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Last updated: July 18, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 18, 2017

I have a loan with Challenge Financial. I have been with this company since the start of my loan in 2014. It is now 2017 so I have been a long time customer. I have always been treated well by Sandra till they closed that branch and transferred it to Orange County. Art and Diane just horrible treatment. Disrespectful and I am not happy. This has been happening toward the end of my loan term. I called in few months ago. Was told my loan would be paid in full July 2017 so I called in and now am told still owe 650.00 on my loan. In addition to trying to understand why I still owe that money when I was told something completely different in early 2017, I was poorly treated and disrespected during the course of the conversation. When I asked to talk to higher up attitude changed. Unacceptable the way you guys are treating customers.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 4, 2016

Aurora the manager and ALL THE employees I've talked to are LIARS and blame the DMV and others for their mistakes. Challenge Financial services is the RUDEST, WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I've dealt with. They SCREWED with my time and life. They didn't do their job and blame DMV. I DO NOT RECOMMEND them to anyone. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CAR LOAN COMPANY.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 4, 2016

Challenge sent the above car to auction. I bought and registered it 3 years ago in my name only with no problems. Last year I needed a duplicate title and Challenge appeared on title as lien holder. After 6 months, 4 faxes, 2 visits, and 6 phone calls, I cannot get the title release. Challenge refers me to DMV (they can't help) or John ** (their employee). John says he sent it, but I never received and now he refuses to assist further.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 10, 2015

Dishonest company, I have been paying on my car for a little over a year and my balance doesn't seem to be going down at all. I pay every month, but they are out of control. They have no system for us to pay them online without having to pay $15.00 per transaction not that we don't pay them enough money as it is. Very bad company - wish I could change finance companies. My pay dates also changed and they would not work with me to change my pay dates without penalties, etc. I want out. If I could just turn in my car and go get another I would. But that is not an option so I am stuck with them. Uhggg.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2015

I have a vehicle loan with Challenge Financial Services since October 2012. I have been paying on it the last 3 years on time. Earlier in October 2015 I called and spoke to Monica for a payoff amount. She had gave me a total and she stated it was for 10 days. I asked if they take payment over the phone and she said no. Thought that was kind of weird cause if I'm paying off the vehicle, why wouldn't they want it sooner? So I called back and just spoke to whoever answered and requested a payoff again and asked if they take payment over the phone and again was told no. So I didn't pay it off and made my monthly payment as usual.

On October 30, 2015 I had spoken to Monica again and request a payoff amount. She stated that earlier in the month they had already gave me one and I stated that I made a payment since then and want a new one. Towards the end of the conversation, she had asked when I was going to be sending it in. I stated "I am mailing it out today." Monica replied with ok. So that day before mail pick up, I wrote a check for the payoff amount and dropped it off in the mailbox at the post office.

On November 4, 2015 I received a text message stating, "Timothy, This is Monica at Challenge reminding you of your commitment to make your payment tomorrow for $3639.65. Any problems call me at 714-541-3400 X**". So I called at 1231 hours, because I couldn't believe that they haven't received my check yet. I asked to speak to Monica and the representative advised she was away from her desk. So I had him help me and asked if they received my payoff amount check. He looked up my account and said they received it yesterday but there was still a balance of fifty something dollars. I questioned it and said how that is when I called for a payoff amount last Thursday and sent the check in. He stated that he would have Monica call me back.

At 1358 hours, Monica had called me but missed her call. I called her back at 1400 hours, and asked her what was going on with the remaining balance. She had advised that the payoff amount that she quoted me was for that day only. I said ,"Excuse me, you even asked when I was sending it in and I told you that I was mailing it out the day you gave me the payoff amount." She asked what date I put on the check and I told her, "The same date of when you gave me the payoff amount." I told her that I shouldn't be liable of the remaining balance and to even check the recordings of our conversation of that day. So she said she will go over the recording with her manager and call me back. I asked when will I expect a call back and she said by the end of the day.

Didn't receive a call back so I had to call back at 1619 hours, and spoke to Monica and she transferred me to her Manager Fred. I explained to Fred what had happened and asked why I have a remaining balance. Fred then came back with the amount was for that day and asked me when I requested the payoff, did I ask for a 10 day payoff or a 1 day payoff? I told Fred that as a consumer you don't ask for a certain day payoff when a consumer calls for a payoff amount, they assume it's a 10 day one because normally that's what a payoff term is. I told Fred if Monica knew it was for that day, why did she ask when I was sending it in. Fred continued to argue that it wasn't and basically in a roundabout way said it was my fault.

