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Last updated: Sept. 14, 2017

28 Banco Popular Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2017

This bank ATM service is miserable. There is 2 ATM machines. 1 don't work and the second one doesn't have money to dispense??? The bank teller comes to open the bank door and I ask her, "What can I do to get my money?" and she answer me to go to another branch. The next branch is about 50 blocks away. They don't even clean the exterior of the building.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 9, 2016

Banco Popular of PR does not understand or care to understand what it is to provide customer service. The company operates as separate entities between its Mortgage service and Internet banking. I recommend strongly against holding a mortgage or checking account with this bank. i.e, I make my mortgage payments via internet banking and payments do not get posted in the internet...runarounds that I as a customer should not have to make numerous calls and being transferred to get resolved. If you're late on a payment within the grace period of the month you get a call harassing you for the payment. If you're into painful experiences by all means please Bank here. No sense of who the customer. Very sad reflection on the culture, yet somewhat in line with the sad state of affairs there.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 11, 2015

During our holiday in Southern France robbers stole our credit card, telephone and 350 Euros in cash. We cancelled the card, but the robbers had already withdrawn over 500 euros from the account. We also obtained a police report for the bank. Upon our return we spoke to the bank manager who informed us that the money would be paid back through the bank's insurance, and that it may take up to two weeks.

After two weeks we returned to the bank only to be informed that the bank was not going to refund the money. When we asked why? They said that we were irresponsible with the pin number since the chipped card could only be used together with the pin number. They said that the card could not be copied in any way. We did research on the internet and obtained more than enough evidence that using machines, the cards chips can be interrogated. We then approached the bank with the reports but still the money has not been returned.

It appears that the Banco Popular, located at Sol Park, Moraira, Spain is turning a blind eye on card fraud and making the clients foot the bill for their inability to produce thief-proof cards. We now strongly intend to denounce this bank through the proper channels. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 2, 2015

One day I got a phone call from their risk dept that my card had some alarming charges from Egypt (I live in NYC). They called to inform me that they had cancelled my card as a precaution which I was fine with. So they would send me a new card. When I asked about a pin number they said I could go online and set my own pin number. They would send me a card but it would take a week to get it since they send it regular mail. I was annoyed but just said "Hey you know it happens." So I wait a week and I get my card, I go online to set my pin, guess what? In order to set up an account you need a pin number!! So I call them up and they say that because they did not request a pin number when they ordered a new card, I would have to wait for ANOTHER CARD in order to get a pin. Now I'm starting to get ticked off, but I say "Ok" and they send me another card.

I wait a few days for my pin (they say they send that separately) and no pin. I wait another week, no pin. I call them up again and they say they never put the request in for a pin number!!! So they want to send me yet ANOTHER CARD. I say "No." They get a supervisor who says they can FedEx me a new card but, get this, THEY WILL CHARGE ME 50 Dollars for sending it!!! They cant waive it, no. It's either that or wait another week for a new card and a pin number. This wasn't even the worst incident I had with them. Back in 2012 I was vacationing in Columbia when I found it extremely difficult to take money out of the card, even going to the local Popular branches would give me issues. So now I'm in a foreign country with no access to my money. I had called them up weeks ahead of my trip to notify them of my vacation and they said it wouldn't be a problem.

I call them up and they tell me there is nothing they can do. They can't fix the issue with my card, they can't let me take out money from any of their branches. I ask for a supervisor - they tell me no supervisor works the night shift! I literally beg them to do something and their response is to HANG UP ON ME!!! I call the next morning again they say nothing can be done. I ask for a supervisor and they tell me the supervisor won't be in till 11 am. Banco Popular left me stranded in a foreign country and didn't give a damn about my well being. I had to get a family member to Western Union me money.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 4, 2015

A few years ago, my wife and I purchased a home in PR and the loan account was sold to Banco Popular. In 2012 we had a very bad year financially and got behind in our mortgage payments. Before we got behind in payments, we knew it was going to happen and we notified BPPR about the issue. We followed every instruction they gave us and they asked us for a mountain of paperwork, which by the way, was always incomplete or something was wrong every time we tried to turn them in. When we could pay, they would refuse our payments, and we got behind in payments almost 6 months on their behalf. We were force to go into bankruptcy to save the house. Once again, we fell behind 3 months and when some money finally came in, we made arrangements to pay what we owed in two payments and add a third payment to the bankruptcy deal.

