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About AmeriSave Mortgage

AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation is an online, direct-to-consumer lender for home loans in 49 states and Washington, D.C. The company also offers refinancing options for those who want to lower their payment or take out cash. AmeriSave has funded over $103 billion in home loans since 2002.

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  • Variety of loan programs
  • Free calculator tools online
  • Customized rate quotes in less than 3 minutes
  • Options with low down payment


  • Not available in New York
  • No financing for manufactured homes

Bottom Line

AmeriSave offers a wide range of loan services in most states. Eligible borrowers can find competitive rates for buying a house or refinancing an existing loan, and the company has an average time of 34 days to closing.

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Original review: June 29, 2010

I am in the process of working with Amerisave to refinance at a lower rate and pay off my property earlier. I signed up for a great rate, "locked in" with my $35 fee. The paperwork I received, and signed (based upon years of working with mortgage finance/refinance and never having issues like this - my fault for not reading the fine print) states that the rate is a "Floating Rate" and that the GFE (Good Faith Estimate) interest rate was only available through the day that I actually signed on with Amerisave.

This was not what was presented to me via the website, emails or phone calls. First, the website leads one to believe that the $35 fee locks the rate. Upon talking with my representative, Lucas **, I was led to believe that getting my documentation to Amerisave promptly (verification of wages which was faxed within several days of signing on) would assure the rate. Next, I was told that having the timely appraisal would assure the rate. The appraisal was completed within 5 days of my signing on. Upon "signing on" through the internet, I was immediately pursued by email and mail regarding the need to quickly complete paperwork and return it for the rate lock. Of course, I complied to get the great rate rather than taking the time I should have to peruse the documents diligently, again my fault.

At present, the application is in limbo as the appraisal is still not available after 8 days. Mr. ** assures me that he finds it ludicrous that it is taking so long. I was advised to call the appraisal company to hurry the process along. I did this and was told that the appraisal was available and that Amerisave needed to go online, enter their code, and upload the appraisal. Upon advising Mr. ** of this information, I was told that I was misinformed and that the appraisal is, in fact, not available. I was also told that this is a highly unusual situation that they find with my application and the length of time for the appraisal. I would only be able to get the actual name of the appraiser by going through Mr. **'s manager, Rebecca ** (not sure of last name). I told Mr. ** that rectifying the situation and assuring the ongoing, satisfactory completion of my application & refinancing process is left in his hands as this is work he tells me he has been doing for years.

I will continue to monitor this situation, live, on consumer affairs and I am hoping to have a favorable resolution to report. If this continues along an unfavorable path, I will document the course(s) of action that I take to rectify the situation on my behalf. I have successfully dealt with my finances for years and this is the first time that I have been what is beginning to feel like a compromising situation. Stay tuned. At present, I have paid $35 to "lock the rate" and Amerisave was provided my credit card number to charge the appraisal fee of $325 (which has not yet been charged).

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Original review: June 26, 2010

We applied for a refinance mortgage back in January. Our credit ratings were both over 750 and we had our proof of income, etc. We did all of the paperwork and paid for a full appraisal. The appraisal came in over where we needed it to be. AmeriSave chose to "review" the appraisal, stating that the comps the appraiser used were not within the mileage/time of sale guidelines. They were all within the accepted distance and had all sold within the acceptable time frame. The appraisal review commissioned us to non-comparable homes. The closest in our own neighborhood was almost 1000 sq. ft. smaller, with less bedrooms and baths and on a much smaller lot, with a smaller garage.

They gave us the same value as that home's sales price. They came in with an unrealistic value about $30,000 less than our full appraisal so they wouldn't have to fund the loan. We think we were targeted for unfair refusal based on the number of foreclosures in our area of the country. We went through weeks of undue wasted time and energy getting paperwork done and paid over $300 for a full appraisal that they refused to use. The appraiser was contracted by AmeriSave. When we let the appraiser know what happened they were furious. We had another appraisal done with a different mortgage company and got our loan. However, AmeriSave's practice of profiling in certain areas is unethical and I would tell anyone not to waste his or her time on them.

