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    100 Americas Servicing Company Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Original review: Aug. 15, 2016

    I am a single mom with one income and I applied for a loan modification with ASC. Since it has been part of Wells Fargo it has been awful. They always send out letters saying that they are here to help you but when you apply for a loan modification you get denied. I applied for HARP and was denied. I appealed and was denied. I have PKD and they are going to take my kidneys out in October and I was trying to get my mortgages lowered so I could keep my expenses paid while I was on short term disability. But no I was I denied. My mortgages is $1122 and they say that is affordable for me when they didn't even look at all the other bills that I have to pay. And they use your gross income to determine your income. If I was bringing home what I grossed before taxes and deductions then I wouldn't have a problem.

    I have been paying my mortgage on time and the one time I am late, they have called me 15 times a week but when I needed help to decrease my loan they were very quick to say no. Then they continue to charge these fees. I know there is a lawsuit against Wells Fargo for charging extra fees to people's mortgage and I hope that they have to pay everyone back for these so-called other charges that keep showing up on your payment stub. They are horrible and I am trying my best to get away from them. I may try Quicken Loans. I had them first before they sold my loan off to ASC. I hope someone does something about Wells Fargo and ASC. They don't want to help you. All they want to do is sell your home. They definitely are not trying to help you keep it.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 14, 2016

    I have read everyone's reviews and I know everything is true. This company is terrible, is the most NOT HELPFUL. I'm so sick of dealing with anyone from ASC as they are NOT helpful at all!!! Was anyone able to get out of ASC Mortgage and HOW??? My e-mail address is ** and I would love to hear from someone who was successful. This company NEEDS to be sued and their CEO/CFO jailed!!! My only hope is that karma will come around. I need help but never received any call or letter for nothing. I have this mortgage for many year. I lost my job. I have two tenant in eviction and this company never help me. Now I tried change my mortgage company but my credit is not good and I tried this company help for my rate but NOTHING. SOMEBODY CALL YOU ETC AND NEVER RECEIVED ANY CALLBACK.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 20, 2016

    I have been with this company since 2006. When I refinanced, I really never needed them for anything because I was paying my mortgage with no issues. When I needed them, that's when I found out how ridiculous their customer service was. I had to go thru hoops to get what I needed. I was in the process of selling my house and in most cases I had to pull teeth to get some help from them. They are not too cooperative at all. From 0 to 10, my recommendation is 2. This is where I stand now, and unless major overhaul of the way they conduct business takes place.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 11, 2016

    I have read everyone's reviews and I just wished I would have seen this back in 2008 when I refinanced with ASC. I am at 8.6% and have "fair" credit due to Sara Lee restructuring and other jobs that did the same. I was late on my mortgage but have since been on time every month since Oct. 2013. I am trying very hard to refinance but I have had no luck as of yet. As many of you know, ASC is not backed by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. ASC would not work with me to lower my interest, HECK why should they when out of $1900 a month, only $60.00 goes to principal.

    I'm so sick of dealing with anyone from ASC as they are NOT helpful at all!!! They tried to give me a loan modification but it was well after payments were on-time and to be totally honest, I FELT something was wrong so I stopped the process. I have reached out to another "Refinance" person who "claims" they can help so we will see. Is there any help out there??? I've been in my home since 1998. Was anyone able to get out of ASC Mortgage and HOW??? My e-mail address is ** and I would love to hear from someone who was successful. This company NEEDS to be sued and their CEO/CFO jailed!!! My only hope is that karma will come around.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 7, 2016

    Wells Fargo/Americas Serving Company foreclosed on my parents while in Modification. A violation of California State Law. Denied appeal. New Modification, imaginary income was added. Their words, "We don't take responsibility".

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 30, 2016

    ASC which is owned by Wells Fargo which in turn is owned by Deutsche Bank are by far the most horrible, low down criminality bank organizations I've ever known. I can't even begin to describe how horrible our experience is with them. But I'll try. I'd rate these people 0 stars if I could. I'd advise in the strongest of all possible language to have nothing to do with any of them! EVER!

    We got stuck with them years ago after we had countrywide who was taken over by new century then by ASC. I assume we were a sub prime loan... B I would guess. Probably lumped together in some kind of C.O.P. that they made in a deal to sell us off - making us look like great people with great credit but if you've remember that housing market crash of 2008... you'll understand. Watch the movie "the big short". You'll understand everything then.

