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This company not only cost me my home but they made me take out more loans than I needed. They are scam artists and frauds.

3 breakdowns due to mortgage. Insisted I had lien Chapt. 7 06 Court papers, five appraisals, 15 lenders papers, credit reports no lien. 1st time no lien. 2nd $30 for $21, (for interest). My credit report changed, 08 last payment still own home.

Countrywide refused to answer our calls and accept our mortgage payments throwing us into Foreclosure. After formal complaints to agencies locally I modified the loan. I came down with Breast Cancer, my husband filed for divorce when my hair fell out, refused to pay the modification even though he was court ordered to do so and I had movers coming to move me. A lawyer came with welfare workers and garbage bags 1 hour prior to my movers and sheriff's pulled me out of my house while this lawyer who is now out of business for buying these properties he was foreclosing on. The lawyer's workers smashed my belongings and urinated on my father's airplanes while we sat in our car and watched.

My father fought The Battle of The Bulge for this idiot's freedom? And they let my husband who caused all this also help himself to my things. This is what America is turning into. I still have the pictures of some of the things they all smashed. Never got any compensation for any of this. How many others had had this happen to them?

I need someone to look at my contract to see if it was fraud. In 2006 I was told that my house payment would be $700 to $750. I was going through a divorce and money was very tight. I went to closing on the home and they told me my payment would be approx. $950.00. I told them that was not what I was told. I then called Choice Mortgage, Inc. whom I had been dealing with and was told that if I kept my payments paid for six months they would lower my payments to where we originally agreed. I did that and I could not get a hold of them so I contacted Countrywide and was told that they would redo my mortgage. Instead of lowering my payments they raised them to 1003.00 approx. I ended up in a bankruptcy and lost my home.

We took out a mortgage in 1995 for $99,450.00, then in 2003, along comes countrywide and resets my mortgage for $140,000 thereby negating 8 years of mortgage payments we'd made and adding an additional $40,550.00 to our mortgage. We did not get any cash out, as we had to borrow $50,000.00 the following year!!! So in my chain of origination there is an 8 year gap.... I do not know how this happened, but somehow I am out approx. $98,000.00 and it was a MERS signed document, so I know that no one can provide the note, as the "owner" is the Bank of New York, Mellon as a certificate pass through holder of CWMBS # **, so I know my note was securitized, bundled, pooled and sold to investors on wall street.

Then in 2014, the rats at Nationstar acquired my loan and I immediately started the loan modification process. Keep having to resubmit until the tenth attempt at which time Nationstar sends me a letter of denial, stating that the owner does not wish to participate in loan mods and they had to abide by their wishes..... so I wrote to the Bank of New York and asked them why they did not participate.... and do you know what they told me??? That they are not the owners of my loan and therefore have no legal right to modify or foreclose on my home??? That it was up to Nationstar, so those rats strung me along for an entire year, knowing full well that they were never going to approve a loan modification and then they outright lied to us, in writing. So I've stopped paying my mortgage and told them to validate the debt or I would not be sending them another dime. That was six months ago, still waiting for the validation.

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I was behind on my house note and was trying to catch up. I had to cash in my 401K to make it. Then that wasn't enough for them. My husband ended up being injured and they first told me $2,000, then they change it to 6,000, then they changed it to 8,000 and last to $20,000 that we would owe them to keep the house. We had to pay their attorney fees, late fees (I didn't have a problems with late fee), catch up on all the taxes, and they kept adding charging after charges after charges.

Finally I just surrendered the house involuntarily. They used another mortgage company to come out to our house. The lady was real nice and didn't agree with house CW did their business ethics. She even said what they did to us was wrong. I lost my home. These people are ruthless and do NOT care about people. I hope they go completely out of business but I also hope that all the employees find very good job once CW is out of business. They are the worst in the USA. This happened well over 10 years ago. And I have heard they haven't changed one bit.

Countrywide assisted a person acquiring a loan fraudulently using my home; (Paid for in full $300,000, by me, sole owner and resident for 20 yrs), using his credit and by fraudulently claiming he was the sole owner and resident of my home. The original note began at approx. $20,000. Would default on purpose to refinance therefore paying off his credit cards, etc., loan amount $130,000 and in foreclosure. Since I am not a part of the loan, I have NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER. Bank of America keeps offering him more money. Everyone wants to help HIM > there's no solution for me... None, not even the equal protection of the law nor law enforcement. He has committed his criminal act against others as well x3. Court is in a couple of days. Auction soon after. Thanks, Countrywide. You should have caught this... You're taking my life now.