He did acknowledge that they are human and make mistakes. No one should make a mistake when it comes to a huge amount that a consumer is trying to pay off their vehicle. So I told Fred, "Then HONOR your mistake and waive the remaining balance because I told Monica that I was mailing it in and for her not to cut me off and tell me it's for a 1 day payoff amount is not my fault. I also received a text message from you guys reminding me about the commitment and that tomorrow I had to pay it." Fred didn't say anything about the text and stated that he couldn't waive the balance or back date the payoff amount so it doesn't have a remaining balance.

Fred proceeded to tell me that they are doing me a FAVOR for deducting two hundred and something dollars from the interest. I said "doing me a favor, that's what happens when someone pays off their auto loan earlier, YOU DON'T CHARGE THEM THE INTEREST OF THE REMAINING OF THE TERM." So I requested to talk to someone higher than him and Fred said the Manager is on VACATION until next Wednesday. Fred advised that he is the only one that can override the balance. Fred stated he would call me next Wednesday any time before 1300 hours with a resolution. I am holding him to that because again I had to call back in when Monica stated she would call me back.

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Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
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Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: June 21, 2015

I spoke with VP and he was very professional, he was apologetic and promised to next day me my title. I am happy to report that someone from this company for the first time ever, kept to their word and did as they promised. I received my title via FedEx and happy to be done with this company!

Original review: June 12, 2015

I paid off my BMW in February this year. To date I still DO NOT have my title. Spoke with ** she was pleasant and attempted to assist me. The problem with this company is they take NO RESPONSIBILITY for anything. They claim they are only the servicing company. Not sure what that means exactly but I made payments to Challenge Financial and have been paid them for three years! Now they tell me I need to contact the dealer to get my title? I have financed and paid off a number of cars and I have NEVER IN MY LIFE DEALT WITH A CRAZY OUTFIT AS THIS ONE!!! STAY CLEAR PEOPLE... Unless you don't mind dealing with SHADY OUTFIT and wait till who knows when to get what you paid for... YOUR TITLE.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 28, 2014

They will hound you like you're some idiot who doesn't know how to do anything. They are outrageous with their attitudes and threats. I bought a car from a dealership and ended up with them as my finance company. I have paid for two years never missing a payment. When I changed jobs my paydays changed. I called and asked if my payment date could be changed. I was told no, and that I didn't pay on the day they said then they would come take my car from me. Excuse me! Two years never missing a payment and you threaten to take my car if I pay a few days later. It wasn't like I was gonna be 30 days late or anything. And they will call several times a day. In fact they called a few minutes ago and I said I just got off work and am paying the payment in a few minutes. I was in the middle of making the payment and they called again harassing me. Stay clear from them. As soon as I can I am trading my car in and getting my bank to finance me. Then good riddance to CFS.

Original review: May 15, 2014

I was assigned to Challenge by the dealer. Besides the APR too high, I was making my payments on time. After a couple of years I wanted to pay off the truck. That was in November 20013. The pay off was a couple of hundred dollars higher than the payment slip indicated (they requested $4,300). Well I kept making my payments. In April 2014 I checked on the payment slip and notice the payoff amount was higher.

Well to make long story short, for me to get this ugly thieves off my back I had to turned in my truck and got a new car with credit union paying their requested amount of nearly $4,700. Uffff, what a nightmare with that rude unprofessional people. =( My question here is..... with soooo many complaints, WHY is Challenge Financial still in business? o_______0

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2013

I have this car loan for almost 3 years, making my best effort to pay on time and I have done it. Today I called to ask them for an advice since the 5 days grace period they offered will expire in 2 days, but instead of feeling that they appreciate customers who pay on time and we make our best to keep our account in good standing, I was the one calling them to let them know that they will be receiving the payment before the grace period ended and they told me if they want they can send me to collections one day after my due date without giving me any grace period, WHT!!??? Why so much THREATENING???? I'm just so angry that they made me cry in front of my co-workers. I just feel so bad and angry and disappointed. I was trying to be polite and I ended up feeling like POS. There was no need of all of their crap! I will never be polite again to them and I would rather go to collections and buy another car and don't pay the stupid loan... GRRRRRRR!!!

