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Last updated: Aug. 18, 2016

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2016

The interest rate on my student loan went up without a warning. I need it to go back to 3.5% or even lower.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 11, 2016

Long story short, there are records of me having delinquent payments in 2014 that should be lifted from my account. I recently called the company to have it removed as I am trying to release my cosigner. They acknowledged that by THEIR records my account should not have delinquencies. I ALSO have my bank statements to prove it. I spoke with the manager and he assured me that this will be resolved. 2 weeks later, after repeated attempts to get an update on my status, no change, AND NOW they are trying to collect $880 from me, saying that I had not paid for the past 2 months. Note that the manager just a couple weeks ago told me my account was up to date and had no issues. Looked into two years' worth of statements and again my bank statements prove that I've paid them without interruption. I have had it with this bank. I have filed complaints with their AG and the Office of the State Bank Commissioner.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 9, 2016

This is regarding 'Jessica' ** who would not allow me to pay my bill over the phone using my desired method of payment. The gentleman who is the account holder for the desired payment account stepped out of the room while she was on the phone with me. She informed me that because she could not speak with him she would not process my payment over the phone. That's understandable, what followed was not.

Jessica proceeded then to wait on the phone for my PAYMENT confirmation number knowing very well that I was using the form of payment she had just told me could not be applied. Does that process make any sense? Additionally, when I requested that I be re-enrolled in the auto-pay and thus get the 0.25% benefit she informed me that she would MAIL me the forms, in the physical mail and there was no way to enroll in auto-pay online or over the phone. This seems like a problem EVERY other company has already solved... this is the 21st Century - get with it Citibank.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 11, 2016

I called in to make a payment and the call was dropped so I called again and explained to the other rep what had happened. He re-did the payment and assured me it would not come out twice. I asked about 4 times to confirm this. Of course it did come out twice and now I'm all screwed up with other payments that are going to clear my bank account. I called and another rep said they can't reverse the charges for 20 days because within 20 days my bank has the authority to dispute the charge. That costs me $30. No.

I have cancelled automatic payments with them, requested a new checking account number and now their payments will be mailed via Money Order through the USPS. I guess to protect myself I have to take care of this the longer way. Don't call me when it's late cause nobody on my end cares. You had your chance and you're dealing with an ** that doesn't care about credit. Threaten me all you want. Have a nice day.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 3, 2016

I am a cosigner for two loans for my daughter. First of, the loans originally totaled $25,000. After paying more than $12,000 back, she still over $25,000 due to unfair interest calculations and having to recently defer payments. When I signed these loans, I did so thinking I'd be able to be removed after 24 months of on-time payments as stated in the loan terms that I signed. After making such payments, we attempted to get my removed as a co-signer. Only the main borrower can request this action. The form can only be "mailed". It took over three weeks to receive the form. The form has to be completed by the main borrower and "mailed" back. The process of getting a response took nearly two months!!

The response received was that my daughter did not have sufficient credit to release me as a creditor. Guess what is hurting her credit...the outstanding student loans!!! She is employed, but struggling and has experienced a couple of times of unemployment. During that time, I continued to make her payments for her to keep her current and help my case to get released as a co-signer. We have tried four different times to get this release action done, each time taking at least four months for the process because they make it so cumbersome apparently on purpose because today's technology gives them no excuse. Each time it is denied due to their opinion of her not being creditworthy.

I'm pretty sure I'll never get released which in turn has ruined my credit and keeps this debt hanging over my head for many many years to come. DON'T GET A LOAN WITH CITIBANK. THEY SCAM, RIP-OFF AND RUIN EVERYONE'S LIFE WHO IS CONNECTED TO THE LOAN! I encourage everyone to start writing your congressmen and women and state representatives to get this student loan nightmare the attention and reform it needs before it ruins so many more young lives.

