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I had a payday loan with this company that was due on 31 Aug 11. They deposited the check on 01 Sept 11 and the check was cleared. Now, they are saying that they can't give me another loan without a bank statement. Today's date is 09 Sept 11 but they have a copy of the check with my online statement saying that the check was cleared. Now that you have been paid, you want me to wait until 31 Sept 11 to get another? You just lost a 4-year customer who will leave your business. I guess I should have took an NSF fee and not paid you, then you would want my business.


Recently I went into this loan by payday establishment. I borrowed $200 just to make it to pay day.They charged $35.00 interest. Note: I have been an on and off customer for about ten years. Diane used to be the branch manager. Just recently I can't believe the hazing and harassment that I was subjected to. The new employee with bleached hair took extensively long just to help me when I should be right on file by name. As I stood in the lobby, this male Hispanic adult came in on a bike with a back pack. He was talking very loud to this elderly female Hispanic adult. They both were standing directly behind me. The employee of California Budget Finance not one time informed them to please keep the noise down or even to be polite.

When approximately after thirty or forty minutes, the employee with bleached hair finally was ready to help me, it appeared at his leisure and his convenience. Just as he was about to give me $200 for my blank check, the guy with the back pack appeared to move up to my back. I had to say," Space please. " The new employee of California Budget Finance said nothing. Hypothetically speaking ,this could be a very good scam for a possible corrupt employee. Take his time and willfully and deliberately stall to help a long-term customer. Send a text message to a friend. The friend would act like he is waiting in line to become a customer but with a negative ulterior motive and intent. Rob the customer then take off on bike to never be caught. This part did not happen but could have.

There is no excuse why the employee did not address the possible new customer when he moved directly to my back. The employee is supposed to work with best efforts, Labor Code:2924. Also possibly to show due care to customers, California Labor Code:2800. There is no way any of the employees of this California Budget Finance would know if any person entering the lobby has the intent to rob some one. There is no protection in the lobby to protect the customers, not even in the parking lot. It's as though this company does not care about the customers.

There are no armed guards in the lobby, no guard in the parking lot. It's basically a self-centered, egotistical and arrogant behavior. They could at least install a metal detecting glass door like People's Bank did. So as it stands now, if a customer gets robbed in the lobby or the parking lot, he or she is still liable to pay back California Budget Finance, if he is not on time there will be penalties and interest plus to be put on the bad check list. If there is a corrupt employee, the temptation to do something like this is there. When will this California Budget Finance implement safety procedures to make it safer for the customer waiting in the lobby or the parking lot

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