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I requested a loan of 2.500 to CashCall three years ago, BIG MISTAKE. I made payments of 294+ I already made 32 payments. They still are taking money from my checking account. I call them and they told me that I have to pay them until Dec 2017 so I would end up paying more than 14.0000. I think all the people that has the same problem with this company should get together and sue this company. They are scammers. I would not recommend this company to nobody. Please do not do it. I would like to know if somebody can help us to tear this company down.

Although personnel is very professional and respectful, they lack in detail and accuracy. Two attempts to refinance in two months, three different notary appointments for inaccurate documents. Only to find out day before funding that they made a mistake and underwriters would not approve. Waste of time and energy.

When we moved to our current address 4 years ago we were unable to obtain a traditional loan and needed funds to move as our landlord would not renew our lease. We did some checking, and one of the companies who responded was Cashcall. We were approved for $5,000 to the tune of $486.58 per month. We are now trying to move to another house and went to a company with a much lower interest rate and want to try to borrow enough to pay off this high interest loan. When my husband call for a pay off, the figure they gave him is almost $300 more than our original loan even though we have paid out over $119,000! How in the world can we owe more than we borrowed after paying on it for 4 years? That makes no sense! Is there any place I can go to file a complaint about this company?

I took out a loan with this company many years ago but unfortunately lost my job and could not pay it back. After a number of years of constant threats and phone calls from various Cashcall representatives I tried to resolve this but with no income, nothing worked. With over 80,000 in debt, I filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2010. NOW! Every so often I get a threatening phone call on my daughter's phone that says they're getting ready to take a judgement out on my bank account, a work levy and anything else... totally disregarding the bankruptcy proceedings. Do I have to take THEM to court now? Hmmm.

We refinanced our home with CashCall based on their advertising. Is it easy? Sort of. As to the overall experience, the loan went through 2 attempts because of slow performance on their end. The appraisal was the worse part. Not only is the appraisal inaccurate, although we still had a great value to loan ratio, but the appraiser has created a situation that may result in us being sued. He was looking at our income property and walked in on a tenant while they were in the shower without so much as a knock on the door. We requested a number of times an apology letter and to date, have received none. We will let the appraiser be sued and testify against him. Would not use this firm again.

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My name is Oliva **. My husband and I are expecting to incurred additional expenditures in December, so we paid our mortgage bill in two equal installment - one was on November 27, 2015 in the amount of $1,400.00, and another one was on December 10, 2015. I personally called the company on various occasions to inform them that those two payments should be applied to our December loan payments, which is prior to December 15, 2015 to avoid late fees. They did not process the payments as I instructed them to do. So now CashCall wanted me to pay them $1,400 plus a late fee. Their loan care specialist by the name of Tamika is even rude, and so is their supervisor by the name of Phyllis ** who supposed to help customers. Their services really is bad and I don't recommend them to future readers.

To anyone needing help to rid Western Sky a.k.a CashCall, find a company that will help clean your credit up. I'm certain the scamming payday loan will stop ripping you off. Been there, done that and I'm finished with payday loans.

I took a loan out for $5,600 and like most people, I got a very high-interest rate over 110%. So I've been making the payments and ran into a tight bind with an terminally ill relative. So I am late on my payment and I get at least 11 calls a day from all over the country. I don't answer them as I have no idea who they are. Then I look up the number and it's CashCall each time. I called them up today the 15th as a letter I received from them states that if they do not receive my payment by the 15th, there will be a late charge.

So I called them today to let them know that I will be making my payment with late fees a week later when I get paid again. They said "OK" and everything was good up until I asked the customer service representative why do they call me from all over the country every day at least 11 times a day. She got so irritated that she began to go off on me on why don't I pick up the phone and such. While she was losing her mind, I began to get upset myself and told her that I was going to hang up if she won't listen to me. Well sure enough, she kept reading me the Riot Act and I hung up. I regret using CashCall and I should have just asked for a loan from a family member instead. Live and learn.

I've had 3 Cashcall loans, and all I can say to everyone is "Did you expect free money?" Someone gives you 2.5K or 5K when you need it and you expect there is no fee attached to that once you pay it back? Everything is outlined EXPLICITLY in the contract, this is the same as any other truck rental or tool rental, you rent the item to do something and you pay a fee on it. $90 a day to rent a truck from Enterprise, this is much cheaper. The fact that you are desperate and maybe need money doesn't do anything to the fact that they still offer the service and you take it. Their terms are extremely fair compared to some of the more sharky businesses doing this.

