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I tried buying from them back in 2002. I think it was that I paid the whole money for a computer. I never received it. I spoke to someone there at BlueHippo and they said that I needed to pay shipping. I said "What I don't think so". They said "After your 3rd payment they ship out the computer". I'm still waiting. I need my money.

Ordered computer back in AUGUST 2009. Paid down payment, as well as monthly charge until it was paid off. When end date came & went, & they continued to take out money, I called. They told me my "computer has shipped." Still no computer & money still coming out of my account, I called, again. This phone service. I go to internet & find out the company went out of business. Now I'm out $1,500.00 plus, with no way to seek compensation.

They asked me to pay $2.00 and join, so I gave them my credit card details and they took $2.00. After two days they took $90.00. I raised my concern for this and requested for a refund but they only refunded $20.00 yet. I want a full refund of $92.00 and I forget about them and their cheating scams.

BlueHippo advertised YOU would get a computer and printer for $100.00 a month. It was for people who had bad credit and it would help bring your credit score up. Next thing I knew they had went bankrupt and I had lost all that money nearly $1,000.00, and I called. They told me to send proof of everything. SO I did. I did not hear anything from them. And I called back. They claimed they did not received anything from me. They told me to send a copy of everything again and they gave me another address to send it to. SO I did that. Did not hear anything. They were in court or something. Called back. They gave me another number to call. They gave me the runaround. I have not heard or seen anything. I lost money from a SCHEMER.

I pay about 1915 for one computer and printer, plasma tv free. I never receive nothing. BlueHippo only take my money.

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Paid over 13 weeks, never received item, called and called, lost money.

I was told after I pay down I would get my computer printer plus t.v screen. I have never got my money, this was back It problem in 2007 or 2009 but to this date 2014 I still have their cord and I cannot get through.

I put a computer layaway with the BlueHippo company. They said after 13 payments, I would receive my computer and that it would also give me a credit rating on my account. I called to ask for the credit rating to be reported and they said no. I ask to speak with a supervisor. They told me I could fax a complaint but I was not going to speak with anyone. I ask them to send me my computer and they would not do that either. They took my money and I got nothing.

I applied in 2007 to buy a laptop from this company agreeing that funds be taken out my checking account. At that time, I was banking with Bank of America. A total of 26 payments were to be paid which was paid. They sent the product to me but after a few weeks of using it, I got a letter stating I still owed them $117.00 so therefore they put a block so that I could not use it unless this was paid. I kept calling and they would just connect me person after different person until finally they would not accept my calls. Who can I talk to in order to release the block from the laptop? The product was paid in full as asked; otherwise why send if it had not been paid? That was the agreement once they got last payment and then it was shipped to me, a Dell laptop. How can you help?

I paid BlueHippo $1,500 for a computer package and I did not get anything. It is not fair. I want either a computer or my money back. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

They sent me a check that bounced. I sent it back and got nothing back. No funds.

Back in 2008, I allowed BlueHippo to draft money out of my checking account electronically in return for payments on a computer. The payments accumulated to well over a $1,000.00, but I never received my computer. The number that they have printed on the contract that I still hold is not a working number. So one day, I saw that they were advertising in an ad and I used that number. I spoke with someone and gave them my account number, and they told me how much money I had accumulated. But still I haven't heard from them since, nor have I received any products, and they haven't refunded me my money. I am very angry because I really don't have that kind of money to give away.

I paid a total of $1,100.00 (to BlueHippo Funding) but did not receive computer. I was told on numerous occasions that I would get it in the mail. The account was opened in 2001 or 2002 and but I have yet to receive it. The last time I talked to someone was approximately in 2008. I was told then that I've accumulated a lot of money for me not to have the computer, and was given a name and number to call. Needless to say, it went nowhere. I still remain with no computer and have not been given a refund.

This Tronix Country sounds a lot like BlueHippo. Everything that's being said, it all happened to me. I never got anything that BlueHippo said I would get. I had to go to my bank and close out my account. It was a mess. I even sent the computer back and called BlueHippo and told them they lied to me. I also found other people that this also happened to. I copied everything out.

I was trying to go out to the Blue Hippo website only to find it gone. I did not know all of the complaints, and lawsuits were going on. Back in 2007, I, too, purchase one of their computers and paid $2,100.00. However, I did get everything they promised I would get in the package deal. I got a 17" flat screen TV and a wireless printer.

It is one thing that they did that I didn't like was, my bank did take out one of the payments on the due date, so they considered it late. Blue Hippo withdrew my TV and printer because they said my payment was late. I had to fight tooth and nail and send in document that it was the bank’s fault and the money was there when it was suppose to be automatically taken out, they did finally agree to send me the TV and Printer. I agree that I did pay too much for the computer. How do I get in on the settlement to get some of my money back?

I purchased a laptop PC thru Blue Hippo payment plan. I have written them and have never received the product. The Blue Hippo account number ** for the total amount of $2646.48. I called years ago and was given a myriad of reasons than the lap-top could not be delivered. “Ordered and not received by the manufacturer. We have to substitute for another brand. It's on order and should be delivered to you within 2 weeks.” What a rip off company. I have sent changes of addresses as needed as well as contact numbers.