    We've been at it for more years than I can remember. Fighting to keep our house that my wife and I are raising four kids in. After having money trouble years ago we had to refinance to get past due correct. They did that after much trouble. But failed to mention they added late fees on to that monthly payment which we could not afford at all. So after some time of trying to prevent foreclosure our house was in the courts in and out of sheriff sales like 5 times. While I talked to people from Wells and ASC And neither knew what the other was doing... after calling off these sales multiple times... the stupid court decided for them that they had to proceed with sale of my home so over 4 years ago I had to hire a very pricey attorney to fight the sale and drag this through court since then.

    We tried mediation before but they said we could not qualify for anything even though they could have offered us something if they wanted to. At one meeting the ASC Lawyer and broker said "there's nothing we can do. Sorry". And they were laughing about the fact that taking my house was no big deal like just stubbing your toe or something... while I was fuming and my wife was crying at that table. We've been fighting and won a judgement over them. But amazing they still are allowed to come after us and now we have to appeal again because the magistrate ruled in their favor. My lawyer says basically cause the court don't wanna hear about it. Isn't that great? We bailed all these Jerky banks out and now they are doing the same criminal stuff again and again.

    I've read the reviews related to this and I see it all so clearly. I've spent much on my attorney and all that could have gone to pay for my home if I can ever get these jerks... and I'm putting that nicely... to work with us. Why they keep trying get to take my home which is over valued anyway... and then get nothing out of me because of my bankruptcy is mind boggling! Our lives have been irrevocably damaged by these people on the highest level. The stress that we've endure and continue to endure because of ASC and their parent companies has and still is leaving financial, mental, physical and emotional scars. I could go on about all the other stuff we've had happen to us. But our story is still continuing. Basically I'm warning you to never have anything to do with these people or your life will become a living hell as me and my family have and continue to endure daily.

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    15 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 20, 2016

    ASC and Wells Fargo are straight up criminals! They have no intention to help any of us and all they do is put us through months and months of false hope to deny us the help. We know this because they denied us in the past and our now trying to take our house when we have made every payment since the BK. This is kind of long but after reading all of your "stories" I want to get this out there. I'm curious if anyone else received your property tax notification stating your value is more than you owe and all of a sudden were not able to get through to make your payments and were receiving messages that they couldn't take your call right now and to call back later. Here's what we have been going through.

    Back during the fall of the economy we became 3 months behind in our mortgage. We decided to file a bankruptcy (5 years ago) and due to a dissolve in the law firm’s partnership and just horrible service it took the firm 2 years to complete. At the hearing (the first time we actually met the attorney) we asked about reaffirming our home loan. He told us we "didn't need to", to just keep making the monthly payments and somewhere down the line we can refi or the 3 delinquent months would attach to the end of the loan. We made our payments "on time" every month but in November of 2013 we started receiving late notice statements and some calls. I tried to contact the BK attorney and even though his office staff took the message we never received a call back.

    With the calls and letters coming and the attorney not returning our calls we got worried and decided to ask ASC for a deferment for those 3 payments. I called ASC and the rep told me "We don't do that." I told her I am looking at their website right now and it shows they do a form of it called a repayment plan. She was incredibly rude and told me she needs to connect me with a Home Preservation Specialist to do a modification. This person told me the same thing and kept saying, "She is here to help". (Yeah... Right.) After 3 months of providing every document they asked for we received a denial letter from the HPSpecialist.

    This denial stated "You do not meet the requirements... Based on the documentation you provided, your current financial situation show that you have the ability to make your mortgage payment." They also suggested a short sale. Since we were never asking for our payment or interest rate to be lowered and the request wasn't because of our inability to make our normal monthly payment, we filed an appeal. A few weeks later we received another denial letter with this one stating... "We reviewed this before. You have the ability to pay so you are not eligible." I'm not sure our appeal letter was actual read! I contacted the BK attorney's office again explaining what we had just received and asking for help and the paralegal said, "Why did you do that? They can't do anything to you! You’re under a BK!" I told her if the attorney would call us back or talk to ASC we wouldn't have had to go through this.

    We have continued to make our payments, having to call in to make them because we aren't allowed to pay online. On June 5th, 2014, I called to make our payment. I received a message that they were busy and I needed to call back later. I called 2 more times but couldn't get though. The day before we received our property assessment card in the mail. We were so excited to see that for the first time since 2008 we were no longer backwards in our loan! I kept trying to call and kept receiving the same message. After days of this and knowing they know who you are when you call (we always automatically go to the Bk message) I started wondering if they were purposely blocking our calls. On the 10th I had to call 3 times to get through. About halfway through the Bk message it disconnected. I called again and again but was disconnected in the same part of the message! I called over and over, receiving the same message.

