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This company has been a thorn in my side since 2004. I have been paying on these loans for the past 12 years on and off due to in school deferments and military deployment. I have had my account broken up into two without my consent. I have paid thousands of dollars of interest and hundreds toward my principal. I have tried to reconsolidate with another company and every time I try or the other company tries they change the status of my loan in a way that they can't give out my information at the time.

This has happened on multiple occasions. I have been charged the same late fee two or three times in a row and was told that they pay off any outstanding interest before anything else. That's bs. The customer service is a joke. I'm sorry but I want to talk to someone who speaks good english and can't hide behind a transcript. All in all this company has caused enough stress in my life and I am tired of wasting money with them. Please let's get together and stop them.

My problems with ACS go beyond the fact that they are almost impossible to get a hold of and that their email function on the website is a scam - you email them and they send an automatic reply saying they'll get back to you within 48 hours but that never happens! Other issues: So I got a loan of $4000 from my graduate school and my school has a forgiveness program where every year that you work in your field, a percentage of the loan is forgiven. Well I got most of the loan forgiven seeing as I'm a Registered Dietitian and this job title falls under the forgiven positions. Unfortunately ACS declined my last year because I switched jobs and my title is no longer Dietitian although I perform the duties of a dietitian and health educator (which also qualifies for forgiveness) and probably more.

So the reps (who are usually nice but have no control over anything) told me to simply word the letter differently which I did but am still waiting for it to "process". It's literally been processing for several months and I call once a week and am on hold for about 20 minutes each time and get the same answer, "It's processing". Even though on the website it shows my loan is "Past due", the reps tell me not to worry and that will disappear once it's processed although the first time it was declined, this past due status did not disappear. I also was told that they reported to the credit bureau that I was not delinquent because the loan was "processing", yet I have no proof of this happening. I am now going to call my school and ask if there are any other loan servicers that I can work with but I fear I will never be able to get a hold of ACS and have them get the loan to someone else.

Do not under any circumstance sign up for or log in to this company's website. It is a fake company that is trying to phish your information. Read the reviews of people who have fallen for the trap. Most, if not all, universities do not use this service. Contact your Financial Aid office to verify.

I contacted Syracuse University, from which my son just graduated. They stated that universities administrate their OWN Perkins Loans and do NOT have companies like this one take over. He did receive an official looking letter with enough info to make you think it's real, but it isn't. This is why so many people have problems with them. ALWAYS contact your university to verify loan info. I have filed complaints with the New York and California State Attorneys.

I am a college graduate, who has remained on top of her bills for the most part. The only snag I've had is with ACS education services. Most days I cannot even log in to do anything, even if I try a different browser it doesn't work. The same problem continued when I was trying to send them a complaint and it took several attempts to get the message through. My response? "Use the website to send a bill." I cannot even get through to anyone on the phone to get help. I'm sick of trying, I'm sick of crying, I want actual help.

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I attended a school that I graduated from in 2003, I consolidated my loan and have been making steady monthly payments to ACS since 2009. My original loan was for a little over $21,000. Due to financial difficulties I've only been able to pay the minimum due but occasionally I send them more. Here, we are in the year 2016 and my loan is still over $21,000 although I have been making payments every single month since 2009. I don't understand how this happens and I don't know what to do. I'm afraid to stop paying the monthly payments because I don't want my credit ruined more and I don't want my wages garnished.

Every interaction I've had with this lender's customer service has been frustrating. Their reps will generally be apathetic and from one phone call to the next will give completely different answers. My most recent interaction with them involved a phone call in which I needed a copy of my payment history on a closed loan. I was told that wouldn't be a problem and they would be mailing that out. Today I called back to check on this as nothing had arrived and was told that not only do they have no record of a phone call but they cannot do this. I try to be patient with phone support. I know how unpleasant that job can be. However this company consistently gives unreliable support and treats you as if you are being dishonest with them when doing so. I cannot stress enough to avoid this company at all costs.

