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Last updated: July 26, 2017

29 Astoria Bank Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 26, 2017

My mortgage payment just went up $800 a month due to a change in mortgage terms. I've called Astoria every day since and after a horrendous phone experience finally got someone yesterday who proceeds to tell me I can't do a loan modification because only my name is on the mortgage. Apparently 10 years ago when I got the original loan, the company did a NIC loan, which means no income check. They used my credit score because at the time mine was higher than my husband's and didn't check income. So now they're saying I can't do the loan modification because I can't count my husband's income.

I asked the woman about the original loan and she said she can't see it because it's in a vault somewhere but it's in the computer that I'm the only one on the mortgage. I asked her why my husband's name is on the letter I received about the increase. She said, with some attitude, that's because my husband's name is on the deed. Now I'm supposed to go through a loss mitigation process. I have never worked with a company so unwilling to help their customers. Their customer service is atrocious. Phone system is almost useless. How many people just happen to have an extra $800 a month? I can't do a refinance because our house isn't worth what we owe. DON'T EVER DO BUSINESS WITH ASTORIA!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 20, 2017

If you will have a chance to read these few words please do not make the mistake we made. Never TD bank when you need a mortgage. We have 4 bank accounts at TD bank and we thought that the bank would have served us at the best with competence. Mortgage Broker: the only one that pushed and tried to help us in the chaos of the process. Mortgage Processor: a person that communicates every 24-48 hours if you are lucky... that never calls back even if you ask, that does not know what she is doing from somewhere in America (Maine). No knowledge. She "put on file" the documents. The underwriter/underwriters: they have the right to answer in 24 hours. We got answers in 48th hours or never got answers. Then other people pops up with no knowledge about tax return (they should study those matters much better) and accounting.

Forget about a possible TD internal service that translate documents in another language... they don't have anything. No effort. Please walk away from TD Bank before it is too late. We have had the worse experience ever and experienced the worse management. We provided all the impossible (strong buyers with 50% downpayment) and got the loan from this team of unprofessionals. But never anymore. Legendary service? "Your call is important to us: we will return your call in the next 4 hours?" Forget about it. No assistance. No knowledge.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 14, 2017

I signed up for a money matching program with them since I was a new homebuyer and they offered to double our money for up to $7,000 I think. So I thought how bad could it be? Well we pay on time and do as we're supposed to and have great credit, so it shouldn't be an issue. Here are my issues thus far. Well I went to the bank to pay my mortgage in person. I forgot to write my account # on the check. I actually had to go back home to look over the paperwork since they had no way to look it up... how is that even possible in the age of the internet?? They send a scary red letter that says you are gonna get kicked outta your house if they get payment a day late. I called customer service to get information on my PMI and they couldn't help me. I have to wait 5-7 business days to receive any information BY MAIL!

I obliged to do do the customer service survey after and it mysteriously hung up on me when I put in all 1's. You are not allowed your own appraisals so that means that you need to use theirs and they will make sure to price in the bank's favor. When I tried to change homeowners insurance I needed to set up a conference call with them and the insurance company because they couldn't understand what was going on. If you pay online or over the phone you have to pay a "convenience charge" WTF?! No one does that!

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Original review: Aug. 8, 2016

I wanted to write a review to share my experience with Astoria Bank during one of the more difficult times a person can endure. I'm in the process of rebuilding my home after a terrifying home fire in which all of my personal belongings and complete interior of the home were destroyed. After a long and trying process we're close to completion of the renovation and Astoria is withholding money as they state the home is not to 20% done. The inspector, Ester from Safeguard has comments where she references cosmetics such as walls, paint and cabinets not being done. This is extremely frustrating when the bulk of funds go towards which has been done, plumbing throughout, a new Central AC unit, complete re-wire of the entire home, new framing, sub-structure and not to mention a complete walk-out/separate entrance into the basement.

