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Annuity Transfers is a structured settlement company, established in 2003 and headquartered in Plano, Texas. Annuity Transfers' employees have over 40 years of combined experience in the structured settlement industry. They promise to thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of a sale, including the laws that govern such sales in the customers' state, and avoid high-pressure sales tactics. 

  • Direct-funded: Annuity Transfers is a capitalized financial services company, which means they are direct-funded. They do not require the use of a broker and their money is available immediately to purchase structured payments.
  • Good track record: Annuity prides itself on an extremely low denial rate for purchase of structured payments. While some denials are expected, a low denial rate can indicate a company that is professional and committed to sound financial transactions for consumers.
  • No commission sales: Annuity does not have salespeople who work on straight commission. This can mean less pressure when shopping around.
  • Free online quote: Annuity provides a quick and simple online request for a quote. Simply visit their website and click "Request a Quote," and they will contact you within four business days.
  • Helpful FAQ: Annuity Transfers' website features a helpful frequently asked questions page, with information on how the present value and discount rate for your settlement is calculated and what types of payments they purchase.
  • Best for consumers with structured settlements, annuities or lottery or contest winnings.

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Annuity Transfers, Ltd. Company Profile

Company Name:
Annuity Transfers, Ltd.
Year Founded:
800 E. Campbell Road Suite 335
Postal Code:
United States