50 years old, 18 years after college. Small loan compared to others - I've been trying hard to eliminate the debt by paying as much as I can toward not only the monthly payment, but adding extra money to pay down the debt. Now I'm in "Prepaid" status until Feb, 2017 - it's Aug 2016! I cannot pay any amount that would be worth paying as it all goes to their interest and not even a dent will be put into the debt.

This is insane! I want to pay off my debt and wipe it clean off the slate, but their "prepaid" status is a trick to keep adding more interest so no one can really pay off the debt. They need to be audited and shut down! This is a predatory lender and predatory lending practice! We need to file a full class-action lawsuit and get back the interest we have paid that is far and above the amount of the actual borrowed amount. I've probably paid twice what I borrowed in interest alone since 1999. I don't know whose palms they are greasing, but they are apparently getting away with fraud and stealing. Stay away, or let's all rise up and sue them!

Does anyone have any accountability as ACS? According to TransUnion I have NOT been paying my IBR installment. ACS reported this to my credit 06/2016. Stating I haven't made payments in over 120 days. I need credits for Check PNC ** for March and April 2016. I need to also verify Check PNC **. This was mailed to ACS at P.O. Box 371834, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7834. Back in November ACS wrote to me, student, and admitted for "misapplication" for past problems. Applying credits to my account to avoid default and negative marks on my credit is still occurring. I also readmitted the IBR request form "again" through fax. I have fax confirmation from 08/18/2016. ACS received the IBR request from website. I did this back in April 2016. For some reason, "again" they are not acknowledging this either according to recent letters.

How is this legal when the lack of ACS accountability impacts my credit score? How am I going to get back to work with a bad credit score when false information is reported continuously? How am I going to make a larger payment for my student loan in this situation? Doesn't ACS realize they are only negatively impacting themselves? I need credit applied to my account and my TransUnion report updated.

An absurd company!!! Because of its lousy online payment system, I double clicked and overpaid by 5k. I contacted ACS and was greeted by a cold-hearted representative located in the middle of another country. I explained this $ would put food on my table daily for my family- she would not want to listen and referred to "this is our policy to take 30 days." I politely asked for a manager, and she would not want to give it out, and came up with lame excuses. ACS lives of my interest daily, and it is absolutely making to sense to hold my overpaid payment for 30 days. I have kept calling, and all I got was the runaround. Bottom line: people please stay away from this company- it is a cold-hearted vulture ACS Education, and I would sincerely hope somebody out there would be able to do full audit on it.

I was called on a weekend by an aggressive agent who gave notice that they were getting tough now and that I got borrowed my way to a PhD only to freeload off of the taxpayer. She threatened that I would go into default after which awful things would happen and that to prevent this I would have to make 12 payments of $500 which would have no impact on my interest or principal. Thinking they were agents of the federal government I complied. I just thought about that episode recently and decided to investigate. I think the next step is to ask the federal government, which these loan servicers represent, to recover the money. If necessary a lawyer will be necessary. I believe that they owe me $6000 plus interest.

After several times of email log calls on and also email head office of Mr Price Home, these people do not have the updated account payments information. The first time the lady phone me and told me my account is over 2000 outstanding on the statement, I paid R1700 on the account and then she phone me and tell me I did not make a payment. On Mr Price Home on my account it show R34. Up to now no statements, no information. If they phone you, get no emails from them and every time they deduct 10% of payments as well. These people information is not correct. After arrangements was done on email and payments in the month, they keep on telling you you need to make arrangements with them again after emails and confirmations was done.

I don't think that writing a review will help in any way due to the lack of stars that this company already has, however, I feel like I need to say something. This company is a joke. They refuse to send out bills and hide behind "you are prepaid" statements. Then you don't get any notices for 3 years, and your credit score goes down and your interest goes up and you end up owing an extra $400. I guess they know how to trick you into paying them more money. Not an honest company! Stay away!