    This was taking up a lot of time and it wasn't until the 12th when I made it past that part of the message, I thought I was actually getting a human, I received a call that a close family member was on life support. During the next 5 days, while at the hospital, I kept trying to get through. On the 17th (our payment was due by the 18th) I had to call 4 times but I got through to a human being! She asked if she could place me on hold because she was having problems taking the payment. When she came back she said, "I'm sorry I can't take your payment. You were put in foreclosure today. I almost couldn't speak. I asked for a supervisor and was told one wasn't available. (Great customer service!)

    I have to say she was the nicest person I have ever spoke with there. She kept apologizing but told me there was nothing she could do but transfer me to a pay off quote rep. By this time I was now livid. Like others have said, they say you only have a certain amount of days to pay this amount but the only way they can give it to you is to send it by mail. It took 7 days for us to receive it! Everyone I was transferred to after that was rude and unprofessional. The next day my love one passed and it took me several days to make calls to figure out what to do. We found out our loan is held by a private investor. We are not eligible for HAMP, etc...

    I attempted to get us a refi but due to the foreclosure, no company can or will help. I wouldn't have known about the counseling services if it wasn't for a private mortgage broker. I started my mission and connected with a counseling service. This was at the end of June 2014. We filled out and provided every document that ASC requested and at one point, it seemed we were almost finished and receiving the approval when the HPSpecialist disappeared off the face of the earth! In the next couple weeks our counselor was calling and trying to find him we started receiving packets and calls from all kinds of Wells Fargo employees. No one knew what the other was doing and they were all acting like this had just started! I think they removed him because he was actually helping us!

    In a couple days the first set of foreclosure papers were taped to our door. We were informed that this is a step that has to happen. (This is now October of 2014!) Even our counselor seemed confused at what just happened. Then on Dec. 5th, we received a 2nd set of papers. My husband found them lying on the ground in water in front of our garage! They didn't even place them on the front door!

    We now have a mediator hearing in the middle of March that we had to pay $200 for! On top of months and months of late charges they have been adding on, THEIR attorney fees and the drive by appraisal costs they are charging us for. We have placed our house payments in a savings acct, as instructed but I don't believe it's going to matter. They don't care that we can make our payments, they just want our house! They think it's worth more and they want it! All of this has put me in to one of the worse lupus flare of my life and what really gets me is how people can work for criminals like this and be okay with themselves. Greed is a destructive, evil thing. If you're an attorney and reading this please help us with a class action lawsuit. I have every document, notes, phone calls, etc. etc. to back up our case. Good luck to you all!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 12, 2016

    I went through the last 1.5 years working with KYHCA to keep a roof over my head. When the program funds ran out, I began making payments on my own, on a HAMP that I received in 2010. This HAMP is an adjustable, which increases 1% for the next 3 years. After a DOUBLE total knee replacement surgery in 2012, which disabled me for more than two years, my mortgage fell behind, prompting the need for the KYHCA program, which was a lifesaver indeed! They helped me to get on my feet again so I can pay my mortgage.

    Now that my mortgage has been CURRENT for the last 3 months, ASC has the audacity to send me a letter threatening FORECLOSURE!! Where do they get off doing that? I'm NOT behind! They have caused me so much stress & anxiety with that letter, I cry all the time & cannot function. I am self-employed, & on Social Security, so won't ever qualify for a refinance from anyone. I called the corporate office, got to the President's office & was completely blown off by the guy who answered the phone.

    Additionally, once the 1st of the month hits, they start with the robo-calls wanting payment on the 2nd! They call several times each day until the payment is made, even if you are current. I have their phone number go directly to voicemail. No sense in talking with them, they don't listen! Being over 60, no one will hire me for full time employment. I am a very seasoned accountant & tax preparer with a lot of experience. It's so cruel what the younger generations do to us older folks in the workplace. My husband served his country willingly in Vietnam & subsequently died as a result. I'm left out in the cold with nothing. This Gestapo needs to be stopped. Who knows an attorney to file a lawsuit for harassment?

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    11 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 16, 2015

    My husband and I have been trying to get a modification since 2011.... in 2014 we had to file for bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy was dismissed because ASC wouldn't modify our payment which made our plan presented to the judge not feasible. All of us posting on here should get together and file a class action lawsuit. Anyone think this can be done. If so, we're in!!