Since the fire, I've been living in a mobile home provided by the Insurance company. I've made it home the best way I could but this too has a deadline as I have less than a month before the trailer will be removed from my property leaving me with no place to live!! Astoria bank has been of no help. They're withholding over 100k, by the way. My contractor has pre-paid many of the trades and has shelled out his own funds to the point where he cannot continue forward without funds to pay off trades and materials/labor for work to finish my home. Is there anyone that can help, lend some advice, anything to avoid me paying a mortgage and having nowhere to live?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29, 2016

Signed up for an account because I just moved to this area and they were right across the street. Thought wow what a convenience! Opened the account online because I don't like bank lines and then walked across the street to make the opening deposit. Signed up with an online account but couldn't log in to mobile banking. Called their customer service and they said there should not be a problem logging in. Told them I'd wait a few days and try again. Well, tried to log in with my account and it failed. Created a new online account. Next day, failed again.

Signed up with a third one. Again failed and by this time I'm irate because this is like class F service with the website not working. This time they tell me my account had been closed... but they don't know why! They said they would mail me my money back in the form of a check. They could have saved themselves a stamp and just call me to come across the street. They didn't even call me to let me know there was a problem. I had to call them. Didn't really care at that point anyway because the service was so bad right out the gate. I could tell this was one of "those banks" that always has problems and I see by this site, my suspicions are correct. Don't want to do business with this bank anyway. Opened an account with Bank of America that took all of only a few minutes. Maybe BoA should buyout Astoria because they clearly have horrible service and horrible banking. Never again!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 15, 2016

Astoria is a horrible bank to do business with. Couples years ago, I opened a checking with Astoria Bank and deposited $250.00. I was planning to switch my operating account to this bank but there was a problem with their online billing payment so I kept my account with the other bank and forgot about my account with Astoria. I just found out that I have an overdraft because Astoria was charging me a monthly inactivity fee, which is absurd. I paid the balance and closed my account but I will spread the word all over the town among clients, families and friends. ASTORIA BANK uses a very SOPHISTICATE WAY to steal money from its customers.

Around the same time I opened the checking account with Astoria, I opened another checking with Beth Page Credit and deposited $80.00 but I forgot about that account too. Since this happened with Astoria, I checked my account with Beth Page Credit Union, and guess what - my $80.00 still there. I highly recommend Beth Page Credit Union but I will tell everyone! PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ASTORIA BANK.

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Original review: Feb. 15, 2016

Toxic work environment. This place is a cesspool... It's a culture of nepotism and bigotry. Working hard will not get you ahead in the consumer care department. Those who sleep all day, harass subordinates and make inappropriate/racist comments get promoted. I wouldn't recommend this place if it were the last job on the face of the earth. The managers act like plantation masters (5th Avenue Manager and the Operation supervisor are the Demon!!).

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2015

My account was not in use for few months (they charge you $10 inactive account fee which is weird). Out of nowhere I saw 2 transactions (preauthorized debt to Capital One bank). I contacted the bank and they said, "Don't worry, we will stop the payments." Did not got my money after waiting for 2 weeks so I went to the branch where I got more pissed off when they ask me to pay $30 check stop fee. I argued with the branch manager that it's their system problem or might be hacked and why should I pay the fee? I just need my money back. Short story, it has been over a month and I'm still waiting for my money. Astoria bank has the most unknowable people. They don't care about your time. I'm done with them and banking with only Chase & TD.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 17, 2015

Website is horrible! Constant log in problems! Every few times I try to log in it tells me my password is invalid. Call back for a password code never works, calling them direct is useless. If I wait a half hour, my password will work again. This has happened 6 or 7 times now! Never have this problem with other banking websites!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 6, 2015

The Tenant Association of ** wrote a letter to the CEO of Astoria bank, complaining of zero interest security deposit rates and there was no reply. Hudson Associates keeps their tenant security deposits with Astoria Bank, but the net interest in the accounts is zero.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 6, 2015

The complaint pertaining to Astoria federal is not a problem at all... This loan modification process and request has been going on since 2009! I cannot even believe that we've come to this point when all they had to do is just extend the term. They have already reduced the rate. We're not even asking them to go down to the 2% or even lower than what we have now. All we wanted was an extension to the term... spread out the payments. I was trying to think of the modification(s) that you mentioned yesterday that the bank supposedly gave us.

