arrested. Ditech STILL claims that they sent no one out there. Needless to see the renters broke their lease and moved anyway in fear of dealing with it. With loss of rent money the current tenant asked for a loan modification. I was personally involved with all of the conversations.

For almost a year now they will NEVER ONCE return a phone call or 80% of the time not have an accurate record of any previous phone calls. We have been lied to, given the run around and flat out ignored at times. The whole time my credit has taken an OUTSTANDING HIT!!! I had excellent credit before all this went down. We have contacted a real estate lawyer and they say we have very strong grounds for a solid case.

I have been making "trial payments" for this mortgage. I have been getting the runaround since April 2016. I call in every few weeks regarding the modification paperwork. Each time I am told the investor is reviewing the application. Well, today I called and was told that the calculations were wrong, and needed to be redone. I spoke to another agent and was told that there has been changes in numerous departments and that they now have Relationship Managers. It doesn't matter what they are called, stop with the runaround.

Looks like a lot of the same problems. Green Tree sold to Ditech, and now Ditech has no idea what the hell they are doing. Something smells rotten in Denmark here. We had a fixed rate, now they are saying they are paying our land taxes, and charging us. Well, they aren't. I still get the bill in the mail every year. They pay our ins. company, and then charge us twice what they paid them. It's insane. We are going to lose our house over their shady dealings. This company needs to be held accountable. CLASS ACTION SUIT!!!

My mortgage was sold to Ditech (formerly Greentree Servicing). Although there seems to be some improvement and hope Ditech financial continues to restore this company. I agree with some of the loan modification comments and wanted to share my experience - In May 2015 and every day/month I was asked to do something for my modification and the next day when I would call I was told a different reason of why something didn't go through and it seemed it was every day I had to resend a form or document. Come to find out my file was in the underwriting dept. for 3 months and my forms missing/scanned into another account.

In December of 2015, I was denied for missing current pay stubs and had to start the process all over again. After a very, very long process the last week of August of 2016, I received a home loan Mod. packet and the payment schedule for the first 3 trial payments. Based on some of posted comments it appears Ditech Financial has a long road ahead to cleaning up the mess. Let's hope for a better 2017.

I have been paying on this mobile home for the last ten years and still owe 50k on it. The lender was originally Greentree and I have a great feeling that Ditech is fraudulent. They are only putting the minimum towards the loan (26.00) and the rest of the payment goes towards the interest. How could this be possible? It seems that my next step is to contact an attorney.

Ditech, initially seemed to respond to my needs for a modification and made promises that the trial modification for our loan as servicer would not be altered by more than one or two dollars difference. When the permanent modification arrived, it was entirely different. Instead of a 2% for 40 year loan, it had gradually increased interest rates until a huge balloon payment in 18 years. The document was poorly written and gave Ditech all power to change anything in the contract whenever they wanted/needed. There was no protection for us as homeowners. PLUS, we could not appeal their contract! Since hiring an attorney, the Trustee for the REMIC our home is inside of (illegally), hired an attorney for Ditech. They refuse to communicate with their attorney or ours. Ditech will NOT even speak with us!

I’m writing this letter in behalf of my daughter Angie. When Angie passed away, my son James tried to handle everything that he could to spare me from having to handle everything. James gathered up all the information on her mortgage company and anyone that she had to pay so that we could notify them of her passing. He researched her mortgage company named Ditech. He told me they had a lot of bad reviews about them. I had to go through the process of being made the administrator for the estate. After this was completed, I faxed them a copy of Angie’s death certificate and a copy of the letter showing that I had been appointed her administrator in April of 2016.

When they contacted me, I informed them that I was letting my lawyer handle the case for me. James and I felt this would be the simplest way and keep me from having to deal with the issues. I gave them all the information that they need to contact him. Still I kept getting letters from them. Finally in May, I had had enough. I visit his office and informed him that this was stressing me out and that we needed to contact them. We did and spoke to her representative Shanda **. I questioned why they were still sending me all the letters, instead of my lawyer. I informed her that due to the balance owed on Angie house that we felt the best way to handle everything was to let them repossess the house and let me go on with my life. She stated at this time that Ditech would contact a local contractor and go out to the house the following week and change the locks and take possession of the house.

Shortly after that, I contacted James to tell him what had happen. I stated earlier that we were trying to handle things as nice as we could. James told me that if I would contact them again and let them know that if they contacted us that he would go out to the house and give them the key so that they would have to drill the locks out. I contacted Shanda again and when I offered to go out and give the contractor the key to help out she rudely stated that Ditech didn’t have the manpower to notify me. I couldn’t believe that here I was offering to help and she had this kind of attitude.

