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I borrowed $300 from Arrowhead in 2007. The money was electronically deposited into my account. When it came time to pay it back, I fell on hard time. I let them know that I did not have the money. They wrote me several times and then I did not hear from them. I finally file bankruptcy, a chapter 7, in December 2013 and included them along with other debts. I had the creditors' meeting in February 2014 and no one showed up to protest. Then all of a sudden on April 14, 2014 I received a call from Mr. ** stating that he was calling about my $500.00 loan and that I committed bank fraud and that I purposely closed my account and he was going to issue a warrant to be served at my home or place of employment.

I was on the phone for 38 minutes telling him about the bankruptcy and he was telling me it did not matter; I would be served unless I pay $275.00 right now and clear the debt. I told him I did not have that amount right now. He gave me two other options: (1) $378.00 and then he said I could pay $150 on a certain date and pay the remaining $150 on a certain date. I did not know what to do. He told me to get a prepay card and they would withdraw the funds from that when I set-up a date. Well I finally said, "Okay, I will pay $150.00 on April 25th and the balance of $150 on April 30th. He told me to call him back before 5 CT. I never signed anything yet.

I called him back and he transferred me to another department and I gave them the card number. After I got home and looked over my bankruptcy papers which is discharged as of April 8, 2014 I realized that they were listed and they never showed up at the creditors' meeting. My bankruptcy states that no creditor can call, mail, or contact me under no circumstances; if they do, they will be in violation of the law and they will pay damages to the debtor and the attorney. I immediately called them and told them I was not going to add money to the prepay card for withdrawal and they can do what they have to do and I will notify the bankruptcy court to let them know that this company is in violation of the bankruptcy law. Should I follow through with this?

Last year around this time, I received a call saying that I took out a loan in March 2008. I was working part-time and receiving SSI. So there's no way I could have took out a loan knowing I couldn't pay it back. So now a year later get a call from someone named Paul saying that I owe 956.38 and if I don't pay I will be arrested. Ok, so why didn't the Sheriff come to my house last year when I refuse to pay this loan? I'm already stressed out because I have student loans I have to pay back for returning back to school. I truly don't remember opening this loan. Not only that, this took place in Connecticut. I now live in Georgia so that bank account been closed for awhile now. There's no proof that I can get to see if this was true or not.

I was contacted by one Robin ** from Legal Mediation Services in Austin Texas saying that I had an outstanding payday loan from the beginning of 2007. She said that if I did not respond by 1 pm EST today she was filing criminal charges against me with the attorney for my county. I called the county attorney office and they said the call was a scam to get money from me.

A lady by the name of Jennifer called me on Friday demanding $750 stating I owe Arrowhead Investments since 2008. If I don't, may go to jail, etc.

I took out a payday loan with them and paid it in full through Langhorne Debt Solutions. Three years later, the loan was sold again even though it was paid in full. Now, they are threatening me to pay; even with Langhorne behind me.

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I took out a loan for $300 and I pay back $90 every two weeks. Sixty-nine months later, they are still taking the money out every two weeks. I called them and a girl said that my loan is paid in full as of that day, 9/1/11. She sent me an email stating my account was paid in full.

I had a Payday loan for $200 on 3/12/2010. As of June 3rd, I have paid $1,860. I e-mailed them about this over payment, and how come they let it go for so long. They say I still owe $260 but because I emailed them, they wrote it off. A year and 3 months is a long time to all of a sudden write it off.

I received a call today stating that a company by the name of Arrowhead Investments is filing a suit against me for bank fraud and check fraud, and that I could go to jail. She stated that I owe them $700 from a payday loan of 2008. I have no idea what they are talking about. I can't remember that far back and she still says that if I don't pay them that by 11am tomorrow, that the authorities will be at my house to arrest me. I almost had a heart attack. I explained that I have no income and she kept saying to call people and borrow the money. Then she said if you pay us$70.00 today, it will prevent the claim from going out. I'm thinking this is the company who overdrew my account and caused it to close because of $1400.00 worth of overdraft fees.

I am terrified. I don't want to go to jail. I don't even know if this is something I did or a fraudulent claim. She keeps calling telling me I better come up with something or I'm going to jail. What should I do? I can't even afford a lawyer. This has me so stressed and terrified. I'm scared the cops are going to come and snatch me out my house for something I have no idea about. This is causing me so much mental anguish.

I called my mom crying and stressing about this. I can't even eat worrying so much, it makes me sick to my stomach. I just keep thinking I am going to be an innocent person sitting in jail for something I have no clue how it happened. I don't want to be seen as a criminal. I have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and this just makes that much worse. I'm not working, I'm behind in my rent, my electric is about to be shut off and they have me trying to call and borrow money to pay them because they threatened me with cops and jail. Even if it is fraudulent, I am going to pay them because I don't want to be arrested.