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Original review: May 27, 2010

I provided every item listed on the list of documents needed but one. That was the 500 page Trust I hold my property in. Any other lender would leave it up to title to deal with taking the property out of your family trust to sign docs, etc. But Amerisave said they would not accept my loan into processing without all 500 pages of the trust. No lender requires that and I would know.

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Original review: May 20, 2010

$35.00 fee was taken from my American Express account. Something about a Credit Rating Fee. I was told by the Loan Officer I would not be charged. I contacted Amerisave more than three times and still no success. Contacted American Express and submitted a Dispute. They were very helpful and are investigating this type of deception Amerisave uses. I also received their credit report and could not understand where they received this credit information. My three credit rating report is 905. But they provided me with some other score and a Bankrupt Rating?

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Original review: May 3, 2010

I was in the process of refinancing my mortgage and looking for the best rates available. I already was about to close with another lender when I saw an ad for Amerisave. I took a look at it and contacted Amerisave and began asking questions. I spoke with a gentleman with the initials HM (name not disclosed for privacy) there from the start. From April 20-23, I have 43 emails in my inbox from HM.

The very first one starts with this question I asked: "A bank gave me a new refinance offer of 4.375%,$2263 monthly total with tax and escrow, and 15 years term. Can you do better?" HMs response was: "Of course click on the link below to get rates" So from there, the emails began. I am not a broker nor do I know much about mortgages, rates, and so on, so I proceeded to ask every detail I was confused about. I did not want to lose out on my other lender and needed to make sure Amerisaves pricing is actually what they tell me before I paid any fees.

After several emails and a few phone conversations, HM sent me this email: "Go ahead and complete the application and pay for the appraisal. Call me if you have any questions. "Still not convinced, I did more research and continued with my emails to HM. Email after email, HM was persistent. I kept asking him are there any hidden fees, anything that can change my rate once I paid, he kept insisting that is what it is. The application states to enter your home value and loan needed. How do I know my home value? I can only go by what I have on my paperwork from my last appraisal, right?

Only two years ago, I did my mortgage and Chase appraised my home for $350K. So all I did is enter this information in the application. HM never told me if your home value dropped then the rates will be higher than what you see. He just wanted to lure me in so kept pushing the low rates on me. So being unaware of this, I finally ended up paying the fees and applied. After 43 emails of HM telling me he has a better rate, and before the appraisal came, he redid the quote for me at $2233/mo, and I was satisfied. But once the appraisal returned at $285k , the monthly rate was much higher!

I requested for a refund, but was totally declined. I told them I was mislead and misguided. Amerisave did not want to listen to anything. I even told them my other lender appraised my home for $335k. This was like taking candy from a baby for them. I am clueless when it comes to mortgages. It was HMS job to tell me what surprises lies ahead and certain criteria needs to be met before those rates apply. I was not steered properly. I would keep away from this company totally. I wish I can post my 43 emails to show you just how badly I was lead. Loss of $325 which I paid twice (to them and other lender). Sucks. Misguided and misinformed. Thanks.

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Original review: April 30, 2010

On April 6, 1010, I completed an online refinance loan application with My daughter (a co-borrower) and I entered accurate, truthful information that never changed based upon that initial application. Amerisave's application system "pre-qualified" us for a refinance, cash-out loan. The loan had an approximate 58% LTV. Both my daughter and I have FICO scores in the mid to high 700's. But, keep in mind that this was a 58% loan-to-value package. The property had a recent, independent appraisal of 335k. I was talking out $150k in cash for the purpose of buying out a partner. The property had an outstanding balance of $28.5k, which was going to be paid off with the $150k cash out. Not exactly a high risk loan by any stretch of the imagination.

The nature of my complaint against this firm is as follows:

1.) The online application is deceptive and designed to lure prospective customers to their website with low rates/lender fees. The website content misleads the customer in thinking that what the rate that attracted them to the site will be "locked in" when they complete the online application process and are "pre-qualified" (the immediate "lock" is common practice by other online lenders). What the site does not tell the customer is that the rate is not locked in until the customer submits both income and asset verification to the satisfaction of Amerisave personnel. In my particular case, the "rate lock" was delayed because the loan agent (DeeAnn **) claimed she did not receive all of the documentation (I have documentation that I sent it via email attachment) and with "issues" brought up that had already been disclosed on my initial application. This caused both my loan rate and "lender fees" to increase, costing me more money to obtain the loan.

