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CDA Law Center has been helping consumers reduce their mortgage debt and avoid foreclosure through Loan Modification since 2008. Led by Attorney Robert G. Scurrah, we have achieved a documented 88.7% success rate with our Client's cases, and have worked with over 100 Lender's and Servicers. Although every case is unique and judged on its own merits by your Servicer (Bank), after achieving over 4,000 modifications for our Clients, CDA Law Center is proud to be recommended by leading Homeowner & Consumer Advocates such as Martin Andelman of Mandelman Matters, John Wright of PiggyBankBlog, and Richard Zombeck of the Huffington Post and Home Preservation Network. We are proud of the successful outcomes we've achieved for our clients, and modifications can be viewed on the "Testimonials" page.

Loan Modifications can be difficult to achieve.. Experience and understanding of the guidelines of the numerous workout programs are key to a successful outcome. The majority of people fail on their own due to the complexity of over 800 pages in guidelines and formulas required to prove your case. Call CDA Law Center today, as we offer a no-charge evaluation of your case, and a comprehensive financial evaluation to determine if you are a candidate. We don't take cases that we know do not qualify, although every case is a negotiation with an uncertain outcome. Our selectivity in approving clients is the key to our very high success rate. Call today!

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Consumer Reviews and Complaints

On June 14, 2005 requested a line of credit with Wachovia, and a year ago I noticed it was treated as interest only. I stopped by the Bank and question them. On the document it said Finance Charges and to me this is not interest only, otherwise I would not sign this. They do not want to do any deal with me and I need to get a better deal or I will take this to court. They deliberately did these term to a lot of customers to take advantage of the situation by that time. Please advice.

The process started in August 2013. It ended Jan 18, 2014. Todd ** sold the process of CDA law center. Tyler ** came in to close the sale. They promised a 99% success rate. They had a processor who was the only nice person to deal with Lorraine **. The negotiator Crystal was an absolute unprofessional, no substance BSer. All the CDA people hide in voice mail land. They never pick up a phone or return calls in a timely manner. They hide behind emails and they always send out late at night. They promised the process would be easy and that they had a great relationship with ASC.

When the loan modification was denied because CDA submitted inaccurate financials, ASC gave 30 days to appeal. I could not get a hold of Crystal or Tyler for 33 days. They completely ignored my calls so they could pass over the appeal date. Absolute unprofessional people. I have hired a personal lawyer to go after my money. I will battle them forever. Don't hire this firm. They have started a new firm to counter the other modification business. Same people, same unprofessional staff. It's called Attorney Support Network. Don't expect any positive results.

Were told not to pay mortgage and pay them, now losing home and more than 4000 dollars.

We paid CDA Law Firm $4,095 and they failed us. If I had been aware of the fact that Scurrah was in violation of California Civil Code 2944.7, we would never have hired them..... You've been warned. DO NOT HIRE THIS LAW FIRM.

It's all well & good when you succeed getting people a loan modification but if people pay you $4,095 & you fail them then restitution should be the next 'stage'. To be in a position where you have to spend your final savings after CDA Law Firm sold us down the river with things like 'We will make you fit the box' & 'We work with Bank of America & Wells Fargo all the time so it's not a problem' is devastating & we are now in a worse position than before, thanks to CDA Law Firm. If you succeed then great, but you have to return the money that you were paid if you fail homeowners under water, it's the least thing you could do. CDA Law Firm failed us. Please return our money. We trusted your experience & judgment & you failed us.

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Valentino ** and Crystal ** were wonderful to work with during my rate modification process. They help lower my payment from $2650.00 to $2085.51 an month. Took me from a 5.25% rate to 3.5% fixed.

Words cannot express the level of gratitude we have for all your professional help in getting us our loan modification. When we first began the process with you in early March 2013, we explained the difficulties in great detail that we had experienced since January 2010. At first, we were nervous and skeptical about hiring attorneys to help us, because we had heard horror stories of other people who had hired attorneys to help them, only to be taken advantage of and were victimized in their already fragile state of mind and finances. We were in fear of our home being foreclosed upon, and we had tried and failed negotiating a loan modification with our bank twice on our own; and there were no guarantees. We did a lot of research on the efficacy and success rate of your firm helping other homeowners save their homes. We are so happy we retained your professional services!

You held our hand every step of the way. Any time we had a question or concern, you contacted us either immediately or within 24 hours and put our minds at ease. After 2-1/2 years of living in fear of losing our home, Crystal ** negotiated our loan modification on our behalf. As the man of the house, I wanted to add my own words to this testimonial because I felt it important to mention a husband's point of view to all the other husbands and fathers out there. As a husband, I cannot say enough about the work CDA Law did for my wife and me. When we first purchased our home together in 2007, my business was at a high point and it felt so good to be able to provide a home for my wife and I thought financially we had finally made it.

