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Citizens Bank has stolen hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees from us in the last few years. How this is still legal I don't understand. I recently discovered that you can "opt out" of overdrafting by signing a form at one of their branches (something they never made clear to me in the past even when I asked about it). So I'm set right? Nope. I have stopped using the account for the most part but still online pay two of my bills regularly. Last week I noticed a -$96 balance on the account, after I opted out of overdraft. Investigating, I found that my wife made a $3.99 purchase to iTunes which should have been denied due to the "opt out" paperwork. It was not denied because it was logged before our scheduled monthly bill (which uses the routing number and can't be denied because it is like a check).

When talking to Citizens on the phone I explained that I had checked our account before submitting the monthly bill and no iTunes charges were pending or debited from our account at that time. To this the employee of Citizens Bank reported that I should not trust the account balance stated on their own site and no, they would not refund the money they had stolen from our account. This is the last of a long list of instances in which Citizens Bank has stolen funds from our account. Do not bother with text notification of overdraft either. They will notify you, but not until the day after when you can't do anything to save yourself the $35 charge. I would like to be included in any class action lawsuits against Citizens Bank of PA. I would sue them myself but all of my fees are tied up in their inflated overdraft charges. Classism in action and the poor get more poor.

Citizens does not care about its customers, what they do care about is generating the most fees for each customer. They do not provide consistency in handling customer accounts, providing instant and real time notifications when new billers are added but not providing real time notice of account status when it is determinantal to the owner. To make matters worse, their transaction web site is very slow, cumbersome and outdated. With so many other better banking choices out there, take a "pass" on Citizens. You'll be glad you did.

I have a checking account with Citizens Bank. I'm from AZ and am moving back in a couple of weeks. There are no Citizens banks in AZ so I went in to the teller and closed my account. Two days later I check the account to make sure it was really closed and found an overdraft to Netflix for $11.99 which I went into the teller again and paid immediately. The next day I'm charged with a $35.00 overdraft fee and now 10 days later they've added another $90.00 in negative balance fees. All of this on a closed account and when I view my account activity online, nowhere does it show a negative balance until the $35.00 overdraft fee, since I paid the Netflix charge in cash within hours of it coming out of my account (which already should have been nonexistent since I had closed it two days prior). Apparently when you close an account with Citizens it's not really closed, I guess all the fees are their way of keeping customers.

So I wake up one morning and check my account to realize I have been overdrafted for 4.53. I call my local Citizens Bank in Oil City, PA. The lady was nice, said I would not receive any overdraft fees. Now let's skip forward here. I am opted in so my bank account cannot be overdrafted. I spent my weekend of 7/1/16 camping to come home and find out the bank overdrafted me 91.76. I called to ask why and the lady said "well add up what you spent" which came up to me should of having 11.79 left. She fought with me on the phone over and over again. I don't recommend this crap bank to anyone. I am switching my account to a better bank as of today.

Horrible customer service. Did a mobile deposit on 5/28 of $87.00. Typically the deposit shows up the next day. Should have had $91.00 in the account. Had 2 transactions later that evening totaling $45.00 approximately. Checked account on 5/31, funds and transactions were on hold and account showed I had $4. Called customer service to find out when the transactions would clear, was told to keep checking the account activity via online banking and if transactions were processed and account goes negative I would have until 10 pm that day to make the account positive.

Checked account all day. Transactions and funds were on hold until 6/1 as of 10 pm 5/31. Morning of 6/1 I have a positive balance, I get $10 in gas. Account now should have about $34.00. Checked the account this morning and they charged me $70 in overdraft fees. Spoke with 2 reps and a supervisor. They took away one overdraft fee, now my account is negative 4 cents. Basically told me the "first rep was wrong and online banking information is not in real time." Told me "it's only a tool to use to make sure your account is accurate with your ledger."

Once my direct deposits go through tomorrow I am closing this account due to their incompetence. Been a customer with them for 10 years and they have issued me refunds due to their overdraft fee policy more times than I can count. Don't open any accounts with this bank. Their customer service is a joke and I work in customer service andy supervisor reviews every call I make for accuracy and if I'm wrong I am coached on the correct way to serve our customers. Told the supervisor to review their recordings because the 1st rep gave me wrong information and I wouldn't be in this situation!!