On the phone the accepted the deal and accepted the first payment in the bank. Then last week they told the lawyer they were not going to accept the deal and the payments and that we had to pay in full. The hearing was today and the paralegal already contacted my wife to tell her that the bank is not budging. they refused our payments and are forcing us to keep getting behind even more. We have our bankruptcy lawyer on top of things, but the bank is playing hardball.

Now they want a full payment of what the bankruptcy is covering (5 months) and the three months we just got behind. Something that we can't pay. I believe the bank is using forceful tactics to get the house back and screw our credit even more. We are at a loss and don't know what to do. Even if we give them the house back, they are still going to require that the debt be paid in full, and that is going to screw our credit more than it is now. We will never be able to purchase another home.

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Original review: July 11, 2015

Banco Popular gave us a ridiculous interest rate (10.75%) in 2006 and they assured us that it would only be for 6 months until our credit improved and we would be able to refinance. 6 months past, we sent in the documentation for refinancing and they were always "missing" documents or they would get "lost". When 1 year passed, they said that they were not refinancing because of the economy and that we had to wait. 2 years later we tried to refinance again to a lower interest rate and shockingly the documents we sent were wrong in some way or were incomplete!!! We followed all their directions.

We could not afford the payments any more and we hired a realtor to help us with a short sale. She gave up because she said that she could not deal with the unprofessional personnel and that the bank and its procedures were a joke!!! We ended up losing the house and now the bank is holding our credit hostage for the money they lost in the foreclosure.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 26, 2015

Banco Popular is corrupt on every level. They do not care about their customers - as a matter of fact they may even encourage theft within the Institution. I am 89 years of age and have been a long standing customer since Western bank in 1986. I had noticed unauthorized activity on my account and had gone to my main branch as well as an alternative branch asking for help only to be denied and sent away stating that I had waited too long.

After much frustration I ended up going to the police department to file a police report after the bank told me that there had been more than 88 ATM charges. Interesting... I'd never opened an ATM, never had one in my entire life. After over 20 thousand dollars had been stolen from my bank account by an employee at the bank and over 25 fraudulent checks cashed by the same employee at the bank with no ID and person... If you don't think this could get any worse... it does... I later learned that this was not an isolated incident so BE AWARE if you are an elderly person or not. This bank does not care about their customers or doing the right thing ethically as an Institution.

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Original review: May 14, 2015

Can't set a travel notice on card because the representative didn't think I was the account holder due to my voice! No automatization, representatives were disrespectful, prepotent and condescending with a very discriminating tone!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 27, 2015

Banco Popular Luquillo Branch in Puerto Rico worst service: The personnel in the bank are way dysfunctional and not very professional. I send a letter of cancellation and to send me a check from my mothers account. The employee left for 10 days to a meeting and the manager NORMA ** did not know about the situation. She told me herself she was on vacation for one month. The employee that took my mom letter and information put it in her drawer not allowing any other employee to see the letter my mother send to cancel the check. I called 8 times for her to return my call when whenever I called she has gone to lunch or was unavailable. Their system is very primitive and dysfunctional. The manager is NOT taking her responsibilities seriously.

Original review: Nov. 26, 2014

I wish I could give less than one star! This bank is terrible! We set up a child's checking account several years ago. When my son just tried to take out the money, it's all gone- minus $25! They claim our failure to give them our new mailing address (when our phone # stayed the same and everyone else was able to get the updated address from the post office) means we get charged $5/month for returned statement fees! What a total ripoff!! And what a great lesson to teach a child about saving money! Now the lesson is to put your money inside your mattress!

Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: Dec. 20, 2015

I have resolved the problem by discontinuing the direct debit service with BPPR; payments are now being directly deposited to the bank.

Original review: Oct. 17, 2014

I recently financed a vehicle through Popular Auto a division of BPPR; signed an agreement allowing them to debit the amount of the loan every month on a particular date every month. From the very first debit, they have proceeded to request the monies the day before it was agreed. This is the third time they have done so since July 2014. The first time the money had not gone through yet; they proceeded to charge me $10.00. The second time they did, it was in September, the money was charge. Now this month of October, they moved to make the debit the day before again; it just so happens that I had just gone to the bank to make the deposit and found out that they had already tried to debit it. I checked the account today to verify if they had tried to get the amount as it was the right day to debit, but guess what? No, the money is there.

