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Chevy Chase sent me a letter with approval on my home loan reduction. I have a current loan with the bank. I have completed all the papers right away. Six months has passed, and they constantly come up with some excuses why it is taking so long. Customer Service people are very disorganized. It is impossible to get a status update. Each person tells a different thing. It has been very frustrating going through this process. I hope it will be over soon.

Satisfaction Rating

I opened an investment with the person named, **. She didn't mention it was an annuity when it was opened. All she mentioned was it fluctuates along with the stock market, which in the end will always be to my benefit. She never mentioned penalties or fees for early withdrawal. Basically, she didn't explain anything. I specifically did not know that $520.00 fees would be charged for closing the annuity.


We called these folks well over one year before we had any problems and tried to refinance our mortgage. "We aren't working with people in California" was Chevy Chase's exact response - proof that they knew problems were forthcoming. Their representative Shirley ** was very dishonest and lied about not receiving documentation until we proved she had received it (she had forgotten she had clicked the read receipt in her Outlook). This would be a long story if I told it all but the bottom line is Chevy Chase refused our 775k short sale, foreclosed, and then sold our home for only 750k just 3 months later. They ruined our lives out of their greed and with total dishonesty. Do not trust Chevy Chase or Shirley **! Lost everything we had - now struggling to eat. All could have been avoided with an honest lender.


My so called best friend Rhonda ** was working with this broker company called Apex Lending. She told me how good they were and to get my house refinanced. My husband and I were temporarily split up so I filled out along. This broker company was well aware of this. They had me sign loan documents by myself at my house and told me I was going to get a fixed rate of two percent for five years not going negative. The last loan I was in, that’s what was happening, and so that was a reason to refinance my home. I also wanted to take out money to give my husband for my home because of a divorce going on. Somehow there were two sets of loan documents and they told my husband he was getting all the money out of the loan and chased him out to Corona because he did not want to sign the documents.

He signed at least a week later than me. The notary lied about the date he signed, and now he is no longer a notary, and in his journal, he claims to the secretary of state is lost or stolen. I called Apex Lending and told them they screwed up this whole loan and they said my three days had passed. My husband contacted them after he signed the documents so quickly because they rushed him, but he did have his best there with him so he does know the date he signed on, but told him he could not do anything about the loan either. I never saw the final papers, nor did I get bills from the mortgage company which is Chevy Chase bank. I did get three payments behind and tried contacting the bank and they would not talk to me because they said I was not on the loan. This went on for about four months. So I did a three-day ex parte and took my husband to court so the judge would tell him to cooperate and talk to the bank and tell them to talk with me. By this time it is going into February and I am still payments behind. My loan is so screwed up that I am about $10,000 negative already.

Capital One took over Chevy Chase Bank in February 27th, the day they filed default on us. I had been trying to work and talk with the bank, but they refused to work with us at all. They said we owed some crazy amount of money and foreclosed on our home. Finally, someone from Chevy Chase Bank, a woman named Jenna ** said we were going to get a loan modification done. She postponed the sale date for about eight months until Capital One finally took completely over. On December 2nd, we got a letter from Capital One saying that we did not qualify for a loan modification due to the fact we did not have enough collateral in our home.

Yes we do have about $150,000 of equity. My sale date was for December 4th. That sent me in a tailspin so I was coerced into filing for Chapter 13. After a 41-minute taped conversation with Capital One, some guy tells me, too bad, I am one of the unfortunate ones that fell through the crack of these bank mergers. This is so not right. I have been in my home 32 years. We never had a problem before until these brokers ripped us off. Everyone says the bank did it, but hey, is not anyone going after the brokers and the notary? Can you please help us?

When my bank, Chevy Chase, was taken over by Capital One, I received a letter from Capital One asking me to pay off my "loan" in the amount of 5000 dollars.

I did not recall having taken a loan, so I phoned their 800 number - they could not figure it out, so I went to the branch office in Potomac, MD. They said that 5 months ago, my overdraft feature had been activated in the amount of 5000 dollars and this was the loan.

However, this is a savings account and it had a constant balance of 240,000 dollars in it at all times - there was no overdraft. I spent three hours of Kafka-like conversations. The branch manager agreed with me that this made no sense, and called their loan department and their consumer relations department but to no effect. This is theft.

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I had a paycheck (almost 1,000). It went to my old address. Someone (I believe the homeowner) took my mail, opened it , forged my name and cashed the check. It was not even a complete first name. There was no last name in the signature and the bank obviously did not request an ID, thumbprint, nothing. The only thing on the back of the check is a part of a signature of my partial name and my phone number when I lived at the address. I went to Chevy Chase now Capital One and they refused to credit me on the spot.