Weeks went by and Ditech never sent anyone out to do what they said they were going to do. They still kept sending letters asking Angie if she wanted to renew her loan. He sent them another letter on June 29th, asking them why they had not done what they stated that they would do. Still letter kept coming to me. I got to where I didn’t want to open my mailbox. On July 13th he forwarded them a letter telling them not to send me any more letters because it was causing me a great deal of emotional distress. Some time later, James told me that one of the neighbors told him they had seen a truck parked in front of Angie's house and entering her backyard. He asked me if I had gone over and cut her grass. I told him that I had not, but maybe one of Angie’s friend or mine had done it.

On Aug 4th, there was a letter from the Post Office stating that there was a certified letter there that I needed to sign for. The next day I went and signed for it. Sure enough it was from the bad wolf Ditech stating that Angie had until Aug. 20th to contact them to try to work out an arrangement or they would start foreclosure on her house. Last week James went her house to check on it. He found that someone had broken the lock on the back gate, changed the lock on the back door, placed a real estate type of lock, and gone through the whole house however they didn’t change the front door lock.

This seemed odd since the letter that I had signed for stated that they wouldn’t start foreclosure until Aug 20th. Since then I have received two more letters, one on the 12th and one on the next day on the 13th. The one on the 13th stated that Ditech didn’t have their own financial counsels, but if Angie would contact them, they would refer her to some other counseling services. Again no matter what we provide them with, they will not recognize her death. As I stated earlier that I know that some letters might be computer generated, but someone in Ditech should be decent or caring enough to stop this harassment. I need and want to go on and find some peace, but it extremely hard if I have to deal with this type of ruthless and unprofessional attitude from a company that doesn’t care about anyone else other than or how much money they can make.

I have not had to deal with Ditech since they bought over my original mortgage until recently. I received several email/letters advising me to take advantage of lower interest rates to refinance my house. I responded to their emails and made phone calls. They never seemed interested to discuss, or rather, I just could not get hold of a person to speak with. Yet, they continue to send me the same flyers about interest rates. This went on for several weeks until finally a marketing person called me. He was pleasant to speak with, and understood my refinancing objectives quickly. I submitted the documents electronically, and had the rate locked in.

I was then contacted by another person a week later who said she was the loan processor handling my application. She requested for several documents to be submitted, which I did immediately. Did not hear from her until a week later when I emailed her to ask what's next. She then emailed me another list of documents to be submitted within a 48 hr deadline so I would not lose the locked in rate. I emailed her the documents the next day. I did not receive any acknowledgement of receipt despite sending an email and leaving her a voicemail on her phone. A week later, I managed to get her on the line and asked if the documents I emailed her were in good order. She said she had not reviewed the documents and will call me after she had reviewed.

As expected she didn't call after a few days. So I called. She opened the documents as we were discussing. She said I was missing one document. I said no, the document was in attachment #6. I explained that there were two documents in that one attachment, and it was as stated in my email, and also I also named the attachment reflecting two documents. I spent a frustrating 10 minutes explaining to her as she could not or would not comprehend that the attachment had two separate documents. To the extent, I told her to scroll through pages 1 to 13 of the first document and then pages 14 to 25 of the second and very different looking document. She then gave a silly reason that the document wasn't clear and insisted a clear copy be resent.

After providing all the documents that she had asked for, I requested for a timeline on when the refinancing could be completed. She said it would take 30 to 60 days. I have already spent 45 days since I was first contacted by the marketing person, and could not believe that it may take another two months for the loan to be completed. I could go on about the conversations I had with the loan processor, but I would sound petty. I have bought a number of houses and also refinanced several of these to take advantage of lower rates. They hardly took more than a month to process. Never have I had to deal with such an ineptitude that the Ditech front line personnel have demonstrated.

In July we were emailed about a refund from our escrow. Informed them several times we do not have a mailbox so don't send it to the house, we have a mailing address so what did they do? They sent it to the house. It wasn't delivered, nobody knew where it was. We had to wait 30 days so they said to issue us another check. Kept calling to check on it. Also email them. Got no response. Finally 1st of September got the check deposited it and received an email from the bank it was sent back because a bad check. Call them. They don't know what happened. Have to wait for them to figure it out. People don't finance with them you'll have nothing but problems.

