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Last updated: Jan. 16, 2017

29 Direct Student Loans Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Jan. 16, 2017

These people are only polite and helpful on your first call. Once they get you in their system they are absolutely awful! If you need to reschedule your payments they treat you very poorly. A manager called me when I switched to a different collection agency and I explained that Adam was very, very rude to me when I would call. He became very rude and said that it was my fault that he was so rude. I told him that I wanted my payment information removed from their records and he hung up on me and wouldn't speak with me again after that.

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Original review: Aug. 19, 2016

With a note from my doctor which stated my numerous disabilities and my inability to work any longer I was granted a discharge by Direct Loans. Later they had switched from Direct Loans to Sallie Mae, then I received almost daily aggressive collection calls. It didn't matter that I was now receiving the bare minimum of money from Social Security ($745.00 per month). The calls continued and continued, regardless of the load abuse that I gave to these **. Now, as I am trying to get approved for a apartment, these loans are still on my credit report, to think that because of all this I may become homeless. Makes me VERY angry. I could not survive living on the street nor in a homeless shelter. Luckily I saved this discharge letter and will use it so that I may be accepted for my new apartment.

To think that student loans cannot be discharged by a bankruptcy or other means proves what a pathetic country we live in. And furthermore, the college education I received was ridiculous with either lies or lies of exclusion... My advice would be get into a nursing school or related medical fields where there is a tremendous need for such workers, or any other trade where there are opportunities for a well-paid career. There are few if any opportunities for college graduates now. Look into European colleges which teach their courses in English and are rated as being excellent schools, plus being able to learn other languages and see the wondrous sights of Europe...

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Original review: July 27, 2016

I was told that my payments would be reduced to only $20 per month and then after three years my loan would be forgiven. After paying the $500 fee that they duped me out of, I got a call indicating that I would have to pay $100 per month. However, I received a $300 bill! I never received any confirmation in the mail and now, every time I call to speak to someone, no matter what time I call, I can never get through! I leave messages and no one ever returns my calls!

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Original review: Sept. 16, 2013

I called Direct Student Loans and they said that they could help me with my student loans. It was going to cost me $800. Well, I checked into a different way that was going to be free and decided to go that way. When I called to cancel, the rep that I was dealing with was very mean which in turn made me mean. They sent me over 14 emails within a two-day period saying that the paperwork had been created for my account, and they have tried to contact me as well by phone which I do not answer. They do not listen to you and they will overcharge and when you cancel, they get mad because they don't get the sale...

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Original review: July 22, 2013

I received a call from Direct Loans stating that a payment of $1500 monthly will begin July 2013. I immediately filled out an IBR application and mailed it to the address on the application. I waited a week and asked if they received my application and processed it yet. Well, they said they never received the application and they have no control over the mail. To my dismay, I requested them to mail me another application. To make a long story short, I faxed my application to 1-800-848-0984 and they have not confirmed receipt of my application. So, they transferred all my account information to Sallie Mae who told me they should have transferred my IBR application information as well but there is no record of this information.

The representative was very very helpful and explained to me that many other students are complaining about Direct Loans and their IBR application. Additionally, the Sallie Mae representative promises that once I mail a Lower-Monthly Income payment application it will be processed immediately upon receipt and notification will be sent via personal email. Shame on Direct Loans for not doing their jobs correctly and professionally.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 5, 2013

I called in 2011; I believe it was to put my student loan in deferment (I had already paid it out of collections once due to this same crap). I spoke with a girl named Brittney. She asked me all kinds of information about my expenses, my income, etc. She then told me that I am qualified to have my student loan put into deferment. I thanked her and she told me no problem, that she would take care of it.

Next thing I know, I went to apply with a school to start online classes at the beginning of April to better my life and to better help provide for my son, as I am a single mom, and I am told that I have a student loan that is in default and that I needed to contact the company my loan has been sent to. I contacted them, only to be told that my student loan has been sitting in collections for some time and that I am now going to have to make consecutive payments for six months to "prove" that I am reliable and that I deserve to have my loan taken out of collections since I wasn't "responsible" enough to pay on them or put them in deferment in the first place. So thanks to Direct Loans, I am now having to make payments and can't go back to school for at least another six months due to their negligence!!