They said the person I believe stole the check closed their account with Chevy Chase five days after the check was cashed. They stated that because I am not a customer and the suspected fraudulent party is no longer a customer that they cannot pay me and they need to let law enforcement research it. Funny, don't they have surveillance cameras? In addition, law enforcement informed me it may take some time as it is not at the top of their priority list. I am a single mom with MS. I worked hard until 1am for 2 weeks straight to earn that paycheck. How is that fair? How did the teller cash the check with no ID? It's their fault. They should refund me ASAP!


My direct deposit (which I had gotten twice a month from the same employer for 7 years) was deposited into another customer's account. I found this out when I got a notice that my mortgage, Washington Gas and American Express card payments were returned.

I went into a downtown DC branch and was treated abhorrently by the "customer service" representative. She assumed, rather than looking into the situation, that I was in error, and when I became angry, she called a security guard and threatened to have me forcibly removed. Granted, I was quite angry (and rightfully so) but I was not abusive, threatening or unprofessional. She, however, was rude and simply told me that I needed to transfer funds if I wanted my problem resolved.

When I finally got a manager who looked into the problem, I was told it was an "automation error" and was the fault of Chevy Chase bank. Chevy Chase wrote a letter to my creditors explaining that the overdraft was not my fault, and was the result of their oversight. I changed banks as soon as possible. I'm thrilled that they were bought by Capitol One, and hope all of their useless and unprofessional employees are standing in an unemployment line.

Eventually, they did resolve my problem. But only after I became angry and demanded to see a manager. The initial employee to whom I spoke was more interested in getting back to doing her nails while she spoke to her friend (identified only as "gir" while I waited 15 minutes for her to end her conversation about "girl's" boyfriend) than in helping me with a very serious problem! I consider putting someone's paycheck into the wrong account pretty serious, anyway!

I did have to file a resolution dispute with the Maryland Utility Commission. Washington Gas initially told me that even though they received the letter from Chevy Chase informing them that the overdraft was not due to my error, they had a policy that returned payments for any reason resulted in them no longer accepting checks from the customer. They sent me a notice that I had to pay my Washington Gas bill in person and in cash. This was the first time I had ever had a payment returned, and I had never had a late payment, so this policy was pretty draconian anyway!

The Maryland Utility Commission found in my favor, and required Washington Gas to continue to accept my online checks for payment. They did tell me, however, that I was still responsible for the overdraft fee of $25.00, and would have to take that up with Chevy Chase, which I never bothered doing. I wouldn't want to interrupt more girl talk for actual banking business.


On June 14, 2010, my fiance deposited $100 into my Chevy Chase bank account via the ATM. He gave me a receipt and the transaction appeared immediately in my account, I checked via email. By June 15t, per the bank's stated policy, the deposit should have been posted to the account. It was. Having no concerns, I lost, threw away or did not keep track of the receipt. On June 17, 2010, the deposit was reversed by the bank. Chevy Chase cited it could not verify the deposit.

I requested an investigation into the matter and was told it would take up to 10 business days. During the 'investigation', three charges hit my account; there was not enough available to cover the charges. Chevy Chase charged $105 in bank fees and I incurred $50 in fees from the creditors who did not receive their payment. I called Chevy Chase numerous times during this ten-day period. Each different CSR I spoke with gave me a different story about the status of the investigation. Some said that it had never been initiated and some said it was under way. No representative allowed me to speak with a manager.

I went in person to the bank where this transaction took place and spoke with the assistant branch manager who essentially told me that they had not received an envelope or anything from the transaction and that my fiance must not have deposited it. My fiance is a police officer who did not appreciate the insinuation in the least. I asked that she investigate her employees for theft and to examine the video tape. She flippantly told me her employees don't steal and that she would not look at the video. I received a letter dated June 23, 2010 later that day stating that the bank's investigation was complete and that the bank's logs could not verify the deposit.

I went to the local police station this morning to report the theft of my deposit and will be taking civil action to recover fees and damage to my financial reputation. Do not use this bank.


I have not been happy with Chevy Chase Bank's NSF practice since they merged with Capital One. Several times a $2.00 lunch at McDonald's, ends up costing me $37.00 ($35.00 NSF). I've gone to the Sterling and Leesburg branches to see why on the same date, CCB pays the largest check card debit first then the smaller ones (i.e. $300, then $5, then $2 - all for which I'm charged a NSF where if they paid the $5 and $2, I would have only been charged 1 NSF).

