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I went to the drive-thru window on August 31, 2012 to deposit a third party check in the amount of $1,500 and was told the person who is signing the check over to me must have a signature on file with Burke & Herbert. I've deposited two $4,000 and one $1,500 checks in the past and wasn't turned away. This bank isn't consistent with the way they do business.

I have done business with this bank for 20+ years from savings to checking, CDs, IRAs, and various loans. For the most part, they are a good bank with personal service. However, just last week I tried to log in to my online account to do a transfer and could not access the web page for yet unknown reasons. They were already closed by then and I called the next day to tell them my quandary. They said it was MY computer that had the issue with connectivity. I was able to access all other web pages so I don't believe THAT was the issue. They still charged me $25 overdraft fee and refused to reverse it!

I RARELY overdraw my account as I have ample money in the savings. For the most part, I keep little funds [under $10K] in the savings but have other money in other institutions paying a higher yield. The savings account is paying a whopping .5% so pray tell WHY would I want to keep lots of funds in that account? Checking doesn't yield anything. My bills are all paid out of my credit union account which has a higher yield and when rarely I 'overdraw' there, they just take it out of the savings and charge $2.50. I have no issue with that.

B&H bank has always been family owned and clearly protects the friends of their families instead of the long term customers. I know that to be a fact. Guess they want us to move on! I have no issue with that either! Select customer service is inappropriate.

Unrealistic fee for overdraft when I deposited $1K 3 days before... which they didn't post to the account for 5 days!!! They said it was because it was a weekend and after 2PM so it wasn't posted until Tuesday evening. They still refuse to refund the $25.

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