I was staying in Rochester in 2008-2009. I found the Blue hippo website text with customer service, my bank info. She said I would be billed $99.00 for the first payment and every month would be regular payment. She said that my computer would arrive along with the paperwork in 4-6 weeks. I waited after 3 weeks. I got paperwork stating I would see my computer till the full payment was done and I really wouldn't get the other free stuff until all the money was paid. I quickly called them and for three days could not get anyone. After that, I gave up and lost $99.00.

BlueHippo took close to two hundred dollars from me and I never got anything out of it. This was two years ago and I'm very fed up with the run around. I have nothing to show for the money I put into the Company.

Bought 2 computers on two occasions. Received 1 but not the other. paid in full both times. $1995.48 was the cost of 2nd computer purchased in 2005. I requested my money to be given back and they sent me to a web page.

A few years ago I order the Blue Rhino computer. They took the $100 out of my account but I never received the computer. It had caused me to over draft. I feel your company was a fraud. I will be looking into this and getting of hold of B.B.B. I feel I deserve my money back.

They keep prolonging the wait for my PC. Then, I said I didn’t want it and they tried to give me a TV. I have given them chance after chance. Then, I called back and the number wasn’t working. The customer service was mean. It was a long wait to talk to anyone and they couldn’t even speak English. They never gave me anything but trouble and kept taking my money.

I made 3 or 4 payments but since then, I moved from California to Arizona and been in and out of hospitals. I have COPD, etc. I am dying slowly due to chronic diseases blue Hippo told me there was a problem with my payments and told me that I could order something else. I went to the hospital, then had to move and then their phone number didn't work. The computer was almost $400; I think like $359.00. As for papers, I don't know if I have anything that I am going to be able to get help with, with regards to the money I lost to them.

I ordered a computer from Blue Hippo and never received it. Blue Hippo took over $2000 dollars out of my account. Is there anything that I can do to try to get all or some of my money back?

My case was handled by Dennis ** to try and receive a rebate and a printer. I purchased a computer through Blue Hippo and was promised certain items. I received the computer and the television but I did not receive the free printer and the $900.00 rebate. After much correspondence with the help of 7 on your side to Blue Hippo, a check was sent out after I moved. The check was forwarded to our new address six months later, which made it invalid. The bank would not accept it. I am battling with cancer so I could not focus. My attempts to get a new check reissued failed. I have copies of TV correspondence, check, and other documents. Please help. Thank you.

I am a single parent who works hard for my money. I ordered a computer from Blue Hippo for my son who was in college. I was never told while ordering the computer that I had to complete the contract before a computer would be mailed to me.

Before the 30-day grace period, I called and cancelled my contract but they still managed to steal over 500 dollars from me. Even after I cancelled the contract, I had to issue a stop payment at the bank because they still tried to get money from my bank account. I lost money and I still do not have a computer or anything else for my money.

l ordered a laptop and have not been able to get my money back.

I ordered a deluxe desktop 2009 from BlueHippo which came with a free digital camera and a colored printer. I made my order in April 2009 as a layaway purchase. My terms were to pay $35 a week ($140 a month) for 14 months. They told me my total would be $2,075.00, my activation date was 4/29/2009 and my final payment was due on or about 6/3/10. Well after paying everything off by 12/2009, thinking how such a nice gift this would be for my home at Christmas, boy was I fooled.

I called and they told me it would be there in 10 days. It was not. I called back, they said "oh, I should have been there". They took my number and said let me track it and call you back in a day or two. It was a man's voice, I can't remember his name. He did confirm that my purchase was paid in full. Needless to say, I didn't get my order and was never able to contact them ever again. There was nothing I could do, so I just took it as a loss. I was cleaning out some old papers I had and ran across this order sheet and pulled up BlueHippo and got you. This order form is the only thing I have to prove that I even ordered anything. My account number is **. I know I may not ever get my money back. I learned a lesson the hard way, but I am glad their little scam is over. Thanks.

Like my credit was not perfect, I'm trying to own a computer and desk set. So, I got contact with that company BlueHippo, and I opened a account with them. I did my payment at time, every months. I pay 8 months at 79.95 plus 69.00 dollars. And I am trying to communicate with them. I never received my product or my money back. I have letters from the company with me. Proud and they never call me back.

I ordered a computer over phone and as instructed by TV ad, set up auto withdraw from bank account. It has been 3 yrs. and about $1200 and I still have no computer! I cannot access any blue hippo account info to find out how much I actually paid. Can you please help! My account number was ****.

I couldn't afford to go and buy a computer for me and my family, and my credit wasn't good. I saw several TV ads for Blue Hippo and thought, I could afford that. Needless to say, it was a scam and I am out about $400.00 or more. I never could get them on the phone and after a while of them taking my payments, I didn't know where to begin as far as getting my money back. I e-mailed some attorney that was supposedly handling these cases, but never got a response and gave up for a long time. I really need my money back if possible, and I have bank statements showing all my payments. Please help me. Thanks!

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