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Original review: Dec. 19, 2015

Stay away from Citibank. They honestly have the worst practice in terms of debt collecting. They call very early in the morning and very late at night. They call multiple times a week and it is endless. It's awful. Thank God I am about $5K from paying them off completely and I will NEVER deal with them again. I have multiple student loans with several lenders and when I was behind in my payments Citibank by far was the most harassing. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I was more willing to pay off my other lenders on time than Citibank. And yes, I know that hurt me but Citibank really overdoes it with the harassing calls.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 7, 2015

I have been trying to repay my student loans since my grace period has ended after graduating. I had called many times to try and separate my payments to make them more bearable with my salary and instead they gave me a ton of grief and called every month four to five times a day when I could not make the full payment even when I scheduled a payment for the next week I got paid. Now I just found out I am going out on workers comp and I will be making even less money and they will do absolutely nothing to help me out. They will not lower the payments and they will not let me go on a forbearance because I already did one before returning to school when my last company closed. I am already struggling to make the payments while working and I have no idea what I am going to do now that I will be out of work. They are rude and do not care about their customers at all.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2015

I took out federal and non-federal student loans during 2000-2004 while attending the University of Notre Dame. The loan was through Citibank Student Loans with a total of approximately $40,000. I have made all payments on time and typically paid more than the minimum payment because I was trying to repay back my loans faster. I was able to pay off all my loans by 2011.

It is now Sept. 2015 and I'm trying to get a mortgage. My mortgage lender informs me that Citibank had filed a dispute on my student loan. I had never heard of this before and it was shocking since it's been a couple of years since I had paid off my loans. I called Citibank and they said that the dispute was filed with the credit agencies because of how my last payment was redistributed. This didn't make any sense. You would think that paying off a student loan would have been a good thing; not something to file a dispute over. They will be sending me a letter via snail mail which will take 5-7 days for me to receive stating that the dispute is closed and that my loans are all paid off. They cannot send me an e-mail or fax to confirm this. They cannot overnight me this letter. I'm most likely not going to be able to meet my mortgage commitment due date because of this, since it is holding up my mortgage application process.

I'm filing a complaint because I was treated unfairly by Citibank and they are not willing to do all they can to help me address the repercussions of their mistake. I would like this to be published so that other consumers are warned and if they did have a student loan with Citibank, it doesn't hurt to check if there is an open dispute against them. Especially for those who paid off their loans early and are asking Citibank to redistribute the additional payment towards principal instead of interest, since that is apparently why the dispute was opened in the first place.

Be warned that Citibank could be filing a dispute against you without your knowledge even if you are paying off your loans on time or earlier. I would like Citibank to inform their borrowers if they are going to file a dispute with any credit bureaus. Citibank should also take advantage of today's current technology (like fax or e-mail) and allow their customer support specialists to send a fax/e-mail when their customers request it. In my case, I need a fax or e-mail or overnight mail (something fast) from Citibank stating I had paid off all my loans and that the dispute was a mistake. They would not do this and insisted I would have to wait for the snail mail to come in, which would take 5-7 days.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 5, 2015

My son has a number of student loans, many of which I am co-signed. When he started repayment he was late on a payment and the calls started instantly. Unfortunately the calls were coming to me, four and five times a day even though he was trying to get set up on automatic payment. Three times he set up the payment program but they were just taking the single payments instead of a monthly deduction. Meanwhile these truly unpleasant people were harassing my wife and I constantly even though I told them what was going on and to contact my son. They finally managed to set up the payment program but not before these people and I am being kind here, reported all the late payments to my credit report. I went from an 830 score to 678 just because of these vindictive unprofessional collectors. I don't know if I have any recourse but would like to learn if possible.

Original review: July 11, 2015

I used Citi education loan to pay for last semester of college for a total of 12,000.00 back in August 2008. Repayment started in September 2009 in which I have Been paying monthly, nonstop for 6/7 years now paying $93 each month. Lo and behold my balance is still $11,974 and this is according to July 2015 Bill I just received a few days ago... Does anybody know what's going on? I had a house for a couple years back and lost all original documentation.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 6, 2015

I requested for a 4 month forbearance and was flat out denied by Citi stating they do not issue forbearance for people with private student loans. All understood but Citi refused to work with me in finding a payment solution, and rather they said default and they will sell off the account. Long story 4 months went by and they did just that, sold off the account to the worst collecting agency who in turn destroyed my credit rating and threaten me to the moon, which wasn't bad but finally found a way to work with the collecting agency.

Now I have one account left with Citi and guess what they are looking to force me to default by changing my payment rates every 30 days and saying I missed payments, so they can dump me onto a collection agency all of which I have numerous emails back and forth with Citi showing what they are doing. But to spend the time and money to sue these horrible people for what they have done will be another cost to my pocket and time I could spend enjoying my life. I wish someone would sue them real good. Anyway I hope this will help other students think twice about getting a private student loan especially with Citi, they care less for their customers and unwilling to work with students. Good luck!!!