January 9, 2008, Countrywide offered us a loan "FAST TRACK PROGRAM", no appraisal, no income, lower rates. Mobile closing. "THE LARGER THE LOAN AMOUNT, THE LARGER THE DISCOUNT VALUE, BUT MUST HEAR FROM YOU BY MARCH 9, 2008." This is only valid on first mortgage per my document. I am so absolutely frustrated Countrywide advised to sign a 200k HELOC instead of the First mortgage I applied for. The loan officer said, "I will submit a refinance for the whole 360k by March 9, 2008. So you can avoid the 1% origination and also receive a 1/2 reduction." My application was in by March 9th. My Heloc funded March 15, 2008. 200k at 9%. My first mortgage refinance that was submitted by March 9th NEVER FUNDED.

Only a fool would get a 200k 9% loan and have a 4.8% 160k first. We completely believed Molly would follow thru. We honestly were promised the two loans to be combined to take advantage of the low origination and the 1/2 percent lower rate. On March 22, 2010 I was injured, a head on auto accident that has left me disabled. Head injury, back, etc. We filed Chapter 7, 2010. 4 years ago. Both mortgages were discharged, not the liens. After over a year of trying for a HAMP loan we were told we didn't qualify but would qualify for a in house BofA modification. BofA told us this would allow us to modify our HELOC and we have all the docs. Easy process. THIS NEVER HAPPENED.

WE never missed a payment on our modified 1st mortgage, and been dealing with BofA to modify our HELOC for 2 year. OUR INCOME NUMBERS HAVEN'T CHANGED SINCE WE APPLIED FOR THE 1ST MORTGAGE MODIFICATION. We were told to keep the loan current with the use of our 401k while they worked on the modification. I didn't believe that the modification would close. I HAVE THE DOCUMENT THAT STATE ON THE BACK FROM COUNTRYWIDE:


UNBELIEVABLE! So my home may have never been worth 515k; it's now worth 270k. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I DON'T WANT TO WALK AWAY. SUGGESTIONS Please!!!! Current Value: These are based on computer, Chase 172,480 to 219,520, Eappraisal 279k-330K. Pull 4.22.2014. (2bdrm 1.5 bath, 1352sqft). MY guess would be 285K. 1st balance 157k, Payment 1175. Heloc 205k, payment 1250 interest only. Fico scores 688 and 663 (still recovering from bk 7 from 2010), no other debts. Gross income $4692..... net $2650.

The company grossed up my husband's income so we could afford medical. I found out BofA has been using the 515k value instead of the 300k I told them what I thought my home was worth. Maybe this is why I don't qualify??? If I could get 515k for my home... I would take it. I would take 400K... just not worth more than 300k. These are true numbers. Do I pass the NPV test? Rest Report? MENTALLY EXHAUSTED! READY TO TOSS THE RAG.

I am a single mother of two and applied for a $50,000 loan with Countrywide. Every other bank turned me down. I was making $13 an hour at the time. I have a home which I have lived in for 20 years. They gave me the loan, paying off most of my debt, leaving me with approx. $15,000. The interest rate is at 9%. I have been through several "modifications", the independent foreclosure review process, and they have never once offered to lower my interest rate or lower my principal. I am a victim of predatory lending. They are trying to take my home, and I have nowhere to go. I have asked for the promissory note and other original documents, but they have not sent them to me (Bank of America, now). I need help. Thank you.

In 2008, I was offered a home loan by Countrywide Mortgage for a $155,000 home that I could not afford on my salary alone. Because my husband had bad credit, he wasn't listed on the mortgage nor had his income considered. The payment alone was $1,490/month, not including insurance or taxes which total over $6,000 in NY State. Like other complaints, they wouldn't accept partial payment and the late fees were very high. Our loan was transferred to BOA in early 2010.

We tried to refinance three consecutive times. Every time we would call to check on the progress, we would be transferred from department to department, with an average phone time of 40 minutes per call. There was always an excuse of paperwork needed that we had already sent. One time, we did not qualify because they said our outgoing debt was higher than the incoming. Well, that was part of the point of refinancing. We were deceived into signing for a much higher rate than originally quoted by Countrywide, and we could no longer afford the payments. To make a long story short, we have been given the run-around by BOA for the last 2 years, only for them to transfer our loan to a different bank and we have to deal with Specialized Loan Servicing in Colorado who aren't even lenders and can't offer us any help or explanation.