I was told by a rep that they assume the larger debit is more important and pay it first. Then when I asked about giving me a break for the $2.00, I was told that they can't do that since merging with Capital One. I plan on looking for another bank even though I've been with CCB for 10 years.


I have been a customer of Chevy Chase Bank for more than 10 years. I have always found their customer service to be a little lacking, but I have stayed with them because of the convenience lots of branches in the area and ATMs. But my latest run-in with them has pushed me over the top; I need a new bank.

I made a large deposit at an ATM this past weekend. The deposit was to my personal account from my business account (both at Chevy Chase). There were more than ample funds in the business account to cover the deposit. On Monday, the bank bounced a check that hit my account; and on Tuesday, they bounced two more because they put a hold on a large portion of the deposit.

When I called to complain, their response was "It is our policy to hold a portion of all funds when a deposit is made at an ATM, until the funds can be verified." I pointed out to them that both accounts are at their bank; how long can verification take? In fact, should it not be immediate when they punched in the deposit, given the account is at their bank.

Their response was to tell me "That is our policy--funds must be verified. If you do not like our policies, you should consider banking someplace else." No kidding, that is what they said. So, I would take that as good advice, and it is exactly what I am now doing finding another bank.

By the way, if you are curious why I make deposits going from one account to another, it's because their computer system will not allow a business account and a personal account to be connected. So I have to write my self a check and drive to the bank to deposit it when I want to move money. Perhaps, this antiquated system (or just shoddy policy) should have been a hint that these people are not customer-focused.

When a business makes things unnecessarily complicated for you and have lots of fees they can collect when something goes wrong, they are probably just trying to help you make a mistake they can make money from. Remember, they are now going to collect $35 x 3 = $105 in fees for the bounced checks that they caused! I would take their advice and look for another bank.


A while ago, I changed a large portion of my direct deposit that was originally going to Chevy Chase Bank over to another institution. I did however leave a smaller portion directed to Chevy Chase. As a long-time customer of Chevy Chase, I felt that I was not getting any benefits or offers for which other banks were offering to their customers. In light of this, I felt my primary business would be better served somewhere else. And it is!

However, since making this change, I've been incurring outrageous, strange, and unnecessary charges by Chevy Chase. For instance, after changing my account, I notified all business that I'd setup automatic withdrawals for bill payments of my new account number with the other institution. Well, one of the companies apparently had not changed the info in their system and as a result attempted to make a charge to the Chevy Chase account. As a result, CC Bank charge me a $35 NSF fee. When the same company attempted to resubmit the charge a second time, again CC Bank charge me another NSF fee of $35. This should be illegal!

When I called CC Bank to inquire, I was told that there was nothing I could do besides pay $25 to do a stop payment for the company who submitted the charges. It was also suggested that I do this per each company that had previous access to my account number just in case they were to do the same. I thought to myself, "Are you serious/crazy? After you charged me $70 bucks already for something out of my control, now you want me to pay $25 per account that I had attached to my CC Bank account as preventive measurements?"

I further inquired if there was anything else or service available through CC Bank to protect their customers from such incidents. The rep repeated, "You can do stop payments, but otherwise CC Bank charges a fee of $35 regardless of who's at fault." I did even better than that and closed my account completely with CC Bank. I was correct in moving my money from these people who are ripping off their customers. Do not bank with these folks. Their best interest is not in their customers, as they obviously do not value them. Maybe, they're charging their customers to stay afloat!


I banked with Chevy Chase for most of my adult life. I had a HELOC, Checking Account (Platinum,) and Credit Card with them. The bank notified me via mail that they were freezing my HELOC due to the drop of value in my home. This was acceptable as there was no way they can control my home value. However, they have my email address and phone number and did not reach out to me in either of those ways. The HELOC was my overdraft protection, which I used very liberally and repaid each month. Since I was out of town, I was using my bank account as normal and before I knew it, I had accrued several hundred dollars in fees.

I complained over the phone on a Saturday and was told my fees could not be refunded as they are not responsible for monitoring my account. I would have paid for another overdraft protection service, but none was offerred and my complaint wasn't heard. Afterwards, I sent an email to their customer service so someone could slowly read through my complaint and understand why I was upset. They refunded only three of the fees and responded to each note in my complaint as if they hadn't read it. At that point no one understood my complaint. I sent a follow up and asked it to be sent to management, but never heard back.

Since then, I have closed my account and am in the process of cancelling my credit card. I would end my HELOC if that were feasible. This bank no longer deserves my money. $300+, plenty of stress


I keep getting several hundred dollars worth of insufficient fund fees because my cash deposits are not being credited timely and even though I make smaller transactions first they honor a higher amount that comes in after the smaller transactions were made. Esentially, they are reversing the smaller transactions and then posting (in this case 20 NSFs resulted)a larger amount. This has been happening even since they merged with CapitalOne.