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We started our new loan process with this bank in the middle of March. It is now the end of April and I am nowhere close to getting this to closing. The process this bank goes through is completely ridiculous and they have way too many steps. They get in their own way and that is why loans take 45-60 days to close. After initial application it took two weeks to get to an underwriter for initial review. If it was not for my level of anger it would have taken 11 business days for an initial turnaround. As it is a rush took 5 business days. That's for a rush people. Then once the commitment came in it took our processor another full 1 1/2 days to get back to me regarding all the documents that I proactively sent to her. So up to this point we have a wasted 2 weeks and 1 day. The appraisal that was ordered on April 5th, is still not back yet and it's April 25th.

When I try to get answers from Bill ** all I get is attitude and no answers. He keeps claiming his hands are tied, so I had to find the appraiser and leave a message on my own. Why am I paying this bank to provide a service when I have done everything on my own? Not to mention that halfway through this process the loan officer realized he submitted the application wrong and needed to cancel the loan, and resubmit a new application. I am advising anybody who is thinking of using this bank to run far and fast in the opposite direction.

Have HELOC for the past several years. Boat, truck and home. Home appraised = $235,000. Never missed payment. Near 800 credit score. Both red circle Citizens Bank and green square Citizens Bank. Asked for increase from $100k to $125k. No, new policy 5% + 70% home ratio. Checked website. Didn't match Erie, PA branch managers pitch. What's wrong = no late fees or extra costs. Felt punished for excellent credit.

I have been a long-standing and faithful customer of Citizens Bank - I have a checking account, savings account and a Home Equity Line of Credit. I have NEVER missed or been late on a payment or gone into the negative with any of my accounts. Apparently they routinely check credit scores, etc. to assess the risk of the loans they have outstanding - specifically Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC). With no notice, (I realized when I went to transfer money and saw a $0 balance), Citizens Bank froze/decreased my line of credit to a $0 balance. When I checked my accounts at 9AM, everything was as expected, by 11:00AM, I was completely wiped out.

My first thought was that my account had been hacked and my money had been stolen. I frantically called the customer service line and after many transfers, lots of "I can't see what happened" and apologies, I went to the branch where I opened the loan, begging for help - needed immediate access to money for an upcoming expense - where I was told that my HELOC was reduced due to a change in something in my profile. I have opened no new credit card account, not defaulted on anything, not been late for anything (Citizens Bank or any other account) - but some "red flag" notified Citizens Bank that there's a higher risk associated with my HELOC so they took it away immediately without giving me a chance to explain, prepare or rebut - in a matter of 2 hours my account was wiped out.

Citizens Bank has no explanation for me - apparently, they take the action first, then notify the customer of why and give you a chance to appeal their decision. I tried to appeal immediately, but no one could tell me what to appeal because there's no documentation yet to explain why they took this action!!?? I was told a letter will be mailed to me - but at the moment, this mysterious letter still hasn't even "been produced". For the sake of common courtesy, decency and respect for my loyalty as a customer, couldn't I have been given a heads-up that this was coming so I could make some financial arrangements to ensure I was not left completely empty handed?? What if I had been traveling or out of the country and relying on those funds to return home??

I am absolutely devastated and shocked at this type of business practice. I haven't been able to speak to anyone in the department where these decisions are made - even "upper management" tells me they don't know how to contact the people who make these decisions - no one can help me by providing an explanation, therefore I can't appeal!! I feel like I have been robbed, by my own financial institution and must say that I can't believe they find it OK to do this to anyone - let alone an upstanding customer! No help even on the horizon, but I had to let people know of this practice - I am sure I signed something in that crazy promissory note, but I have to say BUYER BEWARE! This is very unethical treatment and unfortunately, I don't even know where to begin to look for help...

Citizens Bank is stalling, and still refusing to permanently restore the stolen funds from my checking account. They have given me a "temporary" credit. I talked to Orbitz and was told an unauthorized transaction for $1,518 was made by a woman with the first name of "Lisha". My business account can only be used for transactions in MY name, and my name is Alan, NOT Lisha. AND NO RED FLAGS AT CITIZENS? It was impossible for her to know the security code on my account, yet Citizens APPROVED the transaction without the code. AVOID Citizens Bank. If my funds are not returned permanently, I am terminating all my business with Citizens and moving to S&T on January 1, 2016, and filing suit against Citizens Bank.

