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They are harassing me over a $300 loan I never took out. Saying I an going to be arrested unless I pay today. "Dear Chrisanne, We are not breaking any law. We are just informing you about the legal proceedings going to take place against your name. Also, the company is Cash Advance USA. The address is: 10155 Lake June Rd #121, Dallas, TX 75217. Let us know if you want to resolve this issue outside the court house or not, as the company is having a beneficial settlement offer available for you."

I applied for some loans online. A few days after I received a call from a "Ben **"... very thick Hindu accent or Muslim. Middle Eastern for sure. At first I told him I was not interested. Then my disabled father and I fell into a hardship and we were desperate for a quick loan. After being turned down by other companies I even asked this "Ben **" why and how did I get approved for a $3,000 loan? Never could that happen. First I have very poor credit same as my father second I am unemployed. How are they guaranteed that I'm even going to pay back this loan? He said, "We'll our company is aiming to help out people" just like me w/ bad credit. They'll give us a loan and my payments would be 149 a month for 24 months. I actually for a second believed him. He said, "Just go put $175 on an iTunes card" just as good faith on my end.

After I do and read him the code from the back of the card he keeps me on hold for a good 20-25 min then begins to tell me because I'm in Las Vegas and they're in Florida the accounting department is charge me a wire transfer fee because it's state to state that I need to pay a one-time fee of $300. I explain to him "I don't have it. Why do you think I'm trying to get a loan in the first place?" He then tells me "OK. I will try to help push this through for you." He asks me, "Do you promise that when you receive your funds of $3, 475 you will send me back $150 cause I'm going to try to take care of it for you." I said, "Of course." He says, "Ok, then go get another iTunes card w/ $150 on it and I'll do the rest." Well, this was Friday so we waited all weekend. Mind you that was portion of our rent money. The only money we had. After sending him 325 we were flat ass broke. I even explained that to him.

Monday rolls around I call him. First thing he say's, "Hello Dyanna did you receive your funds?" I stated, "No." He's, "OK. Let me contact the accounting department see what's going on. I'll call you back in 20." I'm like, "OK." He calls me back and said, "OK. The accounting department wouldn't accept my part for the payment because it has to come from you. I told them I was helping a customer out but they refused. So, do you have the other 150 so we can release your funds to you?" I said, "NO!!" He said, "OK. Well, when can you have it?" I told him, "I won't have it. I'm broke. I don't even have my rent $. Now what?" He tells me, "Stay positive" - to somehow try to get the other 150 and it will be reimbursed to me. It's just a fee for the transfer but it will be back on with my loan money. I told him, "You know what? I got a 5-day notice the other day and I'm gonna need my money refunded back to me."

He says, "Dyanna that is not possible because it's already being held w/ the accounting department with my loan." So, basically they already paid me back my money. It's up to me if I want to receive it or not by pay 150 to release the $3,475. Nope. I don't. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office in Florida. Unfortunately there isn't much they can do. Lesson learned on my end even though I already knew. They prey on people who are desperate and in need. Desperate times calls for desperate measures I guess. But never again...

I was contacted by cash advance USA stating that I was approved for a loan totaling 10,000 dollar and how much did I wanna borrow. So I said 5,000 so I told to load 150 on a moneypak, then I was told I needed 299 to wire the money into my account so i gave them that. Now they telling me I need 125 to finish the process so now I am out of 449. Can someone please help me? I need my money back.

I was write to let people know that if Cash Advance USA call you don't go for it because all they want you to do is keep on give them money and you don't get anything back. I am out of $300.00 and when I told them that I was going to call the police up there where they at they hang the phone up in my face. But I am going to do any and everything to get my money back.

My wife and I applied for a loan and they kept telling my wife that she would have to get these Green Dot cards and to keep adding money on them and then we would get our loan. Well, every time it would be time to get our money, they wanted more money. All and all, this cost us around $600. This company is a scam and they need to stop ripping people off.

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Of course with a low credit score it is very very hard to get assistance from most lenders. If your score is low, they want you to first get hooked up with some credit repair company or a lawyer firm that are going to hook you up for a hunk of change you don't have in the first place, and monthly payments you can't afford in the second place. Then after about 6 months of payments to them you may or possibly be approved for a small loan with outrageous interest rates. are scam artists preying on people. All are Asian with heavy accents. Oddly have American names that I'm sure are fake!! They contacted and said I'm approved for a 2,000 dollar loan and would pay $150.00 monthly... for 36 months. But, they needed me to go to Home Depot & purchase a ReloadIt card for $3.95 and put $100.00 on there. Then they would deposit the funds into my account. He placed me on hold but came back and said because my credit is low, I need to put another $155.00 and no worries I will get my loan...I was so upset telling them I did not have additional money, so this idiot just kept badgering me saying I'm sure I could ask my family for money if I wanted this bad enough. It became harassment, I finally hung up, I felt so stupid & knew I had been scammed!! They are underhanded and corrupt. Someone needs to stop them.

