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I was contacted by a Mr. Don ** from Delanore, Kemper Associates regarding a payday loan that went to collections on October 10th at 3:15PM. He left a message in reference to a court date to my secretary, on my work place. I then returned his call the next day, October 11th, and spoke to another representative (which Mr. ** said was his assistant) stated that I owed a debt of $986.37 but would accept a one time payment of $586.37 by noon of Friday, October 14th. He would need my credit card number and that's when I was hesitant in giving my information. I said I would call back.

I received two calls; one at 4:58PM and 5:03PM from Mr. ** who said I needed to return his call. When I did return his call later that day at 5:08PM, I questioned who this was and in regard to what he had, information in who I put as references and who I owed. He stated, if I didn't make payment, he would close the case and send it to Bexar county for court. I told him I wanted to make arrangements and that I didn't have the money right now. He said, could I hurry up with my credit card number because he was on overtime and was waiting on my phone call. I gave him the cc number. The next day, I had spoken to a few friends and family and tried to come up with the money. When I couldn't, I called Mr. ** back and left a message that I couldn't make the payment in that amount and for him to please return my call.

When he did, he stated that he knew my ways and that he wasn't going to cancel transaction; that he wanted to catch me red-handed so I would have two accounts against me. I told him I only got a hold of $300 and that I couldn't pay that amount. He hung up on me. I called back and got his voicemail and I stated to him that he was very unprofessional in hanging up on me and regardless of who I was, he shouldn't have done that; that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. He called me back within 5 minutes and said that he had no supervisor and that he was the director. He then told me he wanted to read something to me regarding law because I told him that it was against the law for harassment and to be calling me at work.

I told him again that I couldn't make the payment and he began to continue to argue with me. I told him to proceed with whatever he had to do because I wasn't going to be able to pay what he asked. He said he knew what to do and hung up on me a second time. The next day, he called and asked if it was the personnel and I stated "no, I think you have the wrong number". He said, "no I don't, Ms. **. Is this your work number?" I said no and he said he would call my work, that was on October 13th at 11:53AM. Now, I received a voice message from Spencer on Friday stating that I needed to return his call in regard to the same case. I am very disappointed on how I have been treated. I'm being harassed by this company. I want to make arrangements but I don't have to be harassed or threatened by the company.


I believe I have a outstanding debt with a payday loan company called no back in 2006. The total amount was for $570, but now it is over 1300 dollars. I have not received any paperwork on this matter since 2008, and it was from a company called National Credit Adjusters. I spoke with a gentleman named Peter from Delanor Kemper & Associates on May 24th around 4:30 p.m. Peter told me that I needed to call him back on May 29th or this matter was going to court. I called him back on Thursday, May 26th at 10:40 a.m.and asked him to send me a copy of the charges. He in return told me that it cost money to do this, and "we" are not customer service. I also told him that it's my right to have a copy of these charges. He did not say a word.

As of June 9th, I have not received a copy of these charges. I would be more than willing to settle this matter if I knew the charges. One minute Peter said I could make payments on the $570, then in the next sentence, Peter said, "no way." I called back and asked to speak to a manager and I was told that no one was available, so I left a message , and I am still waiting to speak to one. This company is not licensed in MN nor is the payday loan company. I asked Peter for an address to send payments and he would not give me one. I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Atlanta GA , which they have not answered back and they have until the 14th of June.

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