Now they are going to debit whenever I call to ask them to and then slap me with a $10.00 fee again. Nice way of getting money that don't belong to them. This is an entrapment technique used to acquire funds disguised as overdraft or non sufficient funds from the clients. I am looking for individuals who are having the same problem with them and will like to start a legal investigation in hopes to have them stop and desist the practice. I have called several times and I'm in the process of obtaining my bank statements for those particular dates in order to begin the process. Interested? Please contact me.

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Original review: April 13, 2014

When you're a "white" female or "Americana" as referred to by locals in Puerto Rico, you are the minority! Banco Popular denied a young lady a refinance mortgage loan after five years as a good customer who never missed a payment or was never late with a single payment, has been employed by the same company for ten years, was never late with a credit card payment or utility bill. Although Banco Popular is the original note holder of her existing mortgage on her income-producing four-unit homestead, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico never even sent her a loan denial letter explaining the reason for the refinance denial, obligated by law!

When the young lady went to the mortgage division in Guaynabo PR, eight stories of employees, one of which is an entire floor of attorneys and one of the other floors includes the "Mediation division" all she got was "No English." She didn't even know that Banco Popular had decided to deny her refinance and filed for her eviction until she was notified by the San Juan Court system. It turns out that when this young lady applied for the refinance, Mr. ** at the Guaynabo branch accepted her application and approved her after checking her credit and all the necessary documents. Mr. ** even told her that her new payment would be $750.00 per month. He just needs to prepare the paperwork for her signature.

It turns out that Mr. ** went on vacation and no one knew anything about her refinance application and no one speaks English. Finally, after 90 days, she went the branch and turned in her keys to the building. She thought that the bank owned the building. Now, one year later, she learns from the court that the property is still in her name. The bank let the insurance drop and the property was vandalized and destroyed. The bank still refuses to talk to the young lady even in the face of credit denial solely based on the young lady's national origin and her race, American or non-Puerto Rican.

This bank clearly operates on the premise that they can openly discriminate in direct violation of ECOA and FHAct. This bank has demonstrated all three types of lending discrimination, Overt evidence of desparate treatment, Comparative evidence of disparate treatment and Evidence of impact! The lady clearly qualified for a refinance which is why no one at Banco Popular will talk to her.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 17, 2013

If I could give zero stars, I would! This company bought the 2nd mortgage I had on my home from BofA. With BofA, I could view balance, transfer funds, pretty much anything I needed I could do online. When Banco took over, I called them after unsuccessfully trying to find a way to do it with them and I was told that they don't offer those features and that anything I needed to know I would need to get from them over the phone. It was a bit old school and inconvenient but I got over it.

Then at the end of 2012, I attempted to get a payoff letter. I contacted them twice and never received it. Finally, I just made a payment for as close as I could figure to total due. I then proceeded to get calls from their Collection department telling me I hadn't made my payment. The people barely spoke English and rude is an understatement. The first two times, they finally agreed they saw I made a payment but it still showed I owed them money. Both times they agreed it didn't make sense but continued to insist I pay them more. Next, I spoke with a "manager" who told me that obviously I didn't understand how revolving credit works. She then agreed my outstanding balance was $55, but I needed to pay $471 or I would be in default.

I've been in customer service. Had I ever spoken to someone the way I was spoken to, I would have been fired. I finally decided to stop banging my head against the wall, hung up and called their office in Illinois. The man there took my $55 payment over the phone, couldn't explain why they persisted in calling me and gave an attempt at an apology, "Huh, sorry about that." It's a horrible company and dreadful customer service.

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Original review: Sept. 21, 2012

I just got back from the 1 Journal Square Plaza, Jersey City, NJ location. The Manager ** as well as ** the teller refused to cash my check. I was given a Banco Popular check, so I went to a Banco Popular Branch to cash the check. The teller ** asked me if I had an account with Banco Popular. I told her that I did not. She said she could not cash the check because I didn't have an account with them. First, it's a Banco Popular check written out to me. Second, a sign just to my right stated that customers who do not have an account with Banco Popular have to furnish two forms of ID and will be charged a $5.00 processing fee. Third, since when does a bank not cash their own checks when there are more than enough funds in the account?

** rudely told me to speak with the manager. I speak with the manager, and while I am standing there, ** calls ** the manager and speaks to him regarding me. I can actually hear her on the phone. The manager hangs the phone up and tells me that he cannot cash the Banco Popular check because I was not a customer. I pointed out the sign and he said that does not apply to me. I asked for something in writing and he stated that the bank does not have anything in writing. Here I was, rushing on my lunch break to get this done, and I am standing there arguing with the manager.