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2013

These people will take advantage of your hardship. They will make you feel like the biggest POS on earth and then they will bend you over and let you take it 8 months down the road when you are still paying $8000 (You left the lot paying $7900 total) and everything breaks and you can no longer afford costly repairs, insurance, a high payment with 22% interest, and their nasty office staff who thinks they are holier than thou! Good luck. I will do whatever I can to make sure no one falls into this trap!

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2013

I marked them with 5 stars when it should have been NO STARS. To date, I still have not received my personal property back from them. Have my car back but everything in the car was stolen. Sent them 4 separate emails and to date, NO RESPONSE.

Original review: Oct. 2, 2013

I've had the worse experience ever with this company. First off to make my monthly payment, it's like pulling teeth. I can't pay it online because I get a message stating that my account cannot be found and same thing happens when I call in for the automated system. I have to physically go to a place and make a payment. They text me almost every day saying, "Your payment is 10 days past due, call. I can help," which is total BS. You call them and all they say is "YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR PAYMENT TODAY!" They once had this rent a cop, Javier, come to my job to repo the car.

He came to my place of work threatening me saying he will have the cops arrest me for theft if I didn't turn in the car, then flashed his plastic security guard badge at me saying he's not trying to intimidate me. Which he didn't given the fact that his English was horrible. He had one of his guys call my phone and my boyfriend picks up. The guy wouldn't say where he was from, just kept saying, "Oh, I've been texting her for days and she's been replying so let me speak to her." Not exactly a good way to conduct business. I had purchased a car before from Toyota a well-known company and never got the treatment I've been getting from this place. Totally looking into refinancing my loan to get rid of these scum bags.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 19, 2013

I purchased my BMW six months ago and to date have spent over $1295/mo. Purchased my car from Vista Motors because of medical reasons I have really bad credit. Vista Motors said they could get me financed with Challenge Financial Services. I put $3000 down and they wanted another $1000 in one week which I paid. Two weeks later I receive a call from Challenge Financial telling me my car payment is past due. Rather than argue with them I gave them $903/ 3 car payments. Three weeks later I rear ended someone on the freeway at 50 mph... Lucky I didn't kill anyone including myself. I had full coverage but had to pay the deductible $500 and the car was in shop for three weeks but when I got the car back from shop it was in better condition than when I purchased it.

A week after getting it out of the shop my car died on the 57 freeway in rush hour traffic. It turns out I had to replace the fuel pump and an oxygen sensor and had to shell out another $650/repair. I then phoned Challenge Financial Services and explained my situation and requested a 30-day extension because of all the additional costs I didn't anticipate on shelling out. I was told, "NO, because it’s late we cannot extend your payment more than 5 days." One week later some fly by night truck was hooking my car up and off went my car. Phoned Challenge the next day to find out what I had to do to get my car back and was told I had to first pay the month that was delinquent $301 plus the current month $301 plus $650 to the tow company.

Five days later I paid Challenge and was told to go to 500 East E Street Ontario, CA to pick up my car. Upon arrival it was a nice office building and door indicates the Commerce Building leading me to believe they were affiliated with the city somehow. I waited over an hour my daughter and I searched the building and could not locate a tow company nor did we see a tow yard. Again called Challenge Financial and was given the run around, was never given the name of the tow company or their number. While waiting in the reception area a man and a woman came in and tow yard was brought up and turns out this was who I was supposed to meet. The man asked if I had my key which would make it easier to bring my car to me. I handed him my key and he walked out the front door. The woman then asked if I had the $650, I was so excited about getting my car back I handed her the cash. She said she would return with my receipt and went down the hall. I immediately followed her and she turned the corner and was nowhere to be found.

In a panic I called Challenge again and as I am explaining what had just happened the woman appeared. Relieved, we waited another 10-15 min before my car appeared. Thrilled to have my car back I jumped in and both my daughter and I said. "It smells like weed in here". As I am driving home I realize my side panels had been cleaned out, the change in my ashtray also cleaned out with exception of 2 pennies, my car charger is missing, my rolling briefcase with my laptop in it was also missing. I pulled in my driveway and open my trunk and that too had been cleared out. I had a king size goose down comforter in a large garbage bag to go to the cleaners and I also had 4 pillow cushions belonging to my brothers couch also taken.