The first one probably (if they considered that a modification) was switching it from a 3/1 interest only ARM to a fixed which was brought down to an interest rate of 5.75. Still didn't help, the term remained the same 22 or 24 years... And because it was fixed the payment was a lot higher!!! So yes they did give a modification however, it was a lot worse than what we had before, so why would someone accept that!!!???

The second one that they're suggesting they gave was a reduction of rate again to the 3.5% but still no reduction or change to the term. If they had extended the term/years to 30 or 40 years it would've definitely made sense and would of helped us out tremendously!!! The payment was still higher than what we originally started from... So again we made payments on it but knew we couldn't afford it and that's when we applied again... so that they could of extended the term. That would've been the key to all of this. They just refused to do that. We never said to them that we would not pay the loan. In fact they stop taking our payments! That's when we turned to Forghany law when they wouldn't take our payments anymore. This was last May...

Their excuse for not giving us the modification was constantly that it's a portfolio loan and they would like to keep it in-house! Why is that when they see that my parents were struggling to make the payment and it was higher than the payment they originally had? Why wouldn't they just extend the term? It would've saved us a lot of money not having to pay your firm. Instead ASTORIA IS Forcing us to go into bankruptcy. It's Astoria's federal fault!! They were never willing to work with us from the beginning!!!

If you backtrack and look at all the payments that my parents made up until the time that we are requesting a modification you will see that they were always making an extra payments to the principal. They knew they had an interest only loan and therefore knew that they had to make extra payments to the principal in order for them to get anywhere and that's what they did. I'm sure Astoria wasn't liking that because in essence my parents were controlling the rate and not them. I can get you specific names of people that I spoke to if you need that. I have them all!! Nevertheless, the main goal is for us to keep the home regardless of whatever hopes we have to go through! Losing this house is not an option, selling this house is not an option.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2014

One ATM not working and the other would not accept the envelope with my deposit. Other banks I go to, no envelope is required. All & All very unsatisfactory. I could not complete my intended transaction.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2014

I went to the bank with my husband to ask question about his 401k. There were some forms that we had they had to be filled out and we weren't sure how to go about it. After waiting for approximately one half hour our name was called. When we sat down, the bank representative asked why were we there and I proceeded to tell her that we needed assistance with filling out the papers because we were actually under the impression that the funds we inquiring about had go into his direct deposit checking acct. The representative was very rude, nasty and disrespectful. I was under the impression that she really didn't want to be bothered with us because of the rudeness she displayed toward us. I asked for another representative and was told no she was the only one in there in that field that could help us.

Well now, we are confused because you just rudely pushed the papers at us and said you don't provide those services. I further asked to speak to a supervisor and was told no, the supervisor was out, come back next week. Not only were we denied service but we were also denied the privilege of speaking to a supervisor to file a complaint against a person that works in an establishment that handles our money, disrespects the handicapped and elderly and who cost the bank two accounts, one of which was worth thousands of dollars. I think the establishment needs to retrain their staff. I later found out that day that the rude person we had spoken to was the assistant supervisor.

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Original review: Aug. 20, 2014

I knew a bill was coming out but not exactly sure what day. I checked the status of my account Friday night before I went to bed and I was still in the positive. Woke up Saturday morning and I was in the negative. I went right to the bank and put money in to get me back in the positive. Got charged an overdraft fee. Called and the person I talked to said they can't refund the fee so I asked to speak to a supervisor.

