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This company offered to help settle our situation with the IRS. We were asked for $1750.00 so they can get started. We provided the money, nothing was ever started. Again we tried calling and calling to no avail. They refused our calls, never called back. Now we are in deeper trouble with the IRS because of being scammed.

I called First American Tax Relief after hearing an advertisement on local radio station back in September 2013. They said no matter what, my student loan was approved for rehabilitation guaranteed. All I had to pay was $175 a month for 6 months and I would owe $0 on my student loans. So I gave my debit card and authorized through an email. Well, they took $775 and then told me that my loans couldn't be rehabilitated or consolidated. They were sorry, they thought they could help, and mine was the first loan they came across that they couldn't help. I was shocked because they had guaranteed me. I asked for a refund since I only make $8.50 an hour, and that really hurt to pay that every month.

Anyway, I was told they couldn't give my money back. That the work that they did cost that much, which was faxing and filling out paperwork. Are you kidding me? I was hurt, betrayed, and shocked. I called them recently to ask again for a refund and they said I waited too long, and because I complained to Better Business Bureau, they can't refund me? What? I've been scammed. Is there anyone out there that can help me get my money back? Thanks.

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I too was taken for over $4500.00 by these so called tax experts. They did absolutely nothing but take our money and ask for personal info and robbed our bank account. Anyone know of a class action suit to join? I feel justice should be served and the people who were scammed should be compensated. We should all be able to get back we deserve. P.S. Still paying to the IRS 7 years later with no end in sight.

Dealing with Tom **, who divulged he owned Tax Relief then $4000.00 later supposed to have filed all back taxes filed offer in compromise only to find out he had done nothing! IRS has no record of this individual. It is all I can do to not go to NY and find him and give him some old west justice!!!

I contacted A.T.R. after receiving five letters from the I.R.S. demanding payment for failure to file. A.T.R. charged me a total of $7,000.00 and negotiated payments to the I.R.S. for almost DOUBLE of what I would have had to pay if I had ignored the I.R.S. all together. A.T.R. failed to deliver on their promises as were stated in their TV ads. Who do I see about getting my money back? LOL.

I was taken by American Tax Relief. In 2010, I needed help from a lawyer to represent me in tax court. After hearing several radio commercials from ATR, I decided to call them and made an appointment at their office in Beverly Hills, CA. When I arrived I was a little suspicion but did not see the warning signs. It was a big office, around 4000 square feet, but it was almost empty of employees. There were only 2 gentlemen working in the office, without receptionist.

The person helping me by the name Paul ** was wearing casual clothes and told me its casual Friday. After looking at my tax return he promised me ATR will reduce my debt from $60,000 to 10% or less without having to go to tax court. "Cool,” I said but first I had to pay $6250.00 and 30 days later, another $6250.00. I said it was too expensive. He said we're not in cheap part of town and I trust the company because they're in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately for me, I started to see the warning signs too late.

They asked me to provide all documents showing my properties, home, auto, bank accounts, etc. It has nothing to do with tax court? I did not provide any docs, and when I called to get status of my case they never answer the calls. Instead they keep calling me to request more money. I refused to pay anymore but it was too late. After all I still had the same problem minus $12,500.00. Hope they go to jail.

They did not help me. When the IRS started taken money out of my pay check, I called IRS to ask if American Tax Relief had notified them on my behalf and IRS told me that they have no document that the American Tax Relief called them. I tried to call American Tax Relief, and no one answered my phone calls. I kept calling every day for a whole week and no one bothered to return my messages. I just want my money back because they did not help me! After a week of phone calls with no answer and a week of messages not returned, then I finally realized I have been had! This makes me real angry at them. Is there someone out there that can help me get my money back? I am in a really bad financial situation!

I am very angry. They got $4,800.00 of my money and then would not answer the phone. I just settled with the IRS myself and I spoke with someone from the IRS. I need to get more info from them, but we can file a report on them which I intend on doing.

They stole my $6000 and won't return it.

I contacted American Tax Relief in 2004 .I had $4,500.00 pulled out of my bank account in less than one hour. Within 24 hours they needed $4,500.00 more to send out the complete contract. Within 72 hours they had taken another $4,500.00 from my account without my knowledge and never heard from them again. I called the company over 50 times; they either hung up or put me on hold. They destroyed the financial balance in my family. They not only told us we must sale our home, but we were only able to keep one automobile. They completely destroyed my entire family. We lost our house at a much lesser value. We couldn’t get two cars sold. They were repoed and we had to sale one of our business just to survive. I dislike that company more than you could ever know. They destroyed us financially as if it wasn't already bad enough.