    10 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Nov. 14, 2015

    Yes we are late, no lying no joking! Because 1. We had some unforeseen house repairs 2. When I asked about a refinance they said we don't qualify blah blah. So we are trying the loan mod. In the meantime, they seem all nice working with us but apparently that's not the case... I inquired about a reinstatement. That was on November 6, 2015... Today November 14, 2015 we got it! Ok fine and dandy. But there's NO WAY WE CAN COME UP WITH THE FUNDS IN TWO DAYS! This is total **! They can't tell you how much you need but only in a letter then they give you absolutely no time to pay it! What a joke! It's like they don't want to work with you. If I had that amount in the first place we wouldn't be in this position. They have to give us time to come up with the funds. We are trying to do what we can because ASC/Wells Fargo most likely won't approve our modification since my husband makes too much... Horrible.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 3, 2015

    I'm Having a hard time reaching ASC a division of Wells Fargo Home Loans. A two hour + hold on the phone is unacceptable. Our loan is serviced thru them and we have been trying for the past 4 years to get an interest rate adjustment. We hired a law firm to help in 2001, worked with us for 4 months, and ASC's final comment was short sale it but we love our house and neighborhood. My Husband and I are both in the military, I retired last year after 26 years of service and he is still in, going on 30 years, he may have to retire next year. Our interest rate is at 5.875 and I find it hard to believe they can't lower it. Our house is upside down so we can't refinance.

    ASC tells us we make enough money to make our payments so they won't work with us at all to lower our interest rate. We had an interest only loan that is now adjusting to principal and interest starting Nov 1st which means our payment just went up @ $1400/month for a total of 5279.00/mo. I have since retired so my income was cut in half. We are not asking for a handout, just our interest reduced. We dedicated our lives to serving this country, went overseas multiple times for the war and yet we can't get any assistance. We pay all our bills on time and have good credit. Maybe that's the problem. All we want is the interest rate everyone else is getting.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 7, 2015

    We refinanced our home in Florida in 2007. We went through a mortgage broker and was given a loan that would "repair our credit", it was a 30 year variable. At the time, we basically were told that after 5 years, we would be able to finance the home for a better rate, etc. We then were told that we would be paying the mortgage through a servicing company, America's Servicing Company.

    In 2009, after the financial crises, our home's value took a nose dive. At the lowest point, our home was 60% under water. As of today, 6 years later, it is still under water by 37%. We contacted ASC on numerous occasions trying to get a loan modification, only to be told that we would need to delinquent with our payments in order for them to "help" us. We continued paying the mortgage on time and tried to figure out a solution to our problem. Our only solution was to speak with an attorney and go into foreclosure. This was in November 2011. We have, on the advice of our lawyer, paid off most of our other bills and started saving. The main reason we decided on a foreclosure was because of our age. We were in our late 50's at the time and everything we had was put into this house. Logically, it made no sense to continue.

    This past February I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis (which was actually a misdiagnosis, however we did not know that at the time). We contacted our lawyer and told him that we wanted to try and get a loan modification, since my health was in question and I would have needed to travel back and forth to Jacksonville for treatments. We just needed this situation to be one less stress we had to deal with. We filed paperwork for modification on June 3, 2015. Never heard back until late August and lo and behold, the payments that ASC was suggesting was $700 over our original monthly mortgage payment. Seems we made too much money to qualify for any government modification programs. So we appealed the decision and reapplied in early September.

    Last week, ASC came back with a new amount which was $20 less than the previous amount. Seems we make too much money (net) to qualify for any programs. I explained in the appeal that taking the net amount of our income was unrealistic, since the taxes, medical insurance, life ins. etc., and 401K money taken out of our salary monthly was not accessible money, but if they used the gross amount and looked at all of our expenses, we should be able to qualify. We are now faced with a decision to foreclose or try to do a short sale. I am just afraid what kind of nonsense they will hand us while trying to do that. I am so frustrated with this. We paid our mortgage on time, consistently till 2011. We are doing upkeep on the house and trying to do the right thing, but this seems to make no difference to these people. We seem to have fallen through the cracks. I do not even know why ASC is still allowed to do business.

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    Original review: Sept. 30, 2015

    I wrote a review regarding ASC approximately in September of 2011. So I just wanted to update on what has happened since. A few years back I stopped getting anything from ASC, then about a year or so later I started getting letters from a collection agency. Apparently since this was a second mortgage my loan was sold. The company has reached out to me with several offers that would reduce my overall debt. However, for those of you who do not know any type of cancellation of debt meaning if I agree to pay let's say 30,000 in 5 years they will forgive the other 20,000 - results in the IRS going after you to pay taxes on the amount reduced. Therefore, I cannot enter into such an agreement.

    I learned this when I had a discharge of debt for 2,100 and now the IRS wants me to pay them 1,900. That is almost the whole amount that was discharged. Don't make the mistake of doing a cancellation of debt because with ASC or a collection agency well your credit gets ruined and maybe a lien and other similar things happens. The IRS makes you pay what they suggest in monthly installments and we all know what happens if you default with IRS. Be mindful - interest accrues beginning the year the debt was cancelled. So for example I just found out this year but I am responsible to pay interest from the date the debt was discharged which was three years ago.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 23, 2015

    They are not professional at all. Rude at the highest level. They like it if you call them out on something they didn't do but if you are one day late they call or text you. I would not recommend anyone to them.