I have been a Chevy Chase Bank Visa card member since 2004. When I first obtained the Visa card, it was at a modest interest rate. In March of 2004 I was in Iraq, coming under mortar fire, being shot at, and had my convoy stopped three times for road side bombs to be detonated. I was late in making a payment to Chevy Chase Bank Credit Card in March of 2004 and my interest rate went up to approximately 29.99%. I have called multiple times to request that the interest be lowered and each time am told that because of that late payment in March of 2004, nothing can be done to lower my rate, despite the fact that I have been making on time payments and significantly reduced the total amount on the card. I have even been told that Chevy Chase Bank Visa is not a charity and that because of the recently enacted rules and regulations by Congress, they can not lower my rate. I find the first statement insulting and the latter statement questionable.

I have asked that an account manager call to discuss this and have been told that one would call within 24 48 hours, but no one ever calls. It is further distressing to been shown this degree of disrespect and gives the appearance that Chevy Chase Bank customers are only there to be gouged for profit making and not as a type of partnership that is mutually and respectfully beneficial for both Chevy Chase Bank and their customers. In recent e-mail correspondence with the Chevy Chase Bank, there is a continued refusal to lower the rate back to the pre-Iraq travel amount.

Furthermore, Chevy Chase Bank absolutely refuses to lower the rate and blames Congress, my ineptitude in not making a payment while my life is in danger, and on the economy. At first I was simply requesting that the interest rate be returned to the original percentage of the card and that Chevy Chase Bank revisit their policies that might lead to punishment of Americans who make one time late payment while their life is in danger. Now, given the type and manner of responses I have received from Chevy Chase Bank, I am asking that the interest rate be retroactively lowered with a corresponding adjustment in the balance on their credit card. Financially, it is probably a net of ~$10,000 extra in charges. The frustration is considerable, which is why I am writing this at 3am.


The Bank Branch Manager, Barbara S discriminated me. I had a legal power of attorney to conduct affairs for both of my parents. I needed to wire money to an overseas hospital as my father lay dying in it. The manager refused to grant me access to the funds or follow her bank's procedures and fax my power of attorney to her legal department for review. She acknowledged that one of the power attorney's had been notarized by her employee (who was standing 10 feet away) and in the very branch we were standing in about 1 month prior. She did not refute that this was authentic or legal. In fact, during branch hours, she put her coat on to leave even though she knew I had a life or death situation. She refused to call her supervisor to escalate my issue.

I called and left David W, her supervisor (VP), an emergency message. He did not return my call for 22 hours. The next day, I went to the other Bowie, MD branch and was treated respectfully. They immediately faxed my power of attorney to their legal department and I was granted full access to all funds and account within 30 minutes. The power of attorney is a legal instrument that Barbara S refused to accept. I escalated the issue up to SR. VP. Bob B. I am unsure if he investigated the issue, although, I know the incident was video and audio taped. Barbara S continues to be the branch manager. Why didn't Chevy Chase Bank fire or at least demote her?

I was unable to transfer the money in required time frame set by the hospital who threatened to pull the plug on all life support systems. I had to beg them not to. I had to borrow funds until and wire money from another bank. I was extremely distraught and still have nightmares and cry over this incident.


I have been charged two overdraft fees of $35.00each. I recently spoke to a Ms. T in the Chevy Chase Bank office and she was of absolutely no help what so ever. The two charges were for amounts of $3.08, and for $1.05. These charges were made prior to a $4.94 purchase at MacDonalds. If there was an overdraft, it should have been only one and that should have been for the $4.94 purchase since it was the last purchase. Resolution sought: 1) I would like a correction made to the overdraft charges, and 2) In the future, if there are insufficient funds in my account, I do not want purchases approved by the bank.


Today Chevy Chase sent me a loan transfer notice, originally July 30, 2009. It says loan date was August 29, 1997 in the amount of $18,800.00 Loan # **. There is no knowledge of what the loan is for and no copy of the said promissory note available for examination. This is not mine. A garnishment of my wages in the amount of $1,000.00 monthly has made it impossible to pay my mortgage. I can't pay for my prescriptions most of the time either (not on time anyway). My house is in foreclosure state. I am 73 and totally stressed out.


In January or February 2009, I called the bank to report a lost or stolen bank card. That card was cancelled, and the new card was mailed to me. At the time I cancelled the old card, I was told that if purchases come on that card, those charges would not be honored. On May 11, 2009, the charges were posted against the old bank card and were debited from the checking account. It caused an overdraft. I did not remember making those charges.