Then the economy began to decline and it seemed like arrows were coming from every direction. I tried to keep things in balance as to protect my wife from the harsh realities that were being thrown at us as a couple. Despite my best efforts, the slings and arrows were relentless and in addition to fighting off major problems relating to the downturn of the economy, there were those who worked for me who saw my weakened financial condition as an invitation to take advantage as well. My manager was setting up his own operation behind my back during work hours I was paying him for and was soliciting my clientele and making arrangements to start his operation in early 2010 with another employee. Since I had treated them both well, I was emotionally destroyed by these actions. During this time, I had also hired an attorney for other matters but in the end, he did nothing but take money from me.

Needless to say, all this backstabbing left me extremely distrustful of just about everybody. Eventually finances were such that for the first time in my life, I could not make my mortgage payments and despite my best efforts to protect her, my wife was being constantly harassed by our bank. One day in particular, my wife got a call from the bank and after the call she was very upset, shaking and crying saying that the guy she spoke with told her to just accept that we were going to lose our home and make arrangements to move! I simply couldn't believe someone could be so callous and cruel to someone who was a customer and whom he knew nothing about! As a husband, I felt horrible and completely helpless.

As mentioned, we tried to get a loan modification on our own on two occasions working with a non-profit organization. I guess you get what you pay for because these attempts failed miserably. After hearing loads of conflicting advice from just about everyone we spoke to, I decided to do some serious research of my own.

It was then, among the plethora of Law Firms offering loan modification assistance, that I found CDA Law. I spoke at length with Martin ** who answered my long list of questions without hesitation and with a realistic certainty that convinced me that CDA was the real deal. I want to mention that as a man, I needed definitive answers!... not someone who would say what I wanted to hear! Martin provided all the answers I needed. I discussed the issue with my wife who was very concerned that we would be taken advantage of by another law firm promising the world but doing nothing as had happened to me prior. We signed up and the rest is now history.

I have already referred a couple of people I know on a personal level, something I would only do if I trusted the company I was referring implicitly. I can say with complete confidence that CDA Law and in particular, Martin ** and Crystal **, did an awesome job for us. We feel as though a huge weight has been lifted. We are forever grateful for the professionals at CDA Law Center helping us save our home! We are already referring our friends to you. God bless you, your team and your families.

CDA was wonderful ! I had given up all hope. My husband passed away 2 years ago and payments were beyond my reach. CDA center worked with me every step of the way, answered my questions, returned all my messages and eased my fears. They are professional and caring. Just received my approval from BOA and just made my first trial payment. Could not have done this without CDA. Thanks to all of you, especially Gary **, Deena ** and Suzanne **. My payments including taxes and insurance have gone from $3,800 to just under $2,400. I highly recommend them.

The two-star rating is because our application for a loan modification was denied by our bank, BofA. The CDA team that worked on our application were very professional and did everything stated in the contract. Obviously, we would give a higher rating if we were approved for a modification. Our main issue is that we were extremely skeptical to begin with, and were convinced otherwise by the initial sales person who cleverly persuaded us to hire CDA. This was our last chance. We tried on our own, with a HUD counselor and now CDA. Our missed mortgage payments paid CDA and now we are even further behind. The worst case scenario became a reality for us. Okay, it was ultimately our choice to hire CDA; but we were misled into thinking that they could help us because we were initially told that "they work with our mortgage servicer and investor all the time". If you have a mortgage that is owned by Wells Fargo and serviced by BofA, then forget it. We were really hoping that we would be writing a positive-we-got-our-modification-approved-review. I still can't quite believe it is over. This information needs to be out there. Why should more people suffer and get even deeper in debt?

Finally, after 2 attempts with B of A and 3 attempts with Nationstar on our own, we have been approved for Modification thanks to CDA Law Center of San Clemente, California. I can't count how many companies have contacted us about helping to modify our existing mortgage. Like others, we are underwater and payments were starting to become difficult due to added expenses and a death in our family that came very unexpected. We received a call from Gary ** from CDA who walked us through the process step by step and answered all our questions. Believe me we had a lot of questions. We finally started the Process the 1st week of April 2013.

Once we got started, we were referred to Sr. Negotiator Susie **. She too answered all our questions that came after the process begun, very patient and very professional. I don't know how we could have gotten through this without their professional and courteous help. On August 1st of 2013, we received a letter from our Mortgage Co. informing us that our Home Modification was approved. What a relief, you can't imagine how heavy the burden is till you stop carrying it. You can't imagine the feeling when we received this news. Finally our prayer was answered. We thank God and are very grateful. Our mortgage payment was reduced about a 1/3 of what we were paying a month and our interest rate was lowered from 6.125% to 2% fixed. That's right, I said FIXED. Thank you again, CDA, especially Gary and Suzie.

