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I had worked done by CTC of Sadsburyville, PA which I got through Service Magic. About 5 months after installing a TV wall mount over my fireplace, the whole back attachments fell out onto the mantlepiece (wires, Comcast equipment, etc.). They are supposed to have a one-year warranty on their work as they expressed during installation. However, I have called them 3 times, at which time they said they would come out and scheduled a time. All three times they did not show up and never called. They are ignoring me totally. Therefore, I would not recommend CTC. Their own stated warranty for their service does not exist, even though they initially said they would fix the problem. This is a bummer!

All they had to do is be truthful and say at the original telephone call that they are not going to honor their warranty. To schedule 3 appointments and fail to show up without any apology is not a good way to serve a consumer. We have some 65 guests coming over this Saturday, and their work will be on display. I think they will no doubt lose some future customers when their sloppiness becomes the topic of discussion. Yes, this is a bummer. Is this any way to run a business?


I have had payday loans before, I paid all of them off and have none now. This guy named Patrick ** called and said I still owe $300 and he is here to collect. If I do not pay, I am going to jail for internet fraud, deception and violated federal banking laws. When I asked for documentation, he cannot give me any and threatened me. I am filing a police report and he has even called my work, who told them they are also filing a police report. I do not know this man or this company. It is wrong to tell me and my son that I am going to jail or else and yet you cannot prove who you are.


I was investigating the possibility of taking out a payday loan and would not receive any information without filling out the form. I decided against applying and receiving any payday loans and was able to make it through until payday just fine. That was way over a year ago right after my husband's massive brain hemorrhage. Last week, I hung up on Mike ** telling him I took no money and will pay nothing to him and hung up.

Today, he called my daughter and told her I owed money to Cash Transfer Co. and I was going to go to jail for 30 years if I didn't pay. I immediately called him at their number and we had a real go around. He told me I was going to prison and threatened me. I told him he was an extortionist and not to call anymore. He told me he could call me at any time. We bantered back and forth until he said, "Well, **!" And he hung up on me. I was demanding to get Cash Transfer Co.'s address and phone number. He refused to give it.


I received a call from someone representing a payday loan company named Cash Transfer. They said that I owe money from December 2008 and they would make arrangements with me to keep from going to court and having to pay over $2000. I have had dealings with payday loans before, but I do not remember getting any money from a company named Cash Transfer. I asked Patrick to email me the documentation and the date the money was wired to our account and I would pay them the money. He stated that that wasn't possible, If I didn't pay the money, we would be served papers and our social security number would be ruined.


I received a call from a person with Indian accent named Ron ** stating that I owe a payday loan company 658 dollars, to pay or I would face criminal charges. I agreed to pay this after constant threats by sending them the requested information of my DL number, a notarized copy of my scheduled monthly installments and the prepaid debit card for the transactions to come off of.

I received a call today after two payments have been made and the final payment of 220 dollars to be made from a man named Shawn requesting a payment to avoid an affidavit being sent to the courts. He asked for the name and number of Ron ** which was disconnected and told me that it was the same company but they never got money even after I emailed a copy of my debit transaction history to show and prove.

He stated that he put a freeze on the affidavit and to contact my debit card company to file fraud and not to put any money on my card for the next payment. I truly believe they are both scam artists and I don't know what to do because I do not owe any payday loan companies but I did not want to go to court over this so I obliged. Now this one company says I have not paid them and the other has dropped off the face of the earth with my personal information!

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I received a very threatning phone call at work by a man who calls himself Adam S. He has a very heavy Indian or Bangledesh accent. He said he represent Cash transfer centers and that I am being charge with several counts of check fraud and some other charges that I could not understand. Since my job has caller Id, I called the number back and asked him to repeat what he said because I could not understand him, he started yelling threats that I did not give him a debit or credit card number, that I would be arrested and thrown into prison. I panicked but was convinced that this was a scam.

