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I have been on a roto dial regarding a debt they say I owe and no matter how many times I call and ask them to TAKE ME off the call list it fails. They have verified numerous times that I do NOT owe anything yet the phone calls keep coming in. I was even told on my 7th documented phone call to them that they would look into why it keeps happening via the tech department to no avail. I will be taking legal action at this point as this is never ending and they are completely harassing me.


This credit collection bureau started harassing me on a daily basis last year for a bill from Cardiology Assoc. of New Haven for $1,323.00. I informed them that this bill was not my responsibility and if I did not receive resolution through Anthem BCBS, I would pay the bill and please not to report me to the credit bureaus. I paid this bill back in October. I am currently applying for a mortgage and my loan officer advised me that this is the only negative on my report. I contacted Jim ** and advised him of this fact on 2/17. He sent me a copy of a letter he sent again on that date. Apparently, this letter was first sent back in October. Yesterday, I called Jim again and promised that I would file complaints against AAB if they did not rectify my credit. I then left a message for the President, Doug Gray, giving him 48 hours to correct my credit. The following is a copy of the e-mail I sent today.

I appreciate the effort, but this is not enough. I am requesting that you contact each of these bureaus individually and then request a quick score on my behalf. If this is not accomplished by Monday morning, I will be contacting the following offices to file a formal complaint: CT Attorney General's Office, Consumer Affairs/Protection, Better Business Bureau and the Banking Commission. I will also contact the Governor's Office with an idea on how to create a new source of revenue: Fine collection agencies for false defamation of consumer's credit. This is a promise, not a threat!

You do not realize the impact you have had on my life with one key stroke. I had perfect credit, not even one late payment. With your reporting, my credit score has dropped from "A" to "B". Luckily, I haven't had to apply for a credit card, new job, mortgage or other loan from the time you reported this until now. If my credit report is not corrected immediately, I will also be filing a lawsuit against your organization for $81,000 (the interest rate increase your organization will have cost me on my mortgage with this false filing). Again, this is a promise, not a threat! I am sure that any judge or jury would award damages too if this issue goes to court.

I also have to say that I am very disappointed with your lack of response, Doug. It says a lot about you as a President. I await your progress.

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