After seeing their ad on TV and hearing their ads played over and over on the radio, I paid American Tax Relief $5,000 by depositing a cashier's check to their Bank of America account. After that I heard that they were scamming other people. I called Steve ** and Shaun ** who said that they cannot refund my money even if they have not done anything. The Federal Trade Commission shut them down because they are scammers. They collect money from you, without even looking at any of your paperwork. I want to know how I can recover. A class action suit? FTC? Please let me know.

In January 2009 I obtained the professional services of American Tax Relief for the purpose of getting help with my tax problems. Instead, I gave them $5,500.00 that I could have used to pay the IRS directly. American Tax Relief is guilty of fraud and taking innocent people's money. On December 3, 2010 I received a letter from the IRS that I was no longer represented by ATR. They (ATR) did not call me to inform me of this and when I tried contacting them, I failed to get a return call.

They charged $5500 to get any kind of deal with the IRS to reduce my balance of $48000 and never answered my calls and now have my balance over that money. Nobody does anything! They are bad people trying to get people like me. I don't have the money to pay and be in the hole like a lot people.

They took my money, and didn't contact the IRS. I am getting garnished for $4,500.00. They have committed wire and mail fraud, according to the law. I am in a very, very bad position now, but who's going to get me my money back. Please help me get my money back. I have all the evidence. Please help. Due to them, I have garnishment-levy on my house. My credit rating has gone down. They committed wire and mail fraud. If it was me, I would be in jail by now.

In September 2009, I called to get help with taxes and paid $5500.00. In a little over a month, they called back and said that they needed $3900.00 more to put all paper work in place to represent my family. As time went on, we had to send in things to IRS though it was going okay. I started getting letters from IRS again wanting money for back taxes. I’ve tried calling ATR but no call back. Now, I've found out about ATR fraud and am just upset with myself out $9400.00 and don't know how much trouble and worse now than back in September 2009. If there's a group lawsuit, I would like to be added to it.

I own a restaurant back in 2004 until 2006. I got into a bind with my taxes due to the building that I was renting. It was falling apart and could not get the landlord to fix it up. I was out all sorts of money trying to fix it so that I could keep my business going. After spending just about all the operating expense money, I realized that I could no longer keep this up. I was not able to pay my taxes and I was sending the IRS part of the payments that I could afford.

I hired ATR on November 13th 2006 sending them $3900.00. They informed me that this would cover all their work, and that they would do the job right the first time because they did not want to spend their time or money to have to appeal. They keep asking for more information and I keep sending it to them. In 2008, they still had not gotten my taxes taken cared of, and I had to file for bankruptcy in November 2008. I was then told that they could not go any further until the bankruptcy was taken cared of. My bankruptcy did not get dismissed until February 2009.

I had since found out that I had cancer and I let ATR know that I was in treatment. I have had three surgeries for my cancer; the last one being in January 2010. ATR was working with me, or so I thought. I got my last letter from them on September 7th 2010 saying that they had a settlement offer for the IRS. I told them to go ahead and send me the letter for offer in compromise so that we could take care of this. I have called them seven times since this letter and faxed them an ok to submit this offer and have not heard from them since. I have not only called Melissa but also the 800 number to which I get a recording and then them telling me that the box is full and I cannot leave a message.

I have been fighting for my life the last two years and I have raked up a lot of hospital bills due to my cancer. I thought this was one thing I didn't have to worry about, but on top of cancer, I lost my money that I paid ATR and now the taxes that I owe have doubled. If there is anyone with a lawsuit against them, I would love to be part of it.

My taxes have went from owing around $14,000.00 to owning $27,000.00. I have no hope now and not only in a bind to pay my hospital bills but to pay my taxes now. Please, I just need a little help. The IRS has already taken my retirement money that I had and what money I had in the bank account. They have put a lien on my house.

I hear this advertisement on the radio that they can help you out. I believed it. Boy, was I wrong. They took me for $4900.00. I’m ashamed that I fell for it. They sent me a thing where if I pay $500.00 that it would be settled, but didn’t think I’ll do it because I didn’t think it’s true too. They messed my life up. I had health problems, no nerve shot. Don’t believe, people.