I explained the situation to her and she told me that the bill came out right before midnight. I told her there would be no way for me to know that and even if I did, the bank is closed so how was I supposed to put the money in. I've never had a problem with fees if I had gotten the money in the same day I went negative. Their site is never up to date on your transactions. I've been with them over 10 years and that's the last straw. $35 fee for being $18 negative. I'm gone. Way to treat your long time loyal customers. S.A.D.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 19, 2014

Something is wrong there and it's getting old to continue to keep getting fees every month - I get an apology one month for their mistake and after wasting time I'm at the end with being trampled by their charges which are unjustified and illegal. They were warned and I have become fish food for this bank fee scam - its a shame to be unhappy because some of their employees in Brooklyn I really do admire but over all this is becoming adversarial for nothing. I can't pay them to take what little I have away. I'm looking for a better bank that will not be petty with fees and harass, it's worth more to write about what they are doing - it's uncalled for. I am unhappy with this situation.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 27, 2014

How does a person communicate with a bank that has no knowledge of what to do with your real estate? This has happened over a 3.5 yr timeline: 7 attempted loan modifications, 4 attempted short sale efforts (of which they sat on one for a solid year!!!), 2 foreclosures and reversals of same. The place is still in my name??? Amazing? That is what every legal professional has had to share...... Out of gas.

Original review: Aug. 3, 2013

The last week in May 2013, I paid Barbara ** $500 to refinance my home. I was told the money was to secure the loan. I had explain that we were remodeling my kitchen, and also I work part time now not full time. I was told there would be no problems. I was told I qualified under government program to lower my rate called the harp program. Papers came to house. We sign them and mailed them right back. The rate was locked in at 3.8% with paying less than 1/2 point. My rate I had WHICH I STILL HAVE IS A LITTLE OVER 5%. We WERE GOING TO DO 25 YEARS, SAME LEFT MY LOAN NOW. We had only till 7/19 to close. It was now June around the fifteenth. I called Barber and Colleen. I told them I was going on vacation in another state, was this going to be a problem? I was told by Colleen ** "everything is fine. You are set to close. We will set date when you come back. We have everything. Come back from vacation, see email. They need bank statement."

Meanwhile I had been told they had every thing. I send over it and wait again. The 12Th of July I was told to call Doreen to set up a closing date. I did this closing date was June 17th. While this was going on in between emails and phone calls for the second week of July, I had 3 different loans sent to me to sign because they change numbers to make it fit to get the loan and due to my high debt I owe. I can say I do owe everyone. I am never late, everything is paid. I was told OH YOU'LL GET MONEY WHEN LOAN CLOSE. I did not ask for more money. I only wanted to get lower rate.

I got the call a night before closing. Night not to go to closing, loan was decline due my credit.. I was also told I should really look into maybe taking a loan with some of my debt on new loan, but it would not be the HARP program and my rate expired and I would have to relock it in .SECOND TIME I TOLD BARBER I DID NOT WANT TO PUT ANY OF MY CREDIT CARDS WITH REFINANCE. I would like my $500. I was told I can't have it.

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Original review: June 5, 2012

I wanted to take a distribution from my IRA and specifically asked what I had to do to move my money to another bank to rollover at a better rate, and not have it be a taxable event. Just take a check and do a rollover at new bank in 60 days. Well, they left out the IRS’ 12-month rule for IRA distributions and rollovers. This rule tells you can only take one distribution in a 12-month period from one IRA to do a rollover. So, I did 3 distributions in a few months and every time, I told the person at the desk that Astoria never thought to tell me those last 2 distributions would be taxable because of the IRS rule.

I complained when I found out from another bank that this was the case. Astoria says well it's not their job to tell you about such things, so much for looking out for the customer’s interest. They say they don't give tax advice to customers. Hey, don’t they have a product called an IRA account? Shouldn't they tell you the rules governing that product? They also say it's the bank that does the rollover that should tell you the rules. But if they do, you have already made the distribution and now you’re going to get taxed because you can't rollover the money in a new IRA at a new bank. I'm leaving this bank. Common decency toward your customers to keep them informed isn't too much to ask. And I did ask.

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Original review: Oct. 6, 2011

We are licensed public adjusters that represent individuals and businesses on insurance claims. I represented a client who has a mortgage with Astoria Federal Savings Bank. I received my first commission check ($5,000.00) on March 31, 2011 with a letter from Allstate Ins. Co. It explained that the check we were mailing (overnight) was our commission check and had nothing to do with the bank. Since the bank is the mortgagee, their name had to be put on all checks having to do with the structure. After a month, they finally mailed the check back to us.