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Original review: March 29, 2013

I spoke with a Zi and then her supervisor, Ronda. Both had big time attitude problems. I was just calling to find out info and the first chick said my name and SS# were not coming up and she was all adamant about it. Then when I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was put on hold and all of a sudden the chick came back and told me that by some miracle, my info had just popped up. By this time, I was annoyed and asked to speak with a supervisor. Boy, was I shocked at what Direct Loan calls a supervisor. She was all persnickety as if I were disturbing her. Look, children, you chose to work at DL so either find another job that doesn't deal with people (like dog-walking although I'm sure both would get attacked with such nasty and ghetto attitudes) or take some acting lessons! I had to make a few phone calls, but I got my complaint in and that's all that matters!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 30, 2013

I have been ridiculed every time I call to ask for a manager! I called over a month ago to see the status on my application and was told it was in certification status. They also said the loan holders had 30 days to certify and if they did not certify within 30 days, they could look up the information. I called yesterday since it was well over 30 days. The rep that answered was new (per Ms. **) and told me to call DeVry to see if the loans qualified and if they did, they could start looking up the information. I did call DeVry and they said the loans were Perkins so that they did qualify. I called back to Direct Consolidation Loans and the rep Kenyatta was rude and did not listen to what I was saying. At this point, I was very annoyed and stressed since no one was willing to help me. I asked for a manager. She told me none was available and I was not allowed to be placed on hold for an extended period of time. Well, I explained to her that she had placed me on hold to begin with when she first answered the phone for about 5 minutes. I ended up hanging up with her and calling again.

The next rep (Denise or something like that) refused to transfer me to a manager without verifying my information. I gave her my Social Security Number, full name, date of birth and I believe my full address. She wanted my email address and my phone number. I was very annoyed after being on the phone for hours trying to get a manager and this situation fixed. I had to call back and this time I got a reasonable rep that transferred me after verifying my Social Security Number, full name and date of birth. The manager, Ms. **, was very helpful but my cell ran out of battery and we were disconnected. She called me while I was trying to turn my cell on but it went to voicemail. The next morning, I called again to see if I can get Ms. ** again and continue where we left off. The rep refused to transfer me to a manager after verifying my Social Security Number, full name and date of birth. They said that was not enough and that I needed to give them my home address, email address and home phone number. I was very annoyed since at this point, it is not about verifying my information since I already gave them the sensitive information. At the end, I gave in and told her my full address.

One rep transferred me to a manager after only getting my SSN, name and date of birth. The manager stated her name was Angelina ** and she was rude as well. Seeing that I was very frustrated, she still wanted me to verify my email address and phone number! The next rep (I had to hang up on Ms. **) started asking me for my driver's license number after putting me on hold, as if making fun of me! This is harassment and I was to the point where I was literally crying. I am very frustrated and very confused as to why I am being treated this way. No one wants to help me on my status of my application or why the info for DeVry hasn't been looked up, like they can after 30 days. If I didn't need this consolidation, I would have told them to stop processing my application! I am stuck!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2012

I went to school for 4 years to become a social worker. I graduated in 2010 and I had felonies from 1998 before I went to school. The convictions were set aside before I started school and I was told by advisers and professors that because the convictions were set aside previously, I should have no trouble working in the field. Well, 2 years post graduation, I can't so much as get a job for Salvation Army or any other social service provider because of my felonies.

When I contacted Direct Loans about loan cancellation based on the fact that that I was unemployable, they jerked me around for a few months saying I needed to provide additional information. Every time I would send in additional information, they eventually turned it down, stating that even if I cannot get licensed, I can still find a social work job. Obviously the person who researched it did not look at any of the statutes I sent and did no other research or they would have known that social service providers who receive state or federal monies (and that is 100% of them) don't have any flexibility when it comes to hiring felons.

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Original review: Oct. 7, 2012

I signed up for federal student aid several years ago. I received mostly scholarships and grants as far as I knew. I had one loan that I was making payments on from the previous year. With my previous loan, I received all of the information in the mail and was able to setup a payment plan. The following year, I switched schools and applied for FAFSA again. This time around, I did not receive any information on a loan. Since my mother had filled out the form, she claimed she did not see a loan listed. (I think she may have missed it.) At the time, I thought I was covered by scholarships, mostly because I was an honors student and received much more in scholarships that year. Little did I know I also had a loan. Nothing was ever sent in the mail about the loan nor did anyone attempt to contact us, so I assumed I did not have one from that school. I later left that school and went on a study abroad program.

A few years later, I came back to the US to finish my degree. I applied for FAFSA again and I was approved. Two weeks before school starts, I got a letter in the mail saying my aid was declined because I was in default. I was confused as to how that happened so I called. They asked me to confirm an address in Texas and told me that all my mail was sent there. I told them I never lived in Texas nor had I ever changed my address. I then tried to straighten it out with Direct Loans to see if they could work something out with my now $7,000 loan (over half of it in interest and other fees). I offered to pay the original cost upfront if they would remove me from default. They refused and said I had to pay at least $6,000 or signup for a payment plan that would take 6 months or more for me to get out of default.