I had a seizure, and now can’t drive for two years because of the medicine I take. Why just didn’t I call IRS and set up a payment plan. I got a loan from my dad for the $4900.00. How am I going too deal with that now?

They took my $2500.00 to handle a state tax issue. They also took all of my information and told me that my case would be resolved within 90 days. I called several times to check the status of my case and they always promised to call me back. I never received a call back from American Tax Relief at any time.

After seeing the commercials and ads for this company, I called them and they told me that they could prevent the IRS from placing a levy on my bank account for an amount owed to the IRS. I had to pay them $3800 that day. I did. Thirteen days later, the IRS levied my account for the entire amount they said I owed. I called ATR, and asked for my money back and they said no. They have not returned any of my calls since. What a rip off company.

I called them at lunch time to inquire about a radio ad I heard this morning. The caller stated that if all I wanted was info then I could go to their website. After he rattled off the web address, I asked him to confirm and the line went dead. Don't worry - I won't be calling them back, especially since I read the complaints on this site.

I had invested heavily into Boeing right before 9/11. My prayers go out to those lost. Even though I lost everything I invested and then some, I still was sent notification that I was being taxed because at one point my shares were a substantial gain to me. After seeing the commercial for American Tax Relief, I called them up to see what they could do for me. I was told through offer in compromise that they could reduce my 90k that I owed the IRS to only 3 grand, fantastic! The two payments of $7,500 seemed like a steal if they could save me that much money. Steal is right! They wanted all sorts of paper work to aid them in working on my case and they always seemed to need it within the next day. I did my best to make sure that I sent them everything I could in order to make the process go more smoothly. After 3 months and $15,000, there was an unauthorized draft from my bank account for $3,500.

I immediately called and asked what this was about. Apparently, the IRS rejected the Offer in Compromise they submitted and needed another $3,500 to ‘re-open’ my case. What?! Do you mind telling me when you are going to draft my account or at least fail at what you were supposed to do?! I thought it was too late. Anyway, so I told them to go ahead and ‘re-open’ my case. After another 3 months of resending all the paperwork that I already sent them, another $1,200 was drafted from my account! What the hell?! How can they just take my money?! How can this company just keep taking my money without my consent?! They have literally stolen $4,700 from me! And the $15,000 they took initially for one didn't get the job done! So after almost $20,000, they have done absolutely nothing! So I called the IRS and they told me that my offer in Compromise was denied in November and no other contact has been had since. November!

ATR had taken money, the cost to ‘re-open’ from me in February! They took my money and did…? All my money went to finance their damn commercials so they could scam more people like me! I finally got this issue resolved when I contacted the accounting firm that my brother uses for his corporate accounting. I didn't go to them in the first place because I thought they would be to expensive since they do corporate accounting for billion dollar companies. They charged me literally a fraction of what American Tax Relief did. And reduced my debt to only 8,000! Not an Offer in Compromise like American Tax Relief said, I make too much income to qualify for that. Obviously, why the IRS denied my OIC initially. But they were able to eliminate all of the interest and penalties and had my debt reassessed based on my investment and not on what the Potential Gaines were. They actually have a department for consumers, not just corporate accounting I guess, **** is their number. Talk to Dave, he's the guy who helped me.

Does anyone know of how I can get my money back from American Tax Relief? Is there a class action suit I can join. Anything would help. If you are reading this and need tax help, do not use American Tan Relief! They are a complete scam and will steal your money! If you can't do it yourself, check out and settle with their dot info. That's the firm I used. That's their site for regular consumers who have tax problems. I knew American Tax Relief had a few complaints but I thought it was a number thing. Disney Land has complaints, etcetera. But American Tax Relief doesn't even know how to help you! It seems like they tell everyone that they're entitled to an offer in compromise, complete lies! On the IRS site, they even state that over 90% of OICs are denied! I should have listened to my brother in the first place.

Boy did I dodge a bullet! When I called these guys up, it was a strong arm sale from the very beginning. I guy named Joseph **i or something gave me the run down. What I owe, how much I make, my assets etc. Next question was "Would you like to write a check by phone or use a credit card? That will be $7,500."

Under what circumstance would somebody hand over that amount of hard earned money after a 10 minute conversation? Well not me. I kinda laughed, and asked if that is normal protocol. He exclaimed that because they are such a big company and spend a million dollars in advertising every month, I should have a blind faith in them. Needless to say I did not hand over the money.