Why would you take a loan like this with this high of a repayment rate? Well couple reasons. 1 is that credit never waits, it will keep going down until you take a chunk out of it. My first loan was to help improve my credit. 2, another reason you may take out a loan is that you have an emergency. I didn't have the 1.5K I needed for a major car repair. As soon as I got my 2.5K loan that time I paid back everything I didn't use which went right to the principle since it was the next day, boom I have less to pay off. 3. Sometimes when buying stuff or getting property you need to show a bank balance over a certain amount. I needed to show a higher bank balance than I had to get a better loan from a bank.

I paid back the whole loan the day after I was approved since I didn't spend the money. Remember folks this isn't free money, it's a tool for if you need it, and there are plenty of things you can do with it. But if you are desperate and need money for life then this isn't it! Get another job, and if you can't that sucks. This was never meant to be a handout.

I took this loan about 4 years ago for $2,500 and a payment is still coming out of my checking. How much more do I owe? The reviews I read are not very good. Everyone I read said they were or have been screwed by your company. I would like a response as to how much I still owe. It could not be a lot after 4 years.

Wasted money! Real SCAM! Loaned $5,000 paid $485 a month. After 2 yrs of paying. I still owe more than what I initially loaned for $5,500. A BIG MISTAKE!!! How can this business be allowed? LAWSUIT!!! Someone need to look at this business!

BEWARE CONSUMERS: CASHCALL IS A SCAM! HORRIBLE experience trying to refinance our home and our rep was Jimmy. The worst company I have ever dealt with. As soon as we filled out our application and sent them every secure document we have on our personal and financial status, we could not get timely responses to our questions. Our emails were ignored, but yet they sent out an appraiser: waste of time and money. Jimmy was our rep. Once he got us to agree to apply and we sent him everything he was unprofessional in his responses, quite rude and arrogant, and at times did not even respond to calls or email.

If I had more characters I could provide all details and examples of this company's unprofessionalism. I strongly believe they have a scheme to get all secure info, act like they have a great program, then to try to sell you into a higher interest rate. They say you do not qualify for best rate but here is the next best option that is the worst possible option. Another reputable mortgage co warned us and is now working with us, helping us.

HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE COMPANY! I cannot believe they are allowed to do what they do! 200% interest loans? Are you kidding me? 4,000 thrown down the drain trying to pay off a 2600 loan. Ended up paying 6,600 just to end it. HORRIBLE.

I had got a 2,500 dollar loan thinking it can help with my expenses. Boy was I wrong. I've been harassed repeatedly by phone and at work. I've been up to date with my bill. Comes to find out that now I have to get ready to go to court because of a breach of contract. Are you kidding cashcall!! Never again. Take my advice and avoid the scam.

Took a loan from Cashcall, $2500 from Cashcall. Since then, I had paid over $4000 on a $250 and $200 monthly payments. Still paying up to date, never know when it will be paid off. When I'm few days late, this company will call me twenty times a day through all sort of funny numbers even though I had spoken with them. They will call my previous employers, friends, families members I never associated with the loan. I don't know how they got all this information. It can push one to the brinks and embarrassment. Suckers, mosquitoes. Please avoid them. Will never do business with them again. They don't want to work with me despite been on unemployment.

In March 2013, I borrowed $2500 from Cash Call which turned out to be a $2600 loan due to their service charge/fee. I was scheduled to pay $294.46 per month towards that balance. I recently called to check on my payoff date and was told that I still owe $3127 at an interest rate of 139%. So I requested to pay the account in full in order to avoid interest from continuing to accumulate and to be done with these criminals. The representative stated that I must be in collections to pay the loan in full over the phone and suggested that I pay online.

Well when I went online I was able to pull up my loan statement and noticed that after paying $294.46 for the past two years only $13 of that was going to the principal and I was still accumulating interest. I then proceeded to pay online and also noticed that Cash Call only allows $800 increments and they also charge a service fee of $75 for each transaction. So in order to pay my loan off I would have to also included approx. $225 for the service charge.

In other words, Cash Call makes it almost impossible to pay them back so that they can keep collecting interest from us. I found a way to beat the service fees by going to my bank and requesting a wire transfer towards the balance. Your bank will charge you a processing fee but it is way less than what Cash Call is charging. If you don't pay them off in full or in large quantities then you will be paying them back 3-4 times the amount you borrowed. I still find it hard to understand why this company is allowed to charge 139% interest whether you have read the contract or not!

I got a loan from CashCall for $2500 - a year later, I've paid it back and more. A lot more. I finally was able to pay off said loan so I logged into my account, noted the payoff amount and mailed a check. They do not make it easy to pay online. (i.e. need to make multiple payments to pay full amount - plus fees for each payment) I mailed a check - now they say that's NOT the payoff amount because they got check 2 days later. And they want more money! I will NEVER again do business with CashCall and DO NOT recommend them. They are PREDATORY.