My credit is now in the trash and I am fighting to get them to lower the amount and take me out of default. I spoke to several people about this and I hear this is a normal practice for Direct Loans. They basically scam people into paying more by never sending them mail, purposely never updating payments, and messing up automatic payments. All of this just so that they can add interest or claim you never paid so that they can resell your loan.

They do this mostly to people who they know cannot afford a lawyer. What they do is illegal and I hope that people realize what they are doing. School loans are the new scam. Justice will be served. So, call me stupid for not paying more attention to what I was getting. Let's say even if I did know I had a loan the entire time I was still in school, my loan technically should have been deferred.

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Original review: Aug. 18, 2012

We must keep records, use certified mail and watch for forced defaults. I am very watchful of my dealings with Direct Loans because: first, one of my payments has not shown up on their web & they claimed it was because they changed systems. I requested a payment history from my service provider and it did not show the payment and so I knew to keep my money order receipts and to get a print from Western Union because I do not trust them. Second, I was promised an easy transition into IBR but I had to fight in order to get it; third, I was told that once I was in IBR, my payments would not change for a year but in 6 months, I happened to call and was told that only the payment had increased greatly even though my income had not.

Fourth, their online system is not accurate which could land people in default if they go according to it! I believe their goal is to mess us up, so they can turn it over to attorneys. Fifth, they have not sent me a statement for the month but they sent me a statement for the payment plan I was told I would be on. You see the trickery? Always call them and watch them because it only takes one sleep and they can place you in default. I believe the goal of the service providers and direct loan program is to basically force us out of government protection and to just start to garnish us at 25% for the rest of our lives!

Lastly, they do not give you a repayment plan according to the IBR federal calculator or their online scale, but they make up number greater than that for you to pay. Our only way is to fight for Hansen Clark and Robert Applebaum’s Student Forgiveness Act of 2012! We should not be stuck with college debt for 25 to 50 years. It’s all a Ponzi scheme if you ask me. We want the same forgiveness that was given to Wall Street, but accept in this case we deserve it!

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2012

Back in June, I noticed that I had stopped receiving monthly statements and that my automatic payments had also stopped going to the Direct Loan Service Center. I called in June and was advised that my account was put in a legal status. Even though it was determined erroneous, I would have to write a letter requesting my account to be removed from the legal status. The representative was neither helpful nor friendly and acted as if somehow I had caused this error to occur. I was not able to get any information in regards to what, if any, amounts were past due.

I sent the letter on June 8th and enclosed a check with three months payment which I thought would bring my account current, if I was indeed past due. The check was cashed on June 19th. Still not receiving any statements, I called into Direct Loans on August 6th only to learn that the account still is in legal status and advised that there is no record of my letter. When I stated it was impossible because the check that I enclosed that was stapled to the letter was cashed, I was once again advised that I will have to write another letter requesting the legal status to be removed. When I asked how the check was applied and if my account was current or paid ahead, I was advised that no information could be discussed while the account is in active legal status.

I get that mistakes get made. I get that things get missed. However, I do not get the completely unprofessional manner the customer service representatives are allowed to conduct themselves: rude, condescending, and completely unhelpful. There needs to be some recourse for those people who are trying to do the right thing - pay their bills on time. I understand this is a government agency but do common professional guidelines not apply? Do the rules of Fair Debt and Collection not apply?

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Original review: June 22, 2012

I have made payments by logging into my bank and setting up a bill payer. I have made 4 payments of large amounts - $1500.00, $2,000.00, $800.00, and $2500.00. They couldn't find any of them. The customer service reps don't understand electronic payments. My most recent payment was $2000.00 on May 24, 2012; and they couldn't find it and had me as late payment. I have sent the tracking number for the payment as well as the account, and they keep giving me the mailing address and tell me to send copies of the cancelled checks. The reps are rude, angry people, who don't understand anything. I want them to find my payments before I send any more. But if I don't send more payments, it will end up in my credit report.

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Original review: April 25, 2012

In late 2011, Direct Loan Servicing made some changes to their billing and online payments systems. I have had student loans, unfortunately, for about 20 years and have never been delinquent when my loans were in repayment. I signed up for KwikPay at the end of 2011 and since that time have had 5 delinquencies for my payments. The first three months, I assumed payments were being withdrawn until I received a notice that I was 3 months behind. I made an online payment and again signed up for KwikPay because I was told that I must have not completed the process, despite having completed it. The next payment again did not get applied automatically - delinquent payment 4. When I called in this time, I was told that the KwikPay set up online wouldn't work because I was on the income-based repayment plan. They then stated they would mail me out a paper request for KwikPay. This never came. I again tried to set it up online and it appeared to have gone through, so I assumed that the glitch was fixed.