I am disappointed with the outcome! I'm very disappointed I have these people back since 2 months already and they are telling me that they are going to take me to court for some money I took a while back in 2010. They threatened me by saying if I don't pay, I will be arrested and taken to court. So please can anyone help me out and tell me what to do. These people are scammers and one thing they want me to do is make the payment via Green Dot MoneyPak. What the hell is that? I have dealt with company before but not paying off like this so I'm saving my money. I'm not paying them anything.

Someone called my phone and threatened to have me arrested because I placed a loan with After denying the allegation and requesting specifics on the matter, the person began to yell at me and threatened me with arrest. The man is described the same as the prior messages (thick Indian accent). I will be changing my personal information. But look out for **. There are evil people in the world.

I was called by a man and was told that I took out a payday loan during the month of April 2012 from Cash Advance USA or one of its subsidiary companies. I was told that I owed $625 on this loan and that a lawsuit was being filed against me within 32 hours. I did take out a loan (or two) in April 2012, but the amounts were for $300 and $450, respectively. And the payments were made as per arrangement in May 2012.

I have had this happen to me before (November 2010) but was never able to trace the company. And after two months of harassing phone calls, I never heard from these people again. I have tried to call Cash Advance USA today, but no one was able to take my call. I don't know which side group this loan was supposedly received from, and I will not be able to do anything about it until I get more information. I sure hope that someone didn't get my account information or that a lawyer can look into this situation.

I received a call from a John **, accented voice and said I owe CashAdvances USA some money. I asked when did this occur, he said last year. I told him he was lying. I never got a loan from them and then I asked for the checking account number that the money went in. He only gave me the last 4 numbers so I knew there was something wrong with this. Then he said I had to pay the sum of $500. I said, "Okay, let me call the police and see if I should." He got upset and said I will hear from their lawyers. So I guess now I'll have to wait and see, but I know I didn't make a loan from that place. All I can say is be careful. This is the second one that has almost got me.

I received a disturbing voice mail from a heavily-accented man. After listening to the voice mail stating a lawsuit had been placed against my name and social security number, I thought it best to return the call. I was told that I had defaulted on a payday loan from Cash Advance USA. Like the other post I've read, he threatened me with arrest at my job and wanted to know why I would steal from the company.

Since I was on my cell phone driving and obviously rattled, I decided to call him back to ask for details such as when the loan took place. He told me "sometime" in the past 2 years (no specific date). After trying to get additional details, he said that I could go to court and dispute this, but I will be arrested at my job tomorrow, 4/4/12.

I asked him for his name. I could not understand him. I asked him to spell it. Baxter ** was the name he gave. However, after further questions which he could not answer, he hung up on me. I called back 12 times, only for the phone to be picked up and disconnected immediately. The number he left is **. This is a cell phone number. I sent a text successfully asking for the official name of who he was representing and an account number. As for the outcome, I don't know. I received the call this afternoon and found this website (thank God), and I really don't know what to do.

Recently, my husband and I took out three cash "advance" loans in an emergency. I received a call today from a foreign man who said his name was Charles ** (I don't think so) and we were being sued for a cash advance of $400 that was rejected when they tried to collect. I was told he could give me no information but to call his "senior" attorney Mike ** (who also had a thick Asian accent). Mr. Mike ** said I could pay it but they would not take any of my credit cards including AMEX and that I am to go to Wal-Mart and buy a money card.

I am glad I found this site because I went through our payday loan contracts (which I am paying off immediately) and CashAdvanceUSA is not one of the companies that are named on any of the contracts. Mr. Mike of Morgan & Assoc. would not give me any dates or other information until I pay. When he calls me back I intend to call his bluff. And I am not paying. I will tell him to sue us. I also, to be absolutely certain, went through our bank activity and there is only one $400 deposit from a payday company and I have made a payment to them already. My husband is 87 with three terminal illnesses. I really don't need this kind of a scare.

We made a mistake contacting these companies. They are crowding my mailbox. All sorts of "deals" are coming my way, from car loans to "credit lines of $7,000! This is the second type of scam I have been witness to in this month alone. They should be stopped. I am now going to research "Morgan & Assoc.” in Morgan Hill, CA.

I was called and threatened at my place of business regarding a loan that I did not receive. The individual on the phone said that I will lose my job and they will have an officer come to arrest me.