How many letters and notifications does it take for ACS to "CEASE AND DESIST" with using an entire social security number as a loan identifier on my credit reports? This is in violation of the following: The Social Security Act, Identity Theft and Assumption Act of 1998, Title 18, United States Code, subsections 1028, 1028A, 1029, and 1030, HIPAA Privacy Act, The Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978, The Privacy Act of 1974.

This has been going on for 8 months now AND they sent a letter stating that they are really sorry about this and that they intend on correcting this matter. ACS is NOT sorry at all! Don't B.S. me ACS! Only one credit report has been corrected in a span of 8 months. Who is running this company and why has there not been an investigation into this matter? Has anyone been caught or sent to jail in regards to this matter? OF COURSE NOT! Why has there not been any notification of a possible data breach? One more thing, the only department that is allowed to have my social security number is the Social Security Administration. That's it - Period! There is no guarantee that when one discloses their social security number that it will be safeguarded and protected due to non due-diligence and lack of responsibility and care of personal identifiable information.

That includes the number of hacking and identity theft related issues because most don't even know the laws and they don't care. By not caring creates a prison for YOU and ME. That prison is continually getting more and more smaller and restricted because of ignorance and lack of care. Don't come crying to those when we told you so because some thought they knew it all (ILL-INFORMED) and wanted to act like an armchair dictator and fascist. Don't want to hear it. Then, those that don't care and are not informed are going to advise those who are well-informed that they (ill-informed) know what they are talking about!!!? The sheer level of hypocrisy is amazing! It really is. In addition, ACS is NOT a government institution - period!

I cannot believe the level of cotton candy headed thinking on the part of some individuals at ACS in this matter and then some people (ill-informed) think that this is absolutely fine and acceptable for some entities to use an entire social security number as a loan identifier on the credit reports. I guess some of you (ill-informed) WHO THINK THIS IS FINE DON'T MIND HAVING THEIR SSN DISCLOSED AT ALL OR DON'T MIND BEING A IDENTITY THEFT VICTIM.

Excuse me, abnormal people and ill-informed, who think that this is just perfectly fine - THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL NOR is it NORMAL! Guess what else? NO ONE is immune and others will be next should there be no action taken because this is how specific individuals operate. Capitalization of some words is not grounds for offending others with the TRUTH.

I have 3 separate student loans. The other 2 companies are great to work with. If I needed to put one in deferment or forbearance, a phone call or email and some paperwork is all it took. Well, this one had been in deferment, and I knew it was up soon, so I checked online. Turns out, I had been months behind. I checked all my paper bills. This was not in them. Also nothing in my email. Responses thru email were standard, "Our records show bills have been mailed. Your account is overdue." Nothing helpful to actually get back up to speed. Now I know it is "my fault" for not keeping up-to-date, but really, these folks are not helpful, and almost rude, when all I'm trying to do is get this sorted.

Completely unprofessional service. They give you nothing but complete runaround. They tell you and persuade you to set up automatic payments with them then they never deduct the money. Then they turn around again to act like it's your fault for not attempting to make a payment. What is wrong with the people who run this company?

I have been receiving recent statements from ACS stating I am in default from January 2016 and that I now owe them close to $1k from the start of the year for my student loan. I had direct monthly payments already set up, so in my confusion, I called ACS for clarification. The Rep was very evasive, rude, threatening, bullying me with fear of a lawsuit and credit reporting, and additionally, she hardly spoke or understood English. She would only explain to me that my account was somehow brand new, was sold and bought by them in early 2016 supposedly, and that I have missed each 2016 month payment since the transfer of the loan account, which she immediately asked for my payment.