Nope, delinquency number 5 showed up. So I went online to make a payment again to bring the account into the positive. When I called in to talk about why this was occurring, I was told that they had no idea that any glitch was in the system and gave me the warnings for not paying my bills on time. When I attempted to problem solve, I was actually hung up on. So this month I monitored closely and again KwikPay didn't go through and I went delinquent. I made an online payment to bring it up to current and thought all was great since I had confirmation numbers and all for the payment - until I started getting multiple calls from Direct Loans stating I was still past due. Luckily, I kept the email and called today to inquire why a payment I made over a week and a half ago is no longer showing up as processing when I log in to my account. The individual who answered was rude and gave me the blanket warnings about not paying my bill. I told her I need you to hear me on what the problem is. She said “No, I need you to hear me. If this is late over 90 days, we will report you to the credit agency.”

I told her I needed help solving this problem. She was short, angry and unprofessional. I am not sure how to resolve this. When I ask for help, all I get is a non-payment warning. This is supposed to be a government student loan and I am shocked at how it is being handled. I have the money to pay my bill. I am trying to pay my bill and their system errors and refusal to help me problem solve has caused undue stress. After reviewing other complaints on this site, I know I am not alone. Someone needs to hold this entity accountable.

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Original review: April 24, 2012

Since I consolidated my loan in October 2011, none of the payments I've made have been applied. Needless to say, I made all my payments on time and with the correct amount. Each phone call to them has been an endless supply of false promise where everything will be fixed. On the contrary, my account shows that I am overdue. This has also been reported to the national credit bureau. I have asked numerous times for a full accounting of my loan and payments made in paper - each request was refused. How can they get away with this? Do we, the borrowers, have any legal recourse?

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Original review: March 27, 2012

I called the direct loan service center, because I noticed that they had applied 3 payments to my account on one day. These payments had been sent on time and were cashed when sent. I also noticed that the last 2 payments that I sent were not showing up on my payment history. I looked and the accrued interest on the account was over $500.00.

My payments are $200.00 a month, so their interest is as much as my payments. What they are doing is allying the payments all at once, so that the interest is drawing on a higher daily balance. When the accrued interest is added back to the account, the balance stays the same. The interest for 30 days is only $70.00, so it does not add up. When I explained this the first time, I was put on hold. I had been on the phone for 41 minutes. Then I was disconnected. I'm on the phone again and still have not spoken to anyone. This time, it's 19 minutes And 25 seconds, and waiting.

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Original review: March 16, 2012

I signed up for automatic payments with Direct Loans in exchange for a .25% interest rate reduction. I decided I wanted to pay extra each month towards my highest interest group of loans and the minimum towards the lower interest group. I have made a total of three payments, all of which have been wrong. The first payment was deducted correctly but not applied correctly. The second and third were both $90.43 more than I had authorized to be taken out of my account. I made phone calls after each incorrect payment. Every time I was told it would be fixed and so far it hasn't been.

My biggest issue is with the repayment of the overdrawn funds. They said I would only be able to receive a refund after the request had gone through the Department of Treasury and a check was sent out. It's been a month and I still haven't received my $90.43 from the last month. So now, $180.86 has been withdrawn from my account without my permission and without a refund. This system needs to be changed. If they can make an immediate unauthorized withdrawal, they should be able to make the refund within a few days, not months.

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Original review: March 16, 2012

Direct Loans withdrew from my checking account $141.46 over my scheduled payment amount without any form of prior notification. This withdrawal appeared on my account on March 8, 2012. When I contacted them to question this transaction, they said they sent out letters dated March 12 and March 14 (which to date I have not received). The consequences are naturally a deficit to my checking account that I wasn't aware of and could have resulted in NSF checks and hundreds of dollars in bad check charges if I had not had overdraft protection. Please advise who I should contact so this poor business practice by Direct Loans can be properly addressed.

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Original review: March 16, 2012

Whoever took over the loan servicing in 2011 screwed up everything. For many months, I was unable to see if my payments were received or applied. They told me I would have to wait until their site was up and running. Now, they tell me I should be able to see payments as of October 2011, but my payments do not show in history. I had to request 2 history statements, one from October 2011 to current and then another for prior to October 2011. So far I only received October 2011 to current. There is one payment that was to be applied to my daughter’s loan, but they applied it to my son’s loan. All payments made on behalf of my son were to be applied to the oldest loan; the payments that I can see were paid to later loans. For 2 children, I now have 5 loans. I tried to pay off a $235.00 loan to make it less complicated and have less loans, but that wasn't applied correctly either.

