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I was expecting a direct deposit via ACH from my company to go into Citizens Bank and phoned the bank yesterday in morning, they gave me the negative balance of 50 and change which I knew and I asked them will the direct deposit be accepted. They said yes and we both agreed of the actual balance of 40 and change as of today. She didn't tell me anything about not accepting the direct deposit nor the account being closed, today, I'm told 5 plus times that my closed account will accept deposits but won't allow me to have the whopping 20 something dollars left. Now, Blair from the call center is definitely helping and has confirmed the 90 dollars is in the account and my account will be zeroed out but where's my money, Citizens Bank does not know how to treat customers and supervisors are inept including a Matt whom should be fired.

Avoid this bank at ALL costs. They are the WORST BANK I know. I found out the hard way. I cancelled a credit card two months ago and ask them to send me a final statement for me to pay off. Despite calling them several times over the last two months, telling them my online system stopped working after I cancelled, and that I want to pay the final statement!! They told me yesterday that I have late credit fees of approx $72 on a $1.05 final statement. This has also affected my credit score. I was on the phone yesterday for 3 hours and no-one knew how to help me and each one kept changing my final statement amount. I do not even know how much to pay as they will not give me a finalized statement to close the credit card for good. This is a ridiculous situation.

I originally cancelled all accounts with this bank because they charged me $35 dollars for not handing in a W8 form. I actually handed in a W9 form on time because that's what the bank clerk told me to do! Somehow I must pay for an untrained bank clerk's mistake. They refused to give me back my $35 dollars so in dispute I moved banks. Anyone with Citizens bank should move banks today and anyone else should entirely avoid this bank. They make mistakes and then steal money from you because of it.

I've recently applied for a mortgage loan at citizens bank. It's going on 4 months now. I have a hard time with getting a response when I had questions on my loan. I was approved for the loan, the house I'm trying to purchase passed inspection, everything looked good. The bank took so long to respond, the owner actually put it back on the market after waiting a month and a half. And when it comes to documents and communication, Citizens is horrible. My loan officer did as much as she could. The loan officer herself says she doesn't understand what's going on. I've giving the same paperwork 3 times. My underwriter stopped responding when I tried to reach her, so I spoke to her supervisor. Funny thing is, when I emailed her and copied her supervisor in, she would respond quickly.

My Realtor tried contacting my underwriter, left messages, and to our surprise she never called back. The same thing with the seller's Realtor. No response. No one never knows anything, and everything always under review. They have made my home purchase a living hell! My application process began mid may. We're now approaching sept. This is ridiculous. With this said I am currently living in a hotel, I've submitted the same paperwork again for the 4th time and everything is being reviewed AGAIN! Both Realtors (sellers & buyers) have tried to reach the higher ups. I spoke to a guy today with a complaint. And he says he got the message from the Realtor and he's forwarded everything over to the chairman. Let's see where this goes.

Citizens Bank lost my paycheck, charged me $50 in the process of sending 4 debit cards in the past 8 months (only the last of which I requested), and closed my account 2 days after they lost my paycheck. It was a ridiculous nightmare dealing with them. Please save yourself the trouble, time, and money, and do not bank with them.

The bank manager talked me into getting secured loan for $1000 dollars to improve my credit only pay back the interest - I never received the $1000 dollars just a loan on paper to improve my credit next thing. I know Citizen changed their name. 1 new bank says I owe them $1000 I never received. I closed my account with new bank. Now I owe $1000 I never received - maybe the bank manager stole money at time they promised gifts prizes for opening the account - never got those things either. Now my credit is worse dealing with Citizen Bank.

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Well for starters they have the rudest supervisors you can even imagine. They charged me a $35 overdraft fee which was later reversed but during the process I was charged a sustained overdraft fee ($30 which I was unaware of) and then somehow got charged another $35 for another overdraft fee. How can you get charged 2 overdraft fees if your account is already in the negative. Well apparently they didn't know either. Then got charged another sustained overdraft fee and spoke to 2 "supervisors" who couldn't do anything because they can only reverse one in a lifetime apparently.

The bank won't do anything about these fees but tell me I'm just gonna keep getting charged more $30 every few days until it is written off. So I'm suppose to be paying their fees of $30 for something I'm not using. Complete ** if you ask me and nobody wants to help or care if you no longer use the bank. Aren't employees suppose to encourage you to stay? Well I guess not. From this excuse of a bank they don't.

I had done a 0% promotional transfer which included a 3% transaction fee. This was acceptable. The following month, I paid a large portion of the bill which included all new purchases and then some of the principal. The third month, I paid all but $70 (my error) of the new purchases. However, I was charged interest on the whole amount (instead on the unpaid balance) with some crazy method of what time of the month I paid the bill. I was told I would have to pay the bill in full for two months before I could avoid any interest charge. What was the point of getting a 0% promotion if I need to pay my bill in full? I will pay the full balance and cancel my card. Will not do business with them again. Beware! They will find a way to take advantage of you.

