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CMG has been calling harassing me for some time now. They state that I owe online payday loan to them which I am not aware of. They're asking me to settle with them or take it to court which I rather take it to court because I am not aware this loan. This company states that they will send me out a letter and that was since July for a court appearance. Not today. They're calling and stayed in the same thing which I rather they take me to court than I pay anything to a company I don't borrow from.

I received a call two weeks ago on my mother in laws' phone. I called the company back on Monday July 25, 2016. The gentleman by the name of Sam ** explained that I had serious accusations on an account that was referred to them. And if I didn't pay the balance that was owed I would be going to court. The next day July 26, 2016 I called the original debitor and explained the situation. And asked if they indeed, sent my account to this company CMG. The original debitor explained the amount of the debit was incorrect and that they, the debitor did not in fact send my account to this mediation company.

So, I called the company CMG & Associates and explained that the original debtor didn't send my information to them. I continued to ask the company for their physical address, to speak to a supervisor and the gentleman told me and I quote "We can't give out this information for security purposes only". I was beyond mad at this point! I have no more information on this company! Just to inform any other consumers to beware of this scam artists and potential fraudulent company.

I have been getting calls all day at MY JOB saying I'm being charged with FRAUD and they are going to suspend my driver's license if I do not pay this debt!! They call all day saying they need to serve me paperwork and that if I don't pay them, I will be thrown in jail. It's in regards to some loan that was taken out that I don't even recall! Help! I don't know what to do. They won't stop - it's harassment!

Starting last week a number kept calling my STEPMOM for me about a "claim" against me. They also started calling my husband, 3 times a day, right in a row. Yesterday they started calling me. I finally talked to them today when my husband called them back on the number they CALLED from, not the number they give on the voicemail. Found out they say that CMG Group is saying that I attempted to defraud them by getting an online payday loan in July 2012. Never heard of CMG until the guy told me today and he was very rude. He said he will have the county send me a certified letter to appear. He said they BOUGHT this claim in December of 2015. I received the same BS calls last year around this same time from a different company claiming the same thing. I tell them to send me papers in the mail regarding this matter and I NEVER get anything. Has anyone had it go any further than them SAYING they are taking you to court?

I am getting fed up with them harassing me and my family. If I was truly 4 YEARS delinquent on a loan, it would show on my credit report and usually they try to contact before being unpaid for this long. I am tired of these people trying to scam me. The number these people call me from is 773-696-1085 (Chicago) and the number they leave on a voicemail to call back is 1-888-422-5350.

This "group" called me and told me I had defrauded a financial institute. I checked with my bank and never had a payday loan deposited in the time frame that CMG says it was. I have had to cancel my debit card and get a new one. Also gave a bogus #.

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I paid CMG! They keep calling me and my parents threatening to have me arrested. I am so tried! If anyone has started a lawsuit or want to start one contact me.

These people called both my work and cell phones at the exact same time. When I answered they told me pretty much what everyone has stated: I supposedly took out a loan, had late charges and charge off charges, and they were a mediation company that would be willing to settle out of court. They had my social security number and read it to me. I never, in my life have taken a loan with this company, so they are barking up the wrong tree. Good luck to them trying to use my info, maybe my credit score will increase haha.

In July 2014 I received notification from CMG that my July mortgage was not received. I assured them that the payment was made and made on time like ALL prior payments. The call taker responded as if I was lying to him. After numerous conversations with CMG and letters, they still accused me of being delinquent. I was subsequently able to track my payment of $1,943.56 which was brought to the attention of CMG. CMG subsequently sent me a confirmation letter stating the funds were mistakenly deposited into a lock box in Los Angeles. CMG acknowledged their mistake but will do nothing to reimburse my payment. Instead I still receive delinquent letters and phone calls. I even contacted my bank who in turn has received lies and misleading information from CMG.

I reported the incident to the BBB since CMG erroneously reported me to all three credit bureaus. My credit score went down drastically. I have hired Lexington Law to help me in this nightmare. It is now December 30, 2014 and I am still receiving delinquent telephone calls and letters from CMG. Their mistake has caused me six months of headaches and many sleepless nights.