I receive statements all the time and they change day to day. The history statement I requested is chaotic. I only see two payments out of my last 5 and they are applied then unapplied. There are credits and debits and various codes that I cannot make any sense out of. I thought I could simply match my payments to theirs and at least see if all my payments have been applied. But I cannot make heads or tails out of the mess and I will never know if I am being ripped off. It is too complicated to ever figure out what they have done. At this point, I think I have to consider trying to get a private loan and payoff Direct Loans.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 7, 2012

I always pay off my debts and my loans and have never dealt with anyone as incompetent and inefficient as Direct Loan. To me, it feels like I am dealing with a deceitful organization. Say what you want with non government financial institutions but this government sponsored agency ranks at the bottom. I worked hard and save hard and managed to get my son's college loan paid down to three loan groups as one does not obtain a single loan but loan groups for each semester. To get to this point was a battle as as I tried to pay off a group, my money would be spread to other groups which is not what I had directed and with numerous telephone complaints had the issue resolved leaving me with three loan groups to pay off. To me, it seemed that Direct Loan did not want me to pay off a single group and wanted to spread the money to keep as many accounts open as possible.

That brings me to January 29th 2012 when I was going to make a payment to pay off two more groups and make a payment toward Group E. Group A owed 23 cents. Yes, an account I tried to pay off many times. Group D owed $4071.23. Group E owed around $7,900. I logged on to the site and paid off Group A, Group D and paid some funds to Group E. I printed the receipt from Direct Loan indicating payment to those groups, dated January 29th 2012.

On Feb 14th 2012, I logged on to determine when my next payment was due and it indicated 03/7/2012 and the only loan group left to pay off was Group E. On 03/05/2012, I logged on to make a payment and I noticed that my money that I paid off Groups A and D were moved and my account now show that I still have outstanding debt for Group A, Group C, Group D and Group E. Once again, Direct loan is moving the money I used to pay off accounts to other accounts. My money has moved so often I can not tell if I am being ripped off and it would take a forensic accountant to make heads or tails out of the accounting mess.

Again, I called. I explained I have copies that show that the only account left was Group E and have receipt of payment to my paid off accounts. But one can never get the right person to the phone but indicated he would forward to the processing center and there must have been an error on my part as to how I wanted funds directed. No error on my part as I have a copy with confirmation numbers. Direct Loan has no means to speak with someone in charge, no email address to provide my copies and when it is fixed, it does not take long before my funds are moved to keep closed account open.

I am ashamed, as the Billing Statement header reads: US Department of Education Direct Loan Servicing Center. If this is our US Department of Education at work and an example of government fiscal dealings then it need to go private and I regret that I did not attempt to find private financing. If you have any contact info of someone from Direct Loan that cares and is willing to help resolve my concerns, please let me know.

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Original review: Feb. 23, 2012

They are an abysmal, incompetent bureaucracy that engages in regular acts of what may be (and at least what should be considered) consumer fraud. I have been assigned a federal case worker who now follows all my actions with them. I submit all correspondences through my congressman's office, need delivery confirmation for all my postal mailings to them, make duplicate copies of everything, and have a call into the Attorney General's office as well as a major national newspaper because of the following.

1.) Without any changes reported by me and without my annual proof of income being overdue, they arbitrarily increased my monthly income-based repayments without any justification or explanation to date. My payment amount was supposed to be permanent unless income change was reported. Not a single person at Direct Loans, including supervisors, could tell how the new number was calculated or why.

2.) Before this, they claimed to have "never received" any of 6 (that's right, six) successive communications from me all sent via different routes--fax, website, and postal mail. One of these was income-based documentation in October 2011 that should have actually decreased my payments. Their lack of "receiving" my income decrease forms allowed them to keep collecting payments from me that were at least double what they should have been under my new income. I gave up after the six failed communications for various matters and was still paying my same amount until recently when they increased my payment, demanded the annual update and claimed I was about to be overdue for my income reporting (see below).

3.) In August 2011, Direct Loans sent me a letter with all my account and contact info on it, claiming I was overdue for sending in my "income contingent repayment" income info. I was not and have never been on income contingent repayment, only income based, which is a completely different repayment plan. When I called and asked, a rep told me it was entirely a system error that I was not due to send in income based documentation either--mine was completely up to date for another 5 months. 4-5 months later, when I called to check on it again, another rep told me it was "way overdue" and I should have updated it "back in 2009.” Keep in mind that I didn't even have a Direct Loans Consolidation account until Feb. 2011, which required sending in all the income-based documentation at that time in order to have the income-based repayment I've had since consolidating.