Justin ** and Suzanne ** at CDA Law Center were great to work with. We attained a loan modification and a principal reduction. We couldn't have done this without your assistance. Thank you so much for your help.

With the diligent help of VALENTINO ** and CRYSTAL **, the home modification was accomplished! It certainly was not an easy task but these two worked hard to get it done!! With all the emotions that were flying throughout this ordeal, Val & Crystal held strong!! In the end, the payment was dropped from $2,200 to $1676, PITI! The rate went from 5.6% to 2.9%. There was also a principal reduction!! Much thanks to you both!!!

Ray ** and Crystal **, thank you for your concern and dedication to my wife's and my mortgage situations. We were in the process of losing 2 of our homes and you saved them both. After many failed attempts to have Bank of America modify our loans, we turned to CDA Law Center. Ray reviewed our loan situations before accepting the jobs and told us that he thought they could help. Within a few months Crystal was able to get the bank to modify our investment property, and then months later she called us with more good news that our primary residence was modified as well. The reduction to our payments was more than $833.00 monthly, with a fixed interest rate which was dropped from almost 5% down to 2%. We could not have done that without you. We had been battling with the bank for months faxing requests, letters, bank statements, and many other requested forms back and forth. We felt as though we were going in circles with Bank of America always being shuffled to different bank associates and never getting any answers. I would recommend CDA Law Center to anyone.

My name is Faneice and I have owned my home for almost twenty years. This house was a gift to myself for all the hard work of being a single parent to two daughters and providing them with a stable environment while putting them both through college. The one physical possession I have that brings so much joy and happiness and great memories is my house. With both daughters in college and having already exhausted all of my financial choices, due to a Family emergency I needed to come up with a large amount of money. At the time my only option was to refinance. When I refinanced my home I ended up with a horrible loan which was a Negative Amortization Adjustable loan, that’s when I knew I needed to refinance.

I thought I would not have a problem with finding someone that would help me but that was the furthest thing from the truth. For about the last six years I have tried to find assistance and all I have gotten is the run around. I would get companies that would call me and state that they could help and when I would provide them with all the requested information for them to make a decisions, I would get a call stating I didn't qualify or they wouldn't even have the courtesy to call me back. The companies that did call back would tell me, due to my self employed status I was a risk so they were unable to help me. This scenario went on for about six years.

Then I came across something on the internet that caught my eye and I applied for assistance in refinancing. I received some calls from different companies but they did not appear to be reputable. I received a call from Gary ** from the CDA Law Center and he was extremely professional, thorough and provided me with all the information I needed along with websites to review the company and also read the success stories of people he had helped. One of the things I was so impressed with, was Gary allowed me to talk and vent, he listened to everything I said and answered all my questions. I was really afraid of the process but he assured me that he would walk me through the process.

Every time I called him he gave me his undivided attention. Once I provided Gary with all the paper work that was needed, I was sent over to the Negotiation Team and this process was just as amazing as the first step. My Negotiator was Jacklyne ** and she was also very professional and thorough. Jacklyne explained to me what the negotiating process entailed and what other documentation I would need to provide. Additionally, she listened to me and answered all of my questions. I felt like she was my counselor as well because I was a wreck and she helped me to stay calm and trust the process which was really scary.

When Jacklyne submitted my packet to the mortgage company they denied the modification stating I did not qualify. Jacklyne notified me of the decision and I was a little panicked but I knew I was in good hands because she told me that I would need to provide her with additional information and she would go back and resubmit the packet. Before she did that she was able to get my case removed from the reviewer at the mortgage company to a new reviewer at the company. Having a fresh set of eyes, Jacklyne resubmitted my packet for re-evaluation. Because Jacklyne was a fighter a successful approval of my modification was rendered. Gary and Jacklyne saved me a whopping $400.00 a month and my loan is fixed. If you want someone to fight for you choose CDA Law Center.

When we purchased our dream home in the northern Sierra Mountains in 2004, our financial situation was solid and we thought we were set for a very long time. Then the economy collapsed, and due to unemployment, money eventually became a struggle, especially when paying our monthly mortgage of $1,771.51. At the end of 2012, our economic situation got better as we both obtained employment again. However, our yearly income was now a fraction of what we were previously earning. When researching options, CDA Law Center appeared to be the solution we were looking for in modifying the interest rate on our mortgage. It turns out it was the best decision we ever made in retaining CDA Law Center to represent us in the loan modification process.

