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I'm on my way to Vegas and I just got pimped out of my cash by this company... They told me to put my money on a money pack, cold part is I never use money pack, I should have known it was a scam from the gate. But I put $280 on a money pack and got screwed.... what can I do to get my money back or is it just gone! My wife is pissed! I feel like an idiot!!!

I was contacted by phone after submitting application for online loan on another site. The man who claimed to be funding verification dept. named Jim **, took my bank acct. info, reviewed my bank acct. numbers, and said he needed to have verification of 1st payment of 217 of 24 installment payments, so they could verify my identity and ability to make a payment to finish processing the application. He said after the 1st payment the loan was verified on my card the loan of 5000 @ 4% interest would be deposited to my bank acct. in 15 minutes. After processing the loan was never deposited, and I never received any terms or agreement/disclosures in email as promised. They also kept the 217 he said was only to verify I had the first payment, and they would credit this hold back immediately to my card. They never put a hold on it, only stole it. I will report this to the internet crimes division of the CT state police. TOTAL CROOKS, PROBABLY NOT USA BASED SCAM. NEVER GIVE THEM ANY INFO OR DEPOSIT OR CC HOLD OF ANY KIND. I am in still worry now they may take payments outta my account as others explained.

I have never applied for anything from these people. They don't even know my name but have my phone number and call me several times a day like bill collectors wanting my information to follow through with "my loan request" that I never made! When I asked them who it was they are looking for, they hang up. I recall them on my caller ID. Their number shows up as Cash Loan Network (1-394-655-3664), but it remains busy.

I see reviews that they are scammers, sucking people in to take their banking information and to rip them off. I wish there was some government agency that could force the dismantling of their website and catch these crooks! They don't know who I am, yet they harass me with calls in the morning, noon, and night. They can't even speak English right. And when I asked them to stop calling, they hang up and call me back a few hours later, like a PC virus pop up!

I applied for a $200.00 loan and received no verification and no instructions on when the money would be due back. I received in my checking account the next day, $500.00 with no way to call and return the money I no longer need. There are no phone numbers and there is nothing in my bank account that indicates a way to contact this company. As of right now, they could take their funds at any time and overdraw my account. I need help immediately. Thanks.

After enter all my personal information, I did not receive a loan, have no contact information on the company. What should I do in preventing them from going into my account?

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I too have received several act now cards from I have ignored all except for this last one. I need some extra cash for bills and decided to try and when I pulled up the website I found these complaints. I am glad that I decided to take a look because every complaint is the exact same thing I've been encountering except that I don't remember applying for a loan from them or even going to their website. I have a foreign gentleman calling my job and telling me that they are taking me to court for a $500 payday loan that I have never received. He was supposed to send me copies of the transaction because I could not understand him on the phone and the number he gave was one I could not call.

They sent a card for emergency cash. I was in a bad situation and was going to try it. But I got an error message when I tried to back out. Now, I am getting calls from several people with very thick accents about them suing me. I have reported to credit bureaus and my bank to watch out for our accounts. I have also reported these people to the FBI, FTC, BBB and the cyber crimes unit of the government. They use spoofing to get your caller ID to show a landline in California or New York. But when the call is traced, it goes back to a 65-year-old woman. They are total scammers and should be burned at the stake or at least jailed in their country.

www.CASHLOANNETWORK.COM sent me a card that can allow me to apply for a loan because I was in a situation where I needed a little cash for a short time.

That was about February, I applied for $350 and they have been taking about $250 monthly from my check since then. I cannot afford it. I try to find a phone number but I cannot.

I asked my bank to check if there is a phone number on the automatic debit that comes in but there is none. They make sure they lure you in and just suck you out.

I need help. I am in desperate position. My mortgage is behind and I am already threatened with foreclosure. Please, can someone help me?

I cannot get them to stop solicitations. I do not want anything from them. But they constantly are sending me solicitations. I try to get off their mailing list but they won't leave me alone.

I received a letter with a card attached that says I could apply for a loan up to $500 to add reservation that is on the card. I decided to apply and after finishing the second page I could not find any place to put the reservation number so I decided to back out and couldn't. I fear this is not legitimate and they will be able to access my account. I could not erase the information. I thought it was legitimate since this is the 3rd time I have received the letter with reservation card attached. At this time, nothing has happen but I am afraid they will withdraw money from my account since I could not remove the information.

i submitted a payday loan application; I gave my routing number, account number, bank name, and a host of other personal information, just to see how much I'd qualify for. As soon as I pushed "send," 30 seconds later, my response was "We're sorry; we cannot lend to you." And I could not find out why or who made that decision so very quick.

These people sent me a card in the mail with my name on it with a reservation number on it. The card reads: "Emergency cash card." The reason I applied for this is that someone took ninety nine dollars and ninety five cents from my checking account and I did not purchase anything from anyone. And I have no idea who these people are or what to do about this.

I'm on SSDI of $817.00 per month, and when I sat and thought about it, I had already been down this same path; meaning, I filled this application with these people before, and I am wondering if they went straight to my account when I pushed that submit button

I put in my information and had to back out but when I tried to go back to it, I got a different website. I can't get back to it.

I received info in the mail to apply online for pay day loan. I filled in most of the info but half way through I decided to cancel but the application will not allow you to take your information off screen. I really feel bad about this. I feel I have given info to the wrong people. There is no phone number just an e-mail address,

I visited this website, thinking that I was applying for a loan. After submitting my information, I have received hundreds of emails, text messages, and phone calls from numerous companies. I have sent them multiple requests to remove all of my information; however the messages have not stopped. I unsubscribe to every message I receive. I have emailed the address they provide, but I have received no response. I'm afraid that my credit and privacy has been compromised. Please help. Company Profile

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