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Original review: May 6, 2015

I was ecstatic when I was accepted into RIT School for American Craft Ceramics program in 2004. I was a non-traditional 3.8 GPA transfer from a public community college. Worked hard to be independent, steady employed since teen years until I moved to Rochester. Stars in my eyes to become artist. Took out a $4K loan through RIT & Citibank what federal loans wouldn't cover. Spent one year at school & transferred back to home public, state university. Ceramics program at RIT was not what I expected & certainly not worth $29K a year. Faculty aloof & not focused on career track of student.

I graduated in 2007 with a BFA in ceramics. I have never been employed using my degree. I went back to waiting tables after graduation and had three kids. I paid $50 a month to Citibank when the loan went into repayment until early 2010 when I became unemployed. Citibank refused to lower payments, defer, or forbearance. All of my FED loans are on income based plan, Citibank said no... $50 a month or default. So. Default I did.

Now it's 2015, I'm an homemaker mother of three not working outside of home. We barely get by on one income. My Fed loans still in one based at $0. United Guaranty Insurance now sending lawyers letters asking for payment. Loan amount is now $5800 from $4000 that I made payments on for almost two years?!?! Unforgiving if you cannot pay. Do not recommend. I know I signed a dotted line but life changes & you cannot control that.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 25, 2015

I am a 100 percent disable military Veteran who applied for the student loan forgiveness/discharge program. I got a letter in June 2011 from the Department of Education, stating that my request was approved. I later receive a letter from Citibank that the request was approved. I was refunded $4,295, the amount I paid on the student loan October 20, 2011. Months later I looked at my credit report and see that the loan was reported as being late on October 2011, 120 days late by EQUIFAX and TRANSUNION. It was reported 150 days late by EXPERIAN plus report as a charge off as of March 2012. I have sent several dispute letters to Citibank, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian with no luck. All claim the information they are reporting is accurate. I have never been late paying that loan, not even one time.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 17, 2015

I was contacted by a company in 2012 that stated I had co-signed for a student loan for my daughter and I needed to make an immediate payment. I had no recollection of ever co-signing for a student loan for my daughter because we had only completed the federal financial aid package for her school. I was repeatedly contacted and told I was responsible for this account. I requested signed documents where I co-signed for the loan and was refused. I also stated that my daughter's other loans were in deferment, and I was told they do not defer their student loans for any reason.

My daughter spoke with them on several occasions and was told her loan would be deferred. They had placed the account on my credit report so I contacted them and ask that they update the credit information and I was told no, and that I needed to pay the loan because I was responsible for it. I told them I was a full-time student and if I were responsible for the loan, it should be deferred because the rest of my student loans were, then I was told it was not my loan so they could not defer it - really - it's my loan when it needs to be paid and put on my credit, but not my loan for any other purposes.

Eventually they started calling me on my job and when asked how they got my employment contact information, the CSR told me that information was public knowledge and they could obtain any information about me they needed to. They insisted they had my signature on the loan and if I did not pay it, they would prosecute my daughter for fraud. She also had no recollection of the loan or receiving it. The only way they would send me a copy of the loan documentation was if I paid the loan in full. I agreed to pay the loan in full since it had defaulted on my credit but not my daughter's credit. The loan paper looked like a job application that could have been posted on a student job board, none of the school information was completed or signed by a school official and some of my information was incorrect.

Additionally, in the signature line, it only states "signed electronically". Please do not take a loan out with this company and beware. I am submitting the information they sent me to the Department of Justice for further review since they have no school information and a piece of paper minus my signature and I was told they could get any information about me they needed to. I contacted the school Financial Aid office and they were not familiar with issuing private loans through this agency and are currently doing an audit of my daughter's financial aid transcript. CitiAssist student loans has yet to issue me a receipt for the $3600 they took out of my checking account nor have they updated mine or my daughter's credit report.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 4, 2015

I have paid every single month for about 8 years, almost $78000, yet my principal has only come down about $4000. I have tried to renegotiate my principal but can find no one to talk to me about this. My loan has been sold from Citibank now to Sally Mae then Navient. I am risking my credit but refuse to pay more until renegotiated. I received a call from Navient today and told them my position. They said I have to call Citibank. Are they negotiating any of these loans?

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 3, 2014

We tried to apply 6 months of additional payments to the principal of our child's student loan (originally with Citi-bank). This was agreed to by Discover Loans. Now we have come to find out they applied the majority of our "payment to principal" to their interest fees. They never informed us of this decision months after they took our money. In addition, Discover has an extremely poor website in that their online account access is very limited. For example, co-signing parents have limited comprehensive information available to them.