The representatives at CDA Law Center who worked with us were all stars. Zeke **, who is a Senior Case Manager, was with us the whole way though the loan modification process. His knowledge and excellent customer service made us feel like we were his only client he had to work with. Deena **, who is a processor, was excellent in her capacity in obtaining documents and preparing them for the loan modification package. She was attentive to detail and very efficient in her quest to make sure our loan modification package was complete and accurate. Suzie **, who is the Senior Negotiator was outstanding in working with our loan servicer to obtain positive results on our loan modification.

Then on August 1, 2013, the efforts of Zeke, Deena and Suzie paid off. Our loan servicer approved our Trial Loan Modification! The process took less than four months and our monthly mortgage payment decreased from $1,771.51 to $980.06, for a monthly savings of $791.45! With the new lower payments, we can now easily afford to stay in our dream home for a very long time.

We cannot praise the people of CDA Law Center enough for the work they did in obtaining a positive outcome for us. We would recommend CDA Law Center to anyone who is seeking a loan modification as their experience is superior and they know how to get the job done in a timely, efficient manner for the benefit of their clients.

I would like to thank CDA Law Center for their assistance with a recent successful loan modification. Specifically, I would like to thank CDA's Zeke **, Jacklyne ** and Deena ** for their work. I contacted CDA in March of 2013 and initially spoke to Zeke concerning my loan, which was an interest only loan with Ocwen Home Loans set at 6.75%. My income is derived from both W-2 and self employed 1099s. I work in the entertainment business and my income had begun to slip over the past three years. Moreover there are medical issues with my wife that have become chronic and cutting heavily into my insurance. I expected some loss of income, but the medical issues caught us by surprise. I had always made the mortgage payments according to contract but knew I was headed for trouble.

After some thought, I decided a modify with the help of CDA was the best way to go. I began the process with Zeke in April and received the final approval in early August with Jacklyne working negotiations with the lender. With taxes and insurance added in, my monthly savings is now $1289.26 per month and I now have a 2% loan for the life of the loan. CDA was the only law firm I spoke with. I spent time on their website learning about loan modifications and read dozens of letters from homeowners who had experienced what I was now experiencing. I truly felt I was in the hands of people who really cared about the homeowner. Thank you again.

I am a small business owner with a daughter and mortgage. The struggling economy, bad relationships, increasing bills, and a violent attack that left me physically compromised had put me in a financial bind. I had always been able to make it by though. I applied several times to refinance my mortgage loan. Every time I was denied. Wells Fargo listed me as an eminent default, even though I had never been late for a single payment. CDA Law Center contacted me and told me of their method of assisting individuals to qualify for the Making Homes Affordable program. I was really skeptical and was seriously doubting the legitimacy of their success rate and claims. Zeke ** was my contact. He was informative and always accessible.

It was an investment, but during the process I was required to stop paying my monthly mortgage payment. So I was able to afford the process fees, since I was not required to pay the mortgage payment. There was also an excessive amount of paperwork to submit. I contacted a friend of mine at the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage office and he told me that Wells Fargo doesn't really do many HAMP loans. But Zeke really was articulate at explaining the process and the end result was fantastic. CDA successfully negotiated the interest rate on my home loan and Wells Fargo agreed and reduced my rate from 6% to 2%. There it is. True story.

I'm so happy that I contacted Paul at CDA Law Center. With the many challenges of owning a home and raising a family, we found ourselves struggling from month to month. We fell behind several years in property taxes and months behind in mortgage payments and for the first time in 24 years, I found myself unemployed and as a result was on the verge of losing our home. I tried to work with my lender after falling behind several months with very little help.

With foreclosure a serious threat, I contacted Paul **. He was very thorough and honest from our very first conversation, but I was skeptical that he was telling me the truth; it just sounded too good to be true. After several weeks, I agreed and it was the start of a great experience. Paul, along with Crystal, did an awesome job of keeping us informed every step of the way from start to finish. They did exactly as advertised! Experiencing how difficult it is to work with a lender, I know firsthand how much work it takes to make things happen, and Crystal did just that. As a result of her hard work, our modification was completed with our monthly payment of $3000.00 principal and interest being reduced to a new payment of $2302.50 principal interest and taxes, a total savings of about $1000.00 per month.

With Paul and Crystal's hard work, we were able to save our home and have a much more manageable payment that is well within our budget. Paul, Crystal and CDA Law Center, Thank You for all your hard work and most of all, Thank You for saving our family home.

