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Find the Best Credit Repair in Portland, OR

Credit repair services come in handy if you want to fix your credit score in a relatively short time. It's possible to repair your credit score without help, but many people in Portland find it tedious and complicated to navigate through reports and contact creditors. Hiring a credit repair company saves time and effort.

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Top 9 Portland Credit Repair Companies

Sky Blue Credit Repair
Read 82 Reviews

Charges $79 setup fee. Monthly fees start at $79. Typical customers see credit score improvement results within 30 days. Offers 90-day money-back guarantee. No cancellation charges. Available nationwide.

Visit Website Toll free number (844) 729-7792
Credit Saint
Read 87 Reviews

Charges initial work fee from $99 to $195. Monthly fees range from $79.99 to $119.99. Provides a 90-day money-back guarantee. Refunds limited to payments made for 90 days of service only. Available nationwide.

Visit Website Toll free number (844) 598-8459
Lexington Law
Read 1,564 Reviews

Provides free consultation and credit reports. Monthly fees range from $89.85 to $129.95. Customers see results within six months. No money-back guarantee. Cancel services anytime. Not available in Oregon or North Carolina.

The Credit Pros
Read 37 Reviews

Setup fees range from $19 to $149. Monthly fees from $19 to $119. No money-back guarantee. Cancel credit repair services any time. Available nationwide.

Visit Website Toll free number (844) 335-5496
Read 28 Reviews

Charges one-time $14.99 fee to pull credit reports. Monthly fee is $99.95. Average credit score improvement results within six months. No money-back guarantee. Cancel account anytime. Available nationwide.

Consumer Credit Auditors Read Expert Review

Offers credit rescue plans for $150. Basic services start at $69 per month. Provides free consultations.

CRE Credit Repair Services of Portland Read Expert Review

Provides free consultation with credit education. Specializes in removing or correcting late payments, tax liens, bankruptcies and repossessions.

Credit Team Read Expert Review

Develops individualized plans for a $49 fee. Educates clients on how to understand and improve creditworthiness and achieve a better credit score.

Guardian Credit Repair Read Expert Review

Provides individualized plans to help rebuild credit profiles. Clients can track the process 24/7.

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What to know about credit repair services in Portland

When comparing credit repair companies in Portland, consider the types of services each one offers. All credit repair agencies dispute incorrect entries in your credit report, but some also provide services for credit monitoring, debt negotiation and financial counseling for a fee.

The state of Oregon defers to the Federal Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA) to regulate credit repair companies. The law was put in place to protect consumers from credit repair companies that use dishonest business practices. It states that:

  • Credit repair companies can’t misrepresent their services
  • Credit repair agents must provide a written contract
  • Clients have three days to cancel their contract
  • Credit repair companies can’t charge clients before rendering services

Consumers can bring legal action for a full refund plus damages if a credit repair organization violates the CROA. The most important thing the CROA does is make it illegal for credit repair organizations to make false claims. The law is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, which has the authority to shut down any credit repair company that violates these regulations.

Portland credit repair FAQ

Is credit repair legal in Oregon?
Yes, credit repair is legal in Oregon.
How much does credit repair cost in Portland?
The cost of credit repair services in Portland is typically between $50 and $100 per month.
Who regulates credit repair companies in Oregon?
Credit repair companies in Oregon are regulated by the Federal Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA), which sets guidelines that credit repair companies must follow.
How can you tell if a credit repair company is a scam in Portland?
In Portland, credit repair scammers often pressure their potential clients into paying large upfront fees. Any company that guarantees easy and quick credit repair should raise a red flag. Don’t fall for promises to remove negative information from your account if it’s accurate or to create a new “identity” that includes new social security or federal employer identification numbers. Remember that credit repair companies can only remove inaccurate or unfair information from your credit history.

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    Portland credit repair company information

    Consumer Credit Auditors

    Consumer Credit Authority offers a $150 credit rescue plan, basic monthly services at $69 per month and advanced semimonthly services at $167 per month. The company provides free consultations and helps remove negative items from customers’ credit scores.

    • Service areas: Portland metro area
    • Address: 13500 SW Pacific Highway, Ste. 58-435, Tigard, Oregon 97223
    • Phone: (727) 487-2999
    • Hours: M - F: 9am - 5:30pm
    • Website:
    Credit Team

    Credit Team provides credit consultation and helps develop an individualized plan for each client for a $49 fee. The company doesn’t charge upfront fees and only requires payment after services are performed.

    • Service areas: Portland
    • Address: 61535 S. Highway 97, Ste. 5-754, Bend, OR 97702
    • Phone: (541) 791-1155
    • Hours: Call for hours
    • Website:
    CRE Credit Repair Services of Portland

    CRE Credit Services offers free consultations with credit education. CRE specializes in removing or correcting late payments, tax liens, bankruptcies and repossessions.

    • Service areas: Portland and surrounding areas
    • Address: 121 SW Salmon St., 11th floor, Portland, OR 97204
    • Phone: (888) 799-7267
    • Hours: M - F: 8am - 7pm
    • Website:
    Guardian Credit Repair

    Guardian Credit Repair helps customers fix their credit scores through three steps: credit analysis, creating an individualized plan and removing inaccuracies. The program is accessible 24/7 to help customers track all of the updates.

    • Service areas: Serves Portland residents
    • Address: Tualatin, Oregon 97062
    • Phone: (727) 487-2999
    • Hours: M - F: 9am - 9pm
    • Website:
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