This Adam s. knew my name, social , Drivers license #, DOB, Address, and employment info. I immediately called cash transfer centers to see if I owed them anything since I have borrowed with them in the past. I did not owe them a penny. I asked the gentlemen from customer care how did this person get my personal infor and he said that their system has been compromised and that I was not the first one. He transferred me to a supervisor who told me that Cash Tranfer Centers is not responsible for the security breach that a hacker must of gotten my info from my own computer.

I did these loan apps from work and I work for a bank. There is no hacking this system. She also told me that I was not the only complaint but refused to take responsibility. I asked for a letter to give to the police department stating that I owe Cash Transfer Centers nothing, she refused. I told her she can give it to me or give it to the police. She finally relented and and gave me a letter stating that I owe them nothing.

I continued to receive theatning calls from this Adam S. even at home. I called the police the next day and filed an ID theft case. I had to change my phone numbers, my bank accounts, and the sheriff stated that they could sell my info to anyone who can apply for credit in my name, sell it to someone who needs ID to work-in which case the only wau that I would know is when I get a notice from the IRS owing back taxes. I now live in fear. I sleep with the alarm on, I check every room before settling down. Is there anything else I could be doing? can we stop this company and make them take responsility for their actions? is there a class action suit?


I just would like to say if at all possible try not to use this company CTC cash transfer center they are the most unrude company I ever delt with. I got a loan and come payday I was short of funds in paying back. I asked them if I could pay half and the other half my next pay. they disagreed but that was the only thing I could do at that time. now comes the phone calls at work at least 2 times a day which was uncause for I told them I can't keep gettimg phone calls at work but that didn't matter to them

calls kept coming then they starting my payroll dept. cts will not work with you if you get behind. I'm now free and clear of this company. i will never ever return as a customer cause after getting behind 1,200.00 in debt due to late fee returned ach debit from ctc known as northway cash transfer centers I'm done with this company.

damages resulted overdrawn account 1,200.00 in fees and a write up at my job.


Keep receiving, via U.S. mail, printed forms (1923A) informing me of cash prize winnings & to mail a check for $24.87 for processing of a list of these cash prizes & their possible winners! Form 1923A is a Notice of Temporary Assignment of Practice for Chiropractors, out of Ontario, Canada.


I received a loan in the amount of $300 and the $381 was deducted from my account for the repayment. The problem is that an additional second deduction in the amount of $90 was also deducted at the same time. I am going to have to close my bank account to keep this from happening again.


i took out a paydayloan with this company and due to hours being cut i was unable to pay and i contacted them to let them know and they said there was nothing they could so they tried take it out of my account and it bounced now they are harrassing me at my job and threating to garnish my chec i have called them to make arrangments but they wont help me


I got into financial trouble and was struggling paying my bills. I received a payday advance loan from which was promptly paid my following payday. I had to do a reloan because the first loan took the majority of my check. I began a cycle which involved 4 loans from this company. I finally contacted the assistance of a debt consolidator. I closed my bank account and then the phone calls started. They called me during work hours and I told them that I wasn't able to deal with this during work, "please call after hours." They continued to call during work hours everyday for two weeks. I finally let the phone go to voicemail and Mandeep left a message. I called him back and he was very demeaning and rude. I finally couldn't take anymore of him talking over me as I tried to explain that a debt consolidator was handling my obligation and hung up.

I then began receiving calls from Derrick and the rudeness got worse with threats and snide remarks. They sent an email to my boss (who knows how they got his email address) and asked to verify my employment. Once he did they hung up on him. I am finding out that they have no legal recourse because they are not licensed in all 50 states. They harass and use scare tactics and don't want to hear anything about payment arrangements. Please with all of the people they have wronged there has to be enough for a class action suit!! If there are any attorneys who are able to take them on please let's get the ball rolling!!