These people call constantly, all hours of the day and night, telling me and threatening me with a lawsuit or jail time for a bad credit report. They also make harassing phone calls to my employer about a payday loan which I never received or requested. They have all my personal information and are very rude. They are always threatening me with jail or lawsuit. This has happened several times by several different men, all with American names but with Indian accents. And all of them say that they are officers in court or law firms, yet they don't know anything about our disclosure laws.

They, except for one, will not tell you anything about their so-called clients or their company that they work for. Most of them call from blocked lines and leave cell or private numbers which you can't get any information on. Only two persons have given me an amount to pay to resolve this issue and both were different amounts for the same payday loan company.

I have filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General's office and I am waiting for results. I look forward to my day in court so that I, as a citizen, can assure my rights by law and sue these people for real. What I want is not monetary but justice. I want all these men deported back to their own country but only after they have spent at least five years in our jail systems. That would be righteous.

I did not put the address cause he would not give it to me. Hello, my name is Melvin ** and a man called and stated that I did not pay him the loan that I took out, but I never took out a loan from them. He stated that I was laundering money and how do I want to deal with this out of court. When I called back and told him it was not me, he hung up the phone. I called back and he said that I took out the loan in 2009.

This is an internet service that I think, is getting people info and using it to there advantage. I would like to know what can I do about this. Please let me know cause I know I'm not the only one that this has happen to.

My boyfriend received a voice message about me being sued for unpaid load. When I called the number, the man claiming to be a senior lawyer said they are sending letter to IRS, my manager (I don't have one), family and filing a lawsuit against me as I owe money to As I could not understand 90% of his broken English, I asked him his name and said he can explain it to my lawyer and he hung up. Therefore, my boyfriend called the same number again and the same man answered as an Officer Todd (impersonating an officer). My boyfriend, as he couldn't understand a word the man was saying, asked to be called back by a person speaking fluent English. Then we got about 7 calls from numbers that don't exist and hung up. I am going to a lawyer with it and filing a police report for harassment, false allegations, defamation of character and pain and suffering. I hope they get them and fast. I want to see if anybody else wants to join me in the battle against scams.

I was in the process of applying for a small loan. However, I changed my mind when Marcia was asking a lot of information. I called her that I do not want any loan anymore. I did not know she sold the info to others without permission. I found out when I checked my account at the bank that some money was missing. I asked my bank what has happened. They said that a company named Cash Advance Processing allegedly deposited $300.00 and started to withdraw $90.00 monthly. And they already took $180.00 from my account without me knowing. I was advised to close the account and report fraud to Lynn police. I did that, but the police never contacted me on that. I have been receiving calls in the name of Anne ** even at work. They are harassing me.

I am continuously receiving a call from law firm called Morgan Law firm and representative named Justin *** said he will take a legal action regarding a loan which I never took. He said I took a loan from USA Advance. While I was trying to call USA help advance but no response. The number I searched for USA cash advance from is ****. They are threatening me over phone. Please advise.

I received a message from the office manager at my workplace today that my employer received a call from a man identifying himself as Sam **. He called the office at least six times, and my employer told him I was not available. He asked, "Are you sure?" He then stated that he was with the law firm PCS in California, and that his name is Officer Sam **. He spoke with a foreign accent. I returned the man's call at ** and he told me he was with a law firm, and that I had taken a payday advance that I did not pay back. I asked him for the name of the company he was representing and he told me there were "many" companies. He then said the name "Advance Cash USA." I told him that I did not have a loan with that company, and I asked to have documents sent to me if there was such a loan. He said he would just go ahead and press charges and file a lawsuit against me. He would not give me any information.

I have never had a loan with this company and I told the man that he would have to prove that I had a loan. He then asked how to spell my last name, and I told him that he was the one who called me and he should know how to spell it. I told him I would give him my attorney's phone number and he said, "I will just file the lawsuit." He then hung up. I don't know who these people are and I feel this is a scam. I have payday loans with a couple of companies and I am paying them off as agreed. I believe this company received my information from my previous applications for a loan. My home phone number will be changed effective February 15 - the new number is ** should you need to contact me. Thank you for your assistance.

A man called and said I owed his company $300.00. I told him I had no account with his company and I owed them nothing. He knew the last four digits of my Social Security card. He knew where I banked and asked how much money I had in bank, I told him I had none.

He said he would bring criminal charges against me, and I said he never loaned me any money nor was none deposited in my account. The man said it was in the middle of summer. I knew he was lying. He asked how much was I willing to pay, I told him I had no money. He then said, “Let me put you on hold”, then the line went dead.