I was promised that I wouldn't have to wait 25 days and my checks would clear in normal bank time. That never happened. Then I couldn't deposit a check online for 30 day, it's a "privilege".

Been with bank 25 plus years, had first mortgage, first home equity and first business loan with bank, never even late with payment ever in 25 years. Loan matured, we tried to have financing lined up however we are behind and don't have that yet. Bank states there is a $98000 late fee on a $190,000 loan that should have been paid 1 month ago. This can go away if we pay them $3000 plus in fees for a 90-day extension. We have reached out to them prior to work with bank and were unable to. They didn't contact us until 6 days ago.

$3000 plus is an exorbitant amount to charge any customer, much less a 25 years perfect (until now) customer. Bank rep says "yes you were always on time and now you are not, pay me $3000 plus." Then he says "we tried to offer you financing and you said you would go elsewhere as though shopping around was a personal affront to the bank." They are totally trying to shake me down for as much money as they can. RIPOFF ARTISTS.

In a nutshell, Citizens Bank allowed an incident of Identity Theft against my account in which a person presented my stolen AND CANCELLED bank card and driver's license. And even though there are details in a police report that the fraud department has detailing the events that occurred the day of the identity theft, the bank has sent a letter to me saying they have reviewed my claim and determined it to be invalid and therefore denying the claim! This bank is very poorly equipped to secure your accounts!!

On June 11, 2015 5 cars were broken into in the parking lot of the UDHS in Fort Washington, PA. Mine was one of those. My purse with my wallet was stolen from my car. My wallet contained my DL, my bank card, numerous credit cards, health insurance cards, and cash- basically most of my identification. All institutions were called to cancel these stolen cards. I contacted Citizens Bank the night of the theft and reported the incident in detail, and had my card cancelled and reissued. I inquired into the security of my account and was told that my account would be secure as I am cancelling my bank card.

On July 2, 2015 I received a call from 3 branches of Citizens Bank - Penrose Plaza, Yeadon and Brookhaven. An individual had gone through the drive through at Penrose attempting to cash a check made payable to me, drawn on another bank with another account holder with a Washington, DC address. The transaction was denied as the person could not verify SSN. While I was on the phone with this branch having a freeze put on my account, the same person went to the Yeadon Branch and presented the same stolen identification and type of check and the teller cashed a check for over $2000 against my account. The same person went to the Brookhaven branch and attempted to cash yet another check, same details on the check, but was denied as the teller saw the freeze on my account.

My stolen DL and bank card were seized and the teller manager contacted me and informed me that the incident had been reported to their fraud department and that I would be contacted by their fraud department within a few days. In the meantime, I had contacted and met with an officer of the Upper Dublin Police and provided all the information that I had. We spoke again that day and he informed me he had sent the information to the fraud department of Citizens. As of July 14, Citizens Bank HAD NOT filed a fraud claim. 3 managers at Maple Glen have been extremely helpful in helping me with this however I have not received any contact at all from the fraud department.

I have received two letters from Citizens saying I presented a check for insufficient funds therefore they were "exercising their right" to withdraw the funds from my account. I received a second letter from Citizens stating that my claim had been reviewed and determined to be invalid and was therefore being denied.

The way in which Citizens Bank has handled this incident of identity theft has been completely inappropriate, unprofessional and unsatisfactory. It is now July 25 and the UD police has yet to receive films and any additional information needed to proceed with their investigation. I have not received one phone call from the fraud department regarding the fraudulent compromising of my account. I have a detailed police report regarding the events that occurred on July 2, 2015 in which the fraudster went to 3 branches of Citizens Bank and attempted to cash checks against my account using my stolen identification.