Our second commission check was mailed to our office on August 23, 2011 ($5,174.75). We mailed the check with a letter from Allstate Ins. Co. explaining that this was for our commission. At first, we were told that unless we endorsed the check and allowed them to take 1/3 of our commission, they would not endorse this check. They then told us that they lost the letter (we sent this letter to them on four separate occasions). Then, they told us that they could not find the check. Today (10/6/11) we were told that they mailed the check back to our client without endorsing it. Not only is this very frustrating, I also feel that the bank trying to take 1/3 of my commission is illegal.

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2011

First experience was right after my mother passed away (April 2010). She had accounts at various banks--no problems anywhere else.

At Astoria (Plainview Branch), they kept putting things off, took a long time to find records, close or transfer accounts. It took me many days sitting there, waiting. I had to bring my sick father along over and over. It really seemed like they purposely extended waiting times in hopes we'd leave. In order to get into safe deposit box (even though we had death certificate, the will, I was executor, etc.), a judge from Nassau County Court had to call the bank manager and yell at her saying she'd already filled out every form that could possibly be necessary.

Well that was last year. Two weeks ago (July 2011), my father passed away and they had the nerve to tell me that my sister and I (only children) could not have access to his IRA because we did not have the original papers he'd filled out years ago to take it out.

They have records of the account (I had power of attorney for my dad so I have online access, too) but since we don't have the original forms saying we are beneficiaries (although we do have the will, etc.), they won't turn over the account.

I spoke to the manager at Plainview as well as the manager at Syosset. General feeling is they see no reason that the bank should keep records of accounts--it is up to the customer.

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Original review: Dec. 6, 2010

this is a complaint of the deceptive practice by Astoria Federal Savings. I wish to bring to your attention a practice that is either sloppy or deceptive by Astoria Federal Savings. Either way, it entraps refinance applicants into to paying a $500 upfront fee, plus thousands of dollars more than they were originally quoted in the Good Faith Estimate issued by Astoria Federal.

The issue is this: Astoria Federal notified me at the end of the refinance process on my NYC co-op (over one month after they took a $500 fee upfront) that the mortgage they initially offered me did not allow the applicants to have a line of credit. I have one. It was in plain sight on the credit report they ran when they first took my application. As a result, I was offered three options: 1) close my line of credit (which I did not want to do), 2) accept one of their more expensive mortgage products, 3) walk away and lose my $500 upfront fee.

The history: In September, I applied for a refinance of my NYC co-op with Astoria Federal. After filling out the initial paper work and submitting a check for $500, I was told by the mortgage broker that she had reviewed my documents and my excellent credit report, and that it would all be fine. One month later, when I expected to be closing, I was informed by Astoria Federal that they just noticed that I had a line of credit with Chase on my co-op, and the mortgage they offered me did not allow lines of credit. So I would either have to close it or accept one of several more expensive mortgage products.

My position: The line of credit was in plain view on the credit report they ran on at the very beginning of the process. They could have told me that before they cashed my $500 check and had me send over the myriad of documents they required for the refinance. This is deceptive or sloppy. When I asked why they didn't tell me about this in the initial stages of the process, their mortgage broker told me she did not know about the rule. But in a subsequent conversation she suggested I close my line of credit with Chase and then open it up again with TD Bank, "it's where I send everyone for a line of credit when this happens." So she knew about the rule.

New rules are needed. Since having a line of credit is not uncommon, if a bank has a rule against it that should be disclosed up front before taking a customer's $500 upfront fee.

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Original review: Aug. 12, 2009

The bank applied three $30 and one $35 overdraft fee between 08/10/09 and 08/11/09, resulting in the checking account to go into negative balance by $113.70. Is that kind of rapid firepower even legal? What kind of business practice is that? I've been a customer with this bank for the last 16 years.

Original review: May 28, 2009
I had to cover a check for 399 for lipa. It was memorial weekend and I didnt make it to the bank in time. So first thing tues morning I went with the 210.00 to cover the balance, which i knew it was my fault. But every little check snoballed to 30.00 bounce fee which totals 210.00.