Original review: Feb. 19, 2014

Citibank does not even tell the co-signer about whether the application they sign for a loan is approved... or for how much, or what the interest rates are... There may be lawyer double speak in some papers they send with the form, but the student is the only one who receives them. The co-signer is left in the dark, for years... not even aware of the loan... Also, after sending in the application, Citi lets the student know how much they are eligible for... and that figure is THEN added onto the app that the co signer has signed... with disregard... How can this not be addressed by the government?? It is so wrong!!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 8, 2014

I co-signed for my daughter's graduate school loans. Apparently they came due, although I never received any information about this. The first I knew that there was a problem was when I received a dunning notice and notification that my credit score had dropped. I went online, set up a payment account and was making regular payments then... I was unable to get login access to the site and since neither my daughter nor I received payment notification from Citibank, despite repeated requests and reassurances that she or I would get a payment book, we never knew when and in what amount payments were due.

I also found that the amount on a single loan was very inconsistent. The loans that were overdue would be $25.00 one week, and up to $70 the next week, so even if we did luck our way into paying on time, a small (i.e. under $5.00) late fee would make us late, and reported, again. I've called multiple times, twice maybe I got a human being, and emailed two or three times, without response. My credit has been destroyed to the point where even if I were to apply for a loan to pay off Citibank, I would be turned down. This whole experience has been a disaster

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2013

A default judgement was awarded to the Law Firm representing the USA in judgement against me. I originally took out loans in 1976, 1977, and 1978. Payment came due in 1980 (to my recollection - it may have been earlier). I started paying the loan in 1980, and paid until 1989, when I believe I made a final payment of $800. However, during this time, in 1980 (the court papers say) that the loans that I sustained from The New York Bank For Savings, was being sold/transferred to Citibank. Several months lapsed before I heard from Citibank, then I continued to send my payments in to Citibank.

Long story short, I made a final payment in 1989 of $800. I had just had my 2nd child & my husband & I decided I would stay home, so we paid my debts off. I was contacted once by a law firm in 1998. Nothing came of it. They claimed they made numerous attempts to contact me - although I lived at the same address for 26 years and had 3 jobs where I worked for at least 10 yrs, including a federal job. Now in 2013, I am being sued for the entire amount of the loan, plus $28,000.00 in interest, and currently have a judgement against me, because I cannot prove that I paid the loan back. I have had no success at trying to reach anyone at Citibank to verify my loan payments. I get transferred from person to person, and no one seems to be able to help. What is my recourse? Can I sue Citibank?

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Original review: Oct. 26, 2013

Discover, months after they had purchased my loan from Citibank, had sent me a letter saying that my monthly payment was going to increase $70 a month for 82 months due to an error in capitalizing interest on my student loan. It's been 8 months now with repeated phone calls talking to Managers who cannot answer why the interest has been added, what period the capitalization is from, why there was an error, how they discovered the error 4 years later. My statements all of a sudden showed I magically paid $9600 (cumulative) in interest in January but only $8300 in February. No answers, no help in 8 months.

I'm not an accounting expert but I understand the principles of capitalization and their numbers don't add up. Not even close. My payment history they supplied me looks like it has been played with and does not match my statements that I have collected over the years. I am told I will be contacted on Monday by the investigating team, and if I don't I'm filing a complaint with the BBB. This forum wouldn't let me reply to someone else having this same issue. I would like to know how they are making out with the process. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 24, 2013

I have been battling with Citibank every month for over a year because their website does not let me access my account to pay my student loan bill. This is not a glitch in the system. It is the consistent norm and they refuse to either fix the site or give me any other options. This is making it incredibly hard for me to pay my bill on time each month and creates a constant headache, which they profit from, since it is affecting my credit and will mean that I will be charged a higher rate in the future. These are unfair, illegal business practices, and if this is cumulatively affecting all their borrowers, I'm sure they are turning quite a profit off this scam. I believe a class action lawsuit is the only option on my behalf, and I'm sure many other victims of these unscrupulous practices.

