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Having grown up south of the Fort La Corne miracle mine site, I feel for you, folks. If it's cold comfort, the mine complex will probably never be developed until all claims expire (Shore Gold has four years cash left in the kitty) and a receiver steps in. Then it gets built as a Sask Minerals crown corporation. Be sure to send Prof. Grant **, former premier, a Christmas card telling him what a mess his administration made of the development. Urban Casavant - Geologist with staking rights. Whoopee.

I too was as victim of Urban "Christian" **. That's all I heard of was what a great Christian he was. I purchased over 40 million shares of CMKX Diamond Stock. I was told it was going to get up to $1.00 per share. This law firm out of Texas was suppose to represent the shareholders in getting their money back. Okay, that was over 5 years ago! Where's the money? I sunk my life savings into this stock. Also, those dividend stock certificates that were issued by Casavant called Juana Mining and Casavant Mining aren't worth anything either. So, what's the government going to do about this? Restitution would be nice with interest!

The SEC continues to dance around the real issues. Where is the protection of the average investor? Why has Leslie been able to dance around the truth? Where is the CMKM Diamonds money that has been collected? Why is the US Govt. and two other individuals holding up our payment? These are all questions those of us as real shareholders of CMKM Diamonds aka CMKX, CMKI demand answers to. Hey Leslie, you are an attorney but I am not sure you are that smart because there is proof out there that shows dirty hands in the office of the SEC and this evidence has already been turned over to the authorities and there are copies in safe places. It is time to pay up and cut the BS! This is not only an issue in the US as the Canadian Govt. is highly involved as well and they are demanding action too. You cannot hide under the rocks any longer. It is time for justice!

Over four years ago several friends and I bought tens of thousands of dollars worth shares in a Diamond company called CMKX Diamonds. We were delisted because NSS in the Billions were taking place. The DTCC, SEC, DOJ, FBI, CIA,FINRA, countless Congress members, Several State Governors and multiple State agencies, as well as an obsurd amount of elected officials have been notified of this theft, however to date nothing has been done to rectify it or settle accounts of myself my friends along with 40,000 other investors who were harmed by this fraud.

Kindly look into this massive unjustice for all concerned and see that the perpetrators are put in jail for a very very long time for what they have done to countless companies and the investing public. Thank you for your time regarding this matter.

Naked short selling scandal CMKM or CMKX diamonds out of Nevada

Lost investment as the company went under due to naked short selling, scandals this has been ongoing for year

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Ripped off of the shares I purchased by company employees.

Lost all money invested.

Please investigate the stock fraud case involving CMKX diamonds. Insiders dumped 700 billion shares into the market - 622 billion were unregistered and $250 million was stolen from shareholders. This revoked company initiated a cert pull to trap naked short sellers. I believe there is possible insider SEC and DTCC fraud and cover-ups involved in this case.

Naked shorting in the U.S. markets = Counterfeiting shares and must not only be stopped but made amends for.

By this time I am sure you have received many complaint letters regarding Naked Short Selling. If you are still unclear as to what exactly this is, I present to you a slide show narrated by Patrick Byrnes, the CEO of Combine the information in the slide show, coupled with what you are seeing in the financial markets and you will suddenly see an entirely different picture. We, the shareholders of CMKX, are aiming to make a difference and would appreciate your help.

I am tired of my stocks being naked shorted. You guys are killing me.

CMKX has not provided any financial or substantial information on the current condition of the company. Current management states sensitive information will not be released due to pending litigation. The change of control of CMKX was done without any voting by the shareholders. I could understand that if the majority of stock was held by a specific group of shareholders. However, CMKX also refuses to provide shareholders with the share structure. The lack of the shareholder structure effectively renders the shareholders helpless. As a publicly held company, shareholders have the right to know the current share structure. This may explain how the transfer of management transpired and if it was legitimate.

I have owned stock in this company for approx 5 years. The issue was revoked over 3 years ago and has not traded since. We have not been afforded any shareholder rights from the beginning and even after the leadership change from Urban Casavant to Kevin West we were not given a vote or anything else. Also we participated in a CERT PULL organized by a Task Force with many notable personalities such as Robert Maheu, Donald Stoecklein and Bill Frizzell. We never received a report on the results and we believe we have at least a trillion counterfeit shares sold into the market. Some shareholders asking questions have been told it is none of their business. We have no clue how much the board of directors (unelected) or the current CEO are receiving or being promised for their work. Regulators have failed to protect us from the obvious fraud even though they were involved long before the halt in trading. Our claims have reverted to many other companies and we don't even know how that was done. Thank you for your interest.

I have lost many thousands of dollars invested in CMKX as a result of fraud and naked shorting of hundreds of billions of shares. I have spent 4 years trying to right this wrong with no success. There are over 40,000 fellow investors that have also been victims of CMKX naked shorting. The SEC has done nothing to protect the people.

The SEC has, for decades, permitted an illegal action on Wall Street called Naked Short Selling......Phantom Shares.......Counterfeit Shares......Fails to Deliver. This is where a Broker sells shares of a stock that they don't have and never make arrangements to acquire. The money spent by investors simply GOES SOUTH. This act has caused an average of 6 billion dollars to be stolen out of the stock market every day. The SEC, just two years ago, denied that Naked Short Selling ever existed. The dismal state of economy is a direct result of the ramifications on NSS. Robert ** was brought in by a small diamond exploration company named CMKX to expose this illegal activity. CMKX WENT THROUGH THE LARGEST NAKED SHORT IN THE HISTORY OF THE U.S.

Nearly 7 TRILLION Naked Short Shares were sold. Robert ** squeezed the Brokers to come up with Billions of dollars to cover these illegal sales. I am a stock holder in CMKX. The SEC is aware of a huge trust that Mr.** set up to compensate CMKX share holders because of NSS. The SEC and or the government are holding up the distribution of these funds. The money is sitting, waiting to be sent out to damaged share holders. The SEC has the ability to release these funds...but are not doing so. Naked Short Selling is responsible for Kick Backs to the SEC.....the FED.....and other agencies to the point that no one ever wanted to kill the CASH COW. Please expose the ILLEGAL ACT OF NAKED SHORT SELLING. Please put pressure on the SEC to release the funds to all CMKX share holders. EVERYONE in Washington knows about CMKX.

I am a shareholder in this stock and we were NSS on this stock several years ago! I want the people responsible to go to jail and to be fined. Naked Short Sharing has ruined Hundreds if not Thousands of small upstart companies in America and is responsible for the Market Disarray as we see it happening before our eyes. I want the DTCC, the SEC and Congress and whomever else was involved in letting this go unenforced to be held LIABLE. I want JUSTICE for the 40,000 shareholders of this stock.

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