When i went there tues morning they said my account was 1.33 in the positive. Only to find out they charged me 30.00 2 more times and again the next day. I am collecting uemployment and I only recieved 125. Astoria fedaerl deducted it all. Now the 1st check i can see but the other 6 isnt right and unjustified. After pleading with them i only recieved 2 back. Still i was ripped out for 150.00.

Original review: Dec. 5, 2008

My husband and I was offered a stipulation agreement by Astoria to prevent forclosur. As per the agreement we had to pay $8000.00 and thern $2780.00 by March 27, 2000. In the mean time we sold the property as per the pay off but the two payments were not applied nor were they refunded. No specific explanation was given and all communication has ceased.

Original review: April 3, 2007

Getting hit with overdraft fees because AVAILABLE balance reflected on-line and on the telephone are not the true available balance that you get when you go to the teller. A fewtimes I thought it may have been my error, but I realize now there is a glich in the system. I have spoken to people that have had the same problem that I have with Astoria. It puts checks deposited immediately as available funds, and that is not the case. I have tried to get my point across many times that this is not right, and that if I use the telephone or on-line, I should be confident that the available balance I am being quoted is true.

Original review: March 9, 2006

I was injured in a work related accident dated 04/20/2005, and have since been unable to return to full duty employment. My income has been drastically reduced, and it wasnt until late December 2005 that I would receive compensation benefits or checks on a weekly basis. I have essentially gone from about $40,000.00 or $600.00 (after taxes) per week, to exactly $259.69 per week (workers compensation weekly benefit amount).Needless to say, the discrepancy is income has resulted in extreme financial hardship for my family and I.

I had been a customer of Astoria Federal Savings bank for a few years up until this point. I had held a checking account from the beginning of my relationship with this institution. My records with them would indicate an account in good standing prior to my accident.

After my accident, I fell behind with a payment due for a check issued without sufficient funds. A change of address on my part and simply not being able to pay this bill, and any bills for that matter, led this account to be closed out and referred to a collection agency. I am certain that if my financial situation would not have been altered, this would never have had occurred. I finally received a notice from the collection agency hired by Astoria Federal Savings (Global Recovery Services India private limited) stating that a payment was immediately due and to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Included in this letter was the fact that my account was already forwarded to the ChexSys database. At the time I was unaware of the ChexSys consumer reporting agency, but later learned that I would not be able to open a checking account for a period of 5 years.

With all of the above information at my disposal, I went ahead and called Global Recovery and spoke to agent Samuel. This agent gave me the option of payment via his collection agency, or payment via the bank branch in which my account was originally established. I had explained my current financial situation to this agent, and he assured me that a payment in full would resolve this matter, and have my file removed from ChexSys, since Global Recovery was directly affiliated with ChexSys. With monies borrowed from family, I opted to head to the bank and resolve this matter in person.

Once at the bank, I had the pleasure of speaking to the assistant branch manger Karen, who seemed compassionate and willing to hear my situation and help resolve my conflict.

Karen was made aware of my discussion with Global recovery and of what I had been informed. Ultimately, I was assured that a payment would resolve the matter, and my file would indeed be removed from ChexSys, but that this would take about 30 business days. I was prepared to make a payment on the spot, and did so. I walked out of the bank satisfied about having handled this matter as quickly as possible.

The new year of 2006 is well under way, I am still not actively employed, and not much has changed regarding my injury or financial situation. Unfortunately, the same applies to my status with ChexSys. I have unsuccessfully attempted to open up checking accounts with whom ever would grant me the opportunity, but have been declined every single institution that I have walked into.

Global recovery is completely unhelpful in further assisting me, and I have attempted to call Astoria Federal, but they consider this file closed. In conclusion, I believe that Global Recovery and Astoria Federal Savings were dishonest and deceitful and used my position of weakness to sell me empty promises in order to the collect money due.