I was skeptical to do another loan modification since the previous law center I did loan modification didn't really helped me. Charged me up front fees and just faxed documents required by my lender monthly and after 12 months my loan modification was denied. At CDA Law Center after only 3 1/2 months my modification was approved. The people there were great especially Jacklyne **, a superstar negotiator. And also Paul ** and Lorraine ** who also helped processed my loan modification request. I could not sleep. My loan was in default and was officially in foreclosure. Thanks to God and the great people at CDA Law Center my house was saved. Now I can relax and take a nice vacation in Hawaii. I highly recommend CDA Law Center, please don't hesitate to call them if you have problems with your mortgage. They will really do their very best to help you. More power to CDA Law Center. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Paul ** & Crystal ** helped us to get out from a terrible loan - ARM with a rate of 3.25% with Nationstar. We never missed a payment until we went under hardship losing one income and Paul & Crystal helped us modify the loan to 4% APR for the life of the loan.

We were very skeptical about hiring a law firm to get this done but decided to go with CDA. They were very diligent with our loan and paperwork as a result on Monday, July 29th, we were Approved for a Fixed Rate - reducing our monthly payment from $2338.65 to $2025 Principal, Interest, Taxes & Insurance - savings of $313 per month! The best part is that we saved our home.

Let me begin by saying how completely and totally satisfied I am with the results. My modification took my house payment from $2530 a month down to $1389 a month including taxes and insurance. The process was even better. It started with a call from Valentino ** from The CDA Law Center responding to an inquiry I had. Val could not have been more professional and actually sounded like he cared about my situation. He explained how the process worked and I was interested because I needed some relief to keep my house. I was still skeptical and I did not call him back. He did, however, call me back. I just wasn't sure. It sounded too good. I finally decided to take the chance. Val assured me that he would be there for me every step of the way. I thought this guy is saying all the right things but I simply had no other options.

I took the plunge. I did exactly as they directed me to. He was not kidding, he was there every time I got cold feet. He assured me that I would have my own personal negotiator and she was one of the best. Her name is Christine **. She was beyond wonderful. She addressed every concern I had and still remained very personable and professional. I'm sure there are many people in their office, but I felt like I was the most important because Val and Christy made me feel that way. Together they were a dynamic team that saved my house that I have been in for 22 years and thanks to them and the CDA Law Center I will have many more years to enjoy my house.

What do you do when you find yourself upside down on the home you have always wanted, conveniently located to work and friends, but which was purchased at the worst time of the housing bubble and just before the market dropped so far that we find ourselves just a few years before retirement with a house that is worth far less than you owe? We were making payments, but with that sinking feeling that we were going to lose everything in case something unforeseen happened?

That is when I was contacted by Ray **. My initial impression was that the contact was personal. Still, before I made a final decision I did my due diligence and checked the organization he represents online. There have been some complaints filed, but reading them convinced me they were complaints filed from disappointment their situation did not work out and not from anything CDA Law center had done wrong. Sometimes things just don't work out.

My wife and I prayerfully decided to go ahead and make application for loan modification after my mortgage holder had let me know they were not interested in working with me. Thus, I was faced with a house bought at the wrong time, payments that were too high, and an impossible maze for someone like me who is not an expert to negotiate.

The whole process took months to work out. Ray ** and Cristine ** and other colleagues offered advice and provided clear direction. They established that my mortgage holder would actually be exercising sound business sense by allowing me to Modify at a lower interest rate to ensure that I was far less likely to default in the future. The result? Yesterday I received official notification from my mortgage holder that they had approved my application for Modification, saving me and my wife almost a thousand dollars a month!

Grateful? Words cannot express how grateful we are. Our experience has been encouraging and educational, and I highly recommend it to others. No one wants to deny any mortgage holder what is rightfully theirs. However, if a case can be made that they are actually more likely to realize a good return on their investment when they work with someone like me to also do what is best for me, then everyone wins. When it is win-win then everyone is happy. I know I am.

It is a pleasure to write this review of the CDA Law Center, and the professional staff that worked with us. Todd **, Crystal ** and Lorraine ** were marvelous. They were professional, friendly, attentive and thorough. Because of their expertise and perseverance my mother and I will receive terrific loan modification on our home. Crystal ** negotiated on our behalf with our lender and secured the following modification: our payment will be reduced from $3,610 PITI to $3,040 PITI. This is a $570 per month saving. Further, we received a $66,976 principal reduction! We are delighted! We heartily recommend CDA Law Center for those in need of skilled assistance.

After going with a lawyer who indicated he could get me modification of my mortgage I thought my financial well being would improve. Time would tell. After more than 19 months with no relief and constant worry and cold sweats sleeping every night, I decided to try my luck with CDA. Todd ** was the man I talked with when calling CDA. He convinced me that 19 months waiting for results was observed and I should put my trust in CDA to do the job needed. He indicated the experience and professionalism of CDA. He was straightforward with me indicating nothing is guaranteed. I should only wait for results not unfulfilled promises.