Absolute worst mortgage company ever. My second mortgage was with Green Tree which was sold to Ditech. I sold my house in June 2016 and knew at the time that I was overpaying the principal and interest to Ditech. When I called them they said not to worry that a refund check would be distributed within 30 days of closing. At closing I filled out all the appropriate paperwork with forwarding addresses to mortgage companies. I received my refund check from my primary mortgage within the stated time frame with no issues. Ditech sent the refund check to the property address (that I had sold) instead of the mailing address. No worries, honest mistake, things happen. Told on August 2nd that they would stop payment on the check and cut a new check.

Call back August 25th when I still haven't received the check only to be told that the agent I spoke with was no longer at the company and nothing had happen to my file (missing check still in limbo somewhere). Call back September 6 when I still haven't received the check only to be told that it was mailed August 26th. I ask what address it was mailed to and it was mailed to the property address AGAIN even though the 5 times I call in I have to verify my mailing address. No one seems to think this is an issue that they mailed it to the wrong address again.

And now today, Sept 7th, almost 3 months after closing, I still don't have my money and I'm fairly certain that I'll never receive it. They are the absolute worst company and are completely incompetent. If you can't mail something to the MAILING ADDRESS why should we ever trust them to do more like actually hold a mortgage? I will be contacted the Better Business Bureau and/or state representatives to get a resolution and get my money (with interest since they are 2 months past the deadline that they owed me this money).

Our mortgage was sold to Ditech about a year ago from Greentree Lending. Ever since then it has been nothing but downhill. I would never recommend this place to anyone and would love to do a class action suit against them. Every day they tell us to do something for a modification and then the next day they give us a different reason of why something didn't go through and then add on to that list day after day after day. Weeks later they inform if none of it was correct and I have to redo it. Once it's been redone they tell us everything that haven't started is now on a date we have to redo it all over again. It's been going on like that since October 2015, it is now September 2016. If you're interested in doing class action suit please comment here on this thread or email me at **.

I previously had a mortgage through Greentree. I was always charged a $12.95 fee for electronic checks because I was told if I mailed my payment it would get there late. Now my acct has been transferred to Ditech. They are charging a $19.95 fee for electronic payments in the form of check and even using your check/credit card. This is ridiculous especially for the check/credit card. Is this actually legal?

So the annual escrow calculations come out and I owe 145.00 due to taxes and insurance costing more this year. That is fine, that is the usual and I expect to pay a little each year to keep my mortgage the same amount. I pay the shortage and get my next bill. It is seven dollars more a month still even though I paid the supposed shortage and it was applied to the escrow account.

They keep enough in escrow to cover everything and also keep a cushion of 500 extra dollars in escrow. I paid the freaking shortage and they still raise my mortgage. I asked them why with various operators and a supervisor and they say to cover taxes. Seriously wtf? That's the reason why I paid the shortage which they said covered taxes and insurance increases. Then they tell me "well you still have to pay more every month." So damn shady. I know it's only 7 bucks a month but it's the principle. Sick of tired of just about every bill I have doing the same exact thing.

My loan was sold to Ditech. It is not a good company. I bought my mobile home in 2001. Have been paying on it for 15 years. Still owe 26,000 on it only paid 28,000. I have paid them over 70,000 so far. I really think that something needs to be done with this company. There is no way that I should still owe that much money. They should settle for a lump sum since I have already pay 3 times what it costed. There is no way you should have to pay over 120,000 for a 28,000 mobile home. That is what I will have paid when my loan is over.

My mother passed away in June - Ditech bought mortgage from Green Tree. I sold the house and was closing on July 29th, so the attorney said to just settle with Ditech at the closing for the July payment. I contacted Ditech and let them know. Then the deal fell through right before the closing and I contacted Ditech to let them know I'd be sending July and August together, but was waiting on the checks for the Estate account. They suggested paying online to avoid late charges. On Monday August 15th, I set up the account, and paid the 2 months and when it was time to get a confirmation, their website went down for servicing - imagine that! The day before they can charge late fees, they service their website. OF course they charge late fees.

When I picked up my mother's mail (delayed due to 2 week delay for change of address) I found that on August 2nd foreclosure letters started coming; there are no less than 12 letters between August 2nd and August 16th - for 1 month late!!! When I called to explain what happened and my frustration with so many threatening letters, the cust. rep. said that I never sent a death certificate or surrogate letter and that was necessary. I said no one told me they needed that and even she did not mention it until 10 minutes into our conversation. She said "I'm telling you now."