They calling me at work, calling my friends and my boss. They are telling lies against me and getting smart with my coworkers. I can't sleep at night. I am ashame to face people now.

I borrowed $325 from arrowhead investments in 2008. I was paying back $90 twice a month. After about 13 payments to them, I put stop pay at my bank. I just couldn't afford to pay this anymore and paid back over $1170 to them. Well then some woman kept calling me at work even when I told her no more calls at work. Then she started calling others in my building leaving messages for me. Finally, I said do what you have to. I have paid this loan off and then some. Well yesterday I get a call from a "John xxx" in New York saying they are taking me to court for check fraud! Said I could either pay them $630 or will have civil or criminal charges brought against me. I only borrowed 325. Why offer to settle for 630? Can they have me thrown in jail for this?

I received a loan in April of 2007 that was paid off. I have bank papers showing the pay off and they still continue to harass me via phone, mail and email. I have had an attorney try to contact these people and they refuse to talk they are scammers and try to get you to re pay a loan you have already paid. They are rude they threaten you that they will come to your place of employment or arrest you in front of your kids. This is hard when I continue to get emails and calls at work it stresses me out and makes me worried some person will show up at my work. It’s ridiculous the voicemails they leave and emails they send threatening you.

My friend received a phone call at work from an Officer James ** about a loan I had supposedly taken out on the internet in May of 2008. He told her that she would have to pay or be arrested if they could not get a hold of me. I called them back that same day to try to get this clarified, they wouldn't tell me who the loan was through and when I asked for them to send me the paperwork, they said, “only after the loan was paid in full.”

Officer James said I owed $1728.40 and I needed to pay half by tomorrow. I told him I would see what I could do. I want to be able to see documents, see what I owe but they will not send anything till paid. I went and looked up my credit report and did not see any loans for May of 2008 on my report. I need help with this. He said I would be arrested if I did not pay. I am very stressed by this and they had made me very afraid. I just want to see evidence of this loan.

I'm starting to receive calls harassing me about a loan that I never got and my bank don't have any record on it. So they're telling me that they are going to take me to court.

I received a call from United Financial Crime Department. First of all, I could not understand these people at all. I had to ask for someone who could speak clear English, so I could understand. He proceeded to tell me that I'm being sued by Arrowhead for a loan that I had taken out. He said they deposited $400 into my bank acct. Well, I do remember filling out the application, but I did not sign anything. I just left the page, so therefore, I did not receive any type of loan. Then this guy Brian, from UFC Department called me on my cell and at the same time James from the same company called my home phone and gave my brother my private info. Now, that was really a breach of privacy!

So, to bring an even bigger red flag, James tells my brother that if I don't pay the $400 by 5pm 4/29/10, I'll have to pay $5,000. This is just crazy. So, I did some researching, found you guys and decided to file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office. So, that's what I have done. I can't believe I let myself get in this type of **... I feel for every one of you because I went through the same thing... So, after I filed with the Attorney General, I called United Financial Crime Dept. to tell them to call Arrowhead what I did and I didn't even have a chance to spit everything out and Brian hung up on me. How bout that. Hahaha. Oh, and by the way, Brian gave me a cell phone number for Arrowhead. That brought up a red flag too... Well, thanks for listening to me... I've been very stressed. I have trouble sleeping and can hardly eat anything. These people really know how to ruin peoples lives.

I took out a payday loan through Arrowhead Investments. It took me awhile to pay it back but I did. recently I've started receiving threatening calls at my place of employment. When I called them back with my paid-in-full letter, they told me I have the wrong account number and I explained to them that I've only had one loan with them and again I was spoken to very unprofessionally and was threatened with wage garnishment and jail time.

I was called by Bryant ** from United Financial Federal Department. He informed me that I owe Arrowhead Financial Investments Company $400.00 dollars for a payday loan I received 21 days ago which will have been March 21st 2010. He said that I had to pay the money back this day (April 12th 2010) or I will be getting jail time.

I have all of my bank statements that shows that I have not had any money wired into my account from this company or any other at that time. I don't know what to do.

I called my place of employment stating that I owe a debt for a Payday Loan. When I told them I never heard of this company, they told me that they were bound by the Federal government to call me. They would not give me any info, ex. loan date and to what it was for. I was told it was for a Payday Loan. I asked how come I had never been contacted I got no answer. When I asked for documents to be mailed to me, they hung up.