    7 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 28, 2015

    So we have been dealing with ASC for quite some time now. Back in 2011 they were giving a lump sum of money over 70,000. My loan balance was 180,000 at the time. After they applied my payment of 70,000 my balance was still at 180,000 which makes no sense. After I saw balance I contacted ASC and of course I got 4 different answers from several different people. I have never been able to find my money and now they are trying to foreclosure on my property. I just applied for a loan modification and they denied me also. I really don't know which way to go. I have been in my home for more than 40 years. I can't and won't give up. I love my home and these crooks could care less and they don't have a single clue about your account when asked certain questions and every operator that I have spoke to give me a different answer all the time. So frustrated and fed up with them.

    10 people found this review helpful
    Original review: July 4, 2015

    Would rate them less than one star if possible. Short story. House got damaged, ASC applied my insurance money to principal instead of paying to repair damages. Our house got damaged from hurricane Irene and a tropical storm a few days later. The roof got ruined and several ceilings and walls got ruined. Some ceilings even fell down and mold started to grow just days after. The insurance company made it as two separate claims. We got one check immediately from the insurance company to get work started and another in my name and the mortgage company's name.

    Was sent paperwork to fill out and submit back to ASC along with the check. We were supposed to get 1/3 the money to get started, another 1/3 when we reached 50% completion and the rest when the repairs were finished. I was told the first check I received from the insurance company did not count towards the three distributions. That was the ONLY check I ever received to make any repairs to my house which went to tarping my roof until roofers could start and the down payment to the roofers. ASC/Wells Fargo kept the rest of the money and applied it to my principal and charged me for the inspections they called for that monitored the work process that their paperwork said they were supposed to pay for. I sent them numerous copies of unpaid invoices from the roofing company that they refused to pay and got taken to court by the roofing company for the outstanding balance.

    I had to enter a payment plan with the roofing company and pay over a $1000 in late fees and interest since almost 2 years had passed and ASC still had not paid them. Since all of the money I got went to the roofers, there was no money to hire anybody to remove any of the damaged walls, ceilings, and moldy insulation. I've had to do (and am still doing) these repairs myself, little by little. I was also supposed to get another check from the insurance company for my damaged personal property and depreciation which they don't pay until all repairs are complete. I'll probably never see this money because of the amount of time that has lapsed and even if they do pay ASC will probably steal it too.

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    Original review: April 20, 2015

    This is probably my twelfth phone call to ASC to close out my father's estate. Each time I call, I am directed to easily at least three departments and required to provide all the loan information each time I'm redirected. The latest call is to get a reissue of the escrow check sent to my father's former address (never forwarded to the address of the personal representative on file) -- DESPITE the fact that ALL loan correspondence up until the escrow check was directed to my correct address. Dealing with this company has been nothing but a time suck and an aggravation since I took over administration of my father's estate.

    13 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 15, 2015

    In April 2014 we finally were approved for a Wells Fargo Mortgage modification after 3 prior tries. The previous denials were because we were told our savings were too high, had not missed a payment, and therefore had high liquid assets to make the payments-- never mind that were coming out of savings each month. So we finally got the approval after all of our savings were used up and we had fallen behind by 2 payments. So we started making the new payment, not missing one or late. Everything going great or so we thought.

    In November we began getting collection calls from WF. We thought there was a mistake since we were approved for the modification. We were told we would have to re-apply since the final documents were mailed to us but never signed and returned to WF. We never got anything and just were making the new payment that we were told to make Very frustrating since they were not honoring the new payment and the loan balance was going up and not down. We went ahead and re-applied thinking that we were approved once we should be approved again. Wrong. We were turned down for the home value too low to support the debt.

    We appealed on 2 points, we showed our bank statements showing the payments being made and accepted by WF so we should not have any lates or missed payments plus the previous modification that we were approved for used an appraisal of $589K, this modification used a drive by appraisal of $550K--$39K less than the previous year, this being a year later and the homes in the area are selling well we felt a value of at least $600K plus we showed a comp 7 houses down the block, similar age, amenities, quality but 1 less bedroom (800 ft less) that sold for $615K. So I guess we have several points- they did not honor the first modification, did not send the final documents, are not honoring our payments and show a much higher loan balance.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 19, 2015

    Been customer of Wells Fargo for many years and used other banks...Always paid mortgage. ASC took mortgage over from a Wells Fargo loan. Requested modification or refinance options and were told none. Been good customer for years. Seems people that pay are punished and cannot get lower interest or able to lower payments. Interest rate at time is 8% on loan. The systems seem screwed up for people that pay and then try to help themselves. The bank knows we have been paying so I don't understand the concerns if the payment is lower on same loan.