I immediately called Challenge and informed them of the items missing and she asked why I didn't tell the repo company. Told her I only lived 4 miles from them and didn't realize the missing items until after I drove off. She said she would call them but wouldn't give me the contact number and was NEVER once provided with the company name. The man who returned my car handed me a hand written receipt (Tear-out booklet) and company name was stamped on receipt with NO telephone number. I did some research and it turns out the Repo company name was Caribbean Enterprises Inc. 500 East E St Ste 210 Ontario, CA 91764. CA Secretary of State shows a SAMER SOUFI is the registered agent who also happens to be the President. Googled the same name and lo and behold I was brought to the Vista Motors page.

In a nutshell these people are beyond shady, jerk you around and are unwilling to work with you at all. I never received a call back. I am so angry with the mess these people have created for me and I am not lying down. I had a briefcase with client corp returns in them and I am beside myself of how unprofessional and how finance companies and car dealers can be so dishonest. If I do not receive ALL my possessions back, I will not only sue the supposed repo company, I will sue Vista Motors and Challenge Financial for stolen goods and misrepresentation. I am a hard working single mom. I have shelled out over $1295/mo for this friggen car that they didn't even put oil in. IF YOU WANT TO GET RIPPED OFF GO TO VISTA MOTORS on HOLT in ONTARIO AND ALONG WITH CHALLENGE FINANCIAL THEY WILL TEAM TAG YOU TO THE POOR HOUSE!!

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Original review: Aug. 14, 2013

I am one day late on my car and this girl named "LAURA" from the Orange location calls me. Asked for my name like she knew me or something and said in a very unprofessional manner as to why I haven't paid my car in a "CHOLA" way! So I said, "Let me speak to your supervisor," and it was worst customer service ever. Supervisor's name was "AURORA" so I said, "Hi LAORA." I was confused and she responded, "Excuse me, Hunn. My name is AURORA not LAORA. You spoke to her before me so pay attention." Wow. I'm very disappointed with this company. I'm willing to get my credit down and get a repo on it just so these unprofessional people can stop calling me already. I think I'm gonna go return my car. I feel very harassed by them now. Last but not least, the last words the supervisor aka AURORA told me over phone was, "Okay, hit me up to keep in touch on the info." What kind of customer service people says that to others. I'm so done with this company. Thumbs down. Bad service!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 13, 2013

This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. These people could care less about how to treat people. Literally, if I could put zero stars I would. In fact I would put fire balls and black holes instead. ** you, Challenge Financial Services, you crooks!!! Next stop, Better Business Bureau!!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 17, 2013

When I bought my car from Liberty Auto Sales in Phoenix, Arizona Challenge Financial had called me for information to buy my loan out. I was disgusted with the girl's demeanor in the first place because they would not work with me on the due date of the 15th on every month. I verbally told her to THROW away my information, that I was NOT interested in going through this unprofessional company. I was also told by Liberty Auto Sales not to be "scared" of the 22% interest rate on my 2006 Ford Freestyle, that when my loan was bought out, it would go down. It did not.

I do not feel that my credit and especially my income is that bad that I need to pay $2,000 on top of this car for interest! I also do not feel comfortable with this company and I want to know my options on if I can get my loan bought out by someone else! I have not been treated as a customer/consumer by this company since day ONE.

First off, last month I was told I could make my payment online from now on and than I call in today and I am told I am not able to. I do NOT see paying $15.00 on top of an already outrageous car payment! I also do not want to drive 30 miles with NO AC IN MY 2006 Freestyle to skip a $15.00 payment fee. That is highway robbery and SO SO unfair to customers who do not live in Central Phoenix. That is taking advantage of a customer.

Second off, your whole staff is terrible and Maurice is the rudest person I have ever talked to in my life. Who tells a customer they need to act like an adult because I am expressing my frustration and yells and talks over a customer!? I called the corporate office and the girl was no help. She said NOTHING she can do. At all! Am I not a customer!?!?!? She told me management is going to be gone for a week and tough luck!

Well, I am emailing my concerns as well as going to the BBB. I cannot believe the way this company conducts business and the customer service. HOW do I get my truck loan carried somewhere else? I do not want to give my hard earned money to a company who has no compassion or manners towards their customers. I am disgusted and appalled.