I was delegated to Citizen's Bank to handle my auto loan from a dealership. As most others, I'm pretty busy and thought that setting up auto-pay would be a wise, easy choice. Silly me. I did complete the paperwork with little hassle, but then the problems started. I was advised to send a paper check for the first payment AND received a letter confirming that the first withdrawal would be late Feb 2016. The letter did state that they would manually withdraw the first payment (assuming that no payment had been made).

As directed, I sent a check which was cashed 1/20/16. On 1/28/16, Citizens Bank MANUALLY went through with another withdrawal for the payment ($296) although they had already cashed and received the funds for the payment. Needless to say, I was a bit frustrated as I was now short that amount in my checking account. When I expressed my concerns for any other fees I may accrue for overdrawing on my end I was told "sorry".

So begins the fun - I called to request they replace the funding but was advised that it would take a few weeks. HUH? I guess I don't understand how, if they have the same account information to actively remove the money, why they couldn't do the same to replace it. The representative was able to confirm that both payments were shown on their end, but I was told that they would need to see a copy of my checking account statement demonstrating that the money had in fact been withdrawn from my account. Again, pardon me?

The fact that they actively, manually withdrew the money for the first month's payment although they had already received the funds tells me that they are either lazy, careless or both. The unwillingness of Citizens Bank to remedy the problem as promptly as possible was further reassurance of their lack of customer care. After these frustrations, I went into my local credit union where I literally had no previous history, and was able to transition the loan that day to their services. Had I known/thought about them earlier I would have gone there directly from the start. Live and learn on my end... One thing I can say for certain, I WOULD NOT either go back or recommend Citizens Bank to anyone!

I am only commenting on here because something has happened a few times that they promised would not happen. They claim if your account is overdrawn you have until 10 pm that same day to deposit money into your account before you get a charge. They stressed this several times when I opened the account. Several times I have gotten overdraft charges because the charges don't post until after 10 pm, but they are charged on that day.

So I check my bank account at 9:59 pm, seeing if rent has gone through, and it says no charges are posted. So I don't need to deposit my money that day. I wake up the next morning with rent check having gone through backdated to the day before, and lo and behold overdraft charges. I was living paycheck to paycheck, but a few times I had direct deposit coming at midnight that night and several times I had money in my savings account. So I think that if I check my account before 10 pm, I don't need to transfer money from my savings account before direct deposit comes 2 hours later. So you have until 10 pm to deposit money and avoid overdraft charges, but only if you're psychic and you know charges posted. I can't backdate payments, how can they backdate charges? Misleading advertising. They won't correct the charges, either.

About a month ago I wrote a check for twelve hundred dollars. Citizens Bank paid out eleven thousand two hundred. When I complained I was told that it was a computer error; my check was read incorrectly. This could have caused a major failure if my checks would have been rejected due to this gross negligence. This wasn't the first time the bank had mishandled our account. When I asked two bank charges to be removed they refused. We will close all our accounts and contact the chamber of commerce. Although the branch reps are very pleasant the back office is incapable of handling the accounts appropriately. We are concerned about the lack of security and accountability and are afraid that Citizens Bank will mishandle our funds again and again. This is the worst bank we ever used. Santander or TD are much more trustworthy! Be aware of Citizens Bank!!

We would not recommend using Citizens Bank! We were looking for a home equity loan to update some things with our house and help pay for our daughter's college. We ending up taking out a 1st mortgage because it was lower interest and it worked better for us. The loan officer Aaron ** was very informative and helpful when my husband spoke on the phone with him. EVERYTHING went downhill after that. The underwriter has stalled and is totally playing games with us! We have faxed him our tax returns, given him a list of everything we are using the money for, had a certified home inspector come and tell them that our roof is fine and there is nothing wrong with it.

They just keep stalling... we had the assessor come for over an hour, take pictures etc... we even got a letter in the mail saying that we were approved! NOT SO FAST. Now they want to send the assessor back sometime, who the hell knows when? Or why? He was just here the other day! This is just an excuse, and what's worse my daughter does not know if she will be able to attend school because the money is due next week. How can they send us an approval letter then tell us they need something they already have? Something doesn't seem right here. Be aware, they like to play games. Not sure that we are going to continue this process with them, I certainly would not recommend them to family or friends!

