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Direct Express security is laughable; of 16 digits on the card, the first eight are standard per the program. All a hacker need do is match a common American name with eight digits and ping that against a website that performs credit card transactions requiring neither PIN nor secret number. Such hackers exists as do such websites. Is Direct Express colluding with them? That happened to me in September. An overseas hacker drained my SSI account with charges in Singapore and Osaka.

Direct Express now refuses me a provisional credit while they 'investigate' these disputed charges. They ignore my House representative. They constantly hang up on me. Direct Express as constituted is neither up to the task nor worthy of our trust. Write & call your House Rep & Senators. Call the inspector General of the Dept of Treasury. Take this business away from Comerica. Let a Bank local to you handle this business. They at least are more accessible and trustworthy than any Texas Bank.

I contacted the dispute department on 6-2-2016 when I discovered that 440.00 had been debited from my account from Directv. I was then advised to submit paperwork stating the facts about the incident in which I did so. I then received a letter in the mail stating that my case had been closed with no explanation as to why. I then contacted the customer service number on the back on the card in which I was advised that I needed to send in additional documents. I was extremely frustrated because if I would not have called back then they just would have left my case closed.

The rep advised me that they do not send out a letter requesting the additional info just the outcome. HOW IS THAT HELPFUL TO A CONSUMER!! I then asked the rep about our funds being FDIC insured in which she became irate and stated that I needed to call a bank for that information. However in our previous conversation, she stated that this card was not managed by a bank. The card clearly states COMERICA BANK on it. Not only are the representatives extremely rude but the fact that my concern is a joke to them is completely unacceptable when you live on a fixed income. I will definitely be filing a complaint with the BBB and Social Security so that someone is aware of how the consumers are treated!

Unable to use international card. Living in Italy... got my new card. Cannot use it anywhere. Have no food or money. When I call about the card... I'm told the card is fine. It is not fine. My previous card worked but this one does not. I am in serious trouble here... I'm about to be homeless in Italy. Wtf!!! I need help nowww!!!

Called to try to renew card for 2 days, was on hold for the longest time. The people there were very rude and not helpful at all. Request to speak with manager. Again put on hold for 20 minutes, still could not help me telling me it could take up to 48 hours to access my card. WTF here it is Saturday morning with no money for food or anything, been using the card for the past 3 years. I am totally disgusted.

First of all, try not to get scammed, or else you have to pay them $5. I think it is a conspiracy (if you lost your card, that you should pay). Second, does anyone know a way to go back to checks instead of having the card?

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Waited a year and a half on the back pay and then this lame ass company goes and locks out my funds. What the hell is going on? Is this legal? I am missing rent and deposit now and have all my groceries canceling out on How the hell do you crooks get away with having your hand in all of our pockets? We don't have the damn money in the first place. That's why we had to come to you freaking idiots.

God I hope the very very worst of all things God can do happens to each and every individual and their families who abuse those of us who are less fortunate and disabled. Must be like taking candy from a baby. Taking money from someone who is virtually homeless is sick. I hope the very ** worst for each and everyone of you. Nothing but the best of the worst.

I had my funds fraudulently withdrawn from my account, and they were very insensitive with my needs telling me I need to be more responsible with my card.

I called the customer service line 10/22/15 to report a lost card. The person I spoke with confirmed that the card was cancelled well 10/29/15 I called back to see why I haven't received my card. Well this person informed me that the card was never cancelled. The customer services rep puts me on hold & then hangs up when I asked to speak to a supervisor (such bad service). Then I call back but for me to receive my card in 2 days I should pay which I feel is a bunch of crap when it was clearly their fault. I hope in the near future all calls are recorded!

This company took my money, did not provide the product, will not refund my money. They ordered the wrong product. I proved what I ordered and they didn't care. I am a disabled woman with 20% use of my hands. I ordered extensions curly so that I don't have to curl my hair as it hurts my hands very much when I do so. I spoke to this woman on the phone for hours. She ordered the wrong product and refuses to refund my money or send me any product. Being on a fixed income is hard enough. I had to save a long time to afford this hair and then to get ripped off. I made three payments over three months through their payment plan and made them through PayPal who says they protect your purchases but later said when something is paid over a period of time, they do not protect these type of purchases. So now I am out over $225.00 and the company still refuses to refund my money. To date I have not received ANY product.