So I did come to the Laurel Branch bank to talk to someone about this charge. I put in over $500.00 to cover this overdraft and charges. The amount $311.89 was taken out of this account to pay for the charges against old card number. They were going to investigate the matter. I received a letter from Chevy Chase Bank that you determined that was not a billing error and that it did not occur. This letter was dated 5/27/09 for $135.95, $14.99, and $160.94. This charge was made on the old credit card and was charged to the new credit card. The charge was paid to Women Within for $160.94, Romans for $135.95, and Romans for $14.99, totaling $311.89.

If this charge was not credited to the company that I made it to, the account would not be overdrawn and I would not had all the NSF charges. Chevy Chase Bank should have not honored those charges that were made on the old card. I spoke to someone at Laurel Branch that I have forgotten that I have made charges in December 2008 on deferred charges to come out in May 2009. So I was ok with it that they pay those companies. But I ask for those NSF charges to be waived, because charges should not have come out of the new card.

On May 29, 2009, a charge for $216.55 ACH debit was debited from my account. Stop payment was on the account for Cash Call ACH. I was told by the Chevy Chase bank employee that a stop payment was good for one year. When I came in the Laurel Branch and talked to the manager, he opened me a new account and said the old account would be closed. Before the old account was closed, another charge from the same company was posted against my account, causing, again, more overdraft and more bank fees. I came to Chevy Chase Bank more than one time to resolve this problem. I have talked on the phone to the employee and have not got any help to this problem. But I was told to just write a letter.

On July 17, 2009, Chevy Chase Bank debited $515.45 from my new account to credit to the old account for the overdraft that was made by NSF charges and debit that should not have been against that account. I am asking Chevy Chase Bank to refund all NSF charges and my $515.45 back to me. Because if you did not pay $311.89 on May 8, 2009, there would not have been any overdraft. Because on July 21, 2009, I received a letter from Women Within for $160.94, Romans for $135.95 and Romans for $14.99 with the total amount of $311.89. That Chevy Chase Bank did not give the credit for those charges and asked them for the money back.

If Chevy Chase Bank did not pay my bills, where is my $311.89 and the money that was debited from my accounts? Where are the funds? Also, Chevy Chase Bank placed R19 against me, so I cannot open any account at any bank. I feel that Chevy Chase Bank needs to help resolve this problem with both these accounts and release the R19 off my name, so I can go to another bank to open account or reopen my account at Chevy Chase Bank. As of today, I have not been helped by Chevy Chase or refunded the money that is owed to me.


I have been using Chevy Chase Bank for three years now. I overdrew my account $15 with 5 transactions each only a couple dollars. Each transaction, I was charged $35, giving me a total negative balance of $190. Being charged $35 each transaction in the negative to me is robbery. More than half of my next paycheck will go to these overdraft fees. I would understand a $5 overdraft fee, but $35 is outrageous, cruel, manipulative, and crazy. No bank would charge that much, if they actually cared about their customers. I am no longer banking with Chevy Chase Bank and wouldn't recommend anyone to bank with a business that conducts business like that.


The credit card company has changed the date they take out finance charges at least 7 times without any prier notification. This I was never aware of or have I ever been advised was going to happen. so I knew that the charge was on the first day of the month, as per one statement I had checked. (There is no way to see this info online) so I checked my balance before I went to get some gas. Got gas, went out of town, returned and on Monday morning made a payment of $11, which would make me have at least $20. As per what the online read. So I would have enough for gas for another time. But after making payment checked back online only to find they charged me over the limit fee of $39 for $7 over limit.

After checking another statement I found that they had changed the billing cycle days without telling me. As it had been on the first of the since every bill as of 01-01-09. I called they told me that the billing cycle had always been on the 8th of the month, I said that was wrong, only to be treated very rudely. So they gave me no help told me I did not know what I was talking about. Said they would only return fee on bank error.

The date change is an error that they will not admit to. I tried calling 2 more times, one even with a supervisor and got treated just as rude as first call. Telling me the date has always been on the 8th of the month. so over the past couple days I found as many bills as I could. Went through them and found that they changed the billing cycle at least 7 times without prier notification.

so called back up again, agent would not put me though to a supervisor, she would not even listen to what I said. She told me I was wrong and that just tough, she would not give me her name. I asked again for supervisor. She would not do it. All I want is my money returned, and for the bank to fix their mistake. This will mess up my credit to get increase on limit. At this point I do not want them any more, I will find another bank.