    13 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 6, 2015

    I have been dealing with them for over 5 years. I have done my own investigations and have proof that ASC or Wells Fargo does not have the legal right to modify my loan because they don't own my loan. It's clear as day. They clouded my title and there are numerous assignments recorded. Little do they know I have saved every loan document since day one and know the chain of title because I have all the paperwork. Fools!!!! I am in court for 3 years now with them. Go ahead try and foreclose - I dare you. You have nothing to support the proof of claim! Total scam, you need to sue your lender. Nothing will get accomplished otherwise.

    14 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 17, 2015

    I'm in the beginning stage of attempting to arrange a loan modification. Already I have spoken with five people. The first three ranged from incompetent to rude. The fourth one took a lot of information and made an appointment with me to conduct a formal telephone interview and to go over any questions that I might have regarding the Home Affordable Modification Program application. I had already received the application in the mail so I spent the next two days putting together all the information so that the package would be complete. On the day of the telephone interview I waited for the call.

    After an hour and a half I called the company, and tried to reach my contact with the extension that he'd given me. Another agent answered and said that my agent had been busy. She had no information about my case, even after I gave her all the necessary information. She finally told me that she could help me. She said she could get me "verified". She couldn't, however, explain what "verified" meant. Instead, she put me on hold for ten minutes and came back with the information that the agent that didn't honor my appointment could make another appointment. We've scheduled another phone time. Americas Servicing Company is a branch of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. They service Wells Fargo Home Mortgage's loans. They also service loans for many other lenders. Anything that they do is with the complete authorization and under the direct supervision of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

    I believe that the entire company is a front for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage's real plan which is to foreclose on properties under the guise of helping borrowers obtain a loan modification. I believe that there is no real attempt to modify loans but to own the properties. If they foreclose on a property they can either sell it for a profit or package it with other "under water" properties and sell the package to investors. In that way Wells Fargo Home Mortgage gets non performing loans off their books. I do not believe they want to modify loans. Any loan that they modify means taking a loss. I may continue with this charade but I'll not spend any real time on it. I'd be better off trying to solve my problems otherwise.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 11, 2015

    Americas Servicing Company is the worst company as you can see by these reviews. Not only are they predatory lenders, they refuse to modify any loan unless you stop paying. After their outdated computer system screwed up my online payment and caused me to be late, they refused to take responsibility even after their lying supervisors promised they would take care of it. Biggest group of crooks I have ever encountered.

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 2, 2015

    I thought I was alone in being denied a HARP loan and forced to continue to pay 6.6% interest rate for my house which is under water. The loan was approved by Wells Fargo and turned over to ASC. This action appears to be predatory in nature since Wells Fargo/ASC has avoided reducing the interest rate through the HARP program, while they continue to make more than double the current interest rate on the loan. In the meantime HARP is denied and they have gotten away with it and worst. One only needs to look at all the cases listed on this website to see the predatory actions and more. I don't think Wells Fargo/ASC business practices have been investigated by the proper governmental governing agencies. Please, can we have this matter addressed in a class action. Something needs to done about it.

    19 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 28, 2015

    I'm highly pissed. Been trying to get home in my name since my parents have both passed and they have threaten to foreclose. Have made all payments on time and this really makes me want to slap the ** out of someone who is degrading my deceased parents' name. About ready to tell them come get this piece of ** but not til I get my revenge on all this crap.

    10 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 2, 2015

    Ok, first thing! From what I've read on here, we are all in the same boat regardless of when our chaos with ASC started. Bottom line... they will NEVER EVER MODIFY! It's a catch 22 with them. You either make too little or too much to get a modification. They put you through the ringer just to bring you further and further behind, making them hold the foreclosure cards. Guess what, you lose every time. My lord I hate being the negative nancy, but if I've been going through this since Nov '08, and I'm hearing identical stories in jan '15, they are still going down the fraud road. Oh, btw, foreclosure is more profitable for them than a modification. Employees of these servicing companies get bonuses for homes they've helped become delinquent. Brace yourself, they will take your home! I've filed a written complaint to this agency as well.

    Here is my story; In Nov '08 we approached Americas servicing company for a loan mod (Wells Fargo). They said they couldn't modify since we were current and never been behind. They only help those who have fallen behind at least 30 days. Reluctantly, we did just that to obtain a modification and that's when the nightmare began. While we filed for our first attempt at a loan mod, they started foreclosure proceedings. Obviously, we were denied like 99% of everyone else and that took 5 months to hear. The denial was that "it was not of the Investors best interest". And that we were in foreclosure.