This man called me named ** and said that he is with some law firm and I owed $300 for a payday loan. I told him that I never got one, so he is liar. We argued and he hung up on me. He knew my SSN, the last 4 digits.

How did he get that info? This needs to stop. What should I do?

I was contacted by Harrison Law Firm. They told me that I was being sued by Cash Advance USA about a loan that they had given me. I have not gotten a loan from them. I did apply online, but they said I had to have a checking account before I could get any money from them. I don't have a checking account and therefore I did not get any money. Now they are saying that I owe them $298.32. They also said that they are going to take me to court and I will be paying then close to $5,000.00. They keep on sending text messages to my wife’s phone that I have qualified for a loan. But she replied stop to them and they keep on sending them. What are my options in this matter, since I have never gotten anything from them? And how do I get them to stop texting my wife’s phone with these offers?

The cash advance hotline phoned twice and they asked for my name recognition to complete a cash advance request. The only thing you get is a request to press zero and say your name, which I did. However, I really was not sure which cash advance company was really calling.

I took out a cash advance loan in April, and I paid them all back. Now, Cash Advance sent me to a very rude and unprofessional law office that is threatening me with arrest, getting me fired and suing me for nonpayment of a loan that I never received. I tried to find the company's phone number online but there isn't one--and their email link won't open. The law office refuses to give me Cash Advance's phone number. They are increasingly rude and constantly hang up on me. While looking for their number, I read online a forum of people saying that this company is doing the same thing with them--harassing them. They are completely unwilling to tell us anything other than the fact that we're being sued. I believe that Cash Advance USA and this so-called law office are either the same company or somehow in this together. Please get back to me in some manner, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

they say that I got a loan for 300 dollars and I never got a loan from them and they never deposited in my account. I checked my account for the last six to seven months. There was never any deposit in my account.

These people are constantly harassing me every day threatening to have me arrested for not paying a pay day loan that I never applied for. When you call it sounds like you've called a cell phone and they definitely are not professional. I asked for the loan documents showing that I had gotten the loan and told me they can't give them to me until the paperwork is filed and I am arrested.

I told them how I can work this out if they don't give me the information I need to resolve it. Contacted my bank and the police who told me it’s another scam. They even told me that I should give them my credit card and resolve it quickly, which made me nervous as they told me my social security number and bank account number when we spoke. I will contact a lawyer; they need to close these people down.

I was contacted by a guy who claimed he was an officer at the Sunnyvale, California court house and that I was about to be arrested for fraud and non-payment of a payday loan. He told me that I had to give him my visa card number with the cvw code now, so I wouldn't be arrested and fired from my job. I told him that I did not have a loan with his company and that I would call my him back.

When I called back the number he told me to call, it appeared to be a cell phone and when I asked where I was calling, they asked me if I didn't know where I was calling. The person on the phone was extremely rude and told me I had an hour to get them their money which I again told him I did not receive any money from them and that I would turn it over to my attorney to which he tried to convince me that I would spend more money doing that and I should just give them the money now.

He then told me I had until 4 pm and if I didn't give him the money the police would be at my house to arrest me. I hung up and went directly to the police station and reported this. The Police Department assured me it was an attempt to scam me and that I should contact my bank and the credit bureaus as they had my social security number and bank account number, so I put stops on both.

I started receiving calls back in May 2010 from a guy named Eric. He said he was with a collection agency (wouldn't give me the name) and that I owe $300 to Cash Advance USA from an advance pay day loan they deposited into my bank account in March 2010. He had all my information, even my old bank account number. The account he gave me was actually closed in Feb. so there was no way they deposited anything into my account. I did verify this with my bank. The calls stopped for awhile but continued again in August. I was now receiving calls stating I was being sued by a "Big Law Firm" (again no company name given to me). I refused to talk to them so they kept calling my phone every 10 minutes on the hour. I ended up changing my cell number so that they would leave me alone.

Well, today I received a call at work from "Morgan Law Firm." I spoke to Julian *** who insisted I owe $300 to Cash Advance Loan and advises I was being sued. I asked them for the address of the court they filed the case with and they hung up on me! This needs to stop

How do we find them and prosecute them? I have every number they have called me from, addresses they have given me and none of it matches up. Where are these people? India?

I just received a call saying that I am being sued by this company because I took a loan out. The guy was saying if I take care of this today, that I will not be sued. The amount is $786.85. When I asked what company was this amount taken out from and he said that he wasn't able to tell me. All he said was it was an affiliate of the web site. I told him that I never took a loan out from his company. He said for me to clear my bank account out because they are going to freeze my account and sue me. I never took a loan out and he knows all my info. Company Profile

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