When I contacted customer service and spoke with a few branches of Citizens, they told me that they cannot put any type of fraud alert on the first screen when they access someone's account. How in today's age in which identity theft is a HUGE problem, can a bank not be able to put a flag on the first screen so that a teller can exercise the adequate diligence before handing over $2300 to someone that provides stolen identity? Citizens cannot even put a flag onto the account that is easily visible that a bank card has been stolen. If this ever gets resolved, I will close any account I have with Citizens, I will not recommend this bank to anyone and I will never do business with this bank. They are completely incompetent in securing your money.

Thank you!

Original Review

Gave my contractor a check, didn't put a name on it, they took the money from my account (BofA). We went to the Citizens bank to prove who we were, they said there's nothing they can do. It's been 10 days, I have no driveway or sidewalk. They won't give the money to him or return it to me. The contractor can't finish the work until he gets the $3244.50. Citizens bank stole from us.

Yesterday my husband and I checked our account and to our surprise we had an unexpected amount of money in our account. A positive balance of 600$+. I had recently purchased something from a store online. I called to make sure that the payment was not returned or on hold. They confirmed that neither was the case and they had their money. I then called the bank I was told that the day before I had over 1000 that I wasn't aware of. The woman through customer service assured me that there was no glitch on that end and I had that much money. I assumed that I miscalculated my money. I then transferred that money into a different account not belonging to myself (I owed money and figured now is good enough time as any).

I woke up this morning to go get gas and card declined??? I called and I'm now negative 600$. Really? I called and they are trying to tell me all funds were on hold and I said if that were the case why wasn't I told when I called yesterday. Also I have confirmation that payments were not on hold but taken right away. Mmm I don't know what to do at this point because I have a 600$ bill coming up and now I am overdrawn so my direct deposit will just cover the overdraft and its fees. Please help.

I have been with this bank for many years. I even worked for United Penn Bank that Citizens bought out. Citizens Bank holds charges still even though they settled a suit years ago. They continue to do the same shady practices as they did prior. They hold charges, then allow the biggest charge to go through first so if you overdraw your account, you face tons of overdraft charges. I strongly encourage people to find other banks that are kinder. This bank is shady to the core.

The bank brought in a third party vendor to handle online payments, Worldpay. Worldpay misrepresented the online capabilities and Citizens Bank in turn misrepresented Worldpay. Right off the bat I was informed that services like Square held payments for 30 days and attached hidden fees. I subsequently discovered both were outright lies. The initial Worldpay, through Citizens Bank, setup costed $300 and there was to be a 1.9 transaction fee ONLY on all online purchases into my store, which could be easily set up as a feature. Again, misrepresentations - they offered NO shopping cart service. I ended up investing an additional $35 a month with a shopping cart service - one that SPECIFICALLY could interface with Worldpay. Worldpay also continued to deduct fees that were never mentioned outside of the initial setup of $300 for AMEX and the cell phone swipers (similar to the Square).

Oh, one other little add-on never mentioned by Citizens or their partners in crime, Worldpay - fees. When asked what would be a safe amount to place in my vendor account, which was set up by Citizens Bank ONLY for the transaction fees, I was asked what I expected the monthly sales would be. I said $250-$500 max as this was a VERY small company with one product, an indie film, hopefully more at some point, but I was realistic in my expectations that this was by no means going to be burning up the red carpet anytime soon. I was advised $20-$40 would be safe for the 1.9% and bank fees. My concern was there would be spill over into my business account, I was assured that would not happen as the purpose of the vendor account was just that.

If only any of that was true from both Worldpay AND Citizens Bank, who I trusted to look out for my interest. I told them on the initial meeting, I am NOT an accountant and trusted them to advise me on the best thing to do regarding the online transaction processing. What resulted was, Worldpay fees ended up being $129 a month for the swipers and other fees, an additional $49 a month for fees. The one time setup fees and 1.9% was a scam. Additionally, Citizens Bank, after my vendor account was drained by Worldpay, began taking the fees out of my BUSINESS Account to cover the charges pouring in from WorldPay. While I took the dispute to both Citizens and Worldpay (their response was an invoice for early contract termination and NOTHING else), the fees continued coming out and paid through the BUSINESS account.