It gets better. So, the manager wanted to see the individual that wrote out the check in person. He actually wanted him to come in the branch to speak with him. What bank institution does that?! I have never heard or seen anything like that. As a landlord, I have received many checks and I never deposit these checks into my personal account. I will always walk over to the actual bank the individual wrote it out from and cash it. This will allow me to verify the funds, cash the check, and avoid any check bouncing fees. I have a migraine. When I got to the car, I had an anxiety attack (that being inside the branch, I was late returning to work). I was not able to do my errands I was intending on doing. I have to write a letter explaining my experience, and they refuse to cash the check. So now going forward, I refuse to accept any Banco Popular checks.

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Original review: Feb. 27, 2012

Lost card and no way to find my credit card #, but I owe money. I've been calling, but no one can help me find out how much I owe.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 23, 2012

Worse bank ever! Banco makes millions off of their crafty accounting and overdraft fee scam. Let's rundown the checklist of violations, shall we?

Banco will hold deposited checks (so that they can pay off their loans and other bank expenses) and won't make the money available to the account holder until after two weeks! However, your online banking statement will reflect the funds as available money, from which the account holder will draw from only to be hit with overdraft fees for every item purchased during that time period; Banco will allow purchases to clear your account but retroactive said purchases two days later and hit you with an abundance of overdraft fees; Banco customer service reps will blame you for their mistakes and refuse to rectify their wrongdoings; Banco institutes every policy imaginable to ensure that the bank is covered financially and their account holders are not.

For example, only the branch where you opened your account can assist you with account issues. Imagine being out of town and having to deal with this policy. Checks that are returned will automatically make your account negative, even though the funds were never deducted from the account, which spirals an out of control overdraft fee spree. The computer will then start "over-drafting" prior purchases!

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Original review: Jan. 3, 2012

Dreadful experience! I deposited my first paycheck from a huge advertising agency after one month's work on a long sought new job, confident I would have a warmer Christmas than the previous two had been. We all know what I'm referring to here in America. The branch released $200 of this amount as is the procedure I am familiar with. I proceeded to pay my car insurance bill and a few small bills which needed to be paid immediately. It was my 8 year old daughter's birthday as well and we stopped for a bite in an unassuming eatery in NYC. When it was time to pay, they rejected my bank card for insufficient funds. Upon inquiry with BPOP (an exercise in frustration in itself), I was told they had put a 10 day hold on my deposit because the check source could not be verified, a very uncreative lie.

Although, I'd worked very hard for my paycheck, I was unable to have a "normal" birthday for my child, or for my Lord, or for New Years. The embarrassment, the frustration, the disappointment for me and my family was all capped off by the bank not releasing my money on the 3rd of January as promised repeatedly by word and letter. And with a "Tawanda" yelling over my verbal inquiry into this extension of my hardship and indignation. They are unprofessional in practice, procedure, and behavior. Stay away!

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Original review: Oct. 18, 2011

My equity line of credit was purchased by Banco Popular by BoA. Banco Popular's procedure is that you have a due date and then a grace period, and if you miss the due date but are still in your grace period, they call you relentlessly multiple times a day. This could be considered harassment because you are still in your grace period. They were rude and continue doing this every month unless it's paid by the due date.

Original review: Oct. 12, 2011

My equity loan payment is due on the 6th, with a 10-day grace period that ends on the 16th. If you don't pay by the 6th, the collections department calls to ask when you will be paying, even though you are in your grace period and per agreement. I don't have to have paid them as of yet. This is harassment of the consumer as the rules that were agreed upon when the loan was taken/received are being adhered to and yet, they are calling and pressuring to pay before the required time.

Original review: Feb. 15, 2011

My spouse passed away. I went to Banco Popular and called several times to inquire what I need to close the account and safe deposit box, and I went 3 weeks without an answer. When I went into the bank, they let me know that I needed a court order to get into the box and a bank employee will need to evaluate the assets in the box. However, all other banks only required me to complete a Probate 13100 after 40 days along with a death certificate. Norma also handed me their version of the Probate 13100 and it listed safe deposit box as one of its options, however, they will not allow me to use this per their legal department.

I contacted the district manager and she only offered to have their legal department contact my attorney. I asked to have the legal department contact me (why do I need to incur the cost of an attorney?). So far, I got no response. There are only two of anything where my spouse and I are not joint and they are both at Banco Popular. Everything else we ever owned is joint; therefore, I do not need to have a probate hearing since he left no will and any assets which are in his name only are less than $100,000.