According to ChexSys, the file can be removed from their system, but only if Astoria Federal Savings request it to be removed. Without sounding repetitive, this is what I assumed would happen, but has not. During this time, my credit and information pertaining to it are of importance more now than ever. I have a median credit score of about 690 and I will not allow crooked agencies to unfairly damage my reputation. Contacting your company is the first step that will be taken by me in regard to this matter. I am hopeful that this will ratify the situation, but am prepared to proceed to the next step.

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Original review: Sept. 28, 2004

I deposited 2 checks into my account. I wanted to purchase airline tickets that were on sale so I checked my account online to see if they had cleared. One check had cleared and was in the available funds. The other check had not cleared and the amount was under current balance but not under available. So I checked my account the following day and all of the money was under available balance..the checks had cleared. So I went ahead and purchased 2 airline tickets. Southwest charged my account separately for the 2 tickets $143.80 each for a total of $287.60. I had an available balance before the purchase of $326.19 so After my purchase I had $38.59. Well I went on my account and there was 2 overdraft charges of $30 (a total of $60).

So I called the bank to complain and they told me that I was getting charged because when I made the purchase the funds were not available. I tried to explain that my account online said that my funds were available. I am very careful with my account and I know that the account said that the funds were available. I called the main branch also and I was basically told "Oh well you have to pay the Fee of $60, for overdraft" EVEN though I had the money IN my account!! So they have already taken the $38.59 that was in my account and they say I owe another $21.41. I tried to resolve this and I am not getting anywhere. It is completely unfair for them just to take my $60 when I HAD the money in my account!!

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Original review: May 25, 2004

I had a car for sale listed on for $1800.00. I recieved an email from a person telling me that his client would like to purchase my car, however, it would need to be transported. He asked if he could send me a cashier's check for $5,000.00, and if I would forward the extra money to the shipping agent. When I recieved the cashier's check in the mail I took it to my bank, Astoria Federal, and deposited it. I asked the teller to examine the check, since I did not know who it was coming from. After checking with her superior, the teller informed me that the check was fine, it had cleared right away, and the funds were available immediately. At this time I did not request instant funds or credit. Three days later I went back to the bank again because the person purchasing my car said he could no longer take it and asked for the money back.

I was told that there were no problems with the check, and that it was clear. So I took the $5,000 out of my account and sent the money back via Western Union. One week after the check had cleared $5,000 waa debited from my account, leaving me with almost nothing. When I went to the bank on the following business day, I was told that the check did not clear, but that I would recieve it in the mail and may redeposit it. Three days later I recieved a copy of the check stamped "fraudulent. do not redeposit". After many meetings with various representatives from the bank, they refuse to take responsibility for this loss, even though I had been assured more than once that the check had cleared. Knowing nothing about banking, I trusted Astoria Federal when they gave me this information and would never have sent the money back if they would not have cleared the check. Astoria has a very careless procedure in checking certified checks. They do not call the bank in which the check was sent, and do not look for signs of a fraudulent check. Because of their mistake, I do not have the money to pay for my college tuition. I am studying to be a teacher. I have copies, reciepts, documentation, and emails from the customer. I have also filed two police reports, spoken to a detective, and notified the FBI.

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Original review: March 2, 2003

i have a checking account w/ astoria. im also in the military, so i use the direct deposit feature. ive been a member of astoria for 2 years now. last week, on 2/28, i was supposed to be paid. i wasnt. so i called 1800 astoria to find out if something was wrong. i was told that my account was closed. i talked to a customer service specialist and was told that they could not help me. i would have to talk to the branch. i called them and they told me it had been closed by discretion of the manager. they told me i would need to come to the branch. i callled back 1800 astoria and told them my story, including i am stationed in texas, and someone by the name of riochelle told me not to worry, she was handling the situation. i was told that i would be paid on sat mar 1st, and my account would be reopened. saturday came and i was not paid and my account was still not open. i called her back and she told me that she personally talked to the branch and that i would be paid. she then told me that my account was open but my direct deposit had been sent back to the department of defense by someone in the branch. i still have not been paid or know when i will be.

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