I then decided to have CDA handle my modification request. I was put in touch with Lorainne **, who by the way was like a female pit bull, no disrespect intended. She insisted that nothing would go to the bank without her approval. If the client did not agree then move on. She forced me to do the mundane and get all the financial information required so a proper filing could be made. She indicated the bank would not look at sloppy unfulfilled forms and information that could not be substantiated to the penny. Upon her approval the file was given to Christine **, senior negotiator for CDA. Thinking she would be easier and more sympathetic than Lorraine was another mistake I made.

She was as strict insisting she was the one dealing with the bank and not me. She insisted I stop bothering her with silly self indulgent questions which had nothing to do with the job at hand. She knew I was upset and worried, to say the least; I would not get a modification since it was now only 22 months since the process started. Christine insisted she was the one negotiating with the bank and she knew what she was doing. I then decided to bother Todd with my questions insisting I get immediate answers. He too would insist I stop bothering him and l let the people at CDA do their job. I did, I stopped emailing them and just waited and waited and waited - it seemed like months if not years.

Then this past Friday I received a FedEx envelope from the bank. I thought it was another denial instructing me to pay up or they would foreclose. To my chagrin it was an approval of a modification if I were to make three monthly payments, ON TIME, a permanent modification would then be granted. I slept like a baby Friday night - not waking up crying every few hours feeling sorry for myself because I was about to lose my home, but happy as a clam warm and restful for the first time in 22 months. Thank you CDA, one and all for your professionalism and caring - it shows in the work you do. I would without hesitation recommend CDA to everyone who needs help in obtaining a modification. They are professional and they enjoy doing a good job for their clients - they care.

I knew we were in trouble with our home loan. We had a negative amortization loan and our income had lowered quite a bit when the printing plant I was employed at closed. Our future changed the day my wife took a phone call from CDA Law. Their pitch seemed too good to be true, but we had to try something or lose our home of 20 years. Gary ** reviewed our situation and told us he could get us a loan modification that would help substantially. Even though we were dubious we jumped on board. Gary's colleague Deena gathered all the information and documents to get us started and handed off our file to Jacklyne ** who saw us through to the end.

Gary and Jacklyne really came through for us. They got us a modification that was considerably BETTER than projected. Our old negative amortization loan had us paying $2,644 PITI. The new monthly payment of $1,415 PITI is fixed at 2%! We have a payment we can handle now and get to stay in our home thanks to Gary, Jacklyne and everyone at CDA Law that worked on our case.

My husband and I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to CDA Law Center for your wonderful service. My husband and I have been going through financial hardships. We had consulted and even tried several companies to see who can assist us with our loan modification, but no one or company was or have been successful until we came across Todd ** and Cristine **'s services. We are extremely grateful for the way that they took care of us and the total of $727.50 in savings that they were able to get for us. We are extremely satisfied with the great job they did that we highly recommend them to anyone that may ask or are currently seeking advice regarding their loan modification.

When David ** contacted us last summer we were very skeptical about anyone being able to deal with Chase. We tried other organizations (NACA) for three times and Chase will not modify our loans every time for a different reasons. Then Justin ** called us and we really thought we were gambling with the $5000 but we were desperate for help and still very skeptical, but he came as an honest person who like to help people. (It was very true.) Cristine ** was assigned to negotiate on our behalf. She is very courteous and knowledgeable and made the whole process seems easy and sure. She worked in the back scene and negotiated with our bank diligently without putting us on edge. She took care of everything while assuring us that with our situations we should be able to come to an agreement with Chase. The process took 7 months but it was worth the wait. Now we are so thankful for Cristine for making our payments and loan affordable to us. It is a dream come true. We will recommend CDA very highly, and Cristine in particular. Thanks again.

I hired CDA Law firm after almost 2 years trying to do the process on my own. I had battled with B of A to no avail. I have been in my home for 17 years. Due to lay off from my job twice and reduction in salary, it was beyond stressful the situation we were in, sleepless nights for months, years. The staff at CDA Law made me feel at ease with their calm and positive attitude and the knowledge they portrayed especially Paul ** and Cristy **. They were always available to speak to any time I had questions and doubts and needed reassurance. Cristy many times eased my anxiety level just by knowing they were looking out for our interest.

Also during the course of the Mod, B of A sold my Mtge to Nationstar. On 7/23/2013, I received a call from Cristy asking me if I wanted to hear some news about our pending case. I asked her if I should sit down and be ready to take the news sitting down. She was as excited as I was waiting to listen to what she had to say. The news was that we had been approved for the Modification. I jumped and wanted to scream for Joy. It was a huge burden lifted from our lives. We went from a 7.5% interest rate to a 2% fixed rate and our new Payment went from $2006 down to $1456, a more manageable amount. As I called my wife about the good news, she could not speak and was shaking. We were both in shock to say the least.