According to the Los Angeles Superior Court website, they a have a pamphlet which also indicates that all I need to do is complete the form. I don't understand why this bank seems to think they are above the law. All other banks where I have made an inquiry also only require the Probate 13100 form.

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Original review: April 29, 2010

There was a mistake made in 2008, and it took 4 to 5 months for us to fix it with them. Everything was supposed to be okay, and nothing was going to be negative on my credit! Now 2 years later after the Temecula branch closed, we received a collection letter in the amount of $251.07. There should not be any amount due at all. This was taken care of in 2008, but the people I dealt with were not to be found, and I cannot get anywhere with the people at Banco to find their old employee to help me fix this.

It was their own branch manager from Temecula who made all the mistakes and said everything was okay. Her name was Alma, and now after two years, it's on my credit and they think that I owe them $251.07. It took us a month to fix this in 2008. They are the people who messed up, and the only people who are nowhere. This Alma has to fix this. I cannot get into their internal papers to get anything done. Please help! Thank you.

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Original review: May 19, 2009

I received a letter with the letterhead from Banco Popular letting me know that they have been trying to contact me to discuss possible options. The person on the phone, a Marco S, mentioned that he was calling to help me lower my monthly payments. I kept asking questions. He said that in order for him to help me I needed to make an appointment with him. To bring with me my paycheck stub, my bank statement, my checkbook, Driver's license, Social Security, 2008 taxes.

When I asked again, He told me that they were a branch of BP. I asked him if I needed to pay for this. He mentioned that I should not worry that there were different programs for everyone just bring the info to him. I kept asking him if he knew my loan # since he is calling me from BP. Then, he changed and said that they were not BP but they were endorsed by BP. I asked for the name of the company but he did not gave me the name. I called BP customer services since the letter shows their Letterhead. Customer service told me that they do not have anything to do with this people. I don't know if this is a legitimate company or scam. To me it does not sound legit. I don't need to do any changes in my mortgate, but I'm writing you to investigate. I fear for all this poor people that call to try to get a better deal to save their houses and will end up worse than they are now.

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Original review: Nov. 27, 2008

David and I originally bought this home in May 2005, as an 80/20 loan with minimal money down. This was with verified bank statements. I'm in the mortgage business. I had loss of income due to the industry slowing down. Feb 2007, One of my rental properties had a water heater burst and we had loss of income from fixing up the problem for six months without a tenant. We had gotten reimbursed afterwards and this put us behind on our primary residence.

This started in April 2007...Dave and I wanted to refinance in May 2008 our two yr prepay was due. We couldn't since our credit ...we were late...this affected our approval. From May 2007 to August we had an increase in our adjustable from a 3300.00 interest only payment to a 4500.00 interest only payment in six months. ACS the loan servicer (owned by Wells Fargo Bank) on my rental property that had a flood in the house..they wanted to go into trustee sale Auguest 1, 2007 and Dave and I had to file emergency stop the foreclosure. We went into chapter 13 to keep the homes. (dave had another rental next door to the home with the flood) We paid all the payments current and trustee payments.

Now our home on Laguna Vista had increased another 500.00 in payment while we were in Chapter 13. We called Popular Bank to do a Loan Modifcation and they told us they were strickly a loan servicing company and they didn't do Loan Modifications. I called the bankruptcy department and then I left a message with the Loss Mitigation department ano no one cared to return our call to David and I. We made several attempts to modify and make these payments however; they didn't want to work with our situation nor did they care...very, very rude.

Dave, works for Boeing in Washington State..moved there to keep up with these payments and makes middle six figure income. he can afford keeping the house..used all our savings...and basically doesn't make sense financially to throw money away for a home that is dropping in value and the payments going up. We need to short sale. We found a Realtor to negotiate to do a short sale on our home. banco popular approved the short sale twice and the third time denyed the short sale price due to they think they could get a higher amount.

A couple days before the trustee sale David and I called Tim T. again. he was very rude. cut off our conversation and said he was denying the short sale and Dave was actually calling about the Loan Modification. I called him several times and he waited to call the day of the trustee sale to the bank and left a message. Two days after the trustee sale we get a letter from Banco Popular stating they were wanting to work out a plan for us to keep our home and negotiate our Loan Modification and the last resource was to do a short sale.

We stopped making the Payments in January 1st 2008. From January 1st 2008 to October 2008...we never received one correspondence into modifying our payments or keeping this home until after the sale. I'm now doing Loan Modifications with homeowners in the same situation (I've owned my own company six years and closed it Aug 2007) I found out that modifications can use all the people that are helping with the payments and living in the house.