2. The Amerisave online application process asks the applicant to pay for a credit report. I lost a week’s worth of wages, had to pay penalties on early withdrawal of my 401k plus will have to pay tax penalties when I file my 2010 taxes, and my credit is ruined for an amount of $35 (April 6 price; I researched it and this fee has varied over months/years). In order to pay this, the application process asks for a credit card number. In my particular case, I entered my Discover Card number. Amerisave charged my credit card without authorization for an appraisal later on in the process. I disclosed my credit card number to Amerisave to pay for the credit report, not anything else. As a result of the unauthorized use of my credit card, I have filed a successful dispute with Discover Card. Once Amerisave knew that I had filed a complaint for an unauthorized use of my credit card with Discover Card, they quickly refunded my money for the appraisal.

3. I fully disclosed in the initial online application that the property to be refinanced (with cash out) had been on the market within the last 6 months. My appraisal was scheduled to take place (and did take place) on April 8, 2010, at 2:00 PM PDT. In an email on April 8, 2010, 8:31 PM EDT (5:31 PM PDT), after the appraisal had already been performed, DeeAnn ** sent me an email asking me, "When was the home taken off the market?" In all honesty, the date didn't matter in light of the fact that I had already disclosed that the home was on the market within the past 6 months in the initial April 6 online application. Of course, this resulted in Amerisave increasing the lender fees to the point that I had lost confidence in Amerisave and did indeed cancel the loan application on April 9, 2010, 4:29 PM PDT. Moreover, in an email dated April 9, 2010, 4:59 PM EDT, DeeAnn ** wrote me an email outlining several options, including a cancellation/refund of appraisal cost option.

As the reader can surmise, I took Option 1 and cancelled. However, Amerisave still without authorization charged my Discover account anyway. On April 9, 2010, 8:23 PM EDT, I received a "receipt" via email from Customer Service stating that my Discover Card had been charged for $350. I immediately replied via email (time stamp: 5:30 PM PDT) and stated that per DeeAnn ** there was to be a refund for the appraisal charge. On April 10, 2010, 10:42 AM EDT, I received an email from Jessica ** from Customer Service stating, "This appraisal was completed and the appraiser has been paid. This fee will not be refunded. "

There were a couple of problems with the appraisal. (1) The appraisal was already performed after DeeAnn ** came up with issues of when the house was taken off the market (I had already disclosed that it had been within the 6-month period) and other issues she disclosed. Thus, it was someone's error at Amerisave that overlooked this fact before it went to underwriting. (2) An employee of Amerisave that I was directly dealing with (DeeAnn **) neglected to have timelines in mind and offered what she could not deliver. That being said, I took Option 1 of her offering. In doing so, I was charged for the appraisal after the Amerisave employee stated in writing that I had the cancellation/refund option. (3) The appraisal only took 15 minutes! My independent appraiser (that I had done in late 2009), took some 40 minutes, by comparison.

For the sake of documentation, the Amerisave appraisal report was neither seen, downloaded nor otherwise, received by me. Although, Amerisave quickly made it available to me via email, in lieu of their documentation stating that it was "available after closing, upon request". Guess why they wanted me to download/see it? Of course, they could claim that I had "received it" and hence their charges were legitimate. So, so many ways they can work you!

If one takes the chain of events in mind, it was Amerisave who mishandled this loan, as what information I disclosed initially on the April 6, 2010 application never changed throughout the loan application process. The personnel involved in this transaction neglected and overlooked what I disclosed at the very beginning: The home had been on the market and that it had been within 6 months. How much clearer can an applicant be?