To top this all off they have been charging me 27.24% and raised that rate as far as the statement reads to 82.41% I had also said something about that and was told I was wrong again. The bill clearly has those numbers right on it. This bank has been abusing me for a long time. I need help. Why can they change dates without telling me. Their changing the date made me not see the true balance in the account, as I would not have used that card. This will ruin my credit which I had no problems for at least two years.


My husband lost his job last March 2008. We have had a mortgage with Chevy Chase Bank since June 2002 and have never paid a day late in all that time. We contacted the bank asking for their advise last August telling them what had happened. They informed us that we have to pay the exact and full amount and if we dont after 3 months they would put us into court and repossese our house. We were amazed at how rude they were and how agresseive. They told us that they want to see us bankrupt and that we had to cash our 401k sell everything we posess to keep paying the mortgage.

We did cash in our 401 and at the same time faxed in a hardship form along with tax returns and my pay slips. Unfortunatly I earn around one third of what my husband did or we wouldnt have a problem. When ever we ring we can never get the same person and we kept ringing them to try and find out who now had this very personal information and no could ever tell us except that they seem to have one of the highest staff losses I know as the person you spoke to last time has always just left the company. 5 times we have faxed this information and the last time we did email to a staff member directly only to wait over 3 weeks for him to contact us back, only again after us chasing him. In March this year in desperation we didnt pay the mortgage to see if someone would at least then call us back. Sure enough they did. I explained to them why we had taken this drastic step as we have given up trying to contact someone anyone at the bank. It is nothing to hang on for over an hour and half and then the phone to cut you off.

We were so pleased when the President passed his scheme in March to help people like us we thought. I wanted to pay them all my salary and then live in my husbands unemployment so that they would get half of the payment and sent in the checks. They send all the checks back as they wont accept anything except the full amount owed and now they charge up 159.00 late fee each month. One lady there said that sounded resonable but they still wont accept anything. We are at our whits ends to know what to do or where to turn to. After having a perfect credit score of over 750 they have now reported us to the credit agencies and so we have a bad score now. We are not asking for charity we want to pay and this should only be a tempory situation. We understand that the amount we owe would be added to the loan and when he gets a job again we will pay it all back.

Where do we go for help? I have tried ringing a HUD agency near us and have not heard back from them either. My husband has spoken to one man there now 3 times who tells us that he is dealing with 72 cases the same as us. When he passes all the information/hardship forms up to senoir management they refuse every case. Chevy has just been taken over by Capital One and they borrowed money from the Governament in the bail out so surely they should be helping us out. Perhaps these complacent and mean staff at Chevy Chase should start to think "There but for the grace of God go I". Job losses are very common after a "merger" or take over.

I wonder how the staff at this bank get away with speaking to customers like that. I am a corporate travel agent and if I spoke to any of my clients like that I would be fired. I know you say that a lawyer may contact us after reading this. If you or anyone can advise or help us in this that would be marvellous. We have never been in debt or never not paid a bill before in our lives so this is all new to us.


I noticed there was a transaction on my account for $189.00. This transaction caused my account to go into over draft. I called Chevy CHase and told them I did not make this transaction. I filed a verbal Fraud report. In the mean time, the continued to hit my account at $35.00 over drafts fees till now they total nearly $800 in one month. I do not have money for food, or anything. My cable, everything is being shut off. I called the company that debted my account the $189.00 I found out this was an internet transaction for a CD to learn power point. How had this happened? A 13 year old child had use my card to get "Game points" for what they tought was a free CD. (They didn't know to read the fine print) In the mean time the company said they would refund my money promptly.

Well... their promptly took nearly 3 weeks to refund. In the mean time, I had assumed the money was put back in my account. I coul not access my account as CHevy chase closed my card and chaged the pin. When I got the new card, I still could not access my account until they sent me the new pin. (Almost 3 weeks not knowing what is going on) I finally was able to access my account and find I have been charged nearly $800 in one month in bounce check fees. Neither the software company or Chevy Chase will refund my money at all. Chevy Chase says the software company should pay the fees. The software company says they refunded what was taken, and that Chevy Chase should have put a freeze on my account, and that they fees I have been charged are in excess. I am a single mom... I don't know how I will ever got out of this mess. I have cried, worried myself sick... etc. Now, Chevy Chase wnts me to prosecute the 13 year old? Why? They do not have the money! The 13 yer old is a neighbors child. I cannot believe this... what can I do? What is the next turn???