Thank you CDA Law and especially Paul for being so persistent and very clear on how CDA works. I had my doubts and was very skeptical but my gamble really paid off and a very trustful firm. No need to worry about getting scammed as many people with other firms have been burned.

I reached out to CDA Law Center in January 2013 to seek assistance with a loan modification. I had been going around in circles with Bank of America for around 15 months. The shifting economy had taken its toll on my family, and rather than wait until the last minute I tried to be proactive and seek assistance before it was too late. I had heard that the process could take as long as 8-10 months and with our savings dwindling I started the modification request process. We entered a traditional 80/20 LTV loan (with a 10-year front end interest only option) because this was the house we envisioned raising our children in and despite our economic situation that had not changed. We had enough savings to get through another 12-16 months, but I knew that at some point the savings would be gone and we would not be able to make our mortgage payments.

So while we were not in any immediate danger I started the process figuring proactivity was a good thing. After submitting the paperwork I heard nothing for about 3 months. Eventually I was assigned a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) who was very helpful, but difficult to get on the phone for updates/explanations. After about another 4-5 months we eventually got everything lined up and the file submitted to Underwriting. It took about 9 months to get the file into Underwriting, and then all of a week for Bank of America to deny the request. I was shocked as I knew that we qualified per the guidelines (guidelines that are printed on Bank of Americas own website). The letter stated that our application was denied because we were current at the time of evaluation and they determined we were not at risk of default because we have the ability to pay our current mortgage.

I was confused with how they arrived at this conclusion as running the numbers myself (and understanding the industry ratio thresholds) yielded a different result. So I reached out to my CRM at which point she informed me that she was no longer my CRM and passed my file to a colleague, who then passed it to a colleague, who then passed it to a colleague. Over the next 4 months my CRM was changed 4 times (for lack of communication) and I called 2-3 times per week trying to get in touch with my CRM and had no luck. I called their Supervisor (number listed in the answer machine) and still had no luck. I eventually resorted to calling the Office of the President and they were helpful in getting a new CRM assigned, but that merely restarted the process. Eventually I received an Intent to Accelerate which led me to believe that they intended to take my home and displace my family unless I brought my mortgage current.

I was about 15 months into the process at this point, exhausted and resigned to accepting that I could not get it done. The entire process had flattened me and it felt like all of the time I had poured into it was wasted. I managed to pull together enough money to prolong the process, but I knew my house was a ticking time-bomb and I would eventually not be able to afford my mortgage. I felt like I was failing my family. The entire program and Bank of America felt fraudulent to me like I never really had a chance of getting a modification. I knew that I fit the parameters (ARM loan, reduced income, 80/20 LTV at time of closing), but at this point I believed that Bank of America would just find some reason to exclude me (and then would never tell me what it was).

The process was a black box with no intent to help homeowners stay in their home, but rather to create enough confusion and misinformation that homeowners would eventually assume that they did not qualify and give up. At least that is what it felt like to me. I had given up then I received a referral to CDA Law Center. The previous 15 months had turned me into a skeptic and the thought of paying a law firm to submit the same paperwork that I had previously submitted seemed to just add more salt to the wound. I trusted the individual that provided me the referral so I decided that a phone call couldn't hurt. At this point I was pretty well versed in the way that modifications worked (or were supposed to work) so I could at least explain my situation and that would be that as I was under no obligation to buy anything.

The referral was directly to Gary **. I left a message and received a return call shortly thereafter. Gary was very professional and he spent about 30 minutes asking me questions about the current status of my loan. Through those 30 minutes he determined that I was the perfect candidate for a modification. Gary then walked me through the next steps involved in the process. Everything was very clear. Based on the information that I provided he concluded that I would pass the REST report which was the next major step in the process. I would have to pay for the REST report, but it was a critical step in the process as it would force Bank of America to review and present the mortgage for modification. Made perfect sense to me, but now I had to dig into my pocket and restart the the skepticism.

Gary's explanation made perfect sense to me, but how were the results going to be any different than what I just went through? If I hadn't received Gary's information from a close friend (whom I trusted) I am not sure what I would have done, but I decided that I would give it one my try, signed the papers and hired CDA Law Center. Gary and his team were very clear that once the REST report came back positive that the only thing they could foresee that would derail the process was me withholding information up front. With the REST report, as long as I was able to document everything that I told the CDA team we should be in very good position to receive a modification. So I jumped in with both feet and started providing documentation to the CDA team.