About a month later, after networking with a few friends. I was pointed to the website settle with the IRS dot info, 877 - 517 -0067. My experience with them has been as smooth as one could expect from a professional company. I've had a great experience with a man named Owen. Helpful from Start to finish. They performed a tax investigation before quoting me on what they could do. This only made sense to me because if I don't have a clue what my situation is with the IRS, then how could I expect this company to know what they could do for me and require an upfront exorbitant amount of money to find out where I stand? Last but not least, I saved a lot more than what American Tax Relief was going to require upfront.

I am so ** at this company for taking my money like they did. I told him before we draft anything from my account that I wanted to see what they can do first. So, I sent in a post dated check to them. Somehow the pricks got around the post dated check and still drafted my account. So now I'm ** that I'm out of $1275 and can’t get it back. None of the garnishments stopped and there also was a lien placed on my house. I was fed up with this sorry bunch of ** over hear at this American Tax Relief. What a joke! So, I did some more soul searching and found a firm in Newport Beach California. I went online and the name of the firm was settled with the IRS info.

The young man I spoke to was very helpful. He did tell me that since I did sign a power of attorney, the other firm will no longer be able to represent me any longer. Also, within 48-72 hours after he looked into my situation, the lien was lifted off my home and also my total debt was reduced to almost nothing. I just completed my program with them on July 20, 2010. And I'm very happy to have run across this firm. I know the number is 877-517-0067 and Dennis is whom I spoke to, or really anyone there can help you. But that's the young man I talked to. They have very friendly service and you get good results, and also no high ** upfront fees. I did lose money with American Tax Relief, and I can’t get that back. I wish I could. I just don't know what else to do. If anyone has any solution to that, please let me know.

These commercials make me sick. You think maybe this is one reason our country is in the state it is in? Our country has the lowest tax rate in the world. People should appreciate this and fulfill their obligations to their government. I know that there is misappropriations of government funds, but it is just as bad when we don't expect to be accountable enough to pay our own way. As long as we don't, scams like this will always succeed.

My checking account was levied for every single penny back in October, 2009. I saw an ad for ATR and called them. I was told that of the 17k I owed in federal tax, I would only have to pay about a third of that and that ATR would reduce all but my original tax; all late fees, penalties, and interest would be eliminated. I paid them $3,800 via cc over the phone and then sent them all of my outstanding tax information. I was told that my levied checking account funds would be returned (5k) and that they would take care of me.

I received an information request package from ATR and was told to submit within 30 days. I completed the forms and faxed the data in promptly. I heard nothing. Two months later, I had my checking account levied again from the IRS! I contacted ATR and was told that they never received my information and sent letters requesting it but that I did not send the information in; completely not true (I have a fax receipt to prove it!). I ended up dealing with the IRS directly and ATR did nothing to help me!

After I settled with the IRS, I contacted ATR and asked for my money back; they refused. When I spoke with Paul **, he told me they would not refund my money and that I was to blame for ATR not performing any work. When I asked for my money back, he literally laughed at me and told me "good luck with that." I asked for his supervisor’s name, and he laughed again and asked, "Who do you report to, huh? I report to no one but me." I then asked who the owner of the company was and he said, "Why don't you look that one up."

ATR should be stopped! I am mystified as to why the authorities allow this "enterprise" to go on. They are predatory and deceptive. I want my money back ATR! I was told by an atty. to file a claim with the AG of California and to sue them. Sue them I will and I will blog all over the internet until I get my money back from these **. Do not use American Tax Relief! You can deal with the IRS yourself and save yourself a lot of money and aggravation. Not only did I lose the $3,800 I paid American Tax Relief, I lost time and opportunity with the IRS while I waited for ATR to do their job! If anyone is interested in a Class Action Lawsuit, please contact me and let's stop these!

I too was scammed by this company. I needed help with my taxes, went to this company and they sang a sweet song. Then after I paid them almost $8000.00 to reduce my tax debt, they did nothing. I called several times and they won't return my calls. Long story short, my bank account just about got levied and I am stuck with a $2500 IRS bill every month. These people should not be getting away with this. I need help please. This is a huge strain and I could have given the IRS the $8000 since they have done nothing. I am furious.

I have paid them some $30,000 for help they promised. Everything they said was false. I am in a worse situation now. I call 20-30 times and got only one returned call. They said my agent is no longer theirs. They would get back to me. They never have. I still call two times a day and fax every other day. No one will call me.

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