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I made this loan originally in late 2008. The car is a 2000 Chevy Cavalier in below average condition so I was loaned $600. The initial payments were 180 per month for one year then when I went through a rough period in June, Randy said my only choice was to refinance it and this is when payment spiked up to $275 per month.

I'm a single mother of four working a temporary position ending next month. I simply can't afford 250% rates and still manage to keep my car. I may as well go to a dealership and get a newer car with those high payments. I've lost electricity in my home and have had several eviction notices, threatening my residence because I'm stuck behind these high rates. In addition to that, they've been calling my job acting as clients to reach me, which is very unprofessional.

I call them and leave a message and he'll have someone show up at my house, demanding that I call him right there and rant and rave to me about how he has to work on a Saturday because of me and how am I going to wait on my child support check to pay him and other ridiculous statements. But when I pay them, he always says I'm a good customer and likes that I keep in contact.

These people are nuisances and I need to know how to get them off my back without losing my mind, place to stay or car. I'm just ready to leave the car at their business and be done with it, though I can't afford to be without my car and that's what they "prey" on! Help!


Man claiming to be some type of law enforcer contacted me, my brother, my mother-in-law and my former employer and told me that if I didn’t pay my loan in full by 4:30 that day, 02/10/2010, they were going to take a warrant out for my arrest for fraud because I was not working at job I had put down on application anymore Loan was taken out on 01/07/2010 for $600.00 with first payment due 02/07/2010. I went there that day with my mother-in-law and we asked to pay a payment and the guy wouldn’t accept it. We figured out that he was the same man who had contacted everyone.

My mother-in-law called the main company in Greenville, SC and told them what this guy had done. They called back 4 days later and said to go ahead and make a payment which was made on 02/19/2010 and that they had reprimanded the guy. I do not believe that. This guy made out like he was a law enforcement officer not only to me but to my family and former employer. Payment was made later than when I originally tried to make it, and not knowing the law I was scared I was going to be arrested.

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