We currently owe 3 months on our mortgage. We haven't gone into foreclosure, but if we don't catch up on the over $6,000 we owe, we may be headed there. If I had not have been a first time borrower and so naive as to trust the original lender, Countrywide Home Loans, I wouldn't be in this mess. I should have refused the loan terms and not bought the house. If I had an inkling that they (both Countrywide and BOA) wouldn’t allow us to refinance, I wouldn't have gotten involved and would have stayed in an apartment. BOA, which is still going strong, deserves no one's money or business. They have dishonest practices.

I had a home mortgage with Countrywide and my husband was very sick. He had stomach surgery and was out of work for 12 weeks. During this time, we got behind on our mortgage, and Countrywide would not accept even partial payment. We were told that they would foreclose and that a sheriff would place a lock on the door. We had lived in that house for 14 years. By the time my husband was given his medical disbursements for being ill, he had already returned to his job where he still works today. This happened in 2009. We were given no choice but to sell to try and save our credit which it did not anyway. Please help!

My husband had to retire at the age of 66yrs old in the year 2008. We could not afford our home. Countrywide would not work with us. They said they want the money or the property and we could move out. We sent them the papers on the "Walk Away Law" along with the keys and moved out here in Arkansas where it cost less to live. Countrywide made us believe they were ok with the “Walk Away Law” and then they sold our contract to Bank of America without our knowledge.

Now, we can't afford to pay the taxes on the home in WA. State, we are about to lose our home we are in now in AR and our vehicles. We can't afford to pay for Bankruptcy. We are 70 and 60 years old trying to finish raising our two sons still in school and at home.

My husband and I purchased our home in Palmer Alaska 2005 with an ARM loan from Countrywide with the intentions of refinancing into a conventional loan after two years. When the time was right, we paid Countrywide $650 to come and do an appraisal of our home for the refinance. After two separate trips by two different men, we were informed that we were unfinanceable. The reason given was that we lived in a modular home and that Countrywide no longer financed modular homes. They followed it up with letting us now that we probably wouldn't be able to get a conventional loan for our house due to not being on a permanent foundation. So, to sum it up, Countrywide was not going to refinance us.

After a couple of months of dragging our chins on the floor, we decided to get pro-active and seek out other financing options and confirm the original conclusion of being unfinanceable for conventional style loans. We contacted Countrywide and requested a copy of our appraisal, and wouldn't you know, they had none on file! Not only that, but the man, who had been working with us, no longer worked for them! Further inquiries by us prompted a quick response, and Countrywide refunded us the $650 for the appraisal that was never submitted--the $650 appraisal that was enough for them to tell us that they couldn't finance us!

Our next step was to work on other finance options. During the interim, our family went through a rough period losing 5 family members in the year 2008. During this time, I was traveling back and forth to the lower forty-eight, caring for a mother with pancreatic cancer and attending funerals. It was during this time that my husband and I started having trouble making the payments. The loan payment had gone up almost $200, and Countrywide wouldn't take partial payments or even consider splitting into two payments a month to help spread the financial burden. As time passed, we were denied financing due to the foundation, and our payments were slipping farther and farther behind.

The stress at this point was so great that my husband and I separated in the fall of 2008. He remained in the house, and by that point, we were unable to pay the amount that Countrywide would accept to bring us out of arrears. The loan was sold to Bank of America, and things only got worse from there. My husband continued to try and work with the bank, all the while the price building. After 2 1/2 years, my husband and I reconciled, and I moved back into the house. At that point, it was May 2011, and the house had been in foreclosure for close to 3 years.

So, here it is 2012, and after 3 different sale dates and postponements, our house's original purchase price of $172,500 had ballooned up to over $250,000 owed. The modular home and two and 1/4 acres was appraised for the Borough for $114,000 for tax purposes. We tried numerous times to get BofA to help us refinance at $130,000 well above the Borough appraisal. But they demanded the $250,000 or nothing.

Well, with numerous problems plaguing this house, mold (hidden and found during a renovation), roof leaks, windows that ice shut with 2 inches of ice and are unable to be opened when the weather drops below freezing, and numerous other problems, there was no way we would pay the price BofA had set. Therefore, fast forward to the present. Our house sold at auction on January 27. And BofA bought it back for the whopping price of $110,000. If there had been anyone at the sale interested in our house, they could have purchased it for $110,001. I couldn't believe that BofA would rather sell our house to a complete stranger for $20,000 less than what we were offering to settle with them for!