    Well, by mid 2010, final judgement was received with the Herman John kennerty robo signature on it. (Something we didn't realize till now and foreclosed with that name on it.) So, we fought for 21 straight months from attempting and being denied for modifications, I went before the tax board and had the property taxes reduced to prove we wanted to pay for our home. To even completing a forbearance in dec '09 thru march '10 all on time payments, plus paid 1 month of a regular mortgage payment totaling $8600. I had to call them and ask where our modification papers were since we successfully completed the forbearance, just to hear "thanks for the money, we can't find a program to work for you".

    Anything and everything they wanted, I bent over backwards for them. Never never enough!! The house went to sheriff sale on sept 4th this year, I couldn't stop it because I didn't think I held any power, I gave up. The lender bought it back, so now it sits empty. How and why did this happen? Ok, so I regained strength and went through the paperwork...all 15 pounds of it! First, the robo signed final judgement was never contested and the docket number remained the same since day one. Meaning the courts never saw this and never threw it out. This is a predatory 80/20 loan that I refinanced into in '06 and was snatched up by MERS immediately, no documents are found on the county registry after the refi. Nice habit they have! I've found forged signatures of me and my husband name on those loan docs.

    Wells was SUPPOSED to modify all delinquent loans after the 2012 ruling against them. Mine slipped through the cracks. My last attempt to modify was march of this year, and again, denied because it didn't fit investor guidelines. We heard that on most every denial. I do not think they hold the original paperwork needed, especially if the first papers to be submitted were never scrutinized. And since I never fought it, it went through without fail. It suits them better to take the house, collect on a windfall insurance policy they took out on us that bet we'd default, then since they can't obtain original paperwork, eventually make the house a bank owned rental. That's speculation, but probably not far off!

    This past week, I put together all of the most important documents that I felt needed to be seen, and mailed them off to; NJ governor, NJ attorney general, FBI in Newark, federal trade commission, US attorney general, NJ superior court clerk, civil judge that ruled on our foreclosure, bureau of consumer affairs.

    It was a fairly large pack of paperwork. My request is to appeal the ruling and reopen this case to be investigated based on fraud and luring. They coaxed me to become behind, and if they hadn't, I'd still have my house today. Also never provided me with an attempt at a loan modification after the forbearance was paid, which by law they had to at that point. Plus the robo signer is a HUGE problem that should have been thrown out!

    So, there is plenty more that I haven't said today, I've given you a "brief" run down. Lol! 5 years of hell in 3 paragraphs...more like I'd type a novel if I told you everything! But, what I've heard is that attorneys feel it's too much for them, they don't deal with this. That's why I did all the leg work and put together all the evidence on my end, which is a lot. I'm not sure where this will go from here, since I've approached all those agencies just this week. We want our house back, we weren't ever looking for a free ride or hand out. And now because of this, they ruined our lives. My credit is shot! I can’t buy another house for 7 years, credit cards, car loans, housing rentals and employment have all been affected by their fraudulent activities! Trust me, living rent free for 5 yrs doesn't make losing everything I've worked for, worth it! I would have gladly paid my mortgage if they just let me!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 27, 2014

    I have been a customer of ASC & now Wells Fargo since purchasing my house over 8 years ago. I have entered discussions with them during times of hardship seeking a loan modification. My story is eerily similar to others on this board. I have been lied to, mis-led and in generally just left flabbergasted! Although they have helped me favorably in the past such is not the case today.

    I was told during a loan modification process that we qualified and could "skip" our next payment. That was in October of 2012. About six months later we were contacted by ASC and advised that we had "missed" a payment AND subsequently was advised that our modification request had been denied! We weren't advised of any such thing prior to this and were totally surprised. Now at the end of 2014 we're still trying to get caught up and they are pressuring us to go through the "modification" process again or try for a short-sale in order to possibly avoid foreclosure. They paid two of our insurances without any advance notice, and refuse to set up an escrow account for them because they can only do so if they have all three of your required insurances escrowed. I paid them back for my flood insurance in full.

    Although I followed instructions and advised them to apply that payment to my insurance escrow, I found out later on it had been applied to my "past due" amount. They corrected it since it was less a week on the books. Every phone call is the same...."will you pay the past due amount today? We see you were temporarily unemployed, are you back to working now?" I advise them I went back to work less than two months after I became unemployed AND I had not missed a single payment in over a year. Also, that I was slowly getting caught up, but they seemingly never write that info down.