Last year's consolidation debacle: multiple Direct Loans employees told me my Health Professions loans were left out of my consolidation without prior notification because they were "not eligible." They were listed right on the Direct Loan Consolidation website as being eligible. When I alerted them to this, they still insisted those loans could not be consolidated without any explanation for what was written on their website. I called and fought with 17-plus people over the course of three months, including supervisors and people in the Dept. of Education, before I finally got one random rep that said, "Of course they're eligible. " (Her name was Iris. I will never forget her, and she apparently had more brain power than all other reps there combined. She was the only effective one I ever got, and I've dealt with dozens of them by now). My consolidation then had to be re-done.

4.) Right before that, Direct Loans kept claiming they "never received" payoff amounts from one of my original lenders, even though that lender had it documented in my record that they had sent it weeks earlier. They ended up sending it 3 (that's right, three) more times (including by fax) before Direct Loans finally claimed to receive it. The lender, who kept having to re-send, told me they had this same problem with Direct Loans (and only Direct Loans) very frequently. Because of this delay and the giant Health Professions error, my consolidation didn't go through until February 28, 2011 even though I submitted the complete application on Dec. 15, 2010. I would have saved literally thousands of dollars over those three months, had the application been processed without multiple errors.

5.) I did an (what could be simpler) online update of my changed bank account number on the Direct Loans website in November 2011. The changed info showed up under myedaccount online instantly. But a month later, no automatic debit occurred and I was consequently "late" on my payment. They insisted that "no one else" had reported any problems with their website and that I must not have signed the electronic promissory note, even though I knew I had. They recommended I repeat the online request. I did. A month later, again, nothing was debited. Direct Loans at that point claimed it takes 45 days to process (no process time I could find was ever listed on their website) and they were having problems with the website. A different rep that same day told me it takes 2 days to process. Both were apparently wrong anyway. "Processing" a simple updated bank account number took literally almost three months. My original submission was on Nov. 19, 2011 and the first automatic debit from that account occurred on Feb. 21, 2012.

5.) Just recently, on January 22, 2011, I got a letter from Direct Loans stating that if my income-based repayment documentation (the one I sent and they "never received" over three months prior in October 2011) was not "received" within 30 days of the date of their letter, and my account would revert to a standard (non-income based) repayment plan that would literally quadruple my monthly payments. Within about 2 weeks of receiving this, and after much consulting with the congressman's office, I re-sent the forms via postal mail and faxed 3 copies (one through the congressman's office, one to a specific supervisor at Direct Loans, and one to their general fax as listed on the forms). A couple days later, which was still almost 2 weeks before the "deadline", they claimed they had indeed received it. However, a rep told me because it would likely take more than 2 weeks to "process". (Note: not the same as "received", which is what their letter stated). I might still get booted to the standard plan with the $2000-plus per month payments. I'm still waiting to see what happens as it is completely out of my hands. And all the nasty, horrible rep told me snidely was, "Well, I'm sorry you don't like the way our letter is worded." Wow.

6.) In general, through all of these insane debacles, I've had "customer service" reps that were either complete airheads ("Oh, really? Hmm, that's so weird. I have no idea why that happened. It might be because…”) or they've been downright obnoxious and nasty, insisting the problems are somehow (inexplicably, of course) my fault and taking no accountability for their over-the-top **. Iris was literally the only exception.

Moral of the story: if Direct Loans gives you trouble, don't think twice about filing complaints against them. If enough people do it, maybe something will change. But it's beyond pathetic how they operate now. Even the congressman's office told me they are "at a loss" when it comes to Direct Loans. The worst part is that they're not just causing inconvenience and headaches—they are literally jerking the strings and impacting people's finances and lives with their ineptitude and misdeals. It is completely wrong.

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Original review: Jan. 28, 2012

I was put on the ICR, Income Contingent plan, to pay off my student loans. Direct Loans told me I had to submit my latest tax return by a certain time to them to stay on the plan or else my monthly payment would go up dramatically. I sent the information but Direct Loans refuses to acknowledge it. They removed from my account on their site the letter stating I had to send in my tax return. I suddenly cannot access the letter and they insist on new monthly payment. Fortunately, I kept a copy of the letter and have sent them a copy by email, offering to resend the information.