We had three incomes to help for the payments. They didn't bother to find out how we could keep this home. Also, when I bought this home in 2005 the Realtor never disclosed that the Sellers had an ongoing problem with the next door neighbor about the trees enroaching their yard and cracked their concrete. we've had an ongoing fight about cutting four tree's that would ruin the look of the back yard since it had roses and a english garden..for their own selfish needs.

David and I spent all of our savings to save these homes and went into chapter 13. We wasted our money and should have just let them go into foreclosure. We still have foreclosures on our credit even though we tried to fight against the system that doesn't want to help homeowners keep their homes. I'm in the mortgage industry 28 years helping others get homes and I cannot even keep my own homes. I downsized and even shut my company down to save these homes. I still didn't get anywhere with this lender.

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Original review: Sept. 29, 2007

Closed account. Met face to face with bank, getting threatening letters of credit collections. Says I owe $10.00 overdraft.

Damaged my good name. Will seek damages if credit affected.

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Original review: Sept. 20, 2006

On 6/27/06 I closed Mastercard Account from Banco Popular of Tulsa OK, I was told that the account could not be closed until they received a payment of $660.03 but I had already made a payment of $719.09. The agent said that this was what I owed a little reluctant but knowing they would have to refund me I sent the payment over the phone. On 8/3/06 I recieve a statement from the company stating that I had a balance of -$660.03. I called that same evening and was told that my refund should be in the mail in 21 business days.

Meanwhile they continued to charge me overlimit fees and overcharge fees even though they owed me $660.03, this was the primary reason I closed the account I would have to fight for a reimbursement of unwarranted overlimit fees and late payment every month. On 9/8/06 I called again because I never received my refund, the agent claimed that the check was sent out and I would have to wait another 20 days for it to be traced. I was not satisfied with all this waiting and called again on 9/11/06 and spoke to an agent who had no idea about my account filed another trace and told me I would have to wait an additional 45 days.I cannot get a straight answer from this company.

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Original review: March 16, 2004
On January 04, 2004, my daughter attempted to draw $400.00 from my Banco Popular account but was unable to get any money. Banco Popular decide to debit my account about a month later for $400.00. I repeatedly call their customer service #, only to be told that Im not the owner of my account and

that I can not authorize an investigation.

My daughter had to access my account from their internet site and call back the customer service center demanding that they deal with me. We also went to the Southern Blvd branch where the error occur and was told that they can't help because they lacked the resources and directed us to call the customer service #.

After many calls, I received the authorization in the mail on Saturday Feb 28, 2004 and signed and mailed it out three days later with copies of other documentation. Today, March 16, 2004, I received a letter from Stephen Fader (Banco populars - ATM Services Support) stating that "On 02/23/2004 you filed a claim regarding an electronic Funds Transfer and in the amount of $400.00. Please be advised that the amount investigated will not be provisionally credited to your account, since you failed to notify the bank in writing within 10 days".

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Original review: Aug. 5, 2003

I made a payment over the phone on 7/11 for the final balance of $4,756.09 on my credit Card account. Later I received a letter on July 28th stating that the check I wrote them on July 11th has been returned as unpaid for an unknown reason and to send a replacement check in that ammount. I call Banco Popluar asking what happen and they could not tell me and they kept hanging up on me. After finally reaching someone I told them that I am going to send the amount that was to be sent on July 11th.

Now Banco Popluar is saying that I owe a Balance of today $186.00 because a new billing cycle went through. I told the laday that I do not have that amount, ponly the amount that I sent them on July 11th.

I would like to know how can charges go up from the billing cycle which was suppose to be on July 22nd and today.

Please help me I do not know what to do because I not able to pay nothing more or nothing less.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

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Original review: Jan. 2, 2002

Banco Popular in Rincon, PR required a letter from me, signed as Pastor of Rincon Christian Fellowship in order to open up a church sponsored Health Care Plan. The account had four signatures on it. We had a split in our church, and when I went to check on the Health Care account personnel told me that in order to change the signature the bank required a letter from our board. I was satisfied that no one had tampered with it.

But shortly thereafter I learned that one of the signatures to the account had closed it and transferred all assest of the program to another church. When I protested to Banco Popular, they sent a letter from their attorney claiming anyone who was a signator to this account could make changes to the name of the account, and close it if they wished.

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