The Business account was quickly drained and Citizens Bank began heaping on its insufficient funds fees. I lost in the neighborhood of $2,000, between undisclosed charges, insufficient fund fees... all while furiously awaiting various "decisions" from the powers that be at Citizens Bank. This was $500 more than the sales I generated. Their final solution, close my account and send the final $250 early termination balance that they paid to collection. Can you imagine... after this NIGHTMARE and getting robbed blind, I was turned over to collections for early contract termination. Can't make this stuff up! Nowhere to go, nothing to do. To micro businesses like mine, $1500 is a fortune.

I opened my accounts recently with the agreement, per the Citizens Bank massive Ad campaign, of 1 direct deposit per month and meeting the daily required balances and account links, there would be no monthly service charges. Well guess what, it worked for 2 months, however, on my November 2014 statement I was accessed a $20.00 service fee!!!!! Somehow, I am being told that the accounts were not linked up when they were opened in September 2014! That's a lie, as there was no fee for the previous 2 months and my balances are the same, if not more than they were the previous 2 months! I tried to call Customer Service and the phone number is all computerized, no direct phone number for Human Customer Service. I went to the branch where I opened these accounts, and had a very indignant Branch Manager/Asst. Vice President tell me the above reason and more or less, it was my fault!

I regret opening accounts at Citizens Bank and their claims of "Good Banking is Good Citizenship" and "We're Committed To You" is a joke! They also charge fees of $ 7.00 if someone tries to cash a check written to them on your account and they themselves do not have an account at Citizens, yet they can check your balance and see if the funds are available to disburse! Other financial institutions in this area do not follow such a practice, and this is not posted anywhere in the branch! Another scam or lunch money for the employees? I finally did get a customer service person on the phone today, after randomly calling different numbers. Spoke to a Supervisor, in the State of Oklahoma, and am awaiting a call from Corporate about these issues! This is also being reported to PA Banking Commission as well! Beware of Citizens Bank!!!

I guess I did what most parents do for their children and still paying for it. In 2010 I had signed a loan for my teenage daughter for a new vehicle, with the promise of monthly payments from my daughter. After a few months I received a letter from RBS that they were not getting their payments. I told my daughter she must make these payments, but to no avail and then notified the bank to repossess the vehicle. The bank followed though. The car was auctioned with a remainder balance of $12,000. I was informed I would have to pay $7,000. Within two weeks I was able to get a pension loan for that amount and paid it off. This car has been paid off since 03/2012. I understand the loan was my responsibility.

Till this day I still have a derogatory mark on my Trans Union credit. I attempted several different ways to have this removed. Spoke with RBS Finance, paid Lexington Law firm for six months to help. Spoke with Trans Union and sent letters but to no avail. I feel I'm being treated like I ignored the bill and never paid it. The problem is I did pay it and believe the derogatory mark should finally be removed. I'm not pleading innocent, the loan all in all was my responsibility. I just think I paid my dues and now being treated like I beat the bank out of their money. Can someone help me with this matter? Thank You.

I had asked Citizens Bank Tellers twice to make sure there is no overdraft protection as I had an incident in the past where I had to pay them and thought this to be resolved per their teller. Another issue occurred where I am being slammed yet again and they said that there is no way to prevent them and that was not what I was told by the tellers. The penalty total 149.89 and is a slick way for the banks to take advantage of their Customers, and this can happen over and over again and daily penalties incurred keep adding up on top of it. Since this wasn't the first rodeo with them and I had said I was advised this can’t happen again by their teller and wasn't offered any additional information, nothing to sign, etc. I have decided to open a case with the BBB and take it to small claims court as I was misinformed and the bank refuses to take all the charges away. I am paying what I owe and no more and these types of scams have to stop. They prey on the unknowing purposely and collect probably millions of added dollars just because they can and the penalties are outrageous, far above any reasonable sum.

Citizens financed my mortgage for about 7 years... and then I refinanced with another bank. Just trying to close out my account with Citizens and meeting hurdle after hurdle after hurdle!! Called Citizens twice and get conflicting info. First call was with woman who was curt and snippy. Second call was with man who was polite but not helpful. He couldn't even direct me to the closest branch to go in to bank in person! Meanwhile, charges have been applied and are mounting each day! Do I really have to visit a branch hours away to stop this nonsense?? (they closed nearest branch (1/2 hr drive) to me and next nearest branch hours away) Why can't I close my account online?