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Original review: July 14, 2013

Made a payment but it was not showing up so I had to make another payment and the same thing happened. This was so stupid. They could not track down my payment through Well Fargo. They told me it takes about 10 days to show up in their computer but when I called and spoke to their reception lady my payments showed up on her computer. Dont understand why would it show up on hers on and not theirs. Talk about this sounding weird and fishy.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 17, 2013

This company bought our loan from a Buy Here Pay Here car lot because we were always early on our payments. The original lot sent over paperwork with the wrong due date recorded. When we tried to have it corrected, Challenge Financial Services refused to change it to the correct date, citing the paperwork in their possession. This put us into the uncomfortable position of being 15 days late every month, and being harassed and threatened with repossession, every month since they bought our loan. They are threatening to repossess our vehicle today for being 11 days late, unless we come up with $280 which we don't have ... today. They say they will not wait until our next payday, even though they cannot report it to a credit agency as being late until it is 30 days late. I don't know what we are going to do without a car!

Original review: April 29, 2013

My husband bought his car in 2/2010 and you won't believe how this company harasses you for being one day late. They called my husband and said, "You are a day late. You need to make a payment or I am going to send my repossession guy out." That should have been a red flag. So for four long years, we had to deal with this guy named Javier that first of all smacks his gum while talking to you and is just so unprofessional. So, good news! We finally got rid of the piece of crap they sold plus mind you, they didn't tell us it was in a major accident two months before we purchased it. I'm happy to say we finally don't have to deal with the unprofessional staff especially Javier!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 5, 2012

This is to warn any person that may think of doing business with Challenge Financial Services located at: 1004 W. Taft Avenue Orange California 92865. I had acquired a terrible loan due to some business debt so I entered into an agreement with a financial service that my car dealership (Karplus) also owns (Discount Finance). After two years of steady payments, they sold my loan without any notification to Challenge Financial Services. The company that transferred my loan gave the new loan company inaccurate details on when I had obtained the vehicle. They provided to them the original documents when I had viewed and first started the negotiation process but did not tell them of when I actually qualified and was told to pick up the car.

The contract as they call it was the documentation that you sign so they can check your credit and write up the details of the deal (Karplus located in San Fernando Valley). I was not completely qualified and needed more financial documentation as well as more monies so the deal could not be executed until mid-month of January. My agreement to pay $380 monthly would then commence on February 1 of the next month. This too, of course, not being exactly fair since the payment would technically be due in 30 days of the receipt of the vehicle but I agreed since I was being pressured by the dealership management. Challenge Financial Services felt that I owed a payment and or was past due. We went round and round when they finally realized I was correct and said, "Okay, we will have you sign a contract with us and reset the information."

Their new contract (Challenge Financial Services) did not state the facts; it was a contract that would hold me responsible for a payment that I did not owe to, in fact, be paid at the end of the contract term. I called to address the bait and switch (today, December 4, 2012) a.k.a fraud, that the manager Jaime ** had tried to pass off as something that it was not. He then stated that I should pull my head out of my... Then he stopped abruptly when I said that the call was being monitored by one of my company's accountants. He then muttered and hung up on me. I called back and asked for the supervisor or a senior executive to assist me. I left a message for Margie ** but I did not receive a call back. I then called back and spoke with Jose **, another manager, who again hung up on me when I disclosed that the call was being monitored by my accountant. This company is conducting fraudulent practices. As you can see from previous persons' statements, they harass and try to coerce innocent persons into terms that are not legitimate.

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Original review: June 7, 2012

Stay away from Challenge Financial! I got my first car from a used car dealership, mistake #1. A car that was $5K, after all the finance charges and APR interest from Challenge of 25.5%, the car came out costing $17K. The first night I took the car home it was leaking oil along with other issues. I called the used car dealership (I had a 30-day warranty) and they kept it for days. Issues still continued and I wanted to give it back. But they told me that the "lemon law" only covers new cars.

Two years went by I was making payments of $347 a month. One day, I grew a brain and decided to stop paying for something that was sitting in the garage with a cracked frame, oil gasket, and who knows what other problems it had. I would have given the car back except when I was late on a payment not because I didn’t have the money I was just busy working and going to school that the payment was days late in the mail! I received phone calls at work. I got in a cursing match with them. They sent a repo guy to my job (Car wasn’t there; it was in my garage.). The repo guy walked himself to the back of my job to where my cubicle was and demanded I tell him where the car was at. At this point, I’m very, very upset! I told him good luck finding it! At this point they were messing with me; I'm going to mess with them!