I have a loan with CashCall for $5000. To date I have paid them $5355 and change and all of it has gone to the interest. Nothing come off of the principal of the bill. I'm fully unhappy with this company. I haven't even missed a payment. This company takes advantage of people in financial strait.

I applied and received a car title loan with Cashcall... Took me 3 days to receive my money... $3,647.00 loan with a $298.47 payment for 3 years. Overall I was satisfied. Yes, the interest is veerryy high but I only sent in 4 payments and skipped 2 payments. I had the loan for a total of 7 months and with my taxes I paid off in full. I ended up paying a little over $1,000 in interest but I really needed the money at the time. I was trying to call and apply for another loan but I can't find the company anywhere. I called the same number but they say they don't do car title loans?! Anyway the only thing I don't like is their high interest but when you're in a jam you'll take it.

My boyfriend should not have taken the loan in the first place. A loan at 100% interest means that every year, you are giving the lender the same amount of money you borrowed. If you borrow $6000 at 100% interest and the highest monthly payment you can afford is $500 a month, the loan will live forever because you will not pay anything against the principal. And each year you will be given the lender $6000 in interest payments. Please read and understand the loan terms; look at the amortization schedule too, where the large amount of interest you are agreeing to pay is well spelled out.

My boyfriend forgot all about the loan, had changed banks, and the notices from Cashcall were going into his spam filter. We found them one day a couple weeks ago. I contacted Cashcall to get more information and they followed proper channels by obtaining a written release from my boyfriend, authorizing them to discuss the matter with me. The discussions were peaceful and professional. They emailed a settlement offer which he accepted; in fact, when we didn't perfectly understand the terms of the first offer, they clarified by drafting and emailing a replacement offer.

I tried to make the payment over the phone but my credit card doesn't provide cash advances and therefore the card would not process. The representative worked with me to find alternative means of payment and the alternative means worked well and was far less expensive than Western Union. As soon as the payments were received, Cashcall again went beyond their normal business practices and mailed a letter confirming that the terms of the settlement agreement have been met and no more payments are required on the account.

Personally, I wouldn't take a loan with the terms associated with my boyfriend's loan however he is a super high credit risk therefore interest rates are going to be super high, if anyone will even agree to loan him money. But as far as finding win-win solutions to problems, I have no complaints with regard to Cashcall - they did a great job, were professional, expedient, and kind. Thank you.

How can a so called business professionals conduct operations the way these unprofessional staff operate. They are very helpful up front. I was instructed 2 times to send money transfers via Western Union $271.00 charge to insure the loan (bank regulations). Bank called following morning to advise of a $3000.00 deposit from Cashcall. However, bank rejected the $ and sent back to Cashcall. Cashcall called me back and apologized and advised me they would refund my $271.00 in my bank within 24hrs! Nothing has hit my bank. Then they tell me I need to go back to Western Union and send $250.00 to a **? In Texas?? In order to present pymt again to my bank.

Bank calls me following morning to advise me of $3000.00 wire transfer from Cashcall and they are returning to Cashcall and I need to contact them. Last but not least, they tell me they can't resend again that they will wire transfer the $3000.00 to Western Union and call me back the Mtcn for Western Union. They never called. I had to call them and get the Mtcn and he told me to make sure and answer the call from Western Union. Now, I've received the call from Western Union and they advise me of $3400.00 from Cashcall. However, I need to pay $555.00 to Western Union in order to pick up the money. That was all I could handle. I called this ** loan manager @ Cashcall explained the hidden fee to Western Union and he started yelling at me. Told me I had to come up with $555.00 for Western Union or they were issuing a warrant for my arrest today!!!

Believe me this guy called back and tried to make me believe he was the Marshal's office with a warrant! I hung up and called my bank and told them what just happened to me and advised me to report them to Consumer Affairs, Better Business Bureau. Read about lawsuits on Cashcall/Western Sky on Google you will be shocked. We all have been scammed. Consequences are I told them to cancel, null and void my request for a installment loan.

I took a payday loan from Cashcall and the loan was for $1000 plus 145% of interest fees. Now they have taken me to court and send my employer a garnishment to begin collecting. I have comply to make payments and they refuse to set up arrangements! Cashcall is a scam. People should be aware of this company and government should shut them down.

I apply for a loan with Cashcall doing this time I was in a financial bind. I don't understand why I got 2600 got to pay them back 15,000.00. I think something is wrong with this company. That is too much. I was to file a class action suit against them. This is a scam - 2600 and got to pay back 15,000.00. Something is wrong please help me out.