I explained to her that I was still confused; it did not make any sense since my monthly payments were previously deducted each month in 2015, and that I renewed that documentation as requested to do so in December for 2016. When I checked my bank statements, I could find no withdrawals in 2016, despite that documentation I signed (shame on me for not noticing). However, all of the 2015 withdrawals were accounted for on my bank statements by the name of ACS (my supposedly brand "new" loan account) even with a matching phone number on each transaction!

Upon checking those 2016 signed renewal documents, they show the lender as ASCI under College Assist, yet the Rep that called me for these documents was from ACS. When I explained this to the Rep, that it was impossible that I was a new account since they deducted each month in 2015, she told me I was still mistaken, repeating herself only that my account had been sold to them, making this debt a brand new account, and that now, authorization to take payments moving forward would have had to be established [she showed no history or record of the documents I signed in January] but balance still due promptly.

I told her again that in January I had already done that authorization, that the error and the default is theirs and they must correct it. I repeated myself to her that I already signed their authorization documents back in January, providing my tax documents and pay stubs per their requirements, to renew their access to the monthly automatic withdrawals from my bank account so there would be no skipped or late payments to disrupt my payment schedules. She stated that she showed no such history, or any prior history on me at all, and the delinquency stands & must be paid in full that day in order to begin the 6 mo repair program - ALL over again??? I refused to pay with her over the phone - or to pay anything further at that point - until I had resolution and confirmation of legitimacy; she also refused me a Supervisor to speak with, apparently not available, so I cut the call.

The documents I signed at the start of this year say ACSI and College Assist on them, and my 2015 bank statement payments say ACS. The woman who contacted me in December and with whom I completed these documents, declared to be with my existing loan through ACS. Why would she be completing paperwork for another company unless ACSI and ACS are in fact the same company, and they are therefore scamming me repeatedly...

Upon researching the reputation and class actions against ACS, I only became more concerned. My total principal Loan balance has repeatedly fluctuated, having increases based upon my memory, but I cannot determine or verify the exact figures because they/no one will or seems able to provide me any paper trail of transactions to validate the principal balance. How nice for them when they state that they somehow show no record of any payments from me in the prior year, or at all, to which I have my bank statements to prove, or that they show no loan history with me at all before or during 2016 is very troubling.

Can anyone confirm and/or clarify for me if ACS and ASCI are in fact one and the same company as I was told and led to believe? I believe I'm being scammed, especially with no history provided to me to accompany the loan balance or records of payments on their end, no information on the Invoice/bill mailed to me; furthermore, with ACSI/ACS now telling me that I must go 6 months [yet again] with on-time payments before my default can be removed from my credit score (so that I can return to my original lender after having over 6 months direct withdrawals).

They had already taken well over 6 months of consecutive payments directly from my account in 2015, only to somehow "sell me" [to what appears to be to themselves again] and place me in default again, firmly leads me to believe that I'm caught up in a scamming cycle of theirs, which ultimately may be extortion in theory, as I have no recourse to dispute the balance, questioning the balance results in the threat of being sued for the balance in full, and no ability to verify any history of your loan with the original because the Account # was changed, and the current lender keeps changing the account each time they pretend to be a "new" company, etc.

Any assistance regarding the validity of this company would be greatly appreciated, in addition to the confirmation that the two companies ACS and ASCI are either different companies or the same. I am trying to do my homework as best I can before I have to confirm with State Attorney General, Better Business, and even State FBI if I have to in order to be sure what I am paying is being legally applied and recorded. Any advice accepted on the matter - what is my recourse, how should I proceed, do I need an attorney, and how do I collect the papertrail verification on the loan without the threat of lawsuit (which is extortion I would think?) Thank you so much!

ACS transferred my student loans over to UHEAA, they sent out a mail saying "everything will be transferred over to UHEAA and you will not need to do anything, but continue paying." I've been paying my loans and then received a letter from UHEAA saying I'm behind 2 months! Come to find out, both company didn't "explain" their transfer properly, so other people are late as well. UHEAA said they'll waive my late fee but I will need to contact ACS.