So, now with numerous feet of snow on the ground, and temperatures that have been dropping as low as -27, my family and I are going to have to dig out and move. After four years, you would think that BofA would at least grant us another couple of months to be able to find all of our belongings buried in the yard!

Thank you so much BofA and Countrywide for such an eye-opening experience. It will be a cold day in ** if I ever do business with you or any affiliation of yours. How do you sleep at might?

Bryan told us when we were getting this arm loan, that the way it worked was the interest rate would be7.87%, if we keep our notes current, then after 2 years, we could refinance and our rate would drop to whatever the national average was. After 5 years, interest rates have dropped tremendously, and our rate is still the same. We are now in foreclosure. We've spoken with bank of America several times about this, and they did nothing. There should be laws to protect us from these companies lying to us.

Countrywide sold my mortgage to BAC which did not convert completely. I had disability insurance to cover with original countrywide mortgage. When I had a bad MVA disability, I was not on with BAC. I applied for a modification only to be turned down (first time). Second time, I paid over 5000 dollars in 10/10 MMI mortgage Homesavers program (which I believe never tried to help me) said papers received under review 11/11.

Then 12/11 I was a single disabled women evicted from her home, that was sold at auction 1/3/12. Why I paid filled out papers sent them all back. I believe foreclosure is illegal in every way, wrongfully evicted. The company or companies involved in the Homesavers program failed miserably their action had negative effect on me, my life and my credit. Resulting in notice to accelerate, loss of home life and more. All I want is a home loan, something I cant get now since my home was foreclosed on only 80 days after paying my money for the work out.

Loss of home, loss of disability payments covering my loan when it was sold to BAC. Loss of home, life, future and future credit to get a home and my family. Wrongful forclosure, inflation of payments, inflation of payments and money paid. I should of never lost my home. All I want is a mortgage a home a life and future which was taken from me.

The worst bank ever. They have no intentions of helping no one. They are all liars and the people telling lies should be held accountable as conspiracy to commit fraud. Over two years of paperwork and faxes. Not once did BOA ever respond. They simply ran out of lies and go back to the old faithful of didn’t receive the paperwork. Fourth attempt at modification. I filed complaints with banking commission and state of NC. I received several calls after filing from the president’s office of BOA stating we only need one more piece of paperwork to continue. It never ends. Save your time and file BK to save your home before you get too far behind. It seems they want to get you so far behind that it’s impossible to afford a chapter 13 payment. Good luck.

We were victims of the very racist practices used by Countrywide to force us into a subprime loan and then jack our rates up to an unbearable level. We have sacrificed our retirement plans to keep our home because we have significant investment in it and now our credit rating is crippled. We are hopeful that now that a settlement has been reached, the people who were harmed will be heed.

No one has sent anything to me in the last 2 years, except for invoices. I haven't made a house payment since 2006, after Countrywide was under investigation. My house was in foreclosure, and it was stopped. I have been charged for misc fees amounting to to $25,000 . My loan started at $50,000, now it's $76,000. BAC home loans says that the paper work is NOW squared away. I want my house, and I need help to keep it. I haven't been able to live in it because I was a victim of a home repair scam, and lost $25, 000.

I have two kids, and I work everyday, but trying to get the money to fix the house up, and pay the mortgage, and I am getting charged extra fees when I keep the grass cut. I also pay for the insurance. I'm getting charged for those things. I'm living with a relative, and pay to stay there, until I can find a way . This foreclosure had brought my credit score down, and is the only thing on my report. This house has been in my family for over 50 years, and I'm desperate.

Countrywide fraudulently sold me a house. They had me borrow money for a rate that I couldn't afford on a promise they didn't stand by. They then sold the loan to Bank of America who did even worse to me. Now I'm stuck with a property worth less than a third of the loan and the bank won't give me any consideration. Countrywide set me up. Now the rates are so high. Bank of America said they are going to foreclose .

If you lost your house in foreclosure or were forced to short sale it because your lender would not work with you, don't give up just yet. If you have a robo-signature by your bank on your loan or a lack of proper paperwork regarding transfer of title by your bank, you definitely have legal options to go after your lender for a wrongful foreclosure. Do any of you feel that you were wrongfully foreclosed upon? And what is your story? You can also call me (Andrew) at xxx-xxx-xxx ext. xxx. I can go over exactly what I am talking about and your options. I look forward to speaking with you and hearing your story.

I started the refinance procedure after BOA took over for Countrywide to lower my payments due to the economy. I was put on a 5 year contract lowering my payments to $900 per month. After about 6 months, I was told I didn't qualify because I was upside down on my loan and they informed me my payments will be approx. $1,700 per month which with today's economy, I couldn't afford and they also added approx. $20,000 to my balance for late charges and admin. fees.