Someone sent a card to Florida and I live in Tenn. They stole all of my money from the card on the 2nd of July. Direct Express said they would send packet to fill out. Never received and want refund my money and now I'm about to be put out. And they hang up in your face when you ask them about what's going on and how to be reimbursed so you can satisfy your bills. Still no packet or no money as of July 16.

Unauthorized debits are being made to my account and they will not do anything to help or resolve this issue.

We faxed what you need twice. Our printout said the status was ok but it was never received on your end. How does that happen? How many times are we to do this? I want my money! It should be $141.90. Help!

I spent 2.5 hours trying to get into my account today I used a Smart phone, and computer, and finally spent the majority of that trying to get Customer Service by the phone they provide on their site. I could not enter in the usual manner, nor with the password I customarily use. They said I would have to get a new password. Even after two "temporary" passwords from DE.... absolutely no success. When I called Customer Service, as directed, they had an assortment of options. NOT ONE OF THESE OPTIONS inferred that it was the option for customer service. I methodically went through each and every option, by now only hoping I would get a human voice. No success again.

I did this scrupulously: TWO MORE ROUNDS OF EACH extension. I had not pushed "stolen card" up to this point, because my card was not stolen. FINALLY, someone answered... By now I could barely recall those which I had tried vs. those I had not. The only person I finally spoke to was highly petulant. I asked him why there was no "customer service" option, either include with another option, or as a "stand-alone". He said there simply is none, and that one had to call "lost card". I queried why and how a customer (I don't think he had ever heard that word before) would possibly know how to reach customer service which was identified on their site, with the number I had just called. He did not know, he said.

I also said that I could not get into my account for two days. "Oh, sorry" was how he responded. I asked to speak to the supervisor, who had no knowledge. They could call me a tech, they said; however, that would take 5 days. This is my account for my Social Security. Outside of that, I have no other money. Somehow, I need this issue addressed as soon as possible.

Called day before deposit was to hit the books to find out the amount I would be receiving. When I called to make sure that monies were deposited the account was short 77 dollars. Called again to trace the withdrawal and found out who was responsible for the transaction. So, I deducted that amount off of my bill. That didn't work. I am still fighting with the company to get this matter solved.

On Jan 31 card was used for a cash purchase 560. I called Direct Express. They mailed paperwork I filled out and sent back. Everything need received by 2/12/15 had to be received by the 17. Okay called back about provisional credit. I have been cussed out placed on hold for 30 minutes at a time. I feel like this not a way to be treated. I mean clearly I didn't approve this transaction. It happened 5 minutes after my son SSI was deposited.

The issue I am facing is that the available funds do not match up with my transactions. I draw $766.00 and my transactions add up to $186.73. I went to an ATM and got out $500.00 ($3.00 fee) and the receipt shows available balance of $11.69. $67.58 has vanished. I am deaf so I asked my fiance to call my card just to double check the transactions and the $67.58 isn't mentioned. I then asked her to call customer service but they refused to allow her to translate and were told that they would have to talk to the cardholder only. I let them know that I am the cardholder and that I'm deaf but they still refused. I understand the privacy law, but I feel the experience falls under violation of civil rights.

I went to the ATM. Tried to withdraw my money. The ATM said retry so I did. Next thing you know my money was taken off of my card but didn't receive it from the ATM!!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW! I've been calling the Direct Express hotline and they're experiencing high call volume for over 5 hours now!!! Some people's money is on their cards by now so I want to know how they got it back so fast? PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Money was deposited into my account. Tried to take money off and it spits out a receipt saying the amount required *** amount received 0 then when I called my card it said amount was given out at the ATM. People in front and in back of me had the same exact issue with the card. When I tried to call customer service they hung up on me over and over. When I looked into it happened to tons of people. I am really worried because my bills are due.

I was never sent a replacement debit card. Even though my card expired at the beginning of this month I was never sent a card. I can now not even transfer my money using their online service and their customer service takes forever to talk to.

I get my SSI check the day before the first and last time I got my check I was able to only get around 450/5hundred and my check is 721.00 and ATM saying there's not enough money in my account. This really hurt me because this is my only income and I am a single parent with rectal cancer. Just paying for my medicine alone is torture.

