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    Last updated: June 20, 2017

    3 Cashland Financial Services Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Original review: June 20, 2017

    An "iffy" business to say the least. Called and asked if there were any classic iPods for sale. Contacted many places about finding one near me. Talked with someone nice who was actually helpful. Got to the store and the person helping me seemed beyond disgruntled to do so. She was kind bigger and mad about not getting lunch. She did help me but they wasn't exactly a kosher experience all around. They wouldn't buy my tablet because of a tiny, tiny crack in the screen, telling me that they don't buy cracked tablets. Yet there are cracked tablets for sale in their store (explain that one..?) The iPod they sold me is nice and everything but it didn't come with original charger, or even an Apple charger, for that matter. Proceed carefully...

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    Original review: Oct. 17, 2012

    I went to Cashland in Marion, Ohio and pawned my TV. When I went to get it, they gave me a TV. That wasn’t the one I pawned. I didn’t notice it wasn’t mine till I got home. I then called them and they said they wanted me to just keep the TV. They gave it to me because it was 2 inches bigger. I said ok, but I want a 30-day warrantee. They agreed. Then, I find out the TV they gave me was only a 720hp and not worth as much as the one they sold when they shouldn’t have sold it. I took it back to the store and told them to just give me my money I paid. They gave me half of the storage fees back for not storing it proper. Then when I told them I didn’t want the TV, they said take $175 or take nothing. They then started being rude and told me to leave the store if I wasn’t going to agree with that. My wife was there and one of her friends asked her what was going on and my wife was telling her. The manager of the store looked at my wife and told her she wasn’t allowed to talk to their customers very rudely.

    Then I was told to take $175 and never deal with them again. How am I wrong for you losing my TV? I was disrespected and told that I was in the wrong. I expected them to give me half of my storage fees and the money I gave them to get my TV out. They want me to lose the money I paid for storage. Why should I have to pay storage for something they didn’t store? My TV was sold from that store. They sold it for a lot more than they were offering to give me. I didn’t want all the money they made. I just wanted the $246 I paid to get my TV and half the storage.

    That’s the verbal agreement we both agreed to and now that I take them up on it, they want to yell at me and my wife and tell me I am getting what they give me and to not do business there again. My wife has rings pawned there and they don’t want to do business anymore? And I take a loss on the money I have paid? What kind of business loses somebody’s property and makes the customer suffer for a mistake the business made? I have plenty of friends who say they won’t go there because of what happened. A business doesn’t profit from being dishonest.

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    Original review: Dec. 20, 2010

    I am writing to in regards to a payday loan that due to be paid back on 11/24/2010 in the amount of $1009. I have been dealing with CashLand for a couple of years and had gotten caught up in loans and was not able to pay this loan back in full on the date it was due. I had already went to speak with a rep. from Consumer Credit about my financial situation. They suggested I stop payment on all three of the checks as I had owed two other advance places also. So I stopped payment on all of these checks and proceeded to go to each place I had a loan at.

    The other two businesses were willing to work out a payment arrangement with me all except CashLand. I had called the store on 11/24/2010 to explain my situation and the assistant manager Nicole had told me all that she could do was offer a payback of three installments of $336 every two weeks with interest daily. I told her I was not able to pay that amount each pay, was there anything else we could do? She said, "I would have to contact their collections dept. at 1-800-xxx-xxxx. So the following Monday, that is what I did. I got voicemail so I left my number to be called back. I did not get a call back after two days so I called again. I got a rep. in collections. I gave her my information and she had told me I was not in the system as of that date to call back in 4 or 5 days. On the following Monday, I received a call from Pauline in collections .

    She was very, very rude to me and I told her I do know I owe this money and I want to pay it but I am not able to pay it back in full all at once but would she be willing to work with me on a payment plan every two weeks? She asked what kind of payments was I talking about and I told her $50 to $75 every two weeks and her response to me was, "Are you crazy? You owe us $1037 at this point with interest adding daily." I told her, "No, I am not crazy. I am just trying to repay this loan and you are not willing to work with me at all." She started yelling at me and at that point I said, "When you can talk to me in a professional respectable manner call me back," and I said good bye.

    I contacted CFSA which CashLand is a member of this organization and explained my situation. The rep asked me if I would please fill out a complaint form as she felt I was not treated in a professional manner so I filled one out and emailed it back to CFSA. CashLand's corporate office was suppose to contact me within two days. I did not get a call back or an email so I called back myself and spoke to a man by the name of Larry. He just basically listened to me, did not say a word and said he was going to send me to a someone who could help me. Of course, I got voice mail from Andrea and I left a message on her voicemail and she never called me back either.

    At this point, I have not been able to make any payments back on this loan as the store will not accept any payments other than PIF and collections is not willing to work with me. Thank you.

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