I made a loan before then defaulted and I do not know if they called my employer. Then I spoke to a Reg who was very rude and threatened me that their company will exhaust all means to collect the debt. Then I told him that I would like to make payments then he will not accept it. The next day, he debited my account. I was laid off a few months ago. I emailed them twice that I will only be making payments on that account since I was laid off and I told them to stop debiting the account. Instead they continued to debit it and then accrued so many NSF fees on my account. Then I went to the bank to stop Northway from debiting my account. However, they used my debit card for some reason I do not know how they acquired my debit card number. So, I filed for fraud at my bank.

It is a deceitful way to collect a debt. I also found a website that says there is a cease and desist against this company to the California customers. I need to find out more about this. By the way, in order to talk to someone I had to fight for my right to talk with the collection department. This woman was too scared to give me full name of the person I am going to talk to. She told me they were not allowed to give out that information until such time I told her that she has to or else she is trying to do unfair business practice.


I took a payday loan and did not notice I gave the wrong paydays, I happened to look a the wrong month, when I call to state I would not have the money that day to please extend it to my real payday, they stated they could not help me, that I had sign and agreement and could not make any changes. I did state I would repor them to the BBS

overdraft and you can imagine the consequences in my personal life


I recently had several debits to my account that were unauthorized. They were for various amounts of 75.00 up to 125.00 at one time. I called the bank and they told me to close my account. That's when I started getting harassing phone calls at home and at work. They have even started to some how contact my boss and even send her threatning e-mails regarding me.

I don't have much money and I am already very upset that my work or family, and friends are even aware of my business which I don't even believe is my business. I am going to need someone to talk to regarding this horrible situation. I can't believe that any one could get away with this behavior without some kind of punishment. Please help.


We were in a financial emergency and took out a short loan from this Co. We Western Unioned them the payment in full and they debited our account the next day. It has been a nightmare to get this credited back to us and as of yet haven't been able to get it credited back. Obviously those of us who need these loan don't have expendable cash and are desperate for money. As such my account has begun to overdraft causing us hundreds of dollars.

So far, this has caused us 250.


I recieved a $300 loan from this company. They tried to take it out of my account before it was do on 2 seperate charges. My bank is saying it was paid to them and Reg is telling me he has proof it was not. I am waiting on documentation from my bank as I am in SC and my bank is in NY.

He was very rude on the phone with me and even went as far as telling me he had not called my employer. When I gave him the proof that he had he got ruder yet. My boss has no business knowing my personal business. Reg claimed that he never spoke to my boss yet she knew all about everything. I am thinking of seeking a lawyer on this matter.

CTC keeps trying to take money out of my account and its resulting in over draft fees that I can not keep up with. They were already paid yet they keep trying to take money


I was recently forced into a financial situation that left my only solution as bankruptcy. When I fell short of a final payoff to Cash Transfer Centers (CTC), serious problems with this company began. Knowing that I am officially filing this Friday, they have used intimidation tactics such as contacting my employer and reporting me to Teletrack. My lawyer has told me this is illegal activity and to get a full name and license number of the collection agent. Of course, they would not provide this to me.

I know their methods are extreme because every other creditor I have dealt with has been very understanding, pleasant and humane, including other payday lenders. I am reporting all of this activity to my lawyer and he will determine wether they are acting within in the bounds of the law and take appropriate action if they are not. I am posting this as a warning to AVOID doing business with this company no matter how desperate you are financially. They do not NEGOTIATE.

Major contributor to bankruptcy decision.


took out a payday loan; got caught into that trap. took it toll on my finances I defaulted. Started receiving calls froom Mr REg, last one he is screaming on the phone. several daily. I tried to call back. the phone would disconnect

talked with Mr turner, he said he noted my acct with the payback date. would not promise anything, threatened to call my employer payroll office. plain harassment


They called my job twice and was rude with me,saying that they would contact my job payroll department. They e-mailed my job payroll department. I was called to the office over it and asked about it.I told payroll to call and confirm I do work there.I am having money problems big time,and I felt my job isn't the place to discuss those issues.