When I called ACS, Cassandra was useless and not all there. I had moved in June and was not able to update my address, but why would I need to when EVERYTHING was going to be transferred over to UHEAA??! I updated my address with UHEAA. Cassandra said she couldn't "change my address" for me via ACS. And that she did not know where my money was going to, but all of a sudden found that my checks were returned to my old address. I told her, "I do not live there so what is the next step", "I can't do anything, the checks has been issued to you." Really? To an old apartment that I've been out of?!

She put me on hold to speak to whomever, and then came back to say, "I'll submit your new address and get you, your new checks sent out." I asked what was my time frame, "I do not know." "What do you mean do you do not know?" I asked if this was going to be a month later, and she claimed, "it could take however long it wants." Worst customer service ever. You want our money, attempt to keep it, and when we call asking for it you act like you don't know where it went. And then give me the run around on how I can't change my address or don't know when I'll get my checks returned. Just plain out unprofessional and unethical.

ACS services my loans and have been highly unethical and cost me thousands in interest. They are notoriously difficult to deal with but can be handled in the following way. Get out a notepad and a blank folder. Write ACS on it. Now write down the time and date and call ACS. Use another cell phone or buy a cheap reporter's recorder and begin to record the call. When you get the caller from India just immediately state you want to speak with someone in the US (between 8-6pm). The first callers cannot help you do anything but take payments or recall payments, etc. Now once you get a person in the US tell them they are being recorded for accuracy.

Now discuss with them your issue and don't give up until you either get an answer or they admit they cannot help you. They will then say you need to speak with a supervisor or manager but they won't be available. They will tell you a manager will call in 24-72 hrs. They won't. Be respectful and say "Thank you for your help" and end the call. Take a screenshot of your call details that shows the numbers and time spent on the call. Email yourself and print it and place into your file. This will help your lawsuit later. Wait 72 hrs. and call back repeating the process above. Write down the new date and call time. Be sure to record and inform the US rep they are being recorded.

This time just say you had a problem and a manager was to call you. It's been 72 hrs. and no one called. Mention you recorded the last call. Demand to speak to a manager. Do not let them say another 24-72 hrs. They will transfer you to a manager and inform them they are being recorded. Get their full name and title.

Tell them your issue and get them to take a stance. "Yes we can fix" or "no we refuse to fix," etc. Now print your call info once again and put into the file. The manager will be more helpful but likely won't fix anything. He may mention another call so if they do wait until that happens or doesn't. Then try back.

After 7 days and no solution write a letter stating your problem. Demand they fix it and be very clear about what you want. Send this letter with the green certified mail cards to ACS 501 Bleecker St., Utica, NY 13501. I have this memorized. The green card will be mailed back to with a signature on it. Ask your mail person and they will know. Place a copy of your letter your postage receipt and the green card in your file. Wait 30 days. Was it resolved? Likely not. Now call again. Write the time and date and record. Get the US rep (record the call) and mention your issue, the manager, and your certified letter. Tell them it's been 30 days and you demand your issue be fixed. Tell them to escalate the call and fix it in 7 days. Screenshot your call and time. They may mention it's being fixed or a manager will call. Go ahead and take the calls and write those down. If they call you record it.

Once it hits 60 days you are now going to force them to fix your issue. Go to your local courthouse and pick up a small claims money judgment form. Fill it out and list your reason and money demanded on the form. They are easy to fill out and the clerk checks it all before they seal it. Estimate the damages high but reasonably. If they charged you fees because they messed up add it all up. Put the amount plus costs on the line. Now the clerk will give you a 2 copies and 1 original. It will cost you less than $200 on if your case is legit you will get it back. Mail the original and one copy to Oneida County Sheriff, 200 Elizabeth Utica, NY 13501. Send a cover letter saying to serve ACS at 501 Bleecker. Send an $18 money order made out to the sheriff's office. Keep the receipt. Also send a return envelope. Keep everything you get in your folder.