Terrible company, horrible customer service - never mind the "sorry for your loss" condolences very other person I've contacted has at least a modicum of class to say. Not one person in 7 calls to Ditech even bothers. Don't get stuck with them. Shame on allowing this company to buy mortgages from other companies - we shop for our mortgages, carefully select them, and then they can get sold to any charlatan!

My mortgage was sold from Green Tree to Ditech last year and it has been a horrible experience. I have called 4 times. The first time I received bad information, the second and third time I had the same issue and asked to speak with a manager both times and was never contacted. The issue was that they kept putting my extra $200/payment which I designated to go to principal into suspended funds and only applied it after I called.

Around the 3rd evaluation, they decided I paid too much, skipped a payment and then charged me a late fee for the next 3 months!! Apparently if you pay every 2 weeks and there are 5 weeks in a month, the system isn't robust enough to figure that out. The help desk people answering the phones are always pleasant and helpful but their systems are so disorganized and inflexible on the payments that the customer experience is horrible. I have followed the same procedure with 3 or 4 other mortgage companies with no problem whatsoever. If there was a zero star rating, I would choose that.

My experience with ditech has been horrible, I started out with Greentree which was just as bad. I thought the multiple nasty phone calls were normal and the expensive crappy insurance. I promised myself I was going to get on top of things at beginning of year, so I found cheaper better insurance on my own and that's when I realized I had been taken advantage of not only with insurance but with my house payments and interest. I have been paying on my home for 18 years and still owe over 30,000.00, Well I had never bought a home before I didn't know what to expect.

I work hard and make a honest living, but yet a mortgage company has been stealing me blind. I don't know what to do. Ditech will not refund the money I sent for my home payment, which they made sure that my crappy insurance payment was made first. Now they're telling me I am behind on house payment. I took my payment documents to my banker and his exact words were that he is very good with numbers but he has no idea what they have done or what they are trying to do that it does not add up. I just cannot believe these people can get away with this. WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO.

I have been a home owner for the last 21 years. We became a Ditech customer about a year or so ago. This company is the worst mortgage company I have worked with. I don't recommend this company. Due to a simple mistake in our property tax, Ditech started collecting escrow on our monthly payments. We sent proof of full payment in Apr. It is September now and the escrow payment is still not removed. We have received hundreds of calls from them on our cell phones and home phones. It is pretty much a constant harassment. We have spoken to them 6-7 times. Every time we call, we have to explain the history to the rep. We record the conversation in an email and send it back to them. Every time there is a different interpretation regarding why the escrow is still on the account.

In a call today, the rep said that our tax payments were verified paid on May 5 and notes showed that the escrow payments should be stopped. She was not sure why the escrow collections had not stopped. I am tired of the carelessness of this company and the utter disregard they show towards their customers. They do not understand that their careless actions impact their customer's lives.

Ditech is the most miserable company around. Why doesn't the Consumer Affairs or the DOJ do something to shut these people down? Class action lawsuit? I would rather deal with the mafia. They changed the terms of my modified loan. They violate the Cease and Desist and refuse to talk to you if you don't give them access to information. One time they were going to foreclose over less than 50 cents. I hate them and had no choice about them servicing my loan.

I initially contacted Ditech in February 2016 to request cancellation of my Private Mortgage Insurance. I was told by customer service I was eligible, but needed to write a letter. I received a letter back from Ditech stating I was .96% away from being able to remove the PMI, so I waited a few more months to be safe, and sent another letter. I was contacted by an appraiser in July who said Ditech had requested an appraisal. Fast-forward 6 weeks, and I am still paying PMI. After many phone calls and emails that have gone un-returned, Ditech says they have no records of sending anyone to my home for the appraisal and want ME to provide THEM with the name of the appraisal company. I feel like they are taking advantage of me by finding excuses to continue to collect my PMI. I would not recommend this company to anyone, and I am actively looking for a new company to refinance.

Ditech needs to hire people in their payment center that can read! They posted the incorrect amount to our account, which now has been over 4 months they have sent late fees on our statement. We rectified the account as soon as we found 'THEIR' clerical error and their supervisors in accounting keep giving us excuses that they are behind on the posting! What a crock of bull. I'm ready to find another mortgage company. We are so tired of excuses.

My loan was sold from Green Tree to Ditech and it has been a mess since. We pay 1/4 of our payment each week and always have which means our payments are made early. All of a sudden payments are being misapplied to the principal without our request and now we are showing late every month and being charged a $90 late fee!!! I call and they send a letter saying it will be investigated but nothing is ever done. I have no idea what to do to get it fixed at this point. In 5 years of owning a home we have never been late on a payment and these guys are screwing us royally.