Chevy Chase is predatory lending at its worst. I contacted Chevy Chase in January. I was overwhelmed, had lost my job and wanted to see if we could work together. It was an unpleasant conversation. My pipes had burst and the insurance company and I were fixing the damage. I made the mistake of telling Chevy Chase I wasn't living in the house during the renovation. They put me on the vacant list. I fell a month behind on the mortgage and came home to the locks being changed without any note. I filed a police report, gained access back into the house and bought new locks. Chevy admitted to changing the locks and initially said I could go back into the house when I brought my mortgage current. I had not received a notice of default or anything else at that point.

I was able, with help, to bring my mortgage current, fix it up, and put it on the market. Then in March, I got a notice from Chevy that they never received my insurance renewal and I would have to use their insurance, which provided less coverage and cost ridiculously more. I contacted Allstate, who showed that Chevy had received and paid the insurance months ago. Chevy said that since the house is vacant, they advised Allstate to stop coverage and since they did not get anything in writing from Allstate, they considered my policy no longer valid. Allstate had no record of any correspondence from Chevy. I pleaded with my agent from Allstate on the line for Chevy to take me off the vacant list and stop harassing me. Chevy agreed, telling me they would talk to their manager the next day. We faxed my insurance policy and hoped the harassment would stop.

In April, I accepted an offer and the buyer scheduled their inspection. I came home on the day of the inspection to find that on April 15th, my lock was torn apart and the house winterized - which meant all the utilities were manually turned off. My mortgage is completely current and had been since our first encounter. I did everything I could to get the house ready for the inspection by the potential buyer. I called the police the next day so it would be documented and because I didn't want potential buyers dealing with the police. He called LPS services, who claimed that they were contracted by Chevy, but could not release to me any info about why my house is continually broken into by them.

A representative from Chevy also talked to the officer briefly. She told me earlier that until I proved to them the house wasn't vacant, they couldn't take me off the list. The officer was only able to talk to the rep from Chevy briefly before she disavowed any knowledge of LPS and hung up on him. I don't know what to do. I feel my house will be broken into at any time. I fear that Chevy will scare away my buyers. I have talked with them repeatedly, often with a third party present, listening and once on tape with a wonderful representative from Hope Now. I will send a fax asking them to stop, but I won't know if it made a difference until they break in again.

I have a well-maintained and secure house. My realtor sign is in the yard. There is a key box by the door for realtors and there are cards inside from prospective buyers. They come destroy my deadbolt and leave a dinky cheap door. This prevents realtors from showing my house, but any criminal can easily enter with a card. I don't know how Chevy can say they are securing my home and protecting their investment. It's hard to convince people you are not in foreclosure when your bank is trying to keep you out of your house.


On September 2008 I contacted Chevy Chase Bank to discuss the option to do a loan modification. I have been calling since then today it's March 25, 2009, and no one has been able to help me. Every person I have been talking to me keep sayn it takes about 2 to 3 weeks Well it's been 6 months. I have no received a response to anything or even a loan modification. all this resulted to what Chevy Chase Bank adj rate, and payment went from $1850 to $6748 that was due to????? escrow balance.

Is has been hard physical and metal.


In December 2008 I ran my annual credit report from all three credit agencies and found that my address was changed and I had a Chevy Chase credit card account that was not mine. I called Chevy Chase and they looked up my social security number and confirmed that I did not have an account open with them. They checked my husbands account and confirmed that I was not on his account. I sent a letter to the credit agencies asking them to remove from my credit files and change my address back to the correct one. I thought it was strange that the Chevy Chase account was being paid as agreed and in good standing. I couldn't figure out how it got under my name.

In mid-January 2009, Chevy Chase called my husband and asked him if he wanted to make payment of his account that was past due since November 2008. My husband told them that he was thinking he hasn't seen a bill in awhile but couldn't remember how long ago. Chevy Chase said that they were mailing bills to his new? address however they were being returned to Chevy Chase. My husband told them that he has not moved and never changed his address. Chevy Chase said that they just merged with JP Morgan and someone had typed in someone elses information and social security number, so they changed his address back. He asked them to remove the late fees and change his fianc rate back to 9% since he missed two payments the rate changed to 29% because it was not his fault they mailed the statements to the wrong address. They said they would remove some of the late fees and they would NOT change his finance rate back.

My husband tried to explain to them that he has had this account for a very long time and has EXCELLENT payment history and Excellent credit. He wants to pay off the account and close it if they take away the unfair charges due to their mistake. They said NO. My husband told me the address they were sending his statements to and this is the same address on my credit reports. Also, the Chevy Chase account WAS his account because it was the same credit line, payment history and so forth. The credit agencies removed it off my credit files in January 2009 without any explanation and changed my address back. To date we have no idea how his information ended up on my credit reports.