I received at a loan for $2500 I pay back $383.00 a month. I called and informed them that I was homeless now. I was told that I still had to pay the monthly payment. That they could not lower my payments. This is very inconsiderate of them.

March of 2013 I took a loan for 2,500. Later when I got the loan it was for 2,625.00-- interest 179%, payments 388.46 monthly. My problem was I was only paying back the interest because I did not have enough money to pay principal. Now this year March 2014 I have paid them back 4,661.52, I sent them three letters if I could pay back in small amounts. They NEVER respond. They keep calling my cell with offers that I can not pay back. I'm behind on my house payment and all my credit cards and car payments. This people don't care, they just want their money. My question is what can I do? I gave them the only offer that I can afford. I told them "You people got your loan back and with interest."

They want more. If I had the money I would happily pay them back. They are bad people and now 04/20/15 they called my job asking to pay. I TOLD THE LADY cease and desist and I hung up. Later a few minutes a man called me and said that they were going to sue me on Wednesday. I told him to send me a letter, he said that it would not get to me in time. I then told him to E-mail me. He then asked me when will I get back to him. I told him "I don't know, until I read the E-mail." The next day I check and had No E-mail and on Wednesday I did not get a summon by anybody which I thought I was. My question: Are they going to sue me or are they playing games to harass me? Because the interest was so high I could not pay back any Principal.

I don't know if I should file bankruptcy or meet them head on in court and take my chances. I hate to gave them more money. I know that they are being sued by other people. I checked the internet. A class action suit under way and other states as well. Would I tried to pay them back but they don't care about people or if they have any money to live on or eat. They just want their damn money. They are truly vampires in my book. I file a complaint with CFPB also. Don't take out a loan with these people.

I received a loan from western sky. I was 2 pays away from paying off this company, and now I am receiving magnitudes of CALLS FROM DELBERT AND CASHCALL requesting payments, not to mention the excessive amounts of 35.00 insufficient funds I have received from this company (cashcall). Recently I received an e-mail stating that I owe them 4000.00. Can anyone help me?

I borrowed money from them in 2012. I think any way they told me it would be paid off in a year. When I called them to see why they were still sending me a bill they said it wouldn't be paid off until 2016. I borrowed 2500.00 and I have been paying 294.46 a month. Now that I have been having money problems they don't want to lower my payments. The loan should have already been paid off. They are charging me a 139% interest. When I took out the loan I ask them to set the payment for the 15th of the month. Well it is due the 1st of the month. I told them I couldn't pay it the first of the month because that is when my rent is due.

It started out with Western Sky then went to Delbert, now it is cash call! I would NOT recommend this to anyone. They call every day anywhere from 2-10 times a day. I am still paying them!! I think my bill should be paid already! My payments was always on time until I started having money problems. So they cut my payments down to 150.00 a month for 2 months and now it is back up to 294.46. I can afford the 150.00 a month but I can't afford the 294.46. They don't want to work with you on this problem.

The initial person, ** was told that we wanted to refinance a home and take $90K out for debt consolidation but we wanted to pay the closing costs outside of the loan. At first, he tried to convince us to roll everything into the loan because it was under $200K. After emphatically telling him we didn't want to be paying interest for 30 years on closing costs, which we could afford up front, he said it wouldn't be a problem. The loan went to underwriting and we spent 2 and a half hours with their notary signing all the papers only to find out that they had ignored our requests and rolled it into the loan.

When we complained, the woman ** apologized and blamed ** for the miscommunication. Naturally, we were upset and didn't want to spend another 2 1/2 hours with a notary, so we accepted the loan "as is". On the day the loan was suppose to close, ** called stating that we had to redo the loan documents with a notary because the forms that originally were sent did not include the new company name. This was an entire mess. Go with any other lending firm!!! These people were incompetent and shady in their dealings with us.

I applied for a loan. My agent was **. He explained the process very well. I took the loan with the understanding I could pay it off. After calculating I figured $100 dollars more than my monthly payment, I can pay it off in a year. I called ** he told me that would be a good idea. I proceeded to call customer service to setup putting $100 more onto my payments. I get paid on the 10 & 25. I made my arrangement for the tenth of every month. Well surprise to me the 10 is considered late. My rep looked at my app and pay period. He never told me from the first to the tenth interest was accumulating daily. He encouraged me to switch my payments to the tenth. I talked to a supervisor today 03/25/2015. He had more tricks in his vocabulary than scramble.

Never ever would I ever get a loan at cash call again. They are rude, harassing, and don't review things before they call you. If you're smart you would stay away from them.

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