I'd love to refinance with another bank, but thanks to CMG and their reporting me to the credit bureaus, no other mortgage will touch me. I have told CMG that they will get their payment when I finally correct THEIR mistake. A retired veteran should not be treated like this. I never had this many headaches in my 20+ years of honorable military duty. I hate this company (CMG) and will do everything I can to get away from them as soon as I can. I wish all readers the best of luck, and please stay away from CMG. I am certainly spreading the word to my fellow retired veterans. Happy New Year.

I have never written one of these reviews before, but I am at this point fed up with this company and their SCAM and SCARE tactics. I did take a loan from them almost 5 years ago. I have since paid that loan off with a collection agency (over two years ago). I completely cleared the debt. Since that time I have been receiving call after call from various collection agencies that are still buying a junk debt that CMG reports as outstanding. The first time I got a call, after paying the first time, the collector had me so frightened that I paid them again. Then I received another call from a different agency. Thankfully I received a payment in full letter from the second agency and I sent that to them and told them that they need to seriously reconsider buying debt from CMG as it's incorrect and unlawful.

Received another call today from ARS, same story. I cut him off and told him I wasn't entertaining any further conversations regarding this paid (twice) account. He said that he has been hearing the same thing from others, that accounts have been paid and why are they still showing the debt as open. I do know this much, overseas company or not, I will be contacting the Texas Attorney General's office and I will be contacting my attorney... as what they are doing is illegal and they are taking advantage of loads of people. Be careful, folks. CMG does not think twice about scamming you out of your money.

I've NEVER taken/received a loan from this company or any payday advance company in my life. I now have their "collection agencies" calling me. They yell, cuss, call me a liar, threaten me, hang up on me, call me numerous times in a row and hang up and they can never seem to answer when you call them back. I'm now being harassed by this company and their puppets for no reason at all and I've had enough.

Spoke with a lady today named Joanne ** regarding a complaint filed against me from CMG for a loan I took out; couldn't give me amount owed nor dates. Said that I'm going to be arrested within 24 hrs. for 4 felony affidavits and if they can't pick me up on my job, they can arrest me if I'm stopped for a traffic violation. Something about the funds for a payday loan are federally funds and when you don't pay them back, it's a federal offense.

Back in 2012 I took a loan out for $250, paid $75 dollars twice on it... For personal reasons had to close the account later, was called by a third party debt collections, told if i didn’t pay i would be sent to court on defunding charges... so now I’ve paid $150 to a 250 loan.. Worked out payments that I’d pay $250 three times to clear the debt in which i did a total of $900, i have paid to CMG... thinking the debt is clear i moved on with life, last payment made in January 2013. August of 2014 a debt collect calls my JOB SAYING THE SAME THING BUT NOW I "OWE" $1400 TO THIS COMPANY ... a $250 loan is to cost me $1875. I was told by a rep they are LEGAL LOAN SHARKS and can do what they like because it’s an overseas company... I have asked them many times not to call my job -they do not listen.. I’m being told because i didn’t get a close out letter i must keep paying or they will take me to court.

They may be overseas BUT THERE IS NO WAY THIS IS LEGAL... harassment is wrong... talking to my boss is WRONG. TRYING TO DESTROY MY LIFE IS WRONG... I have paid this company 3 times over and still they demand more. NO! I NEED LEGAL HELP. I WOULD LIKE TO SUE THEM FOR A FEW DIFFERENT THINGS... I see i am not alone, this company needs to be put out of business along with the 3rd parties who help them try to ruin Lives... I will not go down without a legal fight.

This place has been calling my job NONSTOP! I tried giving them my lawyer's phone number and they refuse to take it. Just like the rest of you, they threaten that they are bringing me up on charges of defrauding a bank institution, but yet do not have my address. Nor will give me theirs. I am engaging in a civil suit with my attorney now due to their rudeness and harassment. If any of you want to join the complaint... please contact me ASAP. The more people we have against them the better our odds are. And maybe we can stop this company from harming anyone else.