I was embrassed by being called to the payroll department and asked about it.I felt by seeing it said cash transfer center that I must of applied for a cash loan somewhere and that they needed to know i worked there. I think it very rude of cash transfer centers to do that to me. I will go to court and explain to the judge that I will make payments to them,and explained what they done. I e-mailed them about the issue of the e-mail and no response back .I told them I was contacting attorney and that they had no right to e-mail my jobs payroll department.please tell me my rights.


I asked for a $300 pay day loan in which it was $381 after all fees. They debited the loan on the wrong way (off week) of my actual payday. And not just one debit, but they broke it up into two debits of $190; therefore, making me accrue not one overdraft fee, but four (two for them of $29 and two from my bank of $39). They had the nerve to call me and threatened me with wage garnishment BEFORE I was even notified by my bank that I overdrafted. I had loaned several times before and was a good customer. So much for that. BTW - you have to send it my money gram which is another $20 charge!

Warning...your $300 loan will turn into a $1000 nightmare!


I had taken out a pay day loan. It was paid off. I asked them to stop taking money out of my account, they did not. I closed my account. I'm glad I did this company is under several names, and is trying to collect. I have a signed affidavit from my bank stating this was not authorized. This company is known as Cash Transfer Centers/Northway Financial, Sonic PayDay...

I closed my bank account due to multiple transactions, they have over drawn my account over $402.00 in resulting in over $600.00 in thier profit alone. I am now having a financial hardship. The collector threatened to call my work, take my paycheck and tell everyone I owe this debt.


I received a payday loan on 9/25/2006 from Cash Transfer Centers in the amount of $300.00 under the company name Platimun B Services. The debits from my checking account have been coming out under the company names SJM Marketing and Northway Debit so I am completely confused as to what is going on.

Since September of 2006 this company has been debiting at least $90 and sometimes more from my checking account. I am not sure how many fees I have paid this company in total but it is a very large sum. The fees that they have been charging since last year have caused my account to remain in the red (negative) until today (7/13/07). The only reason that my account is up to date as of today is because the company submitted a garnishment of wages to my employer. They deducted another $346.65 from my account today through the garnishment and are scheduled to deduct another $63.35 on July 31 to pay the full $410.00 they claim I owe them. I have been in an economic hardship since September of last year because of this causing me to pay all of my bills late including rent, utilities, vehicle loans and insurance, etc...


I took out a payday loan from this company and due to recent financial problems had to close my checking account thus preventing them from electronically collecting the funds. I told them I could pay them back by sending the full amount via money order. They said they only accept payment electronically or by Western Union. I have sent payment in full via registered mail on July 8, 2006 Registered article arrived according to on July 18, 2006.

This company will not stop calling my employer requesting a garnishment, they refuse to provide a accurate address as to where they are located. They operate under the name of Cash Transfer Centers or Sonic Payday Ltd. Persons from Coastline Credit also call saying they represent Cash Transfer Centers, previously when they took payments out of my checking account, the electronic withdrawl said Northway Financial which they say is located on the isle of Malta.

I never signed a wage assignment but they said my typed name is a legal wage assignment. My employers payroll dept. told me if they don't verbally acknowledge payment of the money order I sent out that they will garnish my next paycheck as a gesture of goodwill, which would result in them recieving a double payment. I borrowed $500.00 they say I now owe $693.00 which is what I sent out. All I want to do is pay them off without all these games but they won't cooperate. Don't they need a court order for a garnishment?They also list their address as being in Oaks PA. and Wilmington Delaware but repeated calls to both States failed to prove or confirm the existence of this company in either state. Please send any advice you can as to what I can do regarding this company. I have retained a bankruptcy atty. to start proceedings due to recent financial hardships. I'm in serious need of legal advice, and am in serious emotional stress.

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