If I deposit money on a Friday, why is it not deposited until Monday?? However if I go to the gas station to get gas using my debit card on the same Friday, that IS deducted??? So they get you for overdraft!! This is not fair! Then they start with their fees! Someone debited my account. I found out about it and saw more fees. I had the company reverse the debit and I was still charged all the fees. NO, this was not my fault! I protested, refused to pay and closed my account. Finally after contacting the BBB, the fees were rescinded. Does it really have to take all this for banks to listen? We are being forced to deal with banks as well. Sorry, I will now begin to do CASH whenever I can. Banks are NOT getting my money!!!

I opened an account with them over the phone. They sent me a debit card and welcome package. I deposited $25 dollars and was happy to have a new account. A week later I receive a letter stating that they do not want to do business with me and that they are mailing a check out to refund my money. NEVER got the check. Called them, they said they mailed it twice and the USPS returned it. Find that very hard to believe. My mailman knows me very well and would not return it. They said I would have to go to a branch to get the measly $25 dollars out. I went on a Saturday and waited while they investigated the account for 30 minutes. They told my funds are frozen and I would have to come back on a Monday. What a joke. They pretty much took my deposit and stole it. Do not ever do business with this bank.

I closed my account with Citizens Bank on June 11, 2012 before they sold out to People's Choice. When I closed my account, I was told, and I have the individual's name, that all fees would be waived. I then received a bank statement saying I owed $11.87. I called Citizens, and after getting the runaround for two hours, someone finally explained what these charges were. The statement closed on the 15th, and I had 13 cents interest coming to me. So, instead of sending me a check for 13 cents, they reopened my account, charged me $10 because I didn't have the minimum requirement in the account, charged me the $2 paper charge that they said they were going to waive, and gave me the 13 cents.

When I called Citizens and they explained this, I asked, "Why didn't you just send me a check for 13 cents?" Their response was, "Well, we had a customer that the IRS owed $5,000 after he closed his account, so we reopened it. What should we have done?" My response was, "Send him a check in the mail!" His response was, "Well, we didn't have an address for him." My response: "Then, I guess he's not aware he has the money since he's not getting his bank statements either; correct? So where is the money now?" His response: "Well, we hold it and then it goes back to the state."

Basically, this is just Citizens Bank finding a way to add charges to consumers. I hope someone looks into this, because if I had moved and they didn't have an address for me, interest would be just continuing to build up.

I have been banking with Citizens since 2007. Since then, they have changed my overdraft options, charged me for once-free services such as overdraft protection, and even paper statements. I signed up for an eBay/checking account a year later, and the employee gave me an account opposite of what I asked for. I started the account with $100 in case it was ever stolen. However, they signed me up for an account that charges me fees if my balance is under $500, which defeats the purpose of a second checking account just for eBay.

Now, I have been using their website ( to review my balance instead of paying $3 for paper statements. I have been charged twice in the last three days for inaccurate balances on their website. Charges and deductions are not posted on their website until they charge for overdraft fees. Citizens Bank also deducts credit purchases immediately regardless of when the vendor actually acquires the money from your account. Making credit purchases overdraft my account before the money has been pulled. It sends me into overdraft days ahead of time and charging me overdraft for all purchases made after.

When I called1-800-7086680, the supervisor (Brandy) was very rude and she was over talking me. She refused to give me the corporate phone number. I had to Google it myself after she refused to reimburse me for their inaccurate balance posting and incorrect balances. She then said not to "trust" the website and it was my fault for not keeping better track. I suggest that every person run or pull accounts from this horrible bank and rude customer service. Never have I heard or experienced such horrible and rude people.

I deposited $8.78 with Citizens Bank, they mistook it for $875. Upon realizing their mistake, they decided to withdraw $866 from my account. Instead they added that amount to my account, even sending us a letter telling us to adjust our records. My wife moved $800 to our savings account. Upon realizing their mistake AGAIN, they withdrew $1734 from our account at the same time that payments came due. The bank assessed us a $114 fee because we didn't have enough money in our account.

After I asked them to return the fee due to their multiple errors, I was told they would not return the fees. I became VERY upset due to the fact that this institution continually makes banking errors. Ms. Hackett told me to leave the branch or she would call the police. I left the bank as she asked.

I have information that programmers with ChaterOne were instructed to program certain online delays and real-time delayed information given to customers [embedded software.] This promoted customers to misunderstand online information that causes fees that domino as info lags behind their recovery attempts.

I became so interested [and enraged] that I, [retired with a Masters Degree in Computer Science] spent time watching this. I personally lost nearly $1000. over a $15.00 check that they shouldn't have bounced. I've proven over $650. of fraudulant charges that were reversed. I've got a list of nearly 50 customers that I've talked to in the lobby [same problem] while getting my credits. Just in my limited visits I have seen approx. $15,000-$20,000. in bad fee complaints. This is 1 office in 1 town. Think of the people that don't complain or understand! I've tried to enlist Elliot Spitzer [Atty Gen.-NY] his people say he knows, yet no action.

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