I finally lost confidence in Amerisave and cancelled the loan application on April 9, 2010. Luckily, I had not signed nor returned any documents which (beware) includes that you agree to a $500 cancellation fee, should you cancel the loan process. This $500 cancellation fee is well documented all over the Internet by other disgruntled borrowers. Needless to say, this firm has multiple ways of insuring that they milk their customers for everything they can. Their rate lock scheme is in a class by itself, as it floats by default until, and only until, they insure a higher rate/higher fees above what their web site automated scheme hooks you with! I sincerely doubt that any applicant gets the low rate that lured them to the Amerisave web site to begin with.

Oh, by the way, be careful with their deceptive "electronic signature" part of the loan documents section of their online process. Read the documents before you click that you eSign the documents! By default, you will be signing that you are "floating your loan rate"! These folks are a piece of art, worthy of federal and state investigation. They have so many ways to reap more money out of us! It is astonishing! They cost me the chance to refinance at a 5.00% rate at the time that it was available and at the lender fee structure that I was pre-qualified for. In the end, they did refund the $350 appraisal fee, but only after I had to dispute the charge. I was out $35 for the credit report (a scam in itself, as other lenders do not charge for this service).

Do yourself a favor, read the complaints that others have posted all over the Internet and notice all the similarities among what is posted or complained about. Yep! This is the classic "bait and switch" at its finest! Borrowers beware! Let's keep posting our horror experiences with Amerisave until we shut them down.

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Original review: April 14, 2010

I did an ARM refinance loan application with Amerisave for a 30-year fixed rate. I found Amerisave on After being pre-qualified and qualified, the loan was locked at 5% interest rate on March 12, 2010. Then, they started trying to weasel out of it. First, they tried to say that the unit that is rental house was boarding house--which it is not. It is a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house that we lease to six renters, all on same lease, going on third year term. I proved otherwise and had already provided them with the lease agreement of real house. The final reason for the loan denial they said was because my 2 on 1 did not have a common wall like some duplexes. They could not do it.

I have owned several similar properties and never had any bank, not loan, for that reason. I tried to talk to Mike's supervisor, but to no avail. I have talked to several banks in San Diego that I have had loans with before and they said that they could do loan and any bank should be able to. I have never heard of anyone being turned down for a loan for this reason.

Subsequently, I have seen many complaints about Amerisave on Consumer Complaint boards. I have owned and lived at the location since 1998. I had an original loan from Home Saving and did one refinance in 2001 as well. I never had a problem getting loan on this property or where I lived before.

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Original review: March 25, 2010

After I posted my complaint on this website, Amerisave contacted me and we were able to resolve all outstanding issues amicably and to mutual satisfaction. I hereby withdraw my complaint. They appear to be a decent and honorable company in my view.

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Original review: March 23, 2010

On October 30, I visited the AmeriSave Mortgage website. They were advertising a 30-year mortgage at 4.25. I filled out an application online, and after doing, so the rates were higher. I inquired of Peter ** as to why the cost was going up, and he sent a less than satisfactory email. I asked if I could lock in the 4.25 rate, he said not until a credit report was received and an appraisal. I authorized the credit report, but not the appraisal because he told me if the appraisal value wasn't high enough, I'd lose the $375.00 appraisal fee. I told him I was going to shop around. I found two companies that would not charge the appraisal fee upfront.

On October 5, I was finalizing my application with PennyMac. Peter ** requested that I fill out loan documents that he sent me via email. On October 6, I signed and returned the documents via fax. All documents had to be signed and returned. The primary document titled "Loan Term Agreement" page 1 showed that I was "floating" and my rate was not locked. On October 7, 2009, Mr. ** sent me an email stating my loan was locked and ready to go, no appraisal had been done and I had not requested to lock.

I immediately sent him an email asking why it was locked and at what rate and fees. He emailed back that I had requested a lock, he did not send me the rate and fee information. I immediately told him to cancel the application because I requested to float and he was well aware of that. I pointed out to him my choice to float on the Loan Terms Agreement which he had completed. Mr. ** kept telling me that there was no choice to float on the document, I told him I was looking at it.

I also informed Mr. ** that I had cancelled the appraisal that was schedule for October 8, 2009 so as to not to incur that charge. Mr. ** told me he was going to charge me $500 if I cancelled the application. I told him a cancellation fee was never discussed, not on their website or in our discussions. He told me the $500 was for the rate lock which I had never requested. He sent me a form titled "AmeriSave Rate Lock Request" and claimed I had signed it electronically on October 6, 2009.