Original review: July 16, 2013

Discover Student Loans bought the student loan that I co-signed. They sent notices that looked like credit card applications. I never received a phone call that my sister had not made payments and she did not know Discover bought her loan or that she had not paid. She had moved to Guam when the loan came due. This is her fault, yes. However, when we tried to fix the problem, we heard different stories. They received 3 separate payments from us to "solve" the problem. I have now had 2 payments deducted from my checking count without my permission. I am extremely upset and angry with them. Luckily, we are o.k., but someone else might have to go hungry.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2013

Customer Service will often provide different answers depending on who you speak to in regards to basic questions. While this may not be much of an issue early in the loan, later on, it can have drastic consequences. Payment options are non-existent even when compared to Discover, who recently purchased some of the Citibank Student Loans.

Original review: May 29, 2013

So as with everyone, my loan too got sold to Discover. I tried to add extra onto the principal with their website feature. Unbeknownst to me, a portion of this additional payment was going towards interest! So basically, I am paying the minimum payment and 10% of the additional I am adding to principal was going into Discover's pocket as interest!!! It's ridiculous! So now it has been a MONTH and I still haven't received any reimbursement! Make sure you NEVER add extra to the principal using their website! Even the own employees say that the website doesn't work!!!

Original review: March 18, 2013

Do not use this company. It took them 5 months of me calling, being so upset and asking to speak with supervisors who are always busy. I had representatives tell me they were sending "urgent" emails to the back office that my payoff was not posted even though I sent them and they cleared and took my 10,000 dollars and they refused to send me my refund of $304. They would not give me a payoff statement proving my account was zero and I still had collections people calling me and sending me a late fee letter. Now finally, a supervisor says she is "willing" to direct deposit my refund and send me my statement because this took "unusually long" and she doesn't know why. No supervisor would speak with me. This is the 5th time I've been told this in months, so we will see. The representatives are very nice, but it seems as though they are untrained and don't know what to say and I have to deal with this all the time.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 30, 2013

As you may or may not know, Citibank sold its portfolio of student loans to Discover back in September of 2012. I got a notice yesterday that Citibank somehow made a mistake and forgot to add the appropriate amount of interest to my principal loan balance to the tune of almost $4,300. Really? I have a huge problem with this for a few reasons:

1. Citibank should accurately determine the interest due on their customer's account. Their alleged failure to do so constitutes a loss that I should not be accountable for.
2. The sale of these loans had been completed for months prior to this "discovery" by Citibank. Whatever deal was made between the two was done. If Citibank comes crying to Discover saying that they messed up, too bad. The problem is, Discover is only more than happy to tack on this interest since it means even more revenue for them.
3. There is a clause in the agreement that prohibits this in my opinion.

4. It is pretty shoddy business tactic to pull something like this.

I am going to consult with my attorney regarding this because I believe it is illegal and unfair business practices. Discover will tell you they can do this because you agreed to pay all interest under the promissory note. I believe that this excuse is not enough to justify their actions and that they may be prohibited by law from doing this. It may fall under unfair business practices. Both entities should be very careful. There are many attorneys out there who would love to file a class action suit against defendants with such big pockets and many, many borrowers who would gladly join to ensure that other borrowers are treated more fairly in the future.

I encourage anyone out there who is experiencing this to contact their state and/or congressional representative to let them know this has occurred. There are a number of bills in Congress dealing with private student loans. Maybe it is time to add one more.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 24, 2012

My daughter called to find out why her Citibank auto payment had not posted and found out the loans were transferred to Discover. To add to the misery, she stopped receiving statements. She set up auto-payments through her bank, which have been sent to Discover for the last several months. Yet the loans were sent to collection in early December and categorized as defaulted student loans.

She has made no less than 20 phone calls in the last 2 months. Neither Citibank nor Discover are giving her help, and she keeps getting shuffled around from department to department every time she calls. She has never been late on a payment, and I am hoping she can get this cleared up soon and the adverse effects to her credit removed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2012

I wish I could rate this a 0 or negative number because that's how awful their company and customer service is.

So my loans (as many others I'm sure) through Citibank got sold to Discover. I was not made aware of the date of this transition so I scheduled my payment as usual through Citi's website. I figured (first mistake, assuming they'd be competent or helpful) that Citi would transfer that payment to Discover whenever this transition was complete. Boy, was I wrong.

Later in the month I logged into the Citi site and it directed me to Discover and I created an account there. The Discover site was showing that I did not have any payments pending and that I owed them the full payment amount. I couldn't recall at this point if I had made that original payment and also emailed Discover to ask if they had any pending payments. They didn't, so I scheduled a payment.