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Original review: Jan. 9, 2012

According to the guidelines on DL website, I qualified for a deferment due to unemployment for the past several months. I already had a deferment through the 6 months after I finished with school. Unable to find work, I submitted a new request for deferment with plenty of time to be processed before the other one ran out. I never was notified of the outcome, but I continued to see bills. Thinking it didn't go through, I submitted it two more times, the most recent time over a month ago. I just received a call today being told my account was 80 days past due.

They explained that requests can take up to 3 weeks to go through, but my last was well before 3 weeks ago. Now I am told I can get a two month forbearance and am being sent paperwork for the deferment I've already done 3 times already because they haven't received the requests. Forbearance, meaning I still have interest added all these months even though I did the right thing and they never notified me until now that I was still being billed.

I stopped receiving bills in the mail months ago as well and though this was taken care of, I never received any sort of notice for the bills and I never requested them to stop mailing bills to me. Because of all this, now I have to pay a lot more money back once I am able to get a job enough to start paying back at all. All because of an issue with their system. Yet they are not willing to give me any lenience on the matter as though it is my fault for their **. It's ridiculous. I don't make enough money to make payments now and by the time I will, those payments will be ridiculously high causing me to have to wait even longer to try to start paying them off when I can make enough money.

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Original review: Nov. 28, 2011

I, Richard **, have been given the run-around from on my student loans for way too long. I’ve also submitted a request for a wage garnishment hearing as far back as September. I have yet to hear back on this request. I’ve called GC services numerous amounts of times to get the status of my student loan but they keep forwarding back to the Dept of Ed for further information. When I contact Dept of Ed they keep telling me that they have no information regarding my student loan because it’s with GC and they would be better suited to assist me. When does this end?

My financial situation due to this wage garnishments crippled me financially from taking care of my family and is causing me extreme amounts of stress. No one is working with me in taking care of this issue. This wage garnishment could have been prevented to begin with if the proper paper work was forwarded to me when I had moved August 2010. Even then, when I called to get information regarding the status of the loan in August 2011, I was told by GC services that I need to forward my current financial situation to them with accounts numbers with payment amounts so a case to prevent wage garnishment can be established. I did that and nothing.

I’ve submitted 2 wage garnishment requests for hearings and have not even received a letter/email/phone call regarding the status. I’ve been hit with a 15% percent monthly wage garnishment that is totaling $444.00 a month. I’m enrolled with a monthly payment to GC services in the amount of $86.00 a month for 9 months. All this will do is lift the garnishments after the 9th month. GC is sending me statements showing a balance that seems to be getting higher than what it is. I’ve paid a total of $2340 as of 11/28/2011. How is it that they are sending me a higher balance every month when I’m paying in two separate directions?

GC sent me an agreement in error regarding a 6-month lift of the wage garnishments if I sent DL a payment of $86 and mail back the signed agreement to them. I did that and was told that it was sent by accident, although the payment was cashed. I called DL and was told to call Regina **. I called her repeatedly for over a month. After no avail, I called DL back and was told that Regina ** actually works for GC services. When I call GC services they tell me that Regina is out on sick leave until the end of the year. Again, no one to discuss my student loan.

Today 11/28/11, I called GC services and was informed by a rep that they have no records of a wage garnishment being issued to me. The only payment they know of is the 9-month agreement I enrolled in to bring the back in good standings. How is this possible? I’m completely confused on where my money is going. They did, however, say that they are solely in charge of collecting on this loan. Any further information regarding the hearing/account balance would need to go through DL.How is that all of a sudden GC services has no records of the wage garnishment?

What is my true balance on my student loan? Is anyone working on my request for a hearing? If so may I make contact with this person? Why was my address changed and never submitted back in August of 2010? This would have prevented this wage garnishment to begin with. Who am I suppose to contact to get accurate information regarding my account?

I’ve submitted a copy of the agreement sent by GC services for your review. The month of December is really hard for me financially because I have my car’s registration/smog due. I’ve borrowed tons of money from co-workers as it is just to buy grocery for my family and the remaining balance for rent. Some thing needs to happen here. I have a 4-year old daughter that has severe asthma and requires medication that I can not afford anymore due to this garnishment. I have no problem sending a reasonable amount for this student loan, but the way that these payments have been forced upon me has taken a massive toll on a father of two little girls. Again, I am the only one working in my household.

I can't afford asthma medication for my youngest daughter. I've fallen behind on being able to provide food for my family and have resulted in borrowing money from co-workers and friends to support my family. I can not register my vehicle that I use for work. Very difficult to buy gas for my vehicle. I'm not receiving accurate statements as I requested and keep getting the run around from both the direct loan services and collection agency GC services regarding my student loan. What is taken place here has to be illegal.