Inability to access account through computer and no notification that card was potentially compromised which resulted in card not being accepted various places. As a retired person on limited income, I depend on being able to purchase money orders to pay bills, pay for direct purchases such as gas and food with my card. It is not only frustrating but embarrassing to have a card declined when I know there are funds available. Also when attempting to access the online information which serves as my "check register" it is a continual catch 22 of entering user name, password, having the password rejected, following the directions to reset password, being sent a temporary one through email and having that one rejected also. And so it goes over and over and over. I simply get the runaround from so called customer service with the excuses that it takes 5 days for someone to respond via email to my issues regarding the inability to access computer information on my account and 5 business days before a new card can be sent unless I was willing to pay $13+ to get it in 2 days.

I called to confirm the use of my card internationally. "NO PROBLEM". I tried using it in Australia and New Zealand. No way. I tried using the credit card at local merchants. Declined with a pile of cash in the account. I called and was told it had credit card restrictions imposed. They never notified me and charged me to sent me a new card. The woman was totally hateful of me as the customer and kept saying... "If you don't like our service get another card." What a **. She refused to transfer me to a supervisor and gave me a person to complain to. So now I'll get rid of it and transfer my ss and name pension to an honorable card.

Sadly, my via pension is on a direct express card...for now. I told them that I was going to visit Europe, but somebody didn't do their job. Theoretically, I can use my card in any country, but when they found that I used it here, they considered my transactions as 'suspicious activity' and they froze it and my pension wasn't deposited nor could I use my card. It's all well and good for them to freeze it without my permission or the Va's permission, but to get my money put back on it, I must contact the via...the problem is that I do not have the money to call internationally and be put on I am stuck in Bulgaria without any money, through no fault of my own. NEVER, NEVER use Direct Express.

This company placed a HOLD on my account. My automatic bills did not get paid and I acquired late fees. I called for 4 days straight!!! And held in line, while their answering kept on playing that annoying tune and the recording "Our representatives are still busy, please remain on the line, we appreciate your patience." This kept going on and on. After being on the line for an hour or so, I would hear a ringing tone and soon after the call would drop. Four days and no access to money because this company does NOT have enough personnel to handle this job. This is just a sign of how bad this company will end up. I will cancel this service and look somewhere else. This is completely unacceptable!!!

I had a dispute over a flower company, two withdrawals were taken out of my disability check that's deposited into direct express account. The fraud papers were submitted with detailed info on the orders I did not receive and within two days I was told the case was denied and closed. I was charged over the amount I ordered and never received a thing from Wesley berry flowers! Direct express told me to take my concerns to the company I am having issues with. I am highly disappointed I trusted direct express to protect me from scammers such as Wesley berry flowers! I am removing my social security from their services and depositing it into a local bank and contacting someone who actually cares!

I had to call 5 times because there was no category or selection to handle my password problem. I finally picked a selection that required talking to someone about a different topic but said she would help. In trying to explain my problem she started talking over me, became loud and very rude to the point I was rattled and couldn't continue dealing with her. I asked to speak with her supervisor and she just went off on me.

I've never had a phone representative in my life (I'm 56) treat me this way. This person deals with disabled people everyday and should never treat ANYONE this way. When she transferred me to her supervisor, she said 4 words (This is Sheila may...) and the phone hung up. I'm sure nothing will be done. You have my name and my phone number. I thank you for being here to serve as an outlet to those of us who are unfairly treated in this world. Take care.

Ripoff! Contacted Direct Express over a week ago (two days after unauthorized charges were made) to advise them that the debit card had been compromised and drained of all funds while the cardholder was in the hospital (used at two businesses back east). We live in California and the transactions occurred two minutes after the last legitimate charge of $20.00 to pay a cell phone bill. Card was cancelled, we were told to allow 5 - 10 days to receive paperwork to file complaint and a new card.

Card still not received, no confirmation if and when the card arrives it will have the unauthorized charges restored. Meanwhile bills go unpaid, this is SSI and the only income for cardholder, getting ready to lose items in storage because the normally automatic payment could not be processed, have no money while awaiting resolution. The bank associated with card informed us they only "print the plastic" and have no ability to take steps normally in place when a customer's card has been used fraudulently. Impossible to believe Direct Express is allowed to do business this way!

I signed up for online access a couple years ago but have never been able to get "in". When I call for help, I'm told they will initiate a "web" ticket and someone will call me within 5 days. I run a business and a home and can't just sit on my thumbs for 5 days. But no one has ever called me anyway. Therefore, I have not been able to look at my account for almost 2 years now. The customer service people are very impatient and are ultimately rude. I still can't access my account.

Won't let me get my money off, keep saying can't make transaction. Why is this happening to me? I have bills that are due.

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