We had a good roof but it's been 10 years so we decided to get a new one. We called Arrowhead and used their roofing service. Soon after that, the very first raining day, our roof started to leak. We called them for help, but it turned out we had no right at all! Their contract said "no warranty". So they do not have any responsibility to fix it. It was our mistake not to read the contract carefully. So homeowners beware, this company can do anything to your roof and is not accountable for any leaking!

I received a call from a person named Ryan, stating that they had bought my account from Arrowhead Investments, and that I owed them $430.00. I remember paying off this loan last year. Now, I get these threatening calls, stating that I can be fined and go to jail for unwillingness to pay back the loan. I have documents stating that I paid off this loan, I do not know who these people are, and I refuse to pay back the same loan twice.

On or about January 2010, I signed up for a 24-hour payday loan for the amount of $400.00. I was called after one week and was told that my loan was approved and that I would receive $400.00 in 24 hours. But at that time, I told them that I did not need it now. They said, "oh well, I might as well take it because it's already made out and soon to be in my account". I said okay since it's already in my account. On January 25th and February 5th, they accessed my account for the amount of $120.00 each time for a total of $240.00 on a loan of $400.00. Now this is well over half what they loaned me and yet today, January 21st 2010, they emailed me saying I still need to pay off the remaining balance of $520.00 in payments of $50.00 per month.

I called them today and a Jennifer answered the first time and asked me what I needed. I told her that I'm not sure who I need to talk to about the balance and the access to my account for half the loan already. She connected me to an extension that was a recording and I left my info. Then I called back again hoping to speak to a real person, but I got no one at all now - just a recording. I did an online check for Arrowhead Investment Inc. and saw this complaint about them. I think this is my next course of action.

I called my bank and was told to come down and sign paper work to have this EFT cancelled and stopped and to file a complaint against them for this action. I hope someone can help me resolve this problem. To me, I owe them no more than $160.00 to be rid of them. But you can't make an arrangement with them because they will not answer their phones now. Help!

About a week ago, I received a telephone call at my place of employment by one of their representatives stating that I had take out a payday loan for approximately $600 and that I only paid on the principal of the loan. The representative stated that the interest was now over $1000, but they would be willing to settle for $510 and would begin deducting $400 from my debit card as of last Friday. Today, I received a call from the same representative stating that transition did not go through and that I had less than 24 hours to contact them with a decision. I will admit that I had become very upset with the representative and thought it would be in my best interest to file a complaint. I feel threatened and harassed by this company and its employee.

this person and a couple of other individuals for the collections company keeps calling me and my sister about some loan that I supposedly took that I know nothing about. they know my social and personal information. They keep threatening to lock me up and get me fired from my job. they are also extremely rude and unprofessional. I will have to sue if I get another phone call. they make my family upset when they call and they call at all times of the hour. I have a daughter with asthma that needs her rest.

I have found that this company is not licensed with the State of Nebraska Deaprtment of Finance to conduct business with Nebraska residents. I had to stop payment on the drafts they were taking every 2 weeks of $135.00 for a payday loan of $450.00. They have stated they will not work with a debt consolidation company and that I must send them $138.75 for 4 payments by Money Gram Express only for a total of $555.00 or they will sell it to a 3rd party for a total of $1270.00 so it is attractive for a company to pick up and then call my employer and seek judgement against me.

I have been threatned this by Keith at 1-866-978-1882. Beth at the Nebraksa department of banking and finance stated they are lending illegally and not to pay them since they do not have a license to operate in Nebraska or a storefront facility. This has caused alot of stress for me emotionally and I have lost 10 lbs so far from the nervousness. I also suffered a miscarriage on September 8th in which I'm sure this stress did not help any.

Since July 2009 I have had unwanted things delivered repeatedly to my home. I have called multiple times requesting these unrequested deliveries of items to stop. Additionally i was billed for said items. I was forced to cancel the bank cards attached to these orders. I am worried that my bill for these items will go to collections. At one point a delivery person walked into my home unannounced, I was not home, a person staying at my nearly used defensive action against said person.

I took out a payday loan and after that all hell broke loose. They jammed my phone at work they threatened me. I reported them to the government website and I have a claim filed. These people were TERRIBLE with the threats and went beyond the law.

I had taken out a payday loan in May 2008 for $500.00. This was done electronically. They withdrew the funds monthly for approximately 6 months, at which time I changed accounts. I thought this matter was paid. On August 6, 2009, they called me at work. After calling me 2 other times at work and asked one of my references where I was and told her "If we cannot contact her, you will be responsible for this debt," I contacted the number given. They did not identify their selves on the phone, and when I asked what the name of the law firm they represented, they just told me they represented Arrowhead Investment. They identified their selves as officers and attorneys.