About a week later they will serve ACS papers and they will send you proof of service. Take this to your clerk and get a copy. Now wait for your court date and gather your documents. You will need proof ACS took your payment but didn't apply it etc. so gather what you need. Also you have no reason to call them again or even waste time. Which all calls to ACS are. They judge will hear your case and ACS will be given a judgment and if you win you will get an order for the money you demanded and all the costs associated back. If they keep messing up just rinse and repeat.

It may also help to note you can get the lender involved too. ACS likely got the contract from another lender so just let them know too and send them copies of the issue. ACS is generally the worst company out there so you may get more luck with the lender. The key here is to show you tried to call and doc. the issue including a letter. Keep all responses and payment stubs and copies of cleared checks with ACS. Periodically check your balances as they are flat out criminals.

I have several student loans which are in deferment/in-school deferment. Two loan servicers Navient and Nelnet. All of my loans with Nelnet are as they should be deferred. Navient on the other hand has one that is reporting to the credit bureau delinquent. Now, I thought I was in a deferment. It turns out this is a private student loan which has been turned over to another company. They did not tell me at the time who that company is. Currently, I have a company working on removing/disputing things placed on my credit and what was found, ACS Education Services has placed a hard inquiry on my report 5/2016. Who the heck are they?

After researching the internet, I noticed that there are several complaints involving them. To date, I have not been contacted by anyone from their office via phone or mail. However, they did run an inquiry on my credit report. Can they do that without permission? The loan they are speaking about appears to have been initiated in 2002 at ITT Technical Institute (a different story) and is a private student loan that I was not aware of. Private loans requires your signature right? There is something definitely wrong.

This company is the worst student loan company I've had to deal with! I am a senior citizen living on a fixed income and making monthly payments is an EXTREMELY difficult financial burden for me. I've received several phone calls from them, but the person rattled off the message so quickly I could not understand what she said, therefore I cannot reach them by phone. I'm certain that they are wanting to inform me concerning past due payments that I cannot make! When I tried to log in to my account, they said I did not even have one. I cannot see how this issue will be resolved if there is no way to contact them. I would discourage anyone from dealing with this student loan company!!

This is hands down the worst lender I've had to deal with. Everything is a hassle, submitting documentation, calling, trying to get in touch with a representative, documentation processing, reviewing documents, all of this will take you forever! They are slow and almost unresponsive to my calls and emails. Communication with them is slow and I've had so many problems receiving important information about my accounts, which has caused issues with payments. Also, the people who work in their call centers are also very rude and are so unhelpful when you call with questions or need information regarding your account. I am sick and tired of having to deal with ACS. It just doesn't seem right to treat hardworking people so terribly when they are trying to repay student loans. If you can avoid having to deal with ACS, it is highly advisable.

I was suppose to have a student loan of about $35,000 while completing my schooling at Devry University back in 2007 and now it seems that my loans have more than doubled to about $98,000. I have ask ACS to send me documentation listing every single loan that I am paying for but they have not sent it to me. I don't understand how my loans have doubled. I did not start paying on my loans because I was fighting with Devry on some charges that were being sent to me. As a result of this, I did not graduate. I got into a repayment program with ACS for loans taken out for Devry but now they slapped me with another loan from a school I went to in 1999 which I had already paid off. I am trying to find a Class Action Lawsuit that I can join. This statement might not make sense as I am frustrated and angry with this company who is making my life impossible as I cannot get credit.

These slimy education loan companies that sell off loans. They marked my credit report with a delinquent payment. I reached out to them long before 60+ days and was told I had no more forbearance because Wells Fargo (orig lender) sold it them during the period of late 2014. I tried to make things right and let them know I could not pay and they told me shortly thereafter that ACS/Navient now grants me 60 more months because it seems like the right thing to do (12 months was not sufficient enough), so even though I reached out to them and do the right thing, I get a negative mark on my credit report.