I bought my Duplex in Crowfield village, Ladson, SC in 2006. I lived there for 2 yrs. I rented it from 2008 till May, 2014. An attorney for them states I owe them $12,500.00 Plus. CMG group has managed this property for around 3 yrs. I have explained to them that my renters were responsible for the regime from Aug. 2008 until this May, but they still say I owe $12,500.00 plus. I think that's excessive since I only lived there 2 yrs and paid my regime. The regime is $105.00/mo. I am afraid I will lose my home!! Can anyone give me any information as to what I can do?

Back in 2011 I took out a small cash loan $250.00 with an online company. They deposited the money in my bank account. I paid the loan off completely within three months. Then in January 2014 CMG started calling me stating that I still owed the full amount along with collection fees. I told them that I had paid this in full & if they would give me a fax number or address I would send proof. They kept stating that they did not believe that I paid this in full & that they wanted me to give them my bank account information so they could draft my account for $500.00. I told them no & they hung up. Every day since then I get a phone call from this company demanding money.

Finally today I had enough!!! When they called today I was told that I would be arrested for malicious financial fraud, and that they would garnish my wages to get this money back. When I told the lady that it was illegal to garnish wages in the state of SC for anything other than taxes & child support she hung up. I called them back. When the lady answered the phone & realized it was me she hung up. I called back again & it went to voice mail. I called again & got a man who said he was the manager. I asked again for the fax number & he said he could not give me one but that I needed to pay this debt. I reminded him that it was illegal to threaten someone with arrest for a consumer debt & that it was illegal to garnish wages in SC. He got flustered & hung up the phone. I called again (they don't like being harassed like they did me) and this time it went to a voice mail. I left a message that I was reporting this to the SC State Attorney Generals office & to the Federal Trade Commission and my attorney. That if I get another phone call I will sue them. Let's see if they call again.

My daughter was scammed by this organization. They DID deposit money in her account, and then started to withdraw funds, I had her close her account. Now today I receive a voice mail stating she is going to be prosecuted for fraud of a financial institution, or settle out of court for $900.00... I was also informed that this guy named Randall ** 888-764-2431 was the one who left me a voice mail. I called and left my own voice mail and threatened them with a counter suit because they violated the Illinois debt collection law.... I am awaiting their response.

I took this loan to help out in 2011. But in 2011 I was injured at the job and became disabled. Now I'm on Social Security no longer working and these people are driving me crazy. First one company call, then another. I don't know who's who. Can somebody help?

Back around 2011 I applied for and took three online pay day loans. Since then I have corrected my mistakes and have paid at least three different companies. Yet, I still get calls from CMG and from two different numbers saying they were CMG. One even requested I send proof of payment from another company she had seen I took a loan from. If they can see the account, they should be able to see that it's paid off!

I keep receiving phone calls from processors, so-called lawyers and collectors from various agencies claiming to represent CMG and BMG payday loan. I'm being told that I had two accounts with them and stated that monies were deposited into my account Nov. 2011. That I never paid them and now they are trying to summons me to court but they need my signature and need to meet with me to give me the summons. I've been threatened by these collectors stating that they will arrest me off the streets. I'm being harassed by 26 different collectors each having a different amount and account number. But no one can tell me the exact amount deposited, the date nor have the original documents.

My lawyer and I have checked my statement and have written to the companies to cease and desist. My name is being sold and yet these rude people call me every day but I have yet to receive the summons. One of them said they were at my house when they called. I just happened to be home sure enough no one was there but they would not confirm the address. This is beginning to get ridiculous and once the paper work is served, I will be suing the company as well as all of the agencies that have called and harassed me. I have kept my list including so-called names.

I’ve been receiving calls from a lady named Linda **, from the Department of Investigations in Texas. She claims that she represents CMG Group, Inc. She further warns me to get a criminal attorney, because they're going to sue me in a criminal court for bad checking to them in 2011. I asked if she was an attorney. She replied, "No, but I know what they do."