When I spoke to Officer Jeffrey, he referred me to Senior Attorney Ricky. He began threatening me with being arrested at my job, at my home, and filing felony charges of bank fraud and theft of services. He stated the money they withdrew was just the refinance charges and that I still owed the original amount of $500.00. He told me the increase charges was for court costs and I was responsible for those. He gave me two options of settling out of court for $1276.00 or going to court for $5786.00.

I stated I could make payment arrangements starting September 1, 2009, since I only get paid once a month; but he was not willing to do that. He insisted I borrow the money from family or friends and immediately Quick Collect $650.00 that evening and another $550.00 on August 31, 2009. I told him I would see what I could do. I was unable to obtain the specific amount he requested. He contacted me again at my job about 5:30pm that evening.

Well, I first canceled my policy about a month and two months ago. They then issued me a check for $15 and I cashed it, even though it was annoying to cash a check for $15. Well, two months later they sent me a collection notice saying I had to pay them a whopping $6. So I tried to pay online since it was only $6 and I did not care. Well, it then said I had to pay over the phone, so I called and tried to do that. The customer service rep said that I could not do that and I have to write a personal check and mail it in. Well, I had already waited on the phone for a half hour and called two different numbers and I was very upset. I asked to speak to her supervisor (Brian). He acted like all of this was my fault and that I was supposed to pay this $6 months ago and I was delinquent on my payment. I told him that I would pay the money right away over the phone and he would not allow it or any compromise in the middle. I just want to file a complaint because all of this is ridiculous.

I was contacted by a keith p and told I could make payments of $255 to take care my my debit. One payment to them was debited from my account (I have proof) and then I got a call today saying I had to pay$700 or go to court. It is so wrong to take advantage of people who are dealing with tough times. They should not have taken my $255 and then called to say that I told them I had not intention to pay and now I had to pay $700 or else.

I had a 210 dollars taken out of my checking account on 4/24.2009 I had no idea what it was for so I chcked with my bank and found out that this company , pay day customer service had charged my account. I goy their number and called to find out what was going on. I talked with a lady at first who gave me another number to call.

when I called this number I spoke with a gentleman who didint give me his name. I asked about the charge and he said they bought the account from arrow head investments with a balance of 410.00 dollars. I asked for their address and he would only say they were on the west coast. He said they were going to take 90.00 each week from me for the interest charge. I asked him when would the balance be paid off and he said I would have to make other arrangement for that. I asked again for and address and he refused.

I asked for copies of any paperwork pertaining to this and he said he didnt have any and there was nothing I could do about it. then he hung up on me. This is all stemming from arrow head investments that was taking money from my account for over a year and a half now! How can these people keep doing this? what can I do to stop it?

I applied for a payday loan and was denied. I also had a Bank of America Checking account and my account went into over draft because a person that collected money took out more then they should have and I just stopped dealing with that bank all together. Anywho so this was over a year ago and all of a sudden yesterday I get a call from my Mother in law saying some guy that had broken english was saying he was gonna file criminal suit against me if she didnt get in touch with me she was gonna get in trouble also. So my Mother in law told them nothing and told me about it so I call this place and it kept saying something about low funds after it would ring for a bit.

Finally some one answered with a strong accent and he had an american name (J. AUSTIN) and I tracked the number to Orlando Fl. He told me I had three charges against me and I borrowed $520 in Jan 2008 and that I needed to pay with a debit card and give them $860 for restotition if I dont want to be picked up tomorrow at 10am. He also said he was officer J. austin and he was from Federal crim division. He wouldnt let me say or ask anything just wanted my card info. I told him I am not going to pay something back that was never given. I was then told I was gonna be arrested the next day and serve 6-8 years in jail for fraud and other charges.

So I contacted Bank of america they told me I have an over draft fee of $368 on my account and they sent it to collections and they dont see where anybody deposited anything in my account because I wouldnt owe them any money if that was the case. I then called this place back AND i SPOKE WITH R. WATSON ANOTHER STRONG ACCENT. I thought it was very funny how they have american names and it sounded like the same person each time and they hung up on me and wouldnt answer anything.

I will be contacting the police and diputeing this because I never recieved any more and also these people/person has no right acting and saying they are from Federal crime division and telling people they are going to jail. These people are a HOAX. You will not be locked up. I am still here and its past 10am I have never recieved court papers or anything. They also gave me a case number from Federal crime dision .I have lots of info on these people if anybody needs it

Very stressed because I dont know these people and they have my address and my Social and that is a problem.

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