Since the times were so close and almost overlapping, they cannot make an adjustment to the negative mark (if they thought wells Fargo was unfair with 12 months). They must honestly not think that if they could not help me. I could have ignored them and not kept them abreast of my situation. Terrible company and these loan companies are sneaky with their sell offs and buyers of other loans. You try to better your life in college only to get screwed for being poor at the time and unable to make one $50 payment. SHAMEFUL!!!

Bachelor's degree in 1999 and I am STILL paying this loan. I was unemployed for a long period of time and my current loan servicer, ACS, suggested I defer the loan at this time. It was not made clear to me at that time that the interest would still accrue and exactly how much additional was added to the total cost of my loan. Currently my loan balance is $21,184.43, almost $3,000 more than when ACS took over my loan in 2006. The estimated time for payoff is 14 years from now when I will be 57 years old.

ACS has mislead me and they are absolutely horrid to try to work with. You can never reach a live person on the phone. If the slight chance you do, they tell you that they "Simply cannot help". They refuse to email you directly. They email you encrypted messages and do not assist with log-in information. They even told me the encrypted messages were not sent from them when it was clearly their email address.

I have tried applying for a Loan Forgiveness program as I currently work for a nonprofit. ACS informed me that the current FFEL loan I have (also under their recommendation) is not eligible Public Service Loan Forgiveness. When I applied to change to a different loan that would qualify, they denied me. Something does not add up, and I feel like I have been scammed in the worst way possible. I would very much like to apply for a Public Service Loan Forgiveness program as well as change the servicer that I need to deal with.

More importantly, what becomes of the last 16 years that I have paying on a $21,184.43 balance that seems to have remained the same? Even large corporate banks will "settle" for lesser amounts due to changes in financial situations, but this isn't an option for a student loan? I understand that the loan has previous unemployment deferments and forbearance, however the numbers still do not seem to add up. I would like to pursue legal action against ACS for their deceptive practices and failure to provide a service. No one should be paying for a student loan when they are nearing retirement age. More needs to be done to protect people from deceptive businesses like ACS.

I am talking lawyer to sue ACS and asking anyone would like to join to make it a class action lawsuit. I am like one of you who was wronged by ACS. They did not process my student loan deferment application properly back in Fall of 2014 and later I learn they sold my loan in default status to Great Lake in Fall 2015. I have tried to work with Great Lake who is not willing to work and refer me be back to ACS and they do not like to be reached.

I reported the case to Minnesota Attorney General Office and dealing with them for last six month. I am reporting this matter to Senator Al Franklin of Minnesota. Now Great Lake sent my loan to Dept. of Education and they turn it to Collection Agency who is asking to pay the loan in full amount and threatening to put judgement against me. I am talking to lawyer now to sue ACS. If anyone of you feel like taking action against incompetent corporation like ACS who is causing unnecessarily suffering to people like us, it's your choice to do something about it.

In 2009 I was laid off from work. It just so happened the next month NACA came to town for a huge event trying to help people lower their interest rates on mortgages. I went and filled out the paperwork and waited in line for 6 hrs. Only to be told that since I was laid off they couldn't lower my rate but ASC had agreed to a 6 month forbearance. I had no idea what that even was. He explained that I wouldn't have to make a payment for 6 months and that would all go to the back end of the loan and in 6 months I would just start making my payments like normal. I agreed and couldn't have been happier. At the end of the 6 months I was back to work by then and doing well. I sent my first payment in and a few weeks later I received a check from ASC in the same amount as my payment. I thought that was odd but ok and sent the next month's payment in along with the extra payment they returned.