They are the worst company to deal with. They are scum! Very unprofessional. If I wasn't 19 years old, dumb and stupid, I would have filed a harassment lawsuit. We left the car out in the street and I never looked back! I moved out of state and one day 4 years later, I checked my credit and there's a judgment against me. I went through the court records and they "claim" they physically served me with a summons! Therefore, I have a default judgment. A couple of years later, I went to court to have the default judgment dismissed under "garbage service" and the judge did not want to hear it. I brought my license from the state I was living at, bank statements to show that I was living in another state when they claim they served me, and a lease. The judge basically said, "Are you calling a professional company liar?" and I said "Yes." The judge threw my case out without looking at my proof. So here I am 10 years later, and I have this stupid judgment still on my credit.

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Original review: March 28, 2012

I financed my car through this finance company the beginning of last year. I was never late before until the end of summer, when I experienced some hardships. I was literally late only 100 dollars. Their repo company actually went to my job and tried to repossess my car in front of my entire office! Then when my boss didn't let them take my car, he waited outside for me to leave. I had to ask a co-worker to give me a ride to the bank. When I tried to discuss this with someone, no one helped me. They were so rude and disrespectful and told me "If you can't afford the car, then just give it back." This finance company is a nightmare, biggest mistake of my life.

Original review: July 13, 2011

Two of our daughters got their cars financed through Challenge Financial. Over the past month, my husband and I continue to receive multiple phone calls daily from this company to the point out that we started to ignore the calls. Now, they started using the phone number of our daughters to call our phone in order to get us to answer.

Original review: Nov. 30, 2010

I called to let them know I was going to be 15 days late on my payment due to a family emergency. I was told that my car would be repossessed and if I can't afford a car, I shouldn't be driving. They acted so rude and ghetto, I am going to either trade my car in or give it away to anyone who wants it. I've never been talked to or treated like that before.

Original review: Oct. 25, 2010

I have been trying to work some payment arrangement with Juan and Daisy, but they are unwilling to make some type of payment arrangement. However, I have been making my payment the best can. Juan calls my wife every week harassing her and I talk to him every let him know that he needs to talk to me regarding my car payment. He continues to call her all the time. When I first got the truck I owed $14.000 on it, now I only have $575.00 left but they do not want to make a payment arrangement since I am unemployed and experience some hardship right now.

Original review: July 1, 2009

I financed a car with Challenge Financial Services in March of 2004. Unfortunately, the car was repossessed in November of 2004. Recently, in October of 2008, the same car was resold to Scott ** and registration was attempted. However, since Challenge Financial never released liability from me back in 2004, the car is presently registered to me. The only reason I was notified of the situation is because Mr. **, the new interested party, received three tickets on the car between October and November of 2008. But since I'm still listed as the registered owner, the tickets were sent to me in my name. The car was then towed and resold. I was not only contacted by the LA Parking Authority for non-payment and future collection on these tickets, but also by the towing company which towed the car in 2008. I've since submitted all documents provided by the DMV and my records of repossession (listed on my credit report).

I've contacted the DMV regarding this situation, as mentioned above, and liability cannot be released by me completely until Challenge Financial releases liability, which is why I contacted Luis (I'm unsure of the correct spelling of his last name). I explained the situation to Luis, who then told me my file would have to be pulled from their warehouse in order for a letter stating record of their own repossession to be mailed to me. I've since called multiple times without a response from Luis. Each time, a different person assisted me with my situation since Luis was not available. One person I spoke with stated a letter was mailed in 2004 and he could resend it. The second lady, Sandy **, stated that she had to receive permission from upper operations (which according to her did not deal with consumer affairs directly, had no contact person or information) in order to send me such a letter.

A friend of mine, who was helping with the situation, called Luis in order to get other information and he told her that he was not able to find my file. When she told him of the different responses received by his co-workers, he then cut her off and began yelling and screaming, and transferred the call to Sandy, who said she is from another department. I've been pleading with them for a statement of proof just to prove that the car was repossessed in 2004. I'm now being held liable for the parking and license violations obtained since the repossession and face collections from the towing company, who has since sold their claim to a collections agency. The amount due for this collection is now $2,420.00.

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