I will just say the following; I will not accept the breadcrumbs boa is intending to throw at Countrywide consumers who were railroaded into High cost ARMS-Like me. I had to sign away my house and when the loan reset it made me totally house poor. Then, when I tried to file Chapter 13 they piled on more bogus charges and that is another Lawsuit that has come to an end with these clowns getting a slap on the wrist. Wait, I meant to say these very, very rich clowns.

When my notice of intent expired in 2008, I was three months behind on my mortgage. BoA has been running me around ever since. My modification was denied three times for not turning in requested documents. The fact is that I always sent what was asked for. After being denied, they just start the process again with a new application. I formally appealed the results and when the missing papers where found, I was just told that I could re-apply. This resulted in being denied because my loan was less than 31% of my income. Again I appealed. It was found in my favor and I was again started with a new application. Four times, they wrongly denied me. Four times, my appeals were found valid. If the reasons for denial are found to be inaccurate, why do I have to start over.

Most recently I was denied because, and I quote, "There is not enough time to review the application before the trustee sale.'' After three years, there's not enough time. When I stated that this made no sense, I was told that I just don't understand the process and have to accept it. The next day, I called again and was started all over again.

My problems began in 2008, and now I am in desperate need of help! I went through a mortgage broker, and honestly received a mortgage (in which I know now), I could not afford, not that I was told his up front, I never would I have accepted these terms! I should have known when I went to close on the house, and the payments were much higher than I was told it would be, that something was wrong. A week after moving into my house, my fence was torn down, a road built next to the house, and I was billed $960 by a construction company because my land-line was built on city property.

My mother did what we thought was a simple "co-sign" for me because I had no credit. No one explained to us that co-signing didn't exist in mortgage. She became a co-borrower, as did my father, which meant that my house became an undivided property. Yes, that means someone failed to mention not only would I be taxed within my mortgage, but my mother and father would be taxed on this property as if it were a second dwelling, something they just do not have the money to do, nor did anyone care to mention that we had to inform the mortgage company of this. Some would say we should have done our research, but honestly, we had no clue of any of this. We thought my mother was cosigner, end of story, so said the naive!

On with the horror! My mortgage was immediately transferred by means of MERS to Taylor Bean and Whitaker (TB&W), a company who was federally raided less than a year later. After several months of my mortgage being in limbo, it was transferred to Countrywide, another winner. I will admit, I became a month behind in mortgage while with TB&W because of problems with my employer. The company in which I worked was facing bankruptcy; eventually in May, 2010, the company closed, and I was laid off. I phoned Countrywide to explain my hardship before I missed payments; however, they told me there was nothing they could do for me.

I am a first-time homeowner, I thought I was taking the right steps in a horrible economy to do what I had to do to save my home. I made what payments. I could until I had nothing left. When I called to see if I qualified for any programs at that time, I was informed I was behind 5 payments! Huh? Apparently, something was awry with book-keeping. This went on for months. The company cut-off access to my online account, would not allow me to make payments, then sent me a collection letter demanding the full balance of the mortgage. I even sent proof of payments to them showing where I had made all payments to TB&W, nothing. I began getting foreclosure statements, even went to an attorney about filing for bankruptcy, but decided I didn't want to jeopardize my mother and father's good credit by doing so.

I began reading the foreclosure laws in Texas, and realized Countrywide did not file with my County Clerk's office. I called them, and I was told there was a problem with the title. It got me thinking. I began doing a lot of research in this area. For over a year things got very quiet. I am still unemployed, continue to search for work, and am on unemployment. I keep trying to get assistant, but I am told I am too far behind on payments. We just found out about the undivided property law. The county is suing my parent's for $3500 in unpaid taxes! Then in March, 2011 a huge storm hit my neighborhood. It pretty much destroyed the back of my home. I checked my insurance; sure enough it was still in effect. I submitted a claim for damages, and it was paid to both me and Countrywide.

Shortly after, I received a letter from Bank of America Home Loans, roughly in July or August 2011, stating it was the "servicer" of my loan. It stressed that it was only a servicer and was there to collect a debt. It gave the name of the original loan holder; which has nothing to do with MERS, nor did it mention MERS in any way shape or form. I began receiving letters every day from them stating they received my request for information? I have no clue. I submitted all paperwork to them for work to be completed on my home, got a response back from them, arranged for a contractor to get started, the contractor contacted them, they gave him the go-ahead, and even told them they were sending overnight the check to him. Guess what? He has not seen the check yet, but because they gave him the go-ahead, he began work on the house.