Of course, after I signed with CDA and started the process I did a little investigation on CDA and went to the Better Business Bureau to see if there were any complaints. Why I waited until afterwards I am not sure, but my heart sank a little when I saw some of the complaints. I started to wonder if I had made a major mistake and if so what my recourse would be to get out of it. I read each one of the complaints, many of them twice. I was very concerned, but as I read each complaint I was a little relieved that I saw that CDA took the time to respond to each complaint. More than that their responses were right in line with everything that Gary explained to me before I signed with CDA. In each and every case it appeared that the homeowner made a mistake and that caused the modification to fall apart - mistakes that Gary had already explained to me in our conversations (like not being truthful with income, or not disclosing the arrears on their existing mortgage, etc.).

I am very glad that I didn't read these complaints until the process was already underway. Like I said, I was already very skeptical and part of me feels that if I read them beforehand I may very well have walked away from the process. My life is very busy with a very hectic profession and 4 kids at home under the age of 6. So communication can prove difficult. The CDA team did a very good job communicating with me via email and were very clear what documentation they had received and what documentation was still outstanding. They were very thorough in their collection of my documentation and kept me in the loop through each and every step of the process. During this process I started received phone call communications from Bank of America. Imagine that. I spent over a year trying to work with them directly and couldn't get them to return a phone call. I hire CDA and the phone calls start up and now they want to work with me. Needless to say Bank of America's calls went unanswered and unreturned.

After a couple of months my file was moved to Crystal ** who would be my negotiator. Crystal did a wonderful job in keeping me up to speed with updates as they came available and spent more time than probably anticipated talking me off the ledge at times. I have to admit that I probably didn't make her life very easy, but I like to think that a lot of it was not my fault. While CDA was busy working on my behalf and trying to get my file through Bank of America's Underwriting Bank of America was busy sending me letters, many of them overnight delivery from FedEx. These letters (I received many) informed me that my modification request had been denied and the most common reasoning was that either, (a) after reconsideration, I still did not meet the program requirements, or (b) because I did not submit all documentation in the time allotted.

I was floored and thought something went wrong with CDA. So I reached out to Crystal (and Gary who stayed in contact through the entire process) alerting them of the correspondence and my concerns and they assured me that they were just form letters and that I had nothing to worry about. In fact, in one instance Crystal had just gotten off the phone with her Bank of America contact about my file. This was astonishing to me. The only conclusion that I could come to was that Bank of America was intentionally sending me letters to mislead me about the true status of the modification request. I am/was left wondering how navigating this process would be possible without outside assistance.

Shortly after these letters I received an additional FedEx package from Bank of America, but this one informed me that we had been approved for a home loan trial modification trial period. Essentially all of the hard work and waiting had paid off and we are now three on-time payments away from having our home loan permanently modified. It took CDA about 6 months to get all of the paper work in order and jump through the various hoops that Bank of America's Underwriting department required and then less than 48 hours for the investor to decision the request. Further proof, to me, that Bank of America does not have their client's (the investor) best interests in mind and are forcing their customers to seek external assistance when attempting to modify their mortgage. Ultimately we went from a 6 %, interest only loan to a 2%, fully amortizing fixed rate loan. Our housing related expenses (mortgage, interest, property taxes and insurance) dropped almost $1,200 per month, and the process was as easy as it could have been despite Bank of Americas best efforts to undermine it.

While CDA was not a cheap alternative they more than paid for their services. I wish I had reached out to them much earlier in the process. Gary and Crystal calmed my nerves at multiple points in the process and are still supporting the loan modification as we enter the trial period. They were both truly amazing and did an incredible job. I am left believing that Bank of America's behavior borders on fraud and that without the assistance of an experienced firm consumers have no way to decipher what is real and what is not. It is sad, but you get what you pay for and Gary **, Crystal ** and the rest of the CDA Law Center team earned every penny of their fees.

I would like to say that when my wife and I called Gary, a mortgage interest reduction was our final hope; however, that would not be exactly true. What was true was that we had NO HOPE left and we were doing this as a "last resort"; nothing more than a "Hail Mary" pass downfield that in our mind had little to no chance of succeeding and my money was on "no chance". But, with little else to lose, I said, might as well try.

I should also mention that we had tried to do this before through “other” less successful methods, but were turned down because our loan was a “Jumbo” loan and was NOT a Freddie or Fannie backed loan. I had been in the mortgage industry for a few years and thought I knew how everything worked and there was just no hope. Boy was I wrong!

To our utter shock and amazement, the team of Gary ** and Jacklyne ** successfully threw what I had previously thought was a "Hail Mary" pass downfield. However, the "real story" is that it was NOT a "Hail Mary" pass. Gary and Jacklyne do this every day for customers; and for Gary and Jacklyne, getting the ball into the end zone is an everyday occurrence. Thus, it is with enormous pleasure that we will highly recommend Gary, Jacklyne, and the entire CDA team to our friends and family. God Bless them; without this reduction in these trying, economic times, we just do not simply know what we would have done next. Thanks Gary and Jacklyne!

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