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Original review: Nov. 11, 2011

Direct Student Loans has changed their website and most of their processes including payments without notification. I sent them an electronic payment on October 5, 2011 and it has not been applied to my account yet, today is November 11, 2011. I had to call several times before I actually spoke to a representative who did confirm to me that they had received my payment on October 5 but have not posted it to my account yet. When I asked why, I was told that they were unable to because of the changes to their system but they have had no problem adding the accrued interest for the past month that otherwise would not be there if the payment was applied. Is this even legal? I thought payments received had to be posted within a certain time frame.

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Original review: Oct. 19, 2011

Since the remodeling of the website, there has been mass confusion over the payment date of my loans and my father's loan. For a couple of years, my dad has been struggling financially, so I have taken over the responsibility of the payment for his loan and the money is withdrawn from my Wells Fargo bank account. Every month, our loans are paid automatically on the 14th, and on that day, I check whether they payment has been made.

This October, the payment was not debited. I waited a couple of days to see if it was a matter of delay but nothing seemed to happen. I took the initiative to go online and pay it manually. When I tried to log in the same way I had for years, I discovered that the website was not valid. There had been a change and had I was not notified either by email or regular mail.

After creating new accounts for both my father and myself, I discovered that the auto debit payment feature was turned off. Once I activated it and added my banking information, I manually made the payment for both dad's account and mine.

Today, I find that my Wells Fargo account has been overdrawn because a second payment was auto debited from my bank account. In total, $393.56 has been withdrawn from my bank account in payments to the Department of Education. As a result of this, it has overdrawn my account by -$143.16 and my bank has hit me with overdraft fees of $137.50. As a result of this error, I no longer have the money I allocated aside for this month’s bills. As other bills (car insurance and private loans) are auto debited, I will have no funds to pay them.

My bank account is continuing to overdraft, and I am getting hit with more bank fees. All I tried to do was try to pay my loans and my dad's loans on time. Never did I imagine that it was going to have such disastrous consequences. I tried calling them but they say that since I "authorized" both payments, there is nothing they can do about it!

Does anybody know an agency to report this to?

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Original review: Oct. 12, 2011

Since they have a new website, I have been unable to sign in and make my payments as I always have online. None of the 800 type phone numbers work. You get a message that says they are unable to take your call at this time. Problem is no matter when you call, that's what you get - no one.

It is impossible to reach or contact anyone there for any reason. Isn't this illegal?

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Original review: April 23, 2009

I filled out an application online with Direct Student Student Loan Consolidation and waited for more information about the consolidation. I wanted to ask questions before I considered but they sent the letter stating that I had 10 days but it was sent out late. The letter didn't come until after the April 4th and it was dated March 31st and they paid my creditor off April 9th. I was out of town when the letter came but they still didn't give me 10 days as they said because it was paid off 9 days later. They have my loan set up as if I was paying for a house.

Out of $286, only $6 a month will go to my principal. I called the department to get more information and that is when they told me that the loans were already paid off. That's when I told them I was calling to get more information, not to tell them to go ahead with the process. Who can afford to give away $280 a month during this economic hardship? That is a rip off! We need help. Please have an attorney to call. There are a lot of people online singing the same exact song as mine.

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Original review: March 12, 2007

Every year Direct Student Loans fouls up the information in both my wife and my Federal student loan file. Then they try every tactic in the book to get us removed from the income contingent repayment plan. When the Department of Education ran the program they were at least responsive and corrected errors and were couteous and prompt about it. The last contractor was a little flakey but I could wade through the paperwork blizzard an accomplish my business. The currant contractor is completely incompitent, rude, and unresponsive.

On four occasions since 08/2007, my wife and I have recieved information request forms accompanied by a nasty gram informing us that they would change the terms of our loans if we didn't reply. Each time we filled out the requested information and retuned it by mail. In follow up calls to Direct Loans they maintained that they had not recieved the information. We responded by sending our responses return receipt requested.

Today I sat with return receipts in hand and attempted to dicuss the matter with the above named employees of the Department of Educations contracted call center. After repeating my story each time to a so called manager, and stating it could all be fixed if they just honored the agreements my wife and signed at college everything would be fine. Representitive Sarah aknowleged that they were Government contractors, but that she was not allowed to tell me her company's name. I explained that I have worked in Government contract administation and that I would find out file official complaints, where upon she hung up on me!

Extreme frustration. Loss of two work days = $400.00. Damage to my wife's credit history when the total fault lies with the lender. The hassle and expense of closing my wife's bank accounts to avoid bounced automatic withdrawals,(cost estimated at $100.00 if we can avoid fines and penalties.

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