Chevy Chase has closed his account and sent it to collections causing damage to my husbands credit. His credit score was over 800 in November and now it is 730; a 100 point drop. Collections calls our home everyday being nasty and demanding. When we try to explain they wont hear of it. I called and spoke to a couple different managers at Chevy Chase who refused to change anything saying it is his responsibility to make payments on time even if he didnt get a statement. He submitted a letter in writing asking for the charges to be removed. The manager I spoke with said they received it and would respond within 12-18 days. We have never received a response. Also, one manager told me and my husband that I am an authorized user on his account with my social security number. My husband has never added me as a user.

When I called in December they didnt have my social security number then. How did they get it now and how/why did they add me as an authorized user? How/why did they put this account on my credit files? This has to be illegal!! My husband looked up the phone number to the address on our credit file and talked with the lady. She told him she has been getting a lot of mail from Chevy Chase for him and keeps returning it. She also gets a lot of nasty phone calls for my husband and she keeps telling them that they have the wrong number. Even after we reported to them that this was not our address and they said they updated their records. She is very upset.

Yesterday, March 2, Chevy Chase called our house and asked to speak to the lady who lives at the other address. My husband told them that they have changed his account and this ladies account around and that they are making big mistakes but they hung up on him. All we want is our Credit Score back, our original balance back and the nasty collection calls to stop. Is this a situation where we are right? Could you help us with this?


this day i went with my sister to this location the lady "noba" her name she gave us an awful service she rush us during the proces of providing new imformation in the account,she was talking on the phone while she was helping us,her gave us a very poor service i had not seeing something like this,from this moment i think i would like to bank with PNC.


I spoke to this person on the telephone about my mortagae account on January 22,09. I ask her to tell me what I needed to do to bring my mortgage current. I wanted to mail in a certified check to bring this account to a current status. I was told oh no we can take the payment over the phone and there will be a $20.00 fee for this. Well I really don't have an extra $20.00, but she insisted. So I ask three times for the amount she would withdraw from my checking account, I wrote that figure down with my other notes I wanted to be sure I had the right figures and she did not change not one time.

She told me this would bring my account up to date and the next payment would be due March 1st of 09. So I gave her my information for the bank it would come from. Two days later I get a letter from Chevy Chase, that I owe a different amount of money.Then the horror started I get a notice from my bank I am overdrawn by $800.00. I know this can't be right, so I check my bank account and this person took $1,000.00 more than I gave her permission to take.I have tried to talk to the person and was told she added some other fees, then she said she told me about it and I said no you did not.

First she didn't remember me at all. Then she told me she would prove to me what was said because she recorded the conversation. I think she said this because she thought I would back down But I am not I am right about this. If this can happen to me how many others has banks like this done this same thing just because they can say it is your word against mine.I spoke to a supervisor and she said they do not record customers conversations.Why all the lies.We are suffering from the way things are right now.Please tell me do I have a recourse?


I was place on my mother's card as a joint card holder unknowingly when I was younger. When I got older, and started to check my credit report, I discovered this credit card. I have been trying to get my name removed for nearly 5 years or more. All they keep telling me is to fill out the SAME FORMS again, and that someone will get back with me.It has affected my credit score negatively.


I was transferred to a Platinum Account Agent. I was inquiring about fees to my account for using outside ATM services.

When we opened a Platinum account we were told, and their Banking Catalog on page 4 states, Free non-Chevy Chase Bank ATM transactions. There is a footnote, but that only states that out-of-network ATM surcharges will be credited to your account that day -- and the Chevy Chase Bank ATM fee will be refunded to your account when your monthly statement is generated.

My husband and I were VERY disappointed to find out that this only applies to checking account transactions and not transactions on your savings accounts.

I really believe businesses should be really upfront and not try to hide things. What else are they hiding that we aren't aware of, yet?

I guess we keep paying their fees. I was told, I'm sorry about that and I understand your concern, but that's how it is.


My husband, Michael, and I are being charged the maximum APR on both our cards of 29.9%. I discussed this with a phone rep when I paid the cards off several months ago. I was told then- that if I made my payments on time, and did not go over my limit for 6 months- that they would lower my interest rate.So, foolishly, I used my cards again.

When this time period had elapsed I called requesting they lower my interest rate. I was told that they could not lower the rate, did not have any record of the previous conversation, and stated that indeed I was never told that. So- here I am back to square one with balances on both cards, and with the interest rates as such is very difficult to pay them off. But when I do- this time I will cancel both cards, as I intended on doing- prior to being lied to about them lowering my interest rate. If they were part of a class action law suit-- believe me I would take a number.

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