On October 6, 2009 (approximately 6:30 pm PST), I faxed all forms to him after signing by hand, my request as stated was to float. I have never signed any form electronically for any reason nor have I've ever been asked to. This amounts to plain out fraud and forgery. I have kept all documentation and I'm sure a computer expert can probably prove I never signed a document electronically. Mr. ** and AmeriSave illegally charged my credit card for the $500. They need to be stopped. There was no misunderstanding, just plain criminal fraud. My FICO is approximately 796.

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Original review: Jan. 30, 2010

I applied to refinance first mortgage on my house. The property has also a second mortgage from my employer, Harvard University, and a HELOC from Chase bank. Before proceeding, I checked with Mr. R. if it is okay to refinance with two subs and he said (in writing) a resounding yes (I have an email from him to that effect). I went ahead and paid $675 for an appraisal.

3 months later, Mr. R. got back to me and said that they will not close the loan with 2 subs. He refused to refund the appraisal fee. Apparently, he lied to me when he initially said yes to refinance with two subs to lure me in the transaction hoping that I will proceed anyway by closing the HELOC because we already spent $675 on appraisal. I lost $675 and the chance to refinance my loan at an attractive rate.

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Original review: Jan. 13, 2010

I too have been scammed by Amerisave. Unfortunately, I had read a lot of complaints but was lured in by their low interest rates and supposed low fees. On or about October 13, 2009, I applied to refinance my home with Amerisave. At that time, I was required to pay a $35 application fee and a $425 home appraisal fee. I was told by my loan processor, Marcel **, on this day and many others throughout the loan process that this money would be refunded back to my credit card following the closing of the loan. Mr. ** advised me that Amerisave was having a special at the time I applied, as this credit is not always offered.

Approximately two to three weeks following the closing of my loan on November 12, 2009, I contacted my credit card company to inquire regarding the credit. I was advised that a credit had not been issued. I immediately contacted Mr. ** and was assured that the necessary paperwork was submitted and the credit should be issued any day. Mr. ** promised to follow up and give me a call back on the status of the credit. Of course, I did not receive a return telephone call. Approximately a week or two later, I had not heard back. On or about December 7, 2009, I again contacted Mr. ** regarding the credit. He returned my telephone call the following day and apologized, as he claimed he was out of town. Mr. ** promised he would research my credit and send me the reference number for the credit so that I could follow up with my credit card company. I never heard back from Mr. ** and he did not respond to my emails and/or voicemail messages.

On December 16, 2009, I contacted Amerisave costumer service representative Jessica **. I should note that throughout the process, I had numerous complaints such as them setting up closing to sign loan documents and not informing me that it was cancelled as their paperwork was not completed. I had called costumer service several times, which nobody answers and only allows you to leave a message. Jessica was my one and only return call. I explained the circumstances and she promised to speak with Mr. ** and his supervisor and get back with me. Ms. ** contacted me the same day and advised me that the company had issued credits in the past, however, no longer did so. Additionally, she denied that the company was ever running such a promotion and indicated that she would have Mr. **'s supervisor contact me for further information. Of course, Mr. **'s supervisor never returned my call. I will say that I did get the loan at good rate, however, feel that their unethical, fraudulent and deceitful business practices need to be stopped and they should be held financially accountable.

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Original review: Nov. 22, 2009

On 10/08/09, I applied to refinance a mortgage loan. I paid for the appraisal and credit report and within hours, submitted all paperwork requested. On 10/15, I sent in requested signed disclosure docs. On 10/29, I received appraisal report and on 10/29, I also received a denial of credit. The reason given was failed to submit paperwork on time. When I wrote to the compliance officer, he stated my debt to income ratio was too high. The new mortgage I was applying for was 35 cents more a month. I have never been late on my mortgage and have a credit score of 761. Why wasn't this told to me prior to charging me $350.00 for an appraisal? They had my income verification and I have zero debt other than my mortgage payment.