I started an account with Citizens Bank in Linglestown, PA. At that time, I was asked if I would like to start a savings account with them as overdraft protection to the checking account. I agreed, it wouldn't hurt. Recently, I transferred money into my savings account from an external bank to cover an automatic withdrawal on my checking account. I had not been to their website to physically transfer the money from savings to checking. The auto withdraw went through and I was charged a $37 fee even though the money in savings would have easily covered the charge. Citizens claimed that I did not have my savings account linked to my checking account! This was the very reason I gave the banker in Linglestown the authority to open a savings account! When I pressed them for a refund, they refused, stated that their fine print rules were not followed by me, and ended with a "We value your business and you as a customer" garbage. This bank, like many others, slams the middle and low income folks.

We have several business accounts and they charge just to count your money. We put our deposit in the night deposit before they even open up the bank and just because they are to lazy to count the money (which is cash) first thing in the morning, they charge us $39.99 because of late fee. They should have counted the money first thing in the morning then over that they charge me a monthly fee because we put cash in. Their customer service is lousy and the management in the West Grove, PA doesn't even try to help with situations.

I called the customer service and was explaining the issues and the lady was very nasty. She did not care to hear what I had to say and I told her that if she keeps the attitude, people are going to leave and she said that she did not care. I asked for supervisor and they never even came to the phone. This is the worst bank I have ever doubt with. The night deposit box is hidden in the back of the building with no lighting. When it snows, the steps are slippery. They never salted it. I had to call and complain about that and finally someone came out and fixed the lighting. It was pitch dark out there.

Now you know it is common sense that if you are depositing in the night that you are putting money in the box, you should feel safe and not afraid because of no lighting. I had to use my car head lights to light up where I was even going. Lousy service. I am going to take my business elsewhere and I will make sure I tell all of my friends. It's fine to charge a fee but come on, over $40 up to $80 month. Be careful. They want your business then once you're there, they treat you as if you were not around. They act like they don't know who you are!

Due to unexpected circumstances, my checking account became overdrawn by $3.23. Citizens Bank placed penalties on me which added up to $73. The overdraft was only $3.23. The overdraft was not not even my fault. I checked my account balance twice on an ATM machine. I didn't know there was a $3 charge each time. This $6 is what made my account overdrawn. Still, penalizing me $73 for a $3 overdraft is blantantly excessive. It is 2400% penalty.

At the end of December, my checking account was getting low. I was keeping a close watch on it. There was only withdrawal due. It was $56 for DirecTV. I had enough money in my account to cover this, but I was charged two $3 fees for checking how much was in my account. This $6 was what made my account overdrawn, and the overdrawn amount was only $3.23. Now, they are penalizing me with heavy NSF fees and other penalties.

Recently I filed a complaint with you concerning Citizens Bank and the excessive, repetitive overdraft fees they penalized me with. After you became involved, they refunded a partial of the total amount of fees they added to my account. I was satisfied with this outcome and thought the matter was over. But now they are doing it all over again. They added another $37.00 insufficient fee charge and three more $6.99 daily service charges. So, the amount I owe has gone way back up again. The total amount since all of this has started has now climbed to over $150. I will have money available to put into this account very soon, within a few days, but they just keep piling on the penalties.

I had opened a checking account with Citizens Bank a couple years ago in order to cash checks issued by them from the company I worked for. I ended up opening that particular account because they had a special college savings account deal. When I opened the checking account, there were no fees tied to the account for anything whatsoever.

About a year later, something happened where my family incurred a hardship. This required me to relocate, stop school, take a demotion and pay cut, and have to commute extra miles to work, among other things. I had been receiving my mail in monthly increments because I was out of town. I looked at one of my statements and saw I was charged service fees for the paper statement and for just having the account.

I called, frustrated, and they "took care of it". They explained that they had to start doing this for everyone and that I needed to have X amount in my account or make Y number of transactions per month. A few months ago, I lost count of the transactions or they moved the "deadline date" because of a holiday, which I didn’t realize made any difference.

I incurred at least $30 of service fees on this account, which is not even my primary bank. I have no record (to my knowledge) in my original 'contract' for opening the account that says they can change this at any time.