Last week the payment I made to Discover went through and today the initial scheduled payment to Citi also went through, overdrawing my account and leaving me with nothing until my next paycheck. I called Citi. They told me "we do not have your loans on file anymore - you need to call Discover." I then called Discover and the nice and helpful representative told me that the payment I made to Discover was in fact the correct payment and that Citi should not have withdrawn funds knowing fully well that I was no longer their customer. She even put me on hold and called them to fix the situation and told me to call them back and essentially, "give them hell," in nicer terms of course! She told me that unfortunately, it would take them 7-10 business days to refund the money but she was at least able to get them to do that.

So, I called Citi and got to talk to a lovely woman there, who was just so understanding. In fact, I'm pretty sure she said, "I understand your situation" about 15 times during the call. She proceeded to be of no help whatsoever and did not at any point try and help or even pretend to care. She even had the nerve to try and blame all of this on me, telling me, "Well, you shouldn't have scheduled the payment with us. Our system has no way of tracking whether a payment is made correctly. If it is scheduled, we take the funds.” Wow. So you're basically admitting no fault in this and that your crappy system can't even catch a simple thing like, "Oh I don't know, taking funds from a person that is no longer a customer nor has loans through your company?" Yeah, you're right - that sounds hard.

Bottom line is that Citibank Student Loans are awful, horrible, terrible - do not get a loan through them. They are also not sympathetic at all to job loss (as I can see in other comments below as well). I had been unemployed due to a layoff a couple years back and they did absolutely nothing to help or show the least amount of care.

Apologies for the lengthy note but I needed to get that all out there. Hope this is helpful to others!

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Original review: Sept. 27, 2012

If you have a student loan with Citibank, you should review your statement that comes to you each month. I happen to have two student loans with Citibank that I pay early every month as well as apply extra to the principal. My boyfriend was looking over my statements with me and as he is a CPA, he noticed my interest that is applied each month to my student loan varies greatly. One month is close to $20 and another would be $6 for no rhyme or reason. Although my statement tells me how much was applied to principal vs. interest, it does not break down how much interest went to my loans. Although I have called multiple times to varying customer service reps to try to get answers on how my interest was being applied, the only real responses I've received was that I am either a waste of their time to talk to or I am too stupid to understand student loans - and that Citibank's attorneys don't understand their loans either!

Citibank makes it impossible for me to audit my own student loans on how I am paying them off because they throw in as many variables as possible - such as it depends on what day of the month I am paying my loan as well as the fact that my interest rate can change quarterly. Each month, the daily interest rate should change since I am applying as much extra to the principal, but the interest I pay each month still seems to be $20 a month. I have asked for an amortization schedule, which they did send me promptly, but no one will explain to me payments that I have made in the past which I believe they messed up. I know it is only $10 a month extra and that I don't even pay enough student loan interest to write it off on my taxes anymore, but that isn't the point.

The point is that no one at Citibank will assist me. They treat me terribly over the phone although I remain calm and ask very direct questions that you would think I would receive direct answers to. No one at Citibank will explain to me what they are doing. I am currently still paying my loan as always and trying to get rid of my student loan so I never have to deal with them again - and because that is my only choice right now. I don't want to stop paying my loan and be reported to a credit bureau but I also don't think it is fair that Citibank is allowed to charge consumers whatever they chose and not give consumers a clear mathematical reason why. They should be able to tell me each month what I am being charged daily for each loan as well as be told how many days were in that cycle.

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Original review: Sept. 10, 2012

I am so tired of being harassed by Citibank Student Loans corporation. Now I guess it is Discover. I am a cosigner, my daughter (when employed) was actually paying extra each month. Upon downsizing, she lost her job. She has a job that pays little but it is a job. So she falls behind in her payments and within three days of being late, Citibank calls not once, but four times a day. I then get two, if not three letters. They won't help her. They insist upon payments that she is unable to make. Since I am the cosigner, they harass me, also insisting that I make the payment which they'll gladly take over the phone. They report late payments every 30 days, they have ruined my credit.

What other company calls within three days of being late? Does she owe the money? Yes, but let's be real. Citibank won't even help her by lowering her payment to something she could afford. So they'd rather have nothing and continue to harass us. What is she to do? Well according to them, I should make the payments. She has offered to give them her first born, when that happens, but they declined. College loans are the biggest moneymaking scam there is. They charge these students thousands of dollars so that the CEO of Citibank/Discover can make multimillion-dollar bonuses. I truly hope the next president helps with this issue. We are the 99%.

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