A few weeks later I received another check. The amount of the 2 payments. Before I got a chance to call and ask what gives a man pulled in the driveway and served me with an order to appear in court. I assumed it was my ex regarding child support because that was a regular thing for her to haul me back in every chance she got. In the meantime I called ASC and explained about the checks and was told I was 6 months behind in payments and had to bring the loan current with the total amount before they would accept it. I explained the whole NACA thing but was told that I was granted a forbearance but the amount didn't go to the end of the loan that it had to be all paid at the end of 6 months. I told her that made no sense and no one in their right mind would do that. She suggested I start the modification process. So I did. I sent every scrap of paperwork they requested and waited and waited.

Called back and was told the person helping me was promoted and they had no idea what they had done with all my paperwork. I sent it all again and waited. This time I was told they were no longer with the company and had no idea where my paperwork was. This happened a total of 4 times. Then I had my day in court. I'll be damned if it wasn't ASC's attorney and they wanted to foreclose on my house. I explained to the judge that I had not received one thing about foreclosure and keep getting jerked around with the modification. He asked about the papers I was served to come to court that that should have explained it. I showed him what I had and the only thing it said was to appear in front of him at this time on this date. That's it. He asked if I had any proof or paperwork about the modification and I told him no not with me. I had no idea what this was about. I assumed child support.

That's when he set the sale of my home 90 days from that date. I had no alternative but to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy with absolutely nothing to include in it other than my home. I made it through that only to realize ASC is charging me an extra $50 a month for my escrow for the last year for insurance and no one has been able to tell me why yet. They admit there is something wrong but I can't get a straight answer why or where that extra $50 is going because it sure as hell isn't going to the principal. Makes me sick seeing how they've done so many of you on here. I just thought I had rotten luck. I just want 5 minutes in a room alone with whoever is in charge.

I have had some issues with this company in the past, but over the years they have accommodated my need for an adjusted payment so I wasn't overly dissatisfied... until now. Part of my adjusted payment plan meant I was required to sign up for ACS ExpressPay which is an electronic direct withdrawal from my bank account monthly for the AGREED upon amount. When I have extra cash from a tax return or bonus I will add this to the payment. I have been faithfully paying my balances since 2010 and am on time with all of my payments.

About a week ago I decided after getting a hefty bonus payment of $6,000 that I was going to make a large lump sum payment to one of my loans. I set the payment online, hit submit ONCE, and got ONE confirmation number. Fast forward to yesterday and ACS has fraudulently withdrawn an additional $6,000 dollars from my bank account. The amount of catastrophe this has caused is unmeasurable. In all, ACS made three $6,000 withdrawals in two days from my account, a total of $18,000 dollars of which only one installment was returned leaving me -$12,000 and unable to pay my bills.

I spoke with Roberta yesterday who informed me the 'refund' process takes 30 days and my best bet is to speak with my bank. ACS stole money from me without my permission. Having my bank information for PREVIOUSLY AGREED UPON monthly charges does not permit you to steal large sums of money from my bank account. I will be calling the company again on Monday and demanding a more timely resolution to this issue. If not I will be seeking legal counsel and seeking damages for the other accounts that I cannot pay off while this issue is being resolved.

My bank account is now negative thousands of dollars and I cannot pay my rent, buy groceries and will be late on and charged fees for a number of other loan and utility accounts. My advice to any person looking into this company is to bypass it in consideration. My advice to anyone who is still under contract is to pay off your balance as soon as possible, and DO NOT agree to signing up for ACS ExpressPay. You're safer just sending in a paper check.

ACS should not be allowed on any college or university. DO NOT TAKE A LOAN FROM ACS! I co-signed with my son. He is back in school and I ask for a reduced payment. ACS DOES NOT stop payments when a student is in school. I spoke with Don ** in the Loan Resolution Department. He refused to work with me. I am 77 years old and consider this to be Elder Abuse!!! ACS is a terrible company!

They are the absolute worst! They start harassing you with very rude phone calls 2 days after the due date. Unfortunately, my daughter has many student loans and all the other education loan services are wonderful. This one - HORRIBLE. Get your loans elsewhere. We will be refinancing this one as soon as humanly possible.

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