I called on 9/15 to tell them to put a stop on this month’s automatic transfer to the savings account because my funds would be insufficient. Plus, I plan on closing my accounts due to me being unhappy with the charges incurred. They told me that I should have called sooner because it takes 3 days to do a stop payment, at which time the transfer would still take place. Thus putting my account into overdraft and still charging me an overdraft fee, even though I was opted out of fees.

On top of this, both accounts were inter-institution. So why would they charge me an overdraft fee? I had to wake up at this time of the night to realize I needed to make this transfer after a long day of classes and driving, with a lot to do the next day.

I opened a money market account for 12k over a year ago and agreed to the banker's suggestion to open a linked checking account as well.

December of 2010, I withdrew the funds from the money market to deposit elsewhere, leaving around 100 dollars in the checking account. I was unaware that my checking/money market accounts had to stay above 10k or a monthly penalty would be assessed.

However, this fee is not my complaint. Once discovering that 15 dollars were being taken from my checking account monthly, I called to close my accounts. In May of 2011, I spoke to a customer service representative who made me aware of a small balance (after months of fees) that was left. I told the bank I was not concerned about the very small balance, send me a check or don't, the accounts needed to be closed. The representative told me this was done.

August 2011, I received a letter stating that I owed Citizens Bank 87 dollars. Upon reading the letter, it showed that my accounts were not closed, the monthly fees continued to come out and come June, the fee sent my account in the negative, also occurring overdraft fees and daily overdraft fees.

I called customer service and explained the situation. The original customer service representative was helpful and told me the fees would most likely be waived and I would be receiving a call back. The so-called "specialist" that called me was rude and accepted no responsibility for the fact that the fees were assessed at the fault of the company, not me.

Throughout the entire conversation, the representative was difficult and condescending and this unfortunately ended in a yelling match. The bank refused to waive the fees, saying they would waive 30 "as a courtesy". Unfortunately, I was unable to get this resolved and paid the fees. It was a 57-dollar lesson that I will never bank with Citizens again.

On October 25, a check that was over 90 days was presented for payment and was paid. Because of this, my account was put into a negative balance. After requesting a courtesy reversal for a death in the family, I was told he could handle my request then he would work on it and contact me in 2 days time. It's been over 2 weeks and no contact. This has cost me over $175. Somehow this happened again for the second month in a row. I contacted customer service and had spoken with a relationship servicing man who was so rude and obnoxious.

When explaining my situation, he spoke simultaneously which leads me to think he cannot possibly hear me (and I'm the customer). I'm then told that in order to speak with his supervisor, I'd have to wait 15-30 minutes. He then tells me that the rule is the 10-min disconnect, which is to disconnect the customer in 10 minutes time. What kind of customer service is that? I also signed up for citizens alert.

This is to prevent another overdraft charge. Unfortunately there was no alert before these charges were put through. When trying to have my concerns addressed, Michael ** said that they cannot honor their policy because an overdraft fee would not be assessed. I am most disappointed! This has been my bank for over 10 years. I am very very dissatisfied and I want my money returned to me.

Citizens Bank closed my account and reported me to ChexSystems without contacting me. I did not use the card much because I switched my direct deposit to a new bank and did not know I had an outstanding debt. Suddenly, all my banks closed my accounts on the same day and I have literally been without money for the past week and will continue until I get paid again. I spoke with someone from the accounts department named Jose and he was the worst supervisor I've ever had contact with. His staff has better communication skills then he does. Banks should be forced to notify someone of an account closure and have proof that the person received the information. For example, a phone call or certified letter.

I have overdraft protection which I pay $5 a month for. This protection allows me to go $30 over my account balance with no fees. I went over my account balance by $35 and somehow wound up paying over $200 in fees! I do not understand how this happens and the bank just confuses me. I am guessing that they deducted the debits in such a way that they were charging me fees when I still had a positive balance. In October of 2009, I went over by a couple dollars and wound up paying over $500!

The bank was of no help to me, as they told me it was not a bank error. I wrote a letter but expect no results. I will provide my bank statement if necessary. Also, now the online banking is not working so I cannot see what is in my account! I am a college student and work part time so losing $200 in economically devastating to me.

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