I've never written a check to CMG Group, Inc. I explained to the lady that I had recently filed bankruptcy and would be happy to provide my attorney's contact information. However, the lady was adamant about divulging any other information about the impending lawsuit. I had my attorney contact her directly; however, she hung up on him, once he identified himself. In the past, I had received a payday loan and I believe my personal information was given to CMG, which is a third party lender that is unlawfully trying to collect monies although I never had a relationship with them.

This company deposited $200.00 into my account. They claimed that I signed a contract electronically. I was told by a rep that my information was shared with this company. This company was debiting $60.00 from my account every two weeks since September. Finally, I decided this was enough, so I tried to find information to contact the company about the debt. There was no information available about this company. Finally, being suspicious about the business, I contacted my bank and had any further transactions with this company blocked, until further notice (meaning, until I found out who this company was, and how to satisfy this debt). I finally got contact information from a website of individuals that had nothing but complaints about this company.

Each person on the site stated that the company did the same exact thing to them. Then finally, one responder had a telephone number posted, and I contacted the company. The young lady that I talked to told me that my account was sold to an outside collection agency. I asked her if she could give me the phone number to the outside collection agency. She gave me a phone number to call. It took me three days to get a response from this phone number, then finally, a lady answered the phone (it was very obvious that she was having dinner). She told me that she did not see my account in her file, and that they purchase accounts from CMG often, and she did not see my file.

She asked me to call back in another week, and talk to her to see if she had received my account yet. I asked her if there was an extension that I should call. She replied, "no, I am the only person that works here, just call me back and let the phone continue to ring until you get me". I thought unreal. I thanked her for her time and hung up. I tried to contact her on five other occasions, without success. Finally, after several attempts, I gave up. That's when a man named Justin, called me. He claimed that he is a mediator for the legal department, and that he is a mediator for the business name Legacy Asset Management.

I looked this business name up, and there is nothing to be found. I asked him for a business address for CMG Group. He gave me ** Marietta GA 30068. When I looked up the address, I found out that it does not exist. however, this man was on the phone requesting $175.00 today, and $175.00 in a month, in order to satisfy a loan of $200.00. I got a prepaid card, and I guess that I will have to pay the amount owed, but first, I asked him to send me something by email, to indicate what our agreement was, and that once this money has been received, that this account will be paid in full and I will have no further business with this company.

He placed me on hold, after several minutes he got back on the phone, and said that he had a lady to send a letter to me. I placed him on hold while I read through the email. I noticed that she sent it in the form of a document that needed to be downloaded, and not just something that I could just open and read. I then thought this just does not seem right to me. At this point, I was thinking more and more that this is all wrong. There is something terribly wrong with this company.

I then told him that I would have my attorney to take a look at the document, and that I will give him a call back after my attorney takes a look at the document, and that I will try to get back to him sometime today or first thing tomorrow early afternoon. I have come to the conclusion that I have been taken for a fool, and there is something very wrong with the way these people do business. Before I pay this company another dime, I will file for bankruptcy.

I applied for a loan and I was approved. I never signed a contract nor agreed to any terms of this loan and they deposited $250 into my account. I never even knew about this transaction until I checked my bank statement.

I filed a loan with MyCashNow and I got approved. I did not sign any contract with CMG and they deposited $200.00 into my account. I tried to contact them because they sent an email with all my information with their phone number and how much is the interest. I did not authorize them to deposit money. I closed my account and tried to call them but they mentioned that they are not CMG Group. I would like to send them the money back with no problem but I could not get in touch with them.

I too, am a victim of CMG. Like all of you, I applied for a payday loan to help me get through Christmas expenses. They deposited $200.00 into my checking account without my knowledge, and took $60.00 out every 2 weeks. By March, they had taken out enough to pay the loan back 2 1/2 times. Under the advice of my banker, I closed my checking account and opened a new one. I then started to receive phone calls that I was being prosecuted for defrauding a financial institution, which is the same thing as writing a bad check.

I ignored the calls for a few months. Then yesterday 7/20/2010, I received a phone call from someone claiming to be from a lawyer's office, a local number from my area code. She wanted to know when was a good time for them to have me served with a summon to appear in court for writing a bad check. I told her I didn't know what she was talking about. She gave me a phone number and told me to call them and if I could straighten things out with them I would not be served.