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Original review: Aug. 6, 2009

Amerisave offers a very good interest rate. They claimed that you can receive a loan in 10 days. My credit score was average, and it is within the FHA acceptance range for a loan. Everyone in my town is required by the EPA to tie in the city sewage system. My deadline to be tied in was 7-23-09. I started the loan process with Amerisave to get the 4m-6m to tie into the system. I started the process on June 20, 2009. I had to jump through hoops with this company. They require 4 weeks of pay stubs, bank statements for 2 months, driver's license photo, loan information, etc. I then paid $325.00 for an appraisal.

After waiting 4 hours for the appraiser, he showed up an hour late. He did a quick appraisal and then left. I received a phone call from the appraisal company that he had to come back out because he forgot to take pictures. It's pretty basic stuff for an appraisal. I then had to have my wife wait for them to come back a couple of days later for pictures. When I saw the appraisal, I was shocked. My house was appraised lower than I could imagine. I see what they did. They took the prices that some of the houses around me sold for and then estimated the value of my house accordingly. They didn't take into account that the one house had a flooded basement and the other house was full of black mold. The appraisal was very poorly done.

They then sent me 50 pages of material to read, sign, and send back to them. Their fax didn't work, so I scanned and e-mailed the documents to them. I should have known then what type of company I was dealing with when they don't have a working fax machine. Once I sent all of the information in, my loan officer convinced me to increase the amount of my loan. I did as he recommended. I then once again had to read, sign, and send the 50 pages again. When the loan procedure went past 30 days, I became very concerned with their process. I was informed a couple of times that the loan was approved and that they were only waiting for info from the title company, etc. Please don't forget that this loan was to get money to tie into the city sewage system.

I really got frustrated when the loan when past the July 23 and I became in violation of the EPA laws. It is now August 5, and I was just informed that in order for Amerisave to give me a loan, I will have to tie into the city sewage system. Do you believe it? This is like them giving you a car loan only after you purchase the vehicle? By the way, Amerisave sells every loan they make. I think that they locked me in at a low interest rate and are now looking for a way to back out! This is after they wasted over a month of my time and have placed me in an illegal situation with the EPA. Do not use this company! Go to a bank.

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Original review: Feb. 4, 2009

On 1/6/09, I completed the online application and understood it cost $35 charged to my credit card. On 1/10/09 (Saturday), I received a call from the loan officer, Jake **, letting me know documentation was coming. On 1/11/09 (Sunday), I received an email with documentation to download. I had to send the documentation to my fiancee's work email to download and print as I couldn't do that at home and had instructed the loan officer to regular mail me any information. On 1/12/09, I reviewed the refinance loan documents and the appraisal and discovered issues.

On the same day, 1/12/09, my fiancee and I had a phone conversation with the loan officer, Jake **, expressing our concerns and decided to stop the process. My fiancee emailed from her work as a follow up to our phone conversation that morning our desire to stop the refinance since the numbers didn't work and the documentation was not in order. Amerisave (Jake) stated we were responsible for a $500 termination fee! We questioned that and were met with rudeness and the Underwriting manager, Darla **'s inappropriate response to involve my fiancee's place of business.

Darla thought my fiancee was a competing mortgage loan officer because she was employed with SunTrust, so she assumed SunTrust Mortgage when she was employed with SunTrust Bank. Darla sent the entire email communication about my refinance to SunTrust Mortgage's senior VP of correspondent relationship to leverage her position and create drama for my fiancee because Darla thought she was losing the deal to SunTrust - when in fact we were Amerisave's customers!

From 1/10/09 to 1/12/09 was when this matter occurred with most of the communication happening on 1/12/09 - the appraisal was done on 1/8 prior to us receiving any loan documents and when we had received the initial loan documents and disclosures. On 1/12/09, we requested the transaction stopped but were met with extreme resistance and had already been charged fees that we had not authorized.

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Original review: May 12, 2008

I recently received a certificate of approval for a home loan from amerisave. After I received it I have been getting emails stating that more information is needed. The email has the name of the loan officer who sent me the certificate and what appears to be her email address. I am not responding to the phish and I am trying to stop them from repeating. Anyone trying to qualify for a home loan might be at risk from this activity.

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