    It's frustrating and I feel that they have royally screwed up my account by paying my insurances and by not "correctly" applying my payments. I want to get this account straightened out and then seek to have my home refinanced elsewhere! I hate ASC/Wells Fargo - calls come in from different reps/different companies and they leave paper msgs on your front door without ever checking to see if anyone is at home. It's as if they're trying to sneak up on you. Plus dealing with so many different depts, they have admitted that some info is not "in their system." Wow....what a sham and shame. They could do much better. After all, they make thousands upon thousands in interest alone on your account.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 10, 2014

    ASC denial my loan modification because I didn't provide valid documents requested. I strongly feel that I have submitted or supplied the entire documentation as requested by them in a timely manner. I'm enclosing proofs to support of my appeal. In addition, they not provide a detailed breakdown of all items and elements, which they considered this decision (denial).

    7 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Nov. 3, 2014

    Loan number **, I will disclosed this information so that ASC take action if they care? Called lender several times regarding loan modification asst. Finally they have a full subm that needs to be review. Our company has a cease and desist letter on file active since 7-26-2014. They will not speak to us, we sent the letter and represent the client, they will not speak to the borrower either. Great way to avoid assisting homeowners with hardship. If you do not speak to us but they have in the past at least 4 times, they have violated the privacy rights of the borrowers in this acct, investors do not hire ASC to manage your portfolio they will charge 4 pts and avoid new collections of payments in order to make money and pocket the late fees. You're missing out on the interest and then will end up with reo property.

    11 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 28, 2014

    We have been fighting ASC for about 4 years or so now. The most horrible phone system ever, and the people are not any better. All of the things I have read here have happened to me - complained (CFPB), got nowhere, and it was blatantly obvious from the start of the call it would go nowhere. Got transferred back & forth from ASC - "we don't handle re-fi's, you need to speak to Wells Fargo" then got this from the reps at Wells Fargo: "From ASC? What's that, we are not part of that, you need to speak to them", 4-6 different people later, it happens again, or the person you get next simply hangs up.

    We've been told, "you don't deserve what you have if you can't manage it" - I dearly wish I had recorded that one. Today, one of the supervisors had the nerve to ask my husband, "well, isn't there some place cheaper you could go live?" This after explaining the calculation they do for a loan remodification.......gross income minus all listed expenses...if equal or less than 31%, denied. If by luck, it is above 31%, they look again, using only your gross income and your mortgage payment - guess what - you get denied because you can pay the mortgage, and as she put it "all your other bills are the problem, your mortgage is affordable, so you need to remove all the other bills". Those bills are the same ones many others have - car payments, electricity, food, gas, phone, insurance. We leave messages, never get calls back.

    While they "dealt with my complaint" (it was the only way I got them to actually talk to me for more than 30 seconds at that point), I ended up with 4 FedEx packets full of paperwork ranging from "we need more info" (which included telling them what the payroll deductions were, as they said the underwriters did not know what they were) to mail bombed with Short Sale options, Foreclosure options, new preservation specialist letters (I think we've had all least 8 so far) and other letters telling me various details I never asked about, or did not apply to me...I panic, after all I did not ask for these things, call, and finally get "it's all automated, those go out whether you asked for them or not." Found out today, via getting it by mail, that they appraised the property, from the outside only - am I about to be charged for that? It confirmed what I already knew - it's underwater, by a lot, and still they do nothing.

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    Original review: Oct. 25, 2014

    We have had to stop foreclosure 3 times now, that we had to hear by word of mouth, from friends, that our house was in paper for foreclosure. Due to having to pay off foreclosure costs within 3-4 before sold on court steps they owe us 17,800.00. We have always paid on time or before the due date. Paid by personal checking, money grams, online onetime convenient speed pay, automatic debit and now bank money orders. They send receipt showing when posted, and payment summary and thank you for payment and next payment.

    Every time we had to save our home it been at least $4600.00 stopping foreclosure. We were never made aware at anytime, and have proven them wrong with letters from them stating they were wrong and still not once seen our money we paid extra on top of payments made we were supposedly behind. They have requested fronts of payment, and backs of them showing they did accept and cashed any tracking numbers if available. They were provided all documents from bank we deal with and they still say it our fault due to delay in making our payments that is so in black and white dated before due date.

    Numerous people there in one phone call states "yes we did" and when others state "no activity", next says "you either pay or we foreclose on your house immediately." We even have proof in their own documents payment summary payment applied and next month they show unapplied. When you reinstate same papers show correctly applied and next time they illegally got it all scattered out and apply extra charges in between to screw you and show you got extra money in a suspense account. They are crooked, evil, cold-hearted Thieves.

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