I called the number and it was a company called Allstate. I spoke to someone who looked up my information, rambled off a bunch of legal jargon about being in violation of the bad check writing laws, and that I still had a balance of $375.00 that needed to be paid or they would continue with their legal action against me. He asked me for my bank account or credit card information. I told him no way was I giving him that info. I paid the balance to avoid the embarrassment of being served legal papers at my home or place of business, but I went and bought a prepaid debit card and used that to pay the balance.

About an hour later, the lady from the lawyer's office called me again to see if I had resolved the matter yet or should she go ahead and have me served. I told her that the matter was taken care of and I gave her the confirmation number that Allstate had given me. I told her that if she ever called my home, work, or cellphone again, I was going to file charges against her for harassment. She told me that there was no need for me to get an attitude with her. She said was just doing her job and while she was still rambling on about that, I hung up on her.

This has been a very expensive lesson for me to learn and humiliating because I had to borrow the money from my sister to pay these sharks off. Please... please... please... be careful when taking out these "Payday Loans" and please do not borrow from CMG! God bless!

Check 'n Go closed its storefront payday loan facilities because Arizona does not allow any payday loans anymore. Somehow, Check ‘n Go gave out all of my personal information--including my work phone number and bank account information. I did not ask for or approve or sign for a loan from CMG, but they placed $200.00 in my account without my consent. I have not been able to contact anyone to give back the money.

I am going to close that account to keep them from accessing any additional funds and will pay them their $200.00 when they get around to contacting me. If I can close the account or bar them from access before they try to take out the interest, I will have prevented any overdrafts. But if I can't accomplish that before they can do additional harm, then my rent check may bounce and I will face overdraft fees.

I would like to file a complaint against a payday loan company called CMG Group. Apparently they also go under the name Westbury, and other names as well. They are based off-shore which I assume allows them to skirt laws in this country, but their employees seem to work in the USA.

In October of 2009, we received 300 dollars placed in our bank account that we did not request, speak to anyone, or sign for. We checked everywhere, and asked all over for a phone number or address to send this money back. No one knew how to get in touch with them, and hundreds of complaints have been reported and discussed online. A number I did receive went to a random company who had no idea who CMG group was, and that they did not deal with payday loans.

For a period of time, probably 4 pay periods, they took 90 dollars out of my bank account. When this continued after the 300 had been paid back, they continued to take the money, so we finally had to close our account. We are now getting threatening letters from their hired collection agency, and frequent phone calls from collectors here in New Mexico. They are now saying we owe over 600 dollars! Please let me know if there is anything that can be done, or who you suggest I speak to before we have to involve an attorney. I will be happy to provide any documentation I have.

I’ve got a $300.00 payday loan via computer. They were taking payments out for about 4 or 5 weeks and stopped so I thought it was paid. About 2 weeks later, a different company SSM started pulling money out resulting in several overdrafts. I went to the bank myself and the bank tried to contact them, and they would not call us back so the bank changed my account. Now, I have 2 different collection companies threatening to take me to court and I don’t know what to do please help. I lost 3 week’s pay due to over drafts and now it went from $300.00 to $1300.00.

I am filing a complaint against CMG Group, LLC for being a predatory payday loan lender which acquired my checking account number from Check Into Cash online and tried to deposit an unauthorized transaction into my account without my consent on May 11, 2010. CMG has flooded my email client with numerous emails asking that I contact them by phone or access their website to complete an application for a cash advance (which charges a prorated fee upon repayment of the payday loan).

I am also filing a complaint against Check Into Cash Online in affiliation with the aforementioned incident with CMG Group, LLC on May 11,2010. Check Into Cash Online failed to mention within their Privacy Policy that the bank account numbers of its applicants can be shared with their affiliates. My checking account number was given to all of the Check Into Cash Online affiliates which allowed for CMG Group, LLC to perpetrate its unauthorized access and transaction to my checking account.

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