I had Prime Credit but I was put in sub-prime loan, then when I went to refinance with the thought that I was to get a lower monthly, I paid more. Now, Bank of America is looking to foreclose on me on December 14th 2011 after paying on this property for over twenty years.

I never look at my mortgage papers or receive them. A man came to my house, I signed some papers and never got a copy from Countrywide or Bank of America. My payments are so high, from $700.00 to $953.00 a month. I can not afford it. I paid money to Countrywide to have my land surveyed. It was never done. The line runs in the middle of my house. I am getting ready to retire, I don't know what to do.

I'm a single parent and support 2 children (ages 8 and 10). I'm from the Dominican Republic with no knowledge or financial means, as I make very little money on my job as a teacher, which goes on temporary assignments.

In 2008, I bought a condo in Jersey City that is really like a basement, for $257k. They took advantage of me with this outrageously priced basement in Jersey City. I need your help because it's now worth less than 75k and it has ruined my life.

In 2007, we bought our home from Countrywide. They 80/20 us so we have a first and second in February 2008.

I lost my job and Countrywide gave me the runaround about a loan mod by January of 2009. BAC had my loan at this time we were current in July of 2009. We started to fall behind again in October. BAC filed for foreclosure. We applied for a loan mod again after nine months. March of 2010 they approved us for something they can't tell us if it was in-house mod or if it was HAMP mod.

We made our first payment under new agreement on April 1, 2010. I called and asked if I could make partial payments as long as they had full payment by the due date. They told me yes, so may I sent them one payment of 161, another of 161 and then one of 334, which would make my payment of 627 by the end of May.

I was getting phone calls saying we were behind almost 2000 because they applied the 334 payment to some fee that they added on after the modification so I fought to get that applied to the mortgage and not the fees. Then in August, they raised payments from 627 to 667 so I started making 667.29. Then in October 2010, I called to make a payment of 667.29. They told me they couldn't accept it because that would not be full payment, that our payment again went up. I said to what now, she said 675.49.

So I started making payments of 675.49. Mind you, we are now behind because while I was only paying 667.29, they were holding it until I make the next payment of 667.29 to make up for the $8 difference. Then nine months after our loan mod, they decided to escrow are home owner insurance.

In January, they jacked up our payments to $831 and then February 2011 to 911. We still kept making our payments of $675.49 because we can't afford anything more than that, that's why we asked for a modification when our payment was only 598. Now they claim we are five months behind and have sent us for foreclosure again.

Can someone please help us save our home from the bank that is trying to make something off of it. They won't work with us. We have again asked for another modification and have sent the paperwork in three times and they keep saying that there is something missing or some **.

Please help us fix this mess before we have to move because we don't want to lose our home.

I purchased a home in Round Rock from Kaufman and Broad Mortgage Company (KB Home) in 2002 for $187,900. The total amount financed was $187,900, and we made a $21,000 down payment. The home was sold to several servicers until it went to Countrywide Mortgage. The payments went from $1,300 monthly to $3,900 at the highest. The home was then transferred to Bank of America, and payments became $2,100 a month. A BoA representative called and offered to cut the mortgage in half with a HAMP program. We were asked not to pay for three months, and we followed the directions.

The modification never came, and a lawsuit arrived. Our house was foreclosed, and sold to Fannie Mae for $159,000. I fought back; I got a rescind order, and the house went back to BoA. The modification is finally here for $1,850! They are offering 2 percent interest, but Country Wide added $30,000 to our mortgage. It is now $211,000 after 10 years! They have also destroyed our credit. I hope you can help.

I purchased my home in August 2000 with $4,000 down and my loan at $82,000.00. As of July 2011, my balance is still $81,000.00. I have been forced to file Chapter 11 in 2006. While making my regular payment in addition to my Chapter 11 payment, the company tried to foreclose on my home making fraudulent statements in fiscal 2006 that I missed Feb 1, 2001 payment. When I provided proof, they came back with dates from 2003. Once again, I provided proof that I am still in my house with an interest rate of 9.25% showing only that I paid less than $1000.00 towards my principle from fiscal 2000 to 2011.

Since then, I have been unable to finance due to "Delinquent Payment per other lenders" that are reported by BAC/ Countrywide. This is everything micro into a small